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The Best Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best anti fog safety glasses

Construction statistics each year give me chills because I cannot imagine how it is possible for workers to get involved in Jobsite injuries easily like that. It is your turn now to act for your own safety at work with proper personal protective equipment.

Be careful of sudden flying particles or chemical splashes. At that moment, you would wish for the best anti-fog safety glasses.

While concerning for your physical security on site, you may not have much spare time to seek for different safety glasses online and give comparisons. I have conducted a thorough review of the twelve best in this article for your convenience.

# Product name
Top 1
NoCry Anti-fog Safety Glasses Details
Top 2
DEWALT DPG82-11CTR Details
Top 3

Best Anti-Fog Safety Glasses Reviews

1. NoCry Anti-fog Safety Glasses

The brand NoCry offers a fog proof safety glasses model that can immediately grab your attention for its fashionable transparent design. I believe these safety glasses are powerful enough to protect you from external work threats since their construction is made from polycarbonate.

One impressive fact I found out about these is that their lens coating has a capability to shelter your eyes from intense glare and heat. It is tested to have high standard UV protection lens up to 100%. I bet workers can make full use of this feature to handle activities under sunlight or artificial light sources.

Furthermore, these glasses from NoCry are utterly scratch resistant. It may cost you extra time and money to wipe their lenses carefully after use and store them in a protective case (which is sold separately), but I can tell it will maintain their coating in great condition for a long time for your own good.

I like how versatile these pair of NoCry safety glasses are for their effortless adjustment on multiple face types and head sizes. Details such as the non-slip tips and rubber nose piece will be useful to customize fitting and so, bring you a pleasant experience even when you have to wear them for a whole day.

You can definitely wear these safety glasses for multi purposes including laboratory and construction work, plus shooting practice and sports activities without worrying about some awful weather conditions because it is indeed one of the top-ratedanti fog safety glasses.

There is a downside to these types of safety glasses as sometimes they may distort your views in certain points and cause dizziness. Do you think these are the ones that can come up to most of your expectations after our NoCry safety glasses review?
  • See-through lenses made of sustainable carbonate material.
  • Strong protection against harmful UV rays.
  • They are not apt to scratches if being treated properly after use.
  • Compatible with a wide range of users and purposes.
  • Possible to cause distorted vision and result in slight dizziness while using.
I am sure that wearing a high standard PPE like these anti fog safety glasses from NoCry will undeniably improve your workplace performance in severe settings. Although they may alter your views when looking at certain angles in the first place, but most glasses lens turn out fine once you have gotten used to them.

2. DEWALT DPG82-11CTR Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggle

I was impressed with the glasses design thanks to their eye-catching black and yellow combination. They are attached with an elastic cloth headband to help you wear them around your neck without having to sit them anywhere else after using. It also advantages in case of got lost or stolen.

They are covered with a hard lens coating to provide powerful shelter against impacts and scratches on the outside. The Dewalt lens itself is extra clear and obviously able to resist foggy weather. I found out that the general material of these safety glasses is pure plastic as well.

There is soft rubber injected to the Dewalt safety glasses that can provide maximum face fitting and high protection from external debris.

Besides that, I have been questioning how I can breathe while wearing these glasses from Dewalt. Until now, I have had the answer: they consist of functional ventilation channels that allow you to breathe properly. In a toxic environment, you should be aware of what you inhale.

Their polycarbonate lenses have the ability to shield over 99% UVA/UVB sun rays and provide great peripheral vision. It is no doubt that they could surpass the strict ANSI Z87.1+ specifications in the USA.

There is, however, one thing that I dislike about these Dewalt safety glasses since they are sadly inappropriate for woodwork or sanding. The disadvantageous parts of the design allow wood and paint dust to sneak inside these goggles fairly simple. As a result, it will cause red eyes and reduce your vision in fthose situations.
  • Stylish and colorful design with a flexible strap headband
  • The translucent lens is combining with hard anti-fog coating
  • Rubber injection to the glasses gives extra relaxation
  • High-quality ventilation channels so you can normally breathe while wearing
  • Meets the ANSI Z87.1+ standards. Can protect your eyes against harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Not suitable for woodworking because wood dust may get stuck inside the lenses
In my opinion, even when the carpentry environment doesn’t allow this pair of safety glasses from Dewalt to grow fully of their potential, they can still shine in other worksite and many other circumstances, including foggy outdoor weather. To conclude, I trust these anti-fog safety goggles to work their best on multiple occasions.

