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The Best Occidental Tool Belts

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best occidental tool belt

Every old-hand in the industry knows that the Occidental Leather has earned an excellent reputation for several decades. The well-established brand is known to set the quality standard for tool belts around the world. Notably, its serviceable products play a significant role in professionals’ successful career.

If you are among the workers who desire to shine at the workplace, investing in the best Occidental tool belt is necessary. However, the wide range of models from this label can cost lots of confusion, especially for beginners. In an attempt to lessen the burden in your selection process, we offer reviews on some top selected items. Hopefully, there can be at least one device that matches perfectly with your specific requirements.

# Product name
Top 1
Occidental Leather 5520 Details
Top 2
Occidental Leather 5089 Details
Top 3
Occidental Leather 9855 Details

Best Occidental Tool Belt Reviews

1. Occidental Leather 5520 Tool Holder

This Occidental Leather 5520 5 in 1 Tool Holder can quickly become every worker’s fantastic friend with its extraordinary versatility.

The 5520 model has always been a sought-after product in Occidental leather individual bags collection. It is effortless to carry this fully-packed holster around to perform tasks in different locations. No piece screams ultimate convenience like this one. Getting ready with a tool bag cannot get easier than this.

It scores big time with an incredibly aesthetic look. We can notice that the most exquisite craftsmanship is used in the process of manufacturing the version for stylish customers. Superior leather material contributes significantly to the formation of a fantastic device. Thus, do not worry that it might lose the look after constant abuse; the fabric lasts much longer than we think.

When it comes to incredible endurance, the brand does not have many competitors. This product continues to live up to that reputation; it accompanies numerous DIY-ers for years without being saggy, ripped, or deformed badly. That is why we can trust the quality of “made-in-USA” devices like this one.

For the customer to avoid losing track of their multiple gadgets, the maker creates this one to keep their tools close. There are slots for pencil, hammer, utility knife, screwdriver, and also pliers; it depends on what you need on today’s list. Of course, this apparatus is not a practical choice if customers have to bring along weighty loads every day for heavy duties.

For a higher level of compatibility, you will want to purchase the belt that is around 3-inch wide. Since the holster does not weigh much, people may opt for a resilient but affordable rope from other brands in the market.
  • Effortless to carry and use
  • Great convenience
  • Aesthetic look
  • Long-lasting material
  • Sturdy holster
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Just the right size for your essentials
  • Fit 3-inch belt
  • Not for heavy-duty tasks
The bottom line is this one deserves numerous compliments from customers for its top-notch quality. If you need a device with this storage volume, there is no need to be wary.

2. Occidental Leather 5089 Bag Framer

No one can question the Occidental Leather 5089 Bag Framer’s high ranking when it comes to the list of highly-recommended tool rigs.

The brand is successful at providing a velvety and smooth look for these pouches with the premium top-grain leather. The combination of superior material and American advanced-technology turns this product into a high-quality and stylish assistant for numerous construction workers.

With the help of various-sized compartments, individuals can organize their gadgets into each pouch for better access on site. You must handle very complicated tasks to fill those spacious holders with an excessive number of hand tools. The important thing is the product can withstand as many heavy loads as you are willing to bring along. Also, they will not spill the contents while we are climbing up and down for the missions.

People like the presence of reinforcing copper rivets on the main bags of this apparatus. It makes them rest assured that this solidly-made product will win the test of time no matter how unfavorable their working environments are. We should figure out by now that Occidental Leather’s tool pouches are anything but flimsy.

As usual, the top-rated item makes your long day at work more comfortable. The easy-to-use design and soft fabric explain the love of many loyal customers. Those buyers keep coming back to give this piece to their friends and loved ones as a gift for work in the construction field.

What’s more, its belt will not dig into your hip or suffocate you by being too tight. Since the strap is fully adjustable, people can change the length until it embraces nicely around their waist.

