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The Best Leather Tool Belts for Professionals & Amateurs

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best leather tool belt

After spending years experiencing different types of tool belts and paying attention to what the customers of these products have to tell about them, we can confidently claim that devices made of leather are the most superior among all. No wonder why nearly every famous safety equipment brand has at least one model created from said material.

Once you start digging into the market of these devices, it takes lots of time to figure out which one is the best leather tool belt for you. We thoroughly understand the difficulty and confusion most people are facing in the choosing process. That is why, via our article, you can find all the important buying guides to make the right decision.

# Product name
Top 1
McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Details
Top 2
Occidental Leather 5089 Details
Top 3
Style n Craft 98434 Details

Best Leather Tool Belt Reviews

1. McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Brown Pouch

The next economical purchase of tool belt set would be the McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Brown Pouch.

This work apron is amongst the most sought-after items in the market. The desirable product stands out with excellent durability thanks to the good-quality material. It satisfies the majority of buyers for being an affordable product with useful features for many applications.

It seems like many modern electricians find this piece an ideal alternative for their old and saggy ones. It is surprisingly lightweight, which is perfect for people with high work intensity. Other than being suitable for professionals, this one can be of good use for people who occasionally fix their roofs or other household appliances.

The pieces come in handy when you are in need of some very important gear right away. Thanks to the manufacturer’s great designing outlook, we have hammer slots, electrician’s tape measures pouch, and place for things like flashlight and keys.

In order to boost this whole apparatus’s strength, the maker adds more rivets on the bag. Thanks to this added detail, this product’s ability to handle heavy tools for long hours is much better. Customers do not have to question this holder’s sturdiness anymore.

Another thing that makes this tool bag become more attractive to many individuals is its stitching. Those meticulous stitching lines show great effort in trying to prolong the product’s longevity of this brand.

Last but not least, this one can be considered an answer to the low-budget problem. We no longer have to adventure out to find a decent holder that helps us in a harsh work environment.

However, there are some complaints about the smell of leather in the first week of use. Luckily it will fade through time. Plus, some people want the bag to be less stiff. Actually, we can fix that by applying some oil on it.
  • Good quality
  • Incredibly low-price
  • Perfect for both professionals and amateurs
  • Sturdy tool pockets
  • Good stitching
  • Smell at first
  • A little stiff
Despite those minor flaws, this one deserves to be in the list of the best leather tool pouches at a good price.

2. Occidental Leather 5089 Bag Framer

For several decades, the Occidental Leather brand has done an amazing job of offering users numerous high-quality tools. This first one we want to introduce is among their finest products – the 5089 Bag Framer model.

In exchange for a big investment, we have an incredible tool bag in return. The material is guaranteed to be the top raking in quality when it comes to leather. The whole producing process is carried in the USA with advanced technology. There is no doubt this one is a well-made tool belt piece.

Nothing can compare to the help of excellent equipment while performing the duties. This all-round product can be one of your great companions. Its design of the hand-specific tool holders helps to boost workers’ productivity. All of the important gear is within your reach, so you can quickly grab for anything in need.

Good news for everyone who is considering purchasing this piece, its sizing chart can cover a large number of body types. Whether you are slim or have big bodybuild, you are offered the models from small to extra extra extra large. The chance of getting a well-fitted one from these options is high.

What is so important when looking for a long-standing device is its durability. Many customers are in love with this belt set mostly because of this feature. Besides the tough material, the bag is added with copper rivets in order to make the whole design more resilient in challenging work conditions.

There are spacious pouches for users to put their gadgets inside. Even when you fill those bags up with necessary stuff, there will be no spilling incidents in the middle of the task performance. This product is able to hole its things securely for a long time.

Optimal comfort is another thing we surely have while wearing this piece to work every day. Just one little downside you might notice is its weight. Some people want its updated version in the future to be a little lighter.
  • Excellent material
  • High-quality tool belt
  • Durable
  • No spilling
  • Good comfort
  • Great design
  • A little heavy
  • Pricey
To be honest, this leather toolbelt is the best money can buy.

