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The Best Right Angle Flashlights (90 Degree Flashlight)

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best right angle flashlight

The best right angle flashlight is not only the perfect tool for firefighters, rescuers, law enforcement officers, and military personnel.

These compact, high-light production and hands-free devices are also suitable for hikers, campers, anglers, hunters, plumbers, automotive technicians, DIYers. They are for anyone else who wants to make full use of both hands to get the job done.

A right-angle LED flashlight is one of the most versatile illuminating devices on the market. These tools also shine a more extensive surface area than straight flashlights, functioning as a miniature floodlight.

Unfortunately, not all right-angle hands-free lights have similar specifications, features, and performance. Our research shows that the following three factors are crucial.

  • Light Output: Nobody wants a torch that does not shine as bright as it should. A right-angle firefighter flashlight should have at least 160 lumens of light. However, it would be best to get a torch with a higher luminosity rating than one with a lower score. For example, a 500-lumen lamp will shine brighter and farther than a 200-lumen device.
  • Beam Intensity: Not only does a flashlight illuminate surfaces, but it should also create a beam that can pass through smoke and darkness. Manufacturers express their flashlights’ beam intensity ratings in ‘candelas’ (cd), which defines the flashlight’s beam distance. A 3,600-cd torch can light up to 130 yards, while a 2,500-cd unit might only illuminate up to 80 yards.
  • Battery Type: Most angled flashlights rely on rechargeable CR123A lithium (Li) batteries for power, while others use lithium-ion (Li-ion), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), or non-rechargeable alkaline power cells. The best products allow interchangeability between different battery types for convenience, practicality, and versatility.

Buyers might also want to consider the right-angle flashlight’s durability, price, certification, other features, size, and weight. We shall describe these other factors in the following right-angle LED flashlight reviews and buying guide.

# Product name
Top 1
NICRON N7 Tactical Flashlight Details
Top 2
Streamlight 90540 Details
Top 3
OLIGHT Perun 2 Headlamp Details

Top 11 Right Angle Flashlight Reviews

1. NICRON N7 Tactical Flashlight

Although there are instances when a straight torch is best, the Nicron N7 Tactical Flashlight addresses this issue.

This adjustable angle flashlight combines the performance of straight flashlights and 90-degree angled torches in one device.

This flashlight’s head design allows me to use it as a straight torch or a 90-degree lamp with a simple button press. The versatility it offers is endless, like having two illuminating tools in one handheld unit.

It is convenient to use its light production, delivering 600 lumens of brightness reaching 413 feet. Even its AA battery-powered 250-lumen output is sufficient for mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and other technicians.

Unlike other right-angle flashlights, this 90-degree tactical flashlight has an ingenious magnetic tail cap. It also enhances the flashlight’s four light modes, including a strobe and SOS function. I love the SOS feature, empowering me to attract rescuer attention in emergencies.

Its IP65 rating gives this flashlight the ability to withstand a four-foot drop and temporary water submersions. It also feels pleasant to hold. The torch’s 4.4-inch long and 0.78-inch diameter design makes it more like a permanent marker. It does not feel heavy, too, tipping the scale at only 1.92 ounces.
  • Combines 90-degree-angle and straight flashlight design for maximum versatility
  • 600 lumens N7 LED technology with 413 feet maximum beam distance
  • Magnetic tail cap and multiple light modes for versatility
  • Excellent shock and fall resistance and moisture and dust ingress protection
  • Comfortable feel on the hand due to the small and lightweight design
  • Batteries not included in the package
Although I appreciate the use of rechargeable 14500 lithium-ion (Li-on) or AA alkaline batteries for this flashlight, people must buy them separately. Nevertheless, this adjustable angle torchlight makes an excellent buy since it only costs a fraction of leading brands.

2. Streamlight 90540 Survivor Right Angle Flashlight

Firefighters need a torch that cuts through dense smoke like a lighthouse beam on a foggy night. The Streamlight 90540 Survivor firefighter right angle flashlight is perfect for the job. This device creates the most intense light beam that can illuminate almost any surface more than a thousand feet away.

