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The Best Firefighter Flashlights

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best firefighter flashlight

Every firefighter should be fully equipped with protective gear before entering the scenes. And the best firefighter flashlight is high on the list of must-have tools. It leads our ways in the dark for safe search, rescue, EMS missions, and so on.

In the important search for the right piece, the sheer amount of flashlights available might confuse you. That is why we present these tested and qualified products that are widely used by firefighters. Besides, the detailed guides and FAQs session will offer crucial information for you to make the best decision on your own. Good luck!

# Product name
Top 1
Streamlight 90540 Details
Top 2
Streamlight 69189 Details
Top 3
Streamlight 68201 Details

Best Firefighter Flashlight Reviews

1. Streamlight 90540 LED Flashlight

The first entry that wins my trust is the Streamlight 90540 Survivor LED Flashlight. For your information, it is an Alkaline model that caught my attention with its beautiful red case.

Using C4 LED technology, Streamlight creates this versatile flashlight for firefighters. In detail, we can choose among four available modes: high, low, emergency flash, and moonlight to handle specific tasks. More importantly, it provides sufficient lighting to see clearly from a minimum of 237 to 405 meters ahead.

Regarding its power source, the device can run on a NiCd battery, lasting up to 13 hours in low mode and 3.5 hours in high mode after fully charged. To double the run time, you can bring along four AA alkaline batteries to replace.

Every part of this robust construction ensures long-lasting utilization for firefighting duties. For instance, I am typically fond of its high-impact nylon case sealed with the O ring to prevent moisture intrusion. And the silicone scratch-resistant coating on its Lexan lens preserves its clarity in case of collisions with sharp objects.

As this flashlight design is compact and straightforward, carrying and using it is a breeze. The notable thing is its rubber push-button allowing me to switch modes or turn off the light with my gloves on – how convenient is that!

Still, it would be better if Streamlight allows replacing the flashlight lens if we lose it.
  • Versatile light with four modes: high, low, flash, and moonlight
  • Lasts more than 13 hours and travels 405 meters at max
  • Dual power source: rechargeable NiCd battery or AA alkaline batteries
  • High-impact nylon case with O-ring sealed to resist water.
  • Features silicone scratch-resistant lens
  • Easy to use wearing gloves
  • No replacement if the lens is lost
Overall, this Streamlight 90540 survivor lamp is indeed among the best firefighting flashlights for heavy duties that you can find in the market.

2. Streamlight 69189 Helmet Flashlight

If you want to invest in a high-end model that stays with you in the long haul, the Streamlight 69189 flashlight can be the ideal pick. It stands out with a robust and professional look that appealed to me at first glance.

To my surprise, this flashlight feels incredibly lightweight in my hand. The compact size and small weight make it a perfect helmet-mounted torch for firefighters. You can comfortably install the light on your headgear, be it under or above the brim, and enjoy a secure fit.

As expected, Streamlight adopts the latest technology for this LED torch. That means firefighters can experience about three times the lighting output of their previous models. I was impressed by how powerful the illumination is compared to my old lamp from Streamlight.

We can rely on the parabolic reflector of the light to emit smooth beams with optimal peripheral visibility. As a result, navigation duties are not a hardship for firefighters in all-dark places anymore. Besides, there will be an integrated green light at the rear of this torch, adding safety by notifying other colleagues of our location.

Its great solidity and durability are the main reason why professionals widely trust this Streamlight firefighter flashlight.

The shock-resistant and impact-resistant case is made of anodized aircraft aluminum- the material qualified for use in explosive environments. Plus, its LED is built out of chemical-proof polymer to avoid adverse effects of toxic liquids.

Still, since it is advisable to use high-priced batteries to run this firefighting light, it will add to the overall cost.
  • Compact and lightweight – perfect for mounting on firefighter helmets
  • Uses the latest technology for a powerful light
  • The parabolic reflector ensures smooth beams for an excellent peripheral view.
  • Tail green LED to notify locations
  • Shock and impact-resistant aluminum case
  • Comes with chemical-proof polymer LED
  • Pricey batteries add to the overall cost.
In my opinion, this flashlight for firefighters is a superb companion in the most unfavorable conditions. I am pleased with how its functions and durability support my work and ensure my safety.

