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The Best Eyeglass Cleaning Machines

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best eyeglass cleaning machine

I am definitely sure that you must have been tired of bringing your dirty glasses and tarnished jewelry frequently to have them cleaned up. This process takes a lot of time and a particular amount of money, much or little so you have probably been longing to search for another effective alternative.

A lot of technology brands have been trying hard to solve this problem. One of their most extraordinary successes is the eyeglass cleaning machine, which you can take total advantage of it for both professional and domestic purposes. This type of cleaner machine is a savior at home for your items.

I hope that you are anxious for a comprehensive insight into this article of the best eyeglass cleaning machine all around the globe. This machine can bring plenty of fascinating benefits that you might not even expect at first. Besides a product review list, I will deliver a full instruction and purchase manual.

Let’s dive in and see whether one of these amazing jewelry cleaner machines can make an impression on you and persuades you to get it right this instant.

# Product name
Top 1
Magnasonic MGUC500 Details
Top 2
Ukoke UUC06S Details
Top 3
Magnasonic CD2800 Details

Best Eyeglass Cleaning Machine Reviews

1. Magnasonic MGUC500 Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Another cleaning unit from the brand Magnasonic is coded as MGUC500. It is engineered for you to place the object directly into the machine chamber. There is an internal basket that gives a better cover-up for smaller and more fragile items as well, should you require so. My rings come out looking great from it.

This cleaner machine allows you to control the cleaning intensity as wish with 5 different preset cycles: 90, 180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds. It will count back to zero and then shuts down automatically. You can finish some household chores and return an hour later seeing that the machine is already turned off.

I cannot deny the fact that ultrasonic glasses cleaners like the Magnasonic MGUC500 always bring us hassle-free cleansing work, which is done in a couple of minutes for eyewear, watches, coins, razors and jewelry, etc. The surrounding vibrations can approach their difficult angles and areas to clean effortlessly.

One exclusive tip from my previous experience is that you should enhance the cleaning results with some extra dishwasher or liquid hand soap. They are not harmful chemicals, so you can combine them along with water to help out the cleaning machine to polish your items and make them look good as new again.

The MGUC500 is known to produce strong ultrasonic energy waves, which is gentle on your stuff by lifting gunk away in a deep mild water motion without scrubbing their surfaces. I understand that sometimes we afraid to clean our expensive watches and jewelry in a machine, however, it promises not to scratch them.

Unfortunately, the brand Magnasonic does not refer to any information about removing tarnish off of jewelry so I hope you will not make a mistake. There have been customers who bought this eyeglass cleaner machine for this purpose, and eventually, it did not turn out well. Kindly read the instructions carefully.
  • Allow putting items directly inside or in a safe chamber.
  • Set your preferred cycle timer. Has an auto shut off function.
  • Effortless cleaning for a wide range of stuff. Accessible to hard corners.
  • Strengthens the process with soap or dishwasher.
  • Scratch-free cleaning with ultrasonic vibrations.
  • Not meant to wipe away tarnish on jewelry.
From my perspective, Magnasonic is on the top list of reliable brands that manufacture a remarkable product line of ultrasonic glasses cleaner. I think MGUC500 is a fine machine to become your useful assistant in the long run. Its longevity is a bonus point compared to CD2800.

2. Ukoke UUC06S Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Last but not least, I feel the urge to review the professional eyeglasses cleaning machine with the code UUC06S from Ukoke thanks to its variety in tank capacity. This is a special highlight which no other has, as this machine includes two colors for the 0.6L tank and an enormous variation of the 2.5L volume.

It uses the degassing technology in order to secure your products from being oxidized or perform any chemical reactions with the air inside this machine. This function works to process water that comes from a pressurized supply because this water contains dissolved gases, and it needs to be degassed or removed.

I find out that the UUC06S cleaner machine can support a lot of professional uses including dental clinics, clock and watch stores, laboratory electronic workshops, eyeglasses shops, jewelry stores, the office and the hospital, etc. Also, it is perfectly ideal for household use to polish items right at your home.

This eyewear cleaner machine from Ukoke is engineered with modern touch control that is proved to be more durable than pushbuttons. Its digital screen displays the chosen cleaning cycle, which varies from 90, 180, 280, 380 and up to 480 seconds then count down to zero and the cleaning process will end.

