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The Best Safety Glasses for Welding

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best safety glasses for welding

Duties of welders pose multiple hazards that can harm or severely destroy their health if they are without proper protection. Hence, welders must be geared with reliable PPE (personal protective equipment) for different body parts before performing.

Among the fragile body parts that require sufficient protection are our eyes. That is why choosing the best safety glasses for welding should be a thorough process.

We should not miss out on the essential factors contributing to a functional model since we cannot risk picking the wrong one. To relieve some burden on your shoulder while seeking the suitable gear, we gather the top-rated goggles used and loved by welders. You can check them out and make your decisions.

# Product name
Top 1
YESWELDER Welding Goggles Details
Top 2
Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses Details
Top 3
YARR Black Welding Goggle Details

Best Safety Glasses for Welding Reviews

1. YESWELDER Welding Goggles

The YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Goggles gains numerous compliments among workers for its remarkable protecting properties. If you want to invest in a top-quality eyeshield for welding, consider taking this model home.

Professional welders can rely on these glasses and the wide range of welding shades incorporated. When detecting excessive lights and sparks coming from the welding arc, the lens automatically darkens its shade to protect your eyes immediately.

I am amazed that it can offer protection for plasma cutting and MIG, MMA, and TIG welding with the shade number 4,5,9 to 13.

There are numerous advantages that we can enjoy from this high-quality auto shade darkening welding eyewear. Its lens is constructed to reveal clear visions of objects with their true colors. Besides, welders can see a broader view of the panoramic lens design.

What makes the device stand out is its dual-sensor that affords incredible sensitivity, making these glasses among the fastest auto-darkening pieces in the market. Just ensure to turn on its switch to set the adequate sensitivity level before the welding tasks.

If you do not have access to a functional welding helmet, you can undoubtedly utilize any hard hat to go with these welding goggles. Wearers can rest assured that the model is compatible with any headgear without requiring an adaptor. Plus, there is a free mask packed in this set for face skin protection.

Its price can indeed make some welders hesitate as it is higher than many welding glasses available. But for me, all these unique features and accessories make such an investment-worthy pair.
  • Multiple welding shades incorporated for plasma, MIG, MMA, TIG welding.
  • Reveals clear visions of objects with their true colors
  • Provides a broader view with the panoramic lens design
  • Comes with a dual-sensor that affords incredible sensitivity
  • Compatible with hard hats without requiring an adaptor
  • Includes a free mask for face skin protection
  • Costs you more than many welding glasses available.
If you are willing to make such an investment in these special auto darkening welding goggles, you are granted excellent eye protection for many types of welding.

2. Edge Eyewear SW11-IR5 Safety Glasses

At an affordable price, the Edge SW11-IR5 Dakura Safety Glasses offers excellent protection for welders. The pair amazes me with the highest safety standards that come along with it.

You can indeed go to work in style with this state-of-the-art eyewear. While some workers think the fashionable design is just a bonus, others deem it an appealing point of this model. It will not hurt wearing beautiful glasses with a sleek black frame and dark-green tinted lenses that can also offer excellent protection.

Meeting the ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 standard for eye and head protection, this pair proves its role as a robust shield for welders. Also, its ANSI Z87+ certification indicates that the accessory can defend our eyes against a significant impact.

Notably, hazardous welding processes cannot hold workers back as this eyewear is compliant with a military standard for its extreme strength when dealing with ballistic velocities.

Other than unparalleled durability, this model also offers us protection against lighting hazards by blocking nearly 99.9% of Ultraviolet rays. More importantly, you can work confidently without worrying about eye tiredness due to the IR5-rated lens specially designed for welding duties.

For long-hour work, such a comfortable design will never disappoint you. The brand adopts a wrap-around structure, ensuring a snug and secure fit for welders all the time. Yet, it applies little to no pressure on our head and temples due to its two unique straight arms.

