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The Best Fire Helmet Cameras

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best fire helmet camera

During firefighting emergencies, the use of a compact and smart camera is essential. As this gear is in high demand, multiple manufacturers introduce advanced models with updated features. Therefore, choosing the best fire helmet camera becomes a more exciting yet trickier task.

So, either you seek a well-made device for the first time or a replacement for your outdated firefighter helmet cam, this article can help. We gathered here some top-rated video cameras used by firefighters for emergency operations. Read on to pick your companion for safer work.

# Product name
Top 1
Fire Cam 1080 Helmet Camera Details
Top 2
Fire Cam MINI 1080p Helmet Camera Details
Top 3
Fire Cam Onyx 4k Helmet Camera Details

Best Fire Helmet Camera Reviews

1. Fire Cam 1080 Helmet Camera

A device explicitly built for the strenuous activities of firefighters is the Fire Cam 1080 Helmet Camera. It is undoubtedly a professional-grade firefighter camera that you can rely on in the harshest conditions.

Robust construction is the first thing we look at when finding a capable camera. As this model’s anodized aluminum casing and glass lens can resist intense heat, it meets and even exceeds my expectations. With the two end caps provided, the camera can function well when submerged under 33 feet of water.

Regarding its design, this firefighting camera is perfect for mounting attachment. Its compact and lightweight construction does not add a burden to our helmet, making prolonged usage convenient. Plus, the available BlackJack cam mount ensures a hassle-free installation on the brim of various firefighter helmets.

This fireproof helmet cam can afford stable video recording and photo taking with a wide-angle. You can flexibly adjust its settings, including the date stamp, auto power-off, loop record, and audio record. I am amazed that I can also increase the resolution to get 1080p video and crystal clear photos.

On opening the package, you will find a U1 micro SD card and an adapter. With that, the brand spares us the effort and money to purchase these necessary accessories separately and, more importantly, prolongs the recording time to more than 105 minutes.

Other than the superb quality, this device’s wifi connection can be a bit disappointing as its service is sometimes unstable.
  • Heat-resistant anodized aluminum casing and glass lens
  • Functions well when submerged under 33 feet of water
  • Compact and lightweight construction for mounting on various helmet styles
  • Adjustable settings on power, audio, resolution, and loop modes
  • Comes with U1 micro SD card and an adapter for longer recording time
  • Not stable wifi connection
Other than the minor drawback, I find this fire cam mini 1080p helmet camera functions superior compared to various models in the market. It can ensure excellent performance in emergencies.

2. Fire Cam MINI 1080p Helmet Camera

The MINI 1080p model is the smaller version of the Fire Cam 1080 Helmet Camera. This one can offer the same functionality for your duties at a slightly lower price.

Harsh working conditions cannot damage this durable fire camera anytime soon. It is rated as a professional-grade device that resists water, heat, and shock in the firefighting scenes. Even when the temperature reaches 900°F, this camera can function smoothly for a while, making it ideal for interior firefighting.

The camera measures only 3.25 x 1.13 x 1.13 inches, more compact and lightweight than the standard version. Yet, it can sit nicely and stay put on any US-style helmets designed for firefighters.

Despite its small size, this model allows a replacement for separate parts, meaning you can purchase a fire cam replacement lens from the brand when needed.

About the video quality, this product can offer the same resolution, adjustable features, and a wide-angle shooting as the standard one. Taking photos or recording videos in dim light is not challenging with this mini fire camera.

You can also expect a 32GB memory card, adaptor, and chargeable batteries coming in the package. In addition, the two included caps are usable for either audio recording or filming under 33 feet of water.

The only weak point of this otherwise excellent fire cam is its battery holder. It might require some reinforcement to stay in place during missions.
  • A more affordable option for Fire Cam 1080p helmet camera
  • A professional-grade device that resists water, heat, and shock
  • Compact and lightweight design measuring 3.25 x 1.13 x 1.13 inches
  • Stay put on any US-style helmets designed for firefighters.
  • Offers high resolution, adjustable features, and a wide-angle shooting
  • Includes all essential accessories: caps, batteries, SD card, adapter, etc.
  • The battery holder may need some reinforcement.
I think this mini version is a perfect pick for firefighters who want to experience the standard version’s durability and functions at a better price.

