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The Best Eyeglass Cleaners to Have Sharp Vision All Day Long

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best eyeglass cleaner

Is it difficult for you to search for the best eyeglass cleaner on the market right now? I can see that through your long and tiring process of having to find a suitable lens cleaning spray on your own, without proper information and guidance to lead you in the right direction. Not a challenge anymore once you read this article.

When you are completely new to a product, you should attempt to gather as much information about it online as possible. Do not just dive right away into an ocean of similar cleaner sprays from hundreds of different brands globally. There are particular criteria you should learn to assess how valuable a sprayer is.

See them for yourself and decide whether they are indeed essential to support your shopping time or not. Trust me, this article of mine is tailor-made for you.

# Product name
Top 1
Care Touch Glasses Lens Cleaner Kit Details
Top 2
Set of 2 Carl Zeiss Lens Cleaning Spray Details
Top 3
Crizal EyeGlasses Cleaning Cloth and Spray Details

Best Eyeglass Cleaner Reviews

1. Care Touch Glasses Lens Cleaner Kit

From the moment I looked at the glasses cleaning kit from the brand Care Touch, I knew I had to redefine travel convenience in my mind. Two 8-ounces spray bottles seem enough already but Care Touch provides us with an extra small travel spray of 2 ounces and a cleaning cloth. What can be more mind-blowing?

Similar to most premium eyeglass sprays available at the moment, this product performs alright on non-glare and almost all coated glasses lenses. Plus, there would be no scratching happens while using the Care Touch spray.

I understand that we all wish to have clear lenses with the best optical clarity from cleaner sprays like this. Honestly, a few of them do leave a terrible haze on your lenses after spraying, which causes you to lose faith in such eyeglass cleaners. Still, this spray is promised not to fail your expectations being streak-free.

Imagine how many areas where you can place and get quick access to this whole kit. At home, inside a camera bag, on hand or at work are all possible options since the spray pack from Care Touch is initially divided into two distinguished sizings for you to set up logical storage on different occasions.

Harmful bacteria and germs existing on your electronic screens along with glass surfaces would stand no chance before the Care Touch spray. It has the capability of removing tiny light particles from these lenses without effort, but I am not certain about whether it could get rid of strong liquid like oil stains or not.

There is a shortcoming of the bottle design that I bet Care Touch would like to know more. I have seen a customer who was unsatisfied with how bizarre their spray bottles were like for all 3 of the bottoms that were ballooned out. The fact that they are not flat makes it difficult for these sprayers to stand up properly.
  • Awesome cleaning kit with two different bottle volume.
  • Scratch-free. Works on coated and anti-glare lenses.
  • Guarantees no film on lens surfaces.
  • Diverse places to be stored and reached out.
  • Effectively eliminates dirt and dust.
  • Inappropriate bottle design for standing.
I figured out that we can actually achieve a lot with the Care Touch eyeglass cleaner kit. Those two large bottles of 8 ounces will be ideal for immobile locations such as your home and office, while the mini-size 2-ounce sprayer fits to be put inside my personal bag so I can carry it comfortably on travel journeys.

2. Set of 2 Carl Zeiss Lens Cleaning Spray

Another cleaning spray that is sold in a set of 2 identical bottles is from the brand Carl Zeiss. Their volume is not more than 2 ounces, which makes them perfect for traveling as they will fit nicely inside your backpack. Owning a couple of sprays is convenient for you to store them at two different places.

Being a well-known lens cleaner spray is not the only advantage this Carl Zeiss item has. The spray ensures a quick and effective cleaning on electronic surfaces such as your smartphone, laptop screen or camera lens as well. I predict that one optimal cleaning spray like this is going to catch lots of attention.

There is a small reminder from Carl Zeiss that customers should use their spray to clean lenses with non-glare, anti-reflective and multi-layer coating. Otherwise, it will not be able to perform at its best. I advise you to keep this out of reach of children.

Moreover, I feel that my eyeglasses are cleaned up and protected after spraying this item on. Not only does it not scratch out the lenses, but it is also streak-free, so we will not have to worry about having a vague film left behind after wiping off the spray. Another bonus point is how quick this spray dries.

