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The Best Heat Resistant Gloves for Various Task Types

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

Best Heat Resistant Gloves

There are numerous kinds of jobs that are performed in hazardous environments, and this gives a reason for workers to equip themselves with proper tools of protection. By that, lots of unwanted incidents will be prevented.

For people whose tasks require frequent exposure to extreme heat like cooking, a special tool must be used so that they do not get burnt or hurt. Hazards like fire, smoke, boiling liquids can cause you pain and injuries if you do not pay attention to your safety well. In this circumstance, a high-quality pair of work gloves is an essential partner.

Knowing thoroughly the difficulties you might face while choosing the proper equipment, we gather various useful information to make this list. These following products are the Best Heat Resistant Gloves you can find on the market. Hopefully, you can make the right choice after reading this article.

# Product name
Top 1
GEEKHOM Grilling Gloves Details
Top 2
Kiloline Heat Resistant Gloves Details
Top 3
RAPICCA Welding Gloves Details

Top-Quality Heat Resistant Gloves Reviews

1. GEEKHOM Grilling Gloves

The next piece that I want to show in this list is the GEEKHOM Grilling Gloves. It is a pair of fireproof gloves that will amaze you by its great protection and good grip on different items that you are working on.

The first thing I notice about this pair is the tough look. It is among the most durable pieces I have. Also, they have four colors of this model on sale. If you are a fan of low-profile gloves, black is a good choice. If you want something bright and different, they have blue, green and orange available, too.

This piece is an ideal product for resisting intense fire. It can serve as a shield for workers against the temperature that reaches 446 ℉. This is thanks to the silicone material they use to make the cover and a layer of cotton for inner protection.

One of the things that makes this piece great is its extended part. The pair is designed to have a longer cuff than numerous work gloves on the market. It can be very helpful when there is a splatter of hot liquid as better wrist protection.

I am happy to know that this model offers a good hand grip for users. We can use this pair to grab on food or working tools without worrying that they will slip off your hands. I think it is one of the reasons why this piece is widely chosen.

One good thing about its design is that there is a little rope at the end of the pair. I can hang this piece up after my work is completed, or when I wash them. It is great to have a dry and spotless pair for a new day of work.

However, some of the users might not like the short fingers this piece owns. It can be inconvenient to use them to handle items with different shapes and sizes.
  • Excellent protection
  • Good hand grip
  • Four color choices
  • Convenient rope features
  • Good durability
  • Fingers too short
Overall, the pair is a good choice for silicone heat resistant gloves due to great protecting ability, if you do not mind its short fingers.

2. Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Gloves

The next piece owns a simple appearance but but it still impressive due to low price and good protection. You may want to check out the Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove.

Many workers around me seem to like work gloves with a low-profile look, as long as it has great quality. If you are in for such products, this black model is not a bad choice. The most attractive thing about the piece does not lie in its style.

The first thing you should remember is that this model is only ideal for handling hot equipment. Which means it can function well when you need to work with a medium level of heat. You should not wear this piece to deal with extremely hot items.

The most convenient feature of this one is that it can be used for both right and left hand. They sell the model in one single piece, not in a pair. But we can wear it on either hand, or switch in the middle of work because it can fit perfectly.

Keep in mind that this piece is not suitable for heavy-duty work. Do not use this one to perform a dangerous activity because its protecting ability is limited. You should know your work’s requirements for a safety tool well before picking the right one. Whereas, if your main job is always using styling appliances, this is a good choice.

Another great thing that makes me happy about this model is its capacity to offer great comfort. This is mainly because of the cotton material they use to produce this one, and it feels soft and comfortable against my skin. I also can use my fingers flexibly while wearing this piece on for daily tasks.

We can have this one at home for some occasions when we want to curl our hair. It is a product with a reasonable price for those purposes. However, there are some complaints about the bulky fingertips.
  • Ideal for styling appliances
  • Good protection
  • Simple design and color
  • Good price
  • Well-fitted for both hands
  • Thick fingertips
Despite the minor flaw, this piece has, it is a good tool for the beauty industry, especially for hair styling.

3. RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

The RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves is a well-made pair of fire-resistant gloves. The piece lives up to my expectations with great quality and nice design. I suppose there are various reasons why numerous customers widely use it.