3. Fire Cam Onyx 4k Helmet Camera

The Onyx 4k Helmet Camera from Fire Cam proves the brand’s reputation in making high-quality products for firefighting tasks. If you want a device for work in low-light places, this one is the perfect pick.

Few fire helmet cameras can handle recording in dim-light or smokey conditions. And this model is among those few that provide excellent filming despite the shortage of lighting. Under such circumstances, I am always amazed at how clear the videos and the photos are.

Remarkably, this device takes a smooth video recording to a whole new level with its 4K sensor. In fact, we can adjust among the HD, full HD at up to 120 fps to view on for HD screen, or 4K 30fps for 4K screen.

The majority of users appreciate other operations that support this all-round fire camera. For instance, the timelapse effect captures a series of events in a short video, allowing us to see the subtle evolution that is often neglected. Also, there is a time/date stamp, auto power off, and audio option.

As expected, Fire Cam introduces firefighters to a wide-angle recording. The brand adopts such technology to ensure we have a full view of the situations. It is the best choice for search and rescue missions.

You should not worry about this fire camera not fitting your US style helmets. This one is compatible with most firefighting headwear with a brim; hence having a secure fit is not a problem.

However, with all those fancy bells and whistles, this firefighter helmet camera flashlight can cost you a fortune.
  • Affords recording in dim-light or smokey conditions
  • Filming at full HD 120 fps for HD screen, or 4K 30fps for 4K screen
  • Includes time-lapse effect, time/date stamp, auto power-off, audio options
  • A wide-angle recording for search and rescue missions
  • Compatible with most firefighting helmets with a brim
  • A 4K fire helmet cam with a higher price tag compared to others.
Overall, this device always receives rave compliments in various firefighter helmet camera reviews. It is a reliable companion that stays with us in the long haul.

4. StuntCams HD Firefighter Camera

When it comes to versatility, the StuntCams HD Firefighter Mini Metal Camera comes second to none. I believe it is the ideal companion for multiple purposes, from heavy-duty firefighter tasks to outdoor activities such as skating, hunting, or biking.

You can expect up to 32GB memory capacity for your videos with this fire cam camera. For your information, the video file size will be 75MB, and the recording time is 20 minutes max. Best of all, the recording quality is impressive with a resolution of 1280×720.

Both beginner-level workers and professionals will love this functional device and its straightforward operation. Using the piece, firefighters can record their videos in either narrow or broader angles (up to 120 degrees), with the loop record on or off. Afterwards, they can plug the cam into their electronic devices for quick playing.

I only have good things to say about this firefighting camera’s solidity as the brand indeed put much effort into crafting it. All of its details are long-lasting, from the metal alloy shell, double-nylon headband to the velcro strap. In truth, this fire camera can withstand high temperatures, changing weather, and significant impact for a long time.

It is incredible to find out more features incorporated in this user-friendly device. Its helmet strap and headband is adjustable to offer firefighters a secure fit. Also, the bike mount allows us to attach this light to our vehicles while performing. After around 2.5 hours of use, when the battery runs out, you can recharge the cam using its USB cable.

In my opinion, it can work well under the rain, yet drowning the piece underwater will not ensure a smooth performance.
  • A multi-purpose fire proof camera
  • Provides 32GB memory capacity with 1280×720 video resolution
  • Straightforward operation with 120° recording angle and optional loop mode
  • Can plug in for quick playing on electronics devices
  • Solid construction withstands weather, impact, and heat.
  • A user-friendly device with an adjustable helmet strap, headband, bike mount
  • Not recommended for use underwater
All in all, this versatile device is designed to deliver adequate video recording performance for us in firefighting duties. It is a worthwhile investment that I never regret making.

5. Mengshen Full HD Helmet Camera

If you are searching for an affordable heat resistant camera, do not be disheartened by all the options above. Check out the Mengshen Mini Helmet Camera instead.

This budget-friendly model does not stay behind others in terms of video shooting quality. It can offer a resolution of 1920×1080 and 1280×720, both of which are perfect for a full HD screen. This model also impresses with the super wide-angle shooting, which is up to 120 degrees like most high-end devices.

