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The Best Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best eyeglass cleaning cloth

Letting yourself down with obscure glasses and phone screens filled with fingerprints day by day are the worst. Why don’t you attempt to find a suitable resolution to this problem? I understand how irritating those situations are since it would take so much time using a sprayer or a lens cleaning machine.

But do not give up that easily as I have a better idea for you to consider. An eyeglass cleaning cloth would be compact enough to be carried along while also provide quick and effective cleaning on diverse surface types. I hope you can figure out which one is the best eyeglass cleaning cloth on this comprehensive review list.

# Product name
Top 1
SecurOMax Black Microfiber Cloth for Eyeglasses Details
Top 2
Koala Kloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Details
Top 3
MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Details

Best Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth Reviews

1. SecurOMax Black Microfiber Cloth for Eyeglasses

To get started, I feel the need to introduce this extra-large microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth from the brand SecurOMax. At the size of 12 x 12 inches, it is big enough to support wiping dirt on wide surfaces at ease. It has 6 identical packs in black, the single color that tends to get stains on the least.

For better cloth storage, I see that SecurOMax has already attached 6 reusable plastic envelopes for each of them. This detail certainly enables greater portability to work or traveling without causing the cloth to be exposed to external dust and impacts. You should always notice the outside wrapper when buying.

I appreciate how this cleaner cloth is streak-free and anti-scratch so my delicate prescription glasses will not be damaged through the cleaning process. It is suggested to be used for camera filters and coated optical lenses as well. Touch screens and big TVs are likewise easy to be cleared of dirt with it.

I know that the microfiber being engineered with this SecurOMax cloth is quite special. Not only is the material brushed carefully and tightly woven, but it also combines 80% polyester and 20% polyamide in order to create more tenderness. I guess you know how your lenses may end up with terrible rough cloths.

I have no idea whether the dyeing problem occurs with other black cleaning cloths or not. As when a customer soaked the cloth from SecurOMax into plain water, they saw black dye bled out of it. This seems to be a matter of poor dyeing and they should have fixed it prior to sale. This is indeed a downside that needs instant resolution.
  • Ultra-large black cloth in 6 packs.
  • 6 individual reusable plastic envelopes.
  • Anti-streak and scratch-free. Perform well on multiple surfaces.
  • Made out of premium microfiber material.
  • Black dye coming out of the cloth while washing.
There is already a group of customers, who are afraid to wipe this cleaning cloth from SecurOMax onto their expensive lenses as the black dye can spread out and ruin them. I expect the brand to solve this issue quickly before more customers feel disappointed about the cloth and do not continue to purchase it.

2. Koala Kloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Koala Lifestyle has been long known as a reliable worldwide brand that manufactures and produces the best product range of eyewear support equipment. The high quality Koala microfiber cloth for eyeglasses comes in 6 identical packs to strengthen your optical clarity on multiple different occasions.

I like how each of them is wrapped separately in 6 envelopes from Koala Lifestyle as they would provide better cloth storage away from dirt outside.

I bet you are not aware of this cleaning cloth is washable and reusable for plenty of times. Its longevity and sustainability are amazing through numerous uses without rapid sparse fabric, because this microfiber yarn is especially dense to trap tiny microscopic particles. A spray cleaner is completely irrelevant.

Not only can the Koala cloth help to clear most standard eyewear lenses, but it can also clean up sports goggles, camera lenses and electronic screens pretty well. The microfiber material used on this cloth is able to absorb liquids on lenses like heavy oil and water.

If you are currently wearing eyeglass lenses with coatings, it would be alright to take advantage of this cleaning cloth as those layers will not be scratched off. When all the dust and streaks on your desired surfaces have disappeared, you would feel grateful to have the Koala cloth just like I did.

I see that their Koala Lifetime Promise is extremely valuable for such a low price of 6 microfiber cloths. I have been purchasing quite a lot of glasses’ equipment from this brand so I can guarantee that they are reliable. As you can demand any product replace, return or refund as long as it responds to their conditions.

