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The Best Face Shields

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best face shield

We all know that our faces and eyes are sensitive and vulnerable parts and they need to be protected well during our work. People who get those parts hurt can suffer both mental and physical health problems, and post-traumatic stress disorder is among those serious conditions.

Numerous unwanted injuries are preventable if we pay enough attention to equipping ourselves with proper protective pieces. We can avoid those accidents by purchasing the best face shield that is suitable for us.

We understand deeply how hard and confusing it is to look for a good piece among a market full of many products. That is why we write this article to show you the list of some ideal guards and tips to make the choosing process become much breezy.

# Product name
Top 1
Lincoln Electric Face Shield Details
Top 2
Sellstrom Face Shield S30110 Details
Top 3
3M 90028-80025 Face Shield Details

Best Face Shield Reviews

1. Lincoln Electric OMNIShield Professional Face Shield

This special product with various useful features can offer your eyes and face the best protection against all kinds of hazards that happen at the worksite. You should consider purchasing the Lincoln Electric Face Shield if you are in need of a good partner.

We can see that the manufacturer offers different versions with various functions that we might need for our tasks. If you want a product that is not be fogged up easily, there is an anti-fog piece available. Also, for a more dangerous job, you may need the one that can resist scratches well. There is a dark front window for people who do not want a transparent mask.

The special thing about the shield is that its front lens is thicker when compared to numerous other products on the market currently. That is why this guard can offer the optimum for users against various kinds of hazards. I feel secure while wearing the piece to perform the job.

It is incredible that this model also provides excellent comfortability. The reason behind this great feature is the added cushion for our forehead and the back. We can feel the amazing comfort because the whole weight of this shield is divided fairly. It prevents the head and neck sore for users after we wear it for a long period of time.

What many people like about its design is the ability to adjust it freely until the guard fits perfectly. It is also a lightweight model of face guard despite the thickness of its lens. On top of that, we can own the product at a reasonable price.

However, there can be some scratches on the window if you use it for too heavy-duty tasks.
  • Good protection
  • Excellent features
  • Nice design and fit
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Good price
  • Can be scratched
Overall, despite one minor flaw, this model can be among the best face shield for grinding.

2. Sellstrom Face Shield S30110

The next highly-recommended safety piece that you should check out is the Sellstrom Face Shield. The product amazes numerous users with its utility and great construction.

This model is brought to the customers with four versions available. You can buy its basic piece with a clear face shield or with Aluminum bound. If you want, they also offer the mask with chin guard or you can pick a separate set of replacement crown and headgear if the old one is broken.

It is fantastic that this model is customized to fit both women and man’s heads. We can share this product with our partner. The piece is a nice choice for everyone since its design can be suitable for female workers to use as well. It is convenient to use thanks to the flexible ratchet gear.

The mask is made of polycarbonate aluminum, the material that can provide excellent clarity for our eyes. The visibility is so superior that sometimes it feels like the window is not there. It is as clear as when you look at the objects directly without any glass stay in between.

Unlike many other tools, this piece does not require any set-up. The whole shield will be delivered to you in a complete version that is ready to be used right away. Numerous customers love the convenience that the feature brings them. You only need to remember to peel off the plastic film that covers the window.

Another good thing is that this equipment can be used to shield you from various kinds of danger so you wear them on different occasions. People who work as welders, machine operators, mechanics, and so on can bring this one to the worksite for their optimum safety.

Unfortunately, there are some complaints that its window can be scratched sooner than we expect.
  • Great protection
  • Nice set and design
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Various use
  • Clear vision
  • Scratched soon
In conclusion, this is a good protective face shield for both female and male workers that is worth your consideration.

3. 3M 90028-80025 Face Shield

The first piece that can be considered as one of the best protective tools for face is this 3M Face Shield. Many customers came to the product for its amazing quality and reasonable price.

You should know that this model can be bought in a single piece or in a pack of 2 to 5. It is a good deal that we can find in the current market. The reason that makes me purchase this product is its design is pretty simple, while the model looks cool.

It’s pleasing to find that this tool can fit perfectly to our head thanks to a pin-lock they have on the back of the shield. We can freely fasten the lock until we feel comfortable and secure in the piece, that is when we are ready to work safely.

