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The Best Full Face Respirators

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best full face respirator

When it comes to doing tasks in an unsafe environment without protection, it could well become a threat to workers. Facial injuries can cause not only serious physical health but also mental problems. In this impact degree, a broadest coverage face shield intends to be the best solution.

If you are among the users that need such protection, you should find for yourself the best full-face respirator. The equipment is an essential partner for people who do jobs such as welding, working with toxic chemicals, and so on.

To free you from all kinds of headache and hesitation you might have while trying to pick a suitable one, we show here a list of highly-recommended pieces. Hopefully, after fishing reading our article, you will have the best choice in mind.

# Product name
Top 1
3M Ultimate Full Facepiece Details
Top 2
Parcil Distribution Full Face Respirator Details
Top 3
Complete Suit Trudsafe 6800 Details

Best Full Face Respirator Reviews 

1. 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece

The next reliable shield is the 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece. We can opt for this product when we need a mask that facilitates communication among co-workers.

It is noticeable that this product has a more complicated design of head straps. The manufacturer decides to take this feature to a different level with 6 pieces of them in total. Therefore, users do not have to be afraid of slipping off or falling incidents when their shield can not stay on well enough.

I am amazed by how comfortable this great guard feel when I wear them to work every day. The valve system contributes to the cool air and dry comfort that we have underneath the product. It releases the heat when we breathe out more quickly, therefore offering users great experiences.

When my tasks are completed, I can clean the whole mask easily by dismantling it first. That way, we can use this item over and over again. We need to thank the layer of Scotchgard that is added to the shell that enables us to wipe the dirt off with ease.

The most incredible function of this model must be the way it supports communication. We can talk, chat and give orders while working without difficulty. That is the main reason why various workers need them for better performance.

This item also promotes our missions by providing clear visibility for our eyes. Excellent filters and well-made cartridges do a good job of blocking many kinds of hazards in different forms. Also, there is almost a sign of fogging up issue when people wear the mask to handle their duties.

Several customers want more sizes for this model so it can fit more face types.
  • Good protection
  • Clear vision
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Support communication
  • Easy to use, assemble and clean
  • Secure fit
  • Not enough sizes
Overall, this piece is definitely a good investment in face shield.

2. Parcil Distribution-100 Full Face Respirator

If you are looking for a decent-seal mask for daily tasks, the Parcil Distribution-100 Full Face Respirator can be your suitable pick.

We can handle tasks in a dangerous working environment with this face shield. Lots of users love the mask because of its great structure, there are guaranteed quality filters and cartridge, along with the resilient window. We will not easily get hurt by sudden objects flying to our faces.

The good thing is that this shield is designed to offer a good seal for workers. Due to the clever and adjustable head straps, we can fix it until we feel secure underneath this protector. There will be no sign of irritation or slipping incidents with this type of model. What a glad thing to hear.

If you are still worried about your eyes’ safety and wonder if wearing real goggles would be better than this, you can put your concern down now. The guard owns a strong visor that can block your eyes from many dangers. Most of the users think they can carry on working confidently as long as they have this piece with them.

I can wear the ear muffs underneath the item. It is important to have a mask that is compatible with other protective tools I want to bring along. By that, we can be fully equipped to handle our missions safely.

I feel good that my respiratory system can be in healthy condition since I have this shield. It will help us to avoid direct contact with dangerous substances, especially toxic chemicals at the workplace. Some users even wear them to work outside, maybe on the field where they spray pesticide.

For people with big faces or heads, kindly check and research carefully before purchasing this mask since the size limits to one only.
  • Decent quality
  • Good seal
  • Great protection
  • Nice straps design
  • Good features
  • Strong window
  • Small in size
Overall, if it is a well-fitted shield for you, it will be a perfect protective tool for your tasks.

3. Complete Suit Trudsafe 6800

Another good fit full-face dust respirator that we should check out is the Complete Suit Trudsafe 6800. It is excellent at offering users a good seal and great quality.