What accounts for this device’s drawback is its weight. Some customers hope it can be a little lighter than it currently is.
  • Stylish appearance
  • Originated from the USA
  • Various-sized compartments available
  • Instant access for on-site duties
  • Strong reinforcement with copper rivets
  • Super comfortable bet
  • Excellent choice of material
  • Good fitment
  • Not lightweight enough
To sum up, this piece is a cost-effective investment for a top recommended tool belt that we should consider.

3. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat

Whether you are a right-hander or not, the Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat can support you to strive better in your daily performance.

It is exciting news for left-handed workers to know that they can rely on this device for better productivity. These employees always struggle the most to find an ideal design that works in their favor. If that is the case for you, look no further than this incredible model to have ultimate convenience.

As being constructed with excellent balance, this item helps users avoid hip pains. Thanks to the said feature, we can work with a faster pace and without being weighed down on either side. Engineers or roofers who spend hours performing on high ground or moving surfaces will benefit a lot from this.

In order to be well-prepared for heavy loads carriage, the manufacturer installed D-rings on this belt. Professionals who bring lots of equipment for a daily mission can connect their bags to suspenders with no trouble. With the help of shoulder straps, this piece promises a higher level of efficiency for everyone.

Besides storing basic tools, people can pack their large-sized gadgets into these deep pouches. Therefore, it is no chance that your essential stuff can fall out of the holder in the middle of your performance. Moreover, twenty-four pockets allow us to store a great number of tools easily.

Usually, individuals feel more content when their items are made in the USA. The advanced technology from the country ensures good quality for the final products. And this piece from Occidental is among those domestic devices. Plus, this one can outlive most of the available tool belts for its sturdiness.

One weak point on the item is its lack of handles. According to some users, they will be more than happy if the maker can fix this in an updated version in the future.
  • One specific model for lefties
  • Great balance design
  • Available D-rings for suspenders
  • Deep pouches for extra storage
  • Spacious room for tools
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Lack of handles on the belt
I firmly believe that it is fantastic to own this functional tool belt for heavy and complicated duties.

4. Occidental Leather 8580 FatLip Tool Bag Set

It is hard to find a complaint from customers about this Occidental Leather 8580 LG FatLip Tool Bag Set.

This top quality item is this brand’s most exceptional product. After experiencing its fantastic functions, the majority of workers claim that they find their job impossible without this tool belt. Most of the reason is it has stayed throughout their whole career despite being under constant heavy use.

Numerous employees can exploit this model since it is made in six sizes. The chart runs from small to extra-extra-extra-large, so people with big bodybuilt are very likely to have a good fit. My colleagues are delighted with how snuggly this item feels on their waist.

What makes the 8580 a five-star worthy tool rig is its outstanding durability. In extremely harsh conditions, the product can withstand stressful abuse from users for hours a day. Attack from sharp and hard edges cannot tear the pouch apart any time soon; therefore, we can expect a long-standing companion. This is all because of the Industrial Nylon fabric chosen to form the bag.

Furthermore, the maker tries to solidify its whole system by applying two layers of paddings. Due to the effort, the apparatus’s holders can stand upright for a remarkable time, along with its great look. We surely need to accept that this one has a robust and sporty vibe that draws attention from many buyers.

On top of that, workers are granted ideal slots for hand tools such as pliers, hammers, and cutters. Besides, you will be pleased to find out how lightweight this one is compared to other heavy-duty devices on sale.

We indeed need to pay a high price to have this top-rated item in hand. Also, some customers do not think these pouches are roomy enough for their big collection of gadgets.
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Various size choices
  • Tear-resistant material
  • Sturdy reinforcement
  • Good-looking rig
  • Specific slots for hand tools
  • Lightweight
  • High-priced item
  • Not roomy enough for many gadgets
The bottom line is if the budget allows, do not miss out on trying this durable medium-sized rig.

5. Occidental Leather 5590 Commercial Electrician’s Set

If you desire for spacious bags to store a whole lot of equipment, this Occidental Leather 5590 LG Commercial Electrician’s Set should be taken into consideration.

It is noticeable that this item design is optimized to boost ease in reaching equipment. On each side of the belt, we have specific space for small hand tools and box-shaped holders for massive gadgets. People love this handy layout; they are especially amazed by the perfect fit for a speed square in the left pouch.

