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The Best Firefighter Gloves

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

Best Firefighter Gloves

Keeping yourself safe is the most important thing when you are working in hazardous environments. We can not totally control all of the damage, but we can minimize them by using proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They do the job of shielding you from numerous harmful things at the workplace.

Working as a firefighter means that you can face various kinds of dangers involve hot flames and sharp broken pieces. So you are in need of good work gloves that keep you safe while performing your tasks.

We understand thoroughly the difficulty you might face when trying to find the best firefighter gloves. That is the reason why we make this article of some high-quality work gloves for you to take into consideration. Hopefully, with this information, you can make the right choice of purchasing one.

# Product name
Top 1
IRONCLAD Work Gloves Details
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Dragon Fire Alpha Glove Details
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Intra-FIT Impressive Gloves Details

Best Firefighter Gloves Reviews

1. IRONCLAD Work Gloves Impact Protection Gloves

This pair can be one of the greatest deals you can have for the firefighter work gloves. If you are looking for a piece of protection with guaranteed quality at a fairly low price, you should consider picking the IRONCLAD Work Gloves Impact Protection Gloves.

The first thing I notice about this pair is its cool look. It gives the vibe of a firm and strong work gloves, which is ideal for both working tasks and outdoor sports activities. You can make use of it whenever you want to.

Its quality does not disappoint me, as expected from an Ironclad product. The piece does a great job of protecting my hands from getting hurt by sharp and hard objects while offering me incredible sensitivity and dexterity. I can easily handle various tasks well using this pair.

This piece is attached with a layer of palm padding for better protection against vibration and impact of working machines. This feature is very helpful for firefighters who need to handle powerful appliances at their workplaces.

What is also great is we can use it to wipe the sweat off our face. It spares you the inconvenience of trying to find a towel in the middle of work. The Terry cloth sewn on its thumb enables the glove to absorb the perspiration.

If you are in a hurry, do not worry because this product can easily fit on your hands. Its design of added cuff puller makes this happen for users. Now you can wear it correctly as quickly as possible.

Although I am pleased to know that it is a well-fitted pair of safety gloves, I hope it could last a little longer.
  • Tough look
  • Good protection against fire and impact
  • Good sweat absorption
  • Tight closure
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Well-fitted
  • Quick to put on and take off
  • Low price
  • Not that durable
Although there is a small problem with its durability, the pair is still a good choice of leather fire gloves for your daily work.

2. Dragon Fire Alpha X NFPA Firefighting Glove

The first piece I want to show you is the Dragon Fire Alpha X NFPA Firefighting Glove. It is definitely among the best structural firefighting gloves due to its amazing quality and incredible protection ability.

What I love the most about this pair is its unique liner. The brand has a special thermal liner customized for its product only. Such a feature makes the piece’s durability stand out among other work gloves on the market. Thanks to the liner, this pair lasts much longer than I expected it to be.

The manufacturer does a good job of increasing the piece’s ability to protect users by using a new combination of high-quality fibers. This clearly helps a lot when you need the pair for heavy-duty tasks in hazardous working environments.

I love the strong and firm look of this pair. It is one of the toughest pair of work gloves I have ever owned. It is incredible at shielding me from sharp and hard edges of items that I am working on.

If you have to carry your task where there are numerous pointed subjects that can cut or scratch your hands, you can opt for this piece. It enables us to work confidently and safely by offering an amazing defense against various dangers.

You also do not have to worry if this pair is made using any toxic chemicals. I am pleased to know that it is treated with a safe producing procedure. That means using this pair for a long time will not affect your health at all.

It is known as a long-lasting product because it is not easy to tear the piece out. Even when you use it for heavy tasks, it still functions well. Although being a tough glove, it is not made to work well on wet or slippery surfaces. So keep in mind that this piece is not suitable for dealing with objects underwater.
  • Not ideal for underwater tasks
Overall, although we   use this piece often for underwater tasks, it is amazing fireman gloves due to the good quality.

3. Intra-FIT Impressive Extrication Gloves

One of the best firefighter gloves that I have ever had the chance to experience is the Intra-FIT Impressive Extrication Gloves. The pair surprise me with the ultimate ability to protect me against various kinds of danger at my workplace.