3. Style n Craft 98434 Pro-Framers Combo

Another secure spot in the list of some best leather tool bags belongs to the Style n Craft 98434 Pro-Framers Combo.

We can never go wrong with a firm product that survives heavy-duty tasks like this one. An individual who works as a carpenter, electrician, construction worker and so on can make use of this device in dangerous settings. The item is tested to function well under a great force and many forms of hazards.

It is hard for me to resist such a charming-looking tool belt. The dark tan color is its killing point, which brings a fashionable vibe for the product. Many people like the velvety appearance on this piece a lot.

In order to create a long-lasting device, the maker decides to choose the top grain oiled leather to be the main ingredient. Thanks to the good choice, this item can handle the heaviness of all your work gear for a long period. Additionally, its thread is made of tough nylon fabric to enhance the belt’s overall strength.

With seventeen pockets in different sizes provided, people can feel free to put into the bag as many tools as they can possibly need for the current duties. Their performances become more breezy due to the good holding capability of this product.

As being produced for the waist size that varies from 34 to 46 inches, we can rely on the belt for the nice fitment. Luckily, this piece can embrace our hip tightly due to the design of its double prong roller buckle. There is no need to worry about the limited movements, that is not a problem when you use this one.

Obviously, safety is always a priority for everyone. Therefore, the additional caps for the rivet are there to make sure no unwanted accidents of slipping off will happen the whole time. It is an important function that we should be thankful for our good protection.

For your information, the measuring tape pocket is not made in an ideal size. It is smaller than most of us expect.
  • Good tool belt for heavy duties
  • Great material used
  • Long-lasting
  • Spacious enough
  • Well-fitted
  • Design for safety
  • Small tape measure pouch
You should know that this durable leather tool apron is sold at a good price. No one should miss out on such a good deal for a tool belt.

4. Task Tools T77250 Weekend Warrior Apron

An ideal choice for a limited budget that we should take a look at is this Task Tools T77250 Weekend Warrior Apron.

For people who only need a good tool belt with a simple design for their daily tasks, they can stop looking farther than this one. This piece contains what we need in a low-priced item: low-profile look and good quality. It is amazing to find out how little we have to pay for this incredible working partner.

In order to minimize the production cost without compromising the belt’s durability, this brand decides to use split leather to make the item. What’s more, this material is also very breathable, which brings good comfort for users who have to perform hours on end at the worksite.

This one must be among the most easy-to-use belts that I have seen in the market. You are offered five pockets for the equipment and two holders in the front for hammers. That means there is room for the essential gadgets for duties of an electrician, carpenter or other jobs that need support from this device.

The belt is made in medium width so that wear can move flexibly while being covered by it. You are free to use both hands to carry the missions without any sign of hindrance coming from this item.

Furthermore, no detailed instruction is needed when you learn how to lock and unlock the piece. This leather tool belt makes the preparation time for the upcoming tasks shorter. It is what people want when they try to take the belt off immediately after finishing the day.

The majority of customers find this one an incredible gift since it lasts for long. Some others see it as an economic investment due to the same reason. Plus, if you are a small-framed person, go for this one. The great sizing chart is ideal for various workers, both male and female.

Some of the wearers want the product to be a little thicker for firmer feeling.
  • Good material
  • Good durability
  • Low-priced tool belt
  • Flexible movements
  • Easy to use
  • Quick buckles
  • Good sizing
  • Not thick enough
The truth is this leather carpenter tool belt is perfect for weekend DIY-ers.

5. CLC Custom Leathercraft 527X Construction Work Apron

Here comes another good choice for a leather tool belt from the Customer Leathercraft – the CLC 527X Construction Work Apron.

As expected, such a low-profile bag like this one is excellent at offering good functionality. At our first glance at the product, we know that the maker does not focus on creating a fashionable piece, but a beneficial item with amazing versatility.