However, you might need to look out for some scratches appearing on the lenses in case of direct contact with sharp objects.
  • Affordable eyewear with start-of-the-art design
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 standard for eye and head protection
  • Receives ANSI Z87+ certification for protection against significant impact
  • Compliant with a military ballistic standard
  • Blocks nearly 99.9% of Ultraviolet rays
  • Comes with IR5-rated lens specially designed for welding duties
  • Wrap-around structure and straight arms for comfort and a secure fit
  • Does not resist scratches very well
Despite its minor flaw, this pair of glasses, by a wide margin, is among the best welding glasses that we can find.

3. YARR Black Welding Goggle

The YARR Black Solar Auto Darkening Welding Goggle can be an ideal partner for your jobs. Its protection features are sufficient, and I can see this durable pair last for a long time.

What most professional welders should not miss out on these glasses must be the transition lenses. When the light from the striking arc appears, the lens starts to darken its color to the protective shade. And it goes back to the normal state when detecting no welding light.

PC/ABS is the chosen material for its lenses, meaning we are kept safe from thermal injury caused by infrared radiation. Such high-quality pieces can endure heat coming from the welding arc. More importantly, this pair is usable for various tasks, from gas and steel welding to plasma cutting.

I am also impressed by how these goggles block UV lights, preventing glaring and harmful sun rays from hurting our eyes. Hazards such as flying debris cannot easily attack wearers as the model excels at resisting impact. Thus, other than welding missions, you can bring this safety eyewear to perform multiple outdoor jobs.

Regarding its superior design, the rubber frame is soft enough for all-day comfort. Surprisingly, this robust pair is lightweight and adjustable, promoting optimal convenience for any face types and sizes. Plus, its added solar pad at the front will ensure long-hour performances without the use of a battery.

The only gripe I have with these auto shade darkening welding glasses is its shade. You should note that it might not get to your desired darkening level.
  • Transitional lens for protection against arc welding sparks
  • PC/ABS material to keep eyes safe from infrared radiation
  • Usable for various tasks: gas and steel welding & plasma cutting
  • Block UV lights and resists impact
  • Lightweight and adjustable rubber frame for all-day comfort
  • Added solar pad for long-lasting performance without battery
  • Not the darkest welding glasses shade
Overall, these auto darkening welding goggles are worthy of our purchase due to its smart transition lenses and excellent protection against various hazards. You might use it for multiple purposes and duties without worry.

4. Bolle Welding Safety Glasses

The next entry designed for light work is the Bolle Safety Welding Shade 5 Welding Safety Glasses. If you seek a piece that ensures proper protection against mild welding, opting for this model makes excellent sense.

Before you explore more about this option, keep in mind that the pair can only handle gas welding and oxygen cutting. Other heavy welding types generating very bright light of the arc require a higher level of welding shade. If such a device meets your needs, let’s take a look at its design.

This pair of welding glasses comes with a full-frame structure, promising optimal protection against various workplace hazards. Its polycarbonate lenses make sure your eyes are shielded against harmful chemical sprays.

You should not worry about moving object exposure as its solid lens can handle the impact. Also, just like most welding safety goggles, this one’s UV protection function does its trick.

If you value durability when picking your safety goggles, this product can cater to such requirements. Its lenses are coated with a scratch-resistant layer, affording excellent clarity for a long time. Plus, the eyeglass frame is constructed out of thermoplastic elastomers – a material that balances robustness and elasticity.

Comfort is another selling point of this unique welding shade 5 eyewear. Coming in a universal size, the model can go well with various face types. Besides, the elastic frame with adjustable temples can embrace our eyes and head nicely for long hours.

Still, when the surrounding gets hot, fogging up might occur and interfere with your duties. You might need to stop a bit for the lenses to clear up before carrying on.
  • Can handle gas welding and oxygen cutting duties
  • Full-frame structure for protection against chemical sprays and moving objects
  • Shields the eyes from harmful UV rays
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses and thermoplastic elastomer frame
  • Comes in a universal size for various face types
  • Elastic frame and adjustable temples for comfortable wear
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty types of welding
  • Can fog up due to hot surroundings
Overall, if you seek welding shade 5 glasses to protect your eyes during gas welding and oxygen cutting, look no further than this Bolle pair of welding glasses.