3. Streamlight 68201 LED Flashlight

Among the best choices for a budget-friendly device is the Streamlight 68201 LED Flashlight. As a UL listed for safety standards, the unit supports me to perform with confidence.

This firefighter flashlight from Streamlight never ceases to amaze users, including me, with its durability for this price range. As the brand claims that this one is a virtually indestructible unit, I have peace of mind when utilizing it in hazardous environments full of smoke, moisture, dust, and debris.

Here’s more information about its construction: the housing is made of non-conductive polymer, and its lens is built from robust polycarbonate. Besides, both the face-cap and lens are scratch-resistant, ensuring excellent visibility for firefighters for a long time.

More importantly, there are seven ultra-bright LEDs incorporated in the flashlight with simple operation. It can blink momentarily to draw attention or generate constant light for standard use.

You should know that it runs on 4AA alkaline batteries and promises up to 155 hours of run time. Hence, the usage cost is surprisingly affordable, making it ideal for beginner or volunteer firefighters.

Regarding its size, this firefighter flashlight measures 16.51 centimeters long and 3.4 centimeters wide. Notably, it weighs 6.3 ounces only so users can store, carry in their pocket and hold it comfortably in their hand.

Yet, I wish this light comes with a strap for attachment as most Streamlight flashlights do. Still, I purchased one separately and utilized it as a handsfree torch just fine.
  • A UL listed firefighter flashlight for safety
  • Non-conductive polymer housing and robust polycarbonate lens
  • Its ace-cap and lens are scratch-resistant
  • Comes with seven ultra-bright LEDs with a simple operation
  • Runs on 4AA alkaline batteries for 155 hours
  • A small-sized and lightweight flashlight
  • No strap for attachment is included.
Overall, this product is undoubtedly among the firefighter LED flashlights that offer high quality at a low price. Look out for this one if you are under a tight budget.

4. Streamlight 88830 Flashlight

The 88830 Right Angle Polymer Flashlight truly lives up to our expectations for Streamlight. The brand does an excellent job of providing budget-friendly yet durable survivor LED light.

Just like most Streamlight firefighter lights, this ultra-bright torch is built with C4 LED technology. Hence, it can afford the required beam intensity for an optimal peripheral view. Additionally, firefighters can expect three modes: high, low, and strobe to switch and deal with their current tasks flexibly.

For more details about its output and run time, this light can handle a 4-hour shift using the most focused beams. Plus, its survival mode might last more than a day in case you need to prolong the time at the site.

What differentiates this right angle flashlight from other models from competing brands is its flexibility. The model is packed with a rotatable and detachable clip and a carabiner D-ring for optional mounting and handheld use.

Furthermore, its fast-click button allows a quick switch between different modes in urgent situations. What an all-round survivor LED light!

Firefighters using this torch only have good things to say about its durable structure. The piece is reinforced with an O-ring seal, making sure no moisture can get through its case. Furthermore, its superb nylon polymer housing promises long-lasting use despite frequent abuse.

The only drawback of this right-angle light must be its quick-to-fade color due to exposure under changing weather. Other than that, I have no complaint about its excellent use.
  • C4 LED technology for excellent light intensity.
  • Suffice for 4 hours in high mode and more than 24 hours in low mode
  • Rotatable and detachable clip + carabiner D-ring for flexible uses
  • Fast-click button for s brief mode switching
  • Waterproof case reinforced with an O-ring seal.
  • High-quality nylon polymer housing to withstand the abuse
  • Frequent exposure to changing weather can lead to color fading.
Overall, the minor shortcoming should never prevent us from utilizing this best firefighter light featuring a 90 degree angle.

5. Streamlight 69331 Flashlight

If you seek a helmet mount fire flashlight, do not miss out on trying the Streamlight 69331 Vantage II model. This unit is well-trusted to offer enough light for an all-dark workplace.

Numerous firefighters favor this flashlight as it promises ultra-bright beams for both the main and the tail light. This powerful torch puts many of its competing models to shame with its powerful and stable performance. When you switch from its low to high mode, the delivered lumen count jumps from 135 to 350, ensuring clarity within 100 meters.