The first great thing about this product is its flexibility. It is the type of product that enables you to use any kind of filters you want. Because the connectors are made suitable for the standard filter size and structure in the market.

It does not mean that its current purification system is no good. The model has certified protecting ability. It can block many kinds of hazards that often appear at the worksite such as toxic metal, hot liquid spatter, dust, and so on. Also, there is an added function which is the cartridge, it is helpful when there is vapor in your atmosphere.

Thanks to those incredible features, this product’s utility can be considered versatile. You can wear them to perform your tasks when dealing with chemicals, cleaning, grinding, welding, sanding, and many other duties. This guard does a good job of blocking those dangers from attacking our faces, especially our eyes.

This model is customized to be well-fitted to various users. The manufacturer produces them with a mesh headband, which is a special part that covers our head. This is among the things that make the shield stand out. The wide range of coverage is a good function for people who do not want dirt to be near their hair.

Also, there is not much space between our eyes and the window, so we can see more clearly through it. And keep in mind that you can clean the piece easily by dismantling the filters and cartridges from the main shield.

Another good thing about this item is that many users find it a good deal for face mask. The product is sold at a surprisingly great price. You need to know that it would be better if we can remove the odor of this respirator before using.

It will be a little bit unpleasant at first as quite a strong smell of the new filter. But it will be fade after several uses.
  • Great protection
  • Nice-designed product
  • Good seal
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Good coverage
  • Affordable item
  • Pretty strong smell at first
Overall, this good-pricing full-face dust mask is a good investment for many workers.

4. 3M 6800 Respirator Kit Full Face Respirator

You should check out this high-quality product from 3M – the Respirator Kit Full Face 6800. This set is definitely among the finest shields in this famous brand’s collection.

This kit is the favorite protector of numerous customers because of its convenience and durability. It comes in a box that contains a full shield and extra 4 particulate filters. We can change or replace the filter when the old feature comes off or becomes damaged. The set enables us to use the shield for a long time.

The quality of 3M products should not be doubted. This piece’s purification capability is 99.97 percent, which means many kinds of solid, liquid or gas pollutants in the atmosphere will be prevented from entering our respiratory system. It is the perfect friend of people who have allergies.

The wide and excellent range of filtration makes this mask ideal for various types of applications. Some workers need it for their welding tasks, and others wear them to handle toxic chemicals in the laboratories. This shield is so helpful for people who perform their daily duties at the construction site.

The product has all excellent features such as great silicone material used, secure design, cool exhalation valve device that users are looking for. All of them contribute to delivering pleasant to user experience in the breathable and comfortable manner.

Clear vision is another important thing that matters the most when you perform the job requiring a high level of exactitude. Getting this faceguard is the easiest way to have those good eye clarity and peripheral view range. Its window is customized to reduce distortion and cloudiness.

We can wash this piece easily with a soft wet cloth and store it for the next time use. If a specific improvement can be added to the product, then I would give them for the straps as some customers argued it does not work well.
  • Good protection
  • Nice design
  • Great features
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Various applications
  • Good clarity and no fogging
  • Tricky straps
To reinforce the protection, this full-face respirator mask is a highly recommended product for both professional and amateur workers.

5. Muhubaih 15in1 Full Face Dust Mask

The next one is a must-have protector for people who work in an environment that can harm their eyes and lungs. Users should not miss out on trying the Muhubaih 15in1 Full Face.

The best thing about this item’s design must be its tough and clear window. The shield comes way back to our ears, so we can have excellent vision in peripheral view. In my opinion, this item has a low-profile look, so it can be used on various occasions.

The manufacturer produces this shield using the combination of silicone and thermoplastic elastomer. Those substances play as the main ingredients give the mask enough strength to endure great force for users. I have to say that this model is one of the most long-lasting guards I have.

The great point about this full-face design lies in its ability to shield our skin from the spray of toxic chemicals. You can rely on this product to cover you entirely from the aerosol that comes from many directions.

