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The Best Non Prescription Glasses for All Ages & Occasions

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best non prescription glasses

The ideal eyeglasses protect us against certain hazards, enhance our vision for daily work, and present our fashion sense. Yet, the selection process should bring us a relaxing and fun shopping time, not to stress us out with too many options.

You should not be confused if a particular piece comes with high quality and sufficient protective features. Hence, we make this list of highly-rated models, helping you choose the best non prescription glasses with minimal effort and optimal joy.

Hopefully, the buying guide can offer you helpful information for your shopping spree if these options are not your final pick.

# Product name
Top 1
ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses Details
Top 2
SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses Details
Top 3
TIJN Non-Prescription Eyeglasses Details

Best Non Prescription Glasses Reviews

1. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Go back to the basic style with non-prescription glasses featuring black frames and transparent lenses. Sometimes, all we need is a simple pair like the ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Due to the nature of the job, most office workers return home with tired eyes after excessive hours facing the often too bright screen. The good news is this pair of non-prescription glasses can minimize such eye fatigue, helping users to focus during tasks and coming home without eye redness and headaches.

The reason behind its effectiveness in reducing eye strain is its anti-blue light lenses. Nearly 90% of the harmful radiation coming from your tech gadgets will be blocked. This product can be the perfect gift for your family members and friends, regardless of ages and genders. It will protect them from the irritation of dry eyes and blurry visions.

Regarding the materials chosen to construct this pair, polycarbonate forms the robust lenses, and TR90 makes the lightweight frame. Thus, we can rely on this resilient pair to support our eyes for a long time before we need replacement.

Simplicity never betrays us. This is true in nearly every aspect of our lifestyles. That is why picking this simple and sleek design will benefit us in all circumstances, be it professional meetings or fun nights out with friends.

And one last awesome thing about this product is its lifetime warranty offered by the brand. ANRRI indeed goes out of its way to prove its reliability in making long-lasting companions for our eyes.

Yet, I truly hope for an upgrade in its anti-scratch feature so this pair can be five-star black non prescription glasses.
  • Non-prescription glasses for reducing eye fatigue
  • Blocks 90% of harmful blue lights from tech gadgets
  • Protect users from eye redness, dryness, blurry visions, and headaches
  • Robust polycarbonate lenses and lightweight TR90 frame
  • Boasts a simple design for all ages, genders using in any circumstances
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for user satisfaction
  • The anti-scratch feature needs some upgrade
Rock your everyday duties with healthy eyes with this pair of non-prescription glasses.

2. SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses

What we should explore next is elegance and sophistication rolled into one pair of SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses. You will experience the top-notch eyewear delivering delicate style with this model.

Loyal fans have only good things to say about this design, from the intricate structure to all its fantastic color combinations. I have a hard time picking my piece since all of them are drop-dead gorgeous.

You should take a look at all the options available: the gold frame, rose gold frame, black&gold, black& silver frame. And even its basic black model is irresistible.

We value protection while choosing our glasses because it is more than just a beautiful accessory. Luckily, these non-prescription specs can shield our eyes from exposure to intense blue lights. They can be our best protector when we have to work with bright screens day and night.

I can confidently claim that this model is a worthwhile purchase in the long haul due to its durability. The robust metal frame is reinforced with spring hinges, making sure of a flawless performance all the time. Its silicone nose pads will never disappoint when it comes to providing all-day comfort for wearers.

Apart from all these fantastic features, the brand has more to offer. More than a pair of glasses, the sleek box brings users a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth to carry and take care of the eyewear, a blue light card, and a tester. I am more than pleased with their service; it feels like receiving a thoughtful present.