Once I saw a regretful case of a customer buying this cloth from the Koala Lifestyle and tried to clean their house windows but it did not work that way. They were misled by its promotion of saying that it is safe for all types of surfaces. The cloth is usable on those uses I have mentioned only, do not make a mistake.
  • Provide 6 cleaning cloths stored individually.
  • Washable and serves repeated uses. Dense microfiber material.
  • Perform well on a series of surfaces.
  • Ability to soak up liquids.
  • Anti-scratch for lenses. Dust and streak-free.
  • Lifetime product quality warranty.
  • It cannot be used for cleaning house items.
As much as the Koala eyeglass cleaning cloth is popular and trusted worldwide, it still has its own limitations. There are loads of cloth on the market that are designed especially for household uses, so it is not a major problem.

3. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Another cloth brand worth mentioning at the 3rd place is MagicFiber and their MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths being ultra-soft with high quality. It has the capability of absorbing then totally get rid of dust, fingerprints, oil and smudges off your lens surface. You can choose 2, 6, 13, 30 or extra-large packs.

There are price variances for each pack, yet I think they are all reasonable.

I love the cloth protection method of giving them each a fine polybag to be like new all the time and incredibly simple to access. This cloth color mixture is nice because should you buy any pack option, you would have one single cloth in grey and the rest are black. If you get curious as I did about why just one gray cloth in the pack, the answer is it specially designs for photography accessories. Besides that, its average size of 6 x 7 inches is satisfying.

You are able to apply the MagicFiber cloth on a wide range of fragile surfaces including eyewear lenses, jewelry, glassware, LCD TV screens, touch screens, camera filters, and etc. What a long list! I really appreciate this diversity because some cloth cannot clean certain surfaces, which is such a shame.

Furthermore, this cloth from MagicFiber can lay flat and thin inside your eyeglass case, camera bag or purse easily without additional bulk because it feels feather-like. Since its sizing is at a medium rate and not being too thick, you can literally store the cloth together with glasses or accessories.

If you find it unpleasant to do the cleaning with a chemical spray cleaner, this cloth does not even allow that toxic presence to work along its sides. Itself can remove grease and grime out of your targeted surface without leaving lint, scratches, or marks left after cleaning.

Please do not attempt to soak the cloth into the water as it is ineffectual to be washed. After that, the greasy smearing will prevent you from using this item properly. It would be best if you learned that not every cleaning cloth is washable and reusable for multiple times. A sticky feeling is understandable since it does not absorb liquid.
  • Diverse pack choices at affordable pricing.
  • Divide into individual polybag. The cloth has black and grey colors.
  • Clean up versatile lens surfaces and touch screens.
  • Stay flat inside bags and cases.
  • It does not require a cleaner spray. Scratch and stain resistant.
  • Not being washable and used again.
feel sorry that this cleaning cloth from MagicFiber has not been capable of absorbing liquid yet. Still, I believe the brand can upgrade them to own this extra function soon for attracting more potential customers globally.

4. MightyMicroCloth Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths

I must say that I have never seen such a colorful collection of an eyeglass cleaning cloth like what this brand MightyMicroCloth (MMC) offers. From elegant dark colors like black and blue, they even include brighter ones like pink and yellow. Therefore, both men and women can get not only what they need but also the color that they like.

This anti-static and ultra-fine microfiber cloth is available in 2, 4, 6 and 12 packs. You can pick between its regular and large size as well. There is a durable clear travel pouch that is only in small pocket size for you to hold each cloth inside and carry it around. In my opinion, it is really convenient for daily use.

Apart from typical surfaces for this cloth from MMC to be used like glasses lenses, laptop screen and camera lenses, you should take advantage of it for cleaning watches and jewelry. It is absolutely safe on Crizal and Verilux lens types, which are delicate lenses with specialized coatings at high pricing.

In brief, you can possibly clean almost all kinds of fragile surfaces such as eyewear lenses, photo equipment, and digital screens with the MMC cloth.

I am glad to know that the only retailer and manufacturer authorized by MMC, known as The Quantum Group offers a whole year of unconditional product quality warranty. That means you can trade, replace or return this cloth during a year from the purchase. As long as you ask for it, they will respond to it.