Just like many other products of Occidental, this tool belt shines as a durable partner for people in different fields. Its capability to hold up weighty loads never ceases to amaze loyal customers. For instance, workers keep talking about how convenient and secure they feel when wearing this one to a challenging setup every day.

In my opinion, both amateur and professional electricians are going to love this device. It offers the perfect room for their specialized tools; moreover, it is lightweight enough for these employees to climb on ladders for work. With well-guarded pouches provided, their toolset is safe in the bag and ready when they need it.

What’s more, the rig is not constructed to serve medium-sized frames. It can go on people with a large waist and slim body just fine. According to the Occidental tool belt review, this apparatus’ sizing chart is not as limited as some other product lines from the same company.

As you imagine, high-quality material can give this piece a good comfortability. The padded belt does an amazing job of alleviating pressure on people’s waist while they are performing. Also, there is a high consensus among users that this device is genuinely fashionable in a classic leather belt’s way.

For your information, there is a mixture of nylon and leather pouches built in this bag. The latter ones seem to be more sturdy, so it is better to store sharp equipment in there. Moreover, left-handed people might find it a little confusing when utilizing this model of the tool bag.
  • Ease in reaching the equipment
  • Great layouts for all-sized tools
  • Durable overall product
  • Various size fit
  • Great comfort and convenience
  • Fashionable look
  • Sturdy leather pouch
  • Weaker nylon holder
  • Not ideal for lefties
In conclusion, the layout of this device is ultimately incredible for all users, especially modern electricians.

6. Occidental Leather 9515 Adjust to Fit OxyLight Framer

A slightly cheaper belt that also excels at offering a spectrum of impressive features is this Occidental Leather 9515 Adjust-to-Fit OxyLight Framer.

The trust-worthy device can easily win people’s hearts with its fantastic ability to balance heavy carrying. The maker creates two versions that mirror each other’s layout, one for right-handers and the other for lefthanded workers. Consequently, users are given the right to choose which one will work best for them.

Individuals whose waist length is in the range of thirty-two to forty-one inches can wear this item comfortably with correct fitting. If you are a little outside the chart, likely, you can still fit into the belt due to its incredible adjustability. Lots of customers show great contentment when talking about how well-fitted this piece is.

Moreover, this well-crafted device does packing and searching for tools more manageable. The proper placement of holders gets rid of confusion while employees try to organize their equipment collection. As a result, it cuts short the time spent getting ready before work and looking for a specific tool in need.

At first glance, we see right away how simple this design looks. As being covered in mostly black, this one stands out as a low-profile but convenient rig. It has every essential part we need for the job, notably the extra D-rings attached for the future use of suspenders.

The all-day comfort device is proud to offer workers a great time at the construction site. Its wide belt keeps the whole rig in place while we are leaning forward to operate the missions. We cannot ask for more from this comfortable wear on a multiple-hour performing day.

The reputation of this brand speaks volumes when its items prove prolonged product life. Even an old bag with several years in use does not disappoint users when remaining well-functioned. However, this one cannot stand upright when you place it on the ground.
  • Perfect for lefthanders
  • Well-fitted belt
  • Well-crafted bags
  • Simple and convenient design
  • Low-profile look
  • Extra comfort for users
  • Long-lasting product
  • Cannot stand on the ground by itself
Despite the minor flaw, this device is everything a professional worker asks for when they seek an all-rounder.

7. Occidental Leather 8089 OxyLights Framer Set

The next outstanding piece we need to check out is the Occidental Leather 8089 OxyLights Framer Set.

Once you purchase this heavy-duty item, you are going with it for the long haul. Wearers confirmed the product’s incredible long-lastingness in many Occidental leather tool belt reviews. After searching in the market for a while, we can firmly conclude that few pieces can beat this one at being sturdy and durable.

