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The Best Eyeglass Wipes

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha


Most customers often struggle in searching for an ideal cleaning solution for their glass lenses and PC screens that are filled with debris. Can you think of any better alternative to regular tissue and paper towels, which usually scratch out your precious belongings after being cleaned? I will show you another optimal option.

By applying soft and pre-moistened lens wipes onto various lens and digital screens, they promise not to harm these fragile exteriors and some of them can even clean up coated lenses at ease. I can feel your curiosity rising after reading these lines. Let’s dive in and get to know the best eyeglass wipe of 2020.

# Product name
Top 1
Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes Details
Top 2
Med Pride Pre-moistened Lens Wipes Details
Top 3
ZEISS Pre-Moistened Eyeglass Wipes Details

Best Eyeglass Wipe Reviews

1. Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes with Microfiber Cloths

In terms of this product from the famous brand Care Touch, they have offered us two effective cleaning options of 200 pre-moistened lens wipes and 6 cleaner cloths made out of premium microfiber. This is an interesting rare case to me because brands will often divide these two and barely join them into one package.

I would say that they have reasonable pricing of under $20.00 regarding their supply. These lens cleaners are great alternatives to paper towels or napkins, which you can purchase easily at any convenience stores but they will not treat your expensive camera lenses the way these cleaning solutions do.

The Care Touch lens cleaning wipes are packed separately in 200 pieces, they provide a streak-free performance on the delicate lens and digital surfaces. They are extremely convenient because you can grab them along for single uses. The anti-bacteria extract is meant to not induce more germs on your lenses.

The formula that Care Touch used to create these lens wipes is high-tech and excludes harmful ammonia. Applying ammonia on lens surfaces is a simple and clear option, which gives rapid cleaning results. It has been argued by some that the toxicant can damage your precious phone screens in the long run.

On the contrary, 6 Care Touch microfiber cleaning cloths are reusable. The cloths are dry and gentle for cleaning fragile lenses but also wrapped inside individual packages. They are machine washable for your convenience. Their measurement is 6 x 7 inches per cloth and they guarantee to be scratch-free.

It is not suggested to apply the lens wipes from Care Touch on glasses lenses with coatings because they contain a slight amount of alcohol. Coated lenses are much more fragile than regular ones so you should always remember not to put chemical substances on them, that liquid can damage the lens coatings quickly.
  • One big pack of lens wipes and cleaning cloths.
  • Has a reasonable price in bulk.
  • Anti-streak lens wipes in 200 individual wrappers.
  • Safe ammonia-free lens wipes formula.
  • 6 scratch-resistant microfiber cleaning cloths.
  • Inability to use the wipes on coated lenses.
I can predict that this combination of both microfiber cleaning cloths and pre-moistened lens wipes from Care Touch would be a sufficient and handy choice. You can wipe dust and smudges off of your tablet screens, camera filters and sunglasses lenses either in a dry and or method promptly as wish.

2. Med Pride Pre-moistened Lens Wipes

I am impressed by how the lens cleaning wipes for glasses from the brand Med Pride combine the fog-resistant and anti-static functions into each piece of them. These eyeglass wipes unquestionably offer beyond your simple wish of making glasses lenses clean. This is indeed a 3-in-1 optimal cleaning product.

I see that there are two options of 100 and 200 lens wipes per box. You can actually save a lot of money by acquiring them in bulk, rather than single buying for 10 at once since it costs around $0.07/count. They are all wrapped separately and pre-moistened on each to preserve their quality through storage.

The Med Pride lens wipes are scratch-free on glasses lenses because they are made from a soft and gentle material. The leftover liquid will quickly dry out from your items for instant use right after cleaning. They are guaranteed to be ammonia-free for a safe and natural wipe formula that protects your optical health.

You can feel free to apply these lens wipes on fragile digital surfaces, apart from eyewear lenses with no worries such as phone screens, laptops, camera lenses, keyboards and musical instruments, etc. Your belongings are guaranteed to be safe and clean with these lens wipes on.

Other than regular household uses, you can take advantage of the lens wipes for professional businesses including optical stores or photo studios. Even the box with 200 wipes only costs under $15.00, therefore it is definitely a worthy investment. Their package box is also in a compact size to be stored easily.

