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The Best Photochromic Safety Glasses

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best photochromic safety glasses

People from different workplaces can take advantage of protective eyeglasses to perform their tasks safely and effectively. They just need to choose the right type that offers suitable protection against specific hazards.

In this article, we present a list of some best photochromic safety glasses. This product is an essential accessory that shields wearers against Ultraviolet rays, strong winds, debris, flying objects, and more.

If you are wary of which one to purchase or how to choose the ideal protective eyewear with transitional lenses, this article will be a big help. Read on to find out more.

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YIMI Photochromic Sunglasses Details
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TJUTR Photochromic Sunglasses Details
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ROCKBROS Photochromic Sunglasses Details

Best Photochromic Safety Glasses Reviews

1. YIMI Photochromic z87 Sunglasses

If you seek safety sunglasses designed for casual wear, you should check out the YIMI Polarized Photochromic model. Such a simple look appealed to me right away; then, I chose to stick with the pair thanks to its unique functions.

This polarized eyewear stands out among competing pieces with its capability to reduce glare reflected by water or glass. Such a function promises minimal distortion of colors and shapes of objects, allowing us to see clearly. That is why this one is the ideal partner for outdoor activities under sunlight, such as running, fishing, or driving.

Regarding its protection against UV, the pair comes second to none as it blocks 100% harmful rays. In truth, this eyewear can resist both UVA and UVB using the coated lens, proving its superior safety function. You should know that its lens measures 1.57 inches wide, so your eyes will be appropriately shielded against glaring sunbeams.

I consider this one a must-have item in my package when going out due to its excellent photochromic function. When the lens detects intensity changes in sunlight and ultraviolet lights, it quickly turns into a dark gray shade.

Besides protecting our visions, its color blends well with the eyeglass frame design, making it a stylish accessory for outfit mix and match.

Let’s not forget that the metal frame can withstand mild impact. Until now, I faced no frame breaking or distorting issue due to its resilient material.

Still, I don’t recommend using these auto tint safety glasses at night since it might not prevent flare and glare as well as in daylight.
  • Polarized eyewear minimizes color and shape distortions.
  • Ideal for various outdoor activities under sunlight
  • Blocks 100% UVA and UVB rays using the coated lens
  • Lens measures 1.57 inches wide to cover our eyes.
  • Photochromic function turns the lens into a gray shade.
  • A stylish accessory for outfit mix and match
  • Durable metal eyeglass frame for prolonged use
  • Glare and flare prevention does not work that well at night.
Despite the minor flaw occurring at night, these light adjusting safety glasses deserve your attention and consideration. It is among the polarized pieces that offer both style and protection.

2. TJUTR Photochromic Sunglasses

TJUTR introduces multiple designs of high-quality safety eyewear. Among those products, one specific piece with transition lenses that catches my attention is the TJUTR Men’s Photochromic Sunglasses.

When purchasing this model, you can rest assured that it will be of excellent use in the long haul. The eyewear ensures stable performance for a long time with its solid frame made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Such material provides corrosion-resistance, environmental protection, and impact-resistance.

Most importantly, its composite TAC lens with UV-protection coating offers a multiple-layer shield against external hazards. It does a fantastic job of absorbing ultraviolet lights that often hurt our eyes upon direct exposure. Furthermore, TAC lenses can resist scratches, prolonging the life of this eyewear.

As outdoor missions are often carried under glaring sunlight, distortions of colors and shapes are among major concerns for workers. But with this pair’s polarization, you can confidently carry on performing as the lens effectively absorbs the glare that strains your eyes.

Besides, as its lens is 2.68 inches wide, it can cover your eyes entirely against wind and dirt. About its style, these glasses come with rectangular transition lenses. And such a structure is often preferred by male workers.

In my opinion, the only drawback of this photochromic glasses is its weight, as the piece seems not as light as I expected.
  • Comes with a solid frame made of aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • The frame ensures corrosion and impact-resistance & environmental protection.
  • Composite TAC lens with UV-protection coating
  • Polarized lenses effectively absorb the glare.
  • 68-inch-wide lens to cover the eyes against wind and dirt
  • Rectangular transition lenses preferred by male workers
  • Not as lightweight as expected
Overall, this durable and robust piece with high-performance safety glasses transition lenses is among the best models money can buy.