Some of you may be familiar with the Kevlar material, as they use it to create a work glove with great durability. The manufacturer adds two layers of the said substance all over this glove to enhance its protecting ability. I am glad to tell you that it is one of the most long-lasting pair I have owned.

This model is good-looking with three colors available. You can choose among blue, gray, or gray-black to pick the best one that matches your taste perfectly. Each of them gives out a different vibe.

I am pleased to know that the most wonderful thing about the piece is the ability to keep users safe from extreme danger. That means you can wear this pair to handle incredibly hot stuff without getting hurt or burnt. All thanks to the strong and thick layer of insulation that acts as a fantastic shield.

Another good thing that I find out about this product is its inferior layer of cotton. This makes it feel soft and comfortable against my hand skin. It also offers great comfort and breathability that I need for my long working day.

It is noticeable that it has an extended cuff. The part is added to the glove to protect workers better when they deal with fire or hot liquid that can splatter. This is mainly because of the leather material they use to make this piece.

You should know that the pair can also resist punctures and cut, which means we can have them as a partner while dealing with sharp and hard edges at the construction sites.

What makes me love this piece more is that it can stay well on my hands during my working time. However, some users think that this product is thicker than they expect it to be.
  • Good protection against the heat
  • Nice look
  • Great design
  • Firm and tough glove
  • Good puncture and cut-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Great comfort
  • Thick glove
In conclusion, despite being a little thicker than some work gloves on the market, this piece is still a good deal of extreme heat resistant gloves you can find.

4. Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

The first piece that I want you to check out is the Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves. It is one of the most highly-recommended pairs of heatproof gloves that are loved by numerous customers.

It is noticeable that they have four colors on sale with this model. You can choose the red or blue one if you want something bright for your daily work. If you are a fan of dark color and a low-profile work tool, then they have black and gray for you to pick.

The oven work gloves can handle the temperature the reaches 932°F. It is an ideal partner for me when I need to bake cakes or grill food in the oven at home. The piece is suitable for the tasks that require constant exposure to extreme heat. It does an amazing job of shielding our hands against such danger.

I love its design and quality. The pair looks firm because it needs to be thick enough with layers of great materials to be able to prevent us from getting hurt by the heat. But the thickness does not make it stiff or heavy as we imagine. I can easily use my hands and fingers. It is comfortable and secure to have this pair on while working.

I am happy to tell you that besides the ease in use, it also has an amazing protective ability, so you can use it for various reasons. Even at work or at home, it is very useful in lots of circumstances. I once brought it to an outdoor barbecue grilled party, and the pair does jobs fantastically.

I am glad to find out that this piece can be machine washed, and this saves me some time. Do not worry if the work glove can be distorted or torn out because of the cleaning process. This piece is one of the toughest pairs I have ever used.

However, there are some complaints about its sizing since it seems not to fit some hands well.
  • High-quality product
  • Good protection
  • Many color choices
  • Can be washed by machines
  • Various purposes
  • Sizing chart is a little off
If you are careful in the process of picking the best-fitted one, I think the piece will be a good choice of heat resistant gloves for cooking.

5. Best Insulated BBQ Pit Gloves

Another good gloves for heat prevention that I would like to mention here is the Best Insulated BBQ Pit Gloves from Artisan griller, redefining outdoor cooking. I love the piece very much because of its design and high quality.

One special thing about this product is that it has a long cuff. The design enables the piece to have better protection for not only your hands but also your forearms. If your work requires you to pay extra attention to that part, you can opt for this pair.

This product is excellent at protecting your hands from being hurt by the heat while you need to handle various tasks in your house, or at the workplace. It is a wonderful partner when you need to bake, grill or smoke food. Those types of work need to be done with a good pair of safety gloves that can cover most of your hands.

Another great thing about this pair is its coating. A layer of neoprene is used to cover the piece, which enables it to resist melting. You can use the glove to directly touch hot surfaces without worrying that it can be destroyed.

I am happy that I can feel secure and comfortable wearing this piece. If you need safety equipment for a long working day, you can put this piece on and perform your tasks. It amazes me by the great comfort it can provide for users.

Some people will need a product that can help them when they work underwater or on wet, oily surfaces. They can be satisfied with this glove’ waterproof feature. The ability to function in various environments makes me love this piece more.