3. MAGID Y50BKAFC Iconic Y50 Design Series Safety Glasses

What impressed me at first sight about this pair of safety glasses is how its classic design actually turns quite stylish. I guess this feature would ensure most of the worker compliance instead of bulky old-fashioned models because it’s undeniably their right to look good while processing their hard work.

Other than being fog resistant, these glasses from Magid Glove & Safety are not likely exposed to scratches which occur commonly to workers. The hard coat lenses made from polycarbonate are what helps them to maintain high protection for long-term longevity.

I must say that not many safety glasses contain side shields, probably since they do not find that detail matters. On the contrary, the MAGID Y50BKAFC Iconic Y50 becomes much better with their clear side shields. Not only can they protect workers from unexpected incidents, but they can also keep themselves considerably secured.

Furthermore, one of the best highlights about these safety glasses is that they meet the ANSI Z87.1 – 2015 demanding standards of maximum PPE eyewear protection. In which minimizes injuries caused by eye hazards. I needn’t have to worry a bit ever since I tried on them at work.

You will see that the MAGID Y50BKAFC Iconic Y50 comes along with a cloth case when purchased, as reminds you to wipe their lenses frequently and to retain their clear peripheral vision as long as possible. You cannot own something long-term if you do not maintain their initial quality.

Unfortunately, one downside I have to mention about this pair of fog proof safety goggles is how they are capable of blocking some toxic blue spectrum from your eyes, but while doing so, it may result in slight distortion and blurry eyesight.
  • Trendy design to suit a wide range of ages and customer types
  • Popular polycarbonate material is used for the scratch-free lens coating
  • Useful translucent side shields empower high security for workers and the glasses themselves
  • Fulfills strict criteria of the ANSI Z87.1 – 2015 eyewear protection standards
  • Attachs a cloth case for regular lens cleaning
  • May sometimes provoke deformed or vague vision for workers while wearing
Comments on distorted vision in safety glasses lens have literally become much familiar now. I cannot deny the fact that they do. But I believe in their manufacturers to work their best on this specialized PPE eyewear to ensure more customer satisfaction soon.

4. 3M Solus 1000 Series Protective Eyewear

Next up is a pair of top anti fog safety glasses from the brand 3M Personal Protective Equipment. These are also made of stable polycarbonate which can withstand any of your severe jobsite conditions.

I see that they can absorb noxious UV rays up to 99.9% to defend your eyes from the sun, similar to the one from NoCry which I highly value in PPE eyewear. You would not want to experience sweaty painful eyes that will interrupt your working process.

From my point of view, their Scotchgard Anti Fog Coating lasts longer than traditional coating. Since the 3M technology allows these glasses lens to combat wet and steamy weather, workers do not have to remove them away from their eyes to wipe out fog. It is unsafe to do so because your eyes may undergo hazardous fog and debris.

I really love how these 3M safety glasses are capable of retaining their anti fog coating after minimum 25 washings, in that way you can use them long-term and save plenty of money purchasing for another one in a short span of time.

There are several optional accessories such as an elastic trap and a foam gasket, depending on your preferences to attach them on your glasses or not. I feel that they help reduce eye exposure and fogging quite well for workers.

What I dislike about these safety glasses from 3M is that they do not come with a neck strap, so it is not convenient to sit them down out of your sight. A couple of times these glasses are reported to slightly magnify your views but not too much.
  • Durable polycarbonate enables their lens strength against hazardous threats.
  • An effective guardian of your eyes against toxic UV rays.
  • Specialized technology that improves their coating performance in battling fog.
  • Their coating stands numerous washings therefore do not cost you much to buy another.
  • Following accessories offer some extra useful functions.
  • Lack of a neck strap to carry them along without putting on.
  • Has a slight tendency to distort your vision by magnifying objects.
As a powerful competitor in the PPE eyewear market, I have faith in the 3M safety glasses to protect your eyes at work to the utmost extent. They comprise literally everything you need for outstanding fog proof safety glasses. Their lenses meet the general technical requirements to perform their best for your jobsite security.