Personally, I do not think of the MMC cloth this way since some customers complain that it is thicker than other regular cleaning cloths. So it turns out to be quite a burden while using. I guess the brand MMC should consider this and work to see whether they should improve this cloth structure.
  • Diverse cloth color options for different sexualities.
  • Variable pack selections. Medium and large cloth size.
  • It can be contained in a transparent travel pouch.
  • Work smoothly on the delicate lens and electronic surfaces.
  • Provide 1 year of risk-free warranty with no conditions.
  • A bit thick that makes it difficult for cleaning.
I believe the problem with this cloth design is just a minor that can be quickly repaired. Besides that, I do not see any other issue whatsoever to defect your use of MMC premium microfiber glasses cleaning cloth. So what are you waiting for, their low-cost online deal is ticking in seconds!

5. Elite Tech Gear – 4 Oversized Microfiber Cloths

It might be overwhelming at first glance on this item from the brand Elite Tech Gear as it such a large glass cleaning cloth of 12 x 12 inches compared to the average size on the market. Do not worry since you can still fold it neatly to store in the purse or eyewear case without adding extra weight.

This cloth is actually on sale for 40% off which is a great bargain to purchase. As it will not scratch out the coatings or create terrible streaks on your targeted surfaces, it should be considered as an effective and safe cleaning cloth. A holiday or birthday gift of the Elite Tech Gear cloth is promised to be a brilliant choice.

You will receive a set of 4 light blue cloth packs ready at your service anytime you need to wipe off the dirt from glasses lenses. Technically every type of smartphone, camera lenses, and TV screens are compatible with this cloth from Elite Tech Gear alongside regular eyeglass lenses. How wonderful is that?

Similar to most lens cleaner cloths, this item is well packed in 4 separated nylon bags in order to prevent product down-gradation through time and uses. I love the way it can be multiple used for personal or business occasions and its amazing performance with commercial applications as well. Carrying the cloth along ensures that disgusting smudges are blown away immediately.

Another bonus point that Elite Tech Gear has succeeded in pleasing customers like me is that they include a 100% Lifetime Guarantee for our cloth bags. I highly recommend their quick and dedicated customer service that helped me to solve a small problem in the past with this cleaning cloth.

A common matter , which many customers encounter with eyeglass cleaning cloths is that several of them are unwashable. The cloth from Elite Tech Gear is not an exception because after being washed, it is completely nowhere as great. Be careful when you look through its product description.
  • Extra-large cleaning cloth.
  • Useful with anti-streak and scratch-free features.
  • 4 packs to clean numerous surface types.
  • They are wrapped individually. Support multi-purpose uses.
  • Offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.
  • It does not withstand a washing process.
I see that Elite Tech Gear is indeed a promising brand and so is their microfiber cloth. Large cloth size is sure to bring you a better solution to clean bigger surfaces than just glasses lenses. I expect this brand and the product to boost themselves further in the future with more appealing and optimal functions.

6. Buff Quick Double Sided Microfiber Cloth

What gives me a big impression on this cloth from the brand Buff is that it has two sides with different printings, different materials and definitely different roles. I would go for the 2 packs of camo pattern because I enjoy dark cloth color, but there are other printing options which I bet children would appreciate.

Both of the Buff Quick cloths are stored in two resealable translucent plastic cases. This will help to keep them clean and protect them from being torn or getting dirty stains. For someone who casually needs to bring a cleaning cloth outside like myself, I would prefer to buy one that has an extra bag rather than none.

The reason why I refer to it as one best glasses cleaning cloth is because the double-sided cloth is made from high quality, specialized microfiber types. The gray side is meant for picking up and removing dirt and debris, thanks to its longer hoops that are manufactured from terry microfiber.

On the contrary, the silky microfiber printing cloth side will be used to polish your glass and digital surfaces after all the smudges have gone. Flat-weave microfiber on this side enhances streak buffing to get rid of whatever is left on the lenses, as well as making sure that the surface is crystal clear after the process.

I am so thankful I can put the Buff Quick lens cleaning cloth into the washing machine without having it loosen and water-soaked. The brand Buff even thoughtfully attach a care instruction when you purchase this cloth for you to treat their item carefully and lengthen its longevity. Indeed, the cloth will last for a long time.