3. ROCKBROS Photochromic Sunglasses

The ROCKBROS Photochromic Sunglasses are an incredible combination of style and protecting capability. It has always been my favorite companion when working or joining outdoor activities.

Design-wise, this safety eyewear is super lightweight, measuring only 29 grams. Plus, it features a soft nose bridge made of rubber, so wearing the piece for extended time does not cause any comfort. You should also know that the rubber bridge is customizable to stay put.

Style-wise, there are three color options available for different preferences. I personally love the black-blue model, boasting a sporty yet professional vibe. Yet, the black-green and the black-red are also ideal picks that go well with many outfit choices.

For your information, the red one’s frame is constructed out of plastic, while the other two are rubber.

What makes this photochromic pair popular among cyclists must be its protection against multiple hazards. In truth, the lens can block harmful UV light from attacking our eyes. It changes to a darker color, depending on how intense the UV is. Also, your vision will not be compromised as it offers sufficient clarity despite changing colors.

The durable polycarbonate lens that partly shields our eyes against dust, small flying objects, and rain makes it a versatile model. You can utilize these photochromic safety glasses for running, climbing or driving, and more.

Still, the photochromatic lens is working fine, not so quickly, or at a superb level. But I think we can expect such a performance from a budget-friendly product.
  • Super lightweight design and adjustable soft nose for comfort
  • Three colors: black-red (plastic frame), black-blue, black-green (rubber frame)
  • Photochromic lense blocks harmful UV rays
  • Durable polycarbonate lens to partly blocks dust and rain.
  • Ideal for various outdoor activities
  • An affordable photochromatic eyewear
  • Not a superb photochromatic lens
All in all, I think this is an ideal pair of transition safety glasses for users that seek an affordable yet stylish and durable piece.

4. EJ Photochromic Glasses

Coming up next in our list is popular eyewear from EJ boasting of classic vibe – the First and Only True Classic Photochromic Glasses. If you are a fan of this style, look no further than this well-designed pair.

This model of safety glasses can never go out of style. It embraces different types of faces, highlighting their features with a classic look. Besides offering a universal fit for users, the eyeglass also wins their hearts by staying true with a basic look covered in black.

Furthermore, its matte black frame made of plastic is lightweight and tough, ensuring long-lasting utilization. For added durability, the model is reinforced with metal hinges. Hence, you can confidently wear it to multiple outdoor sports activities such as golfing, hiking, biking, and more.

The most distinct feature of this safety glass is its smart and powerful photochromic function. The polycarbonate lens adapts quickly to changing lighting conditions. When the lens is exposed to harmful UV rays, it automatically transforms from clear-mirror to grey, then dark grey.

Also, loyal customers only have good things to say about the customer service of EJ Moonshot. Being a new name compared to other decade-old labels, the brand starts to establish its stand with satisfying service.

In my experience, I received the box with sturdy and beautiful packaging, and the brand was quick to respond to exchanging or returning requests.

Like some available photochromic models, this eyewear can only turn into sunglasses with dark shade when directly contacted with sunlight.
  • A classic design offering universal fit and a basic look
  • Perfect for various outdoor sports
  • Durable plastic-made frame and metal hinges
  • Polycarbonate lens adapts and changes colors quickly when exposed to UV rays.
  • Excellent customer service from EJ Moonshot
  • Only turns into sunglasses in direct sunlight.
In conclusion, classic eyewear fans should never miss out on trying these safety glasses with transition lenses. The pair is of great use for various purposes with harmful sun rays protection.

5. Bullhead Safety Eyewear BH10613 Safety Glass

The next piece that is worth checking out is the Bullhead Safety Eyewear BH10613 model. Many wearers vouch for its all-day comfort design and protection against harmful rays.

As a highly-functional photochromic eyeglass, this product excels at keeping UVA and UVB away from our eyes. 99% of these hazardous light rays are filtered out; thus, we can work at a great height on a sunny day with ease. Remarkably, this lens can also block UVC, which often comes from artificial sources such as LEDs and mercury lamps.