You can trust this spray to remove fingerprints, oil and stains from glasses lenses and a series of other LCD displays as mentioned above. The ammonia-free spray formula is suitable for them all to have a safe and spotless surface.

I notice that a large number of customers criticize that the packaging is awful because two bottles arrived with strong gummy tape attaching them together. When they disconnect the two, the tape leaves a sticky mess on them and it is really hard to clean off. Consequently, it bothers users to hold the bottle in hand.
  • Set of two spray bottles in 2 ounces.
  • Optimize surface cleaning for lenses and electronic screens.
  • Ideal for multi-layer, nonglare and AR lens coatings.
  • Anti streak and scratch-resistant. Speedy drying.
  • Ammonia free spray formula.
  • Difficult to separate tape on two bottles. Feels sticky to grab on.
I think the brand Carl Zeiss should change the way they pack and deliver these two cleaning sprays to online customers. To me it is not the best possible way to protect the package, but I am sure many would be more pleased to use this spray without their hands sticking to the leftover glue.

3. Crizal EyeGlasses Cleaning Cloth and Spray

I bet you have at least once heard about the world-famous lens producer Essilor. They have a smaller side brand called Crizal that manufactures high quality cleaner sprays and cloths up to Essilor’s strict standards. This set of two bottles and two microfiber cloths from Crizal is a great selection of glasses cleaning.

This eyeglass lens cleaner can get rid of heavy liquid stains such as oil and grease on your plastic and glass surfaces, besides normal dirt like dust and fingerprints. You are claimed to gain a sharper view and much better optical clarity when using the spray to clear them up. It stays on for a long while.

Any surfaces that are glass and plastic will do good with this Crizal sprayer namely eyeglasses, camera lenses, laptop screens, telescopes, and microscopes, etc. Its delicate formula is not harmful while still assures multiple types of dirt are blown away the moment this spray cleaner gets to them.

If it is time for you to own a pair of glasses with Crizal anti-reflective lenses, then do not hesitate to bring this product home for its perfect match with others. Apart from that, there is no need to be worried about the spray scratching anti-reflective lens coating from different brands because it does not.

A Money-Back Guarantee is available for this eyeglass cleaner though I am not sure about its time limitation. Nevertheless, the brand Crizal is really confident that they are willing to send customers a refund in case there is the displeasure of their item. To me, this is a bonus point for every online product.

You need to beware of cheap knockouts sold all over the Internet because we have no idea if online sellers try to deliver a false product. A friend of mine once received a wrong defective Crizal spray which they had fully paid for and it is really frustrating. I advise you to choose sellers carefully for your own good.
  • Two sprayers and two cloths package. Exceed Essilor’s standards.
  • Clean up dirt, fingerprints, dust and oil.
  • Non-toxic spray formula to be used on multiple surface types.
  • Suitable with Crizal anti-reflective lenses.
  • Provide a Money-Back Guarantee.
  • A large number of ripoffs being sold online.
I bet that this Crizal spray would be an amazing cleaning tool if you get the authentic version to experience. Do not waste money on unidentified sellers with Crizal sprays just a little cheaper than the one from their official website.

4. Ultra Clarity Eyeglass Cleaning Spray Bottle

I see that the brand Ultra Clarity offers to sell this spray cleaner in a combo of 3 refillable packs. Each of them is a 6-ounce bottle, which is a compact size to bring them along on board at the workplace or neatly store them at home.

Apart from cleaning glasses lenses, you can definitely use this cleaning spray for electronic and other optical screens without scratching them or soak them up with excess water. It is also the best eyeglass cleaner for coated lens including AR and non-glare bones, as these particular types are a little harder to clean.

It is relieved to know that the Ultra Clarity spray formula is safe for the pH neutralized with non-fluorine and free from silicone. That means this product can provide effective and risk-free cleaning for most of your standard optical lenses. One extra soft towel will gently wipe this water off.

If you encounter tough problems to clean up oil, makeup or even hairspray sticking on your glasses lenses or screen surfaces, Ultra Clarity will be your good help. As these unwanted gunk obviously cannot be cleaned with plain water, so a pump of this spray would remove all that far away to enable better vision.

The brand states that their spray has been a favorable product to support eyewear professionals in cleaning up multiple surface types in diverse circumstances. Also, with more than 30 years in duty is enough to strengthen my beliefs of how powerful and reliable this eyeglass cleaner spray is.