However, these non-prescription glasses do fog more quickly than expected. So using them in humid conditions is not ideal. But if you still want to use these glasses in a humid condition, you should buy an anti-fog spray, I bet it will help you a lot.
  • Gorgeous color combinations including gold, silver, black with intricate design
  • Prevent harmful blue lights from tiring our eyes
  • Durable metal frame and spring hinges
  • Comfortable long-hour wear with silicone nose pads
  • Comes in a beautiful gift box with a pouch, cleaning cloth, and blue light tester
  • Can pose fogging issue in humid conditions
All in all, I can never say no to such a stylish design that makes me look cute for a coffee date. Plus, it protects my eyes during hours of working in front of the computer.

3. TIJN Non-Prescription Eyeglasses

A basic design can never go out of style. That is why the TIJN Unisex Square Non-Prescription Eyeglasses is indeed among the most frequently used in my eyewear collection.

This model accompanies me whenever I take a walk on the school campus or have a coffee with my friends. It looks like your standard specs, measuring 53 mm wide, 140 mm long, and 18mm bridge wide. Hence, this square-shaped eyeglass can effortlessly cover your eyes, protecting against dust and other flying particles.

Among the eyeglass’s excellent characteristics, I adore its ultra lightness the most. Both its lenses and frame are made of plastic, promising no burden for long-hour wear. In fact, you might barely feel its presence, not until your friends start complimenting how great you look with the pair.

More importantly, these glasses come with abrasion-resistant lenses for long-lasting use despite the abuse. For added reinforcement, its hinge is made of metal instead of plastic like the rest parts.

Since it is designed to be a low-friction coefficient, the accessory helps weavers to avoid damages caused by the friction of the eyeglass frame moving. What a practical design aimed to offer satisfying experiences!

Intended for both male and female wear, this model comes in a universal fit. Thus, it can be everyone’s best companion for both indoor and outdoor activities.

However, its lenses are not polarized, so they can be a bit too reflective for my likings, especially under glaring sunlight. Other than that, the pair suffices my needs for a reasonable price.
  • Square-shaped eyeglasses protect against dust and other flying particles.
  • Plastic lenses and frame for an ultra-lightweight model
  • Abrasion-resistant lenses and metal hinge for long-lasting use
  • Low-friction coefficient glasses
  • Universal fit for both male and female wear
  • Budget-friendly non prescription eyeglasses
  • Can be a bit too reflective under glaring sunshine
Overall, with some care, this pair can last for a year without a hitch. Just like me, you will be amazed how such a simple design offers so much in terms of style and protection.

4. Livhò Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The next chic designs that appeal to wearers of all ages and genders are these Livhò Blue Light Blocking Glasses. You can expect a refreshing alternative for your old classic pair.

With a fashionable touch of the frame design, the brand offers trendy eyewear for people with heart-shaped, oval, square and diamond faces. This model’s thick top stops around the temple, drawing more attention to your beautiful eyes.

Remarkably, other than the basic colors, it is available in tea and leopard tea shade, which are tricky to find in the market.

As expected, its lenses are non-polarized, which is similar to most non-prescription glasses on the list. But what sets this pair apart from the rest is its anti-reflective function. That means more lights can pass through these specs, allowing us to see clearly with enhanced visibility.

Also, I am thrilled to know that there is a night-view yellow-lense piece that promises good vision at night just like transparent models. Plus, I am thrilled as both standard, and night-view lenses are made scratch-resistant for long-lasting use.

The distinct protective features incorporated in these Livhò glasses are UV rays and blue lights blocking lenses. Due to its excellent protection, users are free from immense eye fatigue after prolonged exposure to computer screen lights. Furthermore, you will experience fewer headaches, better sleep, and more healthy eyes.

I would not worry much about these computer glasses’ durability since they have TR90 frames. Issues such as bending, cracking and breaking are unlikely to happen with this flexible material. So rest assured that you are good to join outdoor sports wearing these pieces.

