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The Best Bifocal Safety Glasses

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best bifocal safety glasses

Among different genres of PPE eyewear, bifocal safety glasses are available as an advanced combination between prescription and safety eyeglasses in one model. I have the privilege to guide you through a tailor-made product review list of quality tested glasses and also a helpful user guide for new customers.

I suggested that you should thoroughly purchase this type of safety eyewear based on several important criteria in which I will reveal later. Buying a cheap glasses structure, along with poor bifocal magnification, may result in a series of optical injuries and health issues that none of us ever wish for.

The best bifocal safety glasses lie right here in this article are waiting for your explorement. I can guarantee that you would not be disappointed in all of these famous and reliable PPE eyewear brands worldwide. You will also in love with their brilliant, durable items once you have learned the insights of bifocal safety glasses.

# Product name
Top 1
MAGID Y50BKAFC20 Details
Top 2
3M Protective Eyewear Details
Top 3
Dewalt DPG59-215C Details

Best Bifocal Safety Glasses Reviews

1. MAGID Y50BKAFC20 Safety Glasses

I must agree that this safety glasses from the brand Magid is flexible for indoor or outdoor use depends only on how you want them to be used. I have listened to other customers’ experience of wearing them for lab work and manufacturing – the Magid bifocal glasses perform much better than expected.

Seriously, I did not believe in my own eyes when I saw that the manufacturer offers us to buy a series of glasses packs from 1 – 2 – 6 and up to 12 identical pairs of this bifocal safety goggles. Moreover, each of these items comes with an extra soft cloth case, which means we can literally have 12 glasses cases.

Their sleek and retro figure turns out to be quite stylish but also not too excessive and colorful as the nylon glasses frame is in pure black. I like how they are fairly lightweight of around 2.4 ounces to be used by both men and women on different occasions, especially reading small prints or working on details.

Since the magnifying diopter is already molded deeply into these glasses lenses, it would be difficult if you ever want to replace them with other bifocal lenses. On the contrary, you would not have to be afraid that the bifocal coating may fall apart from your Magid safety glasses lenses all of a sudden.

The manufacturer has also coated the bifocal glasses lenses with a few functional layers namely anti-fog and scratch-free coatings, to upgrade their total effectiveness. That way, these goggles will be able to survive humid weather conditions, which most bifocal safety glasses fog up instantly.

There are different lens tint options available for this product from Magid and each will perform better in particular environments. Actually, I do not feel so confident about their translucent lens. As I have received a tinted glasses lens shade in light grey – obviously still usable but not ideal for indoor tasks.
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Come in bulk of up to 12 glasses pairs packed in wiper cases.
  • Fashionable and lightweight unisex black nylon frame.
  • Integrated magnification into glasses lenses.
  • Non-fogging and scratch-resistant.
  • Clear glasses lenses are opposite from this product description.
I am sure you would be pleased to possess an ANSI Z87.1+ certified bifocal safety glasses like this amazing product from Magid. If possible, I suggest we could try buying them in different lens tint shades, to experiment with their strength in a wide range of surroundings and activities, both in and out of the house.

2. 3M Nuvo Reader Protective Eyewear

You will have 3 magnification levels to select in this 6th PPE eyewear on the list from +1.5 to +2.5 lens diopter. Still, I guess I needn’t repeat myself that the lowest bifocal rate would be a safe choice for your vision. The bifocal magnifier has been molded into their lenses to enhance your reading ability through them.

I have high expectations on this brand 3M for their fame and quality and these 3M bifocal safety glasses surely do not fail me. Their dual-lens profile may fool us that these are regular standard eyeglasses but in fact, it is actually a one-piece design to provide more sustainability for your pair of bifocal goggles.

Their overall appearance is indeed appealing to me. They built the glasses frame to be pretty thick and solid in a sort of retro styling, which gives a sense of nostalgia. Personally, I think that heavy-duty male workers would enjoy wearing classic and secure eye protection with bifocal magnifiers like these.

There are actually two lens colors in gray or clear made from polycarbonate based on where you would like them to function. Both of them comprise an additional coating to absorb up to 99.9% UV radiation; therefore, it cannot reach directly to your eyes even when working outside a construction site.

It is obvious to see that these bifocal safety glasses from 3M also broaden your protected zone as include expanded polycarbonate side shields and an integral brow bar on top. These extra features are definitely a bonus point to customers who require high constructed security more than normal reading.