The first thing that I notice about this piece is its extra tough look. The design highlights all the parts that this piece focuses on protecting. The added paddings on its palm, fingers, and back make the piece look incredibly firm and strong. The pair can serve as a good shield for all parts of our hands.

I am glad to know that this pair can offer a fantastic hand grip with a high level of dexterity. One might have the false impression when looking at this piece for the first time. But it enables users to move their hands flexibly and comfortably. This piece surprised me greatly with the amount of sensitivity it has.

If there are lots of sharp and hard objects to handle in your hazardous working environment, this piece can be very helpful. It is made to resist cut, abrasion and puncture very well. It lets me do my daily tasks confidently and more easily.

Another wonderful thing you should know about this product is its comfortability. The pair offers fantastic comfort for anyone who wears it to work. The main reason behind this amazing feature is the elastic fabric used to produce it.

Do not worry if you have to work outside in changing weather conditions. This piece of protective tools can function well underwater and on oily or wet surfaces. Even on a rainy day, this one can always make your work go smoothly and conveniently.

Although it can be tricky to choose the right size for yourself. This piece is a little smaller than the usual sizing chart of other gloves on the market.
  • Low price
  • Tough and cool look
  • Good dexterity and flexibility
  • Good grip
  • Good protection for all parts of your hands
  • Great comfort
  • Water-proof
  • Work well on oily and wet surfaces
  • Smaller than usual sizes
In conclusion, if you area precise in the process of choosing your best-fitted pair, this one can be a great deal for your work gloves investment.

4. Youngstown Glove 09-9083-10-M Titan

The Youngstown Glove 09-9083-10-M Titan is brought to you by a familiar brand that offers various good-quality pairs, according to many customers’ firefighter gloves reviews. If you are looking for a Kevlar glove, this one can be a good choice.

I am surprised to know that they use a combination of numerous substances to create the piece. The main materials are Nylon and Polyurethane and PVC, and they also add an amount of Polyester and Rubber to the piece. All those combined make the glove one of the most long-lasting, cheap firefighter gloves I have ever owned.

This piece has this sporty look with a lively green color that I like. If you want a pair not just for work, but also for a weekend mountain biking or other activities, this is a pair that you should consider.

I am glad to find out that it can resist cut, which means we can wear this pair to work with sharp objects without worrying too much. As I say, this is a great Kevlar glove, which is the best at resisting puncture. All parts of the pair are made with meticulous care and high-standard process so that it can protect users well from getting hurt.

What I also love about this product is its flexibility. Although it looks like a very rigid glove, yet it offers amazing hand movements. The sensitivity is enhanced to enable workers to handle even small objects.

For a firefighter, it is important sometimes to own a pair of safety work gloves that can alleviate the impact and vibration of machines. This piece is made to meet that requirement, so it is a good partner for someone who occasionally has to operate appliances.

The color gives out a fashionable appearance for the gloves, and also highlight its movements when we do our work. By that, we can be protected better and do our work more efficiently.

Still, there are some complaints about the cuff, if only there is a strap so it can be a lot easier to put the gloves on.
  • High-quality material mixture
  • Sporty look
  • Highlighted color and movements
  • Good for medium duties
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Impact absorption
  • Without a trap
Overall, at this great price, this piece can be a worthwhile investment of a good-quality work glove for you.

5. Ringers R-314 Extrication Gloves

This next piece receives numerous compliments for its great quality in the structural firefighting gloves reviews of many customers. You may want to check out this one that is the Ringers R-314 Extrication Gloves. 

The good thing is they sell this piece in six sizes in total, from small to extra extra extra large. You do not have to worry about choosing the most well-fitted one with this wide range of choices. This sizing chart is useful for workers who have big hands and usually find it difficult to pick their best-fitted gloves.

The piece is excellent at protecting users while they operate powerful appliances. It offers the amazing guard for our knuckles, better than many other work gloves on the market. We can use it for different kinds of tasks, from light to heavy-duty tasks without worrying about getting hurt.

There are two colors available. For people who love a low-profile and simple glove, the black one is a great choice. If you want a pair that stands out, you can opt for the yellow one. Also, the markings on this product and reflect lights so that you can make out your hand movements better.

It is noticeable that they mix some high-quality materials to enhance the protecting ability of this product. Synthetic leather and Cordura are used, along with a smaller portion of Rubber and Armortex. The combination makes this pair cut-resistant, therefore enabling firefighters to carry their work more safely.

