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The Best Chemical Resistant Gloves for More Safety Work

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

Best Chemical Resistant Gloves

For workers whose jobs are performed in hazardous environments, owning proper pieces of Personal Protective Equipment is essential. Those tools are indispensable when you want to keep yourself safe.

Various unwanted incidents can be preventable if the users know the importance of equipping themselves with the necessary pieces of protection, such as helmet, boosts, special suits, and so on.

When your work involves frequent exposure to dangerous substances, a pair of the best chemical resistant gloves is what you are looking for. If you are facing confusion because of the wide ranges of product choices available on the market, you can read this article. We present here some of the best pieces out there this year for you to make the best buying decision.

# Product name
Top 1
ThxToms Latex Gloves Details
Top 2
West Chester 12018 Details
Top 3
SHOWA Chemical Resistant Glove Details

Best Chemical Resistant Gloves Reviews

1. ThxToms Heavy Duty Latex Gloves

The first piece that is loved by numerous workers out there is the ThxToms Heavy Duty Latex Gloves. It is an amazing pair of best chemical gloves with a nice look and good quality.

We may be familiar with the material the manufacturer uses to produce this pair, which is latex. I always love work gloves made of said substance, and it is mainly because it offers incredible protection against toxic liquid. For this pair, they use the excellent natural ingredient to boost its protecting capacity.

If you have to handle sharp and hard objects at the workplace, this pair can be a perfect partner. It is made to be cut-resistant, which means it will prevent your hands from getting hurt by my items with dangerous edges.

It is noticeable that the pair is made to be thick enough for the safety purpose. More than that, it still provides a fantastic handgrip with great sensitivity. My hands can be safe while carrying the work without losing the finger’s flexibility. How amazing is that!

You need to know that they sell the piece in one size only. There are three different lengths of the cuff that you can pick from, but the hand size is the same. Luckily, the pair fits my hands, and it gives me a comfortable feeling while wearing it.

With such a long cuff, this piece is made to protect you completely from any toxic chemicals that can affect your hand skin. Even when the liquid spatters, you can feel secure having this piece on.

Thanks to all the useful features, this product can be ideal for numerous kinds of tasks such as chemical treating, producing, fixing appliances, working in a laboratory, and so on. I find the pair a good piece of protection for me.

However, there is only one large size for this model so customers do not really have any choices. And the durability of the piece is a little shorter than I expect.
  • Good protection against chemicals
  • Good hand grip
  • Long cuff for better protection
  • Thick and flexible
  • One size only
  • Not very durable
Although it can not last long as we expect it to be, I still think this is one of the best buying decision one can make for this type of work glove.

2. West Chester 12018 Chemical Resistant Work Gloves

The piece of gloves for chemical I want to show you next is the West Chester 12018-L 12018 Chemical Resistant Work Gloves. This pair impresses me by its ability to handle heavy-duty tasks.

The reason why the product is highly-recommended by numerous customers including me, is that it protects you well from getting hurt by toxic chemicals. This is mainly because of the layer of PC coating they have on this pair. The covering serves as a fantastic shield to keep the poison away from our skin.

I am happy to find out that the piece does a good job of preventing direct contact of dangerous liquids such as acids, alcohol and so on. Now you can comfortably work in hazardous environments without worrying much.

I was quite surprised when I first used the pair for work since it brings more comfort than I expect. The piece feels good against my skin when I need it for a long day of performing tasks in the laboratory.

What you might love about this piece is its long cuff. The feature is created to protect your hands and lower arms. Perfectly. So you can bring the pair to work at the construction sites, laboratories, and so on.

Another amazing thing about this piece is that it resists abrasion. With the special design of a cotton closure at the end of the glove, the pair can keep the dirt away from you and prevent you from getting cut or hurt by working objects.

However, the glove is quite large. And because it is a tough pair, it is not very dexterous.
  • Good price
  • Good looking pair
  • Great protection against toxic chemicals
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Long cuff for better protection
  • Too large
  • Not very dexterous
Although there are some complaints about the pair’s dexterity, this can be your good choice of purchasing one at this reasonable price.