I am surprised that this right-angle firefighter flashlight only delivers a 175-lumen maximum light production. However, its beam intensity is an astounding 41,000 candelas, producing a light beam reaching 1,329 feet. That is three and a half football fields! Impressive.

I find this torch’s advanced Luxeon LED technology impressive. Although it only produces three watts, the bulb complements the beam generator’s deep-dish parabolic design. It is an ingenious solution for concentrating light energy, creating a super-bright beam.

I am also impressed with this torch’s indestructible nylon polymer casing. People can drop it from a 30-foot height, and this flashlight will not break apart. It is water-resistant and has ample protection against dust ingress, safeguarding its advanced microprocessor.

Holding this flashlight is also a breeze because of the integrated clip and D-ring. People will not have issues freeing their hands to do things that matter.

One minor drawback is its ordinary, almost-vintage design. Some people might not like it. On the other hand, its bright-orange color is perfect for improving visibility.
  • Delivers 175 lumens and 41,000-candela beam intensity
  • Integrated D-ring and clip for attachment versatility
  • IP66-rated with rugged nylon polymer casing for exceptional durability
  • Advanced Luxeon LED technology with unique beam generator design
  • Some people might not like the vintage and low-profile design
Overall, this is the top-rated 90 degree flashlight for modern heroes who need to see through the darkness and thick fog and smoke. Its versatility and durability are also unquestionable.

3. OLIGHT Perun 2 Headlamp

Here is a right-angle firefighters flashlight almost everyone is excited to buy. The OLIGHT Perun 2 is one of the most versatile hands-free illuminating devices on the market, with an ultra-modern design to go with it.

The flashlight’s 544-foot beam distance makes it the ideal solution for firefighters and rescuers moving through thick smoke and fog. Its 2,500 lumens rating is enough to flood the field with bright light.

Using this flashlight to read in the dark is also easy. It has an advanced proximity sensor that automatically reduces the light intensity when the distance between the lens and the lit surface is small. People will have an instant reading light wherever they go while preserving night vision.

I appreciate this torch’s proprietary battery. People can plug a USB charging cable in the built-in charging port to top up. The torch recharges 33% faster than traditional systems, enabling people to use the flashlight sooner than later.

I like the included headband because it is soft and smooth. There are two adjustment points for the most comfortable fit over the head. And if I do not want the torch on my head, I can always rely on its stainless steel clip to secure it in my pocket. The base also has a magnet, perfect for attaching to metallic surfaces.

This product is the most expensive right angle flashlight firefighter model on this list. Its non-replaceable battery also does not justify the price. I wish one could swap the power cells with other battery types.
  • Extends a beam of light up to 544 feet with its 2,500 lumens
  • Proprietary rechargeable lithium-ion battery with fast-charger
  • Advanced proximity sensor for more efficient lighting
  • With headband, magnetic base, stainless steel clip, and lanyard for optimum hands-free use
  • IPX8-rated design for resisting water intrusion
  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Pricier than expected
Bikers, joggers, hikers, campers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts will love this flashlight. Its IPX8 rating gives it exceptional waterproofing, perfect for the outdoors.

4. Streamlight 88087 ProTac 90 Right-angle Light

The Streamlight 88087 ProTac 90 degree angle flashlight is one of the best versatile torches on the market. It feels secure on the hands, giving professionals and outdoor enthusiasts confidence in their exploits.

I love this Streamlight right angle flashlight because of its excellent luminosity and beam intensity. Set to high, it can produce 300 lumens and shoot a very bright light up to 482 feet away. Its low-beam setting is also optimal for everyday use, delivering 40 lumens worth 700 candelas for a distance of 174 feet.

Its battery power is also commendable. It already comes with a CR125A lithium battery and an AA alkaline power cell. People can also use a rechargeable lithium battery with this unit, extending its functionality.

Furthermore, the flashlight casing’s robust construction with an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum gives the torch a 2.8-ounce featherweight characteristic. Holding this flashlight or securing it on any strap or attachment solution is also a breeze because of its 3.78×0.86×1.05-inch dimensions.