Unfortunately, the rough microfiber cloth side appears to scratch lens surfaces after being used for a while. I do not know whether it collects too much debris and turns a little crude over time for cleaning eyeglasses or not, but we all should have this cloth from Buff frequently washed to maintain its great function.
  • 6 different colorful cloth patterns.
  • Come in 2 packs with clear zipper cases.
  • The double-sided function is made from premium microfiber.
  • Machine washable. Care instructions included.
  • The grey microfiber side with loops may scratch lenses.
I do not see many critical comments about the Buff Quick cloth online, so I think this is a total worth of investment for cleaning eyewear and other fragile surfaces. Its printing is indeed eye-catching to approach large groups of customers of all ages. I suggest you have this cloth on your shopping list.

7. CAMKIX Extra Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

I am truly delighted by this kaleidoscopic set of 5 cleaning cloths from the brand CAMKIX. They are large eyeglass cleaning cloth at the size of 8 x 8 inches and being colorful enough to satisfy both adult’s and children’s tastes. Owning 5 different colored items like this means you can share them with a friend or family.

CAMKIX guarantees that their microfiber cloth is soft and gentle to be applied safely on multiple surfaces such as eyeglass lenses and LCDs. There would be zero stains and scratches hanging on your lens after being cleaned, and I can tell it is the most expected fact to its potential customers.

The obvious advantage of having such a generous size is that you are able to use them on large surfaces, namely wide televisions or big computer screens. You can still wrap it up perfectly inside a pocket or a purse as the cloth is feather-like that will not turn into bulk for storage.

I like how this cloth is reusable because several others will defect completely due to normal hand-washing with water. It means that this microfiber material is of high quality and surely sustainable enough through time and multiple uses. I am so tired of those one-time cloths which cannot endure daily working.

Differs from the common 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, I am overwhelmed to find out that CAMKIX allows customers to demand a refund anytime they want during a year from the cloth purchase. This is pretty good news to know since you will have plenty of time to experience their product.

I agree that this eyeglass cleaning cloth has reasonable pricing considered its quantity and quality, but there is no external package. As you can see, the majority of cloth that I review in this article is well packed inside individual bags or cases. It helps in securing the cloth better from dirt and impacts.
  • A set of 5 large cloth in 5 colors.
  • Safe and tender on fragile surface types.
  • Suitable to clean huge screens.
  • A reusable cloth stands for times.
  • 1 Year Money Back Guarantee.
  • It does not include separated container bags.
It does not matter if the CAMKIX cleaning cloth performs as your wish or not, as you are free to spend an entire year on tests and research to conclude. To be honest, I think you would enjoy having it around more than you imagine. Nonetheless, you ought to find another protective measure for these 5 cloths

8. Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

The brand Care Touch has sure produced elegant eyeglasses cleaning cloth made out of superior microfiber material in bright blue. 6 packs of cloth are sufficient to serve a considerable number of optic surfaces at a time. The medium measurement of 6 x 7 inches will do great on most standard glasses lenses.

I understand that you may get lazy to wash a cleaning cloth every day, but it will not be a big deal anymore since this cloth is washable in the machine and certainly reusable multiple times. Imagine this as an excellent alternative to paper towels, you purchase once and repeated uses are available for the long term.

Various customers and I have testified the assurance of chemical-free on this cloth. What scares us the most is our daily eyewear lenses getting invisible toxicants and making direct contact with our vision. It can eliminate tough smudges without leaving awful damages on your desired surfaces.

Despite being a small factor, separated packages are essential in regards to cover the cloth against dirt and tearing off your watch. This cloth from Care Touch is wrapped individually inside different bags. So you can carry it around without getting stains on the cloth itself and accidentally reduce its cleaning ability.

It is perfectly compatible with delicate lenses and digital devices including TV screens, laptops and tablet surfaces, prescription glasses, non-prescription glasses, sunglasses, both non-coated and multi-layer camera filters, etc. Literally, every surface available can be cleared of dirt with this cloth, therefore empowers better optical clarity.