When it comes to picking the material, this brand makes the right decision of using suede leather to promote the reinforcement for the whole bag. As a result, this solid bucket boss can bring incredible support to numerous workers.

The special thing that makes this piece stand out must be its design. The position of the main bags helps to create a fair weight distribution. Customers are unlikely to suffer from soreness due to the tool weight while wearing this well-made piece to perform.

In order to give the users an easier time at work, the structure of this tool bag is carefully formed. We will have twelve pockets in total, which can be used to organize all the gear in neat order. People are able to have a specific nail holder, hammer loop, square holder, other heavy tools pouches and so on. Also, there are double gussets for quick access to the equipment on the bag.

Additionally, what keeps this device in its place while we are coming back and forth to complete the task is its web belt. It is customized to be fully adjustable, which goes well on lots of body sizes and types. The roller buckle is in charge of offering more security for the item, and this fastener does the work amazingly.

The good news is that we have a good deal when purchasing this product. It is a cost-effective investment that many workers should consider. Plus, it can be a good gift for your family members or co-workers when they are in need of a good leather tool bag.

Some customers want a clip for tape measures attached to the product. That would be very handy for them.
  • Good functionality
  • Tough material
  • Good design
  • Low-profile
  • Good price
  • Spacious room for tools
  • Stay on well
  • No tape measure clip
We highly recommend this leather tool rig for construction workers.

6. Occidental Leather 5500 Electrician’s Tool Pouch

This time, customers are presented with an affordable product from the Occidental Leather – the 5500 Electrician’s Tool Pouch.

Besides the main pockets that can hold many of your big tools, we are also provided with more than ten smaller pouches for other stuff such as the nail sets, scissors or screwdrivers. When compared to other leather tool belts on the market, this one is made to be tinier in size, but there is enough room for workers’ essential gear.

According to many customer reviews, they are pleased with the structure of this great item. They can find the ideal spot for a flashlight and electrical tape. It is possible due to the loop and chain that the manufacturer designs for this piece. The small addition makes this one more convenient for various users.

This custom leathercraft product is made with high-quality material. There is no need to doubt the qualification of items produced by the well-known Occidental Leather label. The majority of users are pleased to own such a long-lasting companion that stays with them for years.

It is exciting to know that weekend DIY-ers can be happy about this tool pouch. It is sold at such a reasonable price that most of us can purchase it for occasional reparation in our household or in the neighborhood. Plus, it is surely firm enough for more heavy-duty missions if some professionals want it to be their partner.

The soft and comfortable product leaves a good impression on numerous workers. It forms a good grip around our bodies. You can put it on the side that favors your dominant hand, and it is all up to you.

It can not be denied that the leather used for this item is superior, just like many other ones coming from this label. The only thing you need to know is that it is limited to people’s need for a small pouch. If you prefer the big one that fits more equipment, this is not a good choice at all.
  • Enough room for tools
  • Long-lasting leather belt
  • Perfect size for essential equipment only
  • Various uses
  • Ideal for both hands
  • High-quality material
  • Too small for some people
If you think this size is perfect for your work, you should go for this occidental leather tool belt.

7. OX Tools Four Piece Construction Rig

We definitely need to check out this next high-quality tools belt from OX TOOLS, which is the Four Piece Construction Rig.

The established brand brings numerous workers a satisfactory user experience with a durable leather piece. It deserves to be a highly-recommended device for many types of duties, from easy to complicated ones. Our working efficiency can benefit a lot from the help of such a belt.

We can not talk enough about the incredible material used for the creation of this item. Firstly, it contributes to the impressive long-lastingness of the leather tool. What’s more, this grain oil-tanned leather offers fantastic softness when we wear them for a long day of work.

What also promotes this device’s great strength is its rivet. With the view to reinforcing all the major stress points on the belt, this part surely gets the job done. It will be very helpful in case users have to deal with sharp and hard edges at work.