The brand Ukoke is confident that they offer customers a Money Back Guarantee in 30 days and a brand new product replacement within 12 months from your purchase. I like how their customer service will respond to your problems quickly in 24 hours. This is indeed an awesome eyeglass cleaning machine brand.

One downside I clearly see in the Ukoke UUC06S cleaning machine is that its maximum temperature can only reach 110°F, whilst the brand advertised it to be up to 150°F while using it. Surprisingly, this temperature once melted down the machine basket inside. It seems to be an issue related to its electrical connection.
  • Diverse in tank capacity at 0.6L and 2.5L.
  • Functions the degassing technology.
  • Suitable for professional and household uses.
  • Progressive digital touch control panel.
  • 5 preset cleaning cycles to select.
  • Does not reach the advertised usage temperature.
We cannot expect a machine to obtain perfection so it is understandable to me when the machine’s electrical connection is a bit unsteady. I hope that Ukoke will strive to repair this because these cases can result in an unwanted issue of product damages. The UUC06S machine is at the end of my review list.

3. Magnasonic CD2800 Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine

A 20 oz stainless steel tank is a generous capacity to contain a large number of eyeglasses and jewelry and that is exactly what the Magnasonic CD2800 machine will offer you. In spite of having such a large volume, this eyeglass cleaning machine is actually lightweight of around 1.71 lbs to be carried at ease.

The Magnasonic machine is a superb ultrasonic cleaner for glasses, which uses up the frequency of 42,000 energy waves per second with powerful vibration to get rid of stubborn dirt. You might be surprised but this cleaning unit is completely noise-free, hence it reduces the disturbance while using.

To activate the machine, it is, in brief, simple operation with ordinary tap water and a 3-minute cleaning process. It produces microscopic cleansing bubbles to give your items a shiny clean outlook after being put inside this ultrasonic power machine. This is a great solution whenever you need a quick glasses cleaning.

Instead of having to pay for an eyeglass and jewelry cleaning service, I believe the CD2800 machine from Magnasonic is indeed a perfect alternative that provides the same professional item polishment. You can even set it to the auto shut off mode, which preserves its energy better and consumes little electricity.

There is a series of diverse items that this machine is capable of cleaning from jewelry, eyewear, watches, stationery and hygiene items to badges, coin collection, keychains, printer heads or instruments, etc. Almost any items that are silver-based with grimes will be polished in 3 minutes yet do not lose their tones.

A clear downside which I notice from the Magnasonic CD2800 cleaning machine is its short lifespan in less than a year. Most customers presume it is because of the unstable connection link between electricity and water that runs this unit. I hope the brand will attempt to lengthen its longevity soon.
  • Large tank capacity of 20 oz. Weighs only 1.7 lbs.
  • Runs 42,000 ultrasonic frequency per second. Noise-free performance.
  • User-friendly operation. Uses tap water to finish cleaning in 3 minutes.
  • Same cleaning quality like professional services. Has an auto shut off mode.
  • Ability to polish multiple types of items from jewelry to glasses.
  • Usually cannot live up to a year of an average lifespan.
If you are expecting to receive a serious shine for your metallic accessories especially silver ones, then purchasing the CD2800 cleaner machine from Magnasonic would undeniably be an ideal choice. The machine will save you loads of money in renewing stuff at home but it should have lasted longer.

4. InvisiClean IC-2755 Pro Elite Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine

This machine is probably the largest on this list with a tank capacity of 27 oz. I thought I had already put so many items inside but the machine chamber still had a lot of room left for a few others. I am more than pleased to know that the InvisiClean IC-2755 machine comes with a convenient basket and a watch holder.

One of its highlight features which I cannot miss out to mention is the built-in cooling fan. From my perspective, an internal fan is helpful to increase the machine’s longevity since it has to function hard every time and might be overloaded when you do not notice. Other brands should look up to this bonus.

The IC-2755 eyeglass cleaning machine is engineered with dual ultrasonic transducers, which will double its current cleaning strength and capability. The vibrations lift contamination away without the need to scrub fiercely onto your items. Therefore, you will have shiny objects in return with any unwanted damages.