I understand that none of us would want to hear this but these 3M glasses bifocal lenses are prone to scratches on the outside. Once I scrolled through an online review saying that the scratch on their glasses lenses was right in the center of their vision, and they ended up discontinue using the 3M safety eyewear.
  • Integrated magnifying lenses at +1.5 diopter.
  • A dual profile with lens design combines in one piece.
  • Retro style and sturdy outlook suitable for men.
  • 99.9% UV protection in two different lens colors.
  • Contain side shields protection and upper brow bar.
  • Get scratches on their glasses lenses at ease.
Even though 3M stated that their Nuvo Reader bifocal safety glasses had met both requirements of ANSI Z87.1 – 2010 and CSA Z94.3 – 2007, it can be acceptable in some situations for glasses lenses to scratch out because of external impacts and pressure. Another anti-scratch lens coated would be so delightful.

3. Dewalt DPG59-215C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal Protective Safety Glasses

Being one of the most well-known and reliable brands to manufacture premium safety glasses, Dewalt has presented us with a product that unites safety goggles and reading glasses into one model. The smoky lenses give these glasses a tough and fashionable outlook, especially for men.

The Dewalt bifocal safety glasses have 3 magnifier options in-store from 1.5 to 2.5 bifocal diopter, which are fairly reasonable for your normal eyes. On some certain online shopping sites, they even offer used versions of this product in good condition and shockingly low pricing.

I like how these Rx-Bifocal safety glasses lenses are capable of resisting external impacts because glasses, in general, can deform rapidly under pressure. They can secure your eyes against 99.9% of harmful UVA/UVB sun rays thanks to the lens tint not being transparent.

No matter what, a certified pair of safety glasses is always preferred than an item that has not been through any essential quality tests. As a result, these bifocal goggles have exceeded all of ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 must-have requirements for safety glasses to get rid of your worries while using them.

I notice that the glasses temple has a handgrip pattern made from elastic rubber to ensure a strong grip onto your upper ears without leaving pressure points. Their rubberized nose pieces are non-slip and comfortable for you to wear the glasses daily and do not have to adjust them back in position frequently.

Unfortunately, I found out that once when I folded this pair of glasses a little too tight, their temple arms ended up scratching the inner lenses. To be honest I was disappointed by this design error. I think Dewalt should take this into account quickly and fix the remaining flaws left in these bifocal safety glasses.
  • A useful combination of safety glasses and reader ones.
  • Choose from 1.5 to 2.5 magnifier diopter.
  • Impact the resistant and UV protection smoke lens color.
  • Meet ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 qualifications.
  • Comfortable rubber temples and nose pieces.
  • Temple arms may scratch the lenses inside when being wrapped up.
I usually hesitate to purchase bifocal safety glasses as several of their lenses cause eye strain and fatigue that affect my close-up paperwork daily in the office. Luckily, the Dewalt Rx-Bifocal glasses include anti-distortion lenses so I can concentrate better without encountering any optical problems.

4. Honeywell Uvex 2.0 Bifocal Safety Reading Glasses

Our 4th product of bifocal safety glasses to be featured on your to-buy list is from the manufacturer Honeywell Uvex. Their wraparound half glasses frame style design strikes me with the thought that this pair of glasses would fit snug but still provide adequate comfort for wearing them daily, and I am not wrong at all.

These bifocal reading safety glasses are equipped with a clear lens color made out of high-quality polycarbonate material at +2.0 magnification diopter. From my perspective, this is a fairly good magnifying level that is in the safe zone. However, if you receive headaches while wearing these on, please discontinue.

I figure out that their translucent glasses lenses have the capability to prevent up to 99.9% UV rays from your eyesight outside. I believe you are aware of your eyes being exposed to intense light sources casually will result in later optical problems or further injuries. These polycarbonate lenses also resist scratching.

It is fascinating to learn that these safety glasses temple arms can be adjusted to a certain length as wish to provide custom fitting. The rubber padded temple tips ensure there are no pressure points left on your upper ears, while an additional cushioned brow bar helps cover your entire eye zone safely.

I must say Honeywell Uvex has done a magnificent job of manufacturing this bifocal safety eyewear to exceed both ANSI Z87.1 – 2003 and CSA Z94.3 – 2007 standards for PPE glasses. This means they would be able to stay in shape through pressure and external impacts like in a shooting range.