3. SHOWA 730 Nitrile Flock-lined Chemical Resistant Glove

The SHOWA 730 Nitrile Cotton Flock-lined Chemical Resistant Glove earns a well-deserving spot on the list of the best acid-proof gloves. You can have a pair of safety glove that owns good protecting ability as well as a special look.

If you want to replace your old all-black work glove with something more refreshing and different, this pair is a good pick. With this special color of light green, it gives out a creative vibe that I love.

Also, they have six sizes of these gloves on sale, from extra small to extra extra large. This is one special thing about this pair that not many chemicals resistant work gloves offer customers this wide range of sizing. So it will be easier for you to choose the best-fitted pair. Remember to print your hand image to get the exact size.

One of the reasons why I like the piece is its material. It is noticeable that the manufacturer creates the pair using nitrile cotton. That means this piece of work glove will bring great comfort to my hands. With this product, I do not have to worry about feeling inconvenient when wearing a glove for a long period of working day.

Another good thing is this product is quite durable. It can last longer than you expect. Some people might think it is necessary to wear another pair of gloves on the outside to protect this piece. But do not worry, its durability is amazing.

I can use this pair for my work, and also for my household chores. It is perfect for dishwashing. Actually, some people have a problem with the washing chemicals, anda this pair can be the solution for that.

You should pay attention to the sizing chart, as it can be larger than usual work gloves.
  • Good quality
  • Great durability
  • Reasonable price
  • A great and refreshing look
  • Good design to protect
  • Suitable for various tasks
  • A little large
Overall, this Showa work glove will not disappoint you with its incredible quality.

4. Wells Lamont Heavy Duty PVC Coated Work Gloves

One of my most-liked pieces in this article is the Wells Lamont Heavy Duty PVC Coated Work Gloves. The pair does a fantastic job of offering flexible movements for our hands in different working conditions.

The first thing I notice about this piece is that they use PVC to cover the whole glove. That means the pair can resist dangerous liquids such as acids, adhesives and so on. And feel free to wash the dishes by this piece because it is also detergents-resistant.

One special thing about this model is its ability to function well in cold weather. Some other gloves will become stiff, and they make it hard for users to move their hands and fingers freely. But this piece is helpful when you use it in said situation.

I am happy to share that this pair brings great comfort to my hands. Sometimes, I need the piece for a long working day, thanks to the cotton material, I do not feel inconvenient at all. Also, if you do not like work gloves with visible seams, this one is a great solution.

I am pleased to find out that the piece can offer a fantastic handgrip for workers. The layer of coating enhances the pair’s gripping capability. We can handle items with different shapes and sizes with this piece.

Another good thing about the glove is that it has a cuff with medium length. It is not too long as some other pieces if you do not like work gloves that can reach your elbow. It is not too short so it can still protect our forearms well. For me, this is the perfect length.

I love the design of this model. It seems like they put a lot of thought into making this piece with such nice coloring. Also, this pair is one of the most long-lasting work gloves I have the chance to use.

However, it is not suitable for outdoor work and it sometimes makes your hands sweaty if the weather is too hot.
  • Nice coating layer
  • Good protection against liquid
  • Great comfort
  • Excellent hand grip
  • Nice design
  • Not suitable for outdoor work
Overall, the pair’s utility is versatile. It can be a good investment for chemical rubber gloves.

5. Double One Chemical Resistant Gloves

If you want a good deal for safety work glove, you should not miss out on trying the Double One Chemical Resistant Gloves. It is now sold at a fairly low price when compared to products with the same quality on the current market.

This piece is covered with black color, similar to most long sleeve chemical gloves available these days. However, unlike most chemical-resistant gloves with one size only, there are two of this pair for you to pick from, one is medium and another is large.

The natural latex is a common material used if they want the work gloves to be tough and durable. According to my experiences with different types of gloves before, I think the pair created from the said substance can last longer.

What is amazing is that this piece can resist cut and tear. It will not wear off easily even when you use the piece or heavy-duty tasks at the construction site. It is a perfect companion to handle sharp objects.

People who work in the fields related to chemicals and maintenance or cleaning can make use of this piece’s helpful features. It is able to resist dangerous liquids such as alkali and acid. Sometimes I use the piece to do household chores besides bringing it to help me at work.