Even though the spray formula is indeed secured, and honestly, I feel that its smell might be a bit too strong for normal noses to inhale. After all, it has to contain a reasonable amount of chemicals inside so it can eliminate dirt successfully from such surfaces. I hope Ultra Clarity will modify the spray sense to be less irritating.
  • A pack of three 6 ounces reusable spray bottles..
  • Can clean electronic screens and coated glasses lenses.
  • Harmless cleaner spray formula.
  • Get rid of tough headed dirt and dust.
  • Over 30 years in action for professionals.
  • Quite a heavy spray smell for your respiratory.
I think it is good to have 3 cleaner bottles in a row for affordable pricing. The only issue left for Ultra Clarity to work on is to reduce the spray sense to a softer level so customers will not complain about breathing in a horrible smell.

5. vius Premium Lens Cleaner Spray

The 6th item on my product review list is another 8-ounce lens cleaner from the brand vius. This large bottle volume allows us to control its application more easily and the spray is beneficial for more than a thousand surface types.

This eyeglass cleaner spray formulates in an exclusive non-toxic that is completely biodegradable and odorless, so there would not be any wet stains left after spraying. The fact that it is manufactured from natural ingredients makes the virus cleaner spray friendly for your family members.

Not only does this optimal spray clears out dirt and dust, but it also helps to protect your glasses’ lenses from getting external scratches. The lack of sulfates and phosphates in its formula with micelle technology to trap dirt that enables anti-static function and makes it more suitable for anti-reflective lenses.

Aside from fragile lens surfaces such as eyeglasses and camera lenses, I see that this spray from vius is able to work to clean jewelry as well. This is a bonus feature that I do not often find in other similar cleaner sprays.

I like the way how the vius 100% satisfaction guaranteed of their product quality. It is their trustworthy promise that they would happily and quickly solve all of our problems regarding this spray, which concerns us after the purchase. If this factor is absent from any cleaner spray, I would somewhat underrated it.

I guess the only limitation is that the spray formula might not be powerful enough to cut through oil stains on glasses lenses. It is understandable though, as this vius product is not going to exceed that standard. If you want to look for a spray that can be used for cleaning up heavy oil casually, you should find a particular product for your needs then.
  • 8-ounce huge spray bottle volume.
  • Safe, natural and odorless spray formula can be used for your family.
  • Provide scratch-resistant without chemicals for AR lenses.
  • It also cleans jewelry besides lens surfaces.
  • Offer 100% product satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Inability to wipe off tough oil streaks.
I think we should not focus too hard on its shortcomings and ignore all other wonderful features that the spray can bring to our lens surfaces and jewelry. vius has not become well-known on the market yet, but I believe they deserve a chance to help you out daily to shine those stuff up from gunk and dust.

6. Carbon Klean Peeps Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

Differs from the rest of spray bottles so far on the list, the brand Peeps brings a whole new line of eyeglass cleaner to the market – an advanced glasses cleaner machine with unique details and technology applied. The compact sizing makes it comfortable to be carrying around and its 7 color options are eye-catching.

This small machine is equipped with soft durable pads made from carbon microfiber to decently clean most standard glasses. I notice there is a button on the side to push out and retract a dual brush whenever you require some extra help. Its stealth compact body will protect the machine from external damages.

Since it is not a spray, the Peeps eyeglass cleaner provides a dry-clean technology but equally effective as wet lens cleaning. Of course, I appreciate its lack of chemical substances and that is the reason why the famous NASA trusts this machine to clean up glass in space, which is a zero-gravity environment.

I was once worried that an auto-function machine would somehow scratch my glasses lenses. In contrast, the technology Peeps uses for this machine is smooth on specialized glasses as well as regular reading ones without damaging their coatings at all. It offers around 500 cleanings but I wish it has more.

With such a professional technology integrated into the product, it would absolutely enable a better view through glasses for you to accomplish more in-focus tasks. Dry cleaning is suitable for wiping off dry dirt such as dust, fingerprints and other streaks. It would help if you did not use it on electronic screens.