The product is excellent at protecting users’ faces, especially the eyes since we perform the task that might create much spatter. I notice this one is an incredible replacement for safety goggles, as it offers a much wider range of protection for my current job. It can also have enough space for you to wear an extra pair of glasses beneath.

I am happy to find out that the manufacturer uses thermoplastic to produce this equipment’s crown guard. The material enables this part to provide great strength to hold firmly on users’ heads.

What I also like about this tool’s design is its window system. We can exchange it into a new one in case there is any damage or defect easily. Make sure to put the exclusive face shield gently into its right place. Then it can be ready again for your next task.

We will not have to worry about the clarity of our working objects. The guard offers good visibility for us to carry our tasks conveniently. However, there are some complaints about this pair being fogged up sometimes when the weather is too hot.
  • Great protection
  • Simple design
  • Easy to adjust the crown
  • Easy to change the face shield
  • Good clarity
  • Sometimes foggy
Overall, the tool is an excellent 3M face shield that you should consider purchasing.

4. Honeywell Uvex Bionic Face Shield (S8510)

Another product that familiar with many professionals workers is the Honeywell Uvex Bionic Face Shield model S8510. This piece is a good quality product from a great protective tool brand. You can find this one on the market at a slightly higher price than some other faceguard equipment.

The difference we have in this tool when compared to the model version S8500 is its optimized visibility. The mask is customized to offer incredible clarity for our eyes when we use the shield to work. The wonderful peripheral sight is the reason why many prefer this one to the other model from Honeywell.

With this product, if our front window is broken or damaged, we can change it for something new easily. All we need to do is to take the old visor off and put the new one in its place. The process can be completed faster than I think.

I am happy to find out that the guard is incredibly lightweight, so it can make my neck and face sore after a long day of work. It can be a nice replacement for my old bad one.

It is not surprising that the manufacturer of Honeywell adds the cell foam on the back of this mask’s head to offer us better comfortability. There is no sign of irritation that can appear while I wear this piece of protective tool.

If your headband gets dirty after your tasks at the construction site are completed, you can always wash it or remove it. This part of the shield is also designed to provide good breathability for users.

However, this product is not compatible with the hearing protection tool. We may not be able to wear that along with the shield.
  • Good protection
  • Nice design
  • Good visibility
  • Great comfort and breathability
  • lightweight
  • Not support ear protection tool
Although you should not wear earmuffs with this one, the product still has a good face shield visor that you need.

5. Jackson Safety V90 Shield

Among one of the most excellent safety face shield out there is this Jackson Safety Shield. The well-made product is a perfect companion for people to wear when they need to do tasks such as cutting metals or welding.

It is noticeable that the manufacturer uses polycarbonate to create this mask, which can provide a clear vision for customers. That is the reason why the model has a good peripheral view so workers can wear them and be fully aware of their surroundings.

The unique thing about the piece’s design can be seen on its front window. There is indirect ventilation so that the model can prevent all kinds of debris or chemicals from reaching users’ eyes. It is the perfect companion for the work that creates a lot of spatter that can harm your vision badly.

It is great that you can use this product as a safety face mask or protective goggles. If your current duty does not require facial protection, you can take the shield off to remove inconvenience while performing the job. And when you need the whole piece to cover your face, you can always put the mask back easily.

We do not need to buy a pair of safety glasses to wear underneath this model because it does an amazing of protecting our eyes. The product can keep all kinds of dangerous materials that are created in the middle of work from irritating and hurting us. Also, the glasses are not easily fogged up like many other models.

It feels very comfortable while wearing this adjustable safety tool on our faces for a long period of time. However, some people are not happy because of the length of its window, and they wish it could be longer for better coverage.
  • Good quality
  • Excellent protection
  • Perfect without goggles
  • Good comfortability
  • Nice design
  • Short window
Overall, the piece is an ideal partner for various kinds of tasks. It is definitely worth the money we invest in.

6. Pyramex Safety Full Face Shield

Another deserving spot in the list of highest-ranking protective products belongs to the Pyramex Safety Shield. The model provides excellent full-face protection for users who need to carry their duties in a hazardous working environment.

