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The Best Landscaping Gloves that Have Optimal Protection

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

Best Landscaping Gloves

When your work requires dealing with different kinds of tasks using your hands, a piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like the best landscaping gloves is essential. Every gardener should have a safety pair for themselves in order to do their job well.

This piece of PPE will not only serve as a companion to keep you away from dirt and danger, but it can also be helpful in boosting your work efficiency by making the tasks’ process easier and much quicker.

There are many types of available gloves produced by different well-known brands on the market. The whole selecting a perfect one pressure might make you so confused. To lessen the difficulty, I happily show you the list of some best products so you can make your final choice comfortably.

# Product name
Top 1
Ironclad GUG Work Gloves Details
Top 2
Pine Tree Tools Working Gloves Details
Top 3
G & F 3100L-DZ Knit Work Gloves Details

Best Landscaping Glove Reviews

1. Ironclad GUG General Utility Work Gloves

The working glove I insist that everyone should check out is the Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG. Not only because of its cool design but also the amazing quality it has for protecting workers with great variety of jobs.

The first thing I noticed is its material, as the piece is made mostly from synthetic leather, no wonder why it is so high in making me feel secure every time I need it for my garden work and other stuff.

I am quite surprised and pleased at the same time seeing these gloves are made adjustable for users, that you can adjust the hook till it fits perfectly. They invest lots of effort in making it ideal for everyone by producing a lot of sizes from small to XX-large. In this way, almost any hand sizes can find the best gloves.

I find the pair special because it is covered with an iron coating, which means it helps us do the job better with higher efficiency and satisfaction. I always try to find the kind of gloves that have unique coating material to test their proficiency, and this one does not disappoint me.

When our faces are sweaty, that uncomfortable sensation slows down the in-progress work. However, since I have this pair, that problem soon disappears. It enables me to wipe the drop off my face by its small piece of cloth sewn to the finger part.

This glove also does well in protecting my hands from hard objects, and it is not easily scratched because of sharp and broken pieces. It is also helpful when I need to work in mud or dirty environment. And after finishing your work at such places, you can wash it with detergent.

It seems to be not very useful when you need to use your phone in the middle of the job, that is because it does not support the touch-screen feature.
  • Great design with cool appearance
  • Many sizes for different hand types
  • Fit perfectly
  • Good hand protection
  • Helpful for wiping the sweat
  • Washable by washing machine
  • Not for touch-screen
This piece remains one of the top-rated waterproof landscaping gloves despite one minor flaw I mentioned above.

2. Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves

Among numerous great landscaping gloves that I have ever had the chance to use, the Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves is definitely among the best. Wearing it always makes me feel so comfortable because the pair is so well-fitted and offers incredible protection for my job.

The first thing I love so much is that this product is environmentally friendly. You can see they use bamboo material to make this, so it is an ideal choice for someone who wants to protect the environment and enjoy green items. Plus, because it is a natural product so it can be very breathable to wear.

This piece also enables me to do my work without feeling any sign of discomfort, more than that it even fits me like a second skin. I can also use my telephone without having to take the gloves off my hands. It is really convenient for me to carry many tasks at the same time.

Some of my friends who love fishing also opt for this product, cause the pair makes it much easier to catch the fish than their bare hands. That means we can use those gloves to do many kinds of jobs that require a strong and sensitive grip on different slippery subjects.

Even when I use the gloves to do some heavy work other than gardening, they are still very useful. They are not scratched easily and resistant to abrasion. It is perfect for making use of them even for construction jobs.

Also, I see that we have many choices in terms of choosing the size. Of course, finding your perfect-fitted gloves is very important, but do not worry because they have this size list of many hands type. Just be precise when measuring your hands to choose it correctly.

However, its design can be thinner than the usual product, so sometimes, you can feel the sharp surface of the objects you are on working.
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Fit your hands perfectly
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Offer great protection
  • Suitable the best for gardening work
  • Can be used for other tasks
  • Can be a little bit thinner than expected
Though the pair has an obvious small flaw, I still recommend you to try it. I insist it is one of the best work gloves for landscaping.