The brand takes eye protection to another level with its eight-base curve design for both lenses. Such a board and flexible coverage ensures complete blockage against hazards and still promotes clear vision.

You can rest assured that this model will do its protecting job well as it is tested and approved by ANSI for high-impact resistance. Besides, the hard coating treats the lens amazes me with the durability it offers for long-term use.

Apart from excellent protection, these transitional safety glasses also shine in terms of comfort. You will find a soft TPR nose piece attached to this piece, allowing you to adjust freely for safe and comfortable use. Plus, people compliment the super lightweight design of this pair, claiming that wearing it all day is not a hardship at all.

Lastly, I have to say how this matte black model with the signature Bullhead logo will be a cool accessory for male workers. But its size might not go well with people with a wide face.
  • Blocks 99% natural (UVA, B) and artificial (UVC) harmful rays
  • Eight-base curve lens design for wide coverage and clear vision
  • Receives ANSI certification for high-impact resistance
  • Hard-coating treated lenses offering excellent durability.
  • Soft and adjustable TPR nose piece and lightweight design for comfortable wear
  • Matte black glasses with signature Bullhead logo for a cool look
  • Not ideal for wide faces
Despite its relatively small fit, these self tinting safety glasses are designed to provide optimal protection for workers in multiple environments.

6. Epoch Eyewear Photochromic Sunglasses

The next entry that meets the ANSI Z87.1+ standard for eye protection is the Epoch Eyewear Hybrid Photochromic Sunglasses. This pair’s versatile applications never cease to amaze me.

Regarding its style, the model comes with a hybrid design as its lens only measures one centimeter high and wide. Such a compact build is ideal for people with a small face. The narrow lens also provides a unique look for wearers, making them stand out among others with a high-fashioned accessory.

More importantly, its flexible structure allows you to detach the arm to connect to a goggle strap for specific missions. Users sometimes utilize this pair as a riding eyeglass featuring comfortable and protective foam. They might as well rely on this model to shield their eyes against dust, flying objects, and wind.

Besides, as this pair is polarized eyewear, it can offer clear visibility under sunlight with minimum distortion. Such a feature is essential for workers performing jobs requiring meticulous care.

Considering the variety of functions this model offers, it is a worthwhile investment to motorcyclists, workers in different fields, and casual wearers alike.

It is worth mentioning that the photochromic feature incorporated in its glass lens is superior. It darkens the lens’s color to smokey shade when detecting sunlight, protecting our eyes from UVA and UVB rays. You can trust them to have a quick transition to function as protective sunglasses in a few seconds.

Still, I expected a darker shade from this model, but it only reaches a certain degree that cannot completely hide your eyes.
  • A hybrid design with lenses measuring one centimeter high and wide
  • Allows detaching the arm to connect to a goggle strap
  • Can function as a riding eyeglass with protective foam
  • Shields against dust, flying objects, and wind
  • Polarized eyewear for clear visibility with minimum distortion
  • Protects the eyes from UVA and UVB rays with superb photochromic feature
  • Not very dark shade when transitioning
As it offers all the bells and whistles that high-end eyewear can bring me, I never regret purchasing these photochromic glasses.

7. Phillips Safety Products Glasses

The next option for a unique safety eyeglass is the Phillips Safety Glasses with Transitions Lenses. It comes with a new style that many users might want to try out, replacing their old-fashioned piece.

It is noticeable that this new generation of eyewear boasts of a different frame structure than current pieces in the market. It embraces our eyes and ears nicely with the wraparound pewter frame. Also, the brand promotes a sophisticated look for their product with a semi-rimless design.

Other than leading the market with a distinct style, this model with a wraparound frame can afford a close and secure fit for wearers. The attached nose pads will allow you to have a comfortable experience wearing the glasses for an extended time. Besides, you can pick between small or medium sizes to settle with a well-fitted piece.

The main reason why many sports players and outdoor workers opt for this pair must be its unparalleled protecting capability. They can wear these photochromic glasses to prevent compromised visions caused by harmful UV rays. Not to mention, it is the only piece in this list that was approved by both ANSI and OSHA for safe and reliable usage.