The removable pocket clip makes it effortless to attach to a MOLLE system, harness, belt, headband, and other gear for exceptional hands-free use. One can use it in marshes, swamps, and rain because of its IPX7 rating. It can fall from a height of 6.5 feet, and this torch will never break.

Users will surely appreciate this right-angle LED flashlight’s compliance with the ANSI/PLATO FL1 standard. It reassures users of the torch’s industry-standard impact resistance, maximum output, peak beam intensity, water ingress protection, beam distance, and runtime.

Unfortunately, the flashlight head is permanent at 90 degrees. It is also a bit pricier than other right-angle flashlights on the market.
  • Produces 300 lumens and 5,400 candelas for maximum output
  • IPX7 anodized aircraft-grade aluminum case
  • Dual power sources: CR125A lithium battery & an AA alkaline
  • With removable pocket clip for multiple attachments
  • Lightweight and compact for optimum convenience
  • Meets ANSI/PLATO FL1 standard
  • Fixed-position flashlight head
  • A bit pricey compared to other standard pieces
Regardless, the combination of light production, battery versatility, compact size, and robust design makes this right-angle firefighter flashlight the choice of professionals and heroes.

5. Sofirn SP40 Right Angle Headlight

Who needs a Fenix LD15R when one can get the Sofirm SP40 90-degree-angle LED flashlight? This EDC headlamp doubles as a dependable tool light for mechanics, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and other professionals.

What’s notable about this XPL LED bulb is its 1,200 lumens to shine an area 446 feet away. It is the perfect tool for bikers, campers, hikers, and anglers with the accompanying headband. This gear is comfortable on the head, and it has a simple adjustment mechanism to ensure a secure and snug fit.

The magnetic tail cap is also handy for mechanics working on cars. I also find it advantageous for plumbers, electricians, and other technicians, giving them a hands-free tool for illuminating the work area. The clip is perfect for slipping this flashlight in a belt, MOLLE system, harness, or strap.

Furthermore, this flashlight is made with ATR technology, automatically reducing lamp intensity if the temperature breaches the 131 degrees Fahrenheit mark. The device’s IPX7 rating also reassures people they can use this torch in stormy and snowy weather.

This right-angle LED light has a built-in charging port to recharge the flashlight with a laptop, power bank, or any device with a USB port. People can also replace the battery with two CR123A power cells.

Although I am blown away by this flashlight’s 1,200-lumens rating, I still find its brightness a bit of a letdown. I have seen torches producing more intense beams than this. Moreover, its power supply does not hold that much charge, lasting less than two hours on Full Turbo.
  • Covers a 446-foot maximum beam length with its 1,200 lumens
  • Headband and integrated magnetic tail cap and belt clip for versatility
  • Advanced ATR technology for improved device safety
  • USB rechargeable power unit with CR123A compatibility
  • IPX7 weather resistance rating
  • Not as bright and intense as expected
  • Short battery runtimes
Regardless, this product remains one of the most sought-after 90 degree LED flashlights on the market. It is bright enough for most applications, and its weather resistance should make outdoor adventures more worthwhile.

6. Streamlight 88830 PolyTac 90 Right Angle Flashlight

Streamlight returns with its 88830 PolyTac right-angle firefighters flashlight. This right-angle LED flashlight is almost similar to the ProTac 90 degree flashlight military type unit, except it has a general-purpose design. While the ProTac can shoot a 482-foot light beam, this product extends that to 548 feet.

This flashlight’s light production-beam intensity ratio impressed me the most. Compared with the ProTac’s 300 lumens rating, I expected this right-angle LED flashlight’s 170 lumens to produce a lower beam intensity. On the contrary, this torch delivers an astonishing 7,000 candelas for an excellent 548 feet beam distance.

The torch offers a secure feel with the casing nade of nylon polymer. Therefore, the device does not slip from my hands.