Depending on your job requirement, this product can be added with any cartridge and filter. Hence, it makes your jobs more convenient since not all duties need such kind of purification.

But once you put those protecting features in, you can bring the shield to handle many dangerous duties without much concern. It will make sure to keep your faces and respiratory system safe.

Another good thing to mention is that this model is well priced. It is an affordable product compared to other pieces with the same design in the market. Nonetheless, there are some complaints about the tricky straps.
  • Great protection
  • Nice fit and coverage
  • Good visibility
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Great price
  • Not so easy with the straps
Despite a little confusion some might have with the straps, this one always ranks pretty high in the list full-face respirator reviews.

6. 3M 7162 Full-Facepiece Respirator

Another comfortable work tool that provides good eyes and lung protection is the 3M 7162 Full-Facepiece Respirator.

The most impressive thing about this face shield is its good comfort. The well-balanced design gives the customer a pleasant experience while wearing the item for a long day of work. Its headband is made from elastic and it is firm enough to make wearers feel secure and confident to handle their duties.

People who have problems with their safety glasses falling off in the middle of work due to strong movement can use this shield instead. So we do not need to wear two separate pieces on our faces. It is the perfect combination of a usual mask and a pair of goggles, customers can see this as a reasonable investment.

The shield will be able to block all dust, dirt, and debris from getting into the guard. In fact, the window is made so tight and fit that the welding fumes and other unwanted vapors can not reach our nose and skin.

It is amazing that workers can breathe easily with this shield all day. If you are the one who easily get sweaty, this device might be able to reduce the amount of perspiration. Due to a good exhalation valve and a pair of well-functioned cartridges, the guard has low air resistance and cool airflow.

Another good news is that the item can be worn by people who have allergies and asthma. It gives them the chance to work outside without suffering from heavy breathing and other serious respiratory disease symptoms.

I am pleased to see that the company offers users some extra filters so we can change them when we need to. That way, the mask will last much longer. But if you want to wear glasses under this shield, it will be very difficult because there is not much space left.
  • Good protection
  • Comfortable
  • Good for allergic people
  • Great price
  • Nice set of tools
  • Long-lasting shield
  • No room for glasses
In conclusion, this guaranteed-quality 3M product is worth your consideration.

7. North Safety 54001 Full Respirator Facepiece

If you are in need of a suitable shield for painting, cleaning or moving tasks, then North Safety 54001 Full Respirator comes as the first choice.

The reason why this tool is an excellent choice for such duties lies in its great blocking ability. It can prevent dust, dirt, debris and other kinds of tiny particles from entering our noses and lungs. The item is an ideal partner at the construction site because its window is resilient enough to save users from a flying object.

Anyone who seem to have a hard time fitting their goggles and half piece mask can find this one as a convenient solution. It is breathable so we will not have to feel unpleasant, the product is also resilient so our eyes will receive necessary protection.

It is great to know that we can carry on working smoothly and more effectively with this protector. It offers excellent visibility so users can handle difficult tasks more exactly. The mask also creates a space with fresh air so workers can perform their duties without being suffocated in a dusty and toxic atmosphere.

The important thing is that customers need to feel safe when they use protective equipment, and this guard can meet that requirement because its front shield is qualified by the ANSI standard. That means the Polycarbonate lens can resist great impact and keep people safe.

This model is designed to fit well to our faces. From the structure of its chin cup, to the shape of the nose part, all these features are incredible for many face types. We can have a good experience with this guard partly thanks to them.

If you are hypersensitive with products made of latex, there will be no worry when you wear this one for a long time. Sadly, the plastic shell does not seem to last so this piece might not be able to preserve its nice look for long.
  • Good fit
  • Nice design
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Good material used
  • Great protection
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Not durable plastic shell
Overall, if you can take good care of the mask, its shell will last as long as you desire it to be.

8. Muhubaih Full Face Respirator

If you need a decent-quality shield that is affordable. The Muhubaih Full Face Respirator is a perfect choice.