Another good feature that I like about this pair is its long cuff and tight closure. They help a lot in keeping dirt and debris out of workers’ hands while they are performing their tasks.

I also love that the piece offers a good   while still being dexterous. Also, it can lessen the vibration generated from working machines. So I have to say this product is pretty versatile.

The finger seam can tear out sooner than we desire, and be careful when you use it to handle glass.
  • Great material combination
  • Good dexterity and flexibility
  • Highly visible design
  • Many size choices
  • Good protection
  • Keep debris and dirt away
  • Not that durable against the sharp glass
Even though some might expect the pair to do better when handling sharp glass, I think this product is one of the best structure fire gloves that worth your consideration.

6. Protech-8 Titan Glove 

At a reasonable price, the Protech-8 Titan Glove is a really good deal for an amazing structure fire gloves. The pair is widely loved for its good look and great ability to protect workers from numerous incidents.

I was happy to find out that this product focuses on protecting the parts of our hands that can easily get hurt. The pair has a long cuff to cover our knuckle, so it offers better protection on this part better than most work gloves out there.

On top of that, more than one layer is added to the top of the gloves’ fingers and palm. With such additional paddings, we can confidently carry on working without worrying about getting hurt.

What makes this pair great is its incredible dexterity. Even with the thick padding for better protection, my hands can move flexibly. I am quite surprised by the amount of sensitivity this piece offers. It is ideal for handling small objects at the worksites without having to take the glove off or changing into another pair.

The important thing is that it serves as a perfect shield for a firefighter in their working environment. The product is coated with high-quality chemicals that can slow down the effect of fire.

I am also glad to figure out that this pair is made cut-resistant. It is labeled as a Kevlar glove, which is excellent at protecting users from getting hurt by sharp objects. I am grateful that I have this piece with me while performing difficult and dangerous tasks at the workplace all day.

Yet there are some complaints about its thumb liner tearing sooner than expected.
  • High-quality
  • Good price
  • Incredible dexterity
  • Cut-resistant
  • Good protection against fire
  • Easy torn out thumb liner
Despite having a minor flaw with its liner, this pair of firefighter extrication gloves is still a great investment for someone who wants a good quality product at a reasonable price.

7. Hugger Precinct One Fire Resistant Leather Protective Glove

Some of you might miss out on this one because it is not from a familiar brand, but this piece is worth your consideration due to the incredible protection ability. So do not forget to check this Hugger Precinct One Fire Resistant Leather Protective Glove.

If you are in for low-profile gloves, this can be your good choice. This piece of protective tools has a simple look with a mixture of black and yellow. The pair is suitable for someone who does not want their pair to draw too much attention.

I am glad to know that this product is specially customized for firefighter protection. It is made of the kind of leather that can resist fire. Some other gloves can be used for various purposes, but this one is made to be the best at shielding users against dangers that come from a firefight.

There are some supporting features this pair, its palm is made of synthetic leather, and it back is produced using Polyester fiber. All those qualities make this piece ideal for people who work as policemen.

It is also designed to protect the vulnerable parts of our hands such as knuckles and palms. It makes me feel confident and comfortable while performing my tasks all day.

It is a well-fitted glove with good abilities to protect users. The pair is also one of the lowest price gloves that is sold on the market currently. However, its quality is not that impressive to me.
  • Good price
  • Good protection for firefighters and policemen
  • Great materials used
  • Comfortable
  • Great flexibility
  • Not impressive quality
If you are seeking a pair that is specialized for a firefighter’s use, you can opt for this product.

8. Pro-Tech 8 Fusion PRO Structural Glove 

Next on the list of some best extrication gloves that just available this year is the Pro-Tech 8 Fusion PRO Structural Glove. This piece is a wonderful partner for workers whose jobs are carried out in hazardous environments.

The pair looks quite smooth with all-black covering and yellow lines in-between every finger. It is a low-profile glove for people who are fans of simple design work gloves like me. Despite not being eye-catching, the piece does a good job protecting me from various dangers.

The most special thing about its design is the separate ring and fingers parts. They are not attached to others like the usual gloves, and that makes them move more freely and flexibly. I am amazed by the new and unique feature the manufacture adds to this piece, and it helps me a lot in handling items with small details.