What I love the most about this is the pair can fit female workers’ hands. They only make two sizes of this model but luckily, women can wear them perfectly. Some of my friends have tried this one and they complimented on the great comfort the pair bring when they wear it.

However, it is not suitable to be used in hot water.
  • High-quality material
  • Good protection
  • Water-proof
  • Chemicals-resistant
  • Low-profile design
  • Great durability
  • Not suitable to resist heat
In conclusion, if you are a fan of latex gloves, this piece is a perfect choice when it comes to price and quality.

6. Showa Atlas 772 Chemical Resistant Gloves

The next piece is brought to you by a familiar work glove brand: the Showa Atlas 772 Chemical Resistant Gloves. You can trust the quality and the protection ability this piece has.

It is noticeable that this model of the brand owns a unique look. Not many gloves available are colored with this bright yellow. If you are ready to try something new, this one can be a good partner.

The piece comes from a reliable brand, so I do not have to worry about its ability to resist liquid. It protects me perfectly from various kinds of toxic chemicals while I am performing my tasks daily. It is highly effective not just with mild liquid, and the pair can handle much heavier chemicals than you think.

I am happy to find out that there are no visible seams on this piece. If you are always irritated with the thick and noticeable seams of your old work gloves, this one is a perfect replacement.

Another good thing is that this piece of protection tool stays well on my hands for a long time. This is thanks to the stretchy cuff that this glove has. It does not fall off in the middle of work because of this feature.

I am pleased to know that the nitrile coating will enable the pair to have an optimum dexterity. We can have better control over our working items with this pair than numerous safety gloves coated with other materials.

There are lots of times I use this one to handle jobs underwater, and it still functions well in such conditions. Also, you can wear this pair on while cleaning the aquarium or washing the dishes as it ideal for those tasks as well.

However, I wish this piece could last longer.
  • Good shield against liquid
  • Great coating material
  • Long cuff for better protection
  • Stay on well
  • Not very durable
Although there are some complaints about this piece’s durability, I still think it is one of the best choices for nitrile gloves for chemicals.

7. GLOVEWORKS HD Industrial Blue Nitrile Gloves

The last piece that you can add to the list of worth purchasing chemicals protective tools is the GLOVE WORKS HD Industrial Blue Nitrile Gloves. This pair amazes numerous customers and me as well by its great quality.

I am pleased to find out that they produce four sizes in total for this model of work gloves. You can choose from medium to extra extra large to have the best-fitted pair. Unlike other mentioned gloves we have above, this one offers a wider range of options.

The nitrile coating on this piece makes it more durable. That is the reason why we can use this pair for difficult and heavy tasks. I feel perfectly secure while having the piece on for better protection.

One unique thing about this pair is that it has a diamond pattern on the palm. Thanks to this special feature, water can not get into our hands, as well as other types of liquids. We can use the piece as a shield for us against toxic chemicals.

What I also love while wearing this piece at work is that it offers an amazing hand grip. Even when I need to work on slippery surfaces, the pair does not slow down the work. More than that, it makes the tasks easier and safer.

If you need to perform your work at the construction sites or any places that have sharp objects, this pair can keep you safe. It is made to be abrasion and puncture-resistant so that you can deal with various working tools without worry.

It gives out the vibe of low-profile work gloves. I love the blue color they have on this pair. It is not very shiny but still quite cool to wear. This piece can be useful on various occasions and different work types.

Unfortunately, the pair is somehow too tight.
  • Good quality
  • Good look
  • Great palm design
  • Wide range of size choice
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Not easy to be torn or cut
  • Smaller size than usual
In my opinion, this pair can be a good partner for your daily work with dangerous chemicals.

8. FrogWear 8490 Work Gloves

The one I want to show you now is a little different in design when compared to other liquid-resistant gloves on the market. This FrogWear 8490 Work Gloves is made with shorter sleeves, but it still offers great protection.

The first thing that I notice about this piece is that I can fold the sleeves of the pair. When I do some tasks and do not want to have the cuff got in the way, I can adjust by tucking it up and comfortably carry on working.

I am happy to find out that this one is made with a layer of insulation that can keep your hands from getting cold. If your work is performed in an environment with low temperature, this pair can be extra helpful. You will not have to suffer from stiffness.