However, it does not offer a great dexterity as some users expect.
  • Good and wide protection
  • Waterproof
  • Function well on oily surfaces
  • Not easily melt
  • Great coating
  • Not very dexterous
In conclusion, this product is one of my favorite protective tools when I need to work with heat.

6. Acmind BBQ Heat Resistant Gloves

Another deserving spot in the list of best high heat resistant gloves belongs to Acmind BBQ Grilling Gloves. This product was introduced to the market a while ago, and it keeps winning people’s hearts since then.

This one is excellent at protecting users against the extreme heat of microwave or oven. You can bake your cake, grill beef safely with this pair on. It is specially designed to function well in the temperature that reaches 1472°F. It is one of the best partners you can have when your tasks are dealing with intensely hot equipment.

I am pleased to know that this one is made using an incredible combination of materials. They use some high-quality substances that are the best at resisting heat to produce this piece. The mixture optimized this glove’s durability and strength to shield against the most fierce fire.

Many people love this product’s design. Form the aramid fabric cover to the synthetic and polyester cotton layer, all of them contribute to making the toughest glove. Thanks to the design, this pair can offer optimum protection.

What I like about this one is that it makes me feel very comfortable. It can accompany me for a long time of work without making me feel irritated. It appears as an ideal partner for workers who need a piece than can offer great comfort.

Another good feature of the piece is an excellent handgrip. With this pair, you do not have to worry that some slipping incidents can happen and hurt yourself badly. This pair enables you to have better control over different objects.

I am glad to find out that this piece also owns a longer cuff than usual. That means more protection for other parts of my hands when I need to perform tasks in hazardous environments.

You need to know that this one is not very suitable for working with moisture.
  • Good protection
  • Excellent handgrip
  • Tough and durable
  • Optimum design
  • High-quality materials
  • Long cuff
  • Not good with moisture
In spite of a small shortcoming, this piece can be a good purchasing if you need a good piece of heat resistant gloves for grilling.

7. Jolly Green Ekogrips Premium Heat-Resistant Gloves

This Jolly Green Products Ekogrips Premium BBQ Oven Gloves earns a high position in the ranking of the best fireproof gloves. It is highly recommended by numerous users who are amazed by this piece’s quality and versatility.

It is noticeable that they have two colors of this model for you to pick. Both are basic choices, gray and orange. It gives out the vibe of a low-profile work glove, which I love very much. Anyone who is a fan of the simple look and good quality should consider purchasing this piece.

What I love the most about this pair is that it can protect me well from getting hurt by the heat in the kitchen. For work that involves using the microwave oven, this mitt is a wonderful partner. It can keep you safe when the temperature reaches 425 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can feel secure while performing your job.

Many customers love it due to its popular presence in the cooking show. Numerous professional cook choose this piece as their companion to make various delicious meals on TV. That is one reason why I bought the pair, and it does live up to my expectations.

This pair offers great dexterity for tasks that require flexible hand movements. It enables us to freely use fingers to pick up things and can function well even on slippery surfaces.

Another helpful feature is that this glove can resist water. We can use it to deal with under-water jobs without making our hands wet and uncomfortable. Do not worry that silicone gloves usually have a bad smell, because this piece is fine.

It is also worth mentioning that this pair is very durable, thanks to the materials used to make it. However, some customers find it not very easy to put on and take the piece off quickly after a while.
  • Good quality
  • Simple look
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Wonderful protection
  • Various use
  • Flexible
  • Not very easy to put on and take off
In conclusion, this pair is among the best waterproof heat resistant gloves you can find on the market.

8. VIBOOS BBQ Grill Gloves

A piece I want to show you next that can be used for various purposes is the VIBOOS BBQ Grill Gloves. If you need a good heat resistant cooking gloves, you should check this one out.

This product is excellent at keeping us safe while we handle tasks in high-temperature environments. It is a good partner that makes our work easier by preventing the direct contact of our bare hands with hot surfaces and items. The thick insulation they make for the glove enables it to function well in extreme heat (of around 800 Celsius degree).

What I love about this piece is its design. It is made to optimize the ability to protect all parts of users’ hands, from our fingers to our wrist. The long and tight cuff is one of the things that makes this pair stand out. One good thing about the extended cuff is that it makes the piece fits well.

Furthermore, it is a well-fitted glove which can be suitable for both male and female users. So you can share the piece with your partner sometimes.