If you value product durability as you work in hazardous environments, picking this eyewear makes excellent sense. In truth, its photochromic lens is made of polycarbonate – a robust material that can resist significant impact.

On the other hand, I’m not very fond of how the nose pads are flimsy. I suggest you reinforce the part before use in case it falls off after a while.
  • A unique model with a wraparound pewter frame and a semi-rimless design
  • Embraces our eyes and ears nicely with a secure and close fit
  • Available nose pads for comfortable wear
  • Two sizes to pick from: small and medium
  • Protect our eyes from harmful UV rays
  • Meets ANSI and OSHA standards for safe and reliable use
  • Robust polycarbonate photochromic lens that resists impact
  • The nose pads are not as durable as expected.
All in all, these photochromic safety glasses are among the best models you can find that promote a unique, modern look and excellent protection at the same time.

8. Global Vision Safety Glasses

The Hercules 24 from Global Vision Eyewear earns a deserving spot in the list of high-ranking safety glasses with photochromic lenses. You can trust this tested and certified product for protection against hazards at the workplace.

A notable feature of this model is its nylon eyeglass frame. Nylon is among the popular choices for safety eyewear as it can withstand both high and low temperatures. Plus, this product receives ANSI Z87.1 approval for industrial use, meaning it is durable enough for duties in harsh conditions.

Here’s more information about its durability: the lens is constructed out of polycarbonate with shatterproof and scratch-resistance functions. Hence, you can use the piece to shield your eyes from strong wind, flying objects, and debris. Such a feature makes it a perfect pick for outdoor work and activities.

With a high-performance photochromic function, this model transforms into dark-shade sunglasses in a matter of seconds when facing direct sunlight. It responds to the light intensity by changing the color from clear to smoke, thus blocking hazardous UV rays from affecting our vision.

I am happy to find out about its rubber ear pads designed for added comfort. Due to this feature, we can wear the eyeglass for hours on end without hurting our ears. Also, fans of low-profile glasses will indeed love this matte-black style.

I am okay with this shade as its protection is superb, but it is not the darkest sunglasses that you can find in the market.
  • Nylon eyeglass frame withstanding hot and cold temperatures
  • Receives ANSI Z87.1 approval for industrial use
  • Polycarbonate lenses with shatterproof and scratch-resistance functions
  • Responses to the light intensity by changing the color and blocking UV rays
  • Rubber ear pads for added comfort
  • Matte-black eyewear for fans of low-profile designs
  • Not the darkest-shade sunglasses available
Despite the minor flaw, this model gains numerous compliments in the photochromic safety glasses reviews for its performance in hazardous environments.

9. Spits Eyewear Photochromic Safety Glasses

What can be a refreshing addition to your collection is the Yellow Photochromic Safety Glasses from Spits Eyewear. If you are fed up with the usual grey or black shades, you might want to pick this one for a change.

As expected, polycarbonate is the chosen material to make its resilient lens. We can rely on the shatter-proof function to utilize the pair for a long time without worry. Notably, its lens is certified by the ANSI standard, proving reliable and safe usage in industrial duties.

About its color changes, this beautiful eyewear darkens its shades from crystal mirror to red mirror, and from bright yellow to medium green. As the color transforms, the safety glasses photochromic lenses shield our eyes from being attacked by glaring sunlight when working.

I am also amazed by this updated version of photochromic function featuring reactors with light-changing titanium oxide mirrored coating. Such a stable and hard oxide layer ensures durability for years to come. It makes the lens a heat-reflecting mirror that affords protection against direct heat to our eyes.

The elegant and sleek design of this safety eyewear scores big time. According to many female workers who love to show their unique style, the model is their go-to auto tinting safety glasses. The light-grey frame goes well with its lens’ changing colors.

Plus, the overall frame with extra secure tabs is robust yet flexible enough for comfortable wear.

