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The Best Anti-Fog Sprays to Prevent External Dust & Scratches

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha


Did you know that your pair of safety eyeglasses would still do just fine without an integral fog off the coating in the first place?

I totally understand that once in a while, we might forget to include the fog-resistant feature to have on our targeted eyewear. And then end up with a vague vision during work due to their lens fogging up constantly. The good news is that there is another supportive product to solve this problem: a fog-resistant spray.

An additional defogging layer would be coated on your glasses lenses or plastic surfaces with this spray and it will function in no time. If it sounds tempting enough, the best anti-fog spray awaits for your research right here – from amazing product reviews to the detailed user guide for new customers.

Are you ready to acquire more helpful information about anti-fog sprays and become a master in this field after one tailor-made article? Because I am even more excited to lead you through the world of fog-free sprays worldwide.

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Splaqua Anti Fog Spray Details
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Jaws Anti-fog Spray Details
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EK USA Anti Fog Spray Details

Best Anti-Fog Spray Reviews

1. Splaqua Anti Fog Spray Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

I see that the brand Splaqua offers customers 3 options from 1 to 3 packs of anti-fog spray bottles per online order. This would help to bring a more effective experience to users with up to 3 bottles at a time. Therefore, we do not have to wait for another time-consuming delivery process of a single glasses spray.

This manufacturer claims that the spray will defog your eyewear lenses in a matter of seconds. Whenever your goggles fog up during outdoor activities and shamefully stop you from completing important tasks, this fog cleaner is on board to clear away that vague and blurry vision.

It is said to work well on most kinds of sports masks that are weak in resisting fog. I had tried to spit this fog-free spray from Splaqua onto my skiing mask and it did an astonishing job, to be honest. The vapor stabilized my overall mask for much longer than before in a foggy and snowy weather condition.

What impresses me more about this spray is that its formula has been rated one of the best to keep fog away from glasses surfaces. This is indeed a fog-resistant strength that brings us streak free smooth finish at an affordable price for each packing choices.

Though non-AR coated glasses lenses are usually difficult to defog even with supportive methods, I am glad this Splaqua cleaner formula can likewise go against fogging on special coatings like the non-AR lenses.

I got to know a disadvantage of this item from Splaqua is that it does not perform well on glasses that endure high heat daily such as those of full-face helmets. It is such a pity because I believe a large number of customers would want to give the spray a shot to give their eyewear a non-fogging coating.
  • Purchasable from 1 to 3 spray packages at once.
  • It provides an effective defog for glasses surfaces.
  • Work on most outdoor sports masks.
  • The qualified anti-fog spray formula helps non AR coated lenses.
  • It seems to be unusable for usually heated glasses.
If you ever find yourself feeling not so pleased about this fog-free cleaner spray, then the brand Splaqua would ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed for their product. I appreciate this as they prioritize their buyers and thrive on making sure anyone who owns this spray is content with what they have.

2. Just Add Water Jaws Quick Spit Anti-fog Spray

The first product on this review list, to begin with, is a quick spit spray for fog-resistant from the brand Just Add Water. This spray is made of a non-toxic formula to lessen chemicals smell during use and will not provoke dangerous health symptoms even if you accidentally inhale its vapor.

Not only is this anti-fog spray totally safe for direct use, but it can also last for quite a long time on your glasses lenses without the need for frequent spraying. Plus, Just Add Water has applied biodegradable natural ingredients in the spray formula to make sure there is no toxicant to do harm to its users.

A reason why I approve of the spray to be one best anti-fog for goggles is that it works like a dream on nearly anything that fogs up including swim goggles, safety goggles or paintball masks and so on. Those mentioned are common eyewear that undergoes humid foggy weather conditions the most.

You can use it to cover some certain plastic surfaces as well, however, I would not suggest vaporizing regular prescription glasses with this fog-free spray.

At an amazing number, this anti-fog spray contains over 200 pumps per bottle though it may seem little in size at first. For me, it is such a good thing to know a compact pocket-size spray bottle like this product can provide us with multiple quick spitting onto fogged glasses and plastic surfaces.