Still, I suggest you check the sizing carefully before ordering as it can be a tad smaller than the standard eyewear.
  • Chic and trendy pair for all face shapes: heart-shaped, oval, square & diamond
  • Comes in both basic colors and unique tea leopard frames
  • Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant lenses for enhanced visibility
  • Night-view yellow model is available.
  • Filter out harmful blue lights and UV rays
  • TR90 frames are resilient and flexible
  • Sizing is a tad smaller than standard eyewear.
Overall, I have so much fun wearing this chic design for my daily routine, especially when using smartphones late at night. These models make you look good and protect you well at the same time.

5. WOWSUN Non-prescription Glasses

Stylish look or nerd look for specific occasions? Well, you do not have to ponder over these two choices when purchasing this two-pair pack of WOWSUN Unisex Non-prescription Glasses.

Two styles in one package: that is a dream of all buyers. One model is glossy and all-black, the other features leopard patterns; both have square lenses that go well with most face types. That means such a purchase can be shared among you and your partner, showing different charms.

Rather than using regular plastic to make their products, Wowsun opts for a more durable and flexible material: Acetate. In truth, it is a nylon-based plastic loved by many eyewear manufacturers since it can endure pressure well.

Surprisingly, this pair’s lenses are also excellent at resisting impact due to its composite material. These lenses prove to be less dense, hence more lightweight when compared to polycarbonate products. And you should know that they are not polarized.

Another great detail about the model’s design must be its keyhole-shaped nose bridge. To give you an idea about that, such a bridge has short pads embracing both sides of your nose, offering optimal comfort for long-hour wear. Remarkably, its material is skin-friendly, causing no bad skin reaction.

The only drawback about these eyeglasses is the design not fitting people with big noses. So the keyhole nose bridge is a huge plus when it comes to comfort, but it also limits some buyers’ options.
  • Two styles: a glossy all-black model and a fashionable leopard model
  • Acetate frame for a more durable and flexible product
  • Composite lenses are lightweight and impact-resistant
  • Keyhole-shaped nose bridge providing optimal comfort for long-hour wear
  • Skin-friendly material causing no allergic reactions
  • Might not fit well on people with a big nose
  • Comes with non-polarized lenses
So, style and safety are packed in this one set for your casual or stylish wear. I could never ask for more from these incredible unprescribed glasses.

6. Pro Acme Non-prescription Glasses

If you are scrolling down the list to find a collection that amazes you with various color choices, stop and check out these Pro Acme Non-prescription Glasses.

The brand has a whole collection of clear specs with a simple design yet attractive shades for you to choose from. The basic black or matte black frames are ideal for all ages and occasions. Or, you can pick the transparent red, olive green, purple&hot pink, just clear pink or even floral. Your teenager kids will surely love these cute glasses.

For your information, the lens measures 52mm wide and 46 mm high, meaning it is a pretty large piece. Such a square design goes well with all face shapes, making it everyone’s the perfect company for daily wear.

Like most quality non-prescription glasses, this model’s lenses are made of polycarbonate for impact resistance. Thus, I always recommend the piece for teenagers and active adults.

Another fantastic feature that makes this one the optimal choice of non prescription glasses for kids is its weight. The plastic frame is resilient yet lightweight enough for your children to wear for hours on end.

Besides, what makes me love this purchase even more, is its 30-day money-back policy. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty in case of breaking, distortion, or any defects that affect product performance.

Beyond that, you should take care of the glasses when not in use since sharp edges can scratch its lenses.
  • Various color choices: transparent red, olive green, purple&hot pink, etc.
  • Comes with large lenses measuring 52mm wide and 46 mm high
  • Ideal for kids and active adults due to impact-resistance polycarbonate lenses
  • Lightweight plastic frame for kid wear
  • 30-day money-back policy and lifetime warranty
  • Might prone to scratches when contacting with sharp edges
In conclusion, these non prescription designer glasses from Pro Acme come in a variety of colors that can be your cup of tears. Look out for the perfect one that highlights your features.

7. FEISEDY Non-prescription Glasses

Are you looking forward to trying an exotic and stylish look with a new eyewear accessory? Check out these pairs of FEISEDY Classic Square Non-prescription Glasses.