Please note that it will not change shades when UV rays are already blocked by another outer face shields or by windshields of the vehicle you are in.
  • Polycarbonate makes a resilient lens that resists shattering.
  • ANSI standard certified lens for industrial applications
  • Changes from crystal mirror to red mirror, bright yellow to medium green
  • Reactors with titanium oxide mirrored coating for durability and heat-reflecting
  • An elegant and sleek frame matches with the changing-colored lens.
  • Flexible and comfortable wear with extra secure tabs
  • Does not change color when UV rays are already blocked
All in all, if you want to go to work in style, these beautiful auto darkening safety glasses can be a suitable purchase for your everyday duties.

10. 3M 78371620339 Protective Eyewear

The second entry that can be your favorite photochromic safety glasses is these Smart Lens Protective Eyewear from 3M. The well-established brand that provides multiple protective gears for workers does not disappoint with this high-quality pair.

Understanding the importance of eye protection in critical work, 3M offers highly-functional photochromic eyewear. Its lens can absorb hazardous UV rays, preventing both UVA and UVB from harming our eyes.

These goggles work by quickly darkening the color when detecting changes in light intensity. Notably, the process only happens in less than 20 seconds – the moment we enter our outdoor workplace. That’s how smart and powerful this model is.

Furthermore, these lenses are made of polycarbonate – popular and reliable materials often used to resist impact. You can rest assured about its performances as these goggles meet ANSI safety standards. Due to its certified protecting capability, you can wear them to perform machining, drilling, and sanding tasks without worry.

To work hours on end wearing protective glasses, users require optimal comfort from the pair. Luckily, this 3M safety eyewear can offer an excellent experience with multiple features.

For instance, its spring temples and nose bridges are adjustable for a secure fit on different face types. The nylon brown on the glasses promises a gentle embrace around our forehead.

Just a note in case you want a dark lens that hides your eyes completely, these 3M photochromic safety glasses do not reach such shade.
  • Highly-functional photochromic eyewear that blocks UVA and UVB rays
  • Darken its lens quickly when detecting lighting changes
  • Polycarbonate lens to resist impact, meeting ANSI safety standards
  • Ideal for multiple tasks such as machining, drilling, and so on
  • Adjustable spring temples and nose bridges for a secure fit
  • Excellent comfort from soft nylon brown
  • Does not darken enough to hide our eyes completely
In truth, I am satisfied that I picked these transition lens safety glasses for my daily work as it offers excellent performances.

What to Look for When Buying Photochromic Safety Glasses


Numerous products in the market offer similar features yet show unique functions that make them suitable for specific purposes. Seeking the right photochromic safety glasses can take us less time and effort when we know the essential factors to consider. Take a look at this guide to understand what the market has to offer:

Eyeglass frame – There are many materials chosen by different manufacturers to construct their eyeglass frames.

  • Rubber – Rubber is a popular pick among them as it shows incredible flexibility and malleability. That means a rubber frame can withstand break and crack under mild pressure. Plus, the eyewear made of rubber is more lightweight and affordable than other products. Hence, it is ideal for people under a tight budget who look for decent-quality eyeglass frames.
  • Metal – Another widely-used material is metal, including titanium, Monel, beryllium, flexon, stainless steel, and aluminum. Each type of metal frame will offer distinct benefits for users.

For instance, the lightweight and flexible choices will be Beryllium and flexon. They are both corrosion-resistant, so you can rest assured that these glasses can last in harsh conditions.

If you want a durable piece that can resist harmful external effects, the titanium eye frame is ideal. Stainless steel can also provide the same protection at an affordable price. Meanwhile, a more high-end option is aluminum eyeglass, as it will offer stable performances for long-term use.

Other than that, people go for a Monel frame due to its safe use for sensitive skin since it is nickel-free. These Monel safety glasses are also pretty flexible.

  • Plastic – Needless to say, plastic eye frames are prevalent in the market. The ones made of Zyl is a budget-friendly model. Not to mention, it is a lightweight material that allows breezy adjustment when needed.

Besides, cellulose acetate propionate and octyl is another excellent option if you value flexibility. Notably, the former material is also safe for allergic people since it is unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction. Meanwhile, the latter can be easily modified to offer you a secure fit.

Regarding plastic eye frames that promote excellent durability, blended nylon and polycarbonate should be your go-to products. They are both resilient enough to endure pressure while offering outstanding performances.