I love how this spray is usable for both wet and dry applications, therefore it will not limit its ability to a particular circumstance and support you through the whole process of getting the fog resisting job done conveniently.

Unfortunately, I have heard an awful experience about spraying the item from Just Add Water on the inside of one’s swim goggles lenses and they ended up suffering from painful eye burns. Its label has stated that this vapor can cause eye irritant, so you should only spit it on the outer glasses lenses.
  • Hazard free spray formula that stays for long.
  • Made of eco-friendly natural ingredients.
  • Work on goggles and plastic surfaces.
  • 200+ pumps are available in one bottle.
  • Functional for wet and dry applications.
  • Spraying it on the inner lenses results in optical injuries.
For any anti-fog glasses spraying tool, it is best advised to use from a distance to your eyesight. Because whether the chemicals’ content is high or low, it would still be risky to have your eyes entirely exposed to this kind of vapor. Remind yourself carefully before using this spray from Just Add Water

3. EK USA Cat Crap Multi-Use Anti Fog Spray

As this anti-fog spray from EK USA weighs approximately an ounce, it could not be more travel-friendly thanks to such small sizing and quickly accessible from your bag whenever you go hiking or cycling, etc. The spray will not become a burden even if you bring it along through rigid travel journeys.

Steps to use the Cat Crap spray are really simple so you needn’t be concerned about any usage difficulties. Spit the fog-free vapor onto surfaces due to desire and then wipe off excessive water to increase your glasses clarity in foggy weather conditions. It provides multiple sprays in this small bottle.

I am thrilled to know we can use this anti-fog spray safely for any kind of lenses including normal eyewear, sunglasses, safety glasses, and sports goggles. An optimal anti-fog solution for diverse eyeglasses like the Cat Crap should definitely be on the top of your shopping list right this moment.

What’s even more expedient is that this spray bottle type of EK USA shares the same formula which is applied to their original famous Cat Crap, and it is claimed to be gentle and safe for your health. I assure you there would be minimum harmful substances and smell released in the air while spraying this item.

Most importantly, other than protecting your pair of eyeglasses from fogging up during work and sports events, the Cat Crap spray is capable of repelling external dust and lint as well. Plus, if your glasses lenses are not coated with a scratch-free layer from the start, this spray formula would offer the exact coating.

A few customer opinions about its pricing are worth taking into account. I see that they criticize the price for being much higher than its volume of one ounce, and it does not provide a large number of pumps equals to its value. I understand this because customers have to consider a lot about pricing before buying.
  • Lightweight bottle and convenient for traveling.
  • Easy to use with multiple pumps.
  • Suitable for different kinds of glasses lenses.
  • Safe and mild anti-fog spray formula.
  • It provides extra dust and scratch-resistant coating.
  • High pricing compared to the capacity and pumps available.
Obviously, a compact and lightweight anti-fog bottle like the EK USA Cat Crap cannot possibly give more spray pumps than what its one-ounce volume could contain. However, the main suggestion from most customers and I is that this brand should lower its pricing to a more acceptable rate for the limited volume.

4. Optix 55 Anti Fog Spray

This spray from Optix 55 has two bottle volume options to choose from which are 2.0 and 4.0 ounces. It is stunning to know that with the 2.0-ounce bottle, there are up to 400 pumps of anti-fog vapor available and the other of 4.0 ounces obviously provide nearly 800 pumps per spray bottle. That is unimaginable.

Not only is this item indeed an anti-fog spray for the windshield, but it is also capable of coating an extra fog-resistant layer onto sports goggles, bathroom mirrors, and hockey shields, etc. for quick sharp vision clarity. I am pleased that the Optix 55 fog free spray does not limit itself to some particular types of surface.

I understand that a few fog-free sprays on the market can release horrible toxic chemicals smell, which seriously affects your health system. This spray has made sure its formula is entirely natural from pure water mist that is harmless to your skin and eyes even when being exposed to it on a daily basis.

Furthermore, it sure gets quite impatient if you have to wait for surface wiping after using a defogging spray. This spray is applicable to both wet and dry surfaces with instant results so we can totally get rid of the waiting time to use those eyeglasses right away. One pump is enough to deliver sufficient fog protection.