5. QHRM Welding Glasses

One of the best welding goggles at an affordable price on our list must be this product from QHRM. Surprisingly, this protective eyewear is packed with nearly all the great bells and whistles of higher-priced models.

As expected, this pair of welding glasses features high-quality polycarbonate lenses – a material that is well-trusted for eye protection. Being guarded by such lenses, you can confidently carry duties without the visual distortion caused by glare. More importantly, sudden flying debris cannot attack your eyes, thanks to this high-impact shield.

I am happy to know about its auto-darkening function. Both lenses will change the color into a darker shade for protection against excessive light from the welding arc. Of course, when the welding stops, the lenses automatically turn back into its usual shade, offering clarity like standard eyewear.

While its functions can satisfy professional tasks, its breezy usage wins beginners’ heart. You do not need to change or charge its battery as the pair runs on solar energy. This feature is a huge plus of this model as it promotes using clean energy to protect the environment.

In truth, there is no hassle in customizing its temples for a secure fit. The parts are made of rubber, boasting an ergonomic design with an incredible softness that provides comfort.

You should also know that the brand includes five lenses, one plastic brand for replacement, one glasses case for storage, and a pair of gloves. With these accessories, long-lasting use is guaranteed.

However, the separate band might be a little too loose for most people. I have a small face, and I need to make some modifications to use it properly.
  • Features high-quality polycarbonate lenses to avoid impact and glare
  • Auto shade darkening welding lenses with various uses
  • Runs on solar energy to protect the environment
  • Easy to customize the soft and ergonomic temples
  • Includes five lenses, one plastic band, a case, and gloves
  • The separate band can be loose for those with a small face.
All in all, these auto darkening welding glasses are a must-have for welders, both professionals, and beginners. The brand delivers its purpose, yet keeps the cost reasonable.

6. Gateway Safety 6966 Safety Glasses

Another piece that you can rely on to minimize any eye damage when welding is the Gateway Safety 6966 Cover2 Safety Glasses. In my opinion, this over-the-glass design is a unique pick that delivers adequate protection.

What a welder needs for their work is qualifying welding safety goggles that ensure stable performance over time. In that case, choosing this model makes excellent sense as it can offer excellent protection and functionality for welders.

With approval from ANSI and CSA for eye protection and impact resistance, these glasses will aid your duties while preventing eye hazard attacks.

As the lens is constructed out of Polycarbonate, it is evident that the model excels at filtering out infrared light. Hence, these glasses are applicable for light welding, oxygen cutting, and brazing. Please note that this protective pair shade number 5 is not among the suitable welding goggle ratings for heavy welding.

Another appealing attribute of these welding glasses should be its flexible fit. That means we can customize its temples to a suitable length that embraces our face nicely. Moreover, you will no longer suffer from irritating temple tip pinching due to its adjustability.

What most wearers also love about this model is its over-the-glass design. Such a piece is ideal for wrapping around most prescription welding glasses, proving its versatile use.

Notably, it comes with solid built-in side shields – a protective feature that is rarely found in the usual glasses. Such added reinforcement provides great side shield protection, which I am extremely satisfied with.

On a side note, this greenish tint might not be everyone’s favorite since it is pretty dark. And you might not see the exact colors when wearing this pair.
  • Meets ANSI and CSA standards for eye protection and impact resistance
  • Polycarbonate welding lens shade number 5 for light welding
  • Offers a flexible fit with customizable temples and temple tips
  • Ideal for wrapping around most prescription glasses
  • Comes with solid built-in side shields
  • Its greenish tint might not be everyone’s favorite.
In exchange for a small investment, we get in return a fantastic pair of glasses that shine in supporting welding duties.

7. Hobart 770726 Safety Glasses

The Hobart 770726 Shade 5 Safety Glasses are highly recommended if you want a functional pair for mild welding tasks. I believe this budget-friendly device will protect your eyes effectively.

Without compromising its quality, Hobart creates a shade number 5 pair that does not hurt your wallet. It does an excellent job of preventing direct exposure to welding arc lights from hurting your visions. With this model in hand, you can say goodbye to eye strains during welding and at the end of the day.