Eyeglass lens – Most photochromic safety glasses have lenses made of polycarbonate. This material is used widely among the most well-established eyewear brands as it ensures excellent function for a long time. Hence, you can easily find a piece with polycarbonate lenses in the market.

Other than the primary material, different manufacturers choose to upgrade their eyeglass lenses using various methods. Some of them use new reactors with light changing titanium oxide coating to ensure excellent durability. Such a product will work flawlessly in the long haul despite hazardous conditions.

Besides, others intend to make the sunglasses shatterproof. If your chosen product meets ANSI z87.1 – 2010 standard for industrial applications, you can rest assured that its polycarbonate lenses can shield your eyes against flying objects and dust with ease. Furthermore, a scratch-resistant coating is essential when the brand wants to keep the lens immaculate despite unwanted contact with sharp objects.

Additionally, you can expect your glass lens to withstand a significant impact. Such a model often meets ANSI standards for high-impact function, making it ideal for various fields. This eyewear lens is usually treated with a hard-coat layer to ensure incredible robustness.

Some users might prefer polarized glasses to minimize color and shape distortion. This type of lens only allows light rays to go vertically through it and block all horizontal waves reflected on glass or water. Hence, this type of lens will allow clear vision for workers with meticulous duties.

Photochromic function – Most of us choose photochromic glasses since the pair functions as both ordinary glasses and sunglasses simultaneously. With the right photochromic safety glasses with readers, we are spared the trouble of changing eyewear whenever we step outside.

Most photochromic lenses change their colors from crystal clear to darker shades due to the lighting conditions. However, some others only transition to dark colors under direct contact with sunlight. You can consider this factor to choose the right piece as some glasses will not work when you wear a hat or sit in a vehicle with windshields that block sunlight.

If you are fans of grey and black shade photochromic glasses, it will be a breeze to pick an ideal pair. Still, their shade varies as some turns quite dark, and others just become mild grey. Besides, more and more products are made with different shades to pick from; some might turn into dark red, brown, or dark blue.

You might already know that these transition lenses will protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. Most of them act as the shield against 99 to 100% UVA and UVB, which are natural lights. Some models are made to block UVC, which is the artificial lights generated from LEDs or mercury lamps. Depending on your duties, you can pick the suitable one with proper protection.

Design – Among the numerous designs available, it is vital to pick what suits your jobs and styles the most. Eyeglasses are among the accessories that complement our look, and they vary in terms of structure and color.

Some stick with the classic vibe as they choose the pieces coming with wide lenses and frames. These classic photochromic models can never go out of style. You can see them often come in black color and a universal fit for everyone to wear comfortably. Plus, this design suits lots of workplaces as it promotes a professional look.

A hybrid design will be a perfect pick for users who want to use these sunglasses mostly for biking. It comes with protective foam that allows their eyes to be shielded against strong winds and dust. Hence, they can see the terrain ahead clearly while cycling at a fast speed.

As for modern design, a semi-rimless design with a wraparound frame is also the norm these days. It embraces our faces well while protecting us from external hazards. Furthermore, these eyeglasses offer a close fit that excels at resisting impact. The modern style will be, indeed, many stylist users’ cup of tea.

Other than that, the lens size will be a factor that you should pay attention to while picking the right model. Depending on your face type, you might want to choose a broader lens to cover your eyes completely or a small rectangular one to show a high-fashioned look. Sometimes, opting for the basic round pieces is also a good call.

Comfort – For a comfortable fit, most brands add a soft and adjustable nose bridge for the product. Some pieces also come with nylon brow to embrace our forehead nicely, reducing the pressure in case of sudden contact from flying objects. Such features contribute to a comfortable experience.

Also, you might find in the market several designs featuring ear pads for both comfort and security. These pads will make the glasses stay put while we carry our missions. They are often made of soft rubber material to avoid hurting our ears after long hours of wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who is this for?

An effective photochromic eyeglass will be of excellent use for many people. Any field can benefit from such a functional and versatile pair, as long as they choose the right model. Since this product’s primary purpose is to block harmful UV rays, it can ensure healthier eyes and excellent eyesight for everyone.

