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The Best Glues for Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best glue for plastic eyeglass frames

Among the best methods to fix your broken plastic glasses is applying glue. Yet, not all glues are ideal for making such repairs without damaging the frame materials, let alone ensure long-lasting use after that. Hence, buyers need to know some detailed tips and highly-recommended products to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

This article might offer great help if you are among those struggling to find the best glue for plastic eyeglass frames. You can start with the list of top-rated pieces and then scroll down to the buying guide and FAQs section to better know about this stuff. Read on!

# Product name
Top 1
GUGUYeah UV Light Glue Kit Details
Top 2
Glue Master Instant Glue Cyanoacrylate Details
Top 3
Super Glue Light Curing Glue Details

Best Glue For Plastic Eyeglass Frames Reviews

1. GUGUYeah UV Light Glue Kit

The first entry for you to check out should be the GUGUYeah UV Light Glue Kit. It is a multi-purpose product that works wonders on different materials.

What impresses me the most about this glue is its adherence that holds the smallest pieces together. It is popular among DIY-ers as it mends most objects with a permanent glue layer, be it a wooden table, ceramic cook, or stainless steel microwave. So, I trusted it with my plastic glasses and was satisfied with the result.

Best of all, there is no health risk when using this product. This glue for eyeglasses is free of hazardous chemicals, which is often a concern among buyers. Furthermore, it poses no harmful effect on the environment and passes the EU174 Project test for its safe use.

As you put this glue on your glasses, it stays for a long time and offers excellent protection. In detail, its formula is made waterproof and heat-resistant, meaning exposure to changing weather will not damage the mending parts. You can comfortably use your pair like usual, without any worry.

There will be a glue pen, two alcohol prep pads, and one UV light with a battery included in the package. With those accessories, you can create a strong-enough bond to repair your broken plastic glasses. Just make sure you follow the instructions strictly on how to use the UV light.

Better yet, the direct sunlight could do an excellent job if the UV light fails to cure it completely.
  • Strong adherence that holds the smallest pieces together.
  • Works wonder on various materials.
  • No risk for our health and safety for the environment
  • Protects the eyeglass frame against heat and water
  • Comes in a full kit for immediate use
  • Might need direct sunlight to cure the glue completely
All in all, you will find this kit an ideal purchase to repair your broken plastic glasses. A little help from the sunlight only makes the glue cures faster and stays stronger.

2. Glue Master Instant Glue Cyanoacrylate

This Cyanoacrylate Super Glue from Glue Masters stands out among other competing products with its multiple stickiness choices. For plastic eyeglasses repair, I recommend its 2oz bottle with a thick viscosity.

You might not know that adhesive products made of Cyanoacrylate are also known as “‘super glue” or “crazy glue”. Such a quick-bonding resin promises an excellent restoration for your broken glasses frames in no time. It is also widely used for industrial purposes due to its incredible strength.

The main reason why this product is popular among carpenters and hobbyists is its compatibility with wood, fabric, and plastic.

I was doubtful before seeing how this super glue works on my plastic eyeglasses and many other furniture around the house. Whether it is your shoe soles or a large wooden chair that needs repair, this product will get you covered.

Also, due to the effective formula, a small amount of glue can go a long way. You can purchase a 2oz bottle and utilize it for an extended time. Plus, many users are happy with its packaging as the nozzle stays clog-free over the years, promoting excellent performance till the last drop.

With this glue, it only takes several minutes to repair your broken glass frame. Due to its thickness, we have more control when applying, resulting in a smooth glue layer on the surface. Wait for around one minute for the semifluid to settle and dry. Then voila, the task is done – it cannot get easier than this.

Yet, I am not very fond of the scent, as it can be overwhelming when used in a considerable amount. I suggest you wear a mask to block the unpleasant smell.
  • Comes in a 2oz bottle with thick viscosity
  • Cyanoacrylate glue with superb strength
  • Compatible with plastic, wood, and fabric
  • A little can go a long way.
  • Neat packaging with a clog-free nozzle
  • Quick application within some minutes
  • The scent can be a bit overwhelming when using a lot of glue.
Overall, the product drawback can be tackled when we wear a mask when using it. Such a minor law should not prevent us from enjoying the efficacy of this super glue for glasses.