We should call it a set of equipment because there are many pieces with different features that are sold to complete this product. The window varies in terms of colors, shapes, coverage, and materials. You should read the price and the use of each part carefully to pick the right ones that meet your job requirements.

I am pleased to know that the window is made of polyethylene that can offer excellent clarity. The product can also resist all kinds of harmful rays from the sun when you work outside for most of the day. The big round bending shape offer full protection for our faces.

If you want a dark shield, you can opt for the Polycarbonate piece. It is the ideal partner for a welder since it provides the thickness and toughness that are necessary to endure great impacts. This model is amazingly lightweight and comfortable.

Hazards such as debris or spatter can not hurt our eyes thanks to the great strength this model has. Color tinted or transparent, the window can always resist when there are tiny objects fly directly to our faces. So you can securely carry on working without any worry.

All these pieces meet a certain standard of a high-quality full face shield. Even the Headgear is designed to offer the optimum comfort when people adjust so it fits perfectly to their heads.

However, some people are not happy because the way they sell these separate pieces can be misleading. You need to read carefully to figure out the price and use of each part.
  • Good protection
  • Excellent quality
  • Standard guaranteed
  • Good design
  • Various models
  • Complicated set choice
Overall, you should contact to have the exact information to purchase this full-face safety shield with the right features you desire.

7. Sellstrom S32151 DP4 Face Shield

The next high-ranking safety product that you should check out is Sellstrom Face Shield, which has great protecting abilities.

It is amazing that this model is one of the most flexible faceguards that I have. Many features on it are adjustable. We can fasten the headband until it fits perfectly to our head, then we can start working comfortably.

The unique thing about the shield’s design lies in its mask. It isn’t easy to find a product on the market that contains both transparent and tinted windows on the same piece just like this one. You can adjust the visor to the mode that you want for the current task. That is why we can wear this one for different uses on various occasions. We can say this model is an economical choice.

We can always wear safety goggles underneath the guard, and there is enough space to do that if your work requires extra protection. The good thing is you can still see clearly through the window of this product thanks to the Polycarbonate material they choose as the material to create this piece.

I am amazed to know that we get to choose the shade of the mask we want. They offer four different options that are numbered as 5, 6, 6B and 8. It varies based on the color tint the tool has. You can take a careful look to make the right decision.

I am pleased to say this one is among the best high impact face shields I have owned. The helmet can handle lots of hazards such as spatter from hot metal when we are grinding or welding. It is a good companion for various work.

However, some customers wish that the flip-up mask can be a little longer.
  • Great design
  • High flexibility
  • Excellent protection
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Various uses
  • Short flip-up window
While a few people still want to lengthed the flip-up mask, I still think the current piece is already a wonderful welding face shield.

8. BRUFER 223102 Full Face Shield Mask

The next one that I want to mention in this list is the BRUFER Full Face Shield Mask. This piece is a well-made product that does a good job of protecting users at a dangerous worksite.

The model we have here is the latest model of this tool. The manufacturer put much effort into enhancing many features of the piece so it can offer the optimum service to workers. I am glad to know that.

It is noticeable that the transparent window enables us to have a clear vision when we perform our tasks. They choose a high-quality material to create the part, that is why we can see the improvement in the visibility. The substance also contributes to the strength of this window. Polycarbonate can handle spatter and splash coming from the working objects.

You can see that there are no glasses attached to the tool so you can wear safety goggles beneath it for better eye protection. There is space designed for you to comfortably add the equipment so you can confidently carry on working.

I am pleased to know that we can make use of the equipment for various work types. A welder can bring this to work to shield themselves from flying pieces of metal. Many workers can wear the product to the construction site to avoid debris. Or if you are in a factory, you can also use this model to keep you safe in the middle of the manufacturing process.

The design of the hat is quite simple. It is also lightweight, that is why numerous female workers like to use them. It does not put much pressure on their shoulders and neck so they will not feel sore after a long day of work wearing this safety tool.