Sadly though, the cleaning pad on this Peeps machine is not designed to sneak into lens corners to take out dust getting stuck in there. You will need to turn to another basic alternative of soft cleaning cloth to clean the dust in those edges. I think it is understandable for such a reasonable price like this cannot achieve all.
  • Travel size cleaner machine with 7 colors.
  • High technology and convenient machine details.
  • Substance free dry-clean. Trusted by NASA.
  • It does not leave scratches on lenses. Provide 500 uses.
  • Remove fingerprints and smudges easily.
  • Cannot access to dirt inside lens edges.
It is certainly a small cleaner machine but I really enjoy having an automatic tool for lens cleaning, rather than doing the whole process manually with sprays and cloths. About its disadvantages, I think that both sprayers and cleaning machines are incapable of reaching there so this is still a superb choice.

Evaki Lens Cleaner Bundle (Outdated)


Now, coming to one of a large set of eyeglasses lens cleaner, which contains 4 spray bottles. In this manner, the brand Evaki includes one of them with 2 ounces volume and the rest are all 8-ounce sprayers. There is still more to go with 4 additional cleaning cloth made from soft microfiber – such a great bundle to purchase at once.

I agree that Evaki prioritizes user safety since the spray formula does not contain hazardous alcohol and ammonia. Such that ensures it will not perform any chemical react or harm people while using. Without alcohol, the spray does not stink up as well for some users are sensitive to chemical smell.

You can take advantage of the extra 4 cloths to take turns in cleaning up your glasses lenses and computer screens frequently. I do not think there has ever been any other spray brands who can offer a vast amount of support tools for eyewear like Evaki. And for this reason, the quality you obtain is more valuable than its price.

You are free from regular cloth or plain paper towels that cannot wipe the dust away from lens efficiently and also scratch them out in a dreadful way.

There are loads of uses for you to choose from with this Evaki such as regular eyeglasses, safety goggles, camera lenses, computer monitors and every anti-reflective coatings available. The spray made in the USA is going to perform brilliantly on those surfaces but not with contact lenses.

Clean off dust before spraying is a must to start the process of using this item. Then you could spray it evenly onto the front and back sides of your lenses. Afterward, wipe overflow water with an Evaki cloth until the lenses dry up.

Because a lot of deceiving online sellers are promoting exact ripoffs of cleaner sprays like this Evaki product, you should be really careful when selecting the online address to purchase the bundle. I know several customers have received rebranded equate Evaki spray bottles so we should stay more cautious.
  • A bundle of 4 spray bottles and 4 microfiber cloths.
  • Exclude alcohol and ammonia in the spray formula.
  • Scratch-resistant delicate cleaner cloths.
  • Made in the USA. Works on versatile surfaces.
  • Ripoff versions of the spray are sold publicly online.
It would be best if you bought the spray and cloth pack from reliable distributors of Evaki or directly from the brand website. So it can guarantee that you will coincidentally pay so much for something that is not the authentic Evaki spray.

Eye Pal Lens Cleaning Care Spray (Outdated)


In my opinion, this cleaning spray from the brand Eye Pal is pretty optimal for being able to clean a bunch of versatile surfaces including eyewear, camera lenses, smartphone screens, car mirrors and LCD displays and so on. It should be qualified as one best lens cleaner for glasses at present.

This tool will bring you a total streak-free performance not only on glass and mirrors but also on plastic and polycarbonate surfaces. Dust or fingerprints are not going to withstand the cleaning strength of this spray from Eye Pal. And it is undoubtedly not to leave any haze after being sprayed on your targeted surfaces.

Just like other popular lens cleaner items, this spray formula has a non-alcohol and anti-toxic based that is ideal to be used on optical surfaces. Glasses lenses are where your eyes make the closest and direct contact with, and therefore if chemical substances get into them, it would lead to severe eye injuries.

Eye Pal even offers 3 bottle selections of 1, 2 and 6 packs of sprayers. You can rely on your personal requirements to pick which one is the most convenient for helping you to perform best in daily activities.