Furthermore, it can withstand impact forces from a 3.3 feet elevation. It also has a 3.3-foot water submersion protection for 30 minutes. This flashlight is perfect for tradespeople, adventurers, professionals, technicians, and everyone else.

Although it does not have a magnetic tail cap, this flashlight’s carabiner-style D-ring is sufficient for securing the device on any attachment system. There is also a pocket clip for stashing the tool in the belt, harness, or strap.

I like its pair of five-volt CR123A batteries. At full beam intensity, the flashlight runs for 3.75 hours. I am also glad this LED flashlight complies with European Community directives, giving users peace of mind.

Unfortunately, I find its 5.22×1.25×1-inch bulk and 4.1-ounce heft a little too much for optimum comfort. One also cannot replace the batteries with other power cell types. The good news is these CR123A batteries should last ten years or so.
  • Impact-resistant nylon polymer casing with IPX7-rated design
  • Produces 170 lumens with 7,000 candelas for a beam distance of 548 feet
  • Integrated D-ring and rotatable clip for versatile attachments
  • Longer battery runtimes than other brands
  • Meets European Community directives
  • A bit hefty and bulky
  • Only operates with CR123A batteries
People do not need a Fenix right angle flashlight. This Streamlight torch is more than enough.

7. Litetugo Right Angle Flashlight

The Litetugo 90-degree Angle Head Flashlight is an inexpensive hands-free quality flashlight. This handheld torch is handy in different applications, both inside and outside the home.

First of all, this right-angle LED flashlight has a built-in 18650 2600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. I can plug it straight into a power bank, my laptop’s USB port, or even a standard USB adapter. Its versatility is endless, and I will never worry about this flashlight running low on power.

Under sudden rain, its IP65 rating proves to be helpfull. Although it is not as robust as an IP68 device, this torch offers enough protection against occasional immersions and dusty exposures. Campers, hikers, and travelers will love taking this tool in their adventures.

The torch’s 700 lumens LED fixture emits a bright light that shines several hundreds of feet forward. I also find its peripheral illumination noteworthy, perfect for searching the grounds at night.

My favorite thing about this right-angle LED flashlight is its magnetic base. There are no protrusions at the end, ensuring stability when propped on a flat surface. People can also stick this torch on metal surfaces, perfect for illuminating the engine bay. Plumbers, electricians, and mechanics will love having this device lighting their work areas.

Unfortunately, setting this flashlight on high leads to overheating. Holding the hot torch is never comfortable. Moreover, this hands-free light has a non-replaceable battery.
  • Built-in USB for charging its integrated 18650 lithium-ion battery
  • IP65-rated construction for ingress protection
  • 700 lumens light production capability
  • With a magnetic base that doubles as a stand
  • A versatile product for indoor and outdoor tasks
  • No overheating protection
  • Non-replaceable battery
Nevertheless, many people consider this flashlight one of the best buys on the market. It is versatile, sleek-looking, and durable without being too pricey.

8. Fulton N47 Right Angle Flashlight

The Fulton N47 is a right-angle LED flashlight that draws inspiration from a classic World War II design. It is an illuminating device for people who want a no-nonsense and easy-to-operate tool they can stash in their pockets.

This Fulton right angle flashlight has a vintage design with modern construction. The traditional military flashlight angled-head units of the 20th-century featured aluminum casings. Unfortunately, these flashlights are not impervious to dents and scratches. That is why I commend the company for using premium-quality plastic instead.

Most modern flashlights run on lithium batteries. On the other hand, this flashlight requires a conventional D-size power cell. The good news is that the torch can also accommodate two AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries with the correct conversion kit.

Operating this right-angle LED flashlight is straightforward. The On-Off switch at the casing’s side is large enough not to miss.

Clipping this torch on a belt, strap, harness, or pocket is also a cinch. The metal rod is strong enough to support the flashlight’s weight as people move around with it.

