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The Best Dust Masks for ATV Riding

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best-dust mask for ATV riding

We are living and working in an environment that can harm our health if we do not pay good attention to protect our respiratory system. Either you are working outdoors or not, we all need a good dust mask to shield us from all air hazards that exist around.

Breathing diseases because of dirt are preventable if people equip themselves with proper safety tools. For users whose jobs are riding vehicles on the road frequently, having the best dust mask for ATV riding is essential.

We understand the hardship and confusion you might encounter in the process of picking the suitable one among so many available options on the market. That is why we write this article to present some good tips and a list of highly-recommended items so you can have enough information to make a good decision.

# Product name
Top 1
JOE YOUNG 3D Face Sun Mask Details
Top 2
BASE CAMP Dust Pollution Mask Details
Top 3
Axsyon Dust Mask N95 Details

Best Dust Mask for ATV Riding Reviews

1. JOE YOUNG 3D Face Sun Mask

This is a fascinating piece with so many styles for you to pick from. The JOE YOUNG 3D Face Sun Mask earns a deserving top spot in the list of some best ATV dust mask on the market these days.

The thing that makes this shield stand out must be due to its style. The look of this product is absolute unique because of 3D effects that manufacturer applies to the design of it. Each one is carefully customized to be so eye-catching and fascinating. If you are a fan of stylish face mask, you are offered with various wonderful options.

I am happy to know that we can wear this shield on both summer and winter days. When the weather is cold, the item does a good job of blocking the wind and keeping us warm. When it is sunny outside, it prevents the harmful rays to hurt our skin. That is the reason why this model is perfect for outdoor tasks and events.

What is remarkable about this mask is its wide coverage. It can protect not just our mouth and nose like many items we usually use. With this model, our neck, ears, and under-eye skin are well shielded. We can also wear it in various ways, to cover our head or hair if you want to.

I am pleased to know that we can feel comfortable while wearing this item for a long time. It is mainly because of the material they use to create it, Polyester microfiber is an excellent choice for a pleasant product. The fabric feels soft against my skin every time.

What makes it wonderful is the ability to absorb the sweat of workers. It is customized to give us the best user experience all year round. On top of that, this mask presents many choices for all ages to pick from; hence it satisfies all kind customer’s demands.

The model is sold at a reasonable price so if you like, you can make a collection of the coolest pieces. However, there are some complaints about the product being too thin.
  • Good productFashionable and cool lookGood protection
  • Nice materials
  • Multiple uses
  • Can be used all seasons and ages
  • Thin mask
In conclusion, this model is a good choice of UTV dust mask that you should not miss out on trying.

2. BASE CAMP Dust Pollution Mask

The next shield is brought to you by a familiar and trusted brand, this time they release a model called the BASE CAMP Dust Pollution Mask. It is highly recommended by numerous users who have worn this protective tool and felt satisfied with the product.

It is amazing that the piece can block many kinds of hazards that can harm our respiratory system. It is a wonderful partner for people who are sensitive and have serious allergy problems. You can work in a garden, on a construction site, or on the road without worrying about pollen, chemicals, vehicle emissions, and dust when you have this shield on.

The good thing about this design is its ear straps and nose clip. The soft hooks can be worn easily and it does not hurt our ears. Also, we can adjust the clip by pressing it until the mask stays well on our face. The feature prevents the shield from slipping off our nose while we are in the middle of work.

Thanks to an excellent airflow valve system, we can breathe smoothly with the mask on. The great thing about it is that the product can offer good breathability for users without reducing the efficiency of its filtering ability.

Another wonderful function we need to know about this product is that we can wash them after our performance is completed. It is both economical and good for the environment to use such a model. Although disposable masks can be convenient, we can not deny that use environmentally products like this one is a better choice.

I am happy to know that many customers keep purchasing this model partly because it looks so nice. It is noticeable that the shield has a cool and sporty vibe, its black color is not boring at all. That is perfect for outdoor activities and events.

One more thing is if you want to change its N99 filter, it is totally possible. However, some people do not really like the smell of this mask.
  • Great protectionNice lookGood design
  • Adjustable
  • Good breathability
  • Washable and reusable
  • Not pleasant smell for some people
In conclusion, this model of a reliable brand can be a good investment of dirt bike dust mask that you should consider.

3. Axsyon Dust Mask N95

Another good looking product with great quality is the Axsyon Dust Mask. This well-made shield is a good investment when you are in need of a protective mask for your outdoor work, especially when you are usually on the road.

The good thing is you can have various options of different styles for this model only. There is some really stylish looks, from red to blue and green. All of them appear to be refreshing and interesting. If you are fed up with boring low-profile safety tool, you can purchase one of these items to show your new color.