5. Dewalt DPG55-11C Clear Anti-Fog Protective Safety Glasses

An essential factor which I personally think every construction goggles should include is being protective of workers from dangerous sun rays. These glasses from Dewalt gladly provide you with up to 99.9% UVA/UVB protection. Not all safety glasses lens is featured with this, but we definitely cannot miss it out.

They are another pair of safety glasses that exceed the challenging ANSI Z87.1 – 2015 eyewear standards, guaranteed to be the best eye guardian you could ever own.

Although their overall material is plastic, the lenses are made up of pure polycarbonate – a well-known and widely used substance in constructing a pair of typical safety glasses. Polycarbonate is highly trusted as it helps to create qualified lens coating, which can withstand any external impacts.

As far as I can see, their manufacturer Dewalt has done a pretty good job with these goggles design. Since they noticed how having glasses on all day long could irritate workers and then, created rubber-made tipped temples for reaching peak comfort in the fitting. In addition, their temples are ratcheting and in full telescopic mode as well.

It may sound bizarre if you figure out the Dewalt DPG55-11C has cushioned brow protection, but they do! These are also made from rubber and are promised to deliver relaxing eyebrows protection for workers. After all, an extra shield for your eyebrows won’t cost you anything but great benefits.

I feel that this pair of safety glasses is one promising PPE product as the lenses are anti-distortion, which is a huge improvement apart from other competitors.

What I dislike most about them is that they tend to appear different tints on their lenses, but not constantly. I think this might be unpleasant for some of us because it triggers distraction, for the repeating unwanted color showing up before our eyes at the wrong time.
  • Both UVA/UVB extreme guardianship to protect your eyes from direct sun or other light sources
  • It comes up to your expectations of ANSI Z87.1 – 2015 PPE eyewear qualifications
  • Durable polycarbonate lens coating beneficial to fog resistant
  • Consists of built-in ratcheting and telescopic temples. Delicate temple treatment for ensuring lasting comfort
  • Dual-injected rubber brow cushion covers your eyebrows as well
  • It does not disfigure eyesight while using that can lead to dizziness for workers
  • Reported to appear several tints on their lenses and cause some people’s inability to focus on what they were doing
I do have high hopes in the Dewalt DPG55-11C to achieve more success as these anti-fog safety glasses are powerful opponents on the market. I would be really pleased when every customer feels great in them like myself, and so their manufacturer should try to fix up all errors left.

6. Kleenguard Maverick Safety Glasses

At first glance, I actually thought these were just some fashion accessories. They look as stylish as something you could bring along with not just to work. The Kleenguard Maverick is probably one of the most lightweight safety glasses I’ve ever seen. Consequently, they will provide workers with much pleasant feelings and comfort.

These are also sustainable polycarbonate lenses that guarantee safety to your eyes by protecting them from extreme UVA/B/C rays up to 99.9%. They have been proved to pass the EN166 test of resistance to fogging and fine particles.

Pressure points when wearing safety goggles will be removed since I feel quite enjoy having them on. Their soft touch points on the nose bridge and temple make it more comfortable as they don’t cause red stains after using.

I see that there are integrated side shields available on each side of the glasses. They even comprise of brow guard so it could be a full eye surrounding protection for workers. I think this will help them feel confident when working under hazardous circumstances more than safety glasses with no side shields included.

Apart from that, these safety glasses from Kleenguard enables premium no fogging and anti-scratch lens coating for much better performance through intense job environment. You would certainly find this pair of safety glasses functional during specific occasions.

Unfortunately, I must emphasize that these work goggles have small sizing, whereas you do not have any other size option. It’s a shame I see that some workers with a larger face and head shapes struggle to put them on, as they do not fit perfectly for versatile types of heads.
  • Feels lightweight and fashionable enough to be accessories
  • Combats 99.9% harmful UVA/B/C rays in outdoor conditions
  • Comfortable glasses details will reduce irritation and pressure points caused on you
  • Safety brow guard and integral side shield protection available
  • Specialized lens coating for extreme anti-fog and scratch-free through time
  • Limited fitting for some people and no choice of another different sizing
I had high expectations of the Kleenguard Maverick and they do not fail me. There are a few safety glasses that can ensure life-long longevity because they misshape quite fast in an intense environment, but I strongly rely on this pair to be my close assistant at work from now.