It is striking how square-frame models that often boast of classic style can become incredibly high-fashion. With a layer of glossy polishing over beautiful colors such as blue, leopard, transparent and black, the brand introduces users to a whole new world of buoyant and vibrant look.

What these designer non prescription glasses bring us more than just the vintage vibe. Each pair is constructed with quality texture and safe materials, triggering no allergic reactions. Plus, its hinge is strong yet flexible enough to resist pressure.

Best of all, they are designed with a well-balanced structure, offering optimal comfort for all-day wear. When putting these glasses on, I am always happy with the nose pads lines that embrace my nose snugly. I do not have to worry about the glass falling off or causing irritation because of a too-tight fit due to these pads’ curves.

Furthermore, since these non-prescription glasses come with transparent lenses, you can enjoy clear vision while wearing them. Plus, it is a breeze to replace these lenses with prescribed ones for your reading and working purposes.

However, you should expect a faint plastic smell when opening its package for first-time use. But fret not as the odor quickly fades over time.
  • High-fashion, exotic and vintage designs with multiple colors available
  • Quality texture and safe material causing no allergic reasons
  • Firm yet flexible hinge for resisting pressure
  • Well-balanced structure with snug nose pads for all-day comfort
  • Transparent lenses for casual wear
  • Faint plastic smell at first (fading through time)
In my opinion, these stylish non prescription glasses are one of a kind with its classic design and exotic colors. Hence, choosing one among them for your daily routine makes excellent sense.

Feirdio Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Outdated)

Among the most widely used pairs in our list are these Feirdio Blue Light Blocking Glasses. At an affordable price, these models offer various styles up for grabs, depending on our preferences.

Want to sleep better after hours of working with computers? It is advisable to wear these glasses to minimize eye strains and potential headaches.

Its lens can block electromagnetic rays and reduce the perception of screen flickers. Hence, with these blue light blockers, you can keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear for intense work with tech gadgets.

People who often wear glasses will appreciate this piece as its protective functions do not limit to just indoor and computer use. In truth, it can filter harmful UV rays when we enjoy outdoor activities.

Another notable feature about this protective non-prescription specs is its transparency. Many blue-light blocking glasses come with tinted lenses that affect our visibility, thus undermining our performances on meticulous tasks. Whereas, this pair is designed to offer optimum clarity with transparent lenses, promising no color distortion.

Due to the solid construction, these Feirdio non-prescription eyeglasses are suitable for long-term use. TR90 – a thermoplastic material that constructs the glass frame indeed makes it resilient to pressure damage. Furthermore, such a design can provide comfort for wearers with its smoothness and lightness.

What can be considered as a disadvantage of these products must be its limited size. These non-prescription glasses can be too small to fit people with a big head or big nose.
  • Multiple colors and styles to choose from
  • Blocks electromagnetic rays & reduces the perception of screen flickers.
  • Protects our eyes against blue lights and UV rays
  • Comes with transparent lenses for excellent clarity and no distortion
  • A solid TR90 eyeglass frame that is smooth and lightweight
  • Not the best size for people with a big head or nose
Many users vouch for these clear non prescription glasses for the incredible protecting features its comfortable wear. If it fits your face well, there is nothing to be wary of.

Pro Acme Retro Non-Prescription Glasses (Outdated)

Seeking fashionable round glasses? Stop looking around and explore this option from Pro Acme. Their Retro Non-Prescription Glasses can create a natural look on various face shapes, especially square faces.

Some users love ultralight plastic specs; meanwhile, others dig metal eyewear with a bit more weight. Such models do not necessarily put excessive pressure on our faces as they just add a bit of a secure feel for users, just like this pair. I love its solid and durable metal frame plus lightweight lenses, offering the right amount of balance.

Besides the outstanding balance, this design can withstand bending and breaking well due to the robust materials. Polycarbonate lenses will ensure excellent visibility for a long time with minimal scratches and blur spots. The plus point is its nose grips allowing flexible adjustment for comfort.

