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The Best Over Glasses Safety Glasses for Your Prescription Specs

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best over glasses safety glasses

The list of mild to severe harms that eye hazards at the worksite can do to our vision is endless. Thus, no matter what duties we perform, equipping ourselves with safety goggles is a must.

But it can be a challenge when we already wear prescription glasses for our eye conditions. In such cases, the best over glasses safety glasses come to the rescue. With high demand among workers, these products are now more stylish, lightweight, and extra comfortable to use for long hours.

If you are still confused about choosing one or want to know how these protective goggles work, read on.

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Gateway Safety 6980 Details
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SolidWork Safety Goggles Details
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Allen Company Safety Glasses Details

Best Over Glasses Safety Glasses Reviews

1. Gateway Safety 6980 Safety Glasses

The Gateway Safety 6980 Cover2 Safety Glasses appear to be widely loved by workers in various fields. The pair gains numerous compliments for its design and safety features.

Model number 6980 from Gateway is a one-piece eye frame, covering prescription glasses to offer extra protection. This basic piece boasts a contemporary design for your daily mix and match outfits with crystal-clear lenses and black arms.

Yet, the stylish look is not the main focus of the brand when creating this eyewear. In truth, the pair does a fantastic job of preventing eye hazards such as flying objects, heat, harmful rays from attacking our vision.

This budget-friendly design will not break your bank but still serve its purpose as safety goggles for dangerous tasks. You should not doubt its protecting capability since this product meets CSA Z94.3 and ANSI Z87.1 – essential standards that qualify eye and face safety gear.

I am especially pleased with the comfort features of these glasses. Despite wearing the eyewear to perform hours on end, I feel little pressure and no pain due to its lightweight design.

Before work, I often adjust the temple length to ensure it fits perfectly over my glasses and sits securely on my ears. If you are often irritated by your current glasses’ hard temple tips, this pair can be an amazing alternative.

Beyond that, you should also know that this protective unit is ideal for indoor use but not recommended for outdoor performances. Its protection against UV rays might not fare well enough for you to work in an open area.
  • A one-piece eye frame, covering most prescription glasses
  • Modern design with crystal-clear lens and black arms
  • Prevents eye hazards: flying objects, heat, harmful rays, and more
  • Meets CSA Z94.3 and ANSI Z87.1 for eye and face protection
  • Lightweight design, adjustable temple length, and soft tips for comfort
  • An affordable pair of safety glasses for glasses
  • Not ideal for outdoor performances
All in all, if you often handle indoor duties, look no further than this once-piece over glasses safety glasses. It is stylish and incredibly protective – a great deal for its price.

2. SolidWork Safety Goggles

As its name suggests, you are in for the best-fitted eyewear when picking the SolidWork Safety Goggles with Universal Fit to cover your prescription glasses.

It is tricky to find a pair that is designed to go well with numerous individuals. Thus, coming across this versatile model is a great joy to me. Users can use these eyeglasses to their advantage regardless of their ages, genders, and face types.

Multiple hours at work can tire out eyes and other body parts due to equipped protective wear. Knowing such struggles, the brand offers these comfortable OTG goggles with soft material for headband construction. Thus, we are likely to enjoy a secure yet pressure-free wrap around our heads.

Still, the highest focus of the model should be on its protection against eye hazards. For your information, this eyeglass excels at blocking UV rays that often severely harm outdoor workers the most. Plus, its lens is polarized to minimize object distortion caused by glare and reflection.

In a workplace where small particles fly around, this panoramic lens design can be of great value for workers. They can focus on tasks without being hurt by those tiny hazards. Best of all, workers can maintain their productivity due to the clear vision provided by this scratch and anti-fog lens.

Notably, the brand’s confidence in its product shows in their money-back policy valid within one year after customers’ purchase.