Besides, the camera features an integrated photosensitive element. That means it can take high-quality photos in low-light conditions with minimal noise. Not to mention, its microphone port can pick up sounds, and the vibration motor is added for stabilization during filming. All those features indeed set it apart from the rest.

Also, the design of this compact and sleek camera scores big time. You will be pleased to hold this small and lightweight unit in your hand to test it for the first time. It matches perfectly with all fire helmet styles, both size, and style-wise. And of course, there is a 32GB TF card packed with the camera for us to start filming right away.

Last but not least, aluminum alloy housing can resist water well. It prevents moisture from entering the mechanical parts and damaging them.

Yet this device is not a waterproof camera, meaning it cannot be submerged underwater. This will pose some limits to where and how firefighters should use the unit.
  • A budget-friendly model for shooting high-resolution videos.
  • Super wide-angle shooting up to 120 degrees
  • An integrated photosensitive element for low-light conditions
  • Microphone for recording sounds and a vibration motor for stabilization
  • Compact and sleek camera fitting various fire helmets
  • Aluminum alloy housing can resist water.
  • Not waterproof, hence limiting some uses
In its price range, this model from Mengshen is the best firefighter helmet camera filming full HD videos in unfavorable conditions. Thus, I recommend it for anyone looking for an affordable yet quality unit.

What to Look for When Buying a Fire Helmet Camera


Picking firefighting helmet cams for your duties can be challenging and time-consuming if you do not know where to start.

First of all, you should consider your current working conditions. In detail, choosing cameras for firefighter duties is significantly different from picking ones for your construction jobs or outdoor activities, such as hunting or biking.

As in search and rescue emergencies, recording cameras can be a great help in finding routes, monitoring the situations, and more. Therefore, a fire camera should be highly-functional and stable. Also, since it will be exposed to intense heat, the chosen one must be a heat proof camera. And there are more details and specifications to which you need to pay attention.

Durability – Needless to say, a reliable fire camera should be able to function in high temperatures. As the firefighters work in such hazardous environments, they need to stick with the devices that resist melting and burning when facing flames. Therefore, choosing the right materials is essential.

Usually, most manufacturers construct their fire cameras using alloy aluminum. Such robust housing will protect inner parts of the device from being affected by the heat. Additionally, its lens should be made of heat-resistant glass to withstand long periods of exposure to high-heat environments.

Other than that, waterproof or water-resistant cases are necessary for a fire cam body camera. If a unit you lay eyes on cannot prevent moisture intrusion, it is never the ideal pick. To ensure smooth operation underwater, you need to choose a waterproof camera. Some pieces can function well under more than 30 ft of water, showing incomparable functionality.

Besides, having a shock and impact-resistant fire cam is also advisable. As your device is durable enough to ensure significant pressure, hazards such as flying objects or falling debris is no longer a serious problem.

High definition – All the listed products above can offer you high definition 1080P video quality. Most of them provide multiple options for frame rates, allowing users to choose the suitable one for their current needs. As usual, a decent-quality fire camera will have three to four levels, from 30fps to 60fps, and 120 fps. These are sufficient for clear shooting and playing on full HD screens afterwards.

For filming with the highest resolution, some firefighters prefer a fire cam 1080 4k wifi camera. Such a device can afford extremely detailed and smooth filming and photo taking. The results can be shown on 4K screens with impeccable images and motions.

Another important thing is the quality of fire helmet cam videos in low-light conditions. This matter is of great concern when you often perform in smokey or dusty places lacking natural lighting. To solve this problem, you can choose a device featuring an auto low-light mode to achieve the best result.

Last but not least, firefighters should also find ones that offer a wide-angle view of their videos. In numerous firefighter helmet cam reviews, buyers state that they benefit a lot from an ultra-wide-angle filming device, and the best they can find allows 120 degrees of shooting.

Other features – Stabilization while filming is another essential factor, given the nature of firefighting duties. An in-built vibration motor will ensure that the results of your image do not blur due to shaking. Besides, an integrated microphone can pick up sounds and noises in the background. It comes in handy when we need more information about emergencies.