Furthermore, we can trust this leather belt with our safety because of its good fitment. According to the product description, we know that the belt is 3” wide, which helps it stay firmly on people’s waist. Once the buckles are locked, we are able to carry on performing confidently without worrying about the slipping incidents.

People are offered ample tool holders when they choose this one to wear. There is enough space for the hammer, nail, tape measure and other essential gear for the missions. All the tough pouches are optimized to function well under a heavyweight load.

You should take a look at the item if your waist size is between 29 to 46 inches, it can go well around your bulky clothing in winter. Furthermore, the belt is not too stiff and comfortable enough for an up to 10-hour working segment. Isn’t that amazing?

Still, people want some alteration in its design so left-handed people can make use of the product, too.
  • Good for heavy-duty tasks
  • Long-lasting belt
  • Tear-resistance
  • A good fit
  • Stay on well
  • Ample tool bag
  • Comfortable
  • Not ideal for lefties
Overall, this model is inarguably an excellent leather carpenter tool belt.

8. Occidental Leather 5062 Bag

Once again, we have this incredible option for a high-quality tool belt made by the Occident Leather label, and it is their 5062 Bag model.

Outstanding craftsmanship is this brand’s strength in the industry. It continues to shine greatly in the production of this item. Once you take a look at it, you will notice immediately how fine the bag’s look is. There is no doubt that this piece continues to have a high ranking in the list of tool pouch of this size.

Talking about the size, I see it is obvious that this one is less spacious when compared to many other models of Occidental Leather. It is specifically designed for people who only need to carry some of their indispensable equipment while working. If you do not want to burden yourself with a too-big bag, go for this perfect-sized one.

The layout of this design might amaze you with how easy it is to put your gadgets into it. It takes less time than usual to put them all in different categories to fit in all the compartments. We can master the positions of each kind of tool very quickly. There is also a cell phone holder for you to use.

The truth is that customers are hardly disappointed with this long-lasting device. It is not surprising when you come across a wearer who uses this one for years of his career. Top-quality leather is the main reason for this level of durability.

With the view to providing good apparatus for various users, this piece is made to be very flexible. You can put it to whichever side that you feel easy to reach. It is also compatible with many types of belts and suspenders available. You can purchase a tough one to have better support while performing.

Also, this concrete piece of nice bag is extremely comfortable. It excels in alleviating the work fatigue and the heaviness of work gear in a long expanse of time. Motivating many carpenters, electricians, garage employees to make this big investment.

Last but not least, there can be some improvements to reduce the spilling incidents that happen when workers bend their back too deeply. And of course, this one is not a very affordable product for everyone.
  • Good quality
  • Good for tool categorizing
  • Long-lasting leather belt
  • Superior material
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • May spill tools
  • Not very affordable
In conclusion, it is among the worthy leather carpenter pouches that many customers love to use.

9. LAUTUS Oil Tanned Leather Tool Belt/Pouch/Bag

If you are seeking in vain to find a full set of devices for your gadgets, check out this LAUTUS Oil Tanned Leather Tool Belt/Pouch/Bag.

Firstly, you can fully trust this piece’ for its guaranteed quality. The real genuine leather is chosen to be the main ingredient for the producing process of these products. What is incredible is, customers are offered this set at an affordable price. Lots of construction workers, carpenters, framers, electrical engineers can purchase it for their daily performances.

When it comes to great convenience, this product should not be left out of the conversation. With many pockets available, users can pack most of what they could possibly need for complicated missions. We can rely on this kit for consistent support for heavy-duty jobs.

This adjustable tool belt allows customers to fix the piece until it fits perfectly around their waistline. It is not so hard to master the movement of locking and unlocking this type of belt. It is a pleasure to be able to wear this one comfortably even when you have a slim hip or big belly.

As expected, people usually opt for these devices when they need to handle sharp and hard objects every day. As being produced with tough material and firm structure, this leather tool belt stands unwavering even in a harsh working condition. No hardship at the worksite can hold us back when we have this supportive apparatus beside.