At this point, we all know that Streamlight fire department flashlights are anything but flimsy. This one is not an exception as its aluminum housing reinforced with black anodized finish is durable enough to handle heat and smoke.

Furthermore, the BOROFLOAT lens is made with C4 LED technology, meaning it can resist shock and heat.

If you are still not convinced by such a durable construction, you can check out its NFPA 1971-56 certification. A safety standard that shows the product qualification for use in thermal, environmental, physical hazards of firefighting tasks.

What I like the most about this flashlight is its design: compact and super lightweight. It only measures 6 centimeters long and nearly 3 centimeters wide. Best of all, you can momentarily operate its light wearing gloves since the switch button is made large enough.

For me, the only downside is its battery life is not that impressive compared to other firefighter flashlights from this same brand.
  • Ultra-bright beams for both the main and the tail light
  • Durable aluminum housing reinforced with black anodized finish.
  • BOROFLOAT lens can resist shock and heat
  • Receives NFPA 1971-56 certification for use in firefighting scenes
  • Compact and super-lightweight design
  • Large button for operation wearing gloves
  • Battery life is not the most impressive.
In numerous firefighter flashlight reviews, this Vantage torch has always been a favorite device receiving praise for its design and performance. Hence, firefighting personnel can trust to use it for their duties.

6. Bright Star 510304 LED

For firefighters who seek a piece of intrinsically safe equipment that withstand hazards, the Bright Star 510304 Right Angle LED is worth checking out. This apparatus receives the UL 913 certification for safe use in explosive conditions.

As an IP67-grade flashlight for firefighters, the model can function well under heavy rain. Its superior nylon case can bear drop from 30 feet without suffering from severe damage. Hence, firefighters can bring this light to perform outdoors and on a great height with confidence.

What impresses most users about this light is its excellent functionality. First of all, its stainless steel clip is made for intuitive operation in all-dark surroundings. Also, this LED right angle design promotes proper lighting for duties such as rescue and search of firefighters.

Additionally, we can utilize this flashlight in places full of dust and smoke due to its high-output beams. The light can deliver up to 220 lumens for visibility of 490 meters in said places. Plus, I trust it to provide focused lighting with its wide-eye lens.

Whether you want to use AA alkaline batteries or rely on a rechargeable li-ion battery, this light can satisfy your needs. It is pretty flexible when it comes to the power source, as you can comfortably switch between these two ways to enjoy the longest run time.

However, there will be no battery, charging base, or power cord included in the package. You can purchase these accessories separately, just like I did, to experience its fullest power. Of course, the total cost can be seen as a considerable investment.
  • An intrinsically safe flashlight with UL 913 certification
  • I67 waterproof and drop-resistant case
  • A right angle flashlight with stainless steel clip for intuitive operation
  • High-output survivor LED delivering 220 lumens traveling 490 meters.
  • Two power source: AA alkaline batteries or a rechargeable li-ion battery
  • No battery, charging base, or power cord included
Overall, in exchange for a considerable investment, we have in hand an excellent right angle fire flashlight to deal with hazards. I deem this 90 degree torch a worthwhile purchase in the long term.

7. FoxFury 940K-010FI Flashlight

Another deserving spot in the top list of helmet mount light belongs to the FoxFury 940K-010FI LED Flashlight. It is among the few pieces that promise excellent fit on various headgear styles.

Whether you have a full brim helmet, a traditional hard hat, or a modern firefighter helmet with goggles and visors, this light can sit nicely and stay put during your missions. We can choose to attach it above or below the brim, using the available clamp to tighten its grip.

When needed, firefighters can quickly release the device from its clamp, thanks to the Sideslide lock feature. That way, they can utilize it as a handheld flashlight, which also comes with an anti-roll head.

Notably, this bright light can easily fill a dark room with its intense and wide beams. After fully charging, the unit can last a whole 8-hour shift when operating in the low mode. For your information, it can also be powered on two CR123 batteries in case the rechargeable 18650 battery runs out.