Its settings allow you to choose from 5 preset cleaning cycles: 90, 180, 300, 480 and 600 seconds. I usually fancy cleaner machines like this one as I own different types of items that are made from different materials, thus I cannot select the same timing for all of them. I would personally prefer this over single-timer ones.

Similar to other jewelry cleaning machines, the IC-2755 from InvisiClean is also able to battle with dirt on aesthetic accessories, multiple types of glasses, kitchen utensils, toothbrushes, keychains, combs, razor blades, badges, watches, ink cartridges and so on. Just remember not to insert valuable stones.

I see that the general lifespan of this InvisiClean machine is quite short. Most users give feedback that it does not last up to a year after the purchase. This is disappointing news because no one would like to spend their money on something that only works in the short term. InvisiClean ought to repair this soon.
  • Contains a 27-oz huge tank capacity. Watch holder and basket included.
  • A built-in fan for cooling the machine.
  • Dual ultrasonic transducers technology applied.
  • Offers 5 different preset cleaning timers.
  • Works effectively on a lot of stuff.
  • Cannot last for longer than a year after first use.
I guess the only disadvantage that the InvisiClean IC-2755 glasses cleaning machine is its short-term longevity. I know a great number of customers will not be happy with this and so, their sales would not stand a chance to rise. The brand should work better to solve this problem.

5. YISSVIC Portable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

My first impression of the YISSVIC sonic eyewear cleaner is that the touch control technology it has is much more advanced than regular buttons. Its digital touch control panel is obviously fashionable and suitable for young people to function, plus, there is a low possibility for it to get stuck after time like pushbuttons.

As usual, there are 5 preset cleaning cycles but this time the brand YISSVIC has designed its overall timer to be a little shorter than average: 60, 120, 180, 240 and 300 seconds. I still find these settings useful though, as YISSVIC might want to approach a particular group of customers that differs from other brands.

The ultrasonic machine generates 40,000 Hz of energy sound waves per second for releasing millions of microscopic bubbles to clean your items. You can see that this sonic technology is applied to all kinds of eyeglass cleaning machines, mostly since it proceeds a powerful dirt removal without the need to scrub.

I also enjoy the YISSVIC cleaning machine which has a longer water tank than common. Its spacious interior dimensions allow fitting plenty of objects inside, and you can freely insert the cleaning basket or watch holder that has the form of an arch stand in the chamber as well. This machine is definitely ideal for cleaning sunglasses.

Of course, other than polishing sunglasses without effort, this machine from YISSVIC can also clear contamination away from your jewelry, dentures, watches, tools, fountain pens, printer heads, silverware, coins, fishing reels, keychains and metal badges, etc. Its high ultrasonic frequency is absolutely beneficial.

Unfortunately, there are a few cases where the front plastic board that covers its digital timer display fell off and those customers could not attach it back again. That situation turned the whole YISSVIC eyeglass cleaning machine into a helpless gadget and caused their owners to reach out to a professional repair.

  • Has a modern digital touch control panel.
  • Provides 5 different cleaning cycle timers.
  • Operates at a frequency of 40,000 Hz per second.
  • Has a long water tank to fit big sunglasses frames.
  • Ability to clean multiple metal stuff.
  • Plastic board in the front may disconnect with the machine.
This 9th cleaner machine may have a few lower criteria than the average standards, but that does not make the YISSVIC product less advanced than other gadgets on this list. I hope that both of its inner and outer components will remain in their positions to avoid falling apart and cause further machine dysfunction.

6. Famili FM8000WW Ultrasonic Polishing Jewelry Cleaner

I seriously have to give the Famili FM8000WW cleaning machine applause for offering 5 default cycles: 90, 180, 300, 480 and 600 seconds depends on the item sizing. You are able to choose between different cleaner modes of ultrasonic vibrations including light cleaning for fragile objects and tough on encrusted ones.

The machine has a spacious interior with a 20.3 oz capacity and an average width. It also includes an internal basket as to protect your items from scratches and pressure while being cleaned. You should definitely not forget that entered items ought to be smaller than its dimension.

In addition, the brand Famili has manufactured a watch holder inside this cleaning unit so you can arrange to put down watches in their full length. When your entire watch is safe in the holder and exposed to ultrasonic power, it will clean up hard-to-reach nooks since you cannot wipe off the dust from them by yourself.