Indeed, some buyers are not fond of this eyewear design since it looks a bit bulkier than many fashionable models in the market. Yet, the piece does its job well, so it’s your call.
  • Offers a universal fit for all ages, genders, and face types
  • A comfortable OTG goggles with a soft and secure headband
  • Blocks UV rays and prevent image distortion.
  • Panoramic lens protects against small flying particles.
  • Maintains stable performances with scratch and anti-fog lens
  • Offers money-back policy within one year
  • Not as compact and stylish as others
As for me, safety comes first, so I find no problem wearing this protective piece to work. Its lens and headband construction is incredible, offering complete protection coverage for wearers.

3. Allen Company Safety Over Glasses

At a lower price than most models available, the Allen Company Shooting & Safety Fit Over Glasses is of equivalent quality. Putting this protective pair over your prescription makes all the difference for your safety at work.

Most workers deem this piece worthy of comparison to higher-priced ones because of its sufficient UV protection. You can wear these glasses to work in open areas under intense sunlight without worry. The manufacturer adopts a metallic coating on its lenses, making sure no harmful rays get through the shield.

Furthermore, its wrap-around design intends to offer broader protective coverage, making sure sharp glasses cannot hurt either our eyes or our temples. I notice how well-fitted the piece is to block most particle intrusion, yet large enough to fit over various prescription glasses.

As expected, you can experience little to no fogging issues thanks to its eye frame structure. In detail, the side is made with vented spaces that allow the air to flow smoothly. Workers can now handle tasks in humid places wearing these glasses with confidence.

I also appreciate that the eyewear comes in two color options: clear and yellow. For me, the clear lens is a better choice as it is ideal for multiple outdoor jobs. You can wear this pair to play sports since it offers excellent lighting conditions and boasts a stylish look for such activities.

You should know that this budget-friendly piece comes with some plastic parts that are pretty thin, so long-lasting usage under abuse is not guaranteed.
  • Provides sufficient UV protection like high-end glasses
  • Comes with a wrap-around frame for broader protective coverage
  • Blocks most particle intrusion yet fits well over prescription glasses.
  • Vented spaces on the side for a breathable wear in humid conditions
  • Two options: clear and yellow, ideal for outdoor work and sports
  • Some plastic parts cannot handle frequent abuse for too long.
Choosing the most expensive safety glasses over glasses might not always be the solution for everyone. Do not worry as you will not feel like you are on the cheap with this buy. Its protection level is undoubtedly worthy of our purchase.

4. Honeywell Ultra-Spec 2001 OTG

If you value anti-fog function for clarity during work, check out the Honeywell Home Uvex Ultra-Spec 2001 OTG. To my surprise, the model can offer many more features that allow me to work with peace of mind.

What sets this pair of eye protection over glasses apart from numerous competing products is its lens coatings. The eyewear, featuring an UVextreme cover, can prevent fogging up issues, which promises excellent visibility in humid and hot workplaces.

That’s not all; the lens also comes with an Ultra-Dura coating to resist scratches in case of direct contact with sharp objects.

Due to the robust lens, people who wear this protective eyewear are safe from impact and abrasion. Both solid and liquid hazards, such as airbornes or drops of chemicals, cannot penetrate this tight-fit eyeglass. You can put it on most prescription glasses with ease.

A unique feature of this piece is its side-covering design offering both protection and breathability. As extended parts are shielding our temples, we are safe from small particles while enjoying better airflow. Other notable points such as temple paddings and flexible temple length are for our all-day comfort.

Besides all the protection functions and comfortable designs, a stylish look completes this state-of-the-art eyewear. You can choose either the gray or crystal-clear lens, depending on personal taste and working environments. Still, both choices can offer a professional and modern look that is best matched with office missions.

However, I do not recommend using this piece to look at the computer screen as there can be some color and shape distortions.
  • UVextreme coating to prevent fogging up issues
  • Ultra-Dura coating to resist scratches
  • Shields against liquid and solid hazards such as airbornes and chemicals
  • Fits well on most prescription glasses
  • Side-covering design for better protection and airflow
  • Comfortable features include adjustable temple length and temple paddings.
  • Stylish look with two color options: clear and gray
  • Not ideal for looking at the computer screen
In my opinion, you should not miss out on trying these over the glasses safety glasses due to their outstanding protection. Plus, this specific pair with no fogging issue is best for workers performing in humid conditions.