I am glad to find out that the manufacturer uses various high-quality materials to produce this pair. That makes this one more long-lasting than I expected it to be. It still accompanies me in the most heavy-duty tasks of my daily work.

I am happy to share that this piece offers a good grip for various items with different shapes and sizes. It allows us to handle complex work on slippery and wet surfaces with ultimate safety.

It is one of the most long-lasting pair of work glove that I have. It is useful for various occasions such as fixing the engines, lifting heavy boxes, or baking cakes, grilling meat outdoors, and so on.
  • Great protection
  • Excellent hand grip
  • Flexible
  • Good for various tasks
  • High-quality
  • Great design for better protection
  • Not very liquid-resistant
You can wash this pair easily by using the detergent without worrying that it will be faded. Unfortunately, it is not that water-proof.

9. RAPICCA Griller BBQ Insulated Cooking Gloves

The next piece of long heat resistant gloves that you should consider is the RAPICCA Griller BBQ Insulated Cooking Gloves. It can be a great partner for the kitchen job with its great quality and helpful features.

The first thing I find out about this piece is its material. This product is made of neoprene rubber, which enables the glove to function well in hot environments. It can also prevent us from getting wet or hurt while working with hot liquid or water.

One of the strongest functions that make this product stand out is its ability to resist water and oil. It is a wonderful tool for people who usually need to boil and steam food in the kitchen.

This product does an amazing job of shielding users’ hands against dangerous flame. We can wear it for grilling, baking and so on without being burnt by the heat of those items. This is thanks to the high-quality materials and a thick layer of insulation this piece has.

What I love about wearing this one is that it offers great comfort for my hands. Many people might think the piece is bulky and stiff for the tough and firm looks, but the truth is quite the opposite. The inferior fabric feels soft against my skin that I can comfortably carry on working for a long time without any inconvenience.

I am glad to know that this pair is covered with a layer of neoprene, so we can use it to work on oily surfaces. The coating makes this pair an ideal partner to deal with kitchen tasks.

You can easily make this pair clean after completing the work by soap or detergent. It is more durable than we think, so do not worry that the washing process can tear the piece off. It is quick to dry so you can have a spotless pair of protective gloves ready for the next working day.

The extended cuff can help to provide more protection for our hands. But there are some complaints from users that this piece can have a rubber smell that they do not like so much.
  • Great protection
  • Excellent water and oil-resistant
  • Ideal for boiling liquids
  • Good design
  • Good comfort and flexibility
  • May smell
In my opinion, you can make a great choice of purchasing this pair for the kitchen job and other tasks.

10. Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves

The last piece in a series of good-quality that need to be mentioned in this article is the Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves. It is the favorite safety equipment of workers whose jobs are carried in dangerous environments.

I am pleased to know that this product can be a good shield for our hands against flame and boiling liquids. It does a good job of protecting me when I need to handle tasks that require exposure to extreme heat. This is thanks to the great quality materials they use to make this pair.

You need to know that this is a tough glove that is more durable than I first expected it to be. We can wear these gloves to deal with heavy-duty jobs as they can handle the temperature of around 500 Celsius degree. In this manner, you would feel more secure and confident while having them on at the worksite.

I am happy to tell you that although it is a firm piece, this one still offers incredible softness and comfort. It gives a helping to decrease to decrease hand fatigue when I need to be at work for a long time.

I really like the long cuff design since this part makes sure that our wrist is protected well when there is a case of a splash of hot liquids. And I think it is one of the best features they make for this glove.

Another great thing you need to know about this product is that it provides an excellent handgrip. Numerous workers wear this piece to handle items with different shapes and sizes because of the great flexible hand movements this pair offers. So you do not need to worry about the gloves being too stiff to use the fingers.

Actually, the little white sketch on the glove looks funny and interesting for me. However, some users find this piece too big when compared to the sizing chart of usual work gloves.
  • Great quality
  • Good materials used
  • Excellent protection
  • Good handgrip
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Nice look
  • Bigger size than usual
If you are thorough and careful while choosing the best-fitted size, you can own a good piece of heat-resistant gloves by purchasing this pair.

11. G & F 1689M Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves

This product is brought to you by a familiar glove brand that provides high-quality pieces for the protective tool market for a long time. And the reliable pair that you should not miss is the G & F 1689M Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Oven Gloves.