Most wearers, including me, trust and use the pair due to its ANSI Z87.1 standard approval. For your information, such a safety standard is advisable for protective eyewear.

What’s notable about its lenses, other than the durable Polycarbonate material chosen, must be its protective coating. Due to this layer, the eyeglass is unlikely to be scratched upon contact with sharp edges. Besides, as a shatterproof product, this model can withstand impact without hassle.

Its form is among the appealing points that draw the attention of many welders. We can never go out of style with a black frame featuring mirror lenses.

Without an adjustable option, these welders glasses still manage to fit various face types and stay put during welding tasks. Plus, its padding is breathable, making the model ideal for high-temperature working conditions.

Unfortunately, this pair of welding safety glasses does not promote an anti fog feature, so there can be some inconvenience in cold weather. However, an anti-fog spray will be the best solution if you work in this environment.
  • A shade 5 welding safety glasses that prevent eye pains and strains
  • ANSI Z87.1 standard approval for eye protection
  • Durable Polycarbonate for shatterproof lenses
  • Protective coating that resists scratch
  • In style with a black frame featuring mirror lenses
  • Fits various face types and offers breathable padding
  • Does not promote anti fog function
If you are on this shopping spree with a low budget, do not miss out on trying these welding safety goggles. The unit is stylish, and more importantly, durable enough for long-lasting use.

8. Miller Electric Welding Goggles

Old heads in the industry are already familiar with Miller Electric as it offers numerous protection accessories for welding operations. Among its popular collection, my favorite are these Miller Electric Welding Goggles.

At first glance, you can notice that this device comes with a low-profile look. Such a design is the combination of goggles and a face shield; the only missing piece for a safe mission is a suitable welding helmet. Best of all, there is no adapter required since this unit’s slim structure settles well under various types of headgear.

Some buyers are under the impression that such a full-faced design must be too heavy for all-day use. Contrary to such beliefs, these welding goggles are lightweight and comfortable to wear. In truth, it fits well with my face and leaves no red marks or neck pains at the end of the day.

Yet, what amazes most welders about this unit is its protecting properties. Put it on, our eyes and face are covered entirely from harmful lights generated from precision welding. Both UV light and welding spark are blocked, allowing us to perform with confidence about our safety.

For your information, this one receives multiple important standards, including ANSI, CE, CSA, and AS NZ.

You should also know that this shade darkening welding goggle features different settings for specific tasks. In detail, shade 3 lets us see in the dark between welds, shade 5 and 7 are for plasma cutting; meanwhile, shade 9, 11, and 13 are ideal for MIG, TIG, and gas welding.

You can switch among these modes using the control panel near the lenses.

As expected, this miller electric shade lens might fog up after a while, especially in enclosed areas with high temperatures.
  • Low-profile design that goes well under any hard hat without an adapter
  • Full-shield structure offering lightweight and comfortable wear
  • Blocks both UV light and welding spark
  • Meets important safety standards including ANSI, CE, CSA, and AS NZ
  • Features different shade settings for a specific type of welding
  • Not anti-fog welders goggles
All in all, this multiple shade darkening welding goggle is high on the list of best eye protection devices for welders. In my opinion, the pair is an ideal option for MIG, TIG welding, and more.

9. Miller Electric Welding Safety Glasses

Another reliable option for welding shade number 5 for welders is this pair from Miller Electric. If the design of the low-profile model above is not your cup of tea, you should consider purchasing this one instead.

At a slightly higher price, this pair of welding glasses is style and protection rolled into one. The model boasts a futuristic look with a black wrap-around frame and cat-eye design. Such a stylish unit is the favorite companion of numerous welders, especially female workers.

Remarkably, it comes second to none regarding eye protection during oxygen welding and plasma cutting. You should not doubt these welding glasses as ANSI Z87 1 approves the pair for its ability to prevent injuries caused by eye hazards.

I was convinced to pick this piece due to the brand reputation and the model’s safety standards, and I am not disappointed.

