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The Best Metal Roofing Shoes

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best metal roofing shoes

Working on metal roofing can be dangerous. Wearing safety equipment, including the best metal roofing shoes, may significantly reduce the risk of injuries.

Roofs are made from various materials such as metal, clay, asphalt and concrete, among others. A different type of roofing shoe will work best on each kind of material. Choosing which one will be the best, particularly for metal surfaces, can be daunting. I decided to come up with a list that will most likely help you with your choice.

Basically, metal roofing shoes should have the vital features of excellent traction, slip-resistance, water-resistance and comfort. I also tried to find the perfect balance of safety, style, and durability in making these recommendations. I hope you will be able to find everything you may need to know about each of the products. Read on.

# Product name
Top 1
Reebok Work Zprint Work Details
Top 2
Terra Spider Work Shoes Details
Top 3
Merrell Moab Hiking Shoes Details

Best Metal Roofing Shoes Reviews

1. Reebok Work Zprint Work

I did not expect much from these athletic-style work shoes, but I was pleasantly surprised! The Reebok Work Zprint Work turned out to be one of the best shoes to walk on metal roof that made it on my list.

Made with rubber soles, they are lightweight and flexible, which would work well on steep metal rooftops. Their weight will not drag you down nor slow your movement. Plus, they are slip and abrasion-resistant.

The material used for the upper provides remarkable comfort and support. Its moisture-wicking nylon mesh lining makes the shoes breathable, which is perfect during the hot summer days when roofing work is usually done.

As expected from an athletic shoe brand like Reebok, the shoes were made to provide excellent balance, stability, and as earlier mentioned, flexibility. These may be due to the foot-mapped midsole foam feature of the shoe. The low-cut design provides greater ankle mobility and fast stride transitions. The best qualities of an athletic shoe were incorporated into this work shoe.

What I like about them the best is that the steel toe feature is less noticeable and feels less like steel than those of other brands. Yet, it still can meet safety standards. Also, no metal can be seen on its exterior.

I suggest, though, that you get a size bigger than what you usually wear. Even if the toe cap does not rub against the toes, it also does not stretch out. Our feet usually swell through the workday so we must consider that when buying.
  • A lightweight and flexible pair with rubber soles
  • Slip and abrasion-resistant
  • Moisture-wicking mesh for optimal comfort
  • Natural feel and flexibility due to foot-mapped midsole foam
  • Low-cut design for greater ankle mobility and fast stride transitions
  • Steel toe meets safety standards
  • Shoe width is on the narrow side although length is okay
I could not think of anything that could improve these if they are intended to be used as roofing shoes for metal roofs.

2. Terra Men’s Spider Work Shoes

Comfort meets functionality is what comes to mind with this Men’s Spider Work Shoe from Terra.

The fit of the shoes conforms to the foot nicely. The composite toe will not be felt since the manufacturer made sure to add ample side to side space. They also have odor control and moisture-wicking lining that will keep your feet sweat-free all day.

Something that I find unique about the pair is that underneath the stiff sole is a midsole across the shoe which is made of a soft urethane material. It gives the shoes a nice bounce and pliability when walking on them. Aside from making the shoes more comfortable, the midsole also provides extra protection since it is puncture resistant as well.

The insole is pretty basic, but it can be changed to one that you like better. The sole and midsole have a supportive chassis for the ultimate protection. These low cut sneaker type shoes are water-resistant. They are made from leather and suede materials which can keep a lot more water from entering them.

The only unfavorable thing I can say is that the shoes are a little heavy. However, the functionality and comfort you can get out of them more than compensate for this small problem.
  • Well-fitted shoes that embrace the foot nicely
  • Moisture-wicking lining for sweat-free wear
  • Soft urethane midsole offers a nice pliability
  • Made of water-resistant suede and leather materials
  • Supportive sidewall shoe chassis in the sole and midsole
  • Shoes come a little heavy
I will recommend these shoes to people who will never compromise safety to comfort. They are stylish to boot.