Unfortunately, this flashlight does not support adjustable light intensity. The company can also improve its packaging by adding a pair of D cells with the flashlight.
  • Robust plastic construction resisting dents and scratches
  • Classic military flashlight style with belt clip
  • Requires two D alkaline batteries
  • Compatible with AA batteries with a conversion kit
  • Easy to operate with a large On-Off switch at the casing’s side
  • No work modes for adjusting
  • Batteries not included
Still, this right-angle torchlight is a nice tool to have, especially for people who want a vintage-looking illuminating device.

9. Pelican 3410 Right Angle Flashlight

Many people love Pelican firefighter flashlights because of their build quality and exceptional performance. For example, the Pelican 3410 enjoys a near-perfect five out of five in right-angle LED flashlight reviews. It is easy to understand why.

First, this flashlight does not limit its beam direction to only 90 degrees. People can adjust it at various increments until the torch head lies parallel to the cylinder, creating a standard flashlight.

Second, the magnetic clip makes completing projects faster and easier. Mechanics can stick the torch under the hood to illuminate the engine bay.

At the same time, plumbers can mount these military flashlights on the kitchen sink underside when working on the cabinet. Bikers can secure this tool on their bike frames, too. The clip and O-ring also improve attachment possibilities.

Third, I find the flashlight body’s glow-in-the-dark design impressive. I will never have issues looking for this torch in a dark room because of its photoluminescent casing. Losing it in pitch darkness is next to impossible because there will always be that soft glow to pinpoint the flashlight’s location.

Fourth, I love the brand’s “you-break-it we-replace-it” lifetime guarantee. Other flashlights only offer a limited warranty of a few years. This torch will keep serving people forever.

Lastly, its 653 lumens rating is sufficient to illuminate a large room, the backyard, or a small section of the city park.

The only downside I see about this flashlight is its length. This torch measures 7.44 inches when the head is at 0 degrees. It is a minor hiccup considering its unique features.
  • 0-90-degree adjustable flashlight head design
  • Magnetic pocket clip with O-ring attachment point
  • Ingenious photoluminescent torch body for visibility
  • Produces 653 lumens maximum
  • Lifetime warranty that ensures good performance for long
  • A bit long (7.44 inches) to hold on hands
I understand why many people love this adjustable-angle Pelican flashlight. It is exceptionally versatile, highly visible, and works as effectively as leading brands.

10. Lumintrail LTH-20 Right Angle Head Flashlight

People looking for a right angle flashlight military grade illumination tool should consider the Lumintrail LTH-20. This tactical flashlight has noteworthy light production, beam intensity, and rugged construction for various applications.

This flashlight’s luminance is exceptional, producing 1,050 lumens and equivalent to a motorcycle headlight on a high-beam setting. Unsurprisingly, this torch’s power of 6,750 candles extends its illumination capabilities to 541 feet. Navigating through dense fog, thick smoke, or pitch-black darkness is easy with this tool.

For outdoor uses, its IPX8 rating will suffice. I can drop it into two-meter-deep water, and this flashlight’s interior stays dry. One should not worry about the torch breaking apart if accidentally dropping it from 4.9 feet, making this flashlight perfect for mountain bikers, hikers, campers, and hunters.

Securing the torch on any attachment point is also effortless. Its sturdy clip is perfect for slipping into a MOLLE system, strap, or harness. The headband also works like a charm. However, the flashlight’s magnetic tail cap deserves attention. People can stick this torch on any metal surface, and they will have instant illumination. Mechanics and plumbers will love this.

Sadly, setting the torch on high drains the battery after an hour. Using it in low mode should extend battery life. The package also does not include a power cell, requiring people to buy batteries before using this flashlight.
  • Impact-resistant, 6.6-foot waterproof IPX8 construction
  • Delivers 6,750 candelas and 1,050 lumens for a 541-foot beam throw
  • Dual power source for convenience
  • Five lighting modes for versatility
  • Combination of clip, headgear attachment, and magnetic tail cap
  • Battery runtimes are not that long
  • Battery not included
I also appreciate this torch’s dual power source. People can slip a 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery or a pair of CR123A lithium cells in this 90 degree LED flashlight. These power options enable users to cycle through the flashlight’s five light modes (high mode, medium mode, low mode, strobe mode, and moonlight mode).