Being an effective glasses cleaner machine means the FM8000WW is applicable with a series of optics wear, waterproof watches, CDs or DVDs, shaver heads, coins, dentures and utensils, etc. I like the clear digital display of timing on the outside to support children and elderly people to understand how it functions.

This ultrasonic cleaner machine does not require the use of chemicals during its cleaning process, but only with tap water and light detergent is enough. It provides an auto shut off feature when the work is done. So in lieu of standing there to wait for this machine, you can place it out of your watch and do something else.

I am a bit concerned about the Famili FM8000WW machine performance at some point. I learned that its maximum voltage is AC100-120V but when being plugged into electricity, a few customers have seen spark glows appear inside it and followed by a plume of smoke. Famili should work to solve this issue immediately.
  • Includes 5 pre-set cleaning cycles. Delicate and rough cleaning effects.
  • Large capacity of 20.3 oz. Basket for protecting items inside.
  • An effective watch holder.
  • Performs well with a variety of products. Outer digital display.
  • Anti chemical use. Operates an auto shut off.
  • Smoke rises due to electrical problems.
I can guarantee that your family members would appreciate this eyeglass cleaning unit as much as I do if you instruct them. The external display of this FM8000WW machine from Famili cannot be more user-friendly with basic operation buttons and timer settings. Above all, its electric wires need to be safer.

7. TACKLIFE MUC02 Compact Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

The 4th cleaning machine on this list from the brand TACKLIFE is equipped with an ABS plastic outer shell. This durable material will provide high endurance to avoid breakage if the machine ever falls from a certain height. Inside is a stainless steel tank of 20 oz like most other machines for cleaning glasses.

I appreciate how its ultrasonic vibration invades blind holes effortlessly on your items to get rid of the dirt that you cannot access by hand. This process is absolutely anti-scratch and damage. It is such a soundless operation although the MUC02 machine produces 42,000 Hz per second to clean your jewelry.

Just like the previous gadgets, this machine offers 5 cleaning cycle timer: 90, 180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds per cleaning round. You should select a certain timer according to how big and dirty your stuff is. The LED number is displayed outside on a digital screen for you to follow its performance from the start.

I usually prefer eyewear cleaner machines over a few other measures for their auto shutdown function. This TACKLIFE MUC02 machine is not an exception. This feature prevents the machine from overheating during extended uses. You can enjoy a little spare time to complete another task while waiting for the machine.

It is a pretty exciting fact to know that the ultrasonic cleaner from TACKLIFE has received particular certifications, as for exceeding important criteria of a qualified eyeglass cleaning machine. Not many machines on the market can obtain this achievement hence I personally gain more faith in this gadget.

However, one minor weakness of the MUC02 cleaning machine is that it cannot wipe contamination away from glasses and sunglasses with lenses being covered by a protective film. This means you should only insert normal reading glasses unless you want to ruin expensive eyewear with their outer coatings.
  • Durable plastic shell. 20 oz stainless steel tank.
  • Penetrates and cleans inaccessible spots. Noise and scratch-free cleaning.
  • Digitally displays 5 different preset cleaning timers.
  • Comprises of an auto shut off function.
  • Compliances with several certifications.
  • It is prone to damage protective films on eyewear.

That is a small caution to not take this eyeglass cleaning machine for granted and attempt to polish every type of glasses. Aside from that, I really like the shiny white shell and its elegant design. The brand TACKLIFE has clearly created a beautiful present out of their MUC02 cleaner machine, especially for women.

8. LONOVE Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

This is another sonic eyeglass cleaner that provides a 360° all-round cleaning technology with the power of 42,000 sound waves per second. The LONOVE cleaning machine infiltrates into cracks and recesses to clean off smudges, which you cannot normally see and reach out by hand. Despite being this powerful, it promises not to cause any damages to your belongings.

Unlike most eyeglass cleaner machines on the market, this 25-oz ultrasonic gadget works in a one-button operation of 5 minutes for all items. It is simple to use: Turn the machine on and press the button in the middle to run a cleaning process in 5 minutes. The machine shuts off automatically after the period.

Let me explain how to function this machine from LONOVE properly. You need to soak the items into warm water that is added with a bit of jewelry solution for 4 to 5 minutes. By any chance that the stains on them are too old and tough, I advise you to allow your stuff to absorb this cleaning liquid longer.