3. Merrell Men’s Moab Hiking Shoes

Although primarily intended for hiking, these shoes can also be perfect as metal roof shoes. After all, they are proven to withstand difficult hiking conditions and steep, often slippery, terrains.

Their Vibram high-performance outsole provides superb traction and slip-resistance.

The Moab 2 Vent’s upper is made of leather and mesh, which provides breathability and maintains proper air circulation. The same materials can keep the feet fresh and dry even in hot climates. For extra protection and comfort, an extra rubber toe cap has been added.

The shoes also have targeted heel cushioning that is said to reduce stress on the foot with every step. The sculpted insole provides more arch support and does an even better job in holding the foot in place. They are so comfortable that you will enjoy wearing them even from out of the box.

I notice that the shoes are missing a pair of eye holes at the top compared to the original version of this Merrell model. The shoe remains somewhat loose even with tightened laces as a result, and some degree of ankle protection may be sacrificed.
  • Vibram sole for superb traction and slip-resistance
  • Breathable mesh layer to maintain breathability
  • Added rubber toe cap for protection
  • Targeted heel cushioning to reduce stress on the foot
  • Sculpted insole for better arch support
  • Missing pair of eye holes at the top
These best shoes for metal roofing get my vote for the best value for money. You get a complete and versatile package for your purchase.

4. Whitin Construction Work Shoes

When in the market for new metal roof shoes, comfort, durability, and overall foot safety should be the prime considerations. The Whitin work shoes have all these features plus the ultimate safety feature – electrical hazard protection. It is supplemental protection on work shoes against electrical hazards such as live wires.

The shoes also have puncture-resistant insoles that can protect the wearer from sharp objects such as nails, glass shards, and metal from penetrating the foot.

To further add to the protection against sudden impacts and compression, the shoes are reinforced with a hardy steel toe. The durable rubber outsole of the shoes provides strong traction on the metal roof.

All these safety features do not mean that comfort has been sacrificed. The padded mesh collar adds comfort and creates a snug fit.

Notably, its low-cut design not only gives the shoe a sleek look but also provides easy ankle mobility. I like the reflective stripes on the upper since they ensure safety, especially when working at night.

The reinforcements to make the work shoes very sturdy and safe may account for them being noticeably heavier than other shoes in its category. However, that is to be expected as the protection to the feet they offer is more than the ordinary.
  • Electrical hazard protection against electrocution
  • Puncture-resistant insoles for protection from penetration of sharp objects
  • Reinforced steel toe
  • Rubber sole provides great traction
  • Padded mesh shoe collar for added comfort
  • Reflective stripes on upper ensure safety even at night
  • Heavier than ordinary work shoes
This is what safety work shoes should be! If you plan to get the best shoes for walking on metal roof, why not go for the one that gives the ultimate and overall foot protection?

5. Timberland PRO Construction Shoes

The design of this Timberland PRO Shoe is a fusion of athletic and modern work-site style. Yet, this is not the only thing that makes it a standout, as it is feature-packed as well.

For your information, its built-in Anti-Fatigue Technology provides thorough cushioning that can reduce foot fatigue. Due also to the brand’s comfort suspension technology, the shoe can effectively absorb shocks, making the wearer comfortable all day.

Furthermore, these metal roofing shoes offer the best underfoot protection against electrical hazards. The alloy toe is lightweight but can give added safety. This work shoe is also oil and heat resistant on various terrains due to its polyurethane outsole. Hence, it is ideal for roofers performing on a great height and in challenging conditions.

In my opinion, this pair is among the most breathable work shoes I have ever worn. Besides giving excellent ventilation, the mesh lining has antimicrobial properties that are effective for odor control.