To match well with different face sizes, the brand offers two lens width options: 46 mm and 50 mm. Yet, the arm length and bridge width are the same for both models, 135 mm and 20 mm, respectively.

Hence, more users, especially ones with bigger faces, can comfortably wear glasses that fit well, giving them ultimate confidence while working and playing.

It is worth mentioning that this pair is not “boring” eyewear. The playful green shade on its arms presents an authentic style that will complement your green eyes, hair, or dress. Just imagine! How much fun you will have while trying to create a Harry Potter-esque look with this adorable model!

On the other hand, it has its flaws with non-polarized lenses. But you can always change the lenses if needed.
  • Solid metal frame for a secure feel and good balance
  • High-quality materials to withstand bending and breaking
  • Polycarbonate lenses for visibility with minimal scratches and blur spots
  • Comes with customizable nose grips for comfort
  • Offers two lense width: 46mm and 50 mm for large faces
  • Authentic and cute model with green frames to create a Harry Potter-esque look.
  • Non-polarized lenses
All in all, if the non-polarized lenses are not an issue for your daily wear, then do not hesitate to purchase these cute non prescription glasses.

LNEKEI Non-Prescription Glasses (Outdated)

You can only make the right choice with these LNEKEI Blue Light Blocking Non Prescription Glasses. Let’s roll on the day with exotic eyeglasses that show your unique self.

Leopard pattern has always been a huge hit in the fashion world. It appears everywhere, on winter coats, blazer suits, pants, caps, and now, eyewear. But that’s not all; coupling with such an irresistible style is the high-quality metal frame. These glasses, made of TR90 material, promise no fading issue, meaning its beauty will stay for a long time.

What contributes to this model’s perfect outdoor usage is its UV400-protection lens. These non-prescription glasses serve as a shield against a wide spectrum of ultraviolet lights, covering UVA and UVB. For most drivers, wearing this pair proves to make a huge difference in visibility under glaring sunshine.

Best of all, the lens is coated with multiple layers for blocking blue lights, which are often generated from digital screens and LED bulbs. These rays can be harmful to our eyes as we spend long hours gluing to Facebook and Instagram feeds or working with computer screens. For an office worker like me, this pair is a must-have item.

Other than reducing eye strain and blurred vision, the LNEKEI eyeglasses are widely loved for its lightweight construction. Notably, it weighs less than standard plastic pieces while offering unparalleled robustness. You can say goodbye to constant worry about broken and distorted frames due to pressure.

Just a heads up for you, these glass lenses are not totally transparent as they have a slight tint. Though, such a tint is not very noticeable to the point that it can affect our visibility.
  • Stylish leopard-pattern eyewear with no fading issue
  • UV400-protection lens for blocking a broad spectrum of ultraviolet lights
  • Shields against blue lights generated from digital screens and LED bulbs
  • A perfect pick for various activities: driving, office work, and more
  • Durable yet lightweight TR90 construction
  • Has a slight tint to the lenses
Overall, we cannot recommend this unique pair enough for various users who work both indoors and outdoors. These non prescription fashion glasses will surely put a smile on your face every day.

What to Look for When Buying Non-Prescription Glasses


Choosing suitable glasses without prescription lenses is not so challenging if you set your requirements straight. For example, some users value the protection capability of non prescription glasses blue light blocker. Meanwhile, others want to focus on a well-fitted and stylish model that boosts their workplace confidence.

Protective lenses – Although these glasses are not prescribed, they can do an excellent job of shielding our eyes against particular hazards. For example, robust lenses made of polycarbonate material can withstand impact, protecting users from flying objects. And since most glasses are large enough to cover our eyes, small particles and dust are blocked on their tracks.

Yet, what many wearers want is a pair of glasses that can filter out harmful blue lights. For your information, blue lights with wavelengths from 400 nanometers to 500 nanometers can cause eye tiredness and dryness upon prolonged exposure.