3. G & F 3100L-DZ Knit Work Gloves

Many other customers and I give a lot of compliments for these working gloves because of their usefulness and convenience: the G & F 3100L-DZ Knit Work Gloves. We usually see the product is sold in packs of ten to twelve pairs.

What makes me feel so pleased about having this piece is that it can be used for so many kinds of tasks, from light to heavy duties such as lifting boxes, laying bricks, woodworking, moving furniture. That means it is very useful in different workplaces like your garden, workshop, construction site, your house, garage, etc.

If you have to load heavy containers constantly, the kinds of work as harbor freight in the logistics industry, a pair of working gloves like this is a must-have item. It keeps you from having scratches, cuts, callosities and other injuries to your hands.

They have those pairs in four sizes for you to pick the right one. I feel comfortable wearing the glove and have a good time doing my job with the highest proficiency. This is also sold at a reasonable price, so you can bring some to your workplace in case you need another pair if the current one has any problem or becomes too dirty.

We know that it supports us to do heavy tasks, and I find out the reason lies in its coating material. The blue latex coating reinforces the pair, make it far more durable than they can usually be.

It cannot last very long due to the rubber material. We can only use it for a short time before it wears out.
  • Great price
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Suitable for many kinds of tasks
  • Multipack available
  • It wears out sooner than expected
In conclusion, if your work requires a lot of lifting and loading bulky goods, you should opt for this pack of working gloves.

4. SHOWA Atlas 300M-08 Fit Palm Coating Rubber Gloves

If you are in need of a multipack glove, I suppose you should try the SHOWA Atlas 300M-08. What I love the most about this product must be the way of staying well functioning even though it goes through multiple times of washing.

I always bring more than one pair to the worksite, so that I can change if one gets too dirty or sticky. That is one good thing about this pack since it enables you to buy a bunk of pairs at a reasonable price.

After accomplishing the work, no matter how dirty it gets, you can throw it into the washing machine and leave the machine on its mission. I was totally surprised when I took them out, still looked brand new like I have just unpacked for the first time. How amazing it is.

As they provide great gripping ability, so whenever you need to handle stuff having water on it or not, they can still do the job properly. At first, I do not think it can make both works on wet and dry surfaces, but the pair proves me wrong, they offer great grip.

What makes them be more liking is regarding its great comfort, because it does not have the usual seams we can find on other kinds of landscapers gloves. The seams can be annoying for some people, and if you are one of them, do not hesitate to go for this product.

Unfortunately, the fingers can be a little short compared to the standard landscaping gloves size chart. Considering that it can be smaller than what we see on the size here, you can choose a larger one just in case you have long fingers or nails.
  • Convenient multipack
  • No uncomfortable seams
  • Sophisticated design
  • Able to wash my washing machine
  • Its fingers are short
Unfortunately, the fingers can be a little short compared to the standard landscaping gloves size chart. Considering that it can be smaller than what we see on the size here, you can choose a larger one just in case you have long fingers or nails.

5. G & F 5013M JustForKids Work Gloves

Next on this highly recommended list is an extraordinary pair for your children if you want them to have a protective glove. The G & F 5013M JustForKids looked very appealing and super adorable to me when I first saw it in an online shopping spree.

I never regret having this one for my little friend, and they seem to enjoy using these gloves to exploring many kinds of things around them. This leather glove is amazingly soft and smooth when I touch them. It makes me feel very comfortable and want to try them on immediately.

You may purchase this for your kids who are between four and seven years old. For bigger kids, it will not fit them, and that could be a waste. So measure your children’s hands size carefully to buy them the right gloves.

The design looks so cute to the point I feel hard to resist buying them. A little tie between the palm area and the cuff gives out the lovely vibe . I cannot stop picturing these pairs on my children’s little hands. Of course, they were super excited and satisfied receiving those from me. The color they have on sale is also trendy and fashionable.

Another thing I appreciate about this pair is that it fits my kids’ hand greatly, and yet there is still some room to grow. They can use it in the garden to do everything they like, from planting trees to cleaning the soil or picking worm, and so much more. From its utilities, I found this piece does quite well in protecting my children.