I doubt that you could resist an optimal anti-fog spray that performs brilliantly on multiple glass and plastic materials like this one. Polycarbonate, iridium, UV or prescription – you name it because, in the end, they are all a piece of cake to its defogging ability and especially non-AR-coated glasses lenses.

Since this Optix 55 spray formula is flammable liquid, the product return is unapproachable for delivery units of some online shopping websites that do not support taking back such risk through airlines. Us customers have to accept it though, so I advise you to think clearly before buying as it cannot be returned.
  • 4.0-ounce volume delivers up to 800 pumps.
  • Work on a wide range of goggles and sports shields.
  • The hypoallergenic formula of natural water.
  • Ideal for both wet and dry applications.
  • Perform well on multiple surface types.
  • Inability to return for being flammable liquid.
I think Optix 55 is a potential anti-fog spray brand that requires a little amount of time to upgrade and popularize their item to worldwide customers. I must emphasize once more that its capacity to produce 800 vapor pumps is absolutely impressive and a considerable feature to go ahead of the game.

Quick Sheen Anti Fog Spray Cleaner (Outdated)

Our 5th product from the brand Quick Sheen is the largest premium anti-fog spray with a bottle volume of 8 ounces. With a voluminous capacity like this, you can apply it on wide surfaces frequently without worrying that it will run out of vapor too soon. Only one purchase of this spray can serve long term usage.

I am impressed with the amount of eyewear that this Quick Sheen spray is applicable on, making it the best anti-fog spray for glasses including sports goggles, binoculars with boat windshields and military masks as well.

Its advanced performance is likewise displayed through coating an anti-fog layer on restaurant sneeze glass and food processors without effort like it has always been doing this task brilliantly on regular plastic and glass surfaces.

I feel confident to have this fog-free spray around as it blocks tiny debris from invading your glasses lenses and cause you to clean them over and over again. There is no silicone or harmful alcohol in the spray formula so you can take advantage of it on Lexan, which is mostly used for motorcycles and windshields.

Did you know the Quick Sheen anti-fog spray can handle bugs on windows at ease? This vapor helps to soften those bugs and get rid of them simply without your having to hit on the windshield and scratch it by accident. The good news to learn is that this spray is non-flammable for you to use near fire areas.

Just remember that its formula is not going to work as powerful on glasses lenses with an anti-reflective coating. It is not my profession to judge, but I think it might be because of a pile of diverse integrated layers on one lens will defect other coatings made from sprayers that are much more vulnerable.

Unfortunately, this anti-fog spray from Quick Sheen is not streak-free so that it may leave an unwanted film on your glasses lenses or house windows. I understand how annoying that can be since no one wants to look through an unclear stained goggle lens. I guess it is partly due to the vapor color.
  • Massive bottle volume of 8 ounces.
  • Works on multiple glasses and plastic surfaces with other equipment.
  • Prevent dusting on glasses lenses.
  • The alcohol-free formula is suitable for Lexan.
  • Non-flammable. Can soothe bugs to remove.
  • Colored vapor leaves a streak on sprayed surfaces.
I hope that Quick Sheen will take this into account and try to improve their item better for a total optimal anti-fog spray to satisfy customers’ needs.

Atlan Fog-Out Anti Fog Spray (Outdated)

The Atlan Fog-Out is another fog-resistant spray that comes in a one-ounce container which is roughly 30ml. This miniature sizing makes the spray bottle more convenient to be put into your pocket easily without difficult access.

It is created with a safe formula from completely natural ingredients, so I am not anxious about whether this vapor will make a hazardous impact on customers’ health. This anti-fog spray promises that its formula is hypoallergenic and free from alcohol to be used around small children and people with allergies safely.

While there are several colored fogging sprays that may leave color stains after being used on surfaces, the Atlan Fog-Out product offers colorless glasses cleaner vapor for you to wipe it off quickly with no unwanted odors left. Strong fog protection is added smoothly onto your eyewear straight away.