The only sad news is that the Med Pride eyeglass wipes are not capable of removing tough oil streaks from cooking. I assume this brand only injected a slight amount of isopropyl alcohol into their product and that is not strong enough to wipe off the oil. Perhaps you should search for other suitable wipes.
  • The extra features of anti-fog and static-free.
  • 100 and 200 pieces per package to pick.
  • Anti-scratch sanitation. Harmless wipe formula.
  • Perform well on sensitive surfaces.
  • Also support professional uses.
  • Cannot deal with cooking oil smudges.
Personally, I think Med Pride has attempted to provide the best functions on the global market for their lens wipes. It is understandable for these light lens cleaning wipes not being able to handle such sturdy dirt like some oil streaks. There are loads of effective specialized cleaners for cooking in replacement of them.

3. ZEISS Pre-Moistened Eyeglass Lens Cleaning Wipes

This ZEISS product is a huge box that contains 600 pre-moistened lens wipes. The lens wipes are disposable so they will not turn to harmful garbage, which the Earth no longer can consume. Each of them is well-packed in secure envelopes for keeping moisture inside and does not vaporize during storage.

Personally, I enjoy doing a ZEISS lens cleaning wipes review because they allow us to wipe smoothly through most typical kinds of dirt and force them to vanish in seconds. The contamination that often clings onto your lens surface is dust, oil and fingerprints so use the ZEISS lens wipes to achieve better optical clarity.

You can simply imagine these as a type of pre-moistened tissue wipe, which is designed especially for cleaning fragile optical lenses. The lens wipes are completely anti-static, they do not cause any abrasions to scratch or leave terrible marks after the process. Even if you scrub a bit, they will not harm the lenses.

The most popular applications for these lens wipes from ZEISS are on camera lenses, glasses lenses, microscopes and binoculars. They only have a light alcohol solution base to remove grimes in an optimal method so I am not afraid to apply the wipes onto my daily prescription glasses.

The famous brand ZEISS has refused to include artificial fragrances and ammonia into its formula. These glasses cleaning equipment have been through rigorous testing to make sure they always deliver peak performances, without the hesitation of making direct eye contact with chemicals.

Due to 600 lens wipes packs per box, I advise you to open it up right after it arrives and carefully counts whether the seller has provided you with the right amount. There has been a case when a customer only received 200 lens wipes with a sticker claiming it to contain 3 times more than so.
  • 600 pre-moistened disposable lens wipes.
  • Scrub contamination gently away from the lenses.
  • Static-free and anti-abrasion tissue wipes.
  • Low amount of alcohol.
  • Work on delicate surfaces.
  • The absence of fragrances and ammonia.
  • The shortage of their real lens wipe amount.

It is not too harmful for lens wipes to contain a little alcohol in their formula to give out the best cleaning solution, just to what extent that is safe for users. I know that ZEISS has tried to minimize that amount to the lowest level since my previous eyeglass wipes from this brand perform safely on lenses.

4. Flents Wipe ‘N Clear Lens Cleaning Wipes

The Flents Wipe ‘N Clear lens wipes are sold in 4 portable boxes, each of them comprises 75 lens wipes for a total number of 300. Their dimensions are 5 x 6 inches which are near average and big enough for most surface types. I like how all of them are pre-moistened and individually wrapped in a secure method.

In case you find that number to be a little extra for your daily use, there are 100 and 150 lens wipes options available for lower pricing. They will cost around $0.13/count, which is a great bargain that you can only get in bulk. However, I wish that the brand chooses to contain them in a box for less inconvenience.

You can consider Flents Wipe ‘N Clear product as one of the best lens wipes, thanks to their soft wood pulp material that performs brilliantly on delicate surfaces without any scratches. They are equipped with a streak-free wipe formula to deliver a clear vision via lenses and phone screens against dust.

I am aware that the overall formula to produce these lens wipes include a mixture of isopropyl alcohol, water plus some extra detergent to enhance the cleaning results. Several cleaning solutions available on the market right now contain a serious volume of harmful alcohol and it is not good at all for your desired surfaces.

300 lens wipes from Flents Wipe ‘N Clear can take turns to clear up a series of TV screens and monitors, eyewear lenses, computer surfaces, car screens, mirrors, etc. They are applicable to most standard lens surfaces together with LCD displays that promise to do no harm or leave terrible residue on them.