It is not as compartmentalized as some other models from the label, but there are enough holders for your essentials. For instance, we have slots for the tape measure, speed square, hammers, and any equipment that a framer needs. The manufacturers lessen the number of pouches and increase the size of available bags. In that way, massive gadgets can have a secure seat inside without falling out quickly.

Obviously, this model is a practical option for fans of low-profile tool bags. For people who prize excellent functionality over a beautiful look, this green and brown design is a must-have item. On purchasing the rig, you can throw the worry and effort to keep a flawless appearance out of the window.

Besides being amazingly high-quality, it can surprise you with extraordinary comfort. It is a good pick for people who are on the road a lot since the piece is very lightweight. In contrast to its tough look, the material seems to feel softer and more pleasant. These features come in handy when you need to perform hours on end.

Although there are varied sizes for you to choose from, this belt’s sizing can be a little tricky. You’d better contact the customer service to ask for the correct information.
  • Long-lasting tool belt
  • Durable product for heavy duties
  • Spacious storage for essential gadgets
  • A simple and low-profile look
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easy to carry around
  • Many size choices
  • Sizing chart is a little tricky
Overall, you can stop adventuring out for a device for the complicated duties, once you have this incredible model in hand.

8. Occidental Leather 9850 Adjust-to-Fit Fat

Another must-try popular design of this well-known brand – the 9850 Adjust-to-Fit Fat model never fails to amaze the most strict customers.

Fortunately, the tool belt is here to make sure that left-handed workers have the support they deserve. People are pleased with how the manufacturer arranges the positions of pouches to form an accessible layout. It shows the best capability in case of an urgent situation.

With the view to delivering incredible fitment for people over time, its customizing feature is optimized to be very flexible. For example, you can adjust the length of its waist to go well around your bulky clothes in winter. This function is also helpful when people want to share the rig with their partner sometimes.

If you have to purchase shoulder straps to distribute the weight evenly, there are sturdy D-rings to fulfill that purpose. The part can be compatible with suspenders from other brands, not just from Occidental leather outlet. Hence, individuals can spend a small amount of budget to get affordable suspenders.

The majority of wearers claim that it takes them little time to get used to this bag’s hand-specific tool holders. In the first use, employees can perform at maximum pace, thus increasing their overall productivity. Relevant to its fantastic function, workers in different fields such as carpenters, electricians, or roofers can experience well-managed tasks at the workplace.

Another incredible thing that I am grateful for is its extensive storage capacity. We cannot run out of spots for our essentials when putting this rig on to perform. More importantly, the space inside is deep enough so that no tool spillage can occur regardless of our significant movements.

The only downside that some people complain about is its weak hammer holder. It might break sooner than we expect.
  • Excellent item choice for lefties
  • Quickly accessible layout
  • Fully adjustable tool belt
  • Added D-rings for suspenders
  • Promote optimal productivity
  • Extensive storage capacity
  • No spilling content
  • Weak hammer holder
If reinforcement can be done with the hammer holder, this convenient and flexible tool rig can be your perfect partner for always.

Occidental Leather 5093 Beltless Suspension System (Outdated)

This Occidental Leather 5093 Beltless Suspension System is the perfect option for individuals who want a suit-like design belt.

The reputable brand continues to release a model that meets people’s demand for flexible movements. Many customers favor the suspender piece rather than the belt to go back and forth at the worksite with ease.

More importantly, this piece’s structure is ideal for employees who need to spend most of their time performing in secluded areas. They can easily squeeze themselves in between adjacent walls without big bags getting in the way. If you are having a hard time with your old bulky device, it is time to take this convenient one as a wise replacement.

When people are tired of changing tool belts every two or three years, this one is their go-to item. Its durability matches the label’s reliability in offering built-to-last products. It is common to see skilled individuals have been utilizing this item since they started their career to the end of it.

Another great trait that we find out is its customizable straps. Unlike the usual belt that goes around a limited number of waist sizes, this design is more open and easily fits different types of bodies. The length of these ropes should be adjusted to stay securely on your shoulders regardless of your working postures.

For first-time wearers, they might be pleasantly surprised to know how much equipment they can put into these pouches. There are twenty-five pockets in total for stuffing several categories of gadgets. Furthermore, everything can be easily reached, even for people with large hands.