I am happy to know that this shield is much more lightweight than I think. That is the reason why many users feel convenient when they wear this product to work for a long time. Many of them are satisfied with the ability to offer good comfort of this mask.

What amazed me is durability, it is among the most long-lasting items that I have used. This is mainly because of the material they choose to create it, neoprene is a durable substance.

What is great about this piece’s design is its adjustable nose clip. We can bend it until we feel that the shield fits well on our face. This feature is also added to help the mask stay on better even when we need to work all day.

Other important thing is that this item does an amazing job of protecting us from the tiny particles and dirty air. It blocks those hazards by a great filtration system. More and more people purchase this to keep their breathing organs safe in the polluted environment we are living in today.

I am pleased to find out that we can wear this mask in various circumstances. Thanks to its great protecting ability, workers can feel secure while performing their tasks on the road, at the construction site and so on.

Unfortunately, this might not be an ideal product to use on a hot summer day.
  • Good protectionHas a stylish lookLightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • A little bit hot
Overall, we can rely on this model to have a good protection and pleasant user experience.

4. Wolfsnout All Sport Dust Mask Red

Another good choice for people who ride all-terrain vehicle is the Wolfsnout All Sport Dust Mask Red. It does a good job of blocking heavy dust on the road and at the workplace for such task.

It is noticeable that this piece is sold at a pretty high price compared to many other safety products. That may be the reason why some people hesitate to make such a significant investment. But it will not disappoint you with good quality and good protecting ability.

This model is the same type of product that is brought to you by Wolfsnout. But it comes in different colors, blue and red. This can be a good choice, especially when there are too many people who already use the all-black mask. The nice and cool color gives a sporty vibe that I like very much.

The best thing that we can have from this item is its excellent ability to prevent dust from getting into our nose and mouth while we are performing our job. It can surprise you by how much easier you can breathe with this mask in an unhealthy and dirty environment.

I am happy to know that after a long day of work, we can wash the item to clean all the dirt it gets. Thanks to that, we can have a spotless mask for the next day’s use. This shield is an environmentally friendly product, so it benefits our environment because we purchase a reusable mask.

I am pleased to find out that it is easy to put on and take off when necessary. If we wear this one along with a hard hat and goggles, we do not have to pull out any of those protective tools to remove the shield. Plus, this shield will not fog up our glasses, even in cold winter weather.

You may find this design different because it does not cover our skin as much as others do. Our nostrils and mouth are protected with this piece. And the mask does not cause any discomfort to our chins and neck. The small coverage of this model is perfect when you need to wear a motorbike helmet.

However, there are some complaints about the smell. Several customers find it unpleasant.
  • Good qualityNice and cool colorsGreat protection
  • Nice coverage
  • Unique design
  • Comfortable
  • A little unpleasant smell
In conclusion, we need to admit that this shield is a good choice of safety mask for ATV riding.

5. Infityle Dust Mask

The first piece that I want to introduce in this article is the Infityle Dust Mask. If you are looking for a durable riding dust mask, you should definitely check out this one. It is widely loved for the incredible durability and comfort it offers users.

Instead of just having an all-black design like many shield models out there. This item is brought to you with three options of styles. You can stick with the simple piece if you are a fan of low-profile mask. There can be black and blue or black and gray for you to pick. I personally love the former one because of the cool and refreshing vibe it has.

It is fantastic that this mask is made of superior material. Like most of the good-quality equipment on the market, a substance that is used to make this one is high-class Nylon. It is the reason behind this one’s fantastic absorptivity, which is an essential feature of an ATV dust mask.

What I love most about this product is it has more than one layer of filtration. This model alone can shield users from many kinds of hazards at the worksite. Some might think the piece is heavyweight due to the firm look it has. However, the mask in incredibly light and easy to use.

I am pleased to know that we can wear this one for various situations that we need protection for our respiratory system. Thanks to the ability to block toxic chemicals, emissions from vehicles, smoke, and other tiny particles, this model is an ideal partner for outdoor activities.

I have to say that this shield provides a pleasant user experience. It is extremely breathable and convenient because of the valve and holes system. The piece is designed to optimize the ability to offer permeability for customers.

Another great thing must be the changeable filters including the cotton layer, valves and activated carbon masks that this one has. You can make the replacement yourself if necessary. However, some people want the model to have bigger sizes.
  • Good protectionGreat materials usedNice design and look
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Good protection ability
  • Small in size

Overall, this piece is among the most amazing ATV dust masks that I have the chance to use.