It is worth mentioning that the pair comes with polycarbonate lenses with an anti-scratch coating, promoting clear visibility for an extended time. Also, these Miller welding glasses can block up to 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays.

And its polarized lenses ensure minimal color and shape distortion of objects, giving us the confidence to do meticulous tasks.

As expected, this Miller Electric Shade 5 model’s universal size can fit most face types without difficulty. Welders are granted a close fit with its wrap-around frame, allowing them to move back and forth without worrying about their glasses falling. Plus, rubber ear pads are included in the package for you to utilize for added comfort.

If you plan to use these welding glasses indoors, you might need a torch as its lenses can be too dark to see well without a proper light source.
  • Futuristic look with a black wrap-around frame and cat-eye design
  • Welding shade number 5 for oxygen welding and plasma cutting
  • Meets ANSI Z87 1 standards for eye protection
  • Polycarbonate lenses with an anti-scratch coating
  • Polarized lenses block 99.9% UV lights and minimize distortion.
  • Offers fit and comfort with universal size, wrap-around frame & rubber ear pads.
  • Requires a torch when used indoors
This pair of shade 5 welding glasses is ideal for mild use that does not emit much heat and sparks. So, if this Miller Electric pair meets your requirements, there is no need to hesitate.

10. Walfront Solar Welding Goggle

The Walfront Solar Auto Darkening Welding Goggle is the next entry that makes it to this list of top-rated welding glasses on the market. This product is safe and comfortable to use for various tasks.

The shade level is a critical factor that determines if a pair of welding glasses suffice our work. In this case, the model can offer a darkening shadow of 9 – 13, promoting an excellent shield against different types of welding.

In other words, these pieces can function as TIG welding glasses, MIG welding glasses, and more, when the lens color automatically adjusts.

The versatility of this safety glasses protective pair keeps on surprising me. I can wear it to block UV rays and prevent intense sunlight glare from tiring my eyes. Thus, it is a perfect companion for numerous applications, both outdoors and indoors.

I am also thrilled that it relies on solar cells to utilize green energy – such an environmentally-friendly product.

With product durability and comfortability in mind, the manufacturer indeed puts much effort into crafting its lenses and frame.

In detail, PC/ABS is a high-impact thermoplastic material that is flame retardant. The eyeglass frame is made of rubber, soft enough to ensure all-day comfort. Not to mention, its mirror legs can be adjusted to an ideal length for a close fit.

Yet, I recommend you buy a mask for full protection while handling heavy welding tasks.
  • An auto shade darkening welding eyewear for TIG and MIG welding
  • Excellent intense light and UV protection
  • An environmentally-friendly pair runs on solar energy.
  • Durable PC/ABS lenses are high-impact and flame retardant.
  • Soft rubber eyeglass frame with adjustable mirror legs for comfort and fit
  • Might require a welding mask for front face and side protection
Hence, if you are looking for shade 10 welding glasses or shade 12 welding glasses to perform heavy work, this model is among your best bets. This one is a real bargain when you consider its quality and price.

What to Look for When Buying Safety Glasses for Welding


After checking out the list of welding goggles that can protect your eyes, you might already have a better understanding of what is currently offered in the market. However, if there is any confusion in the selection process, let us discuss those matters in this buying guide. Here’re some essential factors that require thorough consideration:

Shade level – To give you an idea about the welding glasses shade numbers, they can vary based on the darkness level the lenses adjust. Such a number shows the level of protection for specific duties, from light to heavy. Hence, this is a critical factor that determines either the safety goggles are sufficient for your work or not.

In detail, when the glass lenses can change between 4 and 6, they are dark enough for gas welding. If you look for safety goggles that aid oxygen cutting, find the shade 3 to 5. In the case of plasma arc welding, lens shade numbers 6 to 11 are the best companion, meaning protective glasses shade 10 suffice your needs.

Other than that, welding glasses shade 10 can be the ideal choice for heavy plasma arc cutting and gas metal arc welding. Also, welding with TIG should be supported by lens shade level 8; meanwhile, MIG welding requires shade level between 10 to shade 13. Hopefully, you can choose the right one to keep you safe during hazardous welding processes with this information.