One disadvantage I find in the Eye Pal spray is that it consumes quite a lot of time to dry up fully from lens surfaces. I had to wait for over 15 minutes to air dry but it did not seem to work. I guess I should have used an extra microfiber cloth to clear out excess water for the spray to dry up more quickly than natural.
  • Perform well on multiple types of surfaces.
  • Anti-streak that can remove dirt and fingerprints.
  • Safe spray formula without alcohol and chemicals.
  • 3 versatile spray pack options.
  • Take a lot of time to dry up naturally.
Considered that the brand Eye Pal has an origin from China, I think they have managed to do a good job with this lens cleaner spray. It functions the same way with many others and I believe the spray would be really helpful if you give it a chance to prove itself. Hope Eye Pal will improve the spray formula further.

Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Spray (Outdated)


I am happy to know that Koala Lifestyle offers a wide range of bottle volumes for us to choose from 2 to 8 ounces with extra cleaner cloth. I would go for the set of 3 sprayers in 6 ounces each, which leads to me having a total of precisely 3,375 pumps available – nearly 3 years worth of eyeglass cleaning!

Koala Lifestyle has always been popular for manufacturing glasses support equipment from non-toxic ingredients. Not an exception in this case since the spray formula is guaranteed to exclude alcohol and ammonia while at the same time, enables an optimal cleaning, especially for anti-reflective coatings and screens.

In case you have concerned a matter of liquid stains on to lenses, the brand claims its effective spray to be streak-free and absolutely smudge-resistant. You would end up being surprised like myself when my glasses lenses started to attract less dust since using this spray.

I can tell the Koala Lifestyle item is a perfect glasses cleaning solution for all types of eyewear as its undefeatable in front of most standard lenses. From regular eyewear (sunglasses, reading glasses, safety goggles) to digital lenses (camera lenses, tablets, smartphones, car touch screens).

There is a lifetime promise of product quality from this brand Koala Lifestyle, which personally I think is a decent favor for their customers. Because they have strong beliefs in their product to win people’s hearts, so they will not hesitate to respond to any of our questions and requests related to this spray.

Though this situation does not occur to me, I feel the need to talk about their materials. As the Koala microfiber cloth sold altogether with some of their spray combos has accidentally scratch glasses lenses. I cannot dig beneath the surface, but I assume it might have been something wrong with that customer’s technique at first.
  • Total of 18 ounces and almost 4,000 pumps in 3 bottles.
  • Ammonia and alcohol-free spray formula.
  • Not leave streaks and gunk resistant.
  • Suitable for multiple lens types.
  • It is backed up by a lifetime promise.
  • Cloth attachment may slightly scratch lenses.
I would suggest you wash the Koala cloth beforehand to minimize the scratching possibility, should you plan to buy any of their packages that include a cloth. Other than that, their cleaner spray is doing fine and has a huge potential to help you out much more with glasses cleaning in the future.

Better Seeing Eyeglass Cleaner Kit (Outdated)

This cleaning kit of a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth from Better Seeing offers precisely 317 pumps for you to use once daily for almost a full year. One wipe made from this spray can handle diverse kinds of dirt without leaving smears on your glasses lenses. Your vision would be strengthened.

I like the fact that the Better Seeing eyeglass cleaner is ideal even for prescription lenses and electronic screens to give them a spotless performance. Dusted or greasy glass surfaces are unacceptable to me and the traditional soap water cannot accomplish a sleek cleaning like this item.

Additionally, I see that the ammonia-free spray formula is really safe to apply on children’s glasses and other daily eyewear. I am not worried if it got into your eyes by accident, but you should minimize this risk so it does not result in optical injuries. Even when there is no chemical substance, this spray is not bland water.

It has a lightweight sizing of 1.6 ounces, which makes the spray from Better Seeing a nice travel companion for cleaning your eyewear and phone screens on the way. I always appreciate something that compact enough to stay inside my bag or jacket pocket because I can reach out to it much easier than bigger ones.

The quality warranty this brand offers is to replace any product that causes you dissatisfaction within their notified length of time. There would be no questions asked since Better Seeing understands that achieving the ultimate quality is important to us as much as them. I would highly recommend this.