However, I observed that the shoe could not handle well the heavy duties of intense construction work. Under significant abuse, it might not hold up as long as you desire.
  • Boasts of an athletic and modern work-site style
  • Anti-Fatigue Technology to reduce foot fatigue
  • Uses comfort suspension technology for better good shock absorption
  • Electric hazard protection against electric shock
  • Oil and slip-resistant roofing shoes
  • Antimicrobial mesh lining for odor control
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty construction jobs
All in all, these best shoes for metal roof featuring modern design and many features are a must-buy. Also, Timberland is known for its long tradition of craftsmanship and innovation, so you can rely on the brand to have excellent user experience.

6. Ever Boots “Ultra Dry” Work Boots

The main feature of the Ever Boots “Ultra Dry” Work Boots is waterproof. Its leather material can keep your feet dry and comfortable when you have to work on wet surfaces. The work boot also has an insulated lining that can keep the feet warm in freezing temperatures.

For added breathability in hot weather, a mesh liner is built to eliminate the sweat and moisture, allowing the feet to breathe well.

Notably, the rubber material used for the outsole is softer and can provide excellent traction even in the cold, on wet or dry terrains. This feature also contributes to how the shoes are incredibly lightweight and flexible.

However, even with the softer rubber, the outsole is thick enough. Hence, it does a good job of alleviating pressure to the feet when climbing or going down ladders.

Apart from that, the polyurethane midsole keeps the feet from feeling tired even after prolonged usage.

You can remove or customize the insole for ideal fit and support. This function should be a welcome feature to those with foot issues. This pair of boots also comes with a shock-absorbing feature that provides comfort to the heel and foot arch.

What I like about these Ever boots is that they are so comfortable. Also, maybe because of the soft leather, there is no need to break them in. I did, however, had one of my top lace eyelets fall out after months of use.
  • Waterproof leather material keeps feet dry when working on wet surfaces
  • Insulated lining keeps feet warm in cold weather
  • Excellent traction on wet or dry terrains
  • The insole is removable and can be customized
  • Shock absorbing feature provides heel and arch comfort
  • Eyelets might fall off after long usage
These EVER boots should be included among your choices when looking for a pair of waterproof work shoes. They are also one of the most comfortable shoes among their kind out there.

7. Golden Fox Moc Toe Wedge Boots

Usually, people have the idea that work boots have to be heavy and bulky. This is not, however, the case for the Moc Toe Wedge.

The premium leather material used for the upper is soft and supple that it takes less time to break the shoes in. Its construction makes the shoes considerably water repellant. Plus, you can rest assured that it protects our feet against harmful element intrusion.

The boots have a breathable moisture wicking fabric that can provide insulation during cold weather. Wearers should not worry about strong and unpleasant odor after a long working day due to this lining.

Meanwhile, the shoe’s steel shanks protect the wearer from getting accidentally punctured. They also provide extra arch support by alleviating pressure on them. Hence, climbing high places or kicking hard objects are easier due to this feature.

The pair is lightweight and provided with a Polyurethane outsole that ensures both comfort and longevity. The same outsole is resistant to oil and chemicals besides giving superior traction and support. The foam construction with air bubble pattern can absorb shock, making it safer and more comfortable to perform on metal roofs.

Besides, the shoes are made using the Goodyear welt construction method, which creates a superior bond between the outsole and the uppers.

I don’t like that the laces are short and a bit tricky to tie when you want them laced all the way.
  • Soft and supple leather material used
  • Water repellant and protects feet against the elements
  • Breathable moisture-wicking lining provides insulation
  • The outsole is oil-resistant and has super traction
  • Foam construction with air bubble pattern to absorb shock
  • Goodyear welt construction creates a superior bond between upper and outsole
  • Laces are short and a bit tricky to tie
Get ready to get compliments when wearing these good looking work boots. They are surprisingly also comfortable and durable.

8. Tinefiy Steel Toe Shoes

I like that these Tinefiy Steel Toe Shoes, although designed to be lightweight, can provide work-ready protection for metal roofing duties.

It is also true to size, which means you can order your standard size. It is essential to mention that the fit is perfect, even for those with wide feet. Also, both men and women can wear this shoe with confidence.