Other than that, this fire flashlight meets all the requirements regarding safety for use in explosive environments. Its NFPA 1971 approval ensures this aluminum unit is fire resistant. Plus, the solid construction is designed to be impact and water-resistant, meaning falling debris or pouring rain cannot damage it.

On the other hand, hands-free is pretty high compared to other rechargeable flashlight models with dual input power.
  • Fits tight on various headgear: traditional, modern, full brim, or with goggles.
  • Side slide lock feature and anti-roll head for use as a handheld light
  • Wide and intense beam with superb brightness
  • Runs on two power sources: rechargeable 18650 or 2 CR123 batteries
  • NFPA 1971 approval for use in fire fighting missions
  • The aluminum construction is fire, impact, and water-resistant.
  • High-priced batteries compared to rechargeable models.
Overall, if you are willing to invest in this flexible firefighter led flashlight, you can benefit from its use as either a helmet mount device or a handheld torch.

8. Fenix Flashlights TK16 XM-L2 U2

The TK16 XM-L2 U2 Flashlight from Fenix Flashlights can be your best companion for firefighting duties such as search, rescue, or EMS. It shines with excellent brightness, impressive battery life, and straightforward design.

Anyone who currently uses this firefighter flashlight can agree with me on how robust its construction is. By using aircraft-grade Aluminum, the brand indeed makes sure hazardous environments can not destroy our work lamp beyond repair.

Furthermore, its Cree LED proves to be durable enough to withstand crack through time, promising years of smooth performances.

Moreover, its flexibility shows in its dual power source. The flashlight can either run on a 18650 li-on battery, allowing recharging for long-hour shifts. It can also be powered by two 3V lithium metal batteries, which you can bring along in case the other power source runs out.

As safety should always come first, the manufacturer adopts a reverse polarity feature for this flashlight. It means that incorrect battery installation will not damage the lamp due to this protective function.

Regarding its design, which I believe fans of low-profile flashlights love, the compact model can easily fit our package of essential tools. Plus, its body features an anti-roll and slip-resistant case that promotes a secure hold for an extended time. I encounter no discomfort carrying and holding this light for work hours on end.

Yet, its price is on the hefty side, so you might need to spend more on this light than the ordinary models out there.
  • Robust aircraft-grade Aluminum build
  • Superior Cree LED that withstands crack
  • Dual power source: rechargeable 18650 li-ion battery or 2 lithium metal batteries
  • Reverse polarity to protect against incorrect battery installation
  • Low-profile and compact model for easy storing and carrying
  • An anti-roll and a slip-resistant case for a secure hold
  • A bit pricey compared to common flashlights
All in all, I think such an investment is the right decision as this model is one of the best flashlights for firefighters I have ever owned.

9. Streamlight 44450 LED Flashlight

Streamlight is always the go-to brand when it comes to products with high quality. And the Streamlight 44450 Fire Vulcan LED Flashlight can easily be among their best models for firefighters yet.

Different from previously mentioned flashlights by Streamlight, this one is constructed out of ABS thermoplastic casing. The robust layer encloses the inner parts, protecting the lamp from significant impact, water intrusion, and more. This firefighter flashlight can function well for 3 minutes submerged in 1-meter water.

Also, I only have good things to say about its excellent design. As its handle is covered with a rubberized cushion, individuals working long hours like me can hold it without feeling any discomfort. Most importantly, its compact size allows breezy carrying and storing for on-the-go duties of firefighters.

For ease of operation, the manufacturer designs a push and hold toggle switch. With this button, we can change the light mode from high to low momentarily. Such a smart feature never disappoints me, especially in emergencies.

Furthermore, this Streamlight 44450 Fire Vulcan LED torch is ideal for use in smoke-filled environments. As its peak beam intensity in high mode can emit 180 lumens, lighting up a 566-meter distance. Furthermore, its two blue rear lights will help others locate your position even in all-dark or dusty places.

With all those fancy bells and whistles in a flashlight, we indeed have to pay a much higher price.
  • ABS thermoplastic casing to endure the significant impact
  • Works smoothly under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes
  • A rubberized cushion on the handle for a comfortable grip
  • A push and hold toggle switch for quick mode change
  • Bright light for use in environments full of smoke and dust
  • Blue tail light LED for quick location recognition.
  • Among the pricy fireman flashlights
This Streamlight fire flashlight is not among the budget-friendly options that we can pick. But its durability and functionality speak for itself as a top-rated torch with high quality.