3. Super Glue 90002-12 Light Curing Glue

The Super Glue 90002-12 Light Curing Glue Zap is another easy-to-use product that can mend your eyeglass frame in a minute. You can always purchase a 4-gram tube to test its functionality.

Most users are fascinated by this glue’s no-nonsense and unique way to cure broken objects. In detail, it makes use of ultraviolet light to fix the parts applied with glue, so the mending process is shortened to 5 seconds only. Of course, a small-sized UV light is packed in the set, allowing you to utilize it right away.

Notably, this product is specially created to be compatible with plastic. That means it can ensure optimal strength that holds the pieces made of said material together. Hence, you can confidently choose this glue to repair plastic eyeglass frames.

Some glues in the market are potent and effective, yet they leave residues, resulting in a messy look. That is why this glue is superior; it promises no ugly haze on your glasses. Due to its clear color, you can apply the product on white frames without worry.

The only gripe I have with this product is that it tends to dry fast when exposed to the air, so the dispensing tool is quickly clogged after a while. Hence, you should close the cap carefully when you finish using it to prevent such inconvenience.
  • Comes in a small tube of 4 grams for testing
  • Uses ultraviolet light: a quick and unique way to cure
  • Comes with a small-sized light for use right away
  • Highly compatible with plastic
  • Leaves no ugly residues afterward
  • The dispensing tool can be dried and clogged if exposed to the air for long.
If you are careful with this product, you might not face the same issue as me. Other than that, this eyeglass glue is a wonderful piece that offers great help for users.

4. Bob Smith Industries BSI-161H Glue

When the glue applying process goes wrong, the Bob Smith Industries Debonder can come for the rescue. I purchased this product and super glue to fix my glasses, and it did not disappoint.

This Un-cure product is of excellent use when we accidentally drop the glue on our hands. Such an incident will result in our fingers getting stuck together, and water alone cannot wash them away easily. Hence, you will need this debonder when gluing a broken object, especially when its surfaces and pieces are small.

As Octyl cyanoacrylate (CA) is the main ingredient of most superglues, this un-cure solution is formulated to dissolve CA effectively. Hence, it can be used for gluing the wrong parts of the broken objects together. In that case, you can rely on this debonder to help you redo the applying process.

Notably, the agent can ensure short and easy debonding as it only takes a minute or two to detach the dried surfaces. Plus, it features a small-tip nozzle that allows us to precisely soften the residues of dried glues and clean them off with soaps and soft pieces of eyeglass wipe.

For your information, this product can indeed work on different materials. Whenever you have an emergency with superglue, make good use of it.

However, you should be extra careful while applying this one on plastics. As the chemical is strong, this might deform or discolor the plastic frames if it stays on for too long. Still, this product does an excellent job with my plastic eyeglass; I think we just need to be careful, that’s all.
  • Useful for softening the super glue that sticks fingers together
  • Dissolves the CA and debonds the applied parts
  • Quick and easy to use with small-tip nozzle
  • Leaves no residues of dried glue
  • Works on various materials, including plastics
  • Users should be extra careful not to leave it on a plastic frame for long.
Overall, this debonding solution is a must-have companion for us when applying super glue, as we can often make mistakes when the applying process requires excellent meticulousness. Yet, we should be careful when using it on plastics.

5. Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue Gel

Another reliable choice for plastic eyeglass frame repair is the Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue Gel. The product boasts of high quality, from its design to its formula.

With a thick viscosity, this super glue allows a breezy applying process for even first-time users. Such a thickness also ensures no overrun of gel on your glasses. The plus point in its design must be the controlled nozzle, sparing the struggle of holding both the objects firmly while pointing the glue at the right spot.

Every time I hold the bottle, I feel comfortable using it due to the compact size and solid construction. Also, you only have to wait no more than 45 seconds for the gel to dry completely. It is genuinely an effort-saving product as there is no need to squeeze the bottle and clamp the broken pieces together with great force.