A series of sports masks and goggles together with telescopes and windows are compatible with this fog-free spray from Atlan. As a result, it can cover an anti-fog layer on multiple types of glass and plastic effortlessly to bring you a comfortable experience of fog absence at the workplace and in sports activities.

Over 200 pumps are available in this fog-resistant Atlan spray of one ounce. You can spray it directly onto wet or dry surfaces as wish because it will maintain that defogging coating for quite a long time on both.

I find out that its pump cap dispenser is certainly effective for a quick approach and helps to secure the spray bottle itself as well. Because of the rapid down gradation of this spray pumping system throughout extended use, I think it is best to have an additional cap on and be gentle enough not to push it too hard.

A minor problem related to boiling water of the Atlan Fog-Out spray was brought up by one customer I ran into. This spray cleaner indeed enables an anti-fogging feature for diverse surface types and especially eyewear, though it does not seem functional when it comes to lens vaporized resistant of hot water.
  • Pocket size and lightweight bottle.
  • Nontoxic and biodegradable spray formula.
  • Leave no odors with colorless vapor.
  • Work on glass and plastic surfaces.
  • Up to 200 pumps. Wet and dry application.
  • Extra pump cap dispenser for product safety.
  • It cannot be used to prevent the lens from fogging up from heated water.
In my personal opinion, this Fog-Out anti-fog spray has succeeded in including a group of amazing features that are able to protect glasses lenses and plastic surfaces from fogging up. I can spare the hot water issue because it is not its prime responsibility to ask for much.

iGK Anti Fog Spray 1 Pack (Outdated)

Up next, we probably have the smallest item on the list – a 20ml bottle volume of powerful fog-resistant spray from the brand iGK, which is less than one ounce. Such an incredibly compact and lightweight sizing makes the bottle much easier to carry around. You can pump the anti-fog vapor out for over 100 times.

It can surely become one resolution of best anti-fog for glasses since this spray is capable of preventing fog for most plastic and glass surfaces. Safety glasses, VR lenses, binoculars, sports masks, window shields or mirrors are all usable for the iGK fog free spray to perform on.

This spray formula is created from non-toxic ingredients and completely safe even if the excessive vapor is released into the air. You should always go for any types of spray that does not comprise of many chemical elements in its formula to protect yourself from inhaling dangerous toxicants.

To be honest, I feel that this spray from iGK requires quite complex steps to complete, unlike several instant spray performances. However, think of it as an advantage because all the lens pre-cleaning and waiting are proved to be more certain and remain this anti-fog coating longer than products with one plain wipe.

The great part of buying this anti-fog spray is that it’s brand iGK offers customers 100% satisfaction guaranteed of 60 days to demand a product replacement or refund as wish. No hassle is involved in this process. They promise to put buyers’ pleasure on top to receive the best results on their item.

Differs from instant anti-fog spray, the iGK product must be applied at least 30 minutes in advance before using your goggles or else it does not work immediately. This downside can lead to tasks being slowed down considerably for we cannot always keep in mind to spray it on eyeglasses that long before wearing.
  • More than 100 pumps in 20ml spray bottle.
  • Perform well on different surfaces including glasses and mirrors.
  • Harmless and comfortable spray formula.
  • The comprehensive process provides firm results.
  • 100% hassle-free product replacement and refund.
  • It consumes too much time waiting for it to function.
If you do not need to have an anti-fog layer coated on your pair of glasses casually, then a small money-saving item like this iGK one would be the best choice. As being said, I do not recommend it to frequently occupied workers or sports participants because they could get impatient holding it off for that long.

DON & JON’S ANTI FOG (Outdated)

I notice that this brand offers two different quantity options of a single or two packs of anti-fog spray bottle at a time. In comparison with its volume of one ounce, I must say the pricing is quite reasonable, perhaps a bit lower than average for one bottle and even less expensive to purchase a combo of two bottles.

Its defogging formula which completely excludes toxicated carcinogens and formaldehyde, would do much less harm to your health. What specializes this product from others is that the natural formula does not provoke any biological growth, therefore we do not have to use preservation methods for this inert spray.

You can be certain that such a hypoallergenic fog free spray is safe to be used daily. Just remember to avoid direct eye contact during the spraying process.