6. Wolfsnout All Sport Dust Mask

The next excellent ATV riding mask that you should give a try is the Wolfsnout All Sport Dust Mask. Many customers including me keep using this one not only because of its incredible safety features but also its nice look.

It is noticeable that this model’s design reminds us of a sporty product. It looks strong and stylish with this black model. This type of shield is perfect for outdoor activities, especially sports events and so on. For me, this one might be the best-looking piece of face mask out there.

The good thing about this one is that it is a reusable product. You can wash the tool by hand and have a spotless mask for the next day’s use. If you want a shield for the ATV riding, a disposable piece is definitely not a good choice. On top of that, the fact that we can wear this item many times means that we are doing a good thing for our environment.

I am happy to know that this product offers excellent comfort for users. There is no sign of irritation when I need to wear this mask for a long period of time. Its top part is designed to not put pressure on our nose and make it turn red like when I use other tough shields.

The important thing is that this product does an excellent job of shielding us from the heavily dusty atmosphere when we are riding the vehicles on the street. I am surprised and pleased when I know that we can breathe smoothly and conveniently while wearing this item wherever we go.

I am pleased to find out that this one has a distinctive design that is different from many faceguards. It is customized to be a coat for our mouth and nostril only, those are the parts that this mask protects. It will not reach our neck so we can take it off easily without having to unlock our helmet.

What I also like about this shield is that we can wear this item even in hot weather. And we can wash it after the job is completed to have a clean and dry one ready for us. However, we should not use this one with goggles, it does not support the tool well.
  • Good qualityGreat look and designReusable mask
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Easy use
  • Not go well with goggles
In conclusion, this one is worth your consideration because it is among the best riding masks dust that is available on the market.

7. ATV Tek Pro Series Rider Filtered Dust Mask

Another good piece that should be included in this article is the ATV Tek Pro Dust Mask. The product does a good job of shielding users against many air hazards when they have to perform their tasks in an unhealthy environment.

I am happy to find out that this product can be excellent at filtering dust out of the air we breathe in. When compared to other masks that are available on the market, this one can stop almost all tiny particles from getting into our mouth and nose. Its efficiency is higher than numerous pieces out there.

It is amazing that we can wear this one to work on a winter day without worrying that the cold wind will get to our faces. It does an excellent job of blocking the freezing breeze and keeping us warm while we are carrying our tasks. This is an essential feature that is very helpful if you need to be outside for long.

If we can keep it in good condition by cleaning and taking care of it well, the piece can last longer than we think. The great thing about this one is that it enables users to wash it and reuse it many times.

What I like about this shield’s design is its flexibility. We can adjust the velcro straps until it fits nicely to our faces. Plus, the mask stays well after a long period. After a while, we may feel like it is not there anymore because the product offers good comfort for customers.

Some people like the style of this low-profile mask but others find it not very good-looking. There is an improvement of this one when compared to its old version, however, some customers still do not think it is big and fill well enough for them.
  • Great protectionHigh efficiencyIdeal for winter
  • Can be reused and washed
  • Adjustable design
  • Not good lookingNot fit well enough for some
Overall, it might not be the best, but the shield is definitely an off-road dust mask that is worth for trying.

8. AntPower Dust Mask Anti Pollution Respirator

The last piece that is deserved to be included in this list is the AntPower Dust Mask Anti Pollution Respirator. An incredible thing about this one must be its great design that offers great protection and comfort for workers.

There are two color choices for you with this model, it is either black or grey. It is noticeable that this item has a simple look. If you are a fan of low-profile work shield, this is an excellent choice since it is not too shiny.

It is amazing to find out that this shield has an incredible filter structure. I am happy that we can wear this one to block many unwanted particles and scents in the air. Users do not have to suffer from the attacking of pollen, dust, or any other airborne irritants while working indoors or outdoors. This product is ideal for people with allergies.

The new design is very helpful when we need to work for a long period of time. Customers do not have to worry about the mask falling off in the middle of our task performance. That is mainly because of the smart earloop that makes the shield to stay well on our faces without causing any pressure or discomfort.

I am pleased to know about its ability to provide great comfort for users. Thanks to the good combination of nylon and spandex, the item is more stretchy and lightweight than I think it is. The soft materials feel so pleasant against my skin when I need it to complete my job. My partner also loves the product very much.

What is fantastic about this item that not many people know is its training ability. Our lung capacity can be improved after we frequently use this shield for a while. It creates an environment that has less oxygen than the normal level, that is when our respiratory system needs to get used to the special condition and be trained to better.