The manufacturer uses good quality materials combined to make this piece. It is a mixture of cotton, nylon, and fiber that can resist heat well. You can see this kind of combination in the work glove that is made for the firefighter. That means it does a good job of protecting users from hazardous heat at your workplace.

I am happy to know that this one still functions well after a long time of usage in a high-temperature environment. It lasts longer than I expect it to be. This model can be very helpful if you need a durable work glove that can keep your hands safe from hot objects of equipment.

The special thing about it is that the company only sells it in a single piece. But do not worry much about this, as it can fit both your left and right hand perfectly. You can switch it if you need to handle work with the other hand.

I am pleased to find out that it is sold at a reasonable price when compared to numerous work gloves on the market. Some of you only need a piece while performing your task, so it will be more economical to purchase a single unit. You can also buy two of them if you need to work on both hands, so it is up to you to make the decision.

It is delightful to know that I can use this product for various occasions such as baking good in an oven mitt, casting iron or holding hot teapot. It is a good companion for tasks both at the construction site and at home. We can wear this one to cook our daily meals safely.

Another great thing is it offers excellent comfort. At first glance, I thought it would be convenient and comfortable using this product, and it does not disappoint me. Unluckily, the sizing can be a little confusing, and it should be made in more sizes because the current one seems to be too big.
  • Good quality
  • Great materials
  • Excellent protection
  • Nice look
  • Durable gloves
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Various purpose
  • A little too big
Overall, you can buy this burn resistant gloves at a low price and still have proper protection for various task types, both at work and home.

MAPA Temp-Dex 710 Nitrile Lowweight Gloves (Outdated)

Another fire-resistant glove that is worth trying is the MAPA Temp-Dex 710 Nitrile Lowweight Glove. This piece is a perfect choice for people whose work requires the ultimate dexterity.

It is noticeable that this pair’s color and design highlights its palm and cuff part. The bright green covering makes our hands’ movement easier to follow. Some people need this feature to have better control over their tasks.

I am pleased to find out that this product is extremely dexterous. It helps you to deal with objects that have different sizes and shapes. If you need a work glove that can handle various items, this piece is a good partner.

The pair does a good job of protecting users from getting hurt by fire. You can wear them to avoid direct contact with hot equipment. It also can keep your wrist safe with the extended cuff. We can feel confident while carrying tasks with this pair on our hands.

I am happy with the incredible design this piece has. It is not as thick as most heat-resistant gloves on the market. Thanks to the thinness, it can provide an excellent grip for our hands. We can flexibly move our fingers to handle equipment at work.

Another good thing about it is the coating of the nitrile layer that allows performing tasks on an oily surface. If your job requires working in such conditions, this one can be very helpful.

If your old work glove annoys you with those visible seams, you can feel comfortable in this new piece. However, I hope that the manufacturer will improve the finger design so that it can offer better protection.
  • Dexterous
  • Good protection
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Good grip on oily surfaces
  • Thin glove
  • Not good finger protection
Overall, if you are in need of a piece with a good price that can protect you from medium-level heat, this one is worth considering.

What to Look for When Buying Heat Resistant Gloves


Temperature – Understandably, it is important to know the level of heat that we need to deal with at the worksite. According to the result, we can choose the best pair of gloves which can offer suitable protection. The first thing you should do is to measure the temperature of the subjects or surfaces where you work.

People usually need an infrared thermometer to do this measurement, and you can follow the steps on the internet. If you need advice on how to do that, you can search online or ask people who know this well for the most exact way to have the final result.

Keep in mind that this process is very fundamental since it affects directly to your safety. After getting the right number, look or the piece that can meet the requirement. Do not go for the one that is not able to function well in your work’s range of heat.

Insulation – Just like the anti-vibration gloves, the level of insulation is an essential factor while choosing a good pair of heat-resistant protective tools. It determines how much protection your piece can offer for your work.

They illustrate the insulation’s ability into six levels, from 0 to 5. If you need to handle the objects that are under 200-celsius degrees, you can go for the ones at level 0 to 3. If the temperature is more extreme, level 4 to 5 is necessary.

Work conditions – Besides the heat, there are various dangers that can appear at your workplace that you might not be aware of when you make the purchasing decision. So consider all aspects of your job and find the piece with useful features.