The most incredible feature of this mask is its clear glasses. I have to say that this product can offer an amazing eye clarity to handle meticulous and detailed duties. Also, the manufacturer uses polyurethane to create this shield’s lense, it is an impact-resistant substance that helps to boost the glasses’ protecting capability.

As you can see this item is designed to cover our eyes, nose, and mouth. There is a slight difference in this product’s range of coverage compared to other full-face shields available in the market. This feature will benefit users if they want more breathable guard for their skin.

I think that purchasing this shield is the right decision because it comes in a set. It contains all necessary units to form a whole protector. You will find a filter box, window, a stretchy ribbon and a breathing valve in the kit. Each one of them is customized to bring optimum protection.

It is great that I feel comfortable while putting the item on for work. Although it is made of silica gel, the model does not give out any unpleasant smell. The head strap is not tricky to use at all, it makes users feel secure and convenient after finishing fastening and adjusting it.

I am happy that there is no leak on the window or in any parts of the guard. Therefore, there is no dust or debris can get through the shield and annoy users. So we can comfortably bring it to the construction site.

Just one thing to remember, you need to pull off the film that covers the glasses before using. The only thing that makes me not happy with is the visor becoming foggy sooner than expected.
  • Good protection
  • Neat design
  • Good visibility
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Good coverage
  • Lens gets fogged up
If only the manufacturer could reduce the fogging problem, this one will be a fantastic choice at such a good price.

9. SAS Safety 003-9901 Full-Face Respirator

The SAS Safety Full-Face Respirator is among the most durable protective tool that can keep us safe at work for a long time.

The first thing I notice about this model is its good function is extreme weather condition. When the workplace is burning hot or the temperature drops dramatically low, we can see the mask working well. There is no sign of distortion, melting or shrinking happening to this piece.

Due to making from tough material, the shield can provide workers impressive working time. Silicone rubber is the choice of the company which turns this faceguard into a long-lasting protector for many wearers.

It is incredible to find out that this shield’s design is customized to be more well-fitted and balanced. There are two layers sealing flange that keeps the mask tight. And there is a deep chin pocket so our faces can fit nicely to the model.

I am pleased to know that we can have an excellent view when using this guard’s visor. It is important that the window provides incredible clarity. Customers do not need to worry about distorting image or fogging issues due to this high-quality polycarbonate lens. Moreover, the window will not get scratched easily thanks to the good coating all over it.

Another thing that you might like about this item is there is room for you to wear a hard hat. It is the essential feature that various workers need when they want to protect their heads in a dangerous construction site.

But you can not put on a big safety glasses underneath the shield for extra eye protection. The shield is simply not that spacious.
  • Good protection
  • Excellent materials
  • Good design
  • Great coverage
  • Tough and anti-scratch visor
  • Incredible durability
  • No glasses
Overall, if you don’t really need the goggles, this mask’s protection is already enough.

10. 3M Safety 7800 Full-Facepiece Respiratory

The next one with a cool look is another product from 3M safety label, the 7800 Full-Facepiece Respiratory.

It is surprising but I have to say that this item can offer more comfort than some of my old half-face faceguards. It is incredibly breathable so I can wear the shield for a long day of work without feeling heavy in my lung. Various customers choose it to cover their faces from working hazards and still can breathe easily.

It is noticeable that we can find inside the respirator the separate parts that cover our nose, eyes, and mouth. Each component is optimized to offer ultimate protection for customers. Hence, this shield is a great combination of all facial safety tools in one piece.

I am happy that I still have a clear vision while working on my objects. Users can have superior visibility with this clean window on the faceguard. The good thing is that we can easily take this shield’s parts off to wipe dust and other kinds of dirt.

Silicone is a familiar choice of 3M when they make the facepiece of their products. This item is not an exception. The reason why they keep using the material is because of its great durability. So we can see various safety equipment of this brand can last longer than we expect.