Still, the best selling point of this apparatus is the even weight distribution. Such a feature comes in handy with customers who have preexisting back pain issues. By transferring parts of the burden of heavy tools to our shoulders, it saves us from excessive fatigue on our hips.

What makes people hesitant from buying this product is its price. It is indeed not a budget-friendly model from the Occidental Leather.
  • Promote flexible movements
  • Convenient in secluded space
  • Built-to-last device
  • Fully customizable straps
  • Well-fitted design
  • Spacious room for equipment
  • Easy reach for tools
  • Share heavy burden on our back and hip
  • Pricey apparatus for most workers
It is not easy to find elsewhere a more flexible suit to store your tools like this one. The device is undoubtedly worth every single penny we pay.

Occidental Leather 5018DB Pro Tool Bag (Outdated)

The next entry I am eager to introduce owns a different style compared to all mentioned products – let’s take a look at the Occidental Leather 5018DB Pro Tool Bag.

This center apron-like bag is the creation of this brand for people who want enough slots for general-use equipment. They figure that there is no need to carry a world of unnecessary tools to make their back suffer. Weekend DIY-ers or amateurs can start performing with this flexible, incredible support. Moreover, you can switch it to your dominant hand side.

When compared to other pieces in the same label, this one is not any less durable and sturdy. For your information, the device can bear excessive weight without being badly damaged after significant abuse. I am sure some skilled employees still keep it in their collection in case any medium-duty mission comes up.

It is best to carry this apparatus for long-distance tasks. Even if you stuff those pouches with lots of gadgets, it is still possible to move around in the belt. The advantage we get from wearing such a small device is increased flexibility. Nothing gets in our way as we lean and bend forward while handling the current job.

The brand seems to make a great attempt to construct this good-looking tool holder. Its fashionable appearance must be the result of top-quality leather. We can never go out of style with this simple but classic look. Amazingly, while being under proper care, the bag can stay in original shape and color for as long as we desire.

For instance, when people need to work at a great height, they can transfer it over to the body harness system. It can be connected with other safety suits since having high levels of compatibility. Lots of wearers appreciate the versatility of this well-built device.

However, its price can be slightly high for a small-sized product. But we get what we pay for, and there is truth to that.
  • Space for general-use equipment
  • Perfect size for the essentials
  • Sturdy and durable
  • A beautiful and long-lasting look
  • Good flexibility
  • Convenient for carrying around
  • Excellent versatility
  • Pretty pricey product
This wide-ranging device is a success from the brand which wants to prioritizes users’ optimal convenience.

What to Look for When Buying an Occidental Tool Belt


To prevent further confusion while searching among various Occidental tool belts, you should make a list of your job and personal requirements. Based on the priority of your demanding criteria, it will be much easier to pick the most suitable device. We can give you some clues about which factors you might want to take into serious consideration.

Design – Incredibly, this brand has been releasing several models for left-handed workers. Those devices are enormously helpful for people who are struggling with their job every day without a suitable belt closeby. The design of these items mirrors the versions for right-handers; it enables them to have the same ease in tool accessibility.

For some models, it doesn’t matter which your dominant hand is, you can always make good use of them. These items are optimized to give wearers the freedom to pack their gadgets in the proper order that makes sense to them.

Needless to say that everyone should have a well-balanced tool bag, especially when it carries heavy loads. That’s why people tend to choose the type of device that has two main pouches on each side. It helps alleviate the pressure that your weighty equipment has on your waist. Furthermore, misbalance can be dangerous to your bone structure, and it causes all kinds of back issues in the long-term.

Some other customers prefer pieces that are made without belts since they do not want their hip to suffer. Those workers want a suit-like design that comes with sturdy suspenders. If you often perform in secluded areas, this type of apparatus will work better in your favor. People can wear this one to squeeze in between close walls to handle complicated duties.

What’s more, this suit-like structure is the perfect option for individuals who have preexisting back pain. That is because most of the weight will be transferred evenly all over our bodies. As a result, it alleviates the strain those tools put on people’s waist and backs every day.