It is more durable than how I think it is. The elastic part on the back and the round pleated thumb helps a lot in improving the quality of the gloves, therefore making them last longer.

One thing is they can be too stiff somehow because they are made quite thick to ensure the protective ability.
  • Adorable design
  • Good color
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Good protection for kids
  • Low price but still get good quality
  • Too stiff sometimes
You should be precise about choosing the size of the gloves to make sure they fit well in order to avoid the stiff feeling when you take a smaller size. Above all, these gloves are still worth your investment.

6. ACKTRA Ultra-Thin Polyurethane Gloves

Another deserving spot on this greatest gardening protective gloves list should go to the ACKTRA Ultra-Thin Polyurethane Gloves. In my opinion, with just a small investment, you can get yourself a great companion at your workplace.

I am glad to point out that they have many cool colors on sale, six in total. The manufacturers understand entirely how the product color impact to buyer purchasing habits. I completely fall for the black and red pairs since they look so attractive. Some of you might find the white one fashionable and ideal for many outside activities rather than work. Even the grey, yellow and blue ones are loved for their different vibes.

They also have four sizes for you to pick the best-fitted pair. From small to X-large, that means very large, so you can now stop worrying about a pair too big or too small for your hands’ protection.

The design is impressive because it is seamless made, you cannot see the thread sewn on them. They coat it by a nylon cover, which enables the gloves to last much longer than the usual ones we used to have.

If you spend most of your time at work handling different objects, from very small to very big or even the sharp and slippery ones, then this glove may be the right problem solver. They offer the perfect grip on many surfaces in almost any type of working environment.

They have all these amazing features at a very reasonable price. With this affordable purchase, you have for yourself a cool pair of gloves that bring complete protection for you at work.

But the thinness of this item can be a problem. They can be so comfortable to wear but easy to be ripped off sometimes.
  • Fashionable
  • Modern design
  • Great coating to enhance protection
  • Many sizes available
  • Comfortable
  • Useful for different tasks
  • Reasonable price
  • Too thin can be torn sooner than expected
For a cool pair of safety gloves like this, I think it is still considered as an amazing choice in spite of its lack of thickness.

7. Ironclad Tuff Chix Women’s Work Gloves

The last one I mention here is what I regard as the best fashionable safety glove for female workers: the Ironclad Tuff Chix Women’s Work Gloves. This design is amazing, and it has been verified as a wonderful protective tool so far.

The piece is made for women indicates that they choose a great color mix for the glove: black palm and pink back. The design is very subtle without any apparent seam line on the fingertips. It provides twice as much protection and dexterity by this feature.

One special thing I noticed about its structure is that the pair has fingernails shield to protect the tip of your hands from getting hurt by hard contact with sharp and hard objects

I am also happy to know they also use Terry fabric to make the part attached on the gloves so we can comfortably wipe our sweat off our faces and eyes without disrupting the work. It is one good point to keep up with the task with great efficiency.

The pair also fits perfectly to my hands when I use them thanks to the design of a wonderful fit system they use to measure and create it. It meets the standards that are required to get the correct hand size.

When you are done with your jobs, and the gloves get dirt all over it after a long day of dealing with many kinds of things, you can throw it into your washing machine. I am glad to know it is absolutely fine for the pair to be washed with detergent to get rid of any dirt remains.

Although they look very nice, aside from the palm and knuckle part, the rest are thinner than expected.
  • Good look
  • Great design or protection
  • Amazingly fit thanks to the ironclad coating
  • Can be wash by washing machine
  • Helpful for wiping off perspiration
  • Protect nails and palm
  • Weak and thin feature on some parts
Among the few models for women working gloves, this product is still one of the best choices with a full package of good look and great protection.

8. Garden Gloves for Women and Men

If you sometimes like to share your working gloves with others, the Garden Gloves for Women and Men may be your best choice. My parents purchased a pair a while ago, and I got to say they totally love it.