However, some people think this mask can become too warm when the temperature increases too high.
  • Great protectionHas a cool and simple lookExcellent filter structure
  • Good comfort
  • Great materials used
  • Lung training
  • Too warm
Overall, this shield has some unique features that make it stand out and worth trying.

What to Look for When Buying Dust Masks for ATV Riding


Materials – The material that makes the mask is definitely one thing that you should consider to make the right choice. It affects directly to the shield’s quality and the great features it offers to users. There are some recommendations for you to pick from.

Premium Nylon – You can see some of the pieces that are made of premium Nylon. The substance does an excellent job of providing users incredible permeability. That means we can breathe more easily through mask thanks to the high-quality material.

These ones are the favorite of many professional riders. They pick the item because it can offer fantastic protection for customers against dust, exhaust, chemicals, smoke, and even small particles. We can have an amazing user experience with this type of face mask.

Open-cell foam – Another thing you can see is the shield that is created using the best quality open-cell foam. The product made of this material is the greatest at filtering air and water for people. This means you can have a good mask that can keep you safe from all the hazards that exist in the working atmosphere.

Neoprene – If you are in need of a durable dust mask, you should check out the neoprene shield. I am surprised by how long-lasting those items can be. It amazing that the shield is still in good condition after a significant amount of time. When compared to numerous products on the market, this item’s durability is on another level.

People love a mask that is made of neoprene because it is a good quality material, it can handle the hazards that attack users very well. We can wear them for heavier duty tasks to keep our respiratory system safe in the dangerous working environment. Some famous brands love producing more models with this substance because of its superior character.

Polyester – Another material that can be found on the market is the Polyester microfiber. The amazing ingredient determines its product’s breathability and comfort. People who love soft and pleasant face mask should opt for these pieces. They are excellent at bringing customers extreme comfort that they want on a long day of work.

What is so amazing about these items is its ability to absorb our perspiration. Unlike many other substances that have limited capability to handle moisture on the human body, Polyester can do an excellent job of drawing our sweat from our faces, necks, or heads, then enable it evaporate quickly. It keeps us dry and comfortable all day long.

This wicking fabric makes the ideal piece for you to use all year round. It keeps you warm in cold breeze of winter, and make you feel cool on summer days. Many manufacturers also creates this item to shield you from the UV rays or other harmful radiation that comes from the sun.

Mesh Nylon – If you see any masks that are made of mesh nylon, those are very lightweight. These products can offer extreme comfort and make us feel like they are not there the whole time. If you need a shield that can protect you well, breathable and comfortable at the same time, this model is a good option.

Design – This is the next factor that you should take into serious consideration. There are many kinds of designs with different parts on the mask that can confuse you. So read the instruction and description of the product to be sure of what you are purchasing and how to use it correctly.

Nose clip – Most of the high-quality masks have nose clip made of aluminum. The reason is because this material can handle lots of bending and adjusting. It is durable and flexible enough to make the clip adjustable for users.

We should pick the one that we can press until it embraces nicely on the bridge of our noses. That is important because it is one of the things that does not make our goggles fog up when we breathe into the shield. On top of that, the part that keeps the mask stay well on our faces while we are riding or performing our tasks.

Earloops – There can be different styles of ear loops that we can find in various face shields on the market. They should be made stretchy and soft enough so they will leave no red marks to our ears after we wear the mask for a long time for working. We should not pick the one that is so hard and tough, it will hurt our faces and ears.

Some of the items will have removable traps that go to the back of our heads. We can adjust to make it fits perfectly. It is pleasant to have such a function that makes the mask stay better. This feature is important if we do not want it to slip off our head while we are in the middle of the ride.

For the ones that do not have any hooks and loops, you need to make sure that you tie them to your faces firm and tight enough. If you are a fan of such products, pick the one that you find thick and elastic enough to form a knot that sticks for a long time.

Filters – You can see some shields that have changeable filters such as cotton sheets, valves or activated carbon masks. You can take them out to clean when your tasks are completed. The filters will do the job of letting the air we breathe flow in without bringing along the dirt and particles from outside.

The ventilation design will include small holes on the mask, and the open valve that let the air in. If the mask’s air resistance is small, we can breathe more freely and easily with the mask for a long period of time. Some of them create an environment where there is a low-level oxygen to train our lung capacity. It is a good thing to own a piece that helps improve our respiratory system that way.

Some other masks do not give you the disposable filters. They come in a fixed set, you do not need to change or replace anything when you use them. If users are often confused with the replacement process, they can opt or this type of products. There is nothing much to do except unboxing the mask and wear them whenever you need.

Using purpose – For people who ride all-terrain vehicles, it depends on their purposes that they can choose different types of face shield that is suitable for their job.

