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The Best Eyeglass Repair Kits

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best eyeglass repair kiat

I get that sometimes when a tiny screw loosens off of your glasses frame or watches, and it would be such a waste of time and money to get help from a store. Advanced alternatives have been developed widely in order to replace the old method of asking for help from others. Now you can repair the whole thing yourself!

I can assure you that with the best eyeglass repair kit in hand, fixing nose pads and tightening screws are seriously a piece of cake. A series of effective tools being collected into one beneficial repair kit at a reasonable price is waiting.

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Kingsdun Eyeglass Repair Kit Details
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Universal Souvenir Repair Kit Details
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bayite Eyeglass Repair Kit Details

Best Eyeglass Repair Kit Reviews

1. Kingsdun Eyeglass Repair Tool Kit

First up on the list is a complete eyeglass repair tool kit from Kingsdun. It has 6 magnetic flatheads and phillips screwdriver set, eyewear screws for 14 different sizings, a curved tweezer, flat and T type washers and extra screws caps in assorted sizes to repair glasses effectively whenever your frame falls apart.

The kit specifically includes Ph00/2.0,2.5 and Ph0/3.0 phillips screwdrivers with 1.5, 2.5, 3.0 flathead screwdrivers, which provides high precision and ideal for tiny screws. Its screwdriver bits are manufactured with durable CRV steel with their handles being ergonomically designed and slip-resistant.

I like how I can apply the Kingsdun repair tool kit widely for eyeglasses, watches, calculators, cameras and other electronic devices that contain micro screws. The components inside this kit are definitely variable to finish a lot of difficult mending tasks, thanks to their delicate and careful structure design.

Moreover, the whole screw set of this tool kit is made of stainless steel without any iron element to avoid magnet pull. They are entirely anti-rust against time and external impacts. I advise you to take advantage of the ESD-15 curved tweezer to hold these tiny screws and other accessories while repairing your glasses.

The transparent screws container box has divided sections for each different size. That way, it is collectible in bundles of the same size in each slot so you would not be mistaken in choosing suitable screws. This box appears to be solid to me, however it is not so compact because of the amount of screws inside.

There is also a convenient keychain screwdriver available, which comprises of a nut holder, phillips and flat tip screwdriver for quick tool application in urgent situations. Instead of carrying a heavy tool kit around, now you can easily get access to some of the most favorable tools being attached right on your keychain.

As a zero-charge attachment to this spectacles repair kit from Kingsdun, there is a soft cleaning cloth available so you can use it to wipe any dust and grimes off of your glasses, screwdriver tips, calculators and watches, etc. Cleaning cloths are popular for being an effective dirt remover of all kinds.

I have once seen a customer suggested that the brand Kingsdun should make smaller blade tip screwdrivers as some of them are bigger than those meant to repair standard eyeglass. I would suggest you try and measure the broken item’s screw sizes before purchasing the tool kit to make sure these screwdrivers fit.
  • An optimal tool-set of screwdrivers, screws, curved tweezer, washers and screw caps.
  • Precision screwdrivers in two variations. Made from CRV steel with anti-slip handles.
  • Great repairability applies to a wide range of items, from glasses to electronics.
  • Anti-magnetic stainless steel screws. Picked up by ESD-15 tweezer.
  • Big clear box to contain tiny screws.
  • The keychain screwdriver has two types and nut holder.
  • The additional eyewear cleaning cloth is included in the kit.
  • The need to make smaller blade tip screwdrivers.
The brand Kingsdun promises to give customers a refund for 45 days and an 18-month product warranty for this glasses repair tool kit. In case you are unsatisfied with the kit’s components, get in touch with Kingsdun online to be supported quickly like myself, who had experienced fine customer service.

2. Universal Souvenir Glasses and Sunglasses Repair Kit

The eyeglass repair kit from Universal Souvenir is a compact plastic case in black that comes with diverse tools. They might be shifted out of their original positions, nonetheless it does not seem to be a huge problem with me as long as they manage to stay inside this case. I appreciate its incredibly reasonable pricing.

I see that the spacers nuts storage case repair kit is able to contain around 38 pieces. It is not a big number compared to larger kit sizing but for a small repair tool case like this one, you can absolutely put it inside your backpack or jacket pocket then bring the case along to help you on fast and ready item repair.