The good thing is this item has bigger valve system than other full-face design items in the market. It is intended for better breathability so users can have cool and fresh air all the time underneath the shield.

You can bring this mask to perform different types of jobs, either welding, metalworking, manufacturing, or painting, experimenting, and woodworking. This is mainly because of the product’s superior ability in blocking unpleasant fumes, particles, vapors and so on.

Unfortunately, the price of this item is quite expensive compared to other products, so it raises a difficulty for some customers to afford this.
  • Great protection
  • Smart and convenient design
  • Good fit
  • Comfortable
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Various uses
  • Clear vision
  • High price
Overall, if you are willing to make such a significant investment, it will offer you the proper protection.

11. IVSUN Organic Vapor Full Face Respirator

Another well-made product I want to mention is the IVSUN Organic Vapor Full Face Respirator. Its nice fitting and comfort are what attract various customers.

The first thing most customers care about is the product’s protecting capability. Luckily, this piece is qualified by the ASTM standard for its great quality. Due to its superior rubber material, this guard is able to offer excellent durability. The mask itself lasts even longer if it is taken care of well by the users.

I am amazed by how much effort the manufacturer puts into the process of making this item. The visor is created to not get fogged up easily, it is also made of anti-scratch material. That means we can handle the work at the construction site without worrying that debris or spatter will ruin our window’s clarity.

You need to know that this item’s cartridges and filters are replaceable and adjustable. Our working requirements will determine what kinds of protection and what level of purification we need for the current duties.

It is incredible that besides blocking us from many hazards in the atmosphere, this product is able to filter toxic gas out of the air we take in. There are lots of organic vapors that will be kept out of our respiratory system, some of them are nitrobenzene, alcohol, and so on.

Thankfully, workers can breathe freely underneath this faceguard due to its excellent valve device. If you feel suffocated by the mask after a while, you can re-adjust the cartridge to have better breathability.

Another good thing is that this product does not give off any weird or unpleasant smell of plastic. It is a fantastic partner for people who suffer from serious allergy symptoms whenever they are in contact with an unhealthy environment.

Sadly, there are still some complaints about the straps of this model.
  • Good protection
  • Nice and smart design
  • Excellent visor
  • Good quality
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Nice fit
  • Loose straps
In conclusion, if there is an improvement on the straps, this piece is an excellent companion for our safety.

12. Moldex 9002 9000 Series Full-Face Respirator

The last one that is worth mentioning in this article because of its amazing features is the Moldex 9002 9000 Series Respirator.

If you always want an incredibly lightweight faceguard, you should go for this tool. It is constructed to be lighter than most of the full-face design in the market. Now you will not feel sore in your neck after a long day of work.

This item is also very well-balanced, this structure is important because it helps to keep our head in the right position. If the mask does not put the pressure on the right place, it will have a bad influence on our posture in the long term.

What I like about the model is that it does not have as many components as other available facial protectors. This will save time when we need to care, clean, and maintain it in good condition. The difficulty only appears when there are too many parts to disassemble and assemble again every time the shield gets dirty.

The good news is we can buy the filters, cartridges, and window separately if the old one is damaged. Thanks to this function, we do not have to throw the whole mask away if a part of it is not well-functioned.

I am happy to know that this product is safe for people who have bad allergies or asthma. There is no metal used in the process of making this model. So workers can feel secure and confident while wearing the shield to handle their tasks.

It is helpful that we can have a good seal with this respirator, even when you have a long beard or big nose. I think many customers will be grateful for the good fit this piece brings.

Last but not least, it is easy to put on and pull off the item so we can immediately have fresh air while stepping out of the workplace. However, some users desire a lower price for this high-quality faceguard.
  • Good quality
  • Good seal
  • Nice fit
  • Excellent design
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Easy to use, change, and clean
  • High price
Overall, you can have an excellent user experience with this model as long as you are willing to make this investment.