Also, a smart fire cam interface is what some users expect from their units. They want to control the camera contents better and transfer their videos faster to other devices. The suitable one allows you to download and conveniently upload the images.

Mounting option – As people use these fire helmet cameras for its hands-free function, the mounting option is vital. Most devices already come with a clamp that makes the installation of headgear a breeze. For example, Fire Cam products always have a BlackJack Fire Cam mount that allows the device to fit virtually all US style fire helmets.

If your chosen camera package does not include such a clamp or headband, you need to purchase them separately. Be thorough in picking ones that match your helmet styles perfectly. For your information, this compact device is often attached to the brim of the protective headwear, taking very little space.

Included accessories – You can expect most brands to provide a memory card with an adapter in the camera package for use right away. Also, as most fire cameras are rechargeable, they often come with batteries and a USB cable. With these accessories included, you do not have to spend time looking for compatible ones. It is a huge bonus.

Furthermore, you might find separate O-rings that prevent water intrusion when worn around the camera. Also, there might be two caps for use; one is for waterproof function; another is a water-resistant cap that picks up audio in the background. You should check before purchasing and after receiving the package to make sure all of them are available.

Also, you can check other firefighter accessories such as flashlight and firefighter helmet light here if you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who is this for?

These fire helmet cameras can be used for critical and hazardous situations that firefighters face. Each unit is built to withstand extremely high temperatures, resist water and impact. That is why it is the vital companion that should be in every firefighter’s arsenal.

Besides, people in various fields can make use of these well-made devices for their duties. As its durability is outstanding, construction, mine, or engineering workers can bring it to work, recording the working tasks for further missions. They can comfortably attach it to their helmets and quickly operate the camera for high-resolution videos and photos.

Other than that, some individuals prefer to take this camera on their outdoor trips. They can be wearing it to film while hunting, camping, biking, skiing, or even diving underwater. Many Youtube or Instagram creators can benefit from the high-quality and stable performances of these fire cameras.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a fire helmet camera?

We can see how much a fire helmet camera can support our duties in unfavorable environments. The device records the scene with excellent angle and clarity, helping people in emergencies. Plus, it is small and compact; therefore, wearing it is an utter breeze. It is a must-have item with which all firefighters should equip themselves for safety and productivity.

Yet, choosing the wrong type of camera can lead to unwanted issues that affect our work. If the piece is not robust and stable enough, it will result in lousy filming, or even worse, a damaged camera. A poor-quality fire camera can lead to various problems that directly affect our safety and work efficiency. These cameras can also be very pricey, yet they are small and easily lost while we move back and forth a lot.

Who makes the best fire helmet camera?

In any fire helmet camera review on Fire Cam, the brand receives rave compliments on how durable and functional their devices are. As they specially design those products for firefighting uses, you can rely on this well-established brand to work better.

You can check out GoPro firefighter helmet cam models, they are not that compact, but their functions and features can suffice firefighting requirements. Other than that, StuntCams, Mengshen, and RageCams are reliable sources that make high-quality cameras that might meet your needs.

How to use it?

Operating a fire helmet camera can be easy if you follow strictly the manuals included with the product. Every manufacturer often includes detailed instructions to help users, especially first-timers. Despite that, you should inspect thoroughly for any sign of crack and damage before assembling the piece for use upon opening the package.

Installing the batteries and wearing the O-ring cap for the camera should be done with care. Then, you can put the SD card inside the camera. Remember to follow the instructions as it can be positioned in different places, depending on the brand design. You should also learn how to use the camera interface, making sure you have optimal control over the contents recorded.

Attaching the camera to your helmet is not as tricky as it might seem. With the mount provided, you can easily tighten it on your beam without hassle. You might want to ask others to check again, just to be sure. Plus, do not forget to charge your camera after every work shift as it often functions around 2.5 to 3 hours max before running out of power.


Choosing the best fire helmet camera for your tasks might not be as overwhelming as you imagine. It is advisable to take the device that follows the fire department helmet camera policy strictly to experience safe and effective use.

Hopefully, with all the information gathered in our article, you can quickly make a great purchasing decision. And take good care of the device so that it can accompany you in the most unfavorable working conditions.

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