However, there are people who complain that the set-up and adjustment we need to do for this product is a little tricky. It is harder to get it right as quickly as other working equipment.
  • Good protection
  • Nice design
  • Reasonable price
  • Various uses
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Tricky set-up and adjustment
Overall, despite the fact that it can be hard to set the piece up, it can be an ideal face shield for woodturning that you can find.

9. Wecando Dental Full Face Shield

If you are looking for an elegant piece of protective helmet, this Wecando Full Face Shield can be the nicest choice. Many customers keep using the product because of its great quality and good price.

It is an incredible deal for a safety faceguard. The tool is sold at a surprisingly lower price when compared to numerous products available on the current market. Besides, there are 10 shields in a set of this guarding equipment for you to change when necessary.

Just like many other faceguards, the piece does an amazing job of protecting users when they carry on doing their tasks such as welding, cutting or grinding. It is of great use in various circumstances.

You can lift the window up while having a short break to catch your breath after a long period of working time. It can be adjusted to stand above our head, which means the shield is very flexible whenever you want to rotate them.

I am happy to tell you that wearing this face mask is incredibly comfortable for me. I think it is a great companion for female workers. They tend to be more sensitive so having an elegant, super lightweight helmet is a good thing for them. I also like its color because it is among a few models that have bright headgear.

Another amazing fact about this product is that it can be recycled after you finish using it. That is a good extra point for people who would like to use environmentally-friendly items. There are numerous customers who choose this one because of this feature, too.

Unfortunately, there are some complaints about the shield being a little unstable.
  • Good price with a good deal
  • Good protection
  • Nice color and design
  • Flexible
  • Great comfort
  • Extremely light
  • Not very stable mask
If you always do light-duty tasks, you should purchase this safety mask.

10. Katzco Clear Full Face Shield

If you are finding a highly recommended piece with the refreshing look, Katzco Full Face Shield is the one.

It is noticeable that this guard is amazing at offering great protection and comfort for users. It is customized to be bigger so that it can fully cover us from all the spatters, splash or debris and metal coming to our ways. We do not have to worry about such hazards while working in a dangerous environment.

I am happy that we do not have to doubt this product’s quality. The clarity of the window is so excellent that we may feel like we see the objects directly without any glass in between. The most important feature of a face shield is the ability to bring a clear peripheral view for users. And this piece does an amazing job.

I am pleased to tell you that this model is among the most long-lasting safety equipment I have used. There is no point worrying about its durability. The great material that the manufacturer uses to create the tool makes it last longer than most of us think.

Another wonderful thing about this helmet is its comfortability as many customers feel convenient and pleasant while wearing the product to deal with their daily tasks. The reason behind it lies in the adjustable headgear and the cell foam at the back of it. We can always fix the gear until the piece fits perfectly.

There is also a quality guaranty coming from the company. It tells us that we can have the chance to give it back if it fails to satisfy our job requirements. Luckily, I am contented with the protection I get from this tool.

However, some users suppose it can be scratched sooner than expected.

Great protection

  • Nice design
  • Excellent comfortability
  • Flexible
  • Of various uses
  • Good clarity
  • Easily scratched
In conclusion, it can be a good piece of woodworking face shield that is worth your consideration.

11. Ginode Anti-UV Welding Grinding Helmet

The last but not any less impressive tool that I want to include is the Ginode Welding Grinding Helmet. A product that is specially customized to protect the eyes and faces of a welder. You can also use the piece or various reasons thanks to its amazing features.

This guard is among the most long-lasting tools I have used. Its Polycarbonate visor does an amazing job of shielding users against flying objects. The durability of the window amazes me when it is still in good condition after a long period of time. They also use durable ABS plastic to make its headband.

The great thing about the piece’s design lies in how simple the adjustment is. We can easily fasten the headgear until it fits perfectly. That comes in handy when I am in a hurry to start performing my job. It is very convenient to own such a flexible helmet. On top of that, the model also offers users excellent comfort.

There are two types of windows you can choose with this model, one is transparent, the other is green-tinted. It depends on your job’s safety requirement that you pick the right one for it. Also, this product looks pretty cool with the vibe of a motorbike helmet. So many male workers like to use them always.