It is great to find out that the brand offers users a lifetime warranty on the product. Everyone can enjoy the excellence of this device without worrying that it can be a scam or a waste of money. This great assurance from the label is a wonderful proof for its incredible quality.

It could be even better if there is a pencil pocket available.
  • Good quality
  • Convenient set
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Spacious enough for work equipment
  • Tear-resistant bag
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No pencil pocket
In my opinion, this one is the full set for your work gear that you should not miss out on buying.

10. GRAINTEX PS1234 10 Pocket Tool

What also comes as a nice-looking pouch is the GRAINTEX PS1234 10 Pocket Tool. It is an amazing production that meets the requirement of a professional’s duties.

The first thing we need to know about this set is its excellent durability. Thanks to the oil-tanned leather, people can bring this one to deal with complicated missions in different environments. Each pouch’s strength is enhanced by the chrome-plated hardware; therefore, it is harder to tear out the piece.

The brand surely invests a lot in the manufacturing progress of this product since its pouches are completely handmade. Every stitch is sewn carefully and professionally so as to boost the overall sturdiness.

It can not be denied that the piece looks dazzling in this dark shade of color. The leather substance always does an amazing job of forming an attractive tool bag that is suitable for outdoor activities. Even after several years of usage, I am sure that it is still well-function and gorgeous.

In order to deliver flawless functionality, this device is optimized to have the most convenient construction. Besides the big pocket that is ideal for big and important tools, there are other slots for smaller gear. Once we have them in good order from the beginning, our duties will become much more breezy.

With the target of bringing good fitment, the maker increases the length and width of its belt to a bigger size than the usual products in the market. That explains why it can hold tightly onto people’s waist and make them feel more secure for the whole working time.

The majority of workers may have a great time with this pleasant piece. In contrast to the strong appearance, this product is soft enough to not leave red marks on our skin at the end of the day. Remember that it is not sold in a full set including a belt and shoulder strap, so you need to purchase them separately.

Unfortunately, some of the buyers are not very happy with the stitching. It might look good but it can be torn out sooner than they expect.
  • Professionally handmade tool bag
  • Good design
  • Ample enough for equipment
  • Good looking
  • Great fitment
  • Secure belt
  • Guaranteed leather quality
  • Not so good stitches
If only there is an immediate upgrade in stitching, there will be no hesitation in choosing this product for all types of work.

What to Look for When Buying a Leather Tool Belt

tool belts leather

Type of leather – It is an important decision to make when you want to purchase the right type of leather that meets your requirements. This factor affects many aspects of the final option.

The first thing you should know is the pieces made of pure leather. Some well-known brands prefer to use 100 percent genuine leather to construct their products. The result of this investment is, of course, very satisfying. Those items are the most long-lasting devices that you can find among an ocean of leather tool belts.

Additionally, those items are incredibly fashionable. They have this velvety and smooth look that various customers, both male and female, fall deeply for them. The color of genuine material is also striking and outstanding. It is hard to take your eyes off stylish bags with extreme durability. However, these items are often sold at a high price.

What comes next in the list of good substance is the oil-tanned leather. You can purchase these pieces at a surprisingly great price. The product is an amazing solution to people’s problems with low-budget. Some of the devices only cost you one-tenth of the price for items made of pure leather.

You need to know that this type of tool pouches is also very durable. Some wearers reveal to enjoy the support of the piece for years. Furthermore, it is the perfect companion for weekend DIY-ers. If you do not have to perform the tasks frequently, go for this option.

Some other labels pick top grain oiled leather as their main ingredient. To be honest, this apparatus looks very nice while it is not much cheaper than pure material. The substance does an amazing job of forming a good product for heavy-duty tasks. Several makers choose to add Nylon thread to these bags to prolong their life.

Another affordable material that will be much loved by construction workers is the belt made of split leather. A professional might not be used to using this product, but occasional workers will find the piece incredible. What’s more, it is resilient enough to function well in harsh conditions.