If you have ever used a work glove that made of PVC, you can notice that such material will enhance your pair’s dexterity. It is the same for this piece since you can use this product with flexible finger movements.

On top of that, said substance enables the pair to resist water and dangerous chemicals. It serves as a shield against those liquids. This piece can protect you from direct contact with poisonous solvents. Besides, now you can carry on performing the job comfortably without worrying about wet hands that hinder your work pace.

For people who often handles objects on oily and slippery surfaces, this pair is an essential partner. Since I got this piece, working in such conditions is much easier. However, it does not last as long as I desire it to be.
  • Water-resistant
  • Liquid-proof
  • Good protection
  • Special design and color
  • Suitable for slippery surfaces
  • Not very long-lasting
Even though I wish it could last longer, the pair deserves to be regarded as one of the top-tier pieces of waterproof work glove out there.

What to Look for When Buying Chemical Resistant Gloves


Work conditions – The most important thing is you can measure how much danger your workplaces have, and how can they affect your health as well as your safety. From that, you can choose the perfect one to purchase.

If the working environments contain lots of sharp and hard objects, you need a pair of safety gloves that are abrasion and cut-resistant. By that, you do not have to worry about getting hurt by those pointed edges.

The types of chemicals and their effects are also very different. Each type of gloves will do better at protecting you from some specific solvents. That is why you should understand thoroughly the volume of those chemicals might have.

Some of your tasks will be carried in various working conditions. So if you are afraid of having a slipping accident, you should opt for the pair that functions well on oily and wet surfaces.

The temperature of the worksite is another essential element to pay attention to. Some work glove material can function well in both hot and cold environments such as nitrile. But PVC will not a suitable partner when the temperature drops lower than usual.

Remember that some materials can offer a better grip than others. If your work needs a pair that bring optimum gripping, you may want to consider purchasing latex work gloves or neoprene ones.

Also, when you have frequent access to dangerous chemicals, you need to equip yourself with more durable work gloves. It should be suitable or heavy-duty tasks when you constantly need to handle toxic liquids on a daily basis.

Glove length – This might be a new factor that you should consider when buying chemical-resistant gloves. There are some types of length that those models have. Some can go up to your elbow, and others just reach half of your forearms, the rest can be as short as a normal work glove.

It depends on what parts of your hands you think can be badly affected by the liquid you are working with. If it can do harm to your arm, remember to wear one with the longest cuff available. When you want to protect your forearm, a medium-length piece is a suitable choice.

You need to consider carefully if your handled chemicals can spatter greatly, you may want your piece to be as long as possible. However, some work requires the best flexibility and sensitivity of hand motions such as painting, and you may need a shorter one for such tasks.

Sizes and comfort – The sizing chart of these work gloves can be different because of its long sleeve. Usually, they only produce one size for a model, and you need to make sure it fits your hands. Some others can have two or more for you to pick from. Remember that trying it directly on is more exact.

Another important thing is that your pair should bring you great comfort when you wear it. You can not afford to feel irritated or inconvenient when you have your piece on for a long working day. Some work gloves can be more comfortable than others because of the different materials used and seamless design.

Style – This is no a very important factor, but sometimes changing to a different style can refresh your working spirit. Most of the work gloves are made to be low-profile with dark colors. However, you can opt for a brighter one or a sporty and cool pair if you like.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a chemical-resistant glove?

We can see that the chemical-resistant glove has some distinct features which re different from other types of safety gloves for workers on the market. It is made to protect users from getting hurt when having contact with dangerous chemicals in the laboratory, at the worksites or at home.

The special thing you can notice about those work gloves is their material. They are made of some typical ones such as Nitrile, Latex, PVC and so on. The reason why those materials are used is that they can resist toxic liquids, while others will be destroyed or seriously damaged by direct exposure.

Another thing you should know is that the chemical-resistant glove may have longer sleeve than other types. This is mostly because when you work with liquids, some of them may splash or spatter, it will cause serious injury if you are not protected properly. That is why some workers prefer to have a work glove with the longest cuff possible.