One particular shortcoming of the Care Touch cloth is that they built its microfiber material to be quite thin and easy to slip out of my hand. This cloth barely grips in my fingers to clean glasses lenses and that is certainly disturbing. I wish it to gain more thickness the next time I purchase.
  • 6 soft microfiber cloths in average size.
  • Long-lasting usable cloth. Machine washable.
  • Anti chemical material. Streak-free cleaning.
  • 6 separated cloth packages.
  • Work on countless fragile surfaces.
  • Thin and slippery cloth structure.
Being a trustworthy eyeglass cleaning cloth brand, I believe that Care Touch would strive to repair any product dissatisfaction that occurs to its customers. I assume they might have focused a little hard on how to make this cloth soft and anti-scratch, then unintentionally forgot to thicken it for a better grasp.

9. Clean & Clear Extra Large Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

In case you are longing for another cleaning cloth of incredibly large sizing, the brand Clean & Clear offers a generous set of 8 solid black cloths at a reasonably low price. It is approximately 8 x 8 inches, which is probably among the biggest cloth sizes on the market and classic art patterns are also available.

I notice that this cloth is certified to be knitted fabrics made from high quality microfiber. It has been proved to be free from harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tex standard. There are honestly not many eyeglass cleaner cloths that meet such strict requirements because most people underrated its presence.

They have engineered it with a positive electrostatic charge in order to attract dust in a more convenient way. Hence, it is understandable why this cloth from Clean & Clear is a favorable item as one best microfiber cloth for glasses. You would not have to approach dirt and gunk with so much effort anymore.

Each of the cloths are well packed in luxury sandpaper cases, which can turn themselves into decent wrappers for small gifts on holidays. I have to give this overall design a major applause thanks to its minimal sophistication.

Moreover, it is possible to put this Clean & Clear cloth into the washing machine repeatedly without worrying that its textile may stretch out at ease. I often fond of a washable cleaning cloth because it obviously benefits my using process more than ones that cannot withstand water and rinsing.

Sad to know, a few customers are rather unhappy about this cloth sewn edges in red and green. They comment that these pop-up edges prevent the cloth from cleaning large surfaces properly. If this situation happens more than once, then the brand Clean & Clear needs to consider how to adjust them.
  • Low price for 8 packs of cloth.
  • Made out of qualified microfiber material.
  • Apply technology into the fabric.
  • Individual sandpaper cloth cases.
  • Machine washable for numerous times.
  • Sewn edges make it difficult to wipe big surfaces.
I guess the cloth edges are meant for highlighting and at the same time, a wonderful finishing touch to increase its appearance level. I hope that the issue mentioned above does not come across a large number of users. The brand Clean & Clear needs to find a better way to create an optimal product beauty.

10. Eco-Fused Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

The last cleaning cloth that I would like to have some comments on is an item from Eco-Fused. Its selling quantity is precisely 12 packs of soft microfiber cloth and is the perfect solution to be an effective sunglasses cleaning cloth, along with other delicate surfaces like LCD screens, jewelry and camera lenses.

I notice a variety of different color options for this cloth with such a large amount. I would choose the set of 5 blue, 5 grey and 2 white Eco-Fused cleaning cloths so I can share a few of them with any friend who needs it.

I must approve of this cloth size being quite small and ideal for bringing along inside your purse, backpack, pocket jacket or camera case. You would absolutely experience fast access and optimal storage by using this cloth. Just constantly keep one with you and witness the lenses being cleaned up in no time.

One vital matter that most eyeglass cleaning cloth customers are concerned about is whether their cloth cause unwanted scratches and marks or not. I feel safe to clean my tablet screen with the cloth from Eco-Fused thanks to its tenderness that does not harm fragile surfaces at all. Dirt will easily be got rid of.

Since this cleaning cloth is reusable repeatedly, customers can save a bunch of money more than buying one-time cloth. Did I mention the major cut down on household waste as well? It is advisable to stay away from ironing and bleaching, but you can certainly wash it by hand or in the machine as wish.