Once I read a comment reviewing that these bifocal glasses nose pieces with flexible fingers broke off after being used for not long. It appears to be a rare case that does not occur commonly. However, still, the brand Honeywell Uvex should take this into consideration of integrating more durable nosepieces that stand time.
  • The wraparound half-frame design provides relaxation.
  • +2.0 diopter polycarbonate see-through lenses.
  • Protection against 99.9% UV radiation. Scratch-free lenses.
  • Glasses’ details strengthen high flexibility and security.
  • Surpasses ANSI Z87.1 2003 and CSA Z94.3 2007 qualifications.
  • Flexible fingers nose pieces tend to separate after a while of using.
PPE items produced by Honeywell Uvex are mostly favorable by customers worldwide, but not all of them can be flawless since they are human-made products anyways. 3 months was a considerable amount of time before their nose pieces fall apart, so I hope the brand will improve this detail soon.

5. Crews BKH20 BearKat Magnifier 2.0 Safety Glasses

Crews is a new glasses brand to me but I am fascinated to dig into their product insights. These BearKat bifocal safety glasses offer a range of magnifying rate from +1.0 up to +2.5 diopter. Higher levels of magnification are sure to assist you perfectly in reviewing a blueprint at work with tiny details.

They have manufactured these glasses to have a favorable one-piece wraparound lens design, which usually fits snug to your face but not uncomfortable at all. It will also reduce the possibility of your eyesight getting out of the lens view that causes irritation to users and them being unable to concentrate.

The BearKat safety glasses contain rugged transparent lenses made from polycarbonate. What makes them special is that the lenses have an exclusive scratch-free coating called Duramass, while being added another UV rays filtration up to 99.9%. There are side shields for protection available on these glasses.

I enjoy the flexibility of their temple arms as a custom fit for different face types. The anti-slip temple sleeves are such a lifesaver through high traffic working days as they maintain the balance of my pair of Crews bifocal safety glasses. You cannot imagine how annoying it is to adjust the glasses continuously while working.

I am glad these BearKat bifocal safety goggles have exceeded the strict ANSI Z87+ standards for PPE eyewear. Nothing can be more certain than qualified safety glasses. Most customers would look at it first if they are choosing between different glasses’ brands and models. Great to have certifications.

This must be a common mistake that many bifocal safety glasses brands occur but they have little idea about: positioning the bifocal window too low on the bottom of their glasses lenses. I agree that the manufacturer Crews has made large magnification areas; nonetheless, they should lift them up higher.
  • +2.0 bifocal diopter for highly closeup work.
  • Has a common wraparound lens design in one-piece styling.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are anti scratch and non polarized.
  • Include flexible temple arms and non-slip temple sleeves.
  • Meet most ANSI Z87+ qualifications.
  • Magnification areas being too low on the lenses.
I believe that if Crews wish for their BearKat bifocal safety glasses to stand out among thousands of PPE eyewear brands right now, they should take into account of experimenting the bifocal window carefully before releasing this product. Anyhow, they are still worthy of a spot on my finest bifocal safety glasses list.

6. Pyramex Safety Intruder Reader Bifocals

It is indeed common sense that transparent glasses lenses are mainly functional inside the house. Pyramex did the opposite. They presented us with a pair of bifocal safety glasses, which contains clear lenses that provide safe UVA/UVB rays protection up to 99% no less than regular sunglasses.

At the same time, you can certainly wear this Pyramex safety eyewear for indoor tasks that demand impact resistant and in-focus view, such as manufacturing wooden furniture or mending broken electric wires. You should make sure to have safety glasses with magnification during those situations.

3 pairs of these plastic safety glasses with a total clear frame are on sale in one package. They all include bifocal reading lenses from 1.5 to 2.5 magnifying diopters, and it also counts to use the glasses at home or the office for books and paperwork reading. Dull lens shades are not proper for these occasions.

If you ever had to struggle with bifocal glasses lenses because sometimes their zooming clutters your eyesight, then the Pyramex safety glasses are able to fix it. All thanks to their magnifier being positioned intentionally away from your direct vision line. They perform well enough to block excessive glare as well.

I feel guaranteed when I aware that this item from Pyramex had surpassed the strict ANSI Z87.1 high impact requirements. My eyes are going to be put under secure and qualified protection. I cannot understand why there are still PPE eyewear brands that neglect this vital certification for their products.