The easy thing that we can find out about this pair is its water-proof ability. It is the type that can resist water the best among others on the market. If you want a piece for work underwater, you may opt for those pairs.

How does it work?

The pair serves as a shield for users against dangerous liquids that they work with. When you wear the piece on, it will prevent the direct contact of your bare skin with the chemicals. Hence, your hands will not get hurt by the toxic element existing in those liquids.

When you are exposed to toxic solvents or a long time, it will affect your health badly. This glove is one of the protective tools that you can find to prevent those bad impacts from happening with your safety at that moment and in the long term.

Some chemicals can cause sudden damage to you when it is too strong, this is noticeable and you can protect yourself immediately. However, there are some liquids that will affect you after a long time of frequent contact. They do not harm you right away but keep attacking your health gradually. That is why a pair of safety gloves is necessary.

Who is this for?

The piece can be helpful for numerous workers when they want to perform their work safely without worrying about the immediate or long-term effects of dangerous chemicals.

People who work at the garage need a pair of this glove. The reason is that they always have to touch oils and gasoline while repairing and washing the engine parts. Direct exposure to such things will damage your hand skin in a short time.

If you work as a cleaner, or you usually do the cleaning at home, this piece is also necessary. Those detergents and scouring powder can seriously harm your skin after being used for a while. So a pair of chemical-resistant glove is definitely essential for such kinds of tasks.

The piece is also helpful when you work as a painter. We all know the bad effect of the paint on our skin if it falls on our hands frequently. That is why you need to equipped with a protective tool.

When you repair the household appliances at home or do chores such as washing the dishes, making a shelf by using adhesives, you need a pair of this glove. You do not want to ruin your skin by refusing to offer the necessary protection for it.

What are the different types of chemical-resistant gloves?

Although there are various types of chemical-resistant gloves on the market, we can still classify them based on the materials used. Here are some of the most common categories of work gloves you can take into consideration:

PVC gloves – This piece is made of Polyvinyl Chloride, a familiar substance used to produce this kind of work glove. These pairs can offer an amazing hand grip for users, even on slippery surfaces. They can be abrasion and cut-resistant.

Those pieces of safety tool can resist numerous types of chemicals such as acids, peroxides, alcohol, methanol and so on. You can rely on this material for better protection against toxic liquids.

They also work well in cold environments. Some of the work gloves will become stiff when the temperature drops, but this pair is amazingly well-functioned in such a situation, it brings great dexterity and flexibility. However, this piece is not recommended for hot weather or high-temperature working environments.

Latex gloves – We can always see this type of gloves at every famous safety tool brand. This is mainly because of its amazing features in protection. The said material can help to avoid direct contact with acids, methanol, acetone, and so on.

This type of work glove is lightweight and stretchy, and that is why it fits perfectly to your hands. This piece is often tighter than most gloves, so they add a layer of powder inside to help us wear the piece more easily.

One reason why this material is popular is its low price. Gloves made of said substance will cost a less expensive investment from users than many other materials. Also, it can be very dexterous and flexible.

Nitrile gloves – This is a form of synthetic rubber. The pair can resist abrasion and puncture better than you think. It is used when users want optimum protection against sharp or hard objects at the construction sites.

This piece seems to have both the good quality of work gloves made of latex and PVC. It can be a good replacement for latex work gloves for people who can not use this type of glove because of allergy.

Some of the chemicals that can be resisted by nitrile including grease, acids, bases and so on. It works well on oily or wet surfaces, therefore becoming a good partner when you need to work in different environmental conditions.

Neoprene gloves – This pair is one of the products that is made of developed rubber, another common substance for work glove. These pieces can resist oil better than other types on the market. You do not have to worry about slipping accidents with this material.

This product acts as a good shield against alcohol and alkali, as well as organic acids. The great thing about this piece is that it can work well in both hot and cold conditions, unlike PVC gloves. This piece is not easy to be torn out or cut by sharp objects. On top of that, it offers great dexterity for hand motions.

Butyl gloves – This type of chemical resistant glove is less popular than all pieces that are mentioned above. It is a stretchy synthetic substance, therefore offering incredible sensitivity and control over objects with different shapes and sizes.