Hence, wearing a blue-light blocker will help prevent the harmful rays from attacking us yet allowing useful blue lights to reach our eyes. Most people do not know that these lights are good for our health, boosting alertness, improving cognitive function and memory, and livening our mood. Notably, we can get better sleep thanks to these lights.

That is why choosing a non-prescription pair with filter lenses are essential for some workers. It comes in handy when we spend hours a day working in front of the computer screen and other tech gadgets.

Furthermore, people who perform both outdoor and indoor tasks will benefit from UV protection eyewear. If you intend to find such a model, look for pieces featuring lenses with UV 400 protection. These eyeglasses ensure that nearly 100% ultraviolet lights, including UVA and UVB, cannot attack our eyes.

Other lense features

Transparency – What we often expect from our non-prescription glasses must be transparent lenses. That means they have to be clear enough not to undermine our vision when performing meticulous tasks. Some eyeglass lenses come with a faint tint, and they might not affect us too much.

However, some specs available in the market are tinted since they serve different viewing purposes. For instance, you can find night-view non-prescription glasses with yellow lenses. If you want to see clearly and shield your eyes against blue lights while working and surfing the internet at night, you might love such a model.

Anti-reflective/glare – Most non-prescription glasses are non-polarized, so users might experience the irritation of glare when working outdoors. In this case, opting for anti-reflective coating or anti-glare pieces make excellent sense. According to most users, they are willing to pay some extra bucks for this feature.

Scratch-resistant – Eyewear with anti-scratch lenses can benefit wearers in the long term. With such a feature, we can rest assured that our glasses can preserve its clarity despite coming in contact with other objects, especially sharp edges. However, we should always take good care of our pieces, even if they are scratch-resistant or not.

Frame structure – Another factor that we should consider is the frame material. First of all, it should be lightweight enough not to put much pressure on our ears, temple, and nose. Lots of users opt for plastic frames as they are light and compact, suitable for long-lasting use.

Besides, we can rely on TR90 frames, which are famous in the current market. They weigh less than the standard plastic eyewear yet resilient and flexible enough for various uses. You can rest assured that these models can withstand bending and cracking well.

Meanwhile, some buyers love glasses that offer a secure feel when wearing. That is why they opt for metal non-prescription glasses. These models promise excellent durability as they are often reinforced with metal hinges. Hence, you can avoid eyeglass breakage when wearing these products for outdoor sports.

The frame structure should also deliver ultimate comfort for wearers. Other than lightness, the model can embrace a soft and pleasant fit on our face with its adjustable nose grips. Sometimes, different brands also add a rubber nose pad that affords all-day comfort for users.

Styles – Glasses are not only a protective gear that shields our eyes from light hazards; they also showcase our beauty by highlighting our features. Their colors and designs give off different vibes that go well with various preferences. Either you are on this shopping spree for casual wear or unique looks, checking out multiple options will allow us to make better decisions.

Classic eyewear with a square frame often comes in a universal fit that is suitable for both men and women. They go with various face types, including heart-shaped, oval, square, or diamond. Indeed, these models are often deemed ideal non prescription glasses for men as they boast of simplicity at its finest.

For female wear, multiple labels introduce to the market some designs featuring a classic vibe but with a twist. They can make the eye frame a bit thicker, drawing more attention to our eyes. These brands also create many exotic colors that make a classic pair less “boring” for some fashionable buyers. However, we can never go out of style with these products.

If you have a round face and look forward to trying a cute look, check out the glasses with round lenses. Such pieces are the best choice for your kids, too, as they vary in colors and styles for them to choose from. You will be amazed at how an adorable round glass can boost your kids’ confidence.

Exotic patterns can also be what many fashion-enthusiasts are going after. You might love the leopard frames that dominate the fashion world for a long time. Others seek floral pieces that complement their beautiful hair dye. Some users prefer basic shades such as black and gray, but with a glossy finish for a high-fashion look.