It is fantastic that we can wear the equipment to do all kinds of duties such as welding, grinding, cutting and so on. It can function well in changeable weather conditions so it is helpful on various occasions.

I am pleased that the product can fully cover our face and a big part of our head. It stays on well when I am performing my tasks and makes me feel secure all the time. And plus, it is very lightweight so I can wear it to work all day long.

Unluckily, some customers want the tinted version to be darker.
  • Great protection
  • Good materials used
  • Wide range of use
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Cool look
  • Not dark enough
Overall, if there can be a little improvement for the dark version, the piece is definitely a great choice for face shield products.

12. UVEX by Honeywell Bionic Face Shield (S8500)

The next face protection tool that I want to mention in this article is the Honeywell Face Shield. The piece is an amazing product that is made to offer a great user experience. Many workers keep coming back to purchase this one.

I am happy to know that the Honeywell brand uses Polycarbonate to make this equipment. Anyone who is familiar with the material knows that it can offer excellent visibility for users. The substance makes the face glass become clearer when compared to numerous products on the market.

The special thing about this model that we can notice is the chin holder they design for it. The added part that embraces our faces nicely provides us the best security for our front. The piece fits nicely to my face and head, and stay on well while I am working. I feel safely sheltered thanks to these features.

It is fantastic that the product enables users to have optimum comfort while wearing it. The cell foam padding at the back makes it easier to have this hat on for a long day of work without any sign of irritation. Also, this mask is lighter than you think it is. So we will not have a sore neck after a long day of work with this mask on.

The model is formed with three separate parts that can be easily put together and changed when necessary. We can take them off to clean so that the whole guard will be spotless for the next day’s use. What’s incredible is that its gear can be adjusted so we do not have to worry if it can be too loose or too tight.

I am pleased to know that the piece provides excellent breathability. It is recommended that you wear the mask with safety glasses so they can offer you the optimum protection for any duties. Unfortunately, it does not go well with earmuffs.
  • Good protection
  • Nice design and fit
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Go well with safety goggles
  • Fantastic visibility
  • Not compatible with earmuff
Overall, this uvex bionic face shield is worth our investment due to its high quality and good protection.

What to Look for When Buying Face Shields


Facial injuries on any level are the ones that people try their best to avoid. That is why all workers need to equip themselves with the best face shield that is suitable for them on the market. There are several things that we need carefully consider as follows.

Materials – The material that makes the window of the guard is the most important thing that we should pay attention to. The most popular substance that they use is Polycarbonate. It offers excellent clarity for the visor and has great durability to handle big impacts.

If you are looking for a tool that can be used in the laboratory, you can opt for the piece that is made of Propionate or Polyethylene. These products are excellent at shielding our faces and eyes from the harm of plash or spatter of chemicals or other toxic liquids in the medical and science fields.

There are several choices available for you such as acetate or mesh. While the former is good at resisting scratches, the latter seems to be suitable for the humid working environment. It depends on your tasks’ conditions, so you get to decide which feature is the most important to you to pick your ideal partner.

Visibility – The other thing that needs to be taken into serious consideration must be the piece’s ability to offer clarity for users to see their working objects. Different products with different materials and making processes will provide various kinds of visibility for us.

We need the shield that has an unrestricted vision so that we can be aware of our surroundings in the case and sudden actions or changes happen. Our peripheral view should not be limited by the window or else unwanted incidents can occur without us fully realizing.

Some pieces are transparent so we can see more clearly, these guards are suitable for jobs such as cutting woods or manufacturing in the factory and so on. There are some shields that are green-tinted or gray tinted, and their visors are in dark colors. Those products are the perfect partner for people who do welding or grinding.

Durability – Of course, we need to know how long the product can last or how much impact they can handle so we can pick the one that is suitable for our tasks. There are many kinds of jobs that can create serious damage to people’s eyes if they do not wear a shield that can deal with such horrible dangers.

We opt for the model that has good durability so we can save our money. We can not afford to buy a new one whenever the old piece is broken in a short time. And we should go for the one that can last quite some time if the jobs are not difficult or too dangerous.