I am glad to find out that this pair of Pro-tech 8 gloves offers incredible protection for our knuckles. Not many pair of safety gloves on the market focus on shielding this part of our hand. But this piece is made to do its best in keeping our knuckle safe while we are doing our job. That is so amazing.

I also love the fact that this piece can be used for tasks underwater. It is not only made to be abrasion and cut-resistant, but also waterproof. So you can comfortably bring it for work in different weather conditions.

The product is extremely breathable and comfortable to wear. It is a great companion for a long working day. However, the size can be too small for some male’s hands. If your fingers are pretty long, this pair may not suit you well.
  • Special design for flexible motions
  • Great price
  • Good quality
  • Breathable
  • Good protection
  • Waterproof
  • Not very good looking
  • Not big enough for some male’s hands
In conclusion, the piece is one of the best firefighting gloves for female workers due to its reasonable price and good durability.

9. Womanswork NFPA Approved Wildland Firefighter Gloves

If you are a female worker who is still struggling to find your best piece of protective tool, this next one can be a great solution. The Womanswork NFPA Approved Wildland Firefighter Gloves is currently available for you to consider using.

I know it can be much trickier for a woman to find a suitable pair of firefighter utility gloves. Most of the pieces on the market are made with a fairly tough look that suits men better. But this one has an elegant and fashionable appearance.

At first glance, we can notice this product is designed for female firefighters. Its attractive appearance with the mixture of black and brown gives out a vintage vibe. Female workers may love the slim and graceful look of this pair more than the firm and strong look on other pairs.

I am pleased to know that this piece is made to be cut and puncture-resistant. It can protect me perfectly from getting hurt when I need to handle sharp edges. I feel secure whenever I have this piece on at work.

This product has a longer cuff than other work gloves on the market. This is mostly because the manufacturer wants this pair to protect customers’ knuckles and wrist better. I am very grateful for such features.

After getting the work completed, you can put this piece into the washing machine to save some time. It is absolutely fine for the glove to be cleaned by the machine. I find this piece more durable than I first expected it to be.

You do not have to worry about this pair’s ability to keep you safe from the heat. It is made of good-quality material, and the long cuff is extra helpful in shielding your hands from the fire.

But keep in mind that this glove can be smaller than you desire it to be, even for a woman. You can wait longer for it to stretch more to fit your hands better.
  • Nice look
  • Great protection for female firefighters
  • Cut-resistant
  • Good material quality
  • Wrist and knuckle protection
  • Small in size
Overall, if you pay attention to choose your best-fitted size, this piece is truly among the best dragon fire gloves for female customers.

10. Shelby Firefighters Gloves

The next piece I want to mention in this list is the Shelby Firefighters Gloves. Some of us are might not familiar with this brand, but this model is worth trying due to its great quality and cool design.

The pair has a special color mixture of black on the back and beige on the palm. This combination gives it a sporty and fashionable look I like so much. Its cuff is partly white, which makes the glove even cuter.

Another good thing about its appearance is its slim and elegant look. Although this model is not specially customized for female firefighters, it can be a good choice for them.

It is noticeable that the pair has much longer cuff than numerous usual gloves on the market this year. Therefore, it offers amazing protection over customers’ wrists. This piece lessens the effect of the heat on our hands with this expanded part at the end. With this feature, it is a great partner in a firefight.

I find this piece breathable when I use it for work. For a long day of work, this pair can bring great comfort to users and enable them to work with better efficiency. Also, when you bring it to weekend sports events, the piece can be very helpful. It is ideal for various activities besides firefighting work.

What makes me love this piece more is that it fits perfectly to my hands like a second skin. Sometimes, it can be tricky to find a glove that goes with your size well, but this pair is a wonderful choice for me.

Although, the long cuff and be a little inconvenient because it will take some time for you to wear it properly.
  • Great design and cool look
  • Suitable for various activities
  • Good protection
  • Breathable
  • Great comfort
  • The long cuff can make it difficult to put on and take off quickly
In conclusion, female workers can find this one a great replacement for their old gloves because it can offer amazing protection and a fashionable look.

11. Bellingham 7986XL Wildland Firefighting Gloves 

There is another good choice of auto extrication gloves for a firefighter like you that is the Bellingham 7986XL Wildland Firefighting Gloves. If you love gloves with cute and impressive looks, you should check out this pair.