The ones who benefit the most from this eyewear must be cyclists. They need resilient safety glasses that embrace their faces securely while shielding their eyes against hazards along the road. And these photochromic glasses can keep them focused on the road without being disturbed by glaring light and strong winds.

Besides, people who often go hiking, running, or climbing will indeed make good use of these glasses with transitional lenses. The exposure to direct sunlight when they are jogging, or climbing can result in vision compromising. So wearing these protective glasses will help them perform well and find their ways back safely.

Our daily activities, such as driving on motorbike or car, require eye protection, too. And nothing is as ideal as this type of eyewear where both reading glasses and sunglasses are combined into one. We can flexibly utilize it when driving to our workplace.

What are the different types of photochromic safety glasses?

As there are numerous photochromic glasses available in the market, it might be easier for users to pick based on their type. There will be a difference in the degree of darkening of these glasses. Some will transform into a darker color in some seconds upon direct exposure under sunlight; others might take up to a minute or more.

Furthermore, the shades are different as some lenses manage to reach a super dark color that completely hides your eyes. Some only reach a certain degree of darkening yet still offer the same protection against harmful UV lights.

The differences also come from the material of the frame and its lenses. You might want to take a look at the buying guide above for detailed information.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a pair of photochromic safety glasses?

Advantages – It is obvious how photochromic safety glasses benefit users in daily life and work. A functional pair shields us from the attack of UV rays, including UVA and UVB. If we are often on the road for work, equipping ourselves with a piece will result in healthier eyes.

Notably, this product protects us from many hazards, such as strong winds, flying objects, dust, and dirt. As a result, we can focus on our work and stay safe during traveling. In some cases, a prescription safety pair is a must-have accessory for our duties.

Disadvantage – Of course, there will be limits to these glasses, and the damages can be significant if we choose the wrong one. Specific jobs require different features and functions for proper protection. For instance, if we pick non-prescription lenses that do not go well with our eyes, it can damage our vision when we use it to read often.

Who makes the best photochromic safety glasses?

Established labels that make excellent photochromic safety glasses are the sources that we need to check out first. Some of the most famous names must be ROCKBROS and their collections for women and men, 3M- a reliable brand for protecting accessories.

Also, YIMI has a huge collection of photochromic sunglasses with various styles at an affordable price. If you are a fan of modern designs, check out their versatile products. Spits Eyewear and TJUTR are offering some unique models, too. You should also look at Phillips Safety, Global Vision or OAKLEY photochromic safety glasses, etc.

How long do photochromic lenses last?

For your information, most photochromic lenses will ensure excellent performance within your prescription. For ones made of plastic, the average time will be around two years and a half. Meanwhile, photochromic lenses made of glass do not stop working. Their functions can even get better with age. The excellent news is glass lenses’ darkening ability will not be affected over time.

Can you buy non prescription transition safety glasses?

In the market, both non-prescription and prescription lenses are for sale. When you contact the chosen brand or manufacturer, they will make lenses without a prescription that suits your needs. Such a product can fit in most types of sunglasses frames. So the answer is yes, you can buy non-prescription transition safety glasses without difficulty.

How to care and clean?

To keep your eyeglass clean, you might want to take care of both its frame and lenses. Yet, cleaning the frame is a breeze as you can rid the dust off its body with a small brush or a piece of a soft cloth. However, care for photochromic lenses can take more time and effort.

You might want to make it a habit, which means cleaning it at least once a week to ensure its excellent performances for a long time. To eliminate the oil and dust building up on these lenses, we need lukewarm water and mild soap. You should carefully detach the lenses from the frames, then soak them in warm water with some drop of soap. Gently wash them afterward to make sure all dust is gone. Dry them with care using a soft piece of cloth and put them back into the frame, then you are good to go.


You can buy the best photochromic safety glasses easily as long as you have an ideal pick in mind. After considering all the essential factors and deciding on a final piece, all you have to do is bring it home for daily wear.

Regarding offline purchasing, you can look for official stores in your city. For instance, people living in Canada can go to Home Depot to try the glasses directly. Regarding online shopping, purchasing through a reliable e-commerce website is a breeze, no matter where you are.

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