As these bifocal safety glasses lenses are not coated with an additional fog-resistant layer, we have to accept the fact that they will fog up constantly. As a result, it intervenes in our tasks in humid weather conditions. Consequently, I would not recommend wearing this Pyramex eyewear for the aim of preventing fog.
  • Up to 99% UVA and UVB radiation guardian through clear lenses.
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Offer 3 glasses pairs per package.
  • Strategically bifocal lens placed for optimal vision. Glare protection.
  • Meet ANSI Z87.1 qualifications.
  • Do not provide fog resistant lenses.
So far, we have all known how reliable the Pyramex brand is to produce premium bifocal safety glasses that have the capability to fulfill our requirements most of the time being. I hope they can add the fog-free function onto these amazing goggles in order to upgrade their strength in general.

7. Crossfire ES5 Bifocal Safety Glasses

Another popular safety glasses manufacturer has joined the list at the 10th place and it is no other than Crossfire. This time, the brand brings us a pair of superior bifocal safety glasses with details that enable all task effectiveness.

These Crossfire bifocal safety glasses are built to have a shiny pearl glasses frame in grey. I love how the overall style is designed to be in half-frame only. This totally transforms the glasses’ appearance into sophisticated and elegant accessories that are able to enhance your confidence at work.

I see that the brand also concentrated on designing their lenses in a 8-base curve line to add more refinement and grace to these lightweight safety glasses. They are translucent lenses at +1.5 bifocal diopter which I think is a suitable amount of magnification that will not cause any twisted images or headaches.

Since these glasses lenses are hard coated, they are capable of resisting external scratches and impacts. Defending your eyes against 99% of UV radiation is not a big problem with the ES5 bifocal eyewear as well. Nevertheless, the see-through lenses may mislead some customers about their non-polarized ability.

Similar to most other safety glasses, this product contains soft rubberized nose pieces for extra comfort throughout the day. Also, the temple grips with dual mold rubber can maintain better stability of these glasses onto your face. I know how frustrating it can be to continue pushing glasses back to their place.

The most obvious issue I can tell about the ES5 safety glasses from Crossfire is that their magnification area on the glasses lenses is too narrow to be used for close-up work. I could not possibly repair electric wires in my house with these bifocal safety goggles on and that made me sort of unhappy.
  • Graceful half glasses frame in shining pearl grey.
  • +1.5 magnification with curvy clear lenses.
  • Hardware lenses for scratch-free and UV protection.
  • Rubber nose pieces and temple grips to ensure maximum relaxation.
  • The bifocal window is restricted and almost unable to use.
I must say that I feel alright with the ES5 safety eyewear responding to ANSI Z87.1+ standards as they are proved to be safe and solid enough to endure pressure. All that is left to Crossfire is to expand their magnification area larger so customers like me can rely on these bifocal safety glasses for variable tasks.

8. Elvex RX-350C 1.5 Diopter Bifocal Safety Glasses

I appreciate how the brand Elvex offers a vast amount of different bifocal rates for these RX-350C safety glasses, but I guess I would go for the 1.5 diopters as this is the most stable level of magnification for a pair of safety glasses and I do not want to struggle with dizziness and stressed eyesight during important tasks.

They are equipped with premium polycarbonate glasses lenses that are high impact to shield your eyes against optical injuries caused by external hazards. The clear lenses would be ideal for the indoor industrial workplace in order to provide better visual clarity through powerful lens magnification.

I can suggest a few vocations in which these RX-350C bifocal safety glasses would perform the best when being used. Such as doing craftwork, manufacturing or other activities that require a high focus on creating fine details. Remember not to bring them outside as these glasses are polarized.

In case you are wondering whether surrounding areas other than your eye zone are protected with these glasses from Elvex, the answer is absolute yes. They have been tested to provide customers with full facial coverage with extended lenses and side shields made out of high-quality polycarbonate.

I notice that these glasses vented nose bridge is quite adaptive to a variety of nose shapes and it will prevent glasses from slipping down frequently. Their rubberized temple arms grip onto your upper ears very firmly. Quite pleasant that this does not leave unwanted red or painful marks while you put them on like plastic or metal temples.