7. Carhartt Carbondale Safety Glasses

Since a long time ago, Carhartt has been famous for being a reliable address of creating durable workwear, outdoor apparel, and gear. As the PPE eyewear industry grows, I believe a professional brand like them would not let this precious chance slip away without releasing their signature Carhartt fog-resistant safety glasses.

There is a solid assurance of these safety glasses to avoid up to 99% UVA/B/C solar radiation. It will not let your eyes get dry or wounded by excessive glare. This gear should be one of your top priorities regards to PPE eyewear since they could protect your eyes from intemperate light sources.

The Carhartt Carbondale lenses are made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate as well. To be honest, I can hardly find any pair of safety goggles whose lens isn’t from polycarbonate. This material is absolutely fail-proof through tough experiments.

The manufacturer had located a rubber nosepiece onto the glasses. I like how they treat my nose with ease without leaving red marks. I’m sure you cannot concentrate on your job if something uncomfortable bothers any of your body parts.

I particularly enjoy their versatility in multiple locations. Even when you bring them to a shooting range or a lumberyard, these anti-fog safety glasses with clear lens will increase your work performance. You needn’t be afraid of bad weather conditions stopping you from special occasions anymore.

Beyond that, they can respond to strict CAN/CSA Z94.3-07 safety regulations, which allow the glasses to endure extreme conditions without breaking apart themselves. I would be happy to know that the safety glasses I bought include this certain advantage.

Due to the only problem that they may not near fit some specific face types, I suggest you give a thorough check of their specifications before purchasing.
  • Firmly prevents harmful outdoor UVA/B/C rays
  • Their lenses are manufactured with durable polycarbonate, while the entire rest is from synthetic material
  • Adjustable rubber nosepiece advances extra comfort
  • Compatible with multi-terrain and circumstances under rough weather
  • Surpass the CAN/CSA Z94.3-07 specifications for PPE eyewear
  • It cannot fit on several types of faces, which is not a big deal
I love that Carhartt has given us stylish protective eyewear through the Carhartt Carbondale Safety Glasses. Not only will workers feel confident putting them on at Jobsite daily, but they will also be carefree as their eyes are perfectly safe and sound under these goggles.

8. SolidWork Professional Safety Glasses

I often find it hard to store my safety glasses without scratching or dusting the lenses. Luckily, the premium safety goggles from SolidWorks have a microfiber bag attachment that can protect yours from risks of damaging. Even in the expensive price range, not many PPE contains free storage bags.

Their side temples allow adjusting the size which fits our head shapes and faces types the most. Since there’s a large number of safety eyewear accessories face the fitting issue, it sounds attractive to me that this pair might be the perfect solution.

One more feature that makes the SolidWork safety glasses appeal to me is they do not create pressure points on your ears and nose. I’ve been wearing prescription glasses since 10, and so I understand the displeasure they affect your upper ears and side nose.

There is safe side protection integrated on these glasses. It keeps your eyes safe from flying particles you cannot see in particular. You would never know when something flies right into your face all of a sudden to value this detail.

This pair of clear anti-fog safety glasses comprises a special coating that makes their lenses scratch-free from the outside and fog proof on the inside. I must say that this is quite impressive. Many safety glasses advertised as both scratch-resistant and anti-fog, however not all of them live up to our expectations.

I advise you to consider carefully about their lens color for the grey ones are actually quite dark – merely becomes a sunglasses instead of PPE eyewear. They are sold in 3 options: clear, grey and mirror lens, but it is best to try them on directly then decide which suits your job environment.
  • Includes a black microfiber bag to clean storage away from external hazards
  • The sizing is comfortable and near fit custom with various head shapes and face types
  • It does not leave pressure points on your side nose and ears while wearing
  • Provides side protection on the glasses to prevent flying fragment
  • Ability to withstand scratches from the outside and anti-fog inside out
  • Their grey lens color is somewhat darker in reality and may not be suitable for indoor jobs
The SolidWork Professional Safety Glasses is not bad for an eyewear choice. They also meet the US ANSI standards like the other 3 above so you can feel alright having them at hazardous worksites.