The same problem of a few lens wipes is drying out before opening the package happens to this item from Flents Wipe ‘N Clear as well. It might be due to the surrounding environment, which has not been ideal for their storage and it has sucked out the necessary moisture. The brand should pay more attention to this.
  • Divide into 4 boxes of overall 300 lens wipes.
  • Other quantity choices that are less expensive.
  • Made out of tender fabric to avoid scratches.
  • A safe and alcohol-free lens wipes formula.
  • Work on multiple lenses and digital surfaces.
  • Some wipes run out of moisture before using.
I understand that a lot of eyeglass wipes brands have not found a proper solution to maintain the moisture inside their product for long. This situation also depends on how the brand stores them at first and the delivery process.

5. Pyramex Safety Lens Cleaning Towelettes

The 8th cleaning solution in the form of soft lens wipes has a reasonable number of 100 pieces. I feel that they are indeed economical in terms of pricing and quantity. Even if you lose a few of them on the go, it should not be a problem as an instant backup always arises from other wipes to your advantage.

The fact that these lens wipes are likewise made out of an anti-static and fog-free formula should be a huge bonus point. Modern buyers would prefer the all-in-one product over something with a single purpose. By blending these useful side features into the wipes, Pyramex Safety should be given applause.

I understand that an eyeglass cleaning machine cannot perform any cleaning progress on digital screens. Whereas, the Pyramex Safety lens wipes are meant to be multi-task items for collecting and removing dirt from lens surfaces, face shields and electronic screens without effort. Incredible, right?

Plus these 100 powerful lens wipes are suitable for plastic and polycarbonate coverings, too. They make it so easier for me, personally, to get rid of undesirable smudges on a bunch of different surfaces. I can tell that some lens wipes are not strong enough for those exteriors.

They actually have a large size, compared to most other lens wipes on the market at the moment since their dimension is 8 x 5 inches. Hence, you can feel free to apply the lens wipes for effective cleaning on huge computer monitors and TV sets, along with the mentioned regular surfaces.

I would advise you to give a check on their expiration date as soon as you receive the package. A customer once gets an expired lens wipes box from this brand. You should contact their customer service to learn about their return policy and period, so you will not lose money on dysfunctional items.
  • Provide economical quantity of 100 lens wipes.
  • Contain a static-free and anti-fog cleaning formula.
  • Multi-purpose lens wipes on diverse surfaces.
  • Ability to clean plastic and polycarbonate.
  • Has a bigger size than the market standard.
  • Outdated lens wipes are still being sold and sent.
In order to prevent their cons from happening to yourself, in case of shopping online, you should purchase lens wipes from the brand’s official website and their authorized distributors. In contrast, getting them directly from a local equipment store would be the most ideal option to follow.

6. Optix 55 Eyeglass Cleaner Lens Wipes Pre-Moistened Cleaning Cloths

These items from the well-known optic equipment brand Optix 55 are individually wrapped for you to bring a bunch of them on the go and get quick access to these lens wipes for glasses. In order to clean your glasses with them, rip the package apart and use them instantly for once then dispose of them where possible.

They come in large variations of 30, 100, 200, 400 and up to 600 packs per one purchase. You can pick whatever you feel that it is convenient for the long term using and storage at your place. I see that their 200 packs option has a low price, which literally values less than $1.00/count while offering loads of usage.

The lens wipes are pre-moistened but they do not create wet streaks or leave an awful film. To start, open the envelope while it is still folded to wipe off excess dust first. The next step is to unfold the lens wipe and clean your glasses in a circular movement. Last is to wait until they dry so you can put them on.

I am happy to know that their formula is free from toxic ammonia. Your vision makes direct contact with daily eyewear, thus you should choose lens wipes that contain natural ingredients to prevent toxicants from approaching. These Optix 55 lens wipes handle fragile lenses at ease with their optically safe moisture.

These pre-moistened eyeglass wipes can remove residue and invisible bacteria effectively from your eyewear and electronic screens. The mentioned surfaces usually obtain dirt if they are not used on a daily basis, therefore you should always store a few wipes inside your bag and pocket to clean them promptly.