Do you assume Don & Jon’s Anti Fog to be the best anti-fog spray for safety glasses? This spray works to reduce tension from water vapor on this kind of surface and a wide range of other ones such as sports masks, sidecar mirrors, motorcycle helmets and diverse eye protective equipment as well.

The anti-fog coating made by this spray actually stays on those above surfaces long enough for about half a day, in order to assist you on difficult tasks or sports events in foggy weather conditions without effort. Don & Jon’s is a spray brand based in the USA so we can rely on their product quality.

I bet you would want to know that if you plan to use the fog-resistant spray from Don & Jon’s for work/sports masks, do not let their inner surfaces get wet before applying as this spray fails to work on wet glass and plastic. This is specifically related to masks and goggles that involve underwater performances.
  • Purchase in 1 or 2 packs at once. Low-cost pricing.
  • Hypoallergenic spray vapor.
  • The inactive formula for preservative-free.
  • Perform effortlessly on glass and plastic surfaces.
  • Long-lasting anti-fog coating made in the USA.
  • It does not provide wet applications.
I cannot deny the fact that its origin is from literally the most famous and reliable country to produce effective anti-fog sprays. Nonetheless, Don & Jon’s is still a new brand on the market trying to make a name and I think they should equip their item with larger diversity to approach more potential customers.

Blue Merlin Anti Fog Spray Bundle (Outdated)

I always like to get things in a bundle to add more convenience to my daily related tasks. To my expectations, the brand Blue Merlin sells its anti-fog spray product for 2 packs, each has the bottle volume of two ounces, which also means we will be able to use them for around 750 pumps in total.

They kindly provide two extra soft optical quality microfiber cloths along with these sprayers to support you in applying a fog-resistant coating onto wanted surfaces and clean them afterward.

Let me instruct you with how to function this Blue Merlin anti-fog spray properly in 3 steps: spit the vapor evenly onto your eyewear lenses and wait for only 5 seconds until you can wipe excessive spray out of them with the cloth. Voila, there is no further pending needed as your glasses are ready to use.

I am blown away to figure out that this spray formula can last for up to 5 days in a row after a single application. Is this even possible? At the same time, the formula is claimed to be 100% safe from static and unwanted streak to bring you the most comfortable defogging experience with your pair of glasses.

This is not only a useful anti-fog spray for sports glasses but it also works fine on most lenses that are not coated with any other layers initially. I am talking about sunglasses, swimming goggles, multiple types of sports masks and even safety glasses can be used with the fog-free spray from Blue Merlin.

Despite being incredibly functional for outdoor activities under foggy weather, I do not think this spray is suitable for workers who have to move between regular temperature and inside a freezer constantly. The inner freezer is too cold so a nonspecialized anti-fog spray like this obviously cannot fulfill that requirement.
  • Sold in 2 packs of 4 ounces for a total of 750 pumps.
  • Two additional free microfiber cloths.
  • Short waiting time with 3 simple steps to use.
  • Remain for 5 days per application. 100% static-free and anti streak.
  • Can apply on lenses without pre coatings.
  • Disability to prevent fogging in freezer temperature.
I appreciate the lifetime promise on product quality from Blue Merlin. A full refund will be transferred back in case customers are not wholly satisfied with what they get from the brand. I hope this beneficial anti-fog spray would stand out among thousands of others soon thanks to its impressive and unique features.

Optix 55 Anti Fog Treatment For AR Lenses (Outdated)

The very last product on my review list is again, another superior anti-fogging spray from the brand Optix 55. This spray bottle has a capacity of 10ml colorless droplets, which is pretty small and probably should be applied on glasses lenses or narrow surfaces in order to economize its volume for longer use.

This Optix 55 anti-fog spray is surprisingly made for blocking fog from anti-reflective lenses – something that most other sprays cannot accomplish. If there is already a large number of items that can be sprayed on variable surfaces, then someone has got to manufacture a specific one for AR lenses.