Honestly, I am not so happy with the outer spray design. The spray hole lacks an overall plastic cap to shelter it from unintentional pumping. From my perspective, all cleaner sprays need to have an extra cap on them so external dust cannot get access to the spraying part. It does not cost much for a bottle cap.
  • Smear free spray cleaner with over 300 pumps.
  • Applicable for prescription glasses and LCD displays.
  • Spray formula has no ammonia or alcohol.
  • Lightweight and compact sizing.
  • Provide product quality insurance.
  • Shortage of a bottle cap to protect its spray hole.
The brand Better Seeing is quite promising as their spray is fairly optimal for having a series of the best features so far. I find no complaint about this eyeglass cleaner leaves a disturbing film on glasses lenses like a few others. I hope they would upgrade the bottle design for better protection.

What to Look for When Buying an Eyeglass Cleaner


Spray formula – As being said, almost all eyeglass cleaner spray has a natural and nontoxic base. They are mainly formulating from alcohol and ammonia-free to completely get rid of hazardous chemicals that stand a high possibility to injure your eyes. I would go for something that is safer than a handmade lens cleaner filled with alcohol.

You should take this seriously because your eyes will make direct contact daily with the glasses lenses that are cleared with an eyeglass cleaner spray. If there are any toxicants in the formula, sooner or later, it will affect your vision. On some occasions, the cheapest item is not necessarily the most harmless.

It is such a shame that some cleaner sprays still remain heavy chemical smell and lingers long after being used. This is an apparent downside existing in multiple sprays on the market which disturbs a lot of customers. Much or little, we all inhale the spray vapor while using so the chemical smell is unacceptable.

Being streak/scratch free – Of course, a lens cleaner spray that comprises of more than just the cleaning function would attract more customers. Considering one multi-purpose product is certainly better and less expensive than separated specialized items. Most of them now include a streak or scratch resistant feature.

The last thing for me to expect is a terrible film or liquid stains left on my cleaned glasses lenses or tablet screens. That is why the streak-free performance is fairly essential in a spray formula. Furthermore, covering an additional anti-scratch layer onto glass and plastic surfaces is a serious bonus.

An eyeglass cleaner without these functions are not defective, they are actually optional but guaranteed to win your heart as soon as you got them.

Additional attachments – The common accessories that often come along with a lens cleaner spray is a soft microfiber cleaning cloth. A cloth can be used for many other different purposes besides cleaning the glasses lens only. For example, wiping out dust from your phone screen or grabbing a bug off from the window.

Usually, I see some brands would charge a bit higher for the spray set containing a microfiber cloth. However it is not too noticeable so you should enjoy this extra detail in the combo. Several spraying processes also require the presence of this cloth so it is obviously nice to have them attached to your spray.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an eyeglass cleaner?

An eyeglass cleaner is a cleaning solution manufactured specially for glass and plastic surfaces. It mainly comes in the form of a sprayer to provide vapor pumps with an effective formula for the best cleaning result and optical clarity.

You can say that an eyeglass cleaner is fairly similar to Windex. Nonetheless, Windex is only applicable for large plastic surfaces as car mirrors or house windows because its formula would stick a little too hard on glasses lenses. It also contains more chemicals than a non toxic cleaner spray with natural ingredients.

How does it work?

Most eyeglass cleaners are manufactured to work perfectly on glasses’ lenses surfaces and electronic screens without scratching their coatings. Some of them can perform exactly like Windex on car mirrors and windows, but less squeaky of course. You can literally clean all glass and plastic surfaces with sprayers.

I see that only a few eyeglass cleaners can clean oil streaks because light and natural spray formulas are not able to handle such heavy liquid sometimes. Then you would have to search for other specialized oil cleaners. I think spray cleaners perform the best with dry applications and dry dirt like fingerprints and smudges.

Who is this for?

An eyeglass cleaner is ideal for anyone who is having trouble with their glasses lenses or LCD displays getting smudges and dust frequently. The plain cloth is not powerful enough to cut through oil stains on a mechanic’s safety goggles, therefore lens cleaner sprays are invented to battle with all dirt types.

What are the different types of eyeglasses cleaner?

Spray bottle – Being the most popular form of one best glasses cleaner, a spray bottle is extremely beneficial for a wide range of customers to get access to. We would need to function the pumping technique to spray this cleaning solution out of the bottle and it is really simple even for children to use.

I like how versatile the bottle volume is from small travel size to large one for storing at home or the office. The convenience that a spray bottle brings to its users is incomparable to other less favorable types of eyeglasses cleaner. Perhaps that is why you would find my product review list full of cleaner sprays.