9. Venture Gear Overwatch Tactical Sunglasses

These particular safety glasses were designed to be much similar to sunglasses. It has a metal hinge structure that gives workers a fashionable look at work. At 1.3 ounces, these glasses are considered lightweight and comfortable enough to be put on all day without causing red marks.

There is a soft nosepiece attached to the glasses for you to adjust them at will. Since not every safety glasses can fit all types of faces (Western, Asian,…) so it is best to contain flexible details on them.

I like how these glasses from Venture Gear have already passed the MIL-PRF 32432 high-velocity impact standards, which means they are possible to stand flying particles coming at you. This function is not yet popular, and so accidents happened for the lack of it in safety goggles at construction sites.

Besides the features above, this pair of safety goggles combat up to 99% UVA/B/C rays as well. I have a stronger belief in those that can protect my eyes against sun rays and keep them just enough wet for a long day working.

I would only need to complain about the tightness of these Venture Gear safety glasses. I asked for a fit pair that do not come off my face while using, but instead, these glasses hold a little bit uncomfortable around my head. It might be better for the manufacturer to work again on their sizing.
  • It looks like a pair of sunglasses with a metal hinge structure. Superbly lightweight design
  • Soft rubber nosepiece that can be adjusted
  • Respond to the MIL-PRF 32432 high-velocity impact standards
  • High protection of 99% UVA/B/C outdoor rays
  • Difficult to fit as they may be too tight for specific head shapes
From my perspective, these Venture Gear anti-fog safety glasses are not a promising product. Their key features are quite limited compared to other glasses models on the list. However, they are still worthy of being one of the greatest fog-free safety goggles.

10. Uvex Stealth OTG Safety Goggles

Differs from regular anti-fog safety glasses, this pair from the manufacturer Uvex is designed to be worn over prescription glasses effortlessly. When wearing safety goggles becomes obligatory for workers, some would prefer to try contact lenses in lieu of bulky prescription ones. But what could be the problem now?

Honestly, I haven’t trusted in any PPE eyewear to endure chemical splashes since they are indeed deadly to bare body parts. Then I was convinced of these safety glasses to shelter my precious eyes after using them in the lab. Apart from that, they can also stand against airborne particles and dust.

Their special Dure-Streme dual coating performs quite well with reference to scratch proof and fog-resistant. Their lens is transparent; thus, the Uvex Stealth OTG could adapt to most working conditions, especially indoor factories like mining, pharmaceutical or manufacturing.

I like how much their elastic body flexes are expandable, which conforms to your face to the utmost extent and leaves no space for gaps. These construction glasses even contain a stretchy headband for your convenience in fitting based on different head shapes. You can wear them around your neck to avoid getting lost.

The snap-on lens replacement is another feature that I would like to mention about this pair of glasses as well. In reality, it saves us a lot of time and money for being such economical. A lens tints variation is available to choose from.

Being made in the USA, it is easy to understand that the Uvex Stealth OTG has to be qualified for the ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 standards.

One small tip before buying these glasses: they do not perform so well in a warm-humid environment. You may encounter an inability to use them due to perspiration gathering under the goggles, which makes it difficult to see through.
  • OTG stands for Over-the-Glass, meaning they can fit over prescription glasses
  • It can protect your eyes against toxic chemical splashes
  • Dual coating called Dure-Streme is capable of resisting fog and scratches
  • Clear lens color makes them suitable for indoor environments
  • Elastomer body flexes and pivoting headband included for maximum comfort
  • Has a flexible lens replacement along with multiple tints
  • It seems to be unusable in warm working conditions because they compile your sweat under the glasses
Believe me, I can hardly find another reliable and effective pair of safety glasses such as this one from Uvex. They are a lot more practical than normal protective eyewear for workers, and that is why you should choose to purchase them.

11. Jackson Safety V30 22475 Nemesis Safety Glasses

These are the last product on my list, and they have a black frame with the sporty design far more different than the rest. As opposed to many translucent lens glasses, this pair from Jackson Nemesis contains a smokey lens covered with special anti-fog coating.

I am interested in their technology Flex-Dry applied to their nosepiece design in order to divert sweat from your nose. Normally, sweat coming from your forehead and between your eyes can disturb your vision while working. Having this design it can prevent the annoyance for good.