Compatible with other tools – Some works that are too dangerous require more than one set of protective equipment. That is why some people need to wear safety goggles underneath the face shield. If you need to use an extra pair of glasses, you should look for the one that enables you to have enough space for it to fit in.

Some workers want to protect their ears by wearing an ear protector, too. But not many faceguards are made to support such action. You should consider carefully if your ears are the vulnerable parts and can be seriously hurt if you do not give it proper protection.

Comfort and flexibility – This is also an important factor to help us choose the right piece for ourselves. You can look at the construction and material of the headgear to decide if it can offer enough comfort. There is sometimes cell foam at the back of that part to make users feel more convenient and pleasant while wearing. Do not settle or the ones that make your head feel heavy and uncomfortable.

There should be flexibility in the adjustment to the headgear, the part we use to make the shield fits better. We can see some products that have an adjustable window, and we can lift it up if necessary and put them down for our tasks.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is a face shield?

We can not afford to get hurt by all kinds of hazards in our dangerous working environment, that is why it is urgent to have proper safety equipment for our bodies. The face shield is one of those tools. It is specially made to cover people’s faces and eyes from getting hurt by the hazards at the worksite.

It can be made to protect our entire face or just a part of it, that depends on different models that they create for different jobs. The part that shields us is called the window. It can be tinted or transparent, and there can be many colors that the manufacturer uses the make the visor darker or brighter for various purposes.

You can always see the headgear that embraces our head to make sure the piece stays well when we are in the middle of work. The part is important since it is the one that determines if the guard is comfortable or not. Some companies add a cell foam on the back of it so they can offer users extra comfort.

Most of the windows of those face shields can be changed and replaceable. That is why if there is any problem with the old visor, we can always buy a new one to put in the old piece’s place. When you buy the whole set, sometimes, you have to assemble it yourself, make sure to read the instructions carefully.

Some of the guards will cover your head like the helmet that people wear when they drive the motorbike. But most of them have no covering on our heads. So its main purpose is guarding customers’ faces.

How does it work?

This one is made to serve as our face protector. We need it to protect us from direct exposure with all kinds of hazards that can harm us at the workplace. Sometimes, people need to wear safety goggles underneath those pieces to have extra protection for their eyes.

We can easily see people use them to shield their faces from flying objects such as debris. When they are carrying on working at the construction site, there will be tiny items that come suddenly and can hurt their eyes badly. That is when we need to wear the face shield.

Sometimes, it works as a coat for people against chemicals. There are many incidents that can happen if we deal with toxic liquids and have no protector for our faces. There can be much or unexpected spatter coming from the substances that we are working on.

The faceguard also helps people to avoid splash and heat when they perform their tasks in an environment that can generate high temperatures. Some melting metals can create dangerous hot liquids that fly directly to our eyes so a proper piece of the face shield is very important.

Who is this for?

This product of Face Protection can be used on many different occasions and various jobs. As long as there are hazards for users’ faces and eyes in the working environment, they are in need of this tool.

Scientists or researchers who work in a laboratory can easily be seen with this face shield on. The reason why they need it is that they do not want to be directly exposed to the danger of toxic liquids that they are working on.

The products can be important to people who work at the construction site. There are many kinds of hazards that can happen to them in this environment. The piece can minimize the chance that workers get hurt when a sudden object flying to their faces.

Some policemen occasionally wear a face shield, especially when they have to encounter the danger of chemicals, liquids, or other kinds of dangers that come from other people in a fight and so on.

People who are performing their tasks in a factory should use the piece, too. It is important to be protected if any toxic ingredients are existing in the goods manufacturing processes.

What are the different types of face shields?

There are many pieces of face shields you can see on the market because it can be used in many fields. That is why those tools can be different from each other. Based on the materials and some other factors, we can put those products into some categories for our future reference as follows:

Polycarbonate Shields – The material is the most well-known guards among other substances. The reason why it is the favorite of many brands and companies when they produce the face window lies in its ability to offer excellent protection. The Polycarbonate visor can do an amazing job of protecting users from flying and thrown objects.

These guards are also used a lot in welding tasks because it can resist heat well. If you are working as a welder, this is the kind of face masks you are looking for. We can see people working in a steel mill wear this one. Unfortunately, we should not use this guard while performing in a laboratory because it can not offer good protection against some toxic liquids.