Neoprene fabric used in the shoe interiors keeps the dirt from infiltrating the feet. At the same time, it helps in ventilation. The pair has good cushioning in the footbed that provides added comfort. Plus, its soft material also offers maximum comfort, flexibility to reduce foot fatigue.

Although the shoe may look like a regular shoe initially, it has a steel toe that meets safety standards. It can protect against impacts and compression. However, even with this, the manufacturer made sure that you do not end the workday with aching feet.

The shoe’s Kevlar outsole can protect the foot from being punctured by nails, screws, and other sharp objects in the workplace. It is, at the same time, slip and abrasion-resistant. Hence, you can confidently wear these shoes to walk on metal roofs and perform without worry.

Since this one is an affordable option for roofers, it might not handle intense work that well. That means heavy-duty missions can tear out the shoes sooner than other expensive pieces out there.
  • Perfect fit even for wide feet, and for both men and women
  • Good cushioning in the footbed for added comfort
  • Steel toe meets safety standards
  • Kevlar outsole provides puncture-resistance
  • Slip and abrasion-resistant
  • A lightweight and affordable pair of roofing shoes
  • Not ideal for prolonged heavy duties
All in all, everyone who has to wear safety shoes wishes for them to be comfortable and easy on their feet. These shoes may be what they are looking for.

9. DDTX Men’s Work Boots

The DDTX Men’s pair of work boots may look like expensive trainers. But it has all the protection you need in whatever your line of work may be. Roofers can trust and utilize these protective shoes when walking on metal surfaces.

The upper part is made of microfiber leather and camouflage fabric that makes the shoe fashionable yet durable. It is among the few stylish shoes that last for a long time despite significant abuse.

It has a non-metallic composite toe that is lighter compared to a steel toe but just as sturdy. This feature protects against heavy things being dropped on the foot or bumping it against hard or sharp objects.

Furthermore, the outsole is made from rubber that provides excellent traction and durability. The midsole is made with a non-metallic material that provides cushioning and puncture-resistance. The shoe has a removable foam insole that provides excellent underfoot support.

A breathable moisture-wicking mesh lining keeps the feet dry and odorless. Plus, the shoe tongue keeps dust from entering the shoe.

My only issue is that the shoe’s no-tie shoelace design makes it somewhat challenging to get it on and off.
  • Microfiber leather makes it durable and fashionable
  • Lightweight yet sturdy non-metallic composite toe
  • Puncture-resistant and cushioned midsole
  • Removable insole provides excellent underfoot support
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • A bit tricky to get on and off due to shoelace design
Any roofer, who wants versatility and style in their shoes, would love these work boots from DDTX. It offers fantastic style, durability, and comfort for their daily work.

10. Caterpillar Men’s Work Boots

Another premium work pair at an affordable price is the Caterpillar Men’s Outline ST Work Boot.

Regarding its construction, the boot is made from full-grain leather that makes the upper durable and water-resistant. The pair of work boots has a cemented construction, which allows it to be resilient and maintain its shape.

On the inside, there is a nylon mesh lining and a microfiber sock liner that make the shoes dry and soft.

The Outline work boots boast of other comfort features that can make your feet happy even after a long workday. They have padded collar and tongue, removable cushioned insole, and flexible rubber outsoles that provide extreme grip over all kinds of surfaces.

It also provides excellent ankle protection and coverage due to a moderately high shaft. The speed lacing system allows ease of entry while ensuring a snug fit.

The shoes also provide reliable protection like the steel toe. The durable rubber outsoles are slip-resistant. They also have electrical hazard protection that can protect the wearer from open circuits.

This Caterpillar shoe would have been even better if it was insulated. Those who want to buy non-slip shoes for metal roofing may benefit from the extra warmth, and cushioning insulation provided in cold weather.
  • Full-grain leather for durable and water-resistant shoes
  • Microfiber sock liner for added comfort
  • Removable cushioned insole
  • Flexible rubber outsoles
  • Moderately high shoe shaft provides great ankle protection
  • Electrical hazard protection from open circuits
  • Not insulated for cold weather
The shoes are intended for people looking for functional yet straightforward work shoes. They are designed to be the best shoes at the most reasonable price.

11. DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoes

Skate shoes can also be used in metal roofing if you do not want the usual heavy and bulky safety boots. These DC Pure Skate Shoes can be an excellent alternative to serve as comfortable roofing footwear in different weather conditions.

Even if this pair does not look like the typical roofing work boot, it can provide essential features, such as durability, good traction, and breathability. Hence, it is a reliable companion for roofers performing tasks in unfavorable workplaces.

The upper is made of superb leather, which ensures long-lasting wear. The shoe has a breathable mesh lining that allows good airflow. For better comfort, it has a padded tongue and collar and a cushioned footbed. So a prolonged working period is more bearable for roofers wearing this comfortable pair.

One of the most vital features of a roofing shoe to be considered in my list is excellent traction on metal roof. Luckily, this skate shoe has a rubber outsole in the trademarked DC pill pattern tread that provides excellent grip even on slippery roofing surfaces like metal. The outsole is abrasion-resistant as well.

Beyond that, you might want to purchase a pair with a half size up your usual size as this product can run small.
  • Lightweight and not bulky
  • Made durable by 100% leather material
  • Padded tongue and collar for better comfort
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Excellent grip even on slippery surfaces
  • Might run smaller than your usual size
Many roofers prefer wearing skate shoes because they make good metal roof grippers, and this shoe is as good as it can get. Besides, you can still wear them anywhere when you are done with roofing work for the day.

12. RAX Men’s Hiking Boots

While primarily intended as hiking boots, the RAX Wild Wolf Hiking Boots are also perfect roofing shoes for metal roofs. It brings in a unique combination of suede leather and lycra fabric in its upper design, making the shoes stylish and lightweight at the same time.

The full-grain leather has a water-resistant ability. It ensures that the feet will be dry while doing roofing work in the rain or on wet surfaces. The breathable Lycra fabric material provides good air circulation to prevent foot sweating.

The shoe’s comfort features have a cushioned midsole that can distribute the wearer’s weight evenly throughout the shoe. Such a feature means less fatigue when you wear the shoes for hours on end.

Also, the shoe toe is covered in rubber, so aside from giving the toes more comfort, it can protect them. Since the toe cap is not too rigid, it can give the toes more room to move.

The flexible rubber outsole is skid-free with multi-directional traction. This means excellent traction that will stop your feet from sliding sideways or backward. So working on wet metal roofs will be not much of a challenge anymore.

Plus, you can keep all dirt and debris from entering your shoes with the high collar. Such a design also adds to its aesthetic, making it ideal for casual wear.

Still, it is among a high-priced option on this list. Hence, it can cost you more than the standard safety shoes for roofing.
  • Unique leather and lycra fabric combination
  • Water-resistant full grain leather
  • Breathable material for good ventilation
  • Cushioned midsole distributes wearer’s weight evenly
  • Rubber outsole with multi-directional traction
  • High collar keeping debris out and offering a stylish look
  • A high-priced option for roofing shoes
In my opinion, this work pair is a perfect companion for roofers. The pair might be lightweight, but it comes with a nice balance of style, comfort, and maximum traction.

What to Look for When Buying Metal Roofing Shoes


In general, metal roofing shoes should have very significant and vital features to ensure safety. The following are the non-negotiable factors to take into account when in the market for one.

Traction and Grips

A non slip shoes for metal roofing, by far, is the most critical thing to consider when working on slippery and sloped metal roofs. Your feet should be able to stick onto the roof surface to avoid slipping or falling. Non-slip and oil-resistant outsoles will even be better.

The aggressive pattern tread with deep lugs provides maximum traction while those with thin tread offer more contact with the surface. And, therefore, they offer better metal roof grippers.