There are 3 different types of screwdrivers in the Universal Souvenir kit, both of the slot and phillips head screwdrivers are 1.60mm and the plain round headed one is a little bigger of 1.89mm. An on-board phillips head is already attached on one end of the tool and a standard on the other for you to use it promptly.

I like how its assorted screws can be tightened with adequate friction. I have never been worried much that those tiny ones can fall out of my regular eyewear. The screws are recommended to be best applied to small eyeglasses and sunglasses in order to avoid customers buying unsuitable products.

An obvious bonus point for this glasses repair tool kit is that it includes two pairs of standard plastic nose pads to change on prescription glasses. Glasses nose pads make direct contact with our sweaty nose bridges daily, therefore they can be downgraded quite soon. This is an extra practical offer.

An important reminder that I think you should not miss, you ought to give a thorough check of your damaged item measurements to ensure the tools fit or else most of the kit would go to waste and cannot finish a proper glasses repair. I understand that we should be paying for effective stuff, not useless ones.

The eyeglass repair kit can actually turn into a great present like its brand name Universal Souvenir. I suggest you give this kit to someone who frequently encounters issues with their glasses, calculators or watches, etc. and is in need of some useful screwdrivers. It could be the best gift for birthdays and holidays.

It is pretty disappointing to me when the straight head screwdriver in this repair tool kit cannot grip screws well. They keep slipping off and I am not so delighted to continuously stretch my eyes out to look for micro screws on the table or worse, the house floor with pets around. I hope this feature would be modified soon.
  • Black plastic case in a compact size at a low price.
  • It can include approximately 38 tools inside.
  • 3 versatile screwdriver types of different tip sizing.
  • Tight fit assorted screws. Ideal for small eyewear.
  • Contain 4 extra glasses nose pads in the kit.
  • A realistic birthday or holiday present.
  • One particular screwdriver cannot handle screws well by slippage.
With the tool case length of only 4 inches, I guarantee you would not feel any burden when bringing this kit outside. In spite of being small, I definitely enjoy its variable kinds of tools to assist me in repairing glasses. The only problem left is to make the plain round head screwdriver anti-slip for better performance.

3. bayite Eyeglass Repair Kit

I see that this is a much smaller repair tool kit compared to most of those above. The brand bayite has included for this kit with 13 different screws sizes equals 1000 pieces, one small multi-function screwdriver, a small tweezer, screw nuts and washers. This set is literally everything you need.

The fact that all of them are manufactured from qualified stainless steel makes me feel safe to use. You cannot imagine how terrifying it is to wear a pair of glasses or watches with rusted screws. It will affect your face and other body parts much or less, not to mention ruining the appearance of those items.

All the screws are well packed inside a see-through tough plastic case. I am happy that it is organized pretty decently according to the size charts being noted on the lid and separated slots for each of those sizes. Your repairing process would be quicker as less time consumes on searching screw and access.

Personally, it is absolutely true to say that purchasing a repair tool kit has given a deduction to time and money spent on repairing broken items by yourself. What if your glasses screws got lost during a day out? Are you seriously going to waste money by bringing your eyeglasses to a store to replace them?

The bayite repair tool kit is perfect for fixing eyewear and accessories. You can choose among 13 screw sizes to fit your damaged items, especially for watches, glasses, jewelry, mobile phones, cameras and calculators, etc.

There are two selections of bayite repair tool kit, in which one contains extra nose pads to replace the current old downgraded on your prescription or reading glasses. I notice that sometimes glasses nose pads may even fall off from their frame, so having new ones to change instantly is good.

Its screw box is surprisingly ultra-lightweight even though it contains 1000 screws of all kinds. By measuring its length, I guess that you can carry this box in your bag and pouch without effort. The whole tool kit from bayite only comprises of small and light components to be able to fit your daily bag easily.