10. Nightstick XPP-5566GX Light

The Nightstick XPP-5566GX Intrinsically Safe Light earns compliments from many firefighters for its versatility. I did not understand what’s with all the hype, but I am glad I tested and used it for a long while.

As a well-established label for lighting products, Nightstick brings this well-built model to the market and once again proves their reliability. It meets and even surpasses the quality standard for as an intrinsically safe torch. Hence, I can always trust the device to offer me a helping hand even in the worst-case scenarios.

It is worth mentioning that its case is made of glass-filled nylon polymer. The material can handle impact and abuse for an extended time. Also, its color is highly visible in dim light, and beautiful also.

Notably, the torch can emit intense beams with its parabolic reflector. When needed, we can minimize the lumen count and prolong its lighting period. That is called the survivor mode that all firefighters need in some hazardous situations.

You should know that it offers eight settings with different levels of brightness and focus range. Furthermore, firefighters can take advantage of its dual-light output, allowing them to simultaneously use both the flashlight and floodlight. For me, this superb fireman torch is all about versatility.

However, I was confused at first about how to use the dual switches. It would be helpful if the brand offered detailed manuals for first-time owners.
  • An intrinsically safe firefighter flashlight
  • Glass-filled nylon polymer casing boasts durability.
  • Highly-visible and beautiful color
  • Parabolic reflector for highly-intense and focused beam
  • Comes with a survivor mode with the minimum lumen count
  • Eight light settings and dual-light output
  • Using the dual switches can be confusing at first.
The minor confusion actually gave me a fun time figuring out how the lamp works. In short, such a versatile device should be added to your firefighter gear assortment.

11. Pelican 3410 LED Flashlight

Another reliable addition to your firefighter toolkit is the Pelican 3410 Right Angle LED Flashlight. It is among the functional pieces that I never regret purchasing.

What we want to know first about a torch is always how bright the light is. Notably, this model can generate 653 lumens when operating in high mode. Also, I can see my way in the dark just fine with 97-lumen light in medium mode. In case you want to save the battery, switch to its 25-lumen low mode.

Furthermore, the farthest distance that these beams can travel is 184 meters, meaning it is a focused-light torch. When fully charged, the device can operate smoothly for 5 hours when you use its brightest light to perform. Surprisingly, the battery-saving mode can afford more than two days of continuous illumination.

I am happy with the various features this firefighter flashlight brings. For instance, it comes with a magnetic clip for me to attach it to any steel surface with ease. I am also delighted to see how its photoluminescent body glows beautifully in the dark.

The waterproof case allows workers to manage tasks in changing weather conditions. More importantly, it is a robust tool that meets the requirements of various applications. Other than firefighting duties, this one is helpful for police, aerospace, industrial, military tasks, and more.

The only grip I had with this unit is its package lacking 3AA batteries for immediate use. That must be a shipping issue that the manufacturer should pay attention to.
  • A super bright and focused-light torch
  • Impressive run time – more than two days with low mode
  • Comes with a magnetic clip for free-hands use
  • The luminescent body glows beautifully in the dark
  • Waterproof case for use in changing weather
  • Tough construction for various applications
  • There might be a shipping issue – no battery included
All in all, this firefighting flashlight never disappoints when it comes to consistent performance at the worksite. So I recommend it for anyone who often performs in hazardous environments that require a robust survivor LED right torch.

12. Pelican CVPKG 3415M Flashlight

Back to the right-angle design, we have another highly-recommended Pelican flashlight – the CVPKG 3415M model. This model is also an intrinsically safe piece of equipment for firefighter use.

The unique thing about this device is its customizable head, offering flexible use. With such a function provided, we can adjust the torch to point straight or at a 90 degree angle. Thus, most firefighters use it as a handheld flashlight for search and rescue missions.

Besides, this one can also function as a hands-free unit due to its magnetic clip. The added feature allows it to stick on steel surfaces to focus on our work with both hands.