11. SKYBEN Olight Perun Headlamp and Flashlight

Although the SKYBEN Olight Perun is the Perun 2’s predecessor, it still comes with enough features to make it a dependable right angle torch for different applications.

We should know that a 90-degree angle flashlight emits 2,000 lumens., It delivers 3,600 candelas to shoot a 394-foot light beam, more than sufficient to cover a football field goal to goal. Rescuers, firefighters, and military personnel will not have issues performing their duties with this flashlight.

This flashlight also has the Perun 2’s infrared proximity sensor, allowing people to read at night with just the right light intensity and preserving night vision. It will never disturb others sleeping on a bus or other public transport.

Various workers find this 90-degree angle torch’s multiple attachment options handy. The belt clip feels solid and secure, enabling users to feel confident about the flashlight’s placement in a pocket, strap, belt, harness, or a MOLLE system. This device also comes with a headband that feels smooth for optimum comfort.

The flat base also has a strong magnet for sticking to metallic surfaces. Mechanics can place this under the hood, and plumbers can set it on a steel pipe, freeing their hands to complete their tasks. The cap also has an integrated USB port for charging its 18650 lithium-ion battery.

I am glad this rechargeable flashlight has an IPX8 rating, making it suitable for outdoor adventures. Hunters, campers, bikers, anglers, and hikers will want this torch with them.

Although the battery is replaceable, finding the correct replacement power cell is challenging.
  • Produces 2,000 lumens and 3,600 candelas for a 394-foot beam distance
  • Runs on replaceable 18650 rechargeable batteries
  • Advanced infrared proximity sensor for close lighting instances
  • Multiple attachment and mounting systems
  • Tough, IPX8-rated construction
  • Too few battery replacement options
Nevertheless, I recommend this flashlight to anyone who wants a versatile and high-performance illumination tool.

What to Look for When Buying Right Angle Flashlights


All the flashlights reviewed and presented in this article make excellent tools for illuminating spaces, surfaces, and objects.

They are better than a standard flashlight that only shoots a bright beam along the torch’s body length. However, the following factors are crucial considerations if one wishes to shop for the right hands-free flashlight with a right-angle head.

Light Output

A lumen value describes a flashlight’s illumination power, reflecting how much light it produces to cover an area. People should not confuse lumens with candela, another crucial metric of illumination devices.

The higher a flashlight’s lumens rating, the more expansive is its illumination capabilities.

For example, a 700-lumens light is sufficient to flood a football field with light, including the peripherals.

On the other hand, a 200-lumens torch might be more suitable for a smaller space.

Experts say right-angle hands-free lights should have a minimum of 160 lumens. Unfortunately, lumen values alone are insufficient to define a torch’s illuminating power.

Beam Intensity

An often-overlooked flashlight attribute, beam intensity, describes a torch’s light power. Lumen values define a device’s ability to illuminate space.

On the other hand, candela ratings (a measure of beam intensity) underscore a light beam’s capacity to penetrate the darkness and thick smoke or fog.

A light beam produces a straight line from the flashlight to a point in space. It does not include light on the peripheries.

Hence, experts always look at a torch’s candela rating to define its beam distance. A right angle LED flashlight with a higher candela value produces a longer and more powerful light beam than one with a low candela rating.

Unfortunately, it is not always the case because other factors can also impact beam intensity. It is not uncommon to see a right angle light with a low candela value producing a longer light beam than a device with a high candela rating.

Battery Type

Most hands-free angled torches feature rechargeable batteries, typically AA lithium batteries and lithium-ion units with an extended shelf life.

Other flashlights combine disposable alkaline batteries with rechargeable types, while others use proprietary technologies to improve battery life and overall performance. It would be best to examine each battery type’s characteristics before buying flashlights.


What is the use of a small right-angle flashlight one can slip in the pocket if it cannot withstand a two-foot drop or occasional water splashes?

That is why the best flashlights have excellent shock-proofing and water-proofing. These flashlights must feature heavy-duty and impact-resistant materials, with gasket-sealed openings. The flashlight should have an IP65 rating or better.