It is reported from several previous customers that some of them are too dry while cleaning, probably because of how their manufacturer stores them in an unsuitable environment. Overheated air might absorb all of the moisture from these lens wipes and results in the problem. You can get rid of useless ones in this bundle.
  • Packed separately in small envelopes.
  • Provide different wipe quantity choices. Incredibly low price.
  • Create no wet streaks on lenses.
  • The formula is safe and ammonia-free.
  • Eliminate smudges and grimes from lenses.
  • A few of them are dried up when open.
It is warned not to use these Optix 55 lens wipes to clean contact lenses as they require a specific different cleaning method than regular eyewear. They comprise isopropyl alcohol for the best cleaning results so you should keep them as far from your eyes as possible. The price is inexpensive to give them a shot.

7. Diamond Pre-moistened Lens and Glass Cleaning Wipes

The lens wipes from Diamond are especially ultra-convenient for traveling thanks to their compressed box size. They have also received the special TSA approval. Each of these lens wipes is perfectly sealed and sterilized to reach specific hygiene and quality standards, thus you can feel secure while using them.

They come in a green box of 100 USA-made premium lens wipes. These are quick and abundant supplies to save your glasses lenses from dirt whenever you need them. I know that some customers are already used to a microfiber cleaning cloth, but it is honestly not hygienic and nowhere as effective as lens wipes.

These Diamond lens wipes are definitely powerful rivals against fingerprints, dust, haze and smears on multiple types of surfaces such as mobile phones, glasses, camera lenses and computer screens, etc. They are capable of wiping out such dirt without the help of any other additional chemical substances.

The Diamond anti-scratch and streak-free lens wipes that are completely harmless to your DSLR cameras and other valuable belongings. You will not have to worry much about whether your favorite items will obtain terrible scratches or a vague film on them, after the cleaning process with these wipes.

I am fond of their quick-drying resolution. I am not patient enough to wait for my glasses lenses to dry out from the applied moisture, because I often need to put them on right away to do other tasks. If the lens wipes from Diamond are both cheap in pricing and offer a quick dry-up, they deserve to be tried for once.

One minor problem is the irritating sense of alcohol on these eyeglass wipes. I notice that several lens wipes brands also encounter the same obstacle and they have not figured out an optimal way to solve it. I expect that the brand Diamond will reduce the fragrance volume on their lens wipes.
  • Ideal to bring along while traveling. TSA approved.
  • Sold in bulk of 100 wipes made in the USA.
  • Capability to clear off various dirt types.
  • Offer an anti-streak and scratch-free cleaning.
  • Dry up rapidly for a shorter waiting time.
  • Their strong alcohol smell bothers customers.
I totally get that adding some fragrance to enhance their overall sense is essential for lens wipes brands and Diamond is not an exception. By accident, this brand has probably added a bit too much fume and it mixes in the alcohol base of these lens wipes. They should adjust this quickly.

8. WIPEMART See Clear Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

This product from the brand WIPEMEART is a whole new discovery. They have an absolutely different design in comparison with other lens cleaning wipes on this review list. The lens wipes are on sale for a total of 192 wipes but they are divided into 12 resealable tabs, each wrapper contains 16 wipes.

I can see that the brand has chosen this type of wipes carrier like regular wet tissue. Differs from separately packed lens wipes, the best part is that they can be sealed up again for later use and so, carefully preserve their moisture. This procedure enables all of the lens wipes left will stay fresh and moisturized to use.

Their formula is said to be water repellent, fog-free and non-static. It is easy to understand because these lens wipes from WIPEMART are made in the USA – the largest and most occupied market of producing eyeglass cleaning wipes. Thanks to this information, it has succeeded in raising my interest in these items.

They are completely safe for a wide range of lens surfaces including tablet screens, eyeglasses lenses, coated and anti-reflective lenses, etc. Most lens wipes can only remove dirt from a certain number of lenses and turn useless with other special ones. The WIPEMART lens wipes manage to clean up all of which.

It is no doubt that you can store them with ease inside your jacket pocket, wallet and camera bag, etc since each resealable tab is in compact sizing. Do not forget to check if their lids are closed tightly before putting them away from sight. In case their closure is not made in a proper way, the moisture will evaporate.