I am pleasantly surprised by this product’s strength as its formula is reinforced to resist impact. Hence, the mended pieces stay unaffected despite significant pressure. In truth, you can confidently wear your eyeglasses to play sports after gluing its broken parts with this gel.

Best of all, this versatile glue gel can work well on different materials, promising excellent use for crafting and repairing tasks. Other than gluing broken plastic frames together, it excels at objects made of wood, metal, rubber, paper, ceramic, leather, and more.

However, this product can quickly run out. The amount of glue in each bottle is less than I expected.
  • A thick viscosity ensures a breezy application without messy overrun.
  • Comes in a compact size featuring a controlled nozzle
  • Takes only 45 seconds to dry and requires little force
  • Potent formula to resist impact
  • Works on multiple materials
  • The glue may run out quickly if used too often.
All in all, it is a fantastic product, not just for plastic eyeglasses. I deem this one the best glue for metal glasses frames, too.

6. Loctite Super Glue with Activator

If you seek a gel to mend hard-to-glue plastics, purchasing the Loctite Super Glue with Activator makes perfect sense. You can trust Loctite to deliver excellent adhesive solutions as the brand has been around for more than 50 years.

What sets this product apart from other super glues is its ability to treat all hard plastics. It is tricky to find a glue that works on Polyester, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polycarbonate, and Plexiglass like this one. The glue is among few products in the market that mend polypropylene – a low surface-energy plastic.

Not to mention, you can utilize it to repair various pieces around the house, such as leather jackets, wooden eyeglasses, costume jewelry, metal car parts, and the list goes on. In my opinion, this is truly a potent and multi-purpose glue.

The secret behind Loctite’s excellent compatibility with hard plastic is its 2-part system. It comes with an activator featuring a slanted felt tip to prepare the surfaces.

After waiting for a minute for the activator to dry, we can apply the glue, press, and hold the broken surfaces for 30 seconds more. Just follow such steps carefully, and you are promised a no-mess and quick application.

As a result, permanent bonding is formed from the mending parts. It can now prevent water intrusion and harmful chemical attacks. Even when the temperature drops dangerously low, the glue will show no sign of cracks. Thus, you can wear your repaired eyeglass to enjoy skiing or snowboarding without worry.

My little disappointment with this product is the small amount of glue in exchange for its price. The only 2-gram gel in a tube is used up faster than I thought.
  • Treat hard plastics: Polyester, PVC, Polycarbonate, Plexiglass, Polypropylene
  • A multi-purpose superglue for various materials
  • 2-part system: priming activator and glue for permanent bonding
  • Quick and no-mess application within some minutes
  • Offers protection against water, freezing temperature, and harmful chemicals
  • The amount of glue may not be enough for massive repair work
Overall, this product can easily be the best super glue for plastic glasses of various kinds. You can also utilize them to fix furniture around the house with ease.

7. CAT PALM B-7000 Paste Adhesive

You can always expect the best results with the CAT PALM B-7000 Paste Adhesive. This product ended my long search for an effective yet affordable glue to fix my plastic eyeglass frame.

I am happy with how easy it is to utilize this glue to heal any broken object. With the needle design, prolonged exposure to air will not result in clogging like most glues. Also, I can squeeze out small drops to fix tiny broken pieces due to such a design. It is exactly what I needed to mend my transparent eyeglasses.

You are going to love the wide-ranging applications this product offers. To my surprise, it fixed my kid’s broken toy cars and my rubber gloves with permanent adhesion.

It presents endless possibilities for DIY tasks with its compatibility with multiple materials. Other than plastic eyeglasses, it is indeed ideal for wood, textile, leather, and more.

Another excellent feature of this product is its elasticity, meaning the glue stretches with the objects’ movements instead of breaking apart. Such a flexible and potent paste adhesive will reinforce your eyeglass frames, improving its endurance under pressure.

Remarkably, B-7000 also offers a seal for your objects against surrounding hazards. It blocks the intrusion of gas, liquid, air, and water, making sure your glass frames are not damaged any time soon.