I have one minor problem with this glasses repair kit that its screws appear not being big enough for some glasses models. Even the largest one is not nearly as big as my old Ray Ban sunglasses screws, therefore it leads in tool dysfunction. I expect bayite to work on this issue quickly to reach out to more customers.
  • An optimal tool-set of a screwdriver, screws, tweezer, screw washers and nuts.
  • All of the tool materials are made of stainless steel.
  • The plastic case can hold 1000 screws with noted size on top.
  • Bring the advantage of fixing stuff at home.
  • 13 screw size available for fitting into versatile items.
  • Two repair kit options, one contains nose pads.
  • Compact and lightweight screw box.
  • The brand happens to make its crews too small.
I must say that what bayite offers us is beyond my expectations for the screw quantity, tool material, the box details and how a small screwdriver is so beneficial. I trust them to develop further with more screw sizes and variations.

4. Hiketolight Eyeglass Repair Kit

Hiketolight does not sound familiar to me at first, probably because they are a new brand on the market. However, their eyeglass repair tool kit has it all – phillips and flathead screwdrivers of all kinds of sizing, 14 sizes of screws for 1100 ones, a curved tweezer, flat and T type washers, screw caps and nuts.

Being a relevant accessory, the brand has not forgotten to attach a glasses cleaning cloth together with this awesome tool kit. As I have mentioned previously, there are a bunch of duties that this cleaner cloth can complete, and one of those is wiping off dirt from eyewear, phones or laptop screens.

I highly approve of the Hiketolight repair tool kit since its screwdriver can cover most types of maintenance that have small screws. Watches, glasses, phone cameras and any electrical equipment are the perfect subject for the precision tools inside this kit to mend them properly back to their original states.

I appreciate the austenitic stainless steel screws that contain no iron element. And being manufactured by such materials, these screws are completely rust-resistant and cannot be clamped by magnets, so you are advised to use the curved tweezer to grip them.

The keychain screwdriver with a phillips flat tip screwdriver ready to work is undeniably a professional tool to support you while repairing items. Not only can you bring it along for different occasions, but the screwdriver can also be attached to your vehicle or house keychains to provide a handy application.

Allow me to enlighten you about the countless amazing benefits of using glasses repair tool kits: You are totally available to do the maintenance at home which helps to save much more money and time than asking for help from a professional. It trains your patience as well while handling detailed tasks.

The only issue existing right now with the tool kit from Hiketolight that I find a large group of customers complain about is that all of its screwdrivers are not magnetic. If the screwdriver can grab metal screws then at least it would be effective. This detail causes irritation for buyers and I think the brand should improve it.
  • An optimal tool-set of screwdrivers, screws, curved tweezer, washers, nuts and screw caps.
  • Include extra cleaning cloth for free.
  • All-in-one screwdrivers enable us to fix multiple products, from glasses to electronics.
  • Premium anti-rust screws are made out of stainless steel. It is advised to pick them up with the curved tweezer.
  • A convenient keychain screwdriver comprises a phillips flat tip.
  • Beneficial repairing option that can be finished at home and patience training is available for users.
  • Its screwdrivers do not include magnets.
The Hiketolight kit can be considered a functional Amazon glasses repair kit for its widely present on the famous shopping site Amazon, with reasonable pricing and clear product description. I wish the brand would improve its screwdrivers to be magnetic soon, so in that way, the whole kit is going to be really useful.

5. Weico Eyeglasses Repair Kit

I can see that the repair tool kit from Weico includes a total of 1100 micro screws, screw nuts, washers, convex washer, and 10 nose pads are the screw-in type, a tweezer and small screwdriver. The brand focuses on the importance of screws and nose pads whereas the screwdriver is a side support tool.

This interesting eyeglass frame repair kit is also able to fix other devices like cell phones, watches, jewelry and calculators, as long as it has micro screws. Its components are tiny and quite difficult to be found on the floor, so please remind yourself to keep the entire kit away from babies, small children and pets.

Its 5 pairs of nose pads are made from premium PVC, which is transparent and soft for ensuring the highest level of comfort. Nose pieces are one essential factor to consider when you buy any types of eyeglasses. Obviously, no one would be alright to wear something that leaves pressure points on their noses.

Despite containing only one screwdriver in the Weico tool kit, it is a 3 in 1 mini screwdriver which combines flat head, phillips and hex socket nut drivers in a model to add more room for the box. I notice that its optimal 4 in 1 keychain screwdriver is made out of stainless steel with zero chance of rusting through time.