5. Pyramex OTS Over Glasses Safety Glasses

Pyramex Safety introduces to the market a product line of OTS Over Prescription Glasses Safety Glasses that vary in color and style yet deliver excellent protection.

When checking out their collection, you can see glasses with gray lenses, some designs with green filter lenses, and others featuring mirror lenses. But the model we recommend for you is the OTG with clear lenses and black arms. If you are a fan of low-profile and simple designs, this one is the perfect pick.

To deliver comfort for wearers, the manufacturer constructs the frame using Nylon. The popular material is often used in both sports and safety eyewear since it is robust yet lightweight.

Furthermore, the eyeglass temple promotes flexible length and pitch, allowing users to achieve a secure fit. Female workers seem to like this glass size; however, male workers with large faces think it does not fit well.

People who often rely on safety goggles are already familiar with polycarbonate lenses; meanwhile, first-time buyers might wonder about the said material’s strength.

For your information, the lens can block 99% harmful UV rays from hurting our eyesight and minimize the intense glare of sunlight in open areas. If you want to experience the same protection, opting for this Pyramex pair makes excellent sense.

Best of all, there is a scratch-resistant coating added to protect high-quality lenses further. As a result, direct contact with sharp edges will not undermine the eyeglass performance, maintaining its clarity for a long time.

Yet, what surprises me the most is this pair’s price tag. You will be amazed too when knowing this superior over-the-glass model is sold at a reasonable price. You can invest in some pairs of different colors and designs for specific purposes.
  • Various models with different lens colors to choose from
  • Nylon frame for a lightweight and strong eyeglass
  • Eyeglass temple promotes flexible length and pitch.
  • Polycarbonate lenses block 99% UV rays and sun glare.
  • Scratch-resistant coating for long-lasting clarity
  • An affordable over-the-glass model
  • Might not fit well with workers with large faces
Overall, if this eyeglass frame can embrace your face perfectly, there is no reason to hesitate over such a worthy purchase. I have two pairs of Pyramex OTG goggles in the collection, and they always do their jobs well.

6. VAKKER Fit Over Eyeglasses

Our final entry is the VAKKER Medical Goggles Fit Over Eyeglasses. This FDA-registered safety gear will not disappoint users with unparalleled protection, especially doctors, nurses, and others who work in healthcare.

To experience clear vision while working in a steamy, humid, or hot environment, we need an anti-fog pair in our arsenal. The thing is, our prescription glasses can easily be clouded by vapor, steam, and our breath (when wearing a mask).

Lucky for us, this OTG from Vakker can avoid heavy condensation blurring our vision with its coated lens and ventilating design.

Apart from that, these multi-purpose goggles are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for its safe use. Hence, it is among the few medical-level gears that are certified for duties in laboratories, hospitals, etc. Plus, individuals can wear them for other industrial work as it is shock, scratch, and dust-resistant.

For intensive tasks that require hours of hard work, wearing this lightweight and comfortable eyewear might help relieve the burden a little. Here’re some incredible features that I adore about its practical design: the soft rubber nose relieves pressure, and the added nose pads embrace our face nicely.

Moreover, its strap is elastic and soft enough for a pressure-free hold around our head, leaving no red marks at the end of the day. As the strap can be freely adjusted, both male and female workers can enjoy a good fit throughout the days. Of course, the simple style can go well with any work outfit, proving its versatility in use.

As expected, at a low price, this over-the-glass pair’s durability is limited. It can last for long, but only with proper care.
  • Anti Fog coating and ventilating design to prevent build-up condensation
  • Over-the-glass goggles registered by the FDA for safe use in medical fields
  • Multiple-purpose gear that resists shock, scratch and blocks dust
  • The lightweight frame and sensible design: soft rubber nose pads
  • Adjustable and soft strap for a good fit
  • Long-lasting use is possible only with extra care.
If you want reliable safety glasses that fit over eyeglasses for work in medical duties, look no further than this FDA-resisted gear.