Cleaner machine – The typical product of this range is the cleaner machine from Peeps. There would be a soft pad and extra brush head to slide on lens surfaces without scratching them up. It cannot be used on LCDs or electronic devices as these screens are way more fragile than normal glasses.

I am a little disappointed that cleaner machines are limited in their number of usages but the price and quality are worthwhile, anyway. The machine is commonly shielded inside a metal cover to endure pressure on the outside. Sizing is not a relevant matter since it can only be as big as an 8-ounce spray bottle.

As far as I am concerned, both of these eyeglass cleaner types are handy and functional for different occasions. Choose which you feel is the most suitable.

Advantages and disadvantages of an eyeglass cleaner?


Provide better optical clarity by removing dirt from surfaces.

Multi-functional to perform on various lenses surfaces.

Variable bottle volumes suitable for travelling.

Enable quick access inside your bag or jacket pocket.

Lens remains cleaned after spraying for quite a long time.


Leave an awful streak on lenses.

Delicate formula is not enough to wipe out oil stains.

Defective spray bottle design.

Only work with dry application.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted eyeglass cleaner brands?

It is undeniably confusing when you are new to choosing an eyeglass cleaning solution online because there are too many wonderful options showing up at a time. I advise you to learn about some of the most trusted eyeglass cleaner brands beforehand to narrow your search range to a certain extent.

Those well-known brands are Peeps, Carl Zeiss, Koala Lifestyle and Evaki and you can find their premium products right here on my review list. Their spray formulas are completely safe and manufactured up-to-date with the latest technology. Their travel sizes and pricing bring me great product value.

How to use it?

I will guide you through a step by step direction to use an eyeglass cleaner properly. Pump the spray vapor directly onto desired surfaces on both sides if they are optical eyewear and once on electronic devices. You can choose to let it dry naturally or wipe off surplus water with a soft cloth to not scratch lenses.

It is best to be assisted by a microfiber cleaning cloth because cleaning sprays provide water and take a lot of time to be air-dried. Instead, if you require a dry application for quick use then a cleaner machine would be a worthy alternative. Be gentle during the process so you will not damage the lens coatings.

Where can I get it?

As for you to purchase a fine lens cleaner for eyeglasses at reasonable pricing, I would recommend several reliable addresses at both online-based and nearest local store. Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, eBay and Lowes are definitely trustworthy places to visit for buying an eyeglass cleaner.

These shopping sites and chain stores always display a clear product description for each cleaning spray of their manufacturers, highlight features, pricing and real feedbacks from previous customers. You can take advantage of them to compare multiple products with each other and get the best in the end.

My personal tip to avoid buying spray ripoffs is to scroll through the customer review list on each online product. As numerous sellers are distributors of the brand, so you should not trust them at first glance. It is suggested that you should search for their tempting product description and a few photos of the real product that usually not provide.

What is the warranty policy?

With most eyeglass cleaner sprays, I see that their brands offer a Money Back Guarantee in roughly 30 days and 100% satisfaction guaranteed of their product quality. This is made to ensure customers’ shopping rights when they are unsatisfied with what they receive and being able to demand a return or refund.

It would be best if you kept in mind to send a report only when the product errors are the spray brand’s failure in manufacturing or damages within the delivery process. Even if you break the bottle by accident, that does not count as a problem in their warranty policy to make it up to you by replacing it with a new item.

How to take care and clean it?

It is simple to preserve an eyeglass cleaner since the spray liquid is already bottled up and secured properly. Just make sure you place the bottle out of zones that are prone to extreme weather conditions, therefore the spray remains to be in normal room temperature without heating up or cooling down.

Most eyeglass cleaner sprays are contained inside plastic bottles so you can clean up stains on them effortlessly with water and soap. Remember to shield the spray hole carefully for its formula to stay away from external dust and dirt.


Do you think your best eyeglass cleaner is a part of this article? It is no harm experiencing them one at a time to pick out your final favorite spray eventually. I hope you can use one cleaning spray to clear out dirt from multiple types of glass and plastic surfaces to enable a sharp vision all day long at your workplace.

I hope you to have an enjoyable shopping time and thank you for reading.

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