I struggled at first with all the gardening work, and then I found this piece and felt contented with its amazing quality. The sharp thorns, dirty dust and soils, contaminated water, … they cannot get to my hands any more thanks to these gloves. I am pleased to know that they are also made abrasion-resistant.

Its special design for fingers and palm allow us to handle small or even slippery object with perfect grip. That makes the item ideal for various kinds of tasks outdoors or indoors, and you can bring them to your fishing day with friends, or use them to fix broken machines in your households.

One great big thing is they fit amazingly with my fingers, therefore making me feel extremely comfortable in it. On top of that, the fabric is thicker than the usual working gloves we find on the market, so it not only keeps us perfectly warm in freezing winter but also make us feel cool in hot weather.

We can take it off and put it on easily because the piece is designed to be stretched greatly. After being done with all the work, you can feel free to wash them as much as you need, this piece will not be torn out because of that.

The durability, of course, cannot be questioned because it can be used for even heavier work, not just gardening tasks only. My partner sometimes uses the pair on the construction site, and it does a good job.

Though, there are still some problems with the thin plastic coating. It should be thicker somehow for better protection.
  • Brand-new design with new materials used
  • Perfect for both winter and summer
  • Can be useful in many kinds of tasks
  • Wonderfully fit
  • Stretchable and breathable
  • Meet product standards
  • The coating is thin
Despite the thin plastic covering, this product still stands high in best raking gloves for gardening that you should try for once.

9. Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-XL Gloves

If you want a highly guaranteed working glove for your job, you may consider this option: the Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-XL. For people who need safety gloves for heavier tasks rather than just gardening work, this piece can be the right choice.

Instead of being made of leather or plastic, these protective gloves are the product of many different materials, mostly nylon, polyester, and PVC. All these combined turn it into a strong glove with a better ability to protect users.

As I expected, this piece can be very helpful for people whose work requires dealing with heavy duties such as carrying weighty machines, handling sharp objects, recycling… And it offers great assistance while I do my job in the garden.

The pair can protect us from getting cut thanks to the sophisticated and scrupulous manufacturing process. They created it with the straight line of Kevlar thread by Dupont. Therefore, it also can be proof against puncture.

Every part of this product is taken care of very thoroughly, from the strengthened palm layer to durable fingers and thumb. Such features bring a stronger grip on uneven surfaces, enable workers to have better productivity.

I am also pleased to know that we can wipe off our perspiration and any dirt on the temples or eyes by using the gloves. We do not need to take them off and find a piece of cloth to do that anymore.

Unfortunately, the fingers can be a little short compared to the standard landscaping gloves size chart. Considering that it can be smaller than what we see on the size here, you can choose a larger one just in case you have long fingers or nails.
  • Helpful for heavier work
  • High quality with good materials
  • Sophisticated
  • Can use to wipe sweat and debris
  • Good fit
  • Not suitable for plants with thorns
However, it may not work that well in protecting us from cactus or thorns.

10. Bellingham C5371S Work Gloves

I think one of the best gloves for yard work they have in store this year is the Bellingham C5371S. The biggest reason why I choose this one in the first place is its material: bamboo gloves for protecting the environment.

If you are the type of people who are in for a sustainable future of our planet, and you want to minimize the amount of other toxic materials used to produce gloves, then this pair is the ideal choice for you. It also saves the world’s resources because bamboo is also a fast-growing tree.

The color says all about its origin, other than known substance, they also use nitrile to make the palm and increase in durability. The piece is light and comfortable to use, for me, that is one of its most significant features.

I am pleased to find out that the pair is made resistant against abrasion, scratch, ripping. That means you can make use of it while performing heavy tasks in your gardening work and many others.

The good thing is they have amazing dexterity for the gardener to handle small and hard objects easily, therefore bringing great productivity for your job. I enjoy wearing this pair while handling many types of small detailed items.

When the job is done, we can put this glove into the washing machine and let the device get rid of all the dirt from long day work. Just remember to hang it up after being cleaned so it can be ready for your next use.