There is no limit when it comes to creativity in fashion accessories. Hence, you just choose whatever style that suits you and make you feel confident. Nothing is better than showing your unique self.

Sizing – If you already wear glasses for a long time, using the current eyeglass size to purchase new pairs is breezy. You just need to measure the piece to find out its eye, bridge, temple size, and arm length. After knowing the exact figures, you can start online-shopping for your well-fitted non-prescription glasses.

Regarding the eye size, you are looking for a two-digit number. They can vary from 40 to 62 millimeters. Some users love small glasses as their faces are pretty small; others opt for large pieces to nail a cute look. It is your call, but you should consider your face types to take a suitable one.

Other than that, the bridge size is also a two-digit number. You can easily find it within 14 to 24 millimeters. This figure is an essential factor as it ensures a close fit for your eyeglasses. On the other hand, temple size can be between 120 and 150 millimeters as it measures the length of your glasses.

The frame size chart will usually be put in order: Lens width – bridge measurement – arm length – lense height. For example, if a particular pair’s size is shown as 53 – 18 – 140 – 26, that means its lens width is 53mm, temple length is 18mm, arm length is 140mm, and lens high is 26 mm.

Warranty – Many brands offer their customers a lifetime warranty to ensure ultimate user satisfaction. Such policies target new buyers, encouraging them to try new products without being afraid that they are of subpar quality. Multiple labels also allow us to return the glasses upon manufacturing defects or dissatisfaction. You can enjoy a 30-day money-back policy to make your purchase confidently.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a pair of non prescription glasses?

People need prescribed glasses to correct their vision if they have common eyesight conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, near vision with age, astigmatism, etc. Meanwhile, people who do not suffer from such issues can wear non-prescription glasses. Instead of correcting our vision, such pairs shield us from different eye hazards such as blue lights, UV rays, dust, and more.

A pair of non-prescription glasses are simply our usual eyewear but without the prescribed lenses. They can be made with basic style and color. Meanwhile, some pairs are constructed to offer fashionable looks, giving off unique vibes for buyers to pick from.

How does it work?

Non-prescription glasses come with transparent lenses that work as a shield for our eyes. You can wear them for outdoor activities since they are often coated with an anti-UV layer that filters out harmful ultraviolet lights.

They also work as computer glasses, meaning a protective gear that blocks blue lights generated from tech gadgets. They use the anti-reflective coating to minimize the eye tiredness and dryness when facing a computer screen for too long.

Also, they serve as a fashionable accessory for many wearers. Nothing is better than unique eyeglasses that compliment your eye colors and accent your facial features. You can explore many styles available in the current market.

Who is this for?

As explained above, people without eye conditions can comfortably and safely use these non-prescription glasses. Users can purchase these models for daily wear, protecting their eyes from harmful lights, and showing their unique styles.

Most office workers should indeed wear a pair of blue light blocker. Working hours on end in front of a too-bright screen can take a toll on their eyes, resulting in eye fatigue and many health problems. Thus, if that is the case for you, consider purchasing a suitable one with high-quality AR-coated lenses.

At the same time, parents can buy these non-prescription glasses for their kids as they spend excessive time using their smartphones, iPad, and other tech gadgets during days and nights. Since there are many models of various styles and sizes available, it is not challenging to pick one for your teenage children.

What are the different types of non prescription glasses?

When it comes to styles and designs, multiple glasses meet our demands and preferences. You can go with a basic pair for reading and working, or pick the fashionable and protective model for both work and nights out.

Regarding its protective functions, these glasses can come with an anti-reflective coating and UV-blocking coating. Both these layers ensure we are safe for outdoor and indoor activities. If you choose a piece that only has UV protection, it might not be ideal for casual wear outdoors, and vice versa.