What to Look for When Buying a Full Face Respirator Mask


Standards – We need to know about the standards and protection requirements of the product while picking the best one. NIOSH certification is among the most reliable and common standard for you to rely on. It is assured to find an item that has such label on it. There are some other guaranteed testing that you can consider such as the FDA or CE approval.

The full-face design will include the window on the front, so we need to pay attention to this part’s quality, too. The ANSI standard is what you need to know about. It makes sure the visor is resilient enough to keep our faces safe. Also, we need good visibility for our duties so the feature must be clear and spotless. No sign of distortion or scratch should be neglected.

Features – Most of the respirators in the market recently are made with standard structure. So you do not need to worry if it can fit the separate filters and cartridges you buy from different brands. We just need to understand our working requirement then find out the functions we want for the mask. That way, it is able to keep us safe in a hazardous environment.

Comfort – There are lots of factors in the shield that contribute to the comfort the user needs. It can be the firm straps that make you feel secure or the well-fitted design that keeps the item on our face for a long time.

Your protector should be lightweight so it does not give you a sore head and neck after a day of work. The inner part of some products is made of soft materials, those will be a great choice if you have sensitive skin. Remember that we will never settle for a model that brings discomfort for customers.

Sizes and fit – Although this type of products are mostly made in one size, the manufacturers design them to fit various face shapes so it might be a little tricky if your faces have some unique features. The best thing we can do is directly trying on the mask before purchasing. If you do not have a chance to do that, read the review and study the sizing chart carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who is this for?

This type of respirator is made for lots of applications. We can see people wear them for the ultimate protection while carrying duties in hazardous working environments. Due to the wide coverage and excellent features, various users made use of them in such fields as follows.

Firstly, anyone who does grinding and welding need this shield the most. We understand that they handle metal and there are toxic fumes, burning spatters, dust in such working conditions. There will be permanent and serious damages to people’s eyes, skins and faces if they do not equip a good-quality full-face design respirator.

If you need to deal with toxic chemicals, you had better wear this item during the working time. Dangerous vapors and unpleasant smells will easily get into people’s respiratory system if there is no window to block them. In the long term, diseases related to breathing will leave us immeasurable pain.

This type of faceguard is helpful for workers in the factories. When they take part in the manufacturing process, there will be objects that give off uncomfortable scents, and dirt is everywhere in the atmosphere. Of course, they need to keep their lung safe and healthy.

If your daily duties are performed in a garage, you might want to be protected by this face shield, too. Engines and machines will release emissions, gas, dust and other types of chemical vapors that people do not want in their lungs.

Some painters, especially spray painting, wear the piece to shield their eyes from the chemical liquid. They want to breathe in fresh air while doing their job. For the same reason, tasks of a cleaner requires this type of protection sometimes.

Several employers bring this guard to the construction site, where there is lots of debris and dirt around. Sometimes, the resilient visor can shield those workers from a subject suddenly flying to their faces. Numerous unwanted incidents are preventable that way.

Many people think the full-face masks give them the chance to work safely outdoors when they have serious allergies. They are hypersensitive when there is a weird scent or toxic vapor in the air. That is why those people need this shield the most. They will not need to suffer from horrible symptoms thanks to this excellent design.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a full face respirator?

There are a lot of advantages we can get from using such type of respirator design. The first thing that is worth mentioning must be its excellent protecting ability. We all know this one offers the widest coverage among all mask designs. It does not only cover our eyes and mouths, but it also shields our noses, chins, and very importantly, our skin.

If you can choose a high-quality item, its window will provide an incredible vision for our eyes to perform the duties easily. It does not mean that the usual goggles can not do this, but with this type of faceguard, we will have a better peripheral view. Workers are more aware of their surroundings in many dimensions.

The protector surely makes our tasks easier. We can now breathe fresh air while handling our jobs in a dirty, smokey and even dangerous working environment. That means it is able to boost our performance efficiency.

The choosing process will be a lot less work than when you try to find a good half-face masks and a pair of safety glasses. You can have proper protection with just one item. That way, we might have a better deal, it can even be more economical.