On a side note, since this is a low-priced glue, its tube is not as high-quality. Therefore, there might be shipping issues that lead to leaking content inside.
  • Comes with a needle design for controlled application and no clogging
  • Offers wide-ranging applications on various materials
  • Provides excellent elasticity and reinforces the glass frames
  • Blocks gas, liquid, air, and water intrusion
  • An affordable adhesive with permanent bonding
  • The packaging is not as high quality as others.
This super glue for eyeglasses repair comes second to none regarding versatility and

8. TroySys Nano470 Glass Glue

The next highly recommended product for your eyeglass frame repair is this TroySys Nano470 Construction Glass Glue. This investment will spare you from spending extra money on new sunglasses.

You have to do the bare minimum when using this glue to fix your eyeglass frame. In truth, there is no need to purchase UV light to mend the broken parts.

Just put your glasses under any fluorescent lights in your house after applying the glue, and wait for it to cure completely. No extra step, complicated instruction, or intense pressure is required.

The Nano470 is a crystal-clear glue formulated to bond glass to glass or glass to metal. Yet, it is suitable to treat plastic without leaving damage due to the strong adhesive. Thus, people can rely on this product to fix eyeglasses made of various materials.

As expected, it is a powerful industrial glue that can create a permanent connection with its high viscosity. DIY-ers can build their glass tables, chairs, and shelves, using this super glue.

So you do not have to worry about its 2.4 ounces of liquid will go to waste after you are done fixing your glasses. This one is of excellent use to fix multiple household furniture.

Best of all, as the dried glue can withstand significant pressure, you can rest assured that the mended glasses can function for a long time. Still, this is a high-priced option in this list, meaning it will cost you more than the usual plastic glue.
  • Easy application as it’s cured under any fluorescent light
  • A crystal-clear glue that bonds glass to glass, glass to metal, and plastic
  • A powerful industrial glue with high viscosity
  • Ideal for DIY-ers fixing household furniture
  • Withstand significant pressure after dried
  • May costs more than others.
Overall, I believe this paste glue gives value to your money as it offers permanent mend for your eyeglass frames and other glass objects that need repairing.

9. Beacon Adhesives Glass Metal & More

Another five-star worthy adhesive that’s worth checking out is the Beacon Glass Metal & More. It receives rave reviews from buyers for its strong yet flexible bonding.

What you should know about this super glue is its weatherproof formula. Once it dries, changing conditions such as rain, sunlight, heat, or freezing temperatures are unlikely to damage it. That means the glue is perfect for outdoor uses, mending objects that are often exposed to hazardous surroundings.

Furthermore, we are always worried about how neat the glue looks when applied to our glasses. We never want messy residues on our eyewear; luckily, this Beacon adhesive will ensure such a problem never happens. The dried glue will create a permanent and transparent layer that does not interfere with your glasses’ sleek look.

More importantly, it has an adequate thickness that builds strong adhesion between small pieces. I also appreciate its elasticity as this flexible glue does not break when the mending parts are being stretched to a certain level.

The selling point of this product must be its versatile usage. With one small tube of glue, you can fix almost anything made of glass, mosaics, metal, jewelry, mesh, and more. Those applications are written on the tube; you can check them out to see if it’s suitable for your needs.

Beyond that, this glue is not an easy-to-use product due to its consistency. In my case, applying it took a little more time and effort, but the result was indeed satisfying.
  • A weatherproof formula that withstands changing conditions of outdoor uses
  • Dries clean and leaves no residues
  • Comes with an adequate thickness that builds strong yet flexible adhesion
  • Versatile usage for glass, mosaics, metal, jewelry, mesh, and more
  • Thick consistency might require more time and effort to apply.
Although its application is not a breeze, this product can help you fix numerous objects. And most importantly, it can be the perfect glue to repair glasses frames you are looking for. 

10. KISS Molecular Super Bond Glue

The last entry for you to consider is the KISS Molecular Super Bond Glue. This product is another multi-functional super glue that delivers excellent bonding with its potent formula.