This piece can have wonderful protection against various common chemicals such as peroxide, strong bases, alcohols, and so on. You can rely on this product for optimum safety. However, this glove is not very popular because of its high price.

Advantages and disadvantages of chemical resistant gloves?

The advantage we can see when using a pair of chemical-resistant glove is that it can protect you well from getting hurt by the exposure to dangerous liquids. If you have for yourself a piece of safety tool, you carry on working without worry.

Chemicals can be in many forms, and sometimes, they are solid. So having protective gloves on whenever you work can shield you against the danger you do not know that it can happen.

Sometimes, when some sudden accidents happen with the explode or splash of chemicals, you can be safe with your pair on. This piece prevents numerous unwanted incidents from hurting you badly.

Various kinds of skin diseases can be avoided if users remember to wear safety gloves while working. Constant exposure to dangerous liquids can lead to numerous problems with your skin. That is why those pieces are essential.

What’s more, you can boost your work efficiency by using this pair. People who have proper protection will feel secure while performing their tasks, and it will go more smoothly and easily.

The disadvantages of this work glove come when you do not understand well how it functions. Your working environment requires different kinds of protection when it includes various dangers. You need to know what glove will do the best to prevent you from such accidents.

Although you wear a pair of protective tools, you need to focus highly on your tasks. Do not neglect or be distracted because you think the pair will save you from any incidents. Be careful while handling dangerous liquids, and do not forget to check your piece before bringing them to work with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted chemical resistant glove brands?

Unlike the other types of safety work gloves, there are not that many brands that produce chemical-resistant pieces. Although it is less in quantity, you can still be confused when you see all the products available on the market these days.

Some reliable big brands release their own pieces of this glove type, so they have different strengths and useful features, as well as designs. You can look for your best pairs from some trusted sources such as FrogWear, Grainger, Superior Gove, Double One, West Chester and so on.

How to use?

This piece is easy to use, just like all kinds of work gloves you have tried on before. After bringing it home from the store, remember to check it again if your piece is in good condition and without any defects.

You can try it on like you wear a normal glove. However, some of them have long cuff up to your elbow, so do not forget to tuck your shirt’s sleeve into the cuff if it gets in the way. Some shorter gloves can be folded up if it is easier for you to work that way.

When the glove is on your hands, make sure every finger is in the right place. A glove that fits perfectly will not make you feel any discomfort while wearing them. Adjust it until you think it is convenient.

Where to buy?

If where you live has big local stores that sell all kinds of protective tools, you can find your piece there. They always let you try your pair on, so going to those places is the best way to pick the best-fitted.

When your town’s shop does not have your favorite piece, you can always shop online. Stills, remember to check your hand size correctly then match it with the sizing chart of the piece so that you have the most suitable one for your work. Or if you like any famous brand, look up their official website for the purchasing.

What is the warranty?

Each work glove brand has their own warranty policy, and you can find the information on their website or on the receipt when you buy your piece. Usually, the time they allow for such service will be around 6 months to a year, and some can be only three months.

For exchanging or repairing products, if their defects are the manufacturer’s fault, you can give them back for the company to solve the problem. But make sure the piece is clean and you bring the receipt and warranty certificate with you.

How to care and clean?

The material used to make this pair is chemical-resistant, so you can feel free to wash it using detergent or cleaning powder. For some gloves, using the washing machine can help to save you some time.

Because some toxic liquids can have dangerous effects immediately, you need to make sure your piece is well-functioned. Check if there are any holes or damages before you use it for the next tasks.

When should we throw the chemical-resistant work gloves away?

For gloves that are surgical-style, you need to get rid of them after one time use. They may offer good dexterity for your objects handling work but the protection ability against chemicals will not stay the same.

If your thick piece has the holes and punctures after a while, you should also replace it with another new pair. When the old piece can not be fixed, you cannot use it anymore, although it can be more expensive to purchase new high-quality work gloves.


If you have to perform your daily tasks in a dangerous environment, you need to own the right pair of chemical resistant work gloves. This safety tool will not only prevent unwanted incidents from happening but also make your work go more smoothly and easily.

Also, remember to take good care of your best chemical resistant gloves so that it is always in good condition. Do not forget to wear the piece whenever you need to work with toxic liquids to keep you safe always.

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