It is indeed awful to know that these bifocal glasses lenses can obtain odors easily if they are exposed to the external environment without a glasses case to protect. These stains are difficult to wipe away even with soap so I recommend purchasing an additional case to hold the glasses inside.
  • 5 different bifocal magnifier diopter levels.
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate transparent lenses.
  • Ideal to be used for indoor tasks and activities.
  • Deliver outstanding facial coverage.
  • Universal fit nose bridge. Comfortable rubber temple grips.
  • Glasses lenses acquire odors at ease.
Not only should bifocal safety lenses provide impact-free experience, but they should also have the ability to resist unwanted scratches and odors. Some are insanely hard to clean up, and we cannot spend too much time just for cleaning. As a result, no one would want to wear a pair of safety glasses with dirty lenses concerning they would block their vision.

9. Calabria 91348 Bi-Focal Safety Glasses

This is possibly the only bifocal safety glasses product on my list that their glasses frame is manufactured from sustainable TR-90 plastic material. TR-90 is one popular substance in the eyewear industry and especially in making safety glasses for its durability and elasticity that endure time and pressure.

So why would I call them bifocal safety sunglasses? Aside from clear polycarbonate lenses, the brand Calabria also offers 4 more lens tints that you can take advantage of, as another pair of sunglasses for outdoor use. Premium polycarbonate used to built these glasses lenses is completely shattered proof.

I see that their magnification range is quite wide from +1.00 to +3.00 diopter. Equivalently, we will have much more flexible choices for a suitable lens magnifier rate. The bifocal window is placed with intentions on the bottom of their lenses to specify, helping customers to review small prints and do light tasks.

Moreover, these bifocal safety glasses from Calabria can stand against strong UV protection. That makes them even more similar to regular sunglasses, but it is a shame I cannot find any information about how many percents of UV rays these glasses can block from your outdoor vision.

Their wraparound lens design provides extra space for extended shields on each glasses’ side. This feature will protect a larger zone besides your eyes only, unlike safety glasses without side shields. I notice that although their size is not entirely adjustable but they might be in universal sizing, which fits most adults.

There is one unfortunate minor issue with the glasses design when I try  to insert them into a regular protective case. The curve line design is beautiful though at the same time makes it difficult to fit in such a case. So it is best to bring along this pair of Calabria safety glasses to test different glasses case.
  • Made out of elastic and high impact TR-90 plastic material.
  • Shatter free polycarbonate lenses in 5 tint colors.
  • Bottom lens magnification at +1.5 diopter.
  • Provide harmful UV blockage in sunglasses shades.
  • Wraparound lens design. Side shield protection.
  • Universal fitting adults’ faces.
  • Curvy glasses design hard to input regular cases.
I hope the brand Calabria will have more opportunities to prove themselves in the global safety glasses industry. I can see a lot of great potential in their item with a classic standard design and impressive following functions. This final pair of glasses is going to be the end of my product review section.

10. MagSafe C-2000 Bifocal Safety Glasses

I like the fact that MagSafe has produced a wide range of lens magnification from 1.25 to over 3.50 diopter to serve different user purposes and vision requirements. This product from MagSafe is a pair of 1.75 bifocal safety glasses and you can choose whether the bifocal window is on top or bottom lenses.

If you purchase these C-200 safety goggles with the magnifier placed on top, you should better take advantage of them for shooting sports and working overhead. With this design, they provide a sharp upfront vision and clear focus that help you on those certain tasks outdoor and indoor.

The black nylon frame of these glasses is hardware and impenetrable under variable external pressure. Furthermore, the MagSafe bifocal glasses as a whole are really lightweight of 1.6 ounces compared to how solid their frame is. I can see that the vented top frame will prevent fogging better for their lenses.

Along with the indestructible glasses frame, these safety glasses bifocal lenses are made out of high quality shatterproof polycarbonate. MagSafe offers 3 different lens tint color of clear, yellow and smoke lenses, which makes this item flexible for multiple intentions – all of them are absolutely fashionable.

Their rubberized nose pieces are regretfully quite slippery and have a tendency to slide down your nose. It is certainly disturbing for people who require high concentration on their work because they will have to alter these glasses back to position on a regular basis. I hope MagSafe would repair this soon.
  • Top and bottom bifocal windows are available as wish.
  • Top lens magnifier can be used in shooting ranges and overhead work.
  • Hard lightweight nylon frame. Resist fog design.
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate glasses lenses in 3 shades.
  • Their nose pieces can slip at ease, impacting the glasses.
Personally, I think the MagSafe C-2000 safety glasses would be one of the ideal choices for you to pick from their massive range of bifocal diopters and we even get to choose its position on their lenses, too. Their price is definitely affordable for a bargain of effective bifocal safety goggles.