If you want to polish a piece of silver jewelry that has been oxidized, the process would require a professional type of silver-cleaning water to ensure the best outcome. This is obviously a much cheaper method to clean valuable items than spending time and money frequently going for a service at the silver store.

The machine is capable of serving both personal and commercial uses. A series of eyeglasses, jewelry, watches, printer cartridge, contact lenses and teeth braces, etc with stubborn dirt and awful smear would be blown away with its strength. It does not work with special pearls and microfiber material.

It is quite upsetting to me that this machine is reported to be rather loud since it was not built to have a noise-free performance. Of course, just a little louder than usual while the machine works to clean but it will not affect sensitive hearings like babies, pets and elderly people. LONOVE should consider this to upgrade.
  • Applies 360° all-round cleaning operation. Powerful and gentle.
  • Contains a 25 oz tank capacity. 5-minute progress with auto shut off.
  • Adds extra cleaning solutions to enhance later results.
  • A low-cost gadget to polish silver professionally.
  • Appropriate for both professional and household uses.
  • The lack of the anti-noise feature while working.
I am into the overall elegant design and color of the LONOVE cleaning machine, which does not make it look like a common electric rice cooker. If the noise it produces is lessened, I believe that buying the machine for your mom or wife during the holidays and their birthdays is one smart and practical move.

9. Uten Ultrasonic Cleaner Low Noise Wash Machine

In terms of cleaner machine structures, the 6th one on this list from the brand Uten is outstanding its competitors by the black rectangle box style. I bet your first impression on this machine would not be as good as those normal shapes. Nonetheless, regardless of being a rectangle, its capacity is only around 20 oz.

The Uten cleaning machine has a premium modern design. This box is slim and not difficult for storage. Because it is completely waterproof against the cleaning process by including a 304 stainless steel tank, the machine has received some important technology approval like CE, RoHS and FCC PSE.

I am surprised to find out that this machine generates up to 50,000 Hz of sonic waves in order to help your items return to their newest conditions possible. The fact that it produces millions of microscopic bubbles might be overloaded for the machine sometimes, but its hidden exhaust vent outside can solve this.

You would be amazed by its wide application from the most basic stuff you use daily like glasses, waterproof watches, dentures, jewelry, toothbrushes, keys and shaver heads to other less common metal items such as retainers, nozzles, silverware, printer heads, badges, watchbands, coins and nozzles, etc.

Same as the LONOVE cleaner machine above, this machine has one single timer of 5 minutes per round. I think 5 minutes is more than enough to clear even the strongest stains off of your precious jewelry and eyewear. The good news is that its auto shut off mode will avoid overheating and overuse of electricity.

Several users of the eyewear cleaner machine from Uten comment that the 5-minute cleaning progress is perhaps inconvenient to their usage. They have some dirty items that should have been cleaned for longer than 300 seconds, however, this solution only offers one timing option like that.
  • In the shape of a 20-oz rectangle box.
  • Modern and narrow design. SUS 304 stainless steel tank.
  • Responds to essential machine qualifications.
  • Produces 50,000 Hz ultrasonic vibrations. Effective exhaust vent.
  • Applicable to loads of metal items.
  • Runs in 5 minutes and auto shut down.
  • Its duration is not long enough for some items.
There are different opinions about whether variable choices of cleaning cycles or just one is more beneficial. People have different purposes to use this Uten glasses cleaning machine so it clearly cannot live up to all expectations. As far as I am concerned, 5 minutes is a suitable amount of time for polishing jewelry.

10. ABOX GT-F6 Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Machine

What separates the ABOX GT-F6 to stand out from other jewelry cleaning machines is an exclusive transparent lid for you to observe the whole process better. It would be much easier to control the cleaning time by checking on how your item is doing inside it. Not many brands can think of this advanced feature.

It has a large 25 oz tank capacity with wide inner dimensions to deal with a lot of things at once. In spite of having a bigger tank than average, this machine is, in fact, really lightweight and portable. The whole machine weighs only 1.5 lbs and it does not take up too much space on the kitchen shelf or your table.