I am glad that this repair tool kit from Weico has the components manufactured from high quality stainless steel. This type of material empowers their sustainability and lengthens their longevity after uses. The tweezer of iron performs pretty well to grip screws because the screwdrivers here are not magnetic to pull them up.

It is really convenient to have specific information about screws size on the bottom of the plastic box. You would not have to stretch your eyes out to search for a suitable screw anymore, unlike when you purchase an untagged screw case.

I feel the need to make a complaint about the delivery process of this tool kit from Weico like a few other customers. Its whole box arrived opened and everything got messed up into each other. That is certainly disturbing as these screws are tiny, so it definitely requires something to lock or fasten it on the outside.
  • An optimal tool-set of a screwdriver, screws, nuts, washers, tweezer and nose pads.
  • Capable of repairing things with tiny screws.
  • 10 clear nose pieces made from soft PVC.
  • 3 in 1 screwdriver of phillips, flathead and hex socket nut drivers.
  • 4 in 1 stainless steel keychain screwdriver.
  • Screws washers and nuts made out of stainless steel. Iron tweezer.
  • Screw size information is displayed under the box.
  • Often comes in wide opened as a mess of small tools.
The screw box length is around 5.1 inches, which is not too big to store inside your backpack. The rest tools of mini screwdriver and tweezer are compact enough to slide into your jacket pocket at ease. In brief, the brand Weico only needs to improve a firm closure for its tool-box, then it is ready to help plenty of customers.

6. LIFENGXU Eyeglass Repair Kit

It is an inevitable truth that glasses alway experience degradation through time, rapid with normal ones while slow and unclear for high quality eyewear. For that reason, the brand LIFENGXU has included several pairs of soft airbag nose pads made from silicone for you to have an instant replacement.

Glasses nose pads are made with the purpose of maintaining the relaxation while wearing, thus they need to be rapidly replaced if they get stains or detach from your eyewear. There is a small hole at the bottom of each nose piece in this tool kit to decrease pressure from the glasses frame and shield your nose bridges.

The smallest repair tool kit from LIFENGXU has 3 pairs of screw-in nose pads, 20 micro screws with spare ones only for the nose pieces, a curved tweezer, small phillips and slotted screwdrivers with an additional cleaning cloth. This can be seen as one complete kit depends on your requirements.

The rest kits offer nose pads choices of 5 and 6 pairs, so you may share the tools inside it with other family members and friends when they lose their eyeglass nose pieces. These clear airbag nose pads are extremely ideal for variable customer ages, from children to adults.

What delights me about this LIFENGXU glasses repair kit is the mini plastic case built for containing tools, which is simple to store and portable. I suggest you collect all of its components into this case to enable fast nose pads repair. Hence, we can have them ready to work for vacations or weekend hangouts.

One useful advice for any potential customers of this repair tool kit from LIUFENGXU is that you ought to find new nose pieces the same as your existing ones. It is to ensure a close match for best alignment and comfort level while wearing your glasses, because a wrong pair of nose pads are disturbing.

It is cool to know that you have the right to return the eyeglass repair kit, whether from the return policy by Amazon or other shopping sites where you purchase it. The brand LIUFENGXU will offer a reliable anti-risk, money-back guarantees.

Unfortunately, customers who have misunderstood the main responsibility of this kit have made some criticism. However, I must emphasize once more that the spare screws are manufactured for nose pads and absolutely not to repair glasses frame, watches, calculators or jewelry, etc. It would be best if you took notes about this.
  • Soft screw-in airbag clear nose pads. The hole under each nose pieces to reduce pressure and protect nose bridges.
  • An optimal tool-set of screwdrivers, screws, tweezer, nose pads and cleaner cloth.
  • Versatile nose pads quantity options. Suitable for all ages.
  • Tools being put inside a portable plastic case.
  • Promise a product return or money refund as wish.
  • Unable to be used for other purposes than fixing nose pieces.
I guess you have likewise acknowledged now, that the LIUFENGXU repair tool kit concentrates on replacing and repairing loose nose pads for all kinds of glasses. It would not be a good recommendation for someone who wants to change screws on their watches and eyeglass.

7. bayite Sunglass Repair Kit

Here I would like to suggest another product from the brand bayite – a great eyeglass repair kit, with its main purpose of helping customers save a bunch of their precious time and money working on their broken eyeglasses at home.