You should not doubt the “crazy” power of this super glue. It is made of cyanoacrylate – a popular resin among manufacturers when it comes to adhesive solutions. Surprisingly, using this product can help us achieve a cold-weld contact between the glued pieces.

It is impressive how this glue can be both rigid and super flexible at the same time. Such a fine combination will result in a repaired eyeglass frame with smooth surfaces and exceptional elasticity. Since high-quality plastics can easily bend under pressure without being damaged, this glue will preserve such a feature for your glasses.

And not just plastic alone, people have used this super glue and succeeded in restoring many of their expensive appliances. The product can be applied to a wide range of objects made of different materials. In detail, it is perfect for repairing wood, ceramic, metal, fabric, even porcelain, and many more; you name it.

Besides, the bottle is designed with a shelf-life extending tip and cap. Both are added to shield the inner content from exposure to hazards and keep it viscous always. So you are guaranteed long-term usage with this product. Plus, its dried color is transparent, ensuring no ugly mess appears on your glasses or other beautiful furniture.

Just a heads up before you start using the product. It might get on our hands if we are not careful since this glue is very sticky, and it dries fast.
  • A superglue made of cyanoacrylate promising cold-weld bonding
  • Flexible glue with excellent elasticity
  • Can restore multiple objects made of various materials
  • Designed with a shelf-life extending tip and cap to protect the inner content
  • Dried color is transparent and not messy.
  • Sticky glue can get on our hands and takes efforts to remove
All in all, this product can be the best glue to fix glasses that money can buy. You just have to be a little careful when applying it.

What to Look for When Buying Glue for Plastic Eyeglass Frames

bestbest-glue-for-glasses-frames glue for glasses frames

Due to the wide range of adhesive products in the market, it can be overwhelming for first-time users to choose the most effective glue to fix their glasses. Hence, buyers might need comprehensive guides to make the right purchasing decision. If you are confused about which product to choose, read on to find out more about the best glue for glasses frames.

Material compatibility – You should look for a glue that is specifically formulated to treat plastics. Usually, eyeglass frames are made of nylon-based plastic, propionate, polycarbonate, polyamide, etc.

Hence, choosing an adhesive product that works wonders on hard plastics makes excellent sense. You can check for this feature on its bottle or product descriptions to know if it is compatible with your eyeglass material.

If it’s tricky to find such an exclusive glue that meets your needs, opting for a multi-purpose product is advisable. Many types of glue available are made to adhere to leather, paper, wood, fabric, metal, ceramic, rubber, and more. These products are common and easy to find, so you can easily pick a functional one that meets your requirements.

Plus, when sticking with such a versatile glue, you will not waste the rest of its gel as its applications cover a wide range. After fixing your glasses, you can use superglue to repair household appliances. Furthermore, multi-purpose glue is the favorite adhesive for making crafts and doing DIY tasks.

Adhesive strength – Other than density and viscosity levels, there are currently no measurements of the glue strength. Yet, you can read customer reviews and the product description to know more about what the brand offers us. User comments are often the best source of information to give you a clear understanding of a glue’s strong adhesion.

Still, if the chosen glue is formulated to work well on plastic, you can confidently consider it a potential pick. Also, the standard products widely loved by many people is the super glue made of Cyanoacrylate. It is a resin that makes the glue strong enough for industrial use.

Furthermore, you might want to opt for glue with a thick viscosity. Such a product will ensure both a rigid and flexible film for your eyeglass frames. It makes sure that the broken objects are cured and reinforced yet stretchy enough to withstand pressure. For me, that is an ideal choice.

Design and use – Usually, these products come in small bottles or tubes containing a small quantity of glue. With a controlled nozzle, many products can ensure a precise and no-mess application that we all want. When the glue has well-balanced thick viscosity, the applying process will be a breeze.

It would help if you also looked out for the dispensing tool getting clogged after a while of usage. Many types of glue exposed to the air can harden and block the entrance, making it more difficult for other uses. Hence, you might want to ensure that your chosen product will present no such problem. Or else, you should be extra careful to make good use of it till the last drop.