Safety Features and Support

The shoes that will keep your feet protected and injury-free from various hazards make the best metal roof shoes. Look for one that provides a secure fit, good arch support, adequate ankle protection, and a safe lacing system. Laces coming off more often than not puts the wearer at risk.

Ensure that your choice can adapt your foot shape very well to have greater mobility and flexibility in movement. For added protection, it should also provide shock-absorption, especially in the midsole for extra protection.


Roofing work is hard and dangerous in itself that you do not have to deal with uncomfortable shoes. When choosing which roofing shoes to buy, a well-cushioned insole and arch support are features you cannot compromise on. Having good arch support helps the feet be balanced and stable as the feet impact the ground, while good cushioning keeps the feet comfortable in each step.

It is advised to get shoes for framing that are breathable for better air circulation and prevent foot sweating. It will also keep the feet feeling fresh and odor-free. Lastly, be sure to get the correct size and right fit. This is not only for getting the best comfort but to avoid foot ailments such as blisters, bunions, corns, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who are these shoes for?

The shoes are primarily for those who do metal roofing. Working on slippery and steep roofs is quite challenging and dangerous if you do not have the appropriate shoes. Safety is the biggest concern in this type of work.

The shoes should have excellent traction and grip on the metal surface to eliminate the risk of falling and other injuries. However, shoes can also be used in other jobs where protective footwear is essential. Interestingly, the shoes are more than stylish and comfortable enough to be worn even outside of work or even sports.

Who makes the best metal roofing shoes?

Anyone of the shoes that were reviewed can be the best shoe in metal roofing. It will just be a matter of personal preference, job requirements, and how much you are willing to invest in your work shoe.

All of them come from respected names in the shoe industry, such as Timberland, Merrell, Reebok, Caterpillar, and DC. Although the shoes were not made specifically for metal roofing, they have the safety features that would make them perfect for the job. You can also check out Korkers metal roof shoes and Cougar Paws roofing shoes to find a reliable pair.

What is the best way to walk on a metal roof?

First of all, you need to have the right footwear since metal roofs are more slippery than other roofing materials. The shoe must be rubber-soled, flexible, and with a sticky grip. Aside from keeping you safe, rubber soles can also prevent damage to the roof when walked on.

Next, you have to check with the manufacturer as to specific information and warnings about their product. As a general rule, you have to walk nearest to the roof areas that are closest to the decking, avoiding laps and ribs. Finally, have a fall protection kit on hand for your safety. The kit includes a lifeline, mount, and harness.

Do Cougar paws work on metal roofs?

This brand of professional roofing shoes created The Steel Walker Boot model specifically for metal roofs. These roofing shoes have a magnetic outsole that provides an incomparable secure grip on metal roofs. Cougar Paws has other magnetic shoes for metal roofs that will work as well.

How to care and clean metal roofing shoes?

It is best to check on the manufacturer’s care instructions on cleaning and caring for the particular shoe you have. Generally, the first thing to do is to get rid of the dirt by using a brush. Cleaning of roofing shoes must be done when they are dry and without dirt encrusted on them. Do not forget to remove other debris that may have gotten stuck on the shoe, which can cause punctures or dents.

Once dirt-free, a leather cleaner can be used to clean, condition, and moisturize the leather material on the shoes. It also protects the leather from drying and cracking, aside from restoring the leather’s sheen. Then, rub the shoe with the leather cleaner using a dry cloth.

Mink oil can also be applied as an extra layer of protection. Just be sure to remove the excess oil if you do. You may also opt to use a waterproofing spray on the shoes’ exterior to make them resistant to rain or snow. They will not also get stained easily. Finally, allow the shoes to dry out naturally by storing them in a cool and moisture-free area.


The best metal roofing shoes will keep you protected, injury-free, and even comfortable so that you can give your best in doing the job. Hence, choosing a suitable work pair is a vital task that should be done with thorough research and understanding. Hopefully, our well-informed article can give helpful guides and suggestions to make the right decision.

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