Excessive glare has always been tough to handle, but not anymore because these glasses lens will be using outdoor. I love the fact that they have polycarbonate lenses, which reduce 99.9% hazardous rays from my eyes.

Apart from anti-fogging, these safety glasses are surprisingly suitable for a high level of humidity and even a variance of temperature. You can now be worry-free no matter what your job environment is since the Jackson Nemesis V30 will become your greatest assistant during work.

Once again, I am glad that these safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1+ requirements in terms of resisting fog, external particles, and other impacts.

One important thing to remember is that if you want to purchase these glasses from Amazon, be sure to check their description of size and style options carefully. They are pretty mixed up there, so it is up to you to make the right decision for your own good.
  • Sporty style safety glasses with black frame and smoke anti-fog lenses
  • Flex-Dry nosepiece disallows sweat to sneak into your eyes during work
  • Durable polycarbonate lenses provide 99.9% UVA/B/C sun rays
  • Can withstand humid weather condition and temperature variation
  • Surpass the strict ANSI Z87.1+ standards
  • The Amazon website may mislead customers because of their unorganized in sizing and glasses style
The Jackson Nemesis V30 is a pair of fog resistant safety goggles that have not failed any optical experiments. Their fashionable design is appealing as well, and workers would be more than pleased to put them on at their job site.

12. Protear Infuns Anti Fog Safety Glasses

What makes these safety glasses by Infuns special is that their lenses deliver a total 100% UV block with the UV400 strict standard. Moreover, they are able to provide us with premium optical clarity, unlike many cheap lenses, which creates a dull vision for workers after several using times.

I notice that some safety glasses could slip off people’s noses and makes them upset, having to keep them in a position more than once. The comfortable nosepiece made out of rubber on this pair will help to balance and sit right on your face, and they are easy to adjust as your wish as well.

A helpful attachment that comes along with the Infuns safety glasses is a waterproof storage pack in a compact size, assisting you in carrying the glasses around at ease. You needn’t fear that your PPE eyewear would have to suffer from unwanted dust and scratches if placed outside.

I especially appreciate how these safety goggles can be used in a wide range of workplaces. One for all is always much better than buying different glasses for each occasion. I once took them outside on a rainy day surrounded by fog, but they performed incredibly well, and I could still see through that awful condition.

This pair of Infuns safety glasses is originally from the Taiwan manufacturer Protear. Though it hasn’t been a popular root of creating and selling PPE eyewear yet, I trust their excellent craftsmanship to bring us safe and efficient products.

I only have a minor problem with their protection case, it is not completely solid and almost fell apart after a slight drop from my table. However, you can get another glasses case in replace of this easily because the package for glasses is sold widely.
  • Guarantees 100% UV rays blocked along with UV400 standard lenses
  • Rubber nosepiece avoids glasses slipping off your nose
  • Goes with a water-resistant glasses pack for your convenience
  • Compatible with multi-work locations and environments
  • Made and exported from Taiwan
  • Their storage case is prone to breakage
Whether you work at a lab or a construction site, I would still highly recommend the Protear Infuns Anti Fog Safety Glasses. Any Asian brands deserve to have a spot on the market, to prove themselves to potential customers worldwide how they build and produce high-quality PPE eyewear just like the others.

What to Look for When Buying Anti Fog Safety Glasses

non fogging safety glasses

I bet you would probably be lost after a long list of premium anti-fog safety glasses without some guidance for the first purchase. Besides obvious matters to concern such as pricing or optical requirements, there are actually many more comprehensive issues which I want to lead you through, in order to assess the best safety glasses for you.

You must take into consideration that if any PPE is not up to standard, they, on the other hand, can turn out harmful and risky for your health instead. Specialized anti-fog work goggles are meant to endure the toughest working environment; therefore, the low-quality ones may break down during the process.

Persistent performance – One product’s long or short-term longevity always relies upon both how you treat them and their initial self.

They can be good, or they can be terrible from the minute you purchase. That requires you to choose among thousands of safety glasses models wisely. Tips: You should look at their original brand (reliability, popularity,…), their design (compact size, smooth edges,…) and their key specifications (respond to certain standards,…).

Later, it is your responsibility to look after and treat them properly after every use. I have been cleaning my glasses lenses carefully with a suitable tool daily, which I will mention below this article. Though the lenses are scratch-resistant, they are still in need of the right treatment from their owner, or else the lens coating will fade away soon.