The brand Eco-Fused unfortunately missed out separated external packages for each cloth. It could be a minus point if customers are searching for a well-wrapped set of microfiber cloths. I think it does not cost much to include these additional bags to protect their cloths so Eco-Fused should work on this better.
  • Massive amount of 12 packs of cloth.
  • Versatile cloth color choices.
  • Small sizing suitable for a quick approach.
  • Smooth and gentle on delicate surfaces.
  • Reusable and machine washable.
  • The lack of individual cloth packages.
This cloth from Eco-Fused appears to please a large amount of customers worldwide. If you are determined to buy the set, I suggest you purchase extra wrappers for each of them as well. I can guarantee that when the brand has provided enough side equipment, it will become much more favorable than now.

What to Look for When Buying an Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth


Cloth textile – Eyeglass cleaning cloth manufacturers are only confident with high quality microfiber to design their products. And eyeglass cleaning cloth buyers like us only have faith in microfiber wipes for our expensive lenses. It is not exaggerating to say that microfiber is undeniably a go-to magnificent cloth material.

What does this type of textile have that others lack to win our attention? Regularly, it is tightly woven into dense fabric pieces that will not stretch out after multiple uses. We can never deny the fact that a microfiber cleaning cloth is smooth and soft like real silk material, thereby it is usually scratch resistant.

In addition, the cloth textile quality also depends on its thickness. You may notice some customers complain that either their eyeglass cleaning cloth is too thin to stay in place or too thick and rough to clean up the dirt. I know that this matter of balancing the fabric constantly gives manufacturers headaches for sure.

Washable ability – At the beginning, I can predict in advance that you may underestimate the washing feature to re-use of an eyeglass cleaning cloth. You may assume all microfiber cloths will endure harsh rinse underwater. I do not think you need more than one useless cloth to prove that you are wrong.

A few lens cleaning cloths can turn defective after washing because their structure is not meant to be soaked up. Those cloths likewise cannot absorb liquid on your glasses and plastic surfaces to help get rid of it. Therefore, I advise you to consider the washable ability prior to buying any cleaner cloth.

External package – One last thing that I want to remind during your cloth shopping process is to purchase a set of eyeglass cleaning cloths with solid external packages. The best case scenario is to look for waterproof wrappers so you can protect your cleaner cloth under the rain, but it is quite rare to be honest.

Most cloth packages come in the form of a case, a bag or an envelope depends on its sizing and quantity. Their typical materials are paper, nylon or plastic because each of them has the ability to shelter your cleaning cloth in its own way. I would personally recommend plastic for its long-lasting high durability.

You should really consider how incredibly portable the cloth wrapper is. Casually exposing a lens cleaning cloth to natural conditions outside will cause it to downgrade, sooner or later. Separated external packages cannot be more protective of your cleaner cloth, and they are included for no extra cost!

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an eyeglass cleaning cloth?

An eyeglass cleaning cloth is a piece of fabric that comes in different sizes, and is made from soft material to clean glass and plastic surfaces decently without scratching them. This product line of lens cleaner is also a helpful support to a cleaning spray for an optimal process to provide you with better optical clarity.

How does it work?

A regular microfiber cleaning cloth for glasses can be applied directly to your desired cleaning surfaces. It functions to get access to all kinds of smudges, fingerprints and dirt that are preventing you from excellent optical clarity then wipe them off in no time. This manual work definitely requires patience.

I suggest you not to rub the eyeglass cleaning cloth onto fragile surfaces too hard, or else you may scratch them out by accident. Several cloths have already contained advanced technology inside their microfiber textile to attract dust easier like a magnet. For ones that do not, they still perform confidently.

Who is this for?

An eyeglass cleaning cloth is produced for anyone who feels that they need to have their glasses lenses, TV screens or smartphones cleaned up from gathered dirt a long time ago. Carrying a cleaner cloth around can train a daily routine to keep your eyewear or laptop screen sparkling clean, no matter the circumstances.

What are the different types of eyeglass cleaning cloths?

Lens cleaning cloth – I often choose a medium size cleaning cloth to clean my glasses lenses from smudges. Lens cleaning cloth requires a certain level of softness so as not to leave behind lint or scratches on this fragile surface.

You should also see if that cloth can be used on coated eyewear lenses and other specialized lens types. Being careful is never enough when it comes to wiping expensive lens surfaces. Do not forget to check for its liquid absorption to make sure you can suck water and greases out of the glasses lenses with it.