Design – After deciding the material that you want, it is vital to pick the design that supports your work the most. The set should be extremely convenient and handy so we have the best user experience with it while performing.

The first thing you do should be checking your collection of work gear. Remember to be thorough in categorizing the equipment from essential to less important. Once you finish analyzing those gadgets, it is time to determine which design will offer you enough slots for different types of tools. ‘

Some of the missions will require a great number of pockets available. Many individuals want their bags to have various sizes to fit both big and small equipment. It is excellent when all of them are in neat order. For this ample device, you might need to purchase a wide belt or tough suspenders to support all the weight.

For plenty of job descriptions, it is important to have a specific position for some gear. For example, the hammers will need a separate holder. There might be a T chain clip for a tape measure. Other than that, flashlight, key, phone or nail sets should be put into unique pouches.

What you should keep in mind is the reinforcement of the product you have. It is best to own a piece that has rivet to enhance its overall strength. According to many users, their bags will last longer if it is fortified with such features.

As I see, the majority of customers want their belt to be easily adjusted. Some of you might love using roller buckle and web belt since it is unique and offers good security. By the way, do not forget to master the movement needed to unlock and lock your belt in a hurry in case of emergencies.

Comfort and fit – One piece of advice for you is that nobody should settle for the product that makes you uncomfortable. We pay the worthy price to receive good supporting services. If you feel any sign of comfort while trying on your tool belt, do not purchase that one. Once you do not feel pleasant enough in the suit, it is harder to perform confidently.

This factor depends on lots of elements, to name a few we have the material, its structure and so on. Keep in mind that you can soften the leather piece. Therefore, you should ask the seller if the product can be treated by oil to improve its stiffness or not.

Measuring the waist size to have the exact figure is another vital process. Wearers should never put on a too-big or too-small tool belts to carry their missions. If your favorite model is labeled “one size fits all”, you might need to find well-fitted suspenders to keep the whole set in place.

Look and price – If you are the ones who love fashionable devices, it might take you longer to find a product that gives off a great vibe. But once you find the ideal one, it is worth the effort. However, do not forget that this factor is just a secondary feature for you to consider.

There is no point in paying extra money for an expensive pouch featuring the functions we do not need. So try your best to pick the one that meets all the vital standards, as well as your ability to afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who is this for?

The tool belt is a specifically-made product that helps users to carry as much equipment that they could possibly need for their duties. With the most outstanding features are its durability and versatility, the device will make many workers’ life much easier. If you are carrying on missions in these following fields, there is a great chance that you need this one’s support.

First of all, a construction worker should definitely be equipped with this apparatus. As we look closely at this kind of job, we find out that they need plenty of different types of gadgets to complete their daily tasks. Some of the work is incredibly heavy-duty, and that is why the presence of the essential tools will help them.

This item is also a handy partner for an electrician or an electrical engineer. Those individuals who work in the field related to electricity will also use their specific equipment in the process of performing. It is known that they have to carry jobs in dangerous environments. Therefore, it is important that they should have all the protection and support within their reach.

These tool bags are the place to put many carpentry gears in. The product is a necessary item for a framer and a carpenter’s daily duties. While erecting, installing, or repairing structures made of wood, it will be very convenient to have your hammer, pencils, nails, and so on that right on your waist.

If you are a roofer that completes your work at a great height, you need a good piece that does not spill your tools out while you are bending or climbing. However, you might need the help of shoulder straps or tough belts that can handle harsh working conditions.

Some individuals also want to own a medium-sized pouch for several weekend DIYs such as cleaning, roofing. Or other jobs that can benefit from the functionality of the item are automotive workers or people who repair machines in the garage.

It is important to know that both male and female employees can find the tool belt that is suitable for their demand. It might be trickier for a woman to pick an item that fits. In general, this product is made for various users, as long as they need it help. Also, we can buy it as a gift for our friends, colleagues or family members.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a leather tool belt?