It is overwhelming how this tool kit comprises of approximately 21 different types of screw with diverse head tip and sizing. That means you would have 1000 assorted screw pieces for the best eyeglass repair. The repair tool kit price is fairly economical as well considered the number of screws you can receive.

Apart from 1000 screws, the bayite kit also contains 8 different pairs of nose pads, phillips and slotted screwdrivers, hex nut driver, screw caps, nuts, washers, tip, curved tweezer, convex washer and mini keychain screwdriver. Is this full combo of the finest repair tools enough yet to meet your tough demands?

I notice that there are actually 4 nose pieces variations, 3 of them are the screw-in type and the other requires only a quick push in. I really appreciate this because some tool kits just offer a single kind of nose pads and happens to limit their customers, and it is not that all standard glasses will have that same nose pieces.

The potential item range to be fixed by this eyeglass tool kit from bayite is wide including sunglasses, watches, phones, calculators, jewelry, etc. Anything with micro screws would be an ideal subject for you to take advantage of the kit. It was successful in replacing my lost glasses screws.

Same as popular and favorable tool kits, bayite has manufactured its whole set of screwdrivers, screws, tweezer, washers and nuts from stainless steel. Stainless steel material is the best substance to make screws and screwdriver head tips since they do not rust even when going through a lot of liquid and sweat.

Tiny kit components are arranged in a neat way inside a large see-through plastic rectangle box, which displays each slot tag on the upper lid to show you exactly what screw size you need to find. From a personal point of view, somehow I’m not too fond of the way brands unlabeled tool kits.

To be honest, I find the bayite screwdriver handles a bit uncomfortable. I think they are quite prone to slippage, whi ch is certainly not something I expect in my screwdrivers. I cannot stay focused as the screwdriver keeps slipping off my hands when I try to tighten a screw onto my calculator. This definitely is a minus point.
  • An alternative to repairing that costs little time and money.
  • 1000 assorted screws in 21 versatile types.
  • An optimal tool-set of screwdrivers, screws, nuts, washers, tip, tweezer and nose pads.
  • 8 pairs of nose pieces in 4 different kinds and designs.
  • The ideal kit for fixing item has tiny screws.
  • A rust-resistant stainless steel tool-set.
  • Specific screw sizes are labeling on top of the box.
  • Slippery screwdriver handles lead to a lack of comfort.
Being a well-known brand in supplying a series of effective eyeglass repair kit, I believe bayite would get to know the problem soon enough. Other than that, I am not disappointed about the two bayite tool kits on this list of what major benefit they can bring to us, especially with such professional components.

8. Becory Eyeglasses Repair Kit

To make sure you are ready at all times for an emergency eyeglass replacement, I would recommend this cool repair tool kit from Becory. Its components are 1100 tiny screws in total, 5 pairs of screw-in nose pieces, screw nuts, washers, convex washer, tweezer and a mini-screwdriver.

I love its 4 in 1 precision keychain screwdriver since it would be such a waste having too many screwdrivers at once when you can merge them into one. It has a hex socket nut driver, phillips and slotted screwdrivers beneath and a convenient key ring. I attach this micro screwdriver right into my car keychain.

I can count 12 glasses screw styles along with nuts and washers in the Becory repair tool kit. Luckily, they are all in common size and not too small to be screwed into a standard eyeglass. I have seen several cases where the largest screws in their tool kits are still not big enough for normal prescription glasses.

You can be certain to know that the Becory screwdriver is made of composite stainless steel for greater longevity. The best part of a stainless steel item is that it does not rust out easily, no matter how influences from external conditions. I would be terrified of rusted metal, especially when those screws are on my daily eyewear.

The brand Becory has pleasantly offered a money back guarantee for 48 days and 2 years of product warranty for this eyeglass repair kit. That is truly an incredible amount of time for customers to have their kit quality protected. On the other hand, they do not accept a product return, so it would be best to check your product description carefully before making a purchase.

All of the screw size information is under the plastic case. They attempt to make it as specific as possible so as to avoid mistaken when customers are looking for a certain screw. Each space is organized with premium screws.