What contributes to this one’s excellent use in various duties is its multiple working modes. Both spot mode and flood mode have three brightness levels: high, low, and medium.

Switching among them is a breeze due to the large push button on the side. Furthermore, you can simultaneously turn on these two modes to have both focused and wide beams.

About its safety, the flashlight receives class I, II, III- Division 1 certifications. That means it is an ultimate tool designed to function smoothly in the harshest conditions. I think it is among the few Pelican firefighter flashlights that I trust with heavy duty tasks.

Up until now, I have had no complaints about its functions. Hopefully, it can continue supporting my work for a long time.
  • A reliable right angle flashlight
  • Comes with articulating head for flexible adjustment
  • Features a magnetic clip for hands-free use
  • Multiple modes: flood and spot beams with different brightness
  • Class I, II, III- Division 1 certifications for safe use in hazards.
  • Currently no complaint
All in all, we can’t say no to such a well-made right angle fire flashlight that offers us great help in any dangerous circumstances.

13. Streamlight Vantage 180 X

The Streamlight Vantage 180 X is a well-trusted flashlight that firefighters would want to add to their arsenal. I have been using this torch for a while now, yet its toughness always amazes me.

Just like its look, this flashlight is an incredibly robust structure that can endure abuse on a daily basis. Made of nylon engineering polymer, the lighting apparatus can resist the destructive effects of chemicals. It comes in handy when there is leaking toxic liquids at the sites.

I expected this IPX7-grade flashlight to resist water well, and it did not disappoint. Even when you submerge the piece under 1-meter of water, it can perform stably for more than 30 minutes. That means heavy rains or moisture cannot attack the light and ruin it easily.

As it comes with a helmet bracket, I often install the light on my headgear to make use of its hands-free function. There is also a hex key available in the package to help us quickly release the light.

The included stainless steel pocket clip is helpful when you need to attach it to different places. Thus, firefighters can flexibly choose their ways of using this torch.

For users to flexibly aim the light beam in desired directions, the brand designs a 180-degree swivel head for this unit. This is also among the best features of this flashlight, making it a perfect choice for use in enclosed areas.

Still, it would be incredible if I can operate this flashlight more quickly even when wearing gloves.
  • Nylon engineering polymer resisting impact and chemicals
  • IPX7-grade waterproof flashlight
  • Helmet bracket for hands-free use
  • Stainless steel pocket clip to attach on various places
  • Comes with 180-degree swivel head
  • A bit tricky to operate while wearing gloves
Despite the minor flaw, this Vantage flashlight from Streamlight is among my favorite tools. I can use it on my helmet, keep it as a handheld device or stick it to different places – how convenient!

14. Lumintrail Head Flashlight

This list cannot be complete without the Lumintrail Right Angle Head Flashlight. Anyone in this shopping spree with a low budget looking or a decent-quality device should check out this one.

The Lumintrail model can easily be every firefighter’s reliable companion with its sufficient illumination. Its CREE LED can produce up to 1050 lumens of light, allowing us to see nearly 170 meters in the dark.

Furthermore, it offers four modes to meet multiple task requirements and a strobe to call for immediate attention in case we need help. You should not worry about changing various modes quickly since this light allows one-hand button control.

Just like many standard flashlights for firefighters, this is a water-resistant device with an IPX8 rating. Such a grade implies that the torch can work perfectly when being submerged under more than 1-meter water. Also, there is no compromise on the durability of this aerospace-grade aluminum housing flashlight.

To further aid firefighters under different circumstances, the manufacturer adds a magnetic tail cap on this light. That way, we can put it on a suitable surface and use both hands to work. Plus, the head strap and the pocket belt clip coming in the package can ensure a tight fit around our head, helmet, or on our uniform.

However, its size is a tad smaller than I expected. Yet, I have no problem as long as it provides enough light for my work.
  • A low-priced yet quality flashlight for firefighter
  • The CREE LED produces a 1050-lumen beam, traveling 170 meters.
  • Offers four modes with one-hand button control
  • IPX8 rating for water resistance
  • Durable aerospace-grade aluminum housing
  • Magnetic tail cap, head strap, and pocket belt clip for flexible uses
  • A bit smaller than expected
I can confidently say that this one can be the best ultra-bright, durable, and LED right angle flashlight at this price.