To be honest, since their original ability is not to prevent fogging, I do not think you should have high expectations in these lens wipes to make your glasses lense entirely fog-proof. Their main responsibility is to discharge grimes from multiple lens and plastic surfaces so the fog-resistant feature is not too clear.
  • Join 16 lens wipes in a resealable pack.
  • Successfully preserves their moisture.
  • Static-free, water repellent and anti-fog formula.
  • Accomplish to clean all lens surfaces.
  • Incredibly quick and simple for storage.
  • Does not provide the fog-free resolution well.
The WIPEMART item could have been the best eyeglass cleaner wipes if it was not for their weak anti-fog function, which the brand has claimed that they can. I hope that they will improve this feature to reach a particular standard, enough to satisfy even the pickiest customers and draws them to buy the lens wipes.

9. PDI D25431 See Clear Eye Glass Cleaning Wipes

The brand PDI has offered versatile choices from 1 to 4 packages per purchase to your advantage. I am amazed by how shockingly cheap pricing for their one box of 120 lens wipes, which values about $0.72 per count. You can pick which number of boxes that will benefit you the most for your daily activities.

I like the fact that the lens wipes from PDI are soft and pre-moistened with enough moisture. They will deliver a complete lint-free performance, thus you needn’t be afraid to have your eyeglass lenses cleaned up with these high-quality lens wipes. I have experienced them a couple of times and they surely do not scratch.

As they are packed separately, the small and portable lens wipes wrappers that are 2.1 inches would be more than convenient to be put inside your purse, jacket pocket, camera holder, backpack and other container methods. These packages can still save a lot of spare room for different items being put with them.

The lens wipes are able to provide a unique PDI see-clear quality. They can clean diverse glass and plastic lens surfaces. The special part is that they also work like a dream on anti-reflective and UV/glare-free coatings on eyewear lenses. These coated lenses are not going to be polished easily by low-quality lens wipes.

Again, this PDI product includes a static-free and non-fogging function in the formula. By having these extra features, the lens wipes can bring nearly the best overall cleaning performance on the mentioned coverings. I seriously recommend them for this amazing combination at reasonable pricing under $10.00.

I feel a little disappointed for the reason that these lens wipes from PDI may cause eye irritation, of course, if their moisture has direct contact with your vision. This matter is already displayed on the outer wipe packages so their customers can avoid it from the beginning. You should take this into serious consideration.
  • Selects number of boxes from 1 to 4.
  • Performs as a lint-free cleaning resolution.
  • The individual package is convenient for storage.
  • Functions on distinctive coated lenses.
  • Includes anti-fog and static-free in the formula.
  • Prone to developing optical irritation.
I learned that whichever lens wipes with an alcohol base that has direct contact with the eyeballs will affect your vision and result in irritation. It is absolutely not redundant of the brand PDI to warn their customers beforehand. I would advise you to let the moisture dry up completely prior to putting the glasses on.

10. Visusmall Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

The pre-moistened eyeglass wipes from Visusmall combine lens cleaner and anti-fog function in one single wipe, though the latter is not common to users. They can clean up regular coverings like glasses lenses, watch surfaces, telescopes to fragile digital ones such as cameras, smartphones and laptop screens.

There are 100 pre-moistened small lens wipes provided in a box from Visusmall so this is a fairly reasonable quantity, which is good for both usage and storage. Sometimes, having lens wipes in a bundle takes a long time to use up all of them and the last ones might run out of moisture.

The fact that their formula is biodegradable and environmental-friendly makes me feel protected. Several eyeglass wipe brands usually try to add strong alcohol into their product to enhance their cleaning ability. I would rather use a natural-based resolution than fast but harmful chemicals.

At a compact size of a mini envelope, the Visusmall lens wipes can be stored in makeup bags, jeans pocket, wallet or in the car, etc. Whenever you want to use these eyeglass wipes, you will be able to use them instantly by ripping the package off and unfold the pre-moistened wipes to clean on various surfaces.

Their rapid drying feature allows you to use your item right after without spending more time waiting. By getting un-wet quickly, the moisture on these wipes will not leave awful streaks on your glasses lenses like the ones that are soaked with liquid.