Multi-purpose cleaning cloth – You can consider this as an advanced version of the basic lens cleaning cloth. Being a multi-purpose cloth means you are free to apply it on digital touch screens, televisions, laptops and other photo equipment. It would normally be in larger sizing to fit bigger surfaces.

Advantages and disadvantages of an eyeglass cleaning cloth?


Wipe off dirt on lenses without scratching them.

Diverse sizing can fit small to large surfaces.

Soft enough to slide effortlessly on fragile surfaces.

Enable vision clarity at the highest level.


A few of them cannot absorb and remove liquid.

Poor dyeing quality makes the cloth color fades out.

Unbalanced cloth structure.

Deliver a shortage of quantity due to advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted eyeglass cleaning cloth brands?

I understand that the huge amount o eyeglass cleaning cloth brands is confusing, especially when you try to filter the best out for narrowing your search navigation. Obviously, you can save a lot of time and energy by reaching out to me as an experienced customer of buying cleaner cloths.

Here are the most trusted names which you cannot resist the temptation their items bring in, including MagicFiber, Care Touch, Koala Lifestyle, Buff and CAMKIX. When you choose to get an eyeglass cleaning cloth from them, you will receive a superior quality much more valuable than the price you spend.

There would be no lack of quick and faithful customer support, even if you encounter a tiny problem with the cleaning cloth. They will be ready at your service with win-win policies and generous offers related to your unusable cloth. I have experienced nearly all of these brands and I am more than satisfied.

How to clean between lens and frame?

You may wonder how to properly use a cleaning cloth for glasses between glasses lenses and the frame. Please give it a delicate clean on lens surfaces since they are really fragile and obtain scratches at ease. And do the same but harder with frames, however you should be careful with their joints so as not to break them.

How to use it?

As being said, using an eyeglass cleaning cloth means like doing manual work, which involves a lot of hand movement to clear a surface from terrible smudges and fingerprints. Place the cloth right onto your targeted surfaces and start wiping around them to get the dirt off. They will quickly turn less dull and brighter.

I must warn you beforehand that there is a bunch of lens cleaning cloth that cannot clean liquids such as oil stains. Striving to do so would only result in both of the surfaces and your cloth much dirtier. Please do not wash the cloth as well because they are unable to dry up completely after such drenches.

Where can I get it?

In order to fulfill suitable glasses cleaning cloth target to your advantage, I would like to recommend a few reliable places that sell premium cloths at affordable prices. I know you might regret not having bought it here sooner.

For an international buyer, reputable online shopping websites namely Amazon and eBay are the most convenient and trusted addresses, with hundreds of thousands of different sellers for a high quality eyeglass cleaning cloth. You can compare their prices by yourself without having to ask a sales assistant.

Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes would provide you with the best deals directly. These local chain stores are built all over the US, having only the finest cleaner cloths in stock for you. If you want to be certain about the cloth quality, see it for yourself at these locations. I promise they will not fail your expectations.

What is the warranty policy?

Eyeglass cleaning cloth brands have a tendency to offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a year of product warranty. They are willing to let you try whether their cloths work on your glasses lenses in a particular amount of time, afterwards you can make up your mind to keep it or ask for a refund.

I see several generous cleaner cloth brands even allow customers to demand beyond their refund periods. It is nothing odd because they must have acknowledged how these privileges and priorities can influence their sales strategies in the long run. First thing first, the clear benefit belongs to their buyers.

How to take care and clean it?

It can never be too complex to take care of an eyeglass cleaning cloth daily. Remember to put your cloth inside its individual packages before bringing it outside. I have mentioned the importance of its external wrapper above to secure your cloth against unexpected impacts that may decrease its capability.

I advise you to thoroughly follow the instructions to see whether the cloth is washable and reusable or not. This is an essential activity to avoid damaging the item itself and lessen its longevity in general. Try not to collect too much dirt onto your cloth, otherwise you should purchase one that is machine washable.


Was it possible for you to find the best eyeglass cleaning cloth in this article? I bet it was not that hard because I have strived to filter those finest ones out exclusively for you. In addition to that, I hope all of my tips and previous experience will work out for your shopping time for an optimal cleaner cloth. Thank you for reading.

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