3M – SF3701XSGAF-RED Safety Glasses (Outdated)

If you seek an OTG pair from a reliable brand, the SF3701XSGAF-RED Safety Glasses can be your best bet. 3M has always been an established name, providing safety gear for workers for decades, and this unit indeed lives up to the expectation.

Old heads in the industry claim that 3M products are anything but flimsy. And the compliment is true for this pair of safety glasses that fit over glasses. With its ANSI Z87.1 certification, the model proves to endure significant impact, protecting users from flying debris and other objects.

Its one-piece lens is made of polycarbonate, which is often used to construct protective eyewear. As the lens design spreads towards the ears, making sure that our peripheral vision is clear.

Besides, 3M makes it easy for all wearers to have a comfortable fit when putting these glasses on. We can adjust the ratchet temples until the eyeglass stays securely on our ears and properly covers our eyes. Remarkably, the brand uses pressure diffusion temple technology to distribute the pressure evenly, making long-hour use a breeze.

The striking thing about this pair must be its protection against both UVA and UVB. Wearing the glasses means you have a wide shield covering your eyes, keeping nearly 100% harmful rays out of contact.

The only improvement that I expect from these 3M over the glasses safety glasses is the packaging. Many users, including me, want a durable case included to protect the glasses for remote jobs.
  • A durable OTG model meets ANSI standards for impact resistance.
  • Polycarbonate one-piece lens with wide coverage
  • Comfortable design with adjustable ratchet temples
  • Diffusion temple technology is applied to distribute pressure.
  • Shields our eyes against almost 100% UVA and UVB
  • No case/box included for traveling
When it comes to excellent safety gear, the 3M brand can cater to our needs perfectly. For me, this product is among the best OTG safety glasses I have tried.

Tavool Over Glasses Goggles (Outdated)

The Tavool Safety Glasses Over Glasses Goggles are indeed a keeper with its high protection level against impact and excellent visibility for users. It is the favorite pair of many professionals in construction, mechanics, and chemistry.

When choosing protective eyewear, high-definition vision should always be our priority. With this model, such a requirement is met thanks to its anti-fog lenses and ventilating side design. Surprisingly, these features ensure no condensation even under exposure to water vapor. Hence, humidity and heat cannot easily compromise our vision.

In comparison to most models available, this one’s protecting function comes second to none. Its explosion-proof materials offer superior resistance against impact, preventing sudden flying sharp pieces and hot splashes from hurting our eyes badly. Its lens is so tough and durable that the pair is graded as military eyewear.

Not to mention, anything considered as a hazard to our eyes can be stopped by this Polycarbonate lens. In an unfavorable condition, those risks are debris, airborne, hot water, UV rays, etc., you name it. That is why construction workers, electricians, mechanics, and many other colleagues in the industry fields are using this eyewear.

The manufacturer does not leave out flexibility and comfort when constructing this unit. You can find in the pair a large pad that gently covers our nose bridge. Also, its ultra lightness makes the eyeglass wearable for a long-hour work shift, minimizing fatigue for users.

The only downside is its tight fit that can be bothersome for people with a big face. There should be pieces in larger sizes for a better fit.
  • Offers high-definition vision without condensation despite humidity and heat
  • Explosion-proof materials for resisting impact
  • Polycarbonate lens shield against debris, airborne, hot water, UV rays, etc.
  • A durable option for construction workers, mechanics, and more
  • Large nose pad and lightweight frame for comfortable wear
  • Does not come in larger sizes
Overall, you can confidently wear this robust piece over prescription safety glasses for ultimate safety. Just make sure it is a well-fitted pair to your face.

Crews Safety Polycarbonate Safety Glasses (Outdated)

Another eyewear that should be in every DIY-er’s starter pack is the Crews Law Over The Glass Hybrid Safety Glasses. This five-star worthy accessory offers users much convenience, comfort, and protection at the best price.