As far as I can see, its using process is not so difficult with the help of extra simple tools. Drop the anti-fog resolution 1-2 times and use an eyeglass wipe to spread it evenly on your clean glasses lenses. After that, you should leave the surface air-dried for 15-20 seconds before wiping it once more with a dry cloth.

I do not doubt that we all resent having to make constant applications of an anti-fog spray to maintain its function throughout the day. It is delightful to know this spray from Optix 55 can remain active for days after a single drop. That means we do not need to carry the bottle around to use it continuously anymore.

I feel safe about the fact that this spray formula is created right in the USA, which makes Optix 55 a high quality and reliable spray brand to trust. They also offer a precious 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for you to fully experience how well the product performs before deciding to keep it or not.

To be honest, I am quite disappointed that the bottle comes to my door from an online shopping website without any decent seal or packaging. What if it is damaged during the delivery process while I have already paid the price? I think both Optix 55 and the online seller should be more careful about this.
  • 10ml bottle volume of colorless droplets.
  • Work specifically on AR coated lenses.
  • Easy to use with a soft cloth.
  • One drop keeps the surface fog-free through days.
  • Made in the USA. Offer a Money-Back Guarantee.
  • The unpacked product arrived through online shopping.
The fact that anti-fog sprays from Optix 55 are mentioned two times in this list is not for no good reason. I expect this brand to add proper packaging for their products in the near future to protect them from external impacts.

What to Look for When Buying Anti Fog Spray

best anti fog spray

Bottle volume – The typical volume of most standard anti-fog spray bottles would be at the range from 1 to 4 ounces. They are ultra-lightweight in compact sizing to be effortlessly accessed from the inside of your bag or jacket pocket in a matter of seconds.

This factor also regards to spray pumps available for use, approximately from 100 to 800 pumps per bottle. Almost all sprays need a single spit to cover your desired surface with a functional fog-free coating. However, some particular products would require more than one pump to complete this process.

I would recommend customers to choose anti-fog spray bottle volume based on your average usage frequency. For example, if you have to work or engage in sports activities casually under foggy weather conditions, then you should go for the largest volume. The uncommon need for use will suit with lower capacity.

Spray formula – In spite of anti-fog sprays being chemical liquid, their manufacturers always thrive on diminishing toxicants in the spray formula to the utmost extent. As a result, it would decrease the possibility of jeopardizing your health while having to make contact with this spray vapor every day.

I believe all fog-resistant brands manage to combine adequate chemicals with natural and non-toxic ingredients that are hypoallergenic to secure your health in daily use. They reduce hazardous elements to the lowest level so customers would not be terrified should they accidentally inhale this vapor.

Last but not least, a relevant reminder for everyone using an anti-fog spray is to minimize direct face and eye contact with its vapor. After all, it is not bland harmless water to mess around with. Being careful is never enough, right?

Other additional functions – Did you know that apart from providing a strong fog-resistant coating, some manufacturers even formulate this spray to be able to coat an anti-scratch and dust layer onto your glass or plastic surfaces as well? It is convenient for anyone whose glasses lenses do not comprise of them.

Thanks to this amazing function, an anti-fog spray for car can become just as popular as glasses sprays. An extra coating to prevent external dust and scratches from weakening your eyewear and car windows would be the perfect companion together with the anti-fog layer for foggy weather conditions.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an anti-fog spray?

An anti-fog spray is a type of chemical liquid that varies in bottle volume, with the ability to block water condensation in the form of small drops on a surface that resembles fogging. It is now produced and used worldwide to add an extra fog-resistant layer on glass and plastic surfaces in optical applications.

How does it work?

An anti-fog spray for sports goggles, safety eyewear and works masks are considered the most popular type as it works like a dream on these surfaces. Both wet and dry applications are available most of the time for your convenience. One spray can maintain the fog-free coating on lenses for a few days.

As far as I’m concerned, anti-fog sprays are mainly not ideal to be used for jobs related to hot water and freezer contact. Perhaps those temperature levels are too intense for normal fog-resistant sprays to perform appropriately.

Who is this for?

An anti-fog spray is beneficial for people who require to work or participate in sports on a daily basis and often encounter with foggy weather conditions. Their goggles and masks need to be protected from fog to increase visual clarity. Besides that, you can use this spray to clean windows and mirrors at home.