The manufacturer has four available sizes for this piece on sale, from medium to extra extra large. You can comfortably pick your best-fitted one among those to have the best experience with this model.

It is noticeable that this pair has quite a unique coloring. Most work gloves are made with dark colors while this one is remarkably bright. They use orange for the main part and a milky white for the cuff. In my opinion, the combination makes the piece looks like an adorable winter glove.

I am happy that the pair can do a great job of protecting users against heat and flame in firefighting. Despite the elegant appearance, it can be very helpful for workers whose jobs are carried out in hazardous environments.

I am pleased to know that this one is customized as a shield against fire. Do not worry about its quality because the piece is produced to meet certain standards of a great glove or firefighters.

It offers fantastic protection for my wrist thanks to the long cuff design. This product can keep debris and dirt out of my hands while I am performing my job. It is mainly because of the tight closure feature it has.

I feel comfortable and breathable while wearing this piece for my daily tasks. It brings great comfort and dexterity for my hand movements. I love the way it maintains the sensitivity to users’ fingers.

Still, this pair can not be durable enough for some heavier work and harsh flame.
  • Highlighting look
  • Good protection against flame and heat
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Good wrist design
  • Long cuff
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Not that durable
If you do not need a pair for carrying too heavy and difficult work, you can consider purchasing this piece. It can be a good partner for your medium-duty work.

12. KKmoon Fire Protective Gloves

The last piece I show you is one of the best deals you can find on the market this year for a good work glove. The KKmoon Fire Protective Gloves is among the greatest waterproof firefighter gloves out there.

What I love the most about this model is the pair has a low-profile look but owns various useful features. It does an amazing job of preventing numerous unwanted incidents at the workplace.

I am glad to notice the long cuff design of this pair. The extended part can offer great protection for our wrists when we perform our tasks. Not all work gloves on the market have this useful function like this one.

Another great thing about it is that the model is made to be scratch and cut-resistant. It is the ideal company for workers whose jobs include dealing with numerous sharp and hard objects. If that is the case, now you do not have to worry about getting hurt when you wear this pair to work.

It amazes me that this product can lessen the intensity of the flame, strong toxic chemicals, and other dangers. It keeps your hands clean and safe from water, radiation, and fire while you carry the job of a firefighter.

I am pleased that I do not have to suffer from any discomfort while using this pair. It is greatly breathable and well-fitted, so it offers a good   for users in the manner of enhancing sensitivity and flexibility. The piece works pretty well on oily and slippery surfaces, too.

You can bring the piece along on a winter day to keep your hands warm. It is thick enough to make you feel comfortable when the temperature outside drops dramatically. However, there are some complaints about its size. The pair can be too small for male workers with big hands.
  • Simple-look work glove
  • Various amazing features
  • Fantastic protection against many dangers
  • Heat and flame alleviation
  • Keep your hands warm
  • Flexible and dexterous
  • Small size
Despite not having enough big sizes, this model can be a great investment of a safety work glove that is sold at a reasonable price.

What to Look for When Buying Gloves


Work conditions – There are numerous factors to be taken into consideration, and your work condition is one of the most important ones. It depends on the level of danger you have to face at your workplace that you can choose your perfect partner.

As a firefighter, the ability to protect users against flame is the most important feature you look for in a work glove. The piece you pick must be able to offer an incredible shield for our hands against heat. Products that are customized for firefighter only is worth considering than others.

If your work includes dealing with sharp and hard objects most of the time, you should opt for the kinds of safety gloves that are made cut and abrasion-resistant. Those pairs keep your hands safe from getting hurt by various pointed items.

When you spend lots of your time operating vibrating machine, a piece of work gloves that can lessen the impact is essential. It prevents you from having severe hands and arms diseases when you get older.

For changing weather environments, a pair of work gloves that can keep you warm is important. On a freezing winter day, your thick piece can help you carry your tasks comfortably and conveniently.

If you need to perform on oily or wet surfaces, find a pair that is waterproof. Also, it should be customized to bring amazing hand grip and flexible movements for your fingers. The danger of slippery objects can not be underestimated.

Style – You can see various choices of work glove style on the market. Some can be sporty and tough, and others are more elegant and soft-looking. It depends on your taste and purpose of using them.