What strikes most buyers about the model is its clear lens and frame. For me, such a design is simplicity at its finest, providing casual wear for any individual. Measuring 7 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 3 inches tall, this oversized OTG pair should fit almost all prescription eyeglass types.

Look into this eyewear design; you will find out that the elegant style is not its only appealing point. In detail, this OTV unit comes with a wrap-around frame for clear vision in both center and peripheral view, making us aware of hazards from different angles.

Besides, the lightweight plastic frame makes long-hour work shifts more bearable. Without any metal part incorporated in the structure, it stands out as one of the lightest pieces you can find. Thanks to the non-slip TPR tips at the end of the glasses, you can rest assured that it sits securely throughout your missions.

Notably, the lens can filter out 99.9% of harmful sun rays, helping outdoor workers avoid direct contact with ultraviolet lights. Also, it is tested and certified by the ANSI Z87+ standards, indicating excellent protection against impact and liquid splashes.

Not to mention, this well-constructed lens is coated with an anti-fog finish to block condensation from forming in humid conditions. You can also adjust the lens angle for a clear view using the 5-position ratchet action temple design.

However, you should not expect this OTG eyeglass to resist scratch as well as other high-price models available. Hence, some proper care after using is required for long-lasting clarity.
  • Stylish design with an oversized frame that fit most prescription glasses
  • Wrap-around frame for clear peripheral vision and wide coverage
  • Lightweight plastic frame with non-slip tips for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Filters out 99.9 % ultraviolet lights
  • Meets ANSI Z87+standards for protection against impact and liquid splashes
  • Anti-fog and angle-adjustable lens with 5-position ratchet action temple
  • Requires some care to avoid scratches
All in all, this low-priced pair’s great features and functions never fail to amaze me. I might be doubtful at first, judging its price, yet knowing now it is one of the best budget-friendly safety glasses over prescription glasses.

NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses (Outdated)

A top-rated model with OSHA certification that you can rely on is the NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses. As Nocry is an established name in manufacturing safety gear for workers, it is no surprise that this product is of excellent quality.

Rather than using expensive prescription glasses, many workers opt for this pair to experience reliable protection at a more affordable price. It meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard for protection against impact, radiation, chemical, and other eye hazards. The glasses are also certified by the Canadian Standards Association for its safe use.

Regarding its protective properties, the frame comes with a wrap-around design, shielding both peripheral and central vision for wearers. With this unit, you will no longer endure the damaging effect of UV rays when performing outdoors. I am amazed that even under glaring sunlight, I experience no optical distortion.

As expected, these safety over glasses are made of polycarbonate – a robust material that affords durability. Its lenses can resist scratch, ensuring stable performance for an extended time. In the long term, it is a worthy investment for any worker who seeks protective eyewear.

The final aspect that makes this one a sought-after pair in the market is its comfort and fit. The eye frame size allows breezy wrapping around most glasses, measuring 1.37-inch side high and 1.77-inch center high. Users can rely on its adjustable arm to custom a perfect fit. Plus, its tips are made soft to reduce the pressure on our ears significantly.

In my opinion, this piece promotes simplicity, making it ideal for both male and female workers.

Yet, I find out that these safety glasses to wear over glasses can be clouded when I work in an enclosed space with high temperatures.
  • High-quality eyewear approved by ANSI, OSHA, and CSA standards
  • Wrap-around design for peripheral and central vision protection
  • Protects against UV rays with scratch-resistant lenses
  • Affordable yet long-lasting polycarbonate eyewear
  • Reduces pressure on our ears and offers a good fit with adjustable arms
  • Simple design for both male and female workers
  • Can get clouded up
Despite the minor issue, this pair of Nocry over-glasses safety glasses is among the best protective PPEs I have for work.