I know that the GT-F6 cleaner machine can generate 40,000 Hz of ultrasonic vibrations to thoroughly get rid of unwanted gunk on your belongings. There are dirty hidden areas on pieces like watches and printer heads that you cannot see or touch, therefore this machine would gladly help you with doing so.

The common 5 cleaning cycle timer includes 90, 180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds. You should choose a suitable timing for each item since not all of them require it to be polished for over 3 minutes, for example. This function is certainly effective for someone who has a lot of different metals and silver to clean.

Apart from being a functional sonic eyewear cleaner, the ABOX GT-F6 is also a great cleaning machine for multiple kinds of metal items such as coins, jewelry, mouth guards, toothbrush heads, cosmetic brushes, tools and watches, etc. It guarantees to wipe away awful dirt on these objects.

Although the lack of the instruction manual is not a big deal to make a fuss about, it is still a relevant document for customers to research and be able to use the cleaning machine properly. I once heard a customer complaining that the GT-F6 machine from ABOX arrived at their house without an instruction sheet.
  • Has a clear machine lid to see things inside.
  • The tank capacity is 25 oz and weighs 1.5 lbs.
  • Generates 40,000 Hz sound waves per second.
  • Includes 5 common preset cleaning cycles.
  • Performs well on a bunch of metal and silver items.
  • The instruction manual does not come with the package.
The brand ABOX is a fresh face on the eyeglass cleaning machine market, but I must give them compliments on how they manage to create such an optimal machine for cleaning more than regular eyewear. I hope this machine will be upgraded and advance even further in the future.

What to Look for When Buying an Eyeglass Cleaning Machine


Cycle timer – I can tell that almost all eyeglass cleaning machines include 5 preset cleaning cycles, which varied from at least 60 to a maximum of 600 seconds per round. Several others can be operated by a single button of a default timer for about 5 minutes and then the machine will automatically shut off.

Most users like the multi-timer option while others find it redundant and they only need about 5 minutes to finish the cleaning progress. No matter what your preference is, it eventually all comes down to the reality of which can benefit you more. Choose the timing settings that suit your current conditions.

If I were you, I would pay attention to the timing controls as well. The touch screen is more progressive than pushbuttons, therefore its price can fluctuate a little higher than the latter. It is alright to use any of them but in case you want to guide an elderly person to polish their items, the buttons will be better.

Tank capacity – From the machines presented in this article, we can see that the average tank capacity in an eyeglass cleaning machine is around 20 oz. In my opinion, this volume is ideal enough to process a great deal of stuff inside, while at the same time it does not make the machine much heavier or bulkier.

Larger tank capacity has its own downsides. The whole cleaner machine would have to be expanded to handle such a big tank and as a consequence, it cannot make room for other relevant machine parts. Some machines that weigh 20 oz are already heavy and hard to store, let alone bigger ones.

Moreover, inserting too many items to be cleaned in the machine at once is not always a good idea. This eyewear cleaner performs similar to a washing machine. If it has to load a bigger pile of clothing than its average volume, then none of them is going to be washed properly. A 20 oz machine is enough.

Therefore, I hope you would consider this factor carefully when planning to buy an ultrasonic eyeglasses cleaner. Do not blindly choose one with huge tank capacity in the hopes of cleaning various pieces at a time. A cleaning process requires to be operated in a patient way to ensure the best ending results.

Internal accessories – There is a wide range of internal cleaning machine parts, but I see that brands are fond of baskets and watch holders in their machines. These built-in components of a cleaner machine are in fact easy to be detached, which is convenient for you to clean them up after extended uses.

Most people do not realize that the basket absorbs 30 to 40% of the ultrasonic vibrations generated by a machine. Unless your items are too fragile, using a basket while cleaning will decrease the general effectiveness to a lower level. However, it is still a safety measure to protect your belongings from impacts.

Plus, not all watches are waterproof, thus you would like to secure their surfaces from water and other cleansing solutions. A watch holder has the form of an arch stand to help lift a whole watch off of liquid in the machine. There are special cautions related to cleansing watches that you should keep in mind.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an eyeglass cleaning machine?

An eyeglass cleaning machine is an effective cleaning method for glasses that runs by electric power. The ultrasonic sound wave technology is applied to help this machine produce thousands of vibrations per second, in order to give your items an all-round beneficial polishment without the need for hand operation.