11. Phillips Safety Products Bifocal Safety Glasses

I believe that most of us would think of these tinted bifocal safety glasses from the brand Phillips Safety Products as sunglasses when we first see them, but they are actually not. In fact, their yellow lens tint is meant to enhance better optical contrast for you to wear them during outdoor activities.

These lenses are made from high-quality polycarbonate – a material commonly applied to build impact-resistant safety glasses lenses. Their wraparound lens design impresses me for secure glasses fitting. I see that the magnifying rate is at +2.00 diopter which is considered a high level.

It is undeniable to me that the SB-9000 bifocal glasses provide a modernized frame model that fits snug but still ensures maximum comfort. Their nose bridge and temple arms are both manufactured from soft non-slip rubber to give users the best experience without interrupting in between their tasks.

I am glad these bifocal safety goggles from Phillips Safety Products are complied with the ANSI Z87.1 – 2003 requirements to ensure high-quality PPE eyewear. Nonetheless, these have dated far back from the present and there have been considerable alterations, so this item should better catch up with them.

Sadly, I find out that the glasses frame is pretty oversized and bulky to be used as a pair of women’s bifocal safety glasses. These magnifying bifocal glasses size not being compatible with different sexualities and face shapes. This is one major shortcoming that Phillips Safety Products should be aware of.
  • Tinted bifocal lenses in yellow to boost contrast.
  • Wraparound polycarbonate lenses at +2.00 diopter.
  • Contemporary frame design. The rubberized soft nose bridge and temple arms.
  • Exceed ANSI Z87.1 – 2003 PPE eyewear requirements.
  • Not an unisex product and limited in face shapes.
I bet that if Phillips Safety Products manufacture more flexible glasses frame sizes and make them versatile for different genders, they would attract a bunch of potential customers, who are willing to experience these awesome bifocal safety glasses. I look forward to a more diverse item in the future from them.

12. SSP Eyewear Top Focal Tactical Safety Glasses

I can see that this pair of SSP tactical safety glasses is professionally designed for pistol shooters and instructors who require a close-up view of their front site during this highly concentrated extreme sport. You can wear these bifocal glasses for other vocations such as electricians or mechanics etc.

The manufacturer SSP Eyewear offers us a wide range of lens magnification from 1.00 to 3.00 diopter. From my previous experience, it is best to choose glasses around 1.25 to 1.75 diopter because high-level magnifier sometimes may cause distorted vision and dizziness in extended use, which are dangerous.

What more impresses about this bifocal safety glasses is that their lenses are coated with an anti-fog layer on both sides, and it will not fade away from them at ease. The fog-resistant coating on these safety goggles lasts 65% longer than the common average rate.

In addition, they claim to protect your eyesight from hazardous UVA/UVB radiation up to 100%, which is beneficial for outdoor activities in variable weather conditions without having proper shelter for your eyes.

I like how they decided to place the bifocal onto the top of these polycarbonate lenses and not the bottom since this optimal solution does not tangle up the whole magnifier in general. While still being able to assist you in completing overhead works with in-focus vision at versatile diopter rates.

Of course, I cannot forget to mention a load of features that are combined into the SSP safety glasses lenses including shatter-free, optically corrector and decentered for superior lenses that successfully prevent eye irritants and distortion.

I only have one minor suggestion for these glasses is that the brand SSP should enlarge their bifocal window a bit more than 3.8”. So as to provide a wider magnifying peripheral view while we wear them at worksite or reading books.
  • Special bifocal glasses designed for shooting.
  • Lens magnification from 1.00 to 3.00 diopter.
  • Anti-fog lens coating works 65% longer than average. 100% UVA/B resistant.
  • Magnifiers are placed at the top of their lenses.
  • Premium glasses lenses details to improve performance.
  • The bifocal window is recommended to be larger than 3.8 inches.
To conclude, these safety glasses with bifocals from SSP Eyewear are amazingly beneficial for shooting sports and other work tasks that request zoom-in vision to handle. Their high-quality polycarbonate lenses are free from blind spots; therefore they make a good selection for multiple activities.