If you love low-profile gloves, you can opt for something simple with dark colors. If you want your pair to stand out and show your unique personality, you can pick the piece with a fashionable appearance. However, keep in mind that this is just a secondary factor to consider choosing your best one. 

Price – It is noticeable that work gloves for firefighter are sold at a much higher price than other types. This is mainly because of the material and technology they use to produce such a high-quality item for better protection against intense dangers.

There are some big gaps between different brands and models’ prices, so be thorough with your own choice. If you are willing to make a big investment, consider important factors to pick the most suitable one.

Size – The process of choosing the best piece always involves how to find the best-fitted one. Wearing a glove that stays well on your hands during work is very important. It can bring you great comfort and makes your work easier if it fits like a second skin.

You can find out your exact hand size by using a cloth ruler to measure your palm carefully. After having the figure, match with the sizing chart of the glove model you love. However, directly trying the pair at the store would be much better for you.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a firefighter glove?

We all know the danger that a firefighter faces in their career. Therefore, they have to equip themselves with proper protection so that the work will be carried safely. These gloves are one of the protective tools that keep the firefighters safe when they are in charge.

This piece serves as a shield for their hands against direct contact with the flame. It plays an important role in lessening the heat that reaches the firefighter. So they can carry their work more efficiently.

There are some of the materials the manufacturer uses to produce this kind of work gloves, which can be synthetic leather, nylon, rubber, and so on. Such substances enable those pieces to function the best in hazardous working environments.

A safety glove for firefighter usually has longer cuff than other pairs you can see on the market. Mainly, this is because the product is customized to offer the best protection of the users’ wrist when they are performing their work. Also, lessen the heat from outside to get into the pair.

How does it work?

This pair is made to protect the firefighter from getting when doing their job at a dangerous workplace. They wear this on before they start performing their tasks to have the best protection.

This piece can function in a similar way with other types of work gloves. That means it is made of special materials to be able to alleviate the heat from the firefight. It helps the worker do his job without getting hurt from the flame.

Some of these pairs are made with various important features like abrasion and cut-resistance. Those things prevent workers from having unwanted incidents when handling various objects and tools in the middle of the fight.

The long cuff they have served as wrist protection, and sometimes it can keep the debris and dirt out of users’ hands. It is a convenient and necessary feature in a dusty working environment.

Who is this for?

This product is made to protect users from various types of accidents. Users can own it to have proper protections while doing different kinds of jobs.

Firstly, these gloves are produced for firefighters. They are in need of a special pair that has the feature to keep them safe from a hot flame. The glove is made to offer a shield against heat and other dangers can happen in the middle of a firefight.

People can use this piece for numerous activities. Some of the work gloves have the ability to absorb vibration, which means they can be used to operate machines. Workers at the construction site can opt for this piece for better protection.

Some models of this work glove can be suitable for sports activities. If you are in need of a pair that can be with you on a Sunday mountain biking event, you can pick a piece with a fashionable and sporty look. It is surely helpful.

What are the different types of firefighter gloves?

There are numerous pairs of firefighter gloves on the market currently, it may be confusing for people who first try to find their best piece. Fortunately, those pieces can be divided into different categories based on their material and special features.

Leather gloves – This is the common material they use to produce a good work glove. Leather can resist flame and heat well, so that is a good choice of first shell layer for the glove.

Different types of leather have different characteristics and strengths. Some of them can offer amazing   and dexterity, while synthetic leather is used to make the glove cut and abrasion-resistant. This kind of material is ideal for handling sharp objects at the worksite.

If the piece is thinner usual, it can not offer the proper amount of insulation. This means you should use thin leather gloves for operating electrical tools or machines, and it will not be helpful as you expect. Although, it can be an ideal partner for dealing with small items due to the great flexibility of finger movements.

Kevlar gloves – This type may sound familiar for people who use work gloves for a long time. It is the best piece in resisting cut and scratch. If you want your pair to protect you well from pointed edges of sharp and hard items, you should opt for this kind of work glove.

This piece is guaranteed to be cut-resistant, so it is ideal for people whose work involves dealing with dangerous objects that can hurt their hands. Many firefighters pick this pair for better protection while performing their tasks.

Knit gloves – The knit gloves are known to be more durable than other types of gloves available. They can be a little thicker than usual, therefore offer a greater shield for heavy-duty jobs. However, these pieces can not be as flexible ass other types because of their thickness.