One shortcoming that I think Becory should improve is that there is no particular measurement for its nose pads. Some customers would like to learn each component size before buying to ensure they do not spend money on useless and unsuitable stuff. For that reason, I hope the brand includes this in the future.
  • An optimal tool-set of a screwdriver, screws, nuts, washers, tweezer and nose pads.
  • 4 in 1 precision mini keychain screwdriver: phillips and slotted screwdriver with a hex nut driver.
  • Screws, nuts, washers are in common sizes with 12 different types.
  • Screwdriver made of stainless steel.
  • 48 Day Money Back Guarantee and 24 months of product warranty.
  • Clear notes are below the screw box of their sizing.
  • The absence of specific nose pieces measurement.
As far as I can see, the Becory glasses repair kit has a lot of potentials to become one favorite tool kit on the market. I believe their thorough work with this kit will be paid off when they finally attach even more specific details about the component measurements. It is a way to persuade customers to buy your product.

9. JANYUN Upgrade Version Eyeglass Repair Kit

The last eyeglass repair kit I would like to present and review is a product of the brand JANYUN. Altogether there are 1300 micro screws and 300 pieces of nose pads, a pack of precision screwdrivers in different sizing, nuts, washers, tweezer, cleaning cloth and a mini-screwdriver. That all provide multi-function to this tool kit.

Its screws and nose pads are separately packed in two plastic boxes in rectangle shape. The boxes are completely transparent so you can see clear through each case and give a check for the correct components inside. I notice that their upper lids have bolts to secure the whole box for better storage.

Overall there are 33 diverse styles of the tiny screws together with nuts, washers and nose pieces. I would not hesitate to say that this repair tool kit from JANYUN is a flexible choice to replace and tighten screws and nose pads for your big family. The number of components in this kit is remarkable.

I like its smaller pack of 6 screwdrivers with different head tips including phillips and flathead screwdrivers. It means you are capable of finishing your repair on electronics, glasses, computers, and watches rapidly since all kinds of required screwdriver head tips are size-organized right here.

Similar to most repair tool kits on this list, the JANYUN kit also includes a keychain screwdriver for your convenience. In the middle is the phillips and flathead screwdrivers, which are the most typical head tips to fit multiple types of screws. Its ring with a big loop is perfect for hanging on your keychain.

And it is worth to mention about JANYUN nose pads with a quantity of 300 pieces made from high-quality silicone. The screw-in or push-in types are both available as you wish. They can perfectly replace a variety of your existing glasses’ nose pieces, such as reading eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Nonetheless, one unsatisfying feature about the repair tool kit from JANYUN is the lack of labels on both plastic cases. As a consequence, it will be challenging for customers to search for a suitable screw size or a pair of nose pieces in the boxes. Brands should not underestimate the power of small size tags.
  • An optimal tool-set of screwdrivers, screws, nuts, washers, tweezer, cleaning cloth and nose pads.
  • Screws and nose pieces are kept separately in different plastic boxes.
  • Screws and their nuts, washers along with nose pads have 33 styles.
  • Another pack of 6 precision screwdrivers in versatile sizing.
  • A convenient mini keychain screwdriver.
  • 300 pieces of nose pads with different types.
  • Screws and nose pads boxes without size tags.
Nonetheless, one unsatisfying feature about the repair tool kit from JANYUN is the lack of labels on both plastic cases. As a consequence, it will be challenging for customers to search for a suitable screw size or a pair of nose pieces in the boxes. Brands should not underestimate the power of small size tags.

10. WU-MINGLU Eyeglass Repair Kit

The WU-MINGLU kit contains a huge total of 6 pack of phillips and flathead screwdriver set in different sizings, precisely 1000 eyeglass screws made of stainless steel for 18 diverse sizings, nuts, flat and T type washers, screw caps and an additional micro screwdriver – all of them work to deliver the best repair.

The main purpose for this repair tool kit to function is to replace lost screws, fix nose pads and tighten loose screws on your eyewear, computers, watches and jewelry or anything else with micro screws. I believe with such an amount of versatile screwdriver and screw types, any damages would be fixed up rapidly.

I find out that all of its screws are placed inside a clear plastic rectangle box of 18 small cases, divided by their size with a helpful guidance card to show their information. This arrangement certainly helps you to identify each the screw size quickly just by a glance and save a lot of time during your complex work. The case also blocks different screws from invading each other’s space and mess up.