What to Look for When Buying Bifocal Safety Glasses


Lens magnification – The common lens magnification range of most bifocal safety glasses on the market at present would be from at least +0.05 and up to +4.00. As far as I can see, manufacturers mainly offer 3 to 5 different bifocal rates per glasses, so the product would not be limited to certain occasions.

In order to provide a sufficient amount of magnification for your vision without dragging along eye fatigue and headaches after looking through bifocal lenses for too long, I would suggest to always select bifocal safety glasses at +1.50 to +2.00 diopter. Considering these are the finest levels to assure optical focus in the safe zone.

Lens tint color – Bifocal safety glasses primarily comprise of transparent or tinted lens colors both in dark and bright shades. For that reason, I divide them into two types of applications: for outdoor and indoor use purposes.

Clear bifocal lenses are among the best indoor eyewear equipment. They are usually worn to support frequent books and paperwork readers, as well as electricians or mechanicians. As those who require eye protection from potential risks but also provide a close-up view for handling those complex details.

It may sound odd as transparent lenses are sometimes built to be non-polarized. In specific, you can likewise put them on for outdoor tasks to shelter your eyesight from toxic UV radiation, just like regular sunglasses.

In contrast, if the glasses lenses are tinted with grey, blue or yellow shades, then they are considered bifocal safety sunglasses. These items are ideal for outdoor activities including working on construction sites or participating in sports events, thanks to the sunglasses shades that prevent 99% UV sunlight.

Glasses compliances – Of course, how can we forget about all of the strict standards for bifocal safety glasses to become qualified PPE eyewear? The ANSI Z87.1 high impact or CSA Z94.3 ballistic requirements are the most popular and must-have compliances for any pairs of safety glasses in general.

It does not mean that without exceeding these qualifications, those bifocal goggles are completely useless. The ANSI or CSA standards are certifications that PPE eyewear should all meet, but still, there are plenty of glasses seen as safety ones and they do not need to be put on these standard tests to perform well.

Further extra functions – Integrating only bifocal magnifier is not enough to make the ultimate bifocal safety glasses. They should also withstand different weather and environment conditions to be versatile enough to attract a wide range of customers of distinguished ages and professions.

On my list, I have reviewed thoroughly about several anti-fog bifocal safety glasses and those products are able to provide strong UV protection up to 100% as well. The tip for choosing bifocal safety glasses wisely depends on how you pay attention to their side functions because they would optimize your eyewear.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a pair of bifocal safety glasses?

Bifocal safety glasses belong to a wide genre of PPE eyewear in general, which are designed completely as durable safety goggles. At the same time, they consist of bifocal magnification at variable diopter rate on their lenses to provide closer view zooming for in-focus work tasks and sports activities.

How does it work?

Different magnification areas will decide how the whole bifocal safety glasses work. For example, there are top and bottom bifocal lenses and they certainly do  not perform the same even in one situation. Let me explain.

Top bifocal windows are placed with intentions for upper head work or users who need to magnify their front views, such as shooting and riding. On the opposite side, we use bottom bifocal windows to zoom in regular paper reading or several technical works in which we do not have to reach up constantly.

Furthermore, safety glasses with both types of these bifocal windows applied on their lenses are likewise available on the market. This kind of magnification ensures a wide and sharp peripheral vision, though a large group of customers complained that it causes tangled images which go against its main function.

Who is this for?

Bifocal safety glasses are definitely for anyone who requires to have their vision magnified much closer to their targeted subject such as reading books or working on mechanics. Each different volume of bifocal magnification performs well on different occasions. I advise only grownups to wear bifocal safety glasses.

What are the different types of bifocal safety glasses?

Bifocal reading safety glasses – As being referred above, this type of bifocal safety glasses are regularly manufactured with transparent lenses that are suitable for daily indoor reading. These glasses are usually designed to be compact and minimal to reduce the redundant weight while wearing them to review paperwork.

So far, my biggest impression about bifocal reading safety glasses is how lightweight and classic their appearances are. And perhaps it is because indoor glasses do not require much up-to-date fashion taste. Their prime mission is to support readers with bifocal magnification strong enough for any detailed work.

Bifocal safety sunglasses – Other than regular bifocal glasses for reading, customers are also fond of bifocal safety sunglasses, which obviously contain tinted glasses lenses in multiple shades from dark to bright to choose, depends on your favor. People would wear them frequently for outdoor tasks.