This kind of work gloves can make you feel comfortable and convenient due to the soft materials used to knit the pair. It is suitable for workers who need to wear their safety pieces for a long day.

Polyesters and nylons gloves – These materials are less popular when it comes to firefighter work gloves. It is because they have a weaker ability to defend the user’s hands against heat and intense flame. However, those pieces can offer amazing dexterity and comfortability.

Advantages and disadvantages of firefighter gloves?

We all know the importance and advantages of owning a pair of firefighter gloves. They do a good job of protecting users from getting hurt while performing in the middle of a firefight.

These pieces of protective tools can prevent numerous unwanted incidents and even severe accidents from happening. They can lessen the impact of hot flames on firefighters’ hands when they handle their jobs.

Also, when there are numerous hard and sharp objects at the worksite, these gloves do a good job of not getting the workers to be cut or hurt. They act as a shield for them to do their work with better efficiency.

Workers can perform with a higher capacity if they have their pieces of protection. They can feel secure while trying their best to complete the task without constant worry about their safety.

Disadvantages can come when you do not take good care of your work gloves. If they are not in good condition for the ob and you still use them, there can be dangerous incidents at the worksite.

Be careful when you choose your best pairs too. When the piece is too loose or too tight, it can cause many dangers. The wrong one with improper supporting features will not be helpful when you need them for protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted firefighter glove brands?

There are numerous familiar brands that provide high-quality work gloves for the market every year. It can be confusing when you try to find the best piece then end up seeking among various glove types.

New and old brands, the ones that are already famous or still not familiar to consumers, and they all have their strong and weak characteristics. There are some reliable sources that you can consider such as Ironclad, Youngstown, Protech, Intra-fit and so on.

Pro-tech 8 titan vs. fusion: Which one is better?

It can depend on the feature that you want the most for your protective tool. If you prefer a glove with great durability, Pro-tech 8 titan can be your better choice. This pair is also more stretchy, which means it can fit your hands well. However, the titan gloves are more difficult to put on and take off when they are wet.

Whereas the fusion brings great comfort and snug feel for users. They can offer great protection against hot flame, too. Both pairs are good, so you can try then decide which one is more suitable for you.

How long do they last?

Normally, a pair of work gloves can last for months or even a year. It depends on the quality of the pieces. If you own a high-quality one, it can be very durable and well-functioned for a long period of time.

Also, the durability of your pair of protective tools can change due to the amount of work you use it for. If one piece is produced for medium-duty tasks, but you use it for heavy work, it can not be good for long. But when you take good care of your piece, it can last longer.

How to use?

It is noticeable that work gloves for firefighters have longer cuff than the usual pieces of protective tools. So when you wear those pairs, be careful with this feature. You can tuck your long-sleeve shirts into the cuff in case it can affect your work.

Just like wearing other kinds of gloves, you put this piece on your hands and make sure every singer is in its right place. Remember to fasten the closure if there is one on your piece. When you feel comfortable, you can start your task performance.

Where to buy? What is the warranty?

You can find your ideal piece in a local store at your place. These gloves are often sold with other types of firefighters’ special protective tools

If your size is out stock, or when they do not have your favorite brands’ pieces on sale at the store, you can go shopping online. There are lots of available models, but be precise while choosing your best-fitted pair.

It is widely known that each company has different warranty policies for their safety gloves. Usually, it can last from 6 months to a year. Most manufacturers only accept the product exchanging request when your piece is still brand new and those defects are the company’s fault.

How to care and clean?

Firefighters’ gloves can be tougher than other kinds of work gloves. And they are sold at a much higher price. So the care and cleaning process should be carried thoroughly and carefully.

Some of them are washable with washing machines and detergent. Some are more fragile with such strong cleaning methods. You can read the labels and instructions on the gloves before choosing the best washing option.

After the gloves are spotless, you can keep them in a dry place so that they can function well for your next-time use. Do not leave it in wet and dirty conditions after your work, as it causes serious damage to those pieces after some time.


If you are working as a firefighter, you need to own proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to perform your daily tasks safely. Remember to consider all of the important factors to choose for yourself the best firefighter gloves.

Do not forget to wear your piece whenever you work. You should also try to take good care of it so that the piece can be in good condition to keep you safe always.

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