Unfortunately, the brand Visusmall has probably put too much fragrance into the lens wipes. That strong sense still lingers on my hands even after when I wash them with soap and it is not really a decent smell. I wish these wipes do not contain such a large volume of unnecessary fragrance that causes a disturbance.
  • Unite lens cleaner and fog-free solution in one.
  • A reasonable amount of 100 lens wipes.
  • Biodegradable and environmental-safe formula.
  • Individually packed in small envelopes.
  • Quick dry on lens surfaces.
  • Indecent fragrance.
Visusmall has not been a popular eyeglass wipes brand among global customers yet, but I believe they will gain success soon with the moderate number of wipes provided and their beneficial features for glasses lenses. I hope they will take into account the over-infused scent and reduce it in the future.

11. Leader Lens Cleaning Towelette Dispenser

The last lens wipes box on this review list has a moderate number of 100 pieces in a pack. You should feel free to pick out from a bundle of 2 to 5 boxes per purchase and their pricing will increase upward until they are worth less than $150.00. I think this is a fine value for such an amount in one single purchase.

I notice there is a convenient tab below the box to pull it open and take some lens wipes out. I am happy that I needn’t tear the box because it will make the entire thing messed up and cannot protect the lens wipes package inside properly. This tab can be pulled out and closed in without much effort.

These Leader eyewear lens wipes are likewise made in the USA like a few other brands above. Personally, I feel more safe about all lens wipes that have an USA origin, probably due to their high-quality lens cleaning equipment. The lens wipes contain a non-fogging and static-free formula.

The lens wipes from Leader are well-known to work best on polycarbonate, plastic and glass surfaces. A lot of previous customer feedback has proven these wipes to be effective.

My only critical comment on the Leader lens wipes is that a single box of 100 counts has a pretty high price compared to other 100-piece lens wipes packs. However, they are not genuinely that valuable since they should have been equipped with many more awesome features. I hope the brand will fix this in the future.
  • Diverse options from 1 to 5 packs for one buy.
  • A tab underneath the box to take out lens wipes.
  • Originates from the USA for high quality.
  • The formula comprises non-static and anti-fog solution.
  • Can perform well on almost all surfaces.
  • Expensive price compared to others.
The brand Leader needs to give their lens wipes an upgrade to be worthy of the price they are offering for online customers. I mean, they are not entirely bad, these lens wipes just require a few small upgrades in their outlook and function to satisfy more users. This is the end of my lens wipes review list.

12. Care Check Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

I would like to emphasize the highlight feature of these Care Check lens wipes is their ability to get rid of dirt from anti-reflective coated lenses, which is not offered by many current brands. AR coatings are known to be inapplicable to multiple kinds of cleaning equipment but not these ones.

There are 300 lens wipes gathered inside a huge package. Each lens wipe is separately packed so you can store them in a flexible way in the car, at home, inside your camera bag or a purse, etc. I enjoy the compact sizing of their outer wrappers, due to reducing burden for easier storage.

More than just some casual sunglass cleaning wipes, the Care Check items can be used widely on camera lenses, PC/smartphone screens, microscopes and binoculars, etc. Their effective cleaning power is powerful enough to clear off most dirt and bacteria, which got stuck inside small and hard-to-reach corners.

Not only are these eyeglass wipes soft with light textures, but they are also perfectly safe for your glasses lenses. They are absolutely anti-streak for the most fragile and free of ammonia to create a secure cleaning procedure. I know that many customers are scared of cleaning wipes that include chemical substances.

A few customers feel that these lens wipes might be a little too wet for some particular reason, but if you apply them on phone and tablet screens then that moisture level is considered moderate. I think you should test their moisture prior to applying the lens wipes on targeted surfaces, mainly to adjust how wet they are.
  • Clean up lenses with anti-reflective coatings.
  • Contain 300 lens wipes.
  • Easy removal of grimes on various exteriors.
  • Have light texture and environmental-safe solution.
  • Being a bit too wet for certain lens surfaces.
I can see that the typical issue of lens wipes not saving enough moisture through time does not occur to this product from Care Check. Nonetheless, they might have tried to avoid that scenario by adding too much dampness onto their eyeglass wipes. This problem can be altered quickly for us to have better cleansing.