Being a pair of bifocal safety sunglasses means these products can resist harmful UV radiation up to 100% when you are working or playing under the bright sun. Extreme light sources will cause instant and later optical injuries and we should all possess PPE sunglasses to add even more eye protection.

Advantages and disadvantages of bifocal safety glasses?


  • Provide large magnification and secure protection at the same time.
  • Improve optical clarity in certain situations.
  • Variable glasses frame designs and lens tint colors.
  • Ideal for diverse vocations and activities.


  • A few cannot be applied with both outdoor and indoor environments.
  • A high volume of magnification distorts the view and cause dizziness.
  • Tend to be made in one limited size.
  • Glasses’ details are prone to falling apart sooner than expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted bifocal safety glasses brands?

You probably have known that currently there are hundreds to thousands of different PPE eyewear brands on the market. So how can we find the most trusted bifocal safety glasses brands to purchase a reliable and sustainable product from? Worry no more because I already have a few names prepared.

These popular brands have been displayed in my product review sections since their eyeglasses are incredible items that stand the pressure of time and human use. Pyramex, 3M, Dewalt, Crossfire, MagSafe and Uvex are the names that you cannot miss out when shopping for a pair of bifocal safety glasses.

Not only their safety glasses bring amazing performances in different situations, but these functional bifocal goggles are also equipped with the best material and glasses details. Hence, it enables for best customer experience at all costs.

Can the lens be replaced?

It is unfortunate to announce that the answer is no since most bifocal magnifiers are integral and molded right into the glasses lenses. Unlike prescription bifocal safety glasses, which we can replace their lenses without affecting the quality, bifocal lenses should not be removed under any circumstances.

How to use them?

You can manage their roles based on each lens tint color, like I have talked about on the upper section of what to anticipate when you shop for a pair of bifocal safety glasses. Tinted glasses lenses are perfect for outdoor task engagement, whereas clear ones are often used inside the house or your office.

Do not forget that several PPE eyewear brands sometimes attempt to switch these lens function, thus we should not persist in our common opinions when using bifocal safety glasses for a variety of activities.

If these bifocal safety goggles are sold in bulk, you could definitely take advantage of this feature to place each item at different locations to lessen the frequency of bringing them along. For instance, a glasses pair will be helping you at the workplace with carpentry and the other is for reading books at home.

Where can I get them?

It is much easier to get a pair of bifocal safety glasses now than in the past, all thanks to quick and reliable online shopping websites that have your package delivered to your doorstep worldwide. No more driving to a local store and spend time finding a safety glasses model and look for their specifications manually.

We cannot deny the fact that famous chain stores such as Walmart would always have sustainable bifocal safety glasses in stock if you want to check them out personally. Besides direct stores, I would recommend you to visit and go shopping on trustworthy sites like Home Depot, Amazon and Lowes.

What is the warranty policy?

Most bifocal safety glasses brands would offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and up to a year of quality satisfaction for both online and direct customers. These claims are made to prioritize product pleasure from the buyer side so we can trust those manufacturers to fulfill our shopping rights.

If you wish to return purchased bifocal safety glasses or ask for a refund from their brands, you need to make sure the warranty policy for your pair of safety eyewear has not expired yet. And most important, the product errors must regard to their manufacturers. Your accidents that result in glasses malfunction do not count.

How to take care and clean them?

Not for bifocal safety glasses only but in order to clean any types of PPE eyewear lenses decently without scratching their fragile surfaces, a microfiber cloth would be the ultimate choice. Some brands include this extra item for free with the glasses, but on some occasions, you would need to get it separately.

A suitable soft pouch or hard case would be a fine measure to shelter your pair of bifocal safety glasses from external impacts. Similar to the glasses cloth, it is provided together with your purchased safety eyeglasses or you can search for a massive amount of glasses cases sold on shopping websites.

Even the most sustainable pair of bifocal safety glasses requires patience and appreciation from their users to stand the test of time and daily pressure. I hope you would remind yourself to clean and store these glasses properly with additional supportive accessories to help extend their longevity in general.


How else do you feel about my dedicated assistant to help you on the process of selecting the most suitable and also the best bifocal safety glasses for your daily work and activities? I truly wish this instructive article from A to Z on bifocal safety glasses would become one of your trustworthy guidance in the future.

I hope you would value the huge amount of information which I have strived to collect for this article. I wish you a wonderful shopping time of amazing bifocal safety glasses from the variable of trustworthy addresses and thank you for reading.

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