What are the different types of anti-fog sprays?

Liquid droplets – It is not as typical as the spray type, however liquid droplets of the anti-fog solution is still widely used. In my opinion, I find it hard to control the number of water drops coming out of the bottle as sometimes I may overspill. After applying, you should wipe excess liquid and let the surface being air-dried.

Consequently, fog-free liquid droplets best suit with narrow surfaces for you to measure its volume easier. An anti-fog spray for prescription glasses would be a nice example of when to take advantage of the liquid bottle type.

Vapor pumps – On the contrary, fog-resistant vapor pumps will optimize usage because you can predict when it runs out of vapor based on its product description of how many pumps are available. It should be applied on wide surfaces like an anti-fog spray for car windows to spread the vapor logically.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an anti-fog spray?


Variable in size from 1.0 to 4.0-ounce bottle.

Work on almost all plastic and glass types.

Applicable for both wet and dry surfaces.

It provides extra features like dust and scratch-free.

Improve vision clarity in foggy weather conditions.


May become defective with hot water vapor.

A few do not allow instant use after spraying.

Higher pricing compared to spray pumps available.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted anti-fog spray brands?

Wondering which anti-fog spray brands to choose among a whole bunch of others on the market? The most trusted brands lie right here in this article waiting for your discovery, the names we cannot miss out including Optix 55, Blue Merlin, EK USA, and Splaqua. They should be your top shopping priorities.

How to use it?

Only several simple steps would get your pair of eyeglasses or work/sports masks ready to prevent fogging up during important activities. As there are slight differences between each product on the market, I would list out the most common process to use an anti-fog to spray on glass and plastic surfaces properly.

All you need to do is spit its vapor out evenly through pumping the fog-free spray bottle onto desired surfaces. Several sprays will allow instant use for busy users, whereas I see most of them consume from 1 to 30 minutes to wait for this new anti-fog coating to consolidate with the glasses lenses.

Keep in mind that on particular occasions, you would have to clean the glasses lenses or plastic surface before spraying this anti-fog vapor on. I had witnessed poor spray performances on wet and dirty surfaces, thus it is best to make any of the potential surfaces sparkling clean beforehand.

Where can I get them?

In order to purchase a fog-off spray, you can select between direct or online shopping depends on your personal requirements. Famous places for both methods are Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, eBay, and Lowes. They are indeed reliable addresses that have a wide range of anti-fog spray in stock.

I highly recommend going straight to the local PPE store with US citizens for an anti-fog spray because you will get the chance to examine it more thoroughly. For the rest of international customers, online shopping websites are perfect for visiting with loads of trustworthy sellers and premium products.

What is the warranty policy?

An anti-fog spray brand that is confident about their item quality would definitely offer a Money Back Guarantee for 30 days and up to a year of product warranty, as for their customers to test and access the spray carefully before deciding whether they would want to return it or demand a refund.

You should take advantage of this factor since it is basic customer rights to have a comprehensive pre-experience with an anti-fog spray first. Then determine what to do next if they are unsatisfied after the purchase meant.

How to take care and clean it?

For the anti-fog spray liquid is already bottled up, preservation is much less of a deadweight for busy users. Simply placed the spray in normal room temperature that avoids direct sunlight or other extreme weather conditions to approach as it can create alterations in spray formula, thus lose its effectiveness.

If your fog free spray bottle ever receives unwanted stains during use, gently wipe them off with water and a soft cloth. For your information, plastic bottles are in fact, really hard to get dirty while easy to be cleaned at the same time. Therefore, an anti-fog spray bottle cleaning is not going to be a major concern.


Are you fascinated by the incredibly huge amount of information you have collected in this article about the best anti-fog spray? I have attempted to make good examples, references, and comparisons for you to understand more of how a fog-resistant spray works and which is the most ideal for your tasks.

I would be so grateful if you take down notes of the tips and recommendations that I put into each paragraph – all to help you buy what meets your requirements and bring relevant benefits to your daily activities under foggy weather conditions. Thank you for reading.

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