I am pleased about these precise screwdriver models and their firm structure. They are capable of grabbing metal screws at ease, but unfortunately, the magnetic screwdriver head tips do not work with stainless steel screws right in the kit. You would need to pick up those screws manually with the included tweezer.

I assume most of us would enjoy the risk-free purchase warranty from WU-MINGLU for this eyeglass repair tool kit. If you do not feel alright with the kit, either you will receive a new item replacement for free or a full amount of money back within their notified period. This is obviously a nice advantage for customers.

Similar to some other tool kits on this list, the kit from WU-MINGLU provides an extra cleaning cloth as well. You can use the cloth for cleaning glasses lenses, computer screens and watch surfaces away from external guck and unwanted stains. The cloth is in pure black to minimize the chance of getting dirty.

I can only see this repair tool kit having cross-shaped screws but no sign of straight ones. It could become a major restriction for people owning items that include straight head screws since they will not be able to make full use of the WU-MINGLU kit. I think the brand should consider this and add more screw variations.
  • An optimal tool-set of screwdrivers, screws, curved tweezer, washers, nuts, screw caps and micro screwdriver.
  • Being used to replace or tighten screws and correct nose pads. Applicable to the product with tiny screws.
  • A big translucent box comprises of 1000 18-size screws with an information card.
  • Solid magnetic screwdrivers to pick up metal screws.
  • Offer a non-risk purchase warranty.
  • An extra soft cleaning cloth to be used for glasses.
  • The inconvenient lack of straight head screws.
I believe it would take little effort to include another type of screw such as the straight head into this kit collection and eliminate less popular ones. From my perspective, the brand WU-MINGLU would catch more attention from potential customers if they know how to filter the right tools to gather inside this kit.

What to Look for When Buying Eyeglass Repair Kits


Repair kit sizing and material – Most brands choose to put the kit screws, nuts, washers and cap into a huge plastic box or a pocket-sized case. The incredible amount of over 1000 tiny screws and other items would require to be protected and arranged by a logical method inside a firm box for the best storage.

The case sizing is actually not a big problem since manufacturers try to make them as compact as possible. I see that small pocket cases or larger boxes to be carried in bags are all available, therefore you should pick the repair kit sizing depends on your frequency of using and bringing the tool kit outside.

About the repair kit material, each of them has both bonus points and downsides of. Translucent plastic is able to be divided into smaller slots, but sometimes it occurs not being solid. Plastic boxes tend to be opened easily and cause a mess inside.

In contrast, if you buy eyeglass tool kits in metal cases, it would be much more stable and endure pressure better than plastic boxes. However, they may rust out quickly and the fact that they are too small restricts them to include fewer tools than large boxes. After all, you are the one who understands what is most beneficial.

One important factor that would definitely help you out a lot is the screw size information labels on plastic boxes. Because those boxes are separated into multiple smaller slots, therefore you need size tags when searching for them. Or else the fixing process is going to be tangled up and you may lose your patience.

Screwdriver variations – As you probably have learned from my suggested repair tool kits above, flathead and phillips screwdrivers are the most popular head tips since they are able to fit loads of screw size and models. Other than that, slotted or hex socket screwdrivers would not be a bad idea to choose from.

The mini keychain screwdrivers often comprise of a phillips head and a standard one on their ends. As a result, you can see the importance of buying the proper screwdriver head tips for a versatile fitting with different screws.

I know most customers often forget to check whether those screwdrivers are magnetic or not. This is a crucial matter that should not be neglected because some people struggle hard to fit the screwdriver heads manually into screws.

Without a strong magnetic force to support, there is a higher possibility that you may drop micro screws on the floor while striving to connect them with a screwdriver. But it is a bit sad to know that most glasses screws are made out of stainless steel so they cannot be pulled by magnets. You should consider it thoroughly.

Extra attachments – Apart from a large amount of screws and screwdrivers in an eyeglass repair kit, I always prefer to purchase a kit that has more extra accessories such as the cleaning cloth and nose pads. They are indeed useful assistants besides screws to support you with replacing and fixing glasses parts.

Aside from being a glasses frame repair kit, several brands turn their main aim to concentrate on repairing nose pieces with screws design specially for screwing in eyeglass nose pads. In case you require to mend your broken glasses hinges, I advise you to select between these tool kits cautiously.

Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted eyeglass repair kit brands?

From previous sections of this article, basically I have tried my best to filter and review repair tool kits of only the highest quality possible. bayite, Kingsdun, Universal Souvenir, LIFENGXU, JANYUN or Hiketolight, etc. are all eyeglass repair kit brands that you can develop a strong faith in their premium items.

As you can see, these tool kit brands are sincere and careful in producing micro screws, screwdrivers and nose pads to your advantage. I like how they manage to create full boxes of precision screws and other small components with so little errors. I would definitely recommend these reliable repair tool kit brands.

Most of them includes clear screw size information and versatile screwdriver head tips. Their spare silicone nose pads and cleaning cloth are extremely effective as well if you wish to make use of them for your pair of eyeglasses. Make sure to check for their warranty policies as these brands offer the finest ones.

How to use it?

From my perspective, the best guidance instruction to use an eyeglass frames repair kit is to show you how each tool functions individually. There are multiple different types of screwdriver head tips and screw size and they will fit different glasses frames, calculators, watches, cell phones or jewelry, etc.

The screwdrivers in repair tool kits are meant to tighten or loosen screws. Similar to the screw bundles, each kit contains diverse screwdriver head tips for you to choose which is the most suitable. Screwdriver heads are organized in different sizing as well to help you in handling the screws with the least effort.

A curved tweezer is practically used for picking up screws when they are made from stainless steel and screwdrivers cannot place a force on them. The tweezer heads are always small and stable enough to grip onto micro screws.

When new nose pieces are included inside an eyeglass repair kit, you can take advantage of them to screw the current ones tighter back into their frame or replace lost nose pads. Glasses nose pieces ought to be soft to ensure maximum comfort and they are usually made out of clear silicone with different screws.

However, for plastic eyeglasses frames, it hard to fix. So check this article on the top-rated glue to restore your glasses frame.

Where can I get them?

As to purchase a nice eyeglass repair kit from reliable brands, there are plenty of wholesalers and retailers together with online shopping websites that you can reach out to. US citizens and even international customers should visit Costco, Amazon, Lowes, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy and Home Depot to shop.

I have purchased quite a lot of Amazon eyeglass repair kit as well as kits from other shopping sites and chain stores because their product quality is beyond expectations. A lot of trusted sellers would provide you with a full tool kit package with a clear product description and the best pricing on the market.

What is the warranty policy?

From what I have learned, I can tell that most eyeglass repair kit brands would offer at least 30 days for a full Money Back Guarantee plus up to 2 years of product warranty. This is a pleasant deal if you are facing issues with your repair kit, as you can either send it back or demand a money refund as wish.

I do not think that those brands are generous enough to allow you a full return or refund over the warranty period, but it is highly likely to happen in a few uncommon cases though. Just stick up to their notified policies to know if you are still capable of opening a dispute about the repair tool kit that you are unsatisfied with.

How to take care and clean it?

First of all, the essential component that needs to be looked after is a bulk of screws. Even though their material is stainless steel, it is best advised to store them away from casual contact with intense weather conditions to avoid a quick screw rusting process. Rusted metal is unpleasant in its smell and appearance.

Secondly, all of the tools of your repair kit should be left inside a closed box when they are not being used. That is one simple method to ensure you will not lose them by accident as they are in micro size. Take into account which case type is the most appropriate and convenient for your repairing tasks and storage.

I would certainly advise you to close the case carefully before sliding it into your backpack or pocket. I have seen some awful situations where other users not being observant and the entire screw box turned into a giant mess of tiny screws. You cannot possibly sort out every screw size back once they tangle up.

Finally, in case your glasses repair kit contains a soft cleaning cloth, use it to polish and wipe off the dust from the screwdrivers, tweezers, screws and also eyeglass lenses, watch and phone surfaces. Each tool plays an essential role during your glasses fixing process, so you should always make full use of them.


I believe that you have found the best eyeglass repair kit that is suitable for your needs right here in this article. Considered the amount of information and repair kit brands I have offered, I hope that you are completely satisfied with what you get. I hope you can buy a perfect tool kit from brands above through my instructions.

Thank you for reading and wishing you a wonderful shopping time for a repair kit.

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