There will be low-priced products packed in thin tubes. When opting for these glue solutions, you should choose a reliable shipping agency. Or else, there can be leaking incidents in the process. But if you go shopping directly, this should not be an issue as flimsy packaging should not prevent you from appreciating the excellent glue inside.

Protection – After the glue dries, it should form a firm layer that withstands various hazards. As we wear our eyeglasses to join outdoor activities, it is best to pick the glue that can offer a weatherproof function. Such a product will ensure changing weather conditions will not break the mended parts soon.

Besides, freezing coldness, water, heat, and air-proof super glue is a fantastic choice. It will prevent such factors from damaging the eyeglasses. The good news is most super glue types offer such protection for the repaired objects. Hence, you just need to pick a reliable product to utilize.

Other than that, impact- and vibration-resistance is another function that some users want for their glue. Many of us wear repaired glasses to join heavy activities and sports. In that case, the glue can protect our glasses from breaking again due to suddenly flying objects or significant pressure.

Safety issue – It is evident that glass glue is inedible; it can cause serious harm when getting into our system. But some pieces emit toxic and unpleasant scents; you might want to wear masks while using such types. Other than that, you will find a warning written “flammable vapor harmful” on several products. With these, you should be extra careful when applying.

Also, there are many environmentally-friendly glue products available for users to purchase. Such adhesive solutions pose no harm to our surroundings, no matter what we use it for. Often, they meet the EU 174 project testing for safe use for the environment. If you prefer those non-hazardous products, you can find them in the list above.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is glue to fix glasses?

A glue to fix glasses is a strong adhesive that repairs broken eyeglass frames or glue prescription lenses to sunglasses. The substance is often a sticky liquid or gel with high viscosity. Its exceptional adhesive properties will help reconnect the broken parts with minimal effort.

Yet, not all glues in the market are usable for plastics. Some can damage the materials beyond repair. Or they might simply be unable to stick those plastic pieces together. Hence, the best glue for plastic glasses should have a formula that is compatible with most plastics, if not all.

How does it work?

Glue is an adhesive that creates chemical bonds with the surfaces that it touches. By that, this product can be applied on surfaces of broken objects and reconnect them with ease. As it forms an incredibly strong bond, so long as you choose the right glue for specific materials, it will repair your pieces.

Who is this for?

These types of glue are perfect for users who want to fix their broken eyeglass frames. You can rely on them to repair plastic pieces without hassle. Besides, as these products are often compatible with various materials, there is no limit to how and who should utilize them.

For instance, DIY-ers can take advantage of these adhesive solutions for their daily tasks. A multi-purpose glue can help them repair different appliances around the house. They can apply it onto car parts, wooden tables, ceramic cooktop, and more. Best of all, these products are budget-friendly; they do not cost much, so DIY-ers do not have to invest a significant amount.

Other than that, you can see people use them for crafting. They make different kinds of jewelry, decorations made from plastic flowers, and many other things. Hence, this product shows an endless possibility for users to be creative with their work and hobbies.

What are the different types of glues for glasses frames?

There are multiple kinds of glues for glasses frames available for you to choose from. They come in different packaging, featuring versatile features and functions that might meet or even exceed your expectation. If you want to pick the best super glue for plastic glasses, you should consider many factors simultaneously.

As in the buying guide, the product’s adhesive strength, its viscosity, and density are essential things to pay attention to. Also, material compatibility and its use are vital. Other than that, you might want to check out some types of glue classified by how it is cured.

UV light – This type of glue often comes with a small-sized UV light. The device will help cure the glue gel applied to the broken pieces. This method promises a quick and clean application; you need to follow the instructions strictly. Plus, when the UV light cannot completely cure the glue, you can rely on sunlight to do its job.

No UV light – This is the standard glue used by the majority of users. These products often feature a dispensing tool that offers precise and controlled application. You just need to squeeze the bottle or tube on the broken parts and hold them for a minute or two. Many individuals stick with this type as it is easy to use.

With activator – This is called a 2-part system device with a priming activator and a tube of glue. Such products will require preparation on the broken surfaces before you use the glue to repair your glasses. The product is ideal for mending hard-to-bond materials or pieces that contain lots of dust and dirt.