What to Look for When Buying a Firefighter Flashlight


The selection process can be shortened if you know which essential factors to consider when finding the best fire rescue flashlights. The chosen model should meet the requirements of your duties and taste. Read on to make a well-informed decision.

Brightness – The brightness of different torches might vary, but there are standard lumen counts you can expect from these flashlights. Most of them emit around 200 to 350 lumens when operating in high mode. This amount is sufficient to light up a distance to 200 meters with ease.

A 175-lumen light can travel more than 400 meters and quickly fill a large room in some cases. You can find these specifications on the product when purchasing. So if the illuminating distance is more important, choose the one that lights up the farthest.

Some other firefighter flashlights can generate more than that, about 600 or even 1000 lumens of light. However, these ultra-bright LEDs are not as common, as they can drain your battery sooner than expected.

Batteries and runtime – Usually, the battery life of a rechargeable firefighter flashlight in the low mode can be more than 12 hours. Some units come with a survivor mode that lasts more than three days. It is an essential function that you might want for your light in case of unfavorable circumstances.

As the power source is also a vital factor, you will want to know if it runs on which type of batteries. Most of these firefighter flashlights run on alkaline batteries, promising around a 4-hour shift with the most intense beams. Some others are powered on AA batteries with a bit longer runtime.

Some firefighter flashlights indeed feature dual power sources, meaning they run on both standard batteries and a rechargeable one. For instance, ion batteries and NiCd batteries are commonly used in various torches. They can be included in the package, or you have to purchase them separately to enjoy the dual power function.

Safety standards – You can look for the flashlights for firefighters that are listed intrinsically safe. Those are pieces of equipment qualified to perform in thermal, electrical, environmental hazards. You can confidently pick such devices for firefighting duties without worry if it can deal with the harsh conditions.

Other than that, you can see many flashlights receiving the NFPA-1971 certification for use in explosive environments. That is another reliable approval that ensures the safe use required for firefighting. Also, pieces tested to resist extreme heat, water, and electrical hazards can be trusted to support firefighters.

Durability – You can be sure of the flashlight durability when checking its construction. A durable flashlight for firefighter must be made of high-impact material. For instance, super-tough nylon, anodized aircraft aluminum, or glass-filled nylon polymer are usually chosen to construct the housing of firefighter flashlights.

Besides, the torch lens should also be built to last as there can be many hazards causing harm to the part. Hence, the best flashlight in smoke and dust should be made of silicone or BoroFloat glass and sealed with an O-ring. Furthermore, an anti-scratch coating will protect the lens against falling debris that might damage its clarity.

More importantly, flashlights for firefighters have to be water-resistant. They can be rated as IPX7, IP67, or IPX8 grade when it comes to resisting water intrusion. If you want your piece to function well even under heavy rain or wet environments, a waterproof device is advisable.

Design and flexible uses – When it comes to design, there are several options for you to consider. First of all, some firefighters might want a right angle flashlight. Some widely loved models of this type are the Streamlight 90540 Survivor LED Right Angle, or the Streamlight 88830 PolyTac Right Angle Black model, and many more. These pieces are perfect for search and rescue missions of firefighters.

Also, the handheld design is among the most common flashlights for firefighters in the market. They often have a compact body and a super lightweight case. We can comfortably hold them in our hand and aim the beams in the desired directions with ease. Most handheld flashlights measure 16 centimeters long as it fits in our pocket and packages easily. If you want a larger design, you might want to look for a while.

When looking for the ideal choice, some of us might value flexibility. In truth, a torch can be used as both a firefighter helmet flashlight and a handheld unit as long as there are clamps or brackets available. Many firefighters love these devices as they want to enjoy the hands-free function and up-close light for specific missions.

When choosing the ideal piece for your helmet, it is essential to check what kind of headgear you have. Not all torches can fit the hard hats or helmets with visors or goggles. You might also want to purchase a firefighter flashlight strap for your light if you want a more secure fit.