What to Look for When Buying Eyeglass Wipes


Expiration date – I know for sure that most of the time when you go shopping for lens cleaning equipment, the expiration date does not seem to be relevant. In fact, getting to know the exact period available before a product expires and turns almost useless is extremely important, especially when it comes to lens wipes.

Pre-moistened lens wipes are among the most difficult items for storage as they need a suitable surrounding environment to preserve their moisture in the best condition. The expiration date plays a special role in this circumstance. If a lens wipe is no longer validated, it can lose moisture and dry up instantly.

You can clearly see above that loads of brands have not learned to maintain their wipes’ moisture for a long term. Therefore, the only solution for customers like us is to select a box of eye glass wipes that was produced not long ago and hope that most of them inside are still able to keep themselves moisturized.

Formula – Current eyeglass cleaning wipes on the market are commonly made out of an alcohol-based and ammonia-free formula. There are no toxic chemicals inside the formula, only a slight amount of alcohol and detergents that is enough to produce effective cleaning outcome on most surface types.

Their formula will always include a sense of fragrance to bring temptation and comfort to users. It makes the lens wipes smell pleasantly while being used. Unfortunately, several lens wipes brands have not known how to measure adequate fume and sometimes lead to the wipes having a seriously awful chemical stench.

I would suggest you look for lens wipes that are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. So when each of them is disposed of into the environment, they will not last for long as indecomposable trash like plastic. I know that most lens wipes are what I have mentioned, but you should still choose them carefully.

Side features – Aside from the main function of lens wipes to clean up debris and grimes from glass and plastic surfaces, a majority of brands also tried to make their product more multi-purposed by adding additional features like anti-fog, water repellent and static-free into the lens wipes general formula.

From my perspective, these highlights barely work in a useful way since, after all, the lens wipes’ primary mission is no more than cleaning up dirt from surfaces. It does not mean I am saying that none of those side features are actually effective, I would be glad if you find lens wipes that truly deliver them.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an eyeglass wipe?

An eyeglass wipe is a piece of soft white fabric, often being equipped with an effective alcohol-based formula in order to clean dirt and grimes from various lens and digital surfaces. Its average dimension is around 6 x 7 inches and each of them is packed in individual wrappers to ensure the maximum level of hygiene.

An eyeglass wipe surpasses other lens cleaning solutions, which I can refer to as paper towels or microfiber lens wipes of a cloth. An entire box filled with glasses wipes that are already pre-moistened with an effective formula is the final winner, period. It produces the best overall cleaning results for those surfaces.

How does it work?

When being applied on a certain surface, the moisture on an eyeglass wipe starts to function as an alternative to strong rubbing alcohol to wipe away collected dust and unwanted smudges. With the assistant of water and some light detergent that are already infused, an eyeglass wipe enables great optical clarity.

Who is this for?

An eyeglass wipe is manufactured for everyone, especially those who have major difficulties in cleaning lens and plastic surfaces with regular paper towels and shirt cloth. The pre-moistened lens wipe strengthens your cleaning process with a high level of hygiene and powerful but harmless alcohol base.

What are the different types of eyeglass wipes?

Single-packed lens wipes – This is the most common type of glasses cleaning wipes since their brands wish to protect the moisture inside individual packages. This kind of wrapper also ensures hygiene to the utmost extent to prevent external bacteria from invading and leaving dirt on the lens wipes.

These single packages are completely sealed and sterilized for the perfect sanitation standard. It guarantees that the lens wipes are not going to put more grimes onto your desired surfaces, which originate from themselves. You can rip the outer package apart and start the cleaning procedure right away.

Separately wrapped lens wipes serve single-use and should be disposed of afterward. They are often collected and sold inside a big box containing a typical quantity from 100 to a maximum of 600 lens wipes. As far as I am concerned from the products on this list, each count is worth less than a dollar.

Multiple wipes per wrapper – The only item on this list, which is designed and produced due to this type of eyeglass wipes, is 192 lens wipes in 12 small tabs from the brand WIPEMART. Much differ from those common individual wrappers, they decided to include 16 pieces per package for 12 resealable tabs.

These tabs are made precisely similar to normal wet tissue that we use daily. After pulling out a sufficient amount of lens wipes as wish, you can close its lid and store the whole package back into place. Make sure there is no gap left after closing for the moisture to stay in and does not evaporate.