However, it can make you feel a bit hot somehow if you use it in the workplace that currently has a high temperature.
  • Reasonable price
  • Natural material and good for the environment
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Fit well to customers’ hands
  • Good nitrile coatings
  • Suitable for even heavy-duty work
  • Can make you feel hot in it
Though they might bring some discomfort in hot weather, I still think this is an ideal purchase for you if you are a fan of environmentally friendly products.

Ansell ProjeX 97-972 Landscaper Work Gloves (Outdated)

If you are looking for a good landscaper work glove, then they have the Ansell ProjeX 97-972 on sale. The pair seems to be a low-profile product, but it offers impressive help as a protective tool for your work.

Like any other work gloves on the market, this piece assisted me a lot in different jobs I need to complete in my garden. Without the pair’s big help, I might not be able to carry the work with ease and finish it without getting dirty or hurt on my hands.

It comes in handy when the work you do involves using tools like shovel, scissors, mattock,… Besides, you are worry-free to use the pair to handle many kinds of small, big or hard objects, since it can protect you very well.

While wearing the glove, I feel very comfortable and secure thanks to the spandex material they use to produce. I am very pleased to know that with such material, it can also keep me cool during hot weather. By that, the worry about sweaty hands during work will not bother me anymore.

They also double sew the gloves by a strong thread to make sure it lasts even when being used to handle hard rocks or sharp surface. I am glad to say that it will not wear out soon thanks to the second layer of thread.

One more great thing is that its terry material also allows the gloves to absorb users’ sweat. So even in the workplace with high temperature, you can comfortably carry on doing your tasks.

Still, this pair is lightweight and a little bit too tight for big hands.
  • Useful for many kinds of gardening work
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Absorb your sweat
  • Strong durability
  • Lighter than other gloves
  • A little bit too small
At a reasonable price, this working glove can be your great choice for short period work that does not require any too heavy tasks.

RZleticc Premium Garden Gloves (Outdated)

The next one I want to mention in this best yard work gloves list is the Garden Gloves Women Premium. This piece is specially designed for female’s demand, and it does satisfy some critical requirements that a working glove for a woman should have.

Anyone busy with garden work all day long can agree that the right choice of gloves can make a huge difference to the job. And this pair helps a lot to protect me from bricks, sharp broken pieces, … in the garden while I am working.

It is also claimed to fit most hand sizes amazingly. I feel extremely comfortable wearing the gloves for daily work since it almost makes me forget about the inconvenience one might face having working gloves on.

Another thing I like is its durability. The pair stays strong and the grip stays excellent for a long period of work. They also make a palm and knuckle padding, therefore enhancing the protective shield for the vulnerable parts on our hands.

The design looks quite adorable to me. It is produced for women, so its appearance is clearly customized to attract female buyers. The mix of three different colors gives the trending vibe and make it appear as cute gardening gloves.

I noticed that the company promises to pay back if customers do not feel contented with what the product brings to them. But it was not my casebecause the quality of this piece did live up to all my expectations.

Only be careful while using the gloves to pick flowers with thorns.
  • Great fit to your hands
  • Good protection against sharp edges
  • Super comfortable
  • Nice colors
  • Work well with a touchscreen
  • Not that protective against thorns
I think this glove is a good companion for medium gardening work. It can help you a lot with medium gardening work and a plus, it looks great.

What to Look for When Buying Landscaping Gloves

best work gloves for landscaping

Material – If you like environmentally friendly products, then bamboo gloves are the best choice on the list. They are made of natural source, breathable, and greatly durable. This kind of material offers full sensitivity for your hand motions, suitable for general tasks.

Gloves made from leather, especially real leather, will be scratch-resistant and water-proof. Because the material is thick and strong, so the protection capability will be much better. Hence, it suits to more cumbersome working tasks. If you need to do work that may get your hands dirty, leather gloves are good choices because they can be washed easily.

When your demand is looking for a super fitted pair of gloves, then you should go for ABS plastic material. They are made to fit perfectly to your hands, therefore increasing the mobility of your fingers motions, this best suits the job that includes handling small objects.

Or else, you can opt for gloves made of synthetic leather to have great experience in protective gloves that can prevent scratch and cut or any other kinds of unwanted injuries during gardening work.