About the disadvantages of this mask, some users might think it is not as comfortable as wearing two separate safety tools. They do not want their skin to be covered by the whole shield. So if you work in an environment where it does not harm your face skin, this one might not the most perfect choice.

Also, this respirator might not be as flexible and convenient as the other types. It is not easy to carry the item around when any urgent situation comes up. It is also made to heavier than the half piece design.

There could be a disadvantage and even a danger if we pick the shield with the wrong types of filters. It will not be able to block the hazards in the worksite and make our tasks more difficult.

How to inspect a full face respirator?

If you are familiar with the inspecting process, you can do this yourself. If you are not sure because this is your first time, some advice from an experienced inspector would be much better. Actually, we all should send the shield to people who have access to necessary examining tool before beginning to use it.

We can check the whole shield for any cracks and holes. We will not want such defects on our protector because toxic chemicals can easily get in through those ways. Next, users need to make sure that the components made of rubber are flexible enough.

The valve system is important since it determines the product’s breathability and airflow. Remember to check whether it is placed in the right position or not. Any dust and dirt inside it should be removed immediately.

Another thing to pay attention to is the item’s head straps. You need to know if it is stretchy enough, and there is no sign of damage or broken on those parts. The visor must be sealed tightly to the shield. If you find any scratches, blur spots or any other defects, you need to clean or exchange it right away.

What size full-face respirator do I need?

The truth is most of the full-face masks in the market are made in just one size. We need to rely on the straps and other adjustable parts on the shield to make sure it fits well. If you like the products that are offered more than one size, you can measure your face length and match it to the most suitable piece.

Just one more thing to remember, if your face has different or special features like a big nose or long beards, you might need to pay extra attention to the sizing chart. Make sure to ask for advice from sellers to make the right decision.

How to use?

We can follow some steps to wear this mask right. Customers need to check for any defect first before they start using the product. When you think it is the time to try this one on, remember to open the straps first. You should learn how to use it if your items’ straps are trickier than other types.

Next, you should make sure there is no hair getting in the way of this shield. It is best if your long hair or bang is tied neatly. Then you can put the mask on your face, adjust the item until you feel comfortable and secure. Lock the straps tightly afterward for a good seal.

Those pieces will have filters and cartridges that are replaceable. Do not forget to put them in the right places. Also, you need to choose the filters carefully according to your requirements.

Where to buy?

We can do shopping for this respirator at local stores. It would be amazing if they have plenty of choices for face protection tools to pick from. If there are no such shops where you live, you can go online to purchase your favorite one. Keep in mind that we need to find a reliable website to get the product.

What is the warranty?

You can learn about the warranty information in the instructions attached to the product when we buy it. For further details, contacting the seller or the brand’s customer service can be a big help. They will try to clear the information for you. Just remember that it varies among different brands and different models.

How to care and clean?

The easiest way to clean is to disassemble the whole piece first. You will find in the instruction the right way to wash each part. We need to be careful since not all of them can be put directly into water or soaked in detergent. Soft cloth might be ideal for most components.

Do not forget to dry the mask after the cleaning task is finished. We can store them separately in a good place. You can keep the cartridge and filter away when they are not needed. Replace them when they are not well-functioned anymore. It is essential because they are the features that decide the protecting ability of your shield.

What are the trusted brands?

It can be very confusing searching among various models of masks. You can stumble upon all kinds of features, styles, quality, prices and so on. We can not mention all great brands because they all have different strengths and producing process. But you can take a look at those reliable labels such as 3M Safety, Muhubaih, North Safety, Moldex, Trudsafe and many more.


It is great that you can find the best full face respirator to keep you safe at the workplace. However, we still need to be extra careful when performing daily duties in a hazardous environment.

It can be trickier to maintain and take care of a full-face design shield, but users should try their best to keep the protector in good condition. That way, we can be confident and comfortable to be off to work.

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