For your information, sometimes, employees need to purchase their bags and belts separately since the device does not come as a combo. This happens to the single main bag design. It only offers one piece of big pouch and other smaller built-in holders. The apparatus can be hung on your waist in whatever way you want.

When gadgets become too much of a burden, it is time to find comfortable and robust shoulder straps to share the weight. Do not worry that your bag cannot work well with other suspenders since most Occidental belts have always been preinstalled with D-rings for quick connection.

Storage capacity – This depends mostly on your duty requirements, whether the job makes you bring a world of tools or just a small amount of the essentials. After studying the demand carefully, it is time to determine which one will do you good in the performing process.

There can be deep pouches that fit heavy equipment without spilling the content out. If you need to store large-sized gadgets, it is the go-to device. With more than twenty holders provided in total, people can put as much stuff as they possibly need for the duties inside those bags.

At the same time, the majority of DIY-ers and amateur workers only need medium storage capacity. That is why they opt for the ones with around ten to fifteen pouches in different sizes. It is convenient to own a roomy bag that has specific slots for your unique tools.

Spacious pouches are not always the answer to all storage problems. You need to purchase the one that matches perfectly with the types and number of gadgets you are willing to carry for your regular duties. There is no need to go for an extensive one when the tool collection is limited.

Material – Picking superior material is not an issue when you are looking at Occidental’s products. The brand’s choice for the main ingredient never disappoints its customers. The majority of available items are made of top-quality leather that lasts longer than we think they can. No other brands are known to beat this label at offering top-notch quality fabric to form tool bags.

Currently, people find more pieces constructed out of the combination of Nylon and leather. The mixture turns out to be as resilient and robust as the genuine ones. Loyal customers find the creation interesting as they start to purchase those new models and abuse them without much worry.

Durability – As we all know, this well-established label is also famous for its fantastic endurance. The manufacturers have their best approaches to solidify every single piece coming out of their factories. As a result, buyers should not be wary of purchasing one among an ocean of incredibly sturdy devices offered.

One thing is for sure that most of the items are riveted and bar-tacked at essential pressure points. It is an effective method to keep the original shape of the pouches as long as possible. Moreover, the reinforcement helps to make sure that sharp and hard tools cannot tear their ways out of the bags.

The bottom line is whichever piece you choose, and there is no chance that it will be flimsy or weak overall. Those items are excellent at withstanding heavy carrying and harsh weather conditions for an extended period. Some of them even last some decades or more. However, there are some parts on the rig that can be broken sooner than expected, and you can see our reviews to know those minor flaws.

Comfort and fit – Another strong point we find out about Occidental tool belts is their capability to provide fantastic support. The majority of products are soft and comfy enough for all-day missions in unfavorable environments. Individuals can pick a lightweight instead of bulky pieces if they desire to walk around a lot. Sometimes, contractor-grade bags can be a little heavier than usual.

Additionally, outside performances on hot summer days can be a little unbearable if your belt is not breathable enough. That is why opting for a ventilated suit made of moisture-wicking fabric will be ideal. What’s more, to lessen the pain that heavy loads have on people’s shoulders, they tend to choose those suspenders featuring thick and soft paddings.

Almost every belt of the brand is constructed to be wide enough to keep your pouches in place. The thing you should do is to find one that fits well around your waist. Some devices are labeled “one size fits most” – they are often fully adjustable in length. Other items can be made in various sizes, from small to extra extra extra large. It is lovely that we have a wide-range sizing chart to pick from.

Price – Employees in the industry might be familiar with how high-priced all Occidental products are when compared to other brands’. To have a top-quality rig in hand, we should be willing to make a significant investment. The prices between each design can vary, so you consider all their features to make the best choice.

Style – It is no exaggeration to say that all these pouches look quite impressive; some are even outstanding when it comes to appearance. Their layout and design are customized to never go out of style. Lots of loyal customers cannot get enough of how exquisite these classic leather-made devices look. Moreover, you can design your own tool belt with Occidental Leather if needed.