Size and Weight

A flashlight’s physical dimensions and weight are crucial buying considerations. Bulky and hefty units can be a hassle to attach to straps, harnesses, headbands, and other gears. Unfortunately, determining the ideal weight and size is a personal matter.

Other Features

Manufacturers outdo each other by introducing differentiating features in their flashlights. For example, a two-way body clip or a magnetic clip can improve attachment versatility.

At the same time, an emergency flash mode can enhance overall use.

On the other hand, rechargeable flashlights that only require half an hour to recharge are a better buy than a two-hour charging unit. Having multiple lenses is also a noteworthy feature.

It would be best to examine each feature to determine value.


One way to increase brand value is by subjecting products to rigorous testing following international standards. Hence, it will be wise to check for ANSI/PLATO FL1 compliance to bring home the best flashlight home.


Although an angled torch costs more than a regular flashlight, the price difference is not substantial. After all, they only differ in the light beam’s direction relative to the flashlight cylinder.

In some cases, a regular flashlight can be more expensive than an angled unit because of its luminosity, beam intensity, and inherent features.

It would be best to check a flashlight’s design features and overall performance to determine its value. Buyers can compare it with the product’s price to identify if the flashlight is a good buy or not.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are right angle flashlights for?

Right-angled torches or flashlights are ideal for military, rescue, and firefighting applications because of their unique design attribute compared to straight lamps.

These illuminating devices have a cylindrical body resembling a traditional torch. However, the head angles at 90 degrees. The light beam forms a 90-degree angle relative to the flashlight’s body. On the other hand, straight torches always have the light beam in the cylinder direction.

The design enables slipping and securing the flashlight body into a strap or pocket while ensuring a forward-facing light beam.

It frees the hands, allowing firefighters, rescue personnel, and military professionals to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Modern right-angled torches are no longer within the exclusive domain of these professions. Almost anyone who needs a comfortable, versatile, and convenient flashlight can use a 90-degree torch.

Hence, one can see these devices among campers, hikers, hunters, anglers, DIYers, and repair professionals.

What kind of battery do right angle flashlights use?

Most 90-degree flashlights use CR123A lithium batteries in 9-volt, AA, small cylinder, and AAA types. These power cells have an extended battery life of ten years because of their ultra-low discharge rates.

Many outdoor enthusiasts and seasoned professionals like this battery because of its operability in below-freezing temperatures.

Some 90-degree angled torches have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, available in various sizes. A 14500 is almost similar to an AA alkaline cell. A 16340 Li-ion is a bit longer than a CR123A, while 18650 lithium batteries are wider and longer than ordinary AA batteries.

Other Li-ion batteries for handheld lights include 21700 and 26650 rechargeable units.

Several manufacturers might require rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries for their 90-degree torches. Although these power cells have a general-purpose design, their battery life is shorter than Li-ion batteries.

Ninety-degree torches can also feature ordinary alkaline batteries. These power cells have various sizes, including button-size, AA, C, D, 9-volt, and AAA batteries.

Although economical, these batteries are at risk for leaks and have substantially lower power output than other battery types.

Right angle flashlights vs headlamps: which is better?

The right-angle flashlight vs. headlamp debate continues to heat up on Reddit and other popular online communities.

According to various users, flashlights are more versatile than headlamps. People use these devices in different applications as dependable EDC.

One user mentioned that headlamps make it challenging to figure out the light beam’s direction. Some people also fumble with the switch, and they will not want to carry the head strap every time.

A right-angle torch enables people to effortlessly point the light beam in the preferred direction without fumbling at the controls. These torches can also come with head straps, functioning as headlamps.


The right angle LED flashlight is a versatile illuminating device perfect for different applications. These devices produce a light beam penetrating the darkness and thick smoke and fog. The 90-degree torch also accommodates various battery types for optimum performance.

People interested in getting the best right angle flashlight should consider buying one of the products featured in this list. If not, the buying guide should help them pick the right one.

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