Sometimes, if you need to deal with boiling liquids, you need a pair that can be waterproof. It will be helpful when you work in a wet environment. With a piece that can resist water, you do not have to feel uncomfortable because your hands are soaked.

We need our gloves to have good cut and puncture resistance if our tasks involve dealing with sharp tools such as knives and blade most of the time. It will be very dangerous if you choose a piece that can not protect you from getting hurt by sharp and hard edges. Usually, a Kevlar pair can do an amazing job of keeping users safe in these circumstances.

If you also use your pair to handle food, great hygiene is what your glove needs to offer. Do not choose the pieces that can be melt easily, as it will be toxic. The coating material is one of the important factors or you to consider when deciding to choose a suitable piece to touch food.

Design and fit – Most of the heat-resistant gloves have longer cuff than the usual safety pieces on the market. But the length of those cuffs for each pair can be different. It depends on which part of your hands needs protecting while you do the job.

Some pieces can reach your elbows so that your hands will be fully protected. Others can cover half of your forearms and the rest only covers your wrist. You can consider carefully the length of the extended part that you need for your pieces. Some tight designs that fit greatly to your hands and stay on well after a long day.

I see numerous work gloves that are labeled one size fits all. You need to be careful with that information. The best thing one can do is directly try on the pieces, or else you should ask the seller carefully before deciding to buy the glove.

When you choose a pair of heat-resistant gloves, you will probably also be interested in our list of top-rated welding gloves. Furthermore, check our guide for the top-tier TIG welding gloves if you like.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a heat resistant glove?

A heat-resistant glove is a piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is specially designed to protect workers from getting hurt when dealing with extreme heat. The dangers can come from the tool, the objects they are working on, or the environment.

It can be made from certain materials, the types that can be tough enough to protect users from the flame. They usually use high-quality substances such as kevlar, neoprene, cotton, or a mixture of various things and so on. They need to make sure that it can do a good job of shielding people’s hands.

This type of glove does not usually have more than one size, and most of them are labeled one size fits all. Some can be used by both women and men, while some are bigger than usual, so you need to be thorough with the choosing process. Almost all pieces have a longer cuff than the usual work gloves, but the extended cuff part has different lengths.

The added feature beside heat-resistance is waterproof. Numerous pairs are made to resist water since they are mostly used in the kitchen. Additionally, some pieces can resist cut and punctures. All of these products are very tough and durable.

How does it work?

You can wear this pair to protect your hands from getting burnt by the fire. It is made of heat-resistant materials that can not be destroyed by fire. Those materials turn those pieces into tough work gloves that can resist flame.

Every pair has a layer of insulation of different levels. It can protect users against various levels of temperature, from medium heat like 100-celsius degree to more than 500-celsius degree with the highest-ranked insulation. Without this layer, the piece is just like various other normal work gloves on the market.

This product is a good partner when you need to touch boiling water or deal with extremely hot liquids. It enables users to avoid direct contact with those dangerous substances with the liquid-proof feature.

When you wear this to work, it can protect not only your hands but also your wrist and forearm. It depends on the length of the glove you have. But most of them do a good job of keeping workers safe. This is thanks to the special design they use to make these pieces.

Who is this for?

They produce these pieces for various uses, which means numerous customers can have this pair for different tasks. This is a necessary product for anyone who needs to work with flame and hot liquids, frequently or not.

People whose jobs are in the kitchen needs an oven mitt. When they bake the food in the microwave or cook things that can splash, and so on, a pair of safety tools is necessary to protect their hand skin from getting burnt by those actions. Daily access to fire and smoke can gradually damage their health and directly hurt them.

This piece can be useful for us – who cook our meals at home every day. We are in need of a pair to protect us from getting hurt, too. For anyone who is in charge of making their family dinners, this type of protection is essential.

Some workers can make use of this glove at the construction site, and they might need it to hold hot tools or perform on extremely high-temperature surfaces. All these heavy-duty tasks need a high-quality piece of heat-resistant gloves with a suitable level of insulation.

What are the different types of heat resistant gloves?

You can see numerous heat-resistant pieces that are sold on the market, so you may be confused about how can we differentiate those pairs from each other. Luckily, we can roughly divide them into some big categories based on their materials as follows:

Kevlar Gloves – It is among the most common materials used to make this type of work gloves. Kevlar is the favorite substances of many famous brands, and customers when it comes to protective tools. There are several reasons for this popularity. This piece can resist the highest level of heat when compared to other pairs.