There are very few pieces that are disposable masks or ATV riders, some might like to use those shields occasionally when there is an emergency circumstance. But we should wear reusable product to benefit our environment.

They also have different levels of blocking hazards of various masks. We can see some of them that prevent around 99 percent of particles or scent that come into our nose. Others can reach the number of 99.9 percent. You can take a careful look into your current working environment to decide your final choice.

For some people, they only want something that can be excellent at blocking the UV and the dust, they can opt for the piece that can cover a large amount of their skin. There is no need to find a mask that can block all chemicals or exhaust in this case.

Comfort and fit – We should never settle for the product that can not offer us the best comfort while we are working. A piece that brings irritation and discomfort will do more harm than good to us. It will hinder our working process and directly affect our health and safety.

Another vital factor must be the size of the mask and how well it fits to our faces. The shield needs to embrace us nicely and it should not be too tight or too hard that hurt our ears after a long day of work. The tool needs to stay on well even when the vehicle is shaking and vibrating powerfully.

Styles – As the demand for a good-quality mask is satisfied with those products with various amazing features, there are more and more people want their pieces to look nicer and more fashionable. That is why they can be formed in numerous ways, colors and fantastic effects of face shield these days.

Some brands release new designs for their models every year. It becomes more colorful, refreshing and unique. You can even order a personal customized product to show your style to everybody. However, our safety should always be the priority so consider this feature as a secondary factor when you are picking your face shield.

We also gather here the list of some most favorite cloth face mask coverings for your reference. Furthermore, please check our guide for the top-rated smoke mask if you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted ATV dust mask brands?

People who need to ride all-terrain vehicles need to find a good piece of face mask that can handle the big amount of dust on the road. That is why many brands have released various models for their customers to pick from.

It can be confusing for users because there are numerous types of items that are available on the market these days. Every company has different good features to offer, there is no way to compare them fairly. However, you can take a look into those reliable labels to find if they have a model that is suitable for you, those are Wolfsnout, BaseCamp, Infityle, ATV Tek, and so on.

How to use?

It is pretty easy to use this kind of face mask. First, you need to understand thoroughly the design of the piece you buy. Some shields have ear traps that are removable, we can open and close it so that it stays well on our head. Others just have the ear loops that we use to hang on our ears. You may see several items that need to tying or wear over our head.

For the one that has a nose clip on top of it, you have to check if it is adjustable. You should try to bend the part until it fits nicely to the bridge of your nose. That is when you feel that the mask will not fall off even when your ATV is shaking and vibrating powerfully.

When you unbox the pack, some of them have changeable filters. These can be activated carbon, cotton or valve filters, you can take them out and put in the one that is necessary. The best thing you should do is asking the sellers before you purchase the item. Some simple designed pieces have no feature like that, you can just wear them day by day.

Make sure to wear your mask whenever you start your journey. It is important that you keep using it to protect yourself from the dust on the road, and make sure it is breathable while you are on the ride.

Where to buy?

For big cities, there might be local stores where they sell all kinds of Face Protection equipment. You can find the best one there with the help of the sellers.

If they run out of stock or there is no such shop in your neighborhood, you can go online to shop your piece. It is easy to do shopping this way. We are only one click away from having an excellent product or ourselves. Just remember to check the size carefully because it can be a little tricky to follow the sizing chart without trying it on.

What is the warranty?

You can find this information along with the instruction that they have with the piece. Normally, each company will have different warranty policy, some can only offer 3 months of guarantee for us, some might be over 6 months. It depends on the quality and durability of the product they bring to the market.

You need to keep the receipt carefully when you want to make a complaint or requirement for exchange and return. Make sure that the mask is in new and clean condition and the defect is the manufacturer’s fault when you send back the product for them to proceed with the request.

How to care and clean?

There are very few disposable masks for ATV riding, so most of them are reusable. That is why we may be able to wash our piece by hand and detergent when our tasks are completed. We need to wipe all the dirt off the fabric. And if the filters on the shield can be taken out, users have to clean those ones, too.

Because most of the ear loops and hook is made of elastic materials, we should pay good attention to not stretch the parts too hard. We need to be gentle while washing the mask, wait for it to dry out to put it in a good place. That way, users can have a perfectly immaculate tool for the next day’s use.


We should be more thorough while choosing ourselves the best dust mask for ATV riding. It is because, for a rider, a piece of safety tool to block hazards that exist in the air they breathe in is essential. If they are frequently exposed to all the dirt and dust in the environment they are working, it is dangerous for their respiratory system.

That is why when you have your right equipment, remember to keep it in good condition. That way, the mask can protect you whenever you need it for a new journey on the road.

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