The above tool belts are excellent products, but if you want to find more professional products and suitable for your specific work, please check our guide for the best roofing tool belts and take a look at the best framing tool belts if you need

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who is this for?

Just like many tool organizers available, these products are made for workers who want a robust device to store their essentials. It does not matter if you are an amateur or a professional, as long as you need the help of the tool belt, having a piece is necessary. With a spectrum of fantastic features, lots of users can enjoy the device, which makes their life and work much more manageable.

First of all, you can see people wear the apparatus while handling their job at the construction site. Those employees often choose the contractor-grade tool belt that gives them ultimate comfort and incredible sturdiness. They can also make use of spacious holders and deep pouches to keep their equipment safe and secure.

Other than that, people who currently work as electricians and framers will need support from Occidental’s top-quality rigs. The smart layout and well-balanced structure will be a good help for those who perform at a great height most of the time. Furthermore, the electrician can turn their bag into a harness system by purchasing suspenders and other necessary pieces.

Additionally, I see lots of framers and carpenters take advantage of these well-made products to keep essential gadgets under the belt. Moreover, they can fit all unique and specialized tools for a woodworking mission in these well-crafted pouches. That is why many workers in different fields are satisfied with this long-standing partner.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an Occidental tool belt?

When it comes to amazing advantages resulting from the use of an Occidental tool belt, we can make a long list. For example, the product’s incredible functionality will help workers to perform their tasks with ease. Once they have quick and breezy access to their well-organized gadgets, it is not a hardship to focus on working.

What’s more, it is safer for individuals who handle missions on moving grounds or at a certain height. They save much time and effort spent coming up and down to fetch a tool in need. I do not see anyone complaining that these belts hinder their movements while doing complicated jobs. Therefore, we are ensured of better productivity and work pace at the construction sites.

The disadvantages can appear when you choose the wrong type of design or unsuitable features for your item. If the piece comes in a loose or too-tight size, it is best to return and ask for the correct one. Do not settle for the one that gives you discomfort or worse suffocation and constant irritation. Those things above can negatively affect your efficiency and even safety.

How to use it?

It is common for first-time users to be confused when trying to wear this belt. Some of the items will be such a breeze to wear, and you need to pay attention to the attached instructions. Others can be trickier when there are extra suspenders and chest straps. Also, do not forget to check for damage and size before you start installing and wearing the device.

People need to organize their tools in proper order then pack them into these pouches. Those clear categories will help you reach your equipment more quickly and easily. After putting those gadgets inside, make sure you adjust the belt to fit nicely around your waist. The final step will be checking all shoulder and chest buckles to keep us safe in the rig. If all the above things are completed, you are ready to go.

Where to buy?

After considering all the essential factors and successfully choosing a suitable product, you should find reliable Occidental leather dealers. Customers can check local stores in their neighborhoods for working devices like this. They can search in Occidental’s official shops and receive useful advice from the customer service.

Or else, online shopping can always be a good option when you cannot pay a visit to such places. All you need to do is search for a trusted e-commerce website and read the products’ reviews before making the purchase.

How to care and store?

In order to keep your piece in good condition, to care, and to maintain requires lots of effort. The first thing people should do after work is checking for signs of damages or dirt. After getting rid of that debris and dust, we start cleaning them with a soft cloth, warm water, and soap. We should wait for our belts to dry completely before storing them in a dust-free and clean place.

Furthermore, there will be occasions that the leather becomes too stiff to wear. You can find different ways to treat the material and make your rig softer. Rubbing oil or vaseline on the device and wait for a little while, the item will be well-functioned again for your next missions.


A well-built tool belt will be an incredible help for employees from their start to when their careers strive. Through the support of those fantastic devices, we can comfortably and conveniently focus on working on our skills. That is why most professionals always want the best Occidental tool belt in the market for their missions.

Purchasing a suitable apparatus is one thing; you should pay extra attention to the care and maintenance process. That way, the item can accompany you in long-term projects and complicated tasks always.

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