We should know that Kevlar’s piece does an amazing job of shielding people’s hands against hot flame. It is a tough and durable piece that is suitable for heavy-duty jobs since it can handle the heat around 400-celsius degrees. On top of that, these pairs can resist cut better than most work gloves on the market.

Terry Knit Gloves – The second position in the ranking of heat protection level belongs to the terry gloves. These pieces can withstand the heat of around 230-celsius degrees. That means it is ideal for medium-duty tasks.

The greatest feature of this material is its ability to trap air. That explains why these gloves have good insulation that can keep the extreme heat from getting to your hands. And the good thing is these pairs are sold at a lower price than other pieces that are made of different materials.

Neoprene gloves – The manufacturer usually covers the work glove with a layer of neoprene. The material is fantastic at resisting hot water, which makes the pair ideal for the cooking job in the kitchen. It can protect users well even when the temperature reaches about 250 degrees.

Leather Gloves – This type of work glove can handle the hot subjects of under 100 degrees. The material can be mixed without other substances to enhance the piece’s durability to function in a high-temperature environment.

Advantages and disadvantages of using heat resistant gloves?

The advantage of having for yourself a piece of heat-resistant gloves is that it can protect your hands well from getting hurt while you carry the tasks at work. It is a good partner for people who have frequent access to extreme heat.

This protective tool makes user’s work easier. It boosts the working efficiency by giving the workers better control over hot items and flexible hand movements to pick and lift them. It enables us to do our job at a faster speed.

There will be some disadvantages if you do not choose the right pair of work gloves. Due to the working condition, you need to find a piece that has a proper level of protection. If you opt for a pair that cannot resist water well, and use it to handle boiling liquids, it can be very dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted heat resistant gloves brands?

There are numerous models of heat-resistant gloves on the market that are brought to you by various brands. Each of those pieces has its strength, and you should be thorough when seeking among all the products available to match your requirements.

If you are confused about which labels to trust, you can take a look at these reliable sources. Many brands are widely loved by customers around the world, such as RAPICCA, Grill armor Gloves, GEEKHOM, Heat Guardian, and so on.

How to use?

It is pretty easy to use this piece, and it is the same as how you wear all kinds of safety gloves. You put it on your hands and make sure every finger is in its right place. Almost every heat-resistant glove has a long cuff, so be careful if you wear a long sleeve shirt. Try not to make a mess out of it, and you should tuck the sleeve into the glove if necessary.

Remember to wear it when you do your tasks, do not let the piece fall off your hands. It is dangerous not to wear it properly and carelessly perform the job in a hurry. Check if it stays well on before lifting or touching any hot tools or surfaces.

Where to buy?

You can find this product in the local safety glove store in your neighborhood. Or sometimes, they have shops that sell all kinds of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for workers, from safety helmet to special boots.

If there is no store like that near where you live, you can search for and purchase your piece online. If you have a favorite brand, do directly to its homepage and asks for advice, it might help.

What is the warranty?

Each company has its warranty policy, most of them can make an offer of a warranty for about 1 year. That is how long a piece of heat-resistant gloves can last. You need to pay attention to this when buying the pair.

Most of them only accept your request to exchange products when the defects are the manufacturer’s fault. Remember to keep the warranty certificate and the receipt in case anything comes up.

Can you wash heat resistant gloves?

Usually, they can be washable by machine because these pieces are made to be tough enough for the process. Most of them are easy to be cleaned, so you can use detergent or soap to make sure they are spotless or the next use.

If you want to be more careful with your glove to keep it in good condition, you can wash the piece by hand. But it is not very necessary since it takes more time to do that.

How to care and clean?

Most work gloves of this type are durable enough to be cleaned by the washing machines. So you can add some detergent or soap to make sure it is washed well. After the cleaning is completed, remember to hand it so that you can have a dry and immaculate pair ready to protect you on the next working day.


After reading the article, we hope that you can gather enough information to pick for yourself the best heat resistant gloves. Keep in mind that you need to wear them whenever you are doing your tasks so it can protect you well.

Do not forget that many unwanted accidents at work are preventable if we pay attention to our safety more. Equipping ourselves with proper protection tools and carefully performing our job is what we should do in a dangerous environment.

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