Price – When considering all vital factors contributing to a functional light for your utilization, price should also be included. Not all the highest-priced torches are the best flashlights for firefighters that you can pick. Some units are made to be durable and flexible enough to offer you safety while performing. Hence, shopping within your budget is also essential.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a firefighter flashlight?

A firefighter flashlight is designed to offer sufficient illumination for firefighting tasks. It is a device made out of robust materials to withstand the harshest conditions. For instance, its lens must function well in high temperatures or under the pouring rain since the firefighting duties are carried in various places.

Regarding its design, you can find many right angle fire flashlight models made for specific missions of a firefighter. Some units are also constructed for us to control them while wearing gloves.

Furthermore, a firefighter flashlight must meet safety standards for use in explosive environments. Some vital certifications prove its qualification for firefighting use. It is no ordinary lamp, yet it is similar to the usual devices in terms of lighting modes, illumination distance, battery life, etc.

How does it work?

This torch works as a light source for firefighters when they perform in all-dark environments. It often comes with three or four lighting modes: low, high, medium, and strobe. You can effortlessly switch among these modes for particular tasks at hand.

They often run on rechargeable batteries and last for a three or four-hour shift without hassle. Some pieces are incorporated with survivor mode that allows stable dim lighting for more than two days. You can find most of them function correctly despite wet, smoke, and dust-filled surroundings.

Who is this for?

This device is often used for firefighters that perform in hazardous environments that require a stable lighting source. Moreover, it can be utilized by numerous workers on construction sites due to its excellent performance in all-dark places. You can also see engineers, mechanics, and even DIY-ers take advantage of these lights.

With all the functions and features given by the piece, users can bring it to handle various tasks without worry. Hence, there is no limit on who and how we should use the light, but you have to make sure it fits your needs before purchasing one.

What are the different types of firefighter flashlights?

We can recognize different types of firefighter flashlights in the market by looking at its designs and functions. There can be handheld lights, helmet mount torches, and the ones who can function as both. Some other pieces are different in terms of lumen count, working modes, runtime, lighting distance, and more. These pieces of head protection equipment can vary regarding the criteria you are looking for.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a firefighter flashlight?

There are numerous advantages we can get from using a well-made firefighter flashlight. It is the perfect companion for work in all-dark, dust, and smoke-filled environments. It leads our ways in and out of the darkness safe and sound. Furthermore, the flashlight offers excellent brightness for workers to effectively carry their tasks, reduce the struggle, and shorten the work time in hazardous conditions.

However, choosing the wrong product might result in unwanted incidents for firefighters. A light that does not emit enough or the right type of lighting can bring more disadvantages than benefits. If your chosen flashlight does not promote easy operation, it will be dangerous in emergencies. Hence, you can minimize all those risks by choosing the right one with capable functions for your duties.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who makes the best firefighter flashlights?

As you skim through our top list, the best brands making the most reliable firefighters flashlights are all included. The well-established label, such as Streamlight has a massive collection of excellent products that you might want to check out. They provide numerous lighting equipment for not only fire fighting but other field’s personnel.

Also, other widely loved and trusted sources can be Nightstick, Bright Star, Foxfury, Pelican. Or you can take a look at some Lumintrail flashlights for more budget-friendly options.

How many lumens should a good flashlight have?

As mentioned in the buying guide above, you can find the standard firefighting flashlight delivering around 200 to 350 lumens in high mode. This lumen count can suffice the requirement of firefighting duties in dark and smoky environments. Of course, some models are generating lower and much higher lumens. So you can take a look at our standard product list to find out which one is suitable for you.

What flashlight do special forces use?

Special forces use tactical lights that support night vision. They are incredibly robust, weatherproof, and super lightweight. These devices often fit in our pockets and emit around 800 to 100 lumens of light. More importantly, they come with a tactical head that can be used as a self-defense weapon when required.


After reading our list of the best firefighter flashlight picks out there, hopefully, you have a suitable device in mind. If not, the detailed buying guides will help you shorten the searching process and make a great decision.

Kindly keep in mind that all information provided here is our sincere suggestions. But the most important thing is your job and personal requirements for the right apparatus.

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