About its usage, you can find three types of non-prescription glasses available. One type is for safety purposes, meaning it is over-the-glass eyewear. These pieces can withstand all kinds of eye hazards at the worksite, including heat, impact, chemicals, water, and more. Workers wear these pairs to perform in unfavorable settings; they are widely used to protect prescription glasses underneath.

Another type of non-prescription specs is for computer uses. Wearers put them on to reduce eye tiredness and headaches due to prolonged exposure to blue lights. These pieces are called computer glasses, and they are popular among office workers. And the last type is for reading. You do not have to go to an optical doctor for these pieces.

Advantages and disadvantages of using non prescription eyeglasses?

Wearing non-prescription glasses benefits us in many ways. First of all, they protect us from dust and dirt while walking or driving on the road, thus offering better visibility when we are on the move. Besides, the coated glasses keep harmful rays away from attacking our eyes, reducing eye fatigue and potential headaches.

Also, as they filter out the hazardous lights, useful blue lights can get through and benefit our health. For instance, they help our memory, improve our alertness, and liven up our moods. Best of all, we can get good sleep at night after long hours of working and playing with our phones.

Not to mention, these non-prescription glasses make us look good. No one can deny that a stylish pair will be a fantastic accessory that showcases our best features and hides what we are so conscious about. It boosts our mood and gives us more confidence. Plus, you can always replace its lenses with prescribed ones to correct your vision. That way, both protection, and fashion are guaranteed.

Yet, there are disadvantages of using non-prescription glasses if you choose the wrong piece. When the pair is too tight or too loose around our face, it can fall off during certain activities. But that’s just the minor issue. If you suffer from eyesight conditions, it is advisable to wear prescribed optical doctors’ prescribed glasses, not random non-prescription pieces you pick online.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who makes the best non prescription glasses?

Multiple market brands produce excellent non-prescription glasses, from basic to incredibly exotic and high-fashion. In truth, it depends on your budget that checking out certain brands will help you find your ideal pieces. For high-end products, we know Burberry, Gucci, Heritage, Hugo Boss, Kate Spade, Oakley, etc.

At the same time, most of us are not looking for exorbitant pairs that are unnecessary for our daily requirements. The good news is that various brands make the best pieces that do not break our bank yet offer excellent quality.

They are Fitzgerald, Pro Acme (my all-time favorite), LNEKEI (with the collection of classic models), ANRRI (another affordable brand for basic eyewear). You can also check out WOWSUN, Feirdio (a massive collection in various colors), SOJOS (intricate design), non prescription glasses Ray-Ban (multiple iconic styles), and more.

Can fake glasses ruin your eyesight?

No worry about this problem as wearing fake glasses do not negatively affect our eyesight. It is just like looking through a transparent glass, and in this case, the glass is two small, thin, and lightweight lenses. You should only worry about getting the right prescribed lenses for your eye conditions if needed.

Are blue light glasses bad for your eyes?

In fact, no. Wearing blue light blockers helps us reduce eye strain due to working with computer screens for prolonged periods. In the modern world, our kids and we cannot help spending most of our time in front of the screen, so we want to find a way to minimize the negative consequences caused by digital lights. Hence, using blue light glasses is among those ways.

Where can I buy non prescription glasses?

You can buy non-prescription glasses in local optical stores since they offer all kinds of styles and designs from multiple brands. You can also try them on directly to see if those pairs fit and provide optimal comfort. Other than that, you can go to Walmart near you to check them out and change to prescribed lenses there if needed.

Other than that, online-shopping is another way that most buyers prefer these days. We are sometimes too busy to go out and try a new pair of glasses, skimming through hundreds of pieces there. Do not forget to check the reviews and rates from old buyers, and make sure you choose the right size.


Choosing the best non prescription glasses can always be a fun time for users. Skimming through our top-rated list must give you multiple options for different styles worn by most users these days.

You should always ensure that the chosen pair is of good quality, both its lenses and frames. After having in hand your favorite model, do not forget to take good care of it. Avoiding scratching and bending will guarantee your long-term use with the glasses.

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