Propionate Shields – Unlike the Polycarbonate window, these ones are excellent at shielding users against the chemicals at the workplace. It is an ideal protector for people who are working on medicines.

However, these shields are not for workers whose jobs are carried at the construction site. It is not the one that military and police officers are looking for. The main reason is that the material is not good at enduring the impact of flying objects coming to its way. So to prevent any future damage, you should not buy this piece for such duties.

Mesh Shields – You might not see it often but the product is popular for people who are working in a humid environment. The material is amazing at providing the clarity window for our eyes. It enables workers to do their jobs comfortably without worrying about the visor being fogged up.

Unfortunately, we can not use this product for hard and heavy duties. That is because this substance can not handle high impact or the proper protection against dangerous liquids. They are also not suitable for outside tasks since these shields can not keep our skin safe against the UV rays.

Polyethylene Shields – Another high-quality product is the ones that are made of Polyethylene. The guards are amazing at protecting our faces from direct contact with various chemicals. It is the ideal guard that people wear in the laboratory.

However, it can not offer the amount of clarity that we need for our tasks. Its visibility can be weaker more quickly than we desire through times. And it is also not able to provide the durability we need for hard tasks.

Acetate Shields – This type of material might not be popular but the piece can be good at resisting several chemicals. These windows can not be scratched easily after a long time of use. But apparently, the piece is not ideal for the job that requires a high ability to offer impact-resistance.

Advantages and disadvantages of using face shields?

It can benefit users in many ways. The shield protects us from getting hurt by flying objects or the spatters of toxic chemicals. It is the guard of our faces in many dangerous workplaces from the construction site to the laboratories.

The face shield does an amazing job of helping us to have a clear vision to see our working objects clearly while we perform our tasks. Thanks to the good visibility, we can complete our duties more easily and quickly.

There are some kinds of unwanted accidents that can harm us not only physically but mentally. It can create a great fear inside us if our eyes or faces get hurt badly. So this shield is also the thing that makes us feel secure and protected whenever we start performing our tasks.

There can be disadvantages if we do not choose our pieces carefully. We need to differentiate various kinds of faceguards to pick out the right one for us. If not, it can hinder our work rather than make it better. We should not let a protective tool become an obstacle that makes our jobs harder.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted face shield brands?

There are various products on the market that you can choose from. But it can be tricky because they come in so many forms, styles, features, and quality. That is why we may need to find a trusted brand to look for their good product to pick the most suitable one.

If you are still considering where to buy, you can take a look at some reliable sources such as Lincoln Electric, Honeywell, Pyramex Safety, and so on. But remember each company has its unique strength, so there are still good options from small labels that may meet your requirements perfectly. Keep looking!

How to use?

When you bring the shield home, make sure you assemble it in the right way. You need to put them together tight and every part needs to be in their right places. Test the guard or ask for help from people with experience if you are not sure about the position of those pieces.

We have to check if the headgear is fastened to fit perfectly well, or the chin holder makes us feel comfortable enough. Be careful if the window is stable or else it can fall off during work, and we can not afford to face such kinds of incidents.

Where to buy?

You can find those tools at a local store where they sell the protective equipment. If there are no such stores in your neighborhood, you can always look for the perfect shield online. Find a trusted website to choose the right one, and remember to read the review carefully to make a good investment.

What is the warranty?

You can know the warranty when you read the information the seller gives you when you decide to buy the piece. It can be different, as it still depends on each brand’s warranty policy. Most of them only accept exchanging or returning when it’s the manufacturer’s fault.

How to care and clean?

The piece you buy should be washable because the shield is something that can get dirty easily. For some tools, their parts can be put together, so we are able to clean each part separately. That is a good thing for us to have a spotless and clear window to use for work the next day.


The best face shield is an essential partner for users whose jobs are performed in a hazardous working environment. Many unwanted incidents could not happen if workers know how to take care of themselves by equipping the proper protective tools.

So when you have your ideal piece, do not forget to make sure that your faceguard is in good condition. So it can help us to do our best at work every time in need.

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