What to Look for When Buying Over Glass Safety Glasses


As we cannot afford to choose the wrong safety glasses for our work, it is advisable to look into essential factors that make a reliable product. We perform in different environments and have various requirements for our glasses regarding style, price, fit, etc. Hence, it is best to figure out our demands and look for the right one.

Size and fit – Most over glass safety glasses are made, meaning they have broader lenses and larger frames than our standard eyewear. Yet, their size can vary, depending on specific designs.

So you need to know the shape and measurements of your prescription glasses. That is to make sure the OTG pair can wrap around it without putting too much pressure on our eyes, noses, forehead, and ears.

Large over glass safety glasses can measure up to 6 inches wide, 1.4 high on the side, and 1.8 inches high in the center. Such pieces can fit almost all prescription glasses in the market, be it a modern or classic design. For instance, you can wear a round-lens or square-lens eyeglass underneath with ease.

Some smaller units come with a 1.0-inch lens height. Many users opt for these goggles since their prescription glasses are small, and so are the faces. If that is the case for you, there is no need to purchase super large gear and end up having a hard time to adjust and wear it securely.

Safety standards – As a matter of fact, certified gear can offer you reliable protection against hazards at the worksite. So workers must equip themselves with glasses that meet safety standards. There are some common and essential certifications that you might see in most PPE and especially protective eyewear:

  • ANSI Z87.1 – Workers that perform heavy duties with safety glasses are already familiar with this certification from The American National Standards Institute. And ANSI z87.1 is for eye protection equipment. It indicates that the gear can minimize injuries for wearers against impact, dust, chemical splash, and optical radiation.
  • CSA Z94.3 – CSA Z94.3 approved products can provide excellent eye and face protection for workers. This safety standard proves that the gear is usable in industrial and educational duties. In detail, these OTG glasses can shield our eyes against flying objects, sparks, chemical splashes, UV rays, and infrared radiation.
  • OSHA – Another workpiece that we can rely on is an OSHA approved eyeglass. The piece can work in various conditions such as the construction site, maritime and industrial workplace. That means it is usable in most general settings and situations.
  • FDA – People who currently work in the medical field must know about the FDA certification. FDA registered glasses are the best options for duties in hospitals, laboratories, chemical plants, and more. Yet, people can wear these pairs to handle their tasks in mines, construction workplaces, etc.

Some brands decide to emboss these safety standards on the glass frame, so you can easily notice when shopping offline. Yet, most products are without them, so buyers might want to look into the product description online. Or, you can ask the customer service to know about these qualifications. Make sure you choose ones that meet your current needs.

Protection functions – What most outdoor workers should expect from their OTG glasses is excellent UV protection. The good news is most over-the-glass specs can block up to 99.9% UVA and UVB, preventing direct contact with ultraviolet lights from hurting their visions. It is even better if your chosen glasses can afford optical distortion caused by reflection, too. In that case, you should look for one with polarized polycarbonate lenses.

Impact-resistance is another important protecting aspect for workers in unfavorable environments. If you often perform in a worksite where debris and small objects are flying around, you should take the OTG pair that resist significant impact. The lens should be resilient enough, and the eyeglass frame should be broad enough to shield your eyes from different angles.

For extreme work conditions, some employees have to resort to military-grade goggles that are made of explosion-proof materials. Such units promise an excellent shield against strong force, protecting you and giving you peace of mind when handling tasks in dangerous workplaces.

People also appreciate the safety glasses that keep them safe against airbornes, chemical droplets, splash, and many more hazards in the surroundings. You should know your working conditions well to decide which pair will give you proper protection every day.

Anti-fog and anti-scratch – Besides offering sufficient protection for your eyes, an ideal pair of over glasses, safety pair should provide the best performances for an extended time. To ensure our clear vision, we must look for anti-fog goggles for their duties, especially in hot, humid, and steamy workplaces.

Since we wear prescription specs underneath, we are likely to experience clouded lenses caused by water vapor and our breath, if we wear masks. Hence, we should choose the unit featuring anti-fog lenses coated with an anti-fog finish to ensure optimal clarity for hours on end.