For lower price and multi-pack gloves, nylon is the most popular material. Affordable and comfortable, that is what a nylon pair offers. Also, they can be made in many fashionable models and different colors.

Sizes – The first thing to remember about sizing is finding out your hand size exactly for correct gloves purchasing. Make sure you get the length of your knuckle by using a cloth ruler to measure.

They have some sizes on the tables such as:

  • S – for 6.5 to 7.25 inches long knuckle
  • M- for 7.5 to 7.75 inches long knuckle
  • L- for 8 to 8.75 inches long knuckle
  • XL- for 9 to 9.75 inches long knuckle
  • XXL- for 10 to 10.75 inches long knuckle
  • XXXL-for 11 to 12 inches long knuckle

Always keep in mind that there are some gloves only made for women so that it can be smaller than gloves made for both genders. Also, if you buy safety gloves for your kids, be precise with their hand size, too.

Remember to try them on before buying them if you are at a local store. Try to lift things with your gloves on to test its functions.

Styles – Gardening gloves can be created with different styles; a slight change in knuckle for cuff can make a difference in how good looking the piece can be. So when you want a pair for outside activities other than just work, consider the appearance factors.

Their colors vary in different types of gloves. If it is made from bamboo, then it will be green, there is no other color. If you want a fashionable one, you may opt for some color mixing, it will be so cool, especially with women gloves.

But consider this as a secondary factor to choose your gloves. Because things like durability, breathability, gripping ability are much more important, they affect directly on your safety and work proficiency.

Price – It can be an important factor that you should take into consideration. Based on the budget you are willing to pay for the gloves, and the amount of time you will use them in a day. You can consider buying cheaper multi-pack gloves if you work constantly and need changing during that time.

High-quality gloves will be much more expensive, especially for material like real leather. If you really need one for heavy work tasks such as lifting heavy freight or handling objects at the construction site then you might go to this piece.

Other Important Factors to Consider

best yard work gloves

What is a pair of landscaping gloves?

As we know, when we do the work in our garden, there are a lot of tasks involving using hands to handle sharp or dirty or even dangerous stuff. That is when we need a pair of landscaping gloves.

They are made of different kinds of material, and which each different kinds of fabric, they serve various types of work. They can be abrasion-resistant, debris-resistant, waterproof, and many other important features to protect the users.

The gardening gloves are also sometimes specially made for different customers with different genders or ages.

How does it work?

When you are going to get yourself one, you should try them on first and move your fingers to test the flexibility and to make sure they do not hinder your tasks by any discomfort.

They have on sale in many different sizes; some models only have three, some are four, some are made even more. So be precise when choosing to have the perfect fitted gloves, or else it can be dangerous and inconvenient for your work later.

We can easily use the gloves just by wearing it on our hands and make sure every finger is in the right spot. Do not attempt to switch the left and right glove with each other. And they sometimes have a long cuff, make sure to put your clothes into the cuff to avoid any mess that occurs in the middle of the job.

Before starting your work, see if your gloves’ cuff covers your wrist and ankle to have the best protection on your vulnerable parts.

You have to pay attention to the material when you have a problem with perspiration during hot weather, or even when you can easily sweat due to personal health. Choose one that is breathable and durable for your hand’s protection.

Who this is for?

We can notice that they are made for many kinds of customers and many different working tasks from light to heavy. We can also use them for various occasions and workplaces.

Firstly, It is a must-have item for a gardener. Owning a pair of landscaping gloves are really important for people who work as gardeners. They may get injured while performing the jobs mostly because of flower thorns, hard rocks, sharp objects. Sometimes it is the dirt that they can keep themselves from by using gloves.

The gloves are made for both men and women, and sometimes they have customized products that go well with only one gender. They have gloves specially made for women by using fashionable design, amazing color mix, and cool features.

We can also purchase this glove for kids. They have lots of explorations, games and fun stuff to do, so if they are taken care of with these gloves, it will be much safer. Children can feel free to do all the things they want from planting trees to handle other stuff that needs hand protection.