How does it work?

The entire eyeglasses cleaning progress is simple. It requires electricity, tap water and little amount of gentle detergents to operate. The machine runs in 5 different cleaning cycles or a single default timer to complete item renewal and dirt removal, then most of them will auto shut off.

People rely on an eyeglass cleaning machine as it removes contamination where you cannot see and reach by hand. It is definitely hard when your rings lose their tones but scrubbing is not a smart choice. An effective jewelry cleaner machine is undeniably seen as a savior for the best metal and silver cleaning outcomes.

Who is this for?

The ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner solution is certainly functional for anyone in need of having their valuables polished and dirt-free right at home. I think women especially would appreciate an ultrasonic cleaning machine as a gift on their birthdays. Men with watches and glasses would be fascinated as well.

Not only are glasses cleaning machines ideal for personal use, but they are also trusted by professionals worldwide as a functional and inexpensive cleaning method. Jewelry stores, eyewear stores, electronic workshops and even the offices would find a machine like this useful in order to renew their stuff.

What are the different types of eyeglass cleaning machines?

Single-timer cleaning cycles – Being previously described, a cleaning machine that has one preset cleaning timer often operates in 5 minutes. As far as I am concerned, 300 seconds is a fair amount of time, which can battle successfully with stubborn smudges and dust on most metal and silver items.

This type of jewelry cleaner machine is definitely easier to use even with kids and elderly people. There is only one basic timer setting after you turn the machine on so new users would not feel confused. I highly recommend it for personal household use thanks to the straightforward function of a specific timing.

Multi-timer cleaning cycles – This is a more popular type of eyeglass cleaner machine. It performs within a minimum of 60 seconds and the longest duration is 10 minutes. The various timer settings make things easier to select a cycle as wish. It is possible to choose a suitable timing for cleaning different items.

The multi-timer cleaning cycle machine is one helpful assistant for cleaning jewelry and glasses in a professional store. Customers can bring a lot of stuff to their shops with the hope of taking back something that is good as new. Staff will set up a proper cycle because not all objects should be cleaned up the same.

In my point of view and prior experience, you should always select its cycle timer according to the sizes and quantity of the stuff you insert. As I have said, each stuff requires a different amount of cleaning cycle so it is better to use a versatile cleaner machine than single-timer ones. But you are free to pick what you like.

Advantages and disadvantages of using ultrasonic glasses cleaner?


Penetrates into blind holes and deep corners.

Multiple preset cleaning cycles to choose from.

Carries a serious load of items inside the tank.

Extra internal basket to hold fragile stuff.

Does not cause damages to the objects.

Ideal for professional and household uses.


Not entirely a noise-free operation.

Cannot work with valuable stones (opals, pearls, corals, ivory…)

Requires more than bland water for the best results.

Pushbuttons may get stuck after extended uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted ultrasonic glasses cleaner brands?

In regards to the most trusted ultrasonic glasses cleaner brands, I have attempted to collect loads of them through this information-rich article. These brands appear globally and their products are sold on hundreds of online shopping websites and equipment stores. Let’s repeat these names one more time.

Magnasonic, ABOX, InvisiClean, YISSVIC, TACKLIFE, Uten, Famili, Ukoke and LONOVE are brands that I develop faith in to manufacture and produce functional eyeglass cleaning machines. Nothing in the world can be perfect but I believe their machines are close to strict standards about the overall quality.

The reason why customers are attracted to these brands is their amazing cleaner machines of different kinds and fast customer service. The machines always come with suitable guarantees of returning or replacing a new gadget for free. This is probably all that a customer can ask for a fulfilled shopping time.

How to use it?

I would like to demonstrate a simple instruction on how to use a sonic glasses cleaner. To begin with, you should add water to the max limit. Next, place your items directly inside the machine or in the basket and it is optional to add some light dishwasher or hand soap altogether. This will enhance the cleaning results.

In the following step, connect the machine power with the proper electricity voltage. Set its timer as wish on the LED digital display that runs in seconds and lastly, wait for the sparkling renewal of your belongings. Nearly all glasses cleaning machines will auto shut off so they would not interrupt with your other tasks.