Fluorescent light – Another easy-to-use light curable adhesive product solution is this glue. It can be cured when you put it under any white fluorescent light in the house. Such products are safe and breezy to utilize DIY-ers love this glue as it excels at mending glass.

Advantages and disadvantages of using glue to fix glasses?

Advantages – We can see how using glue is the quickest way to fix your broken glasses. It only takes some minutes to clean the frame, prepare its surfaces with a priming activator (if needed), then glue the pieces together. In truth, we only need to make sure that the frame is dust-free, and we apply the glue on the exact spot. Of course, this is also the cheapest and easiest way to solve our problem of broken glasses.

Disadvantage – Rather than using tape or glue, better methods are available to ensure excellent results, leaving a clean and neat surface on our eyeglass frames. Most opticians prefer using heat to fix the eyeglass frame. If you take your eyeglass to an optical shop, they rarely use glue as such a solution is deemed temporary repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who makes the best glue for plastic eyeglass frames?

There are currently many brands offering super glue that works well for your purposes. As the list above presents, you can check out GUGUyeah for glue with UV light if you prefer this unique and fast way to cure the plastic frames. Other than that, GLUE MASTERS provides various choices, not just glue for eyeglass frames but multiple adhesive solutions.

Besides, the Original Super Glue Corp products allow us to have long-lasting use with neat design and strong adhesion. Other reliable sources must be Gorilla, Loctite, Troysys, Beacon Adhesives, KISS, and more. If you desire a budget-friendly option, check out CAT PALM’s adhesive solutions.

How to fix broken plastic glasses frames?

As it is easy to break a plastic frame, many people need a potent and safe glue to repair their glasses. As the breaking points can vary, you should be careful when applying glue onto it. Also, there are some specific steps that you might want to follow to make the application process neat and useful.

  • If your plastic eyeglass frame is distorted, remember to straighten it first before mending the broken parts. You can use heat to put them into the original shape. Just be careful not to bring it near the heat source too much in case it might melt. Hence, rather than fire, you will want to use steam to alter its shape.
  • You should clean its surfaces where you are going to put the glue on. As some adhesive products come with a priming activator for preparation, you can use it. Then, use water and a piece of soft cloth to get rid of dirt on the glass frames.
  • The next step will be applying the glue onto the broken parts carefully. Please make use of a small and controlled nozzle, so the application is precise and clean. Be sure to wait until the glue dries while holding the pieces together firmly.

Furthermore, check this article to find out the most suitable tools for your glasses repairing.

How do you attach lenses to plastic frames?

If you want to do this task at home, you can follow these steps to attach the lenses to your plastic frames carefully. As more rigid plastics will make the process a bit trickier, this task is still doable.

  • First, you need a bowl of hot tap water (around 140°F ~ 60°C). It should not be too hot as it might slightly damage the plastic frames. You can put the eyeglasses into the bowl and wait for some minutes.
  • When your lens and the glass frame are ready, you can attach the lens from the front quickly. First, insert the lens arm side, then gently push the lens into the nose area and pinch its remaining parts into the glass frame.
  • Make sure it sits securely on your glass, then repeat the same steps for the other lens. If the process is a bit challenging, you can always use hot water to warm up the frame and try again. Do not use too much heat or force.

How do you fix plastic eyeglass bridges?

When it comes to altering the shape of plastic eyeglass bridges, you can use warm water, steam, or even a hairdryer. As all these methods are usable, you should choose to be careful not to let the heat distort or discolor the bridges. Plus, using any kind of fire is not recommended since it can damage our glasses beyond repair.

If the eyeglass bridges are broken, you can follow those steps above to fix it using super glue. Mending the bridges also requires extra care as you might not align the broken pieces in the right spot. So, you will want to be careful when pressing the surfaces together and hold it firmly.


As using glue is a no-nonsense method to fix the plastic frames at home, many are trying to purchase a suitable product for such tasks. If you are among them, this article will help you find the best glue for plastic eyeglass frames and offer guides to fix the piece with care.

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