Workers whose jobs, including carrying heavy freight, are in need of this glove type. They can prevent hand scratch and cut by wearing them. Also, it can make them grip the boxes better thanks to the coating.

People who need working gloves to fix household stuff, or carry some heavier tasks can use the glove too.

What are the different types of landscaping gloves?

There are many types of landscaping gloves available on the market, so based on the working environment, our demand, we can choose the right ones wisely by considering the following classifications.

In terms of using purpose, we have these gloves divided into five categories.

The first one is the clawing fingers. Gloves that have such features are very useful in digging into soil and plant trees without using other kinds of devices. This kind of gloves offers great protection against thorns.

The second type is focusing on forearm safety. Many gardeners want a pair to protect this part of their body, as they can find the gloves with incredible thickness available.

The third one is gloves with great grip ability. There are times gardeners have to work with slippery or small objects, and they need the kind of product that will bring out the best of gripping capacity. Those pieces can be made of fiber knit and ANSI glass.

The fourth type is the waterproof one. Understandably, gardening work may require lots of contact with water and other kinds of liquid. So in order not get your hands wet, this type is available. Used materials can be nitrile, plastic, and sometimes they mix substances like nylon or latex to produce them.

The fifth one is the bionic working glove. This pair is made sensitive to sophisticated gardening tasks and people whose hands have medical problems. It is soft and convenient for them to use without getting hurt easily.

Advantages and disadvantages of work gloves for landscaping?

As I said above, about landscaping gloves being a must-have item for gardeners, these gloves are essential for many following reasons:

First of all, they protect our hands from getting hurt seriously by direct contact with different objects at the workplace. You can be cut by sharp glasses while gathering soil, or thorns from trees scratch your hands, that is when you need the glove.

The piece can also keep our hands clean and dry to bring out the best of our capability during work. People do not need to worry when handling slippery surfaces and wet tools while wearing the working glove.

Moreover, we can keep all the dirt and many tiny broken pieces of glass, debris, or even dust away from our hands while performing our job. It makes all that uncomfortable tiny disruption out of our hands.

Also, for kids, we do not have to worry anymore about the serious injuries they might have by using their bare hands to playing or doing their light gardening tasks when they want. Their hands can be still clean after they finish.

About the disadvantages we may have while using a pair of working gloves, I think bad things only happen when we do not choose our piece carefully and depend so much on it. We tend to forget to be extra careful when we already put on protective glove.

Some of gloves can be way too expensive and wear out too quickly which definitely is a waste of money with dangers to our safety. We should also pay attention to our kids as well , even when they have gardening gloves on.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted landscaper’s gloves brands?

There are a lot of famous brands that make reliable landscaping gloves for gardeners. They always offer various and upgraded models every year, to name a few of them we have: Magid Glove, OTC(Oakley Men’s Roundhouse), Klein, ATG glove, …

Are landscaping gloves machine washable?

It depends on the type of material used to make the gloves. But I assume almost all gardening gloves can be washed by washing machines without destructive. We have leather, bamboo gloves, and they are all machine washable.

Where to buy?

You can find some trustworthy local store for your product purchasing, or if your favorite brands have official shops at your places, you can find your ideal piece there. If the ones that you need are not available offline, you can always make use of the internet and technology for online shopping.

What is the warranty?

Every brand may have its own warranty policy. Make sure you ask for it before paying for the piece. You can also request it at the store you buy. Also, keep the warranty receipt well in case you need to return or get fixed.

They usually only allow the return if the detect is the manufacturer’s fault, and if you have any problem with your used gloves, remember to wash it before bringing it to the store asking for repairing.

How to care and clean?

For cotton gloves, you can use your washing machine to get the dirt off them, but it would be better if you wash them by hand, then hang them up so that they will be dry for your next use.

Leather gloves might require an extra step of brushing the dirt off first before you can use soap to wash the gloves by hand. But may require further treatment with oil, to make sure it lasts longer with high-quality.

Rubber gloves are much easier, you can clean them with water, and almost all the dirt will be gone from just that. Next step, you can use detergent if there is some dirt stuck on the pair. Remember to keep it somewhere dry.


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