This entire process is meant to refresh discolored items and jewelry that have lost their initial shining tones. It also eliminates stains and dust in areas that are hard-to-reach on the objects, thus reducing the amount of hand operation. In return for the polishing progress, you will receive your stuff in much better conditions.

You should be notified that there are several particular objects, which cannot be cleaned with an ultrasonic machine like this. This list includes glasses with pre-scratches on their coatings, tarnished and oxidized silverware, jewelry with loose stones (turquoise, emerald, pearls…) and mechanical watches.

Where can I get them?

Due to my knowledge and experience in buying eyeglass cleaning machines, I would suggest you purchase from any stores that have decent customer reviews you can access prior to shopping. This is an essential part for you to consult from previous customers on how that store and their products perform.

We cannot forget a warranty (which I will talk about later) to make sure you can return the product or ask for a refund, under the circumstances that you are not satisfied with it and your purchase has not expired from the period. Unreliable sellers will present complex guidelines to block you from this process.

There are two buying options and you can choose whatever you prefer: online shopping websites and physical shops. People often shop online but if an equipment store is near your place, do not hesitate to visit them. You should take notes of their opening/closing hours while online shopping is available 24/7.

You can approach a lot of local chain stores for an eyeglass cleaning machine in the USA such as Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes and Costco, etc. Amazon, eBay and Best Buy are reliable and well-known shopping sites. They all offer clear product descriptions, a bundle of customer feedback and reasonable pricing.

What is the warranty policy?

Most eyeglass cleaning machine brands will provide their customers with a Money Back Guarantee in at least 30 days and a year of product warranty. They are legal rights for any unhappy customer to have their money back or demand the brands to replace a new machine for no extra charge due to the dissatisfaction.

Each brand and seller have their own guidelines for the product warranty policy, but it is best advised that you should buy from stores (both physical or online would do) in which crucial information like the return period, product condition and how much money you can take back, etc must be notified in a clear way.

Do not be fooled by deceiving sellers who only display a warranty policy in order to gain your trust, nevertheless, when it is the actual time you need to contact them about a product issue they will refuse to solve it. As I have said, scrolling through the comment section of previous buyers will bring you a lot of advantages.

Buying from a local store is slightly more flexible in this case since you can discuss the issue directly to a manager, whereas online shopping usually takes time for the customer support to respond. Regardless of that, just go for any shopping method that is most convenient because you will make the final decision.

How to take care and clean it?

The easiest way to take care of an eyeglass cleaning machine properly is to store it in air-dry areas, and seriously avoid getting wet on the outside so it does not affect digital components. Since the machine runs on electricity, I hope you will be wise enough not to place it near water bottles or a kitchen sink.

Apart from that, I think you should not leave the ultrasonic cleaner machine being turned off and unused for a long amount of time. Machines need to be function casually because they can downgrade quite soon before you realize if not. Dust can get stuck inside the machine parts and make it difficult to initiate again.

In order to keep the machine itself shining and good as new all the time, you should cleanse its outer shell with a soft dry cloth since this material barely leaves scratches on surfaces even when you rub. Remove the basket and watch holder from the machine as well so you can clean the whole thing inside out.

I would recommend adding a few light detergents on the cleaner wipes, should you wish to thoroughly polish the sonic eyewear cleaner on the outside. But this should not be a frequent action every time you clean it because a decent dry cloth is enough on this type of surface. It is only another bonus detail for your consideration.


That was my detailed ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner reviews from different manufacturers globally, along with clear guidance to use and purchase it from A-Z which is simple enough for any beginners to start the process at ease. I have also included a few helpful tips based on my previous real knowledge and experience.

Have you figured out which one among 10 of them is the best eyeglass cleaning machine that can win your attention right away? If not, you should rely on my product descriptions and weigh their pros and cons at the same time in order to filter the most ideal machine. This would be easy to complete.

As far as I am concerned, most of their prices are fairly reasonable compared to their value and advantages. I expect all existing cons would be fixed soon by these jewelry cleaning machine brands, therefore they can approach more potential customers and gain more success in the future with these functional gadgets.

Good luck with getting the right cleaning machine by making use of the useful information provided in this article. I believe you will be grateful to have this as a companion in your shopping time, no matter which method you choose to buy this cleaner machine. Thank you for reading.

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