I see that the average pricing for multiple wipes per wrapper is not much more expensive than the other type above. In terms of quantity, they are more beneficial than single-packed ones since you can carry along over 10 lens wipes in one tab. Their slight disadvantage is bacteria may get through easily.

Advantages and disadvantages of an eyeglass wipe?


It is much cheaper when being sold in bulk.

Eliminate stubborn dirt without scratching lens surfaces.

Provide better optical clarity for its customers.

Mini-size wrappers to benefit your storage problem.

Non-repeated use and disposable glasses tissue.


A part of the box may dry out before opening their packages.

Sometimes leaves behind residue and streaks.

Strong unpleasant sense of alcohol that lingers afterward.

Soft paper container boxes usually get deformed.

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What are the most trusted eyeglass cleaner wipe brands?

If you are searching for the most trusted eyeglass cleaner wipe brands on the current market, then they are all well-collected to be evaluated right here in this article: Care Touch, ZEISS, Pyramex Safety, WIPEMART, Optix 55, Diamonds, Med Pride, Visusmall, Leader, Care Check and Flents Wipe ‘N Clear, etc.

You can see for yourself that the mentioned lens wipes brands have their popularities spread throughout the globe. Their products can be approached via traditional direct buying and quick online shopping without any obstacles. These brands always include fine product warranties and dedicated customer support.

Within my upper reviews on the lens wipes produced by these brands, you can rely on them to check out their basic information and weigh the pros and cons to filter the most suitable choice. You can trust these brands as much as I do.

How to use it?

Let me instruct you on how to use lens wipes properly. To begin with, tear the package apart. Remember to check for its moisture before applying, for example on your palms or a nearby glass surface. This action should be done to avoid leaving bare streaks by being too wet or too dry outside the wrapper.

In the next step, wipe out unwet debris from your targeted surfaces with the lens wipe still folded as its outer side is dry and rough. Finally, unfold that lens wipe and start cleaning the surface in a circular motion until all dirt comes off. Several lens wipes provide a quick-drying function so you might needn’t wait.

After you have finished, make sure to dispose of the lens wipe in appropriate areas. Do not intend to throw it away on the streets under any circumstances.

Where can I get it?

Apart from available products and crucial factors to take into account, you should acquire reliable addresses in order to purchase the best lens cleaning wipes as well. In the past when the only option is to drive to a nearby store and choose among them, now you can sit home and buy lens wipes on online shopping websites.

You should reach out to Amazon, Home Depot, Costco, Lowes, eBay, Walmart and Best Buy, etc because they are trusted places to buy optimal lens wipes with reasonable pricing. These locations are both USA chain stores and famous online shopping sites, so I have no hesitation to select lens wipes from them.

Remember to give a slow and clear check through of their specifications and expiration date, which I have suggested in the important factors section.

What is the warranty policy?

Normally, I see that eyeglass wipe brands will permit their customers to return the product within 30 days after purchasing. In regard to a new replacement or repair of any problems that occurred, your lens wipes would be valid to request for a year. You should also pay attention to the lens wipes’ warranty policies.

How to take care and clean it?

As far as I am concerned, the process of taking care of a lens wipes box is simple to follow. It would help if you store the box in open areas. It is not advised to put it inside a drawer or similar airtight spots because the internal heat can absorb all valuable moisture from those lens wipes and they would turn dysfunctional.

I will not talk about the single-packed lens wipes as they are already sterilized and sheltered inside their individual wrappers. In order to keep the resealable lens wipes tab clean from bacteria and stains, you need to carefully check its closure before storage to be certain that no gap is left by sealing the lid tightly.


I strongly believe that after you have bought the best eyeglass wipe for yourself, the question of why my glasses are always smudged will be solved in no time. There is a lot that a piece of lens wipe can achieve to deliver their customers a bright optical clarity in the long run. You can tell me which is your favorite.

I have gathered all of the most helpful and beneficial information about lens wipes in 2021 for your convenience, right here in this tailor-made article. Even if you have no intention to purchase the lens wipes from my review list, you can feel free to rely on my essential criteria to assess the quality of lens wipes.

Do not forget to note down my precious tips to get effective lens wipes from reliable brands and providers. I hope you are satisfied with how much you have learned through the article. Thank you for reading.

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