Flammability – Working under extreme heat of the sun or artificial lights means yourself and especially the glasses are going through rough working conditions. For instance, those who have jobs in the field of carpentry, construction or lab work etc will deal with the most heating.

Therefore, even if the safety glasses are mainly built to resist foggy weather, they will be used for other purposes including intense heat work. You need to make sure the glasses you are buying are inflammable in emergency cases where they catch fire at workplace.

I had once read on a reliable science magazine that rubber is one material which is not fireproof. Try to decrease the amount of this in your PPE belongings.

Maximum comfort while wearing – After the safety glasses are qualified for the basic requirements, I would recommend you to try them on to see whether the design is comfortable and relaxing enough to wear all day. But of course you cannot do it online, so I think you should look at their technical specs and self-measure them.

A comfortable pair of safety glasses is much related to their heaviness and tightness while wearing. I advise you not to fond of a fashionable glasses model then ignore how they tighten on your face that leads to distraction at work.

The right anti fog safety glasses are flexible in design and can be adjustable for multiple types of faces and head sizes.

Following attachments – Further, than essential requirements, I advise you to check out the glasses attachments as well.

I have heard people telling me that, because of the lack of a strap headband attached to their safety glasses, they have lost them a few times. If you do not buy headband-included safety glasses, you will not be able to wear them around your neck when not using them. That way, the only solution is to put them down and risk losing them.

And not just the fear of loss, anti-fog safety glasses that are placed randomly outside of a package have a higher possibility of falling apart due to your hazardous working environment. They are also prone to get more scratches without a proper case to protect them.

Moreover, I bet you would have a tendency to miss out on tiny details such as a comfortable rubber nosepiece, firm side protection or cushioned brow guard. These are the main elements of safety glasses to help retain your relaxation through a whole day working. Even with large bulky glasses, I would still recommend to include these details.

Other Important Factors to Consider

anti fog safety goggles

What is a pair of anti-fog safety glasses?

Anti-fog safety glasses are a specialized type of PPE eyewear, their lens covered with a fog-proof coating to prevent steam fogging up their eyes under hazardous weather conditions. They have the ability to shield workers’ eyes from the external fog and also other dangerous particles at Jobsite that may harm them.

During an intense working environment, the fog-resistant safety glasses can manage to clear away dull fog from your vision. From the shooting range to carpentry, you can definitely rely on your safety glasses for they are powerful enough to keep your eyes safe.

How do they work?

This is far easier than you think – their lenses are coated with an anti-fog layer at the beginning. In foggy weather conditions, they will withstand fog and other external toxic particles from your eyes to ensure your peak performance at work.

Their versatility is also shown where they can use apt to deal with a great range of circumstances and multiple impacts from the outside. You can trust these glasses to shelter your eyes powerfully.

Who is this for?

Nonfogging safety glasses are the most ideal for workers in terms of the following job environment: woodwork, laboratory, construction sites, mining and even shooting range, etc. There is nothing else as versatile and functional as them when it comes to guarding your precious eyes against toxicants at your workplace.

What are the different types of anti fog resistant safety glasses?

Did you know that there are many different types of anti-fog safety glasses on the market? I will name some of the most popular ones below which people fancy the most to help them in their jobs.

Bifocals Bifocals safety glasses are known as safety reading glasses as they feature magnifying lenses, perfect for people who need to read books and impact-resistant simultaneously. This type of anti-fog safety glasses is mainly used for indoor jobs, which require much reading or micro research.

Over-prescription – For workers suffering from shortsighted vision and requested to wear prescription glasses during work, the over-prescription safety glasses are their ultimate resolution. Not everyone can wear contact lenses comfortably, so here is an alternative that will enable your vision without lacking the prescription glasses.

Safety sunglasses – Who says sunglasses cannot be coated with fog-proof safety lenses? Clear lenses are obviously our favorite, but there are also dull grey lenses that work amazing in outdoor Jobsite. They are capable of protecting your eyes from 99% UVA/B/C sun rays while remained anti-fogging and external impacts.

Comparing their advantages and disadvantages

As similar to any other protective equipment in their industry, most anti-fog safety glasses contain two different sides of the same coin as well. I will guide you through their advantages and disadvantages at the same time so that you can have a clear insight into their features.