Also, some brands make safety glasses with a ventilating design that allows better airflow for customers. They can add the ventilating holes on the side arms, or construct the breathing valve on top. Yet, if you want to prevent harmful chemicals, you should stick with the ones with a tight design.

Furthermore, most polycarbonate lenses are covered with an anti-scratch coating. Such gear will ensure a clear view for users despite contact with sharp edges, falling objects, or flying debris. So, scratch-resistance is also an important aspect that we should look for in our OTG safety glasses.

Comfort – The next essential factor that we should consider is our comfort when wearing two glasses at the same time for hours on end. How to make such an experience more bearable? The answer is picking lightweight OTG safety goggles to relieve the burden on our eyes and face.

Workers widely love nylon frames as they are super light, making sure the whole glasses weigh around 1 pound or less. Yet, the only weakness of such a pair is its durability under frequent abuse. If you store and take good care of it when not in use, the eyewear can last. But putting them under significant pressure might deform its shape through time.

Plastic is a popular option for lightweight OTG goggles. Pieces made of glasses will offer us a great time. In my experience, wearing them for a couple of hours every day is a breeze. Yet, they are not that resilient and robust compared to polycarbonate eye frames.

Trustworthy brands adopt multiple features to make the user experience a delight. For instance, flexible temple tips incorporated in some units can reduce the pinching, resulting in less irritation. Moreover, most users love to have a pair with large and soft nose pads that embrace their nose bridges nicely without leaving red marks.

Furthermore, the eyeglass temples/headbands should be adjustable. That way, users of different ages, genders, and head types can easily customize their glasses for an excellent fit. The material of those parts is essential, too. They should be resilient enough for protection purposes yet elastic enough to reduce pressure.

Style and versatility – Far gone are the days we only use bulky glasses to protect our eyes. Thousands of modern models in the market make our choices of styles increase significantly. Hence, picking a highly functional, protective, and fashionable pair is not challenging at all.

Most OTG goggles are designed to have a wrap-around frame. That way, the gear can cover our eyes and prescription specs entirely, shielding them from multiple angles. These designs can be very modern with a distinct combination of clear white, black, red, blue, and many more. Many of them are ideal for both work and casual wear.

Also, what most buyers pay attention to is how versatile the glasses can be. For example, many pairs are made with excellent UV protection while offering sufficient clarity in low-light conditions. Such pieces are ideal for various duties. So, you might want to look for ones that work in different environments if you often travel.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a pair of Over Glasses Safety Glasses?

Many people have to wear prescription glasses to work; they cannot take those pairs off since their visions will be compromised without them. Hence, there have to be safety goggles that cover those prescription glasses, protecting your eyes from other hazards at unfavorable work sites. That is where the over glass safety glasses come into the picture.

These pairs are made board enough to cover your eyes and the eyewear beneath. They are often made to shield against UV sun rays for outdoor workers. These shooting glasses over glasses are specially designed to resist significant impact, protecting users from getting hurt by flying objects.

Most OTG units come with a one-piece lens, unlike usual glasses. They offer panorama views with complete protective coverage. Hence, you can rely on these units to keep you safe from airborne, hot splashes, heat, and more.

How does it work?

As stated in this article, a pair of over-the-glass goggles functions as the shield to protect our eyes and prescription glasses. Its lenses are often made of polycarbonate material to ensure ultimate strength to block eye hazards from reducing our visibility when working.

Who is this for?

Many people can make good use of these safety glasses that fit over prescription glasses. Anyone diagnosed with short-sighted, long-sighted, and other eye conditions has to rely on prescription eyewear to see properly. However, such goggles cannot handle the hazards occurring in working environments.

People who perform meticulous duties in engineering, mechanics, or chemistry should seek a well-made OTG pair. It helps them focus on their detailed and complicated work while keeping them safe from external dangers. Since these goggles can prevent chemical drops and spray, doctors and researchers should also be equipped with this protective unit.