As we know, compared to numerous tool belts in the market, the ones made of leather are always safe options. Both the old heads or rookies in the industry believe that they can rely on this material for good functionality and incredible durability. That is why choosing a leather tool belt might spare us from lots of effort and difficulties when finding among lots of substances.

A product like this one will be a cost-effective investment for the majority of workers. No matter which pouch you purchase, it is a valuable product in exchange for the money you spend. There can be big differences among many items created from many types of leather. Still, their same advantage is the amazing long-lastingness.

Just like many belts available, we can benefit from this device in everyday jobs. It helps our performance to go smoothly. The good arrangement of gear inside those pockets gives wearers quick access, thus speeding up the work pace.

Furthermore, it is much safer for employees to have all they need on them when an urgent situation comes up. Workers do not have to continuously climb up and down while being at a great height and suddenly need a tool.

However, if you choose the wrong kind of belt, it can negatively affect your work and your well-being. When you need to move and bend your body, it is bad to pick one that easily spills all the equipment out. It can hurt many people when causing such unfortunate incidents.

How to soften a leather tool belt?

It is understandable that for the first week we use the belt, it is stiffer than it should be. The inconvenience can hurt our waists, or make it difficult to put the gear in a good organization. If it is the case for you, try to do some tricks as follows.

The most effective solution must be rubbing alcohol on the leather. People need to find a soft piece of cloth, or a cotton ball, then pour some alcohol on it. By rubbing it gently and letting it soak in, we will have a softer and more flexible piece for the upcoming duties. Vaseline is also a good choice for many types of leather.

When the item goes dry and cracked after some time, natural oils are there for the rescue. It is as simple as the first trick. On top of that, coconut, olive or avocado oil can make the piece smell good. It is more comfortable for users to wear a soft device.

Where to buy?

People can pay a visit to some local stores that sell tool organizers, many types of leather tools belts are sold there. You can directly ask the sellers and try on the piece to see if it is really what you want.

In case there is no such place where you live, online shopping is always a good option. Once you find a trusted source, there will be items with various sizes, styles, and quality to pick from. Remember to read the instructions carefully before making the final purchase. Shipment policy is an important factor that you should pay attention to.

What are the reliable brands for leather tool belts?

From our highly-recommended list, you might already have the name of some trusted brands to look for your ideal piece. The most established among them would be the Occidental Leather. Other ones that have a good reputation in the industry are Ox Tools, Custom Leathercraft (also known as CLC), Graintex, LAUTUS and so on.

What is the warranty policy?

It depends on the brand that you purchase the product so that the warranty policy can be different for each label. Some offer several-year guarantees, and some offer their customers a lifetime assurance. You should read the information carefully to pick a good one that is of great benefit.

If you are confused about any detail, you can always contact the customer service of the brand to ask for an explanation. Most of the time, they will only accept the request to exchange or return the device when its defect is the manufacturer’s fault.

How to care and clean?

It is nearly impossible to finish your workday without any hint of stains on the belt, the bag, and its suspenders. After all the tasks are completed, it is important to get rid of the dirt, clean the whole set and check if there is any sign of holes or damages. Extra effort must be put into washing this type of device since some of them are incredibly expensive.

But do not let this process stress you out, we can clean this piece by using a soft cloth, warm water, and maybe mild soap. The first thing you should do is reading the instructions attached to the product carefully before attempting to wash it with detergent or put it into the washing machine.

Natural oil can be used to rubbed on this material to soften it and to care for it. If the product is not used for quite a long time, you ought to freshen it up and inspect it again to make sure the device is well-functioned. Keep your item in a dust-free and dry place for good storage.


It can be a challenge to find the best leather tool belt for your job. There are so many factors to be taken into great consideration. Workers should be well-equipped with all essential gear to complete their duties, and this device is the best way to keep them.

It is still not finished once you purchase the ideal piece that meets the most important requirements. It would be best if you remember to take good care of it as the longevity of your apparatus also depends on your ability to maintain its function.

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