Almost all of them comprise of high-quality lenses with premium fog-free coating. They obviously combine maximum comfort and protection at the same time. Anti-fog safety glasses are considered a multi-task genre of PPE in every possible way. They even have the ability to perform wonderfully in different circumstances and worksites.


Unluckily, due to sizing matters, some cannot fit specific types of faces. It is a surprise to me that they may be prone to scratches when being sat outside a protective case, although their lens is anti-scratch. They do not work well in absolute humid conditions for your concern. Several models may cause distorted vision for workers and make them dizzy.

These are the real problems I have gone through since my first experience with anti-fog safety glasses. They cannot be 100% flawless, but I know you will make the most suitable choice for yourself and bear those minor imperfections. After all, every brand needs authentic reviews and feedbacks from their customers to improve their products later.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted anti-fog safety glasses brands?

Despite the fact that multiple opponents are competing for a good spot in the PPE industry, you should be aware of which reliable brands to trust to make a purchase. The more well-known that brand is, the more you can rely on them for high-quality products.

Some of the brands that I want to suggest are NoCry, Dewalt, Carhartt, and Uvex. They have been established for a long time ago and have released impressive fogless safety glasses models that are sold worldwide. Their prices are fairly reasonable for such high-quality products, and I like how their glasses truly benefit workers.

If you find any other awesome PPE eyewear brands, don’t hesitate to add.

Do I need to buy an anti-fog spray?

An anti-fog spray is definitely a useful tool to help improve glasses lens performance under foggy weather conditions. It provides a bonus fog-proof layer by spraying it straight onto your glasses lens. This usually lasts for a few hours, then it will automatically fade away and leaving the lenses in their original state.

Nonetheless, every single one of the safety goggles I recommended in this article is 100% fog resistant. Their lens coating was manufactured with a fog-free layer from the start, so it is up to your personal desire to get an anti-fog spray for safety glasses or not. Either way is beneficial for your pair of glasses, anyway.

How to use a pair of fog proof safety glasses?

It is simple – you just put them on at your most relaxing position and they will do the rest, including the feature of anti-fog for safety glasses. If there is an elastic headband included, you would need to stretch it over your head for perfect fitting. As for the aftercare, I will demonstrate later in detail to your advantage.

Where can I get them?

Other than purchasing them directly at your local PPE store, you can get them online on trustworthy shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart or Home Depot. It is the online shopping era now and I believe that this shopping method is the most favorable at the moment. We should make use of it to buy what we want anytime we want.

On each site clearly displayed the safety glasses’ main functions, pricing, and authentic customer feedback. You can judge the fogless safety goggles yourself upon there for the best experience.

What is their warranty policy?

Even for buying in-store or online purchase, you would mostly get an offer of Money Back Guarantee within 7 days to a year depends on the brands and their warranty policy. This helps you to experience the glasses as much as you wish, and if there’s any displeasure, you can return them to the seller during the time notified.

About the insights of their policy, you will receive up to 100% warranty of manufacturer faults and your minor incidents caused by these safety glasses. They probably will not take the goggles back, if you happen to break them down by accident like falling from a desk or sit on them without noticing.

How to take care of and clean these safety glasses properly?

Because the safety glasses lens is sensitive, they require the soft fabric to rub on their surface without damaging the anti-fog coating. Dry or damp microfiber cloth would be the only option that works decently on their lenses.

Looking after the entire glasses is another meticulous process. I suggest you buy a protection case if it is not an available attachment. Sitting your glasses anywhere outside a package would be risky as they are exposed to dangerous environments full of unexpected impact and dust.

In general, to keep your anti-fog safety glasses always good as new, you will have to spend time taking care of their details. Unless you are wealthy enough to change into a new pair continuously, it is better to invest your time.


As you can see, there are a ton of matters to take care of in regards to purchasing a pair of the best anti-fog safety glasses. This article has been thorough and sincere guidance of mine especially, to help you with your first time buying non-fogging safety goggles.

My recommendations of them were selected from the finest and most durable PPE eyewear on the market of 2020. I truly hope it will be helpful in some ways that you would rely on this list to pick your favorite anti-fog safety glasses for work. I wish you a safe working journey and thank you for reading.

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