Furthermore, individuals playing in outdoor sports need this over-the-glass eyewear. As they do these activities in open areas, glaring sunlight and harmful UV are likely to attack their eyes, reducing their performances. That is why you can see golf players wearing these products often.

What are the different types of over glasses safety glasses?

Depending on the designs, protection features, styles, sizes, and many more factors, we can have many options for safety eyewear. The effort to classify them should be spent on considering those different aspects to choose the one that meets our needs.

Yet, you might encounter a type of over-the-glass goggles with side protection. In truth, not all glasses can offer side brow guard for users. So if you look closely, you can find one that provides such a feature.

Also, people might want an OTG with a tight fit around their eyes. This type of gear will leave no holes or small space for tiny particles like airborne or dust to get into our eyes. Such pieces are ideal for duties in dusty workplaces, but they are not very breathable for long time wear.

So, if you want a comfortable and breathable pair, go with an OTG with ventilated features. There can be ventilating holes on the side or added valves on the top of the eyewear. These pieces are the best picks for work in enclosed, high-temperature, and humid environments.

Advantages and disadvantages of using safety glasses over glasses?

Advantages – Of course, wearing OTG goggles is the best way to protect our expensive prescription glasses. As we want to ensure our visibility, leaving the prescription specs at home is never a choice. Also, over-the-glass pairs these days are lightweight and stylish; we can be free of worry about irritation, fatigue, and bulkiness when wearing two pairs of glasses.

More importantly, these safety pieces can protect our eyes from numerous eye hazards such as dust, debris, flying objects, sharp edges, heat, splashes, UV rays, … and the list goes. With this pair, we are safe and confident enough to work, resulting in better productivity.

Disadvantages – You might start to worry about these OTG goggles’ disadvantages when they do not fit well around your prescription glasses. That would be a disaster. Also, units without proper protection for your current job can lead to unwanted incidents. For instance, you should never wear gear without anti-fog coating when working in a humid and steamy workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who makes the best over the glasses safety glasses?

While scrolling through our list, you might already have in hand the best names in the industry that offer excellent safety gear for your eyes. The most famous brands should be 3M Safety and Nocry, they have been around for a long time, offering all kinds of PPE for workers in different fields. You can rely on their products for a smooth and safe time at work.

Also, other excellent choices with their unique strength that might meet your needs are plentiful. You can take a look at Honeywell, SolidWorks, Allen company, Crews Safety, Pyramex, and many more.

Can you wear safety glasses over prescription glasses?

Of course, you can, and more importantly, you should. After putting on your prescription specs, covering it with safety goggles that keep eye hazards away is a must. As long as the safety glasses are large enough to fit around your face, then you are good to go.

How to wear it?

Wearing glasses is not rocket science; anyone can do that with ease. However, there are some notes that you should pay attention to while wearing an OTG pair. The most important thing is to avoid scratching your prescription specs; thus, you must leave a gap between the OTG and the underneath glasses.

Also, after putting over-the-glass goggles on, make sure you adjust its temple/headband to achieve a secure fit. The unit should embrace your forehead, nose bridges, and cheek nicely without leaving too much pressure. If you wear the glass to prevent chemical droplets, splashes and smell, make sure it sits tightly to your face.

Where to buy OTG safety glasses?

The best places to look for safety gear are official stores of reliable brands. They can give you detailed specifications of the products, important information about its use, protection functions, and so on. If you want a wide range of choices, you can go to Lowe’s or Walmart, or Home Depot to pick your piece, but only after you know about the product details.

Otherwise, an excellent and effortless way to shop for your OTG pair is through an eCommerce website. Many big and reliable sites present all key descriptions, prices, customer reviews, Q&A sessions, literally all you need to make a well-informed decision.


There is no excuse not to wear the best over glasses safety glasses to protect your prescription specs and your eyes during work. Hopefully, with our highly-recommended list and detailed buying guide, you have a better understanding of the importance of this product. Take good care of your chosen gear so it will be your companion at the workplace for a long time.

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