The best thing about some models in the market is their versatility in applications. That means its lenses are designed to darken its color for various welding and cutting duties automatically. Some listed arc welding goggles above can change from shade 8 to shade 13 in a matter of seconds, depending on the jobs we are handling.

Protection functions – There are many protection functions that a welder should consider when picking the right safety goggles. The chosen glasses must shield them against direct contact with infrared light and sparks generated by the welding arc. Hence, taking models coming with high-quality polycarbonate lenses is recommended.

Furthermore, most welding goggles can ensure superior UV protection that allows workers to perform outdoors with ease. If your duties are often performed both in enclosed spaces and open areas, it is advisable to pick such a pair.

You should not worry since welding safety glasses often block up to 99% UVA, UVB lights. Some others can keep UVC away from your eyes; you might want to search a little more for such a powerful piece.

Besides, welding tasks can pose numerous dangers, one of which is small flying objects. That is why a welder must be equipped with a strong lens that can resist impact, thus keeping the eyes safe from a severe injury caused by a sudden attack of small metal particles or debris.

Intense heat is another thing that welders need to worry about when performing their duties. Thermal eye hazards are among the main reasons that make our eyes tired and strained after a long day of work. So, the safety goggles featuring lenses that can shield heat from the welding arc will keep our eyes safe and healthy.

Safety standards – Regarding the welding safety glasses standards – an essential factor that welders must consider, you should check out these certifications to know more about each of them.

  • ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 – The American National Standards Institute approves this standard, indicating the welding glasses are qualified for eye and face protection. In fact, this safety standard is not just applicable to eyewear; it indicates reliable performances of face shields, welding helmets, and more. So you can search for welding glasses and other accessories that meet this standard for use in welding tasks.
  • CSA Z94.3 – Another safety standard that is published by the Canadian Standards Association is the Z94.3. This certification applies to face and eye protectors made for workers in hazardous environments. That means when picking a CSA Z94.3, you can rest assured that the piece can offer excellent performance that shields your eyes against significant impact, infrared welding lights, and more.

However, it does not mean that a piece without these standards is not safe or unqualified for welding tasks. You can explore its protective features to ensure it can function well; then there is no problem. Yet, I recommend checking ones with safety standards first.

Durability – We can pay attention to some factors to know if the welding glasses can last long despite frequent abuse. Materials are among those attributes as they indicate the ability to withstand crack and tear over time.

Most welding goggles feature lenses made of shatterproof polycarbonate, the reliable material that resists impact without suffering any severe damage. Also, the glass lens should be abrasion and scratch-resistant to ensure long-lasting visibility for wearers.

Regarding the eyeglass frame, many of them are constructed out of thermoplastic polycarbonate. You can imagine how those models can ensure a secure wrap around our temple, allowing us to perform without worry about hazardous elements destroying it too soon. Plus, such pairs are not too heavy that they add a burden to our heads.

Buyers can find some affordable yet resilient models in the market that use high-quality PC+ABS material. Those devices are indeed durable enough to withstand hot temperatures and pressure during welding tasks. Plus, they are budget-friendly options that many beginners can make excellent use of.

Design style and compatibility – There are multiple designs of welding goggles that you might be interested in in the market. Some of them are made to wear with other welding accessories that provide you ultimate safety. You can look at these different types and decide which one suits your duties and personal requirements best.

Standard style – This model often comes with futuristic fashion that allows welders to go to work in style. It looks like regular sunglasses featuring black frames and tinted lenses. Furthermore, its design is compact, so it does not interfere with welding helmets or hard hats.

Solar cells – This model appeals to fans of environmentally-friendly products. It does not run on battery, so no charging or battery changing is required. Such a piece has two solar cells on its front, using solar energy to offer stable performances. You can expect large yet lightweight safety glasses when purchasing these.

Weld-mask – This low-profile product can cover our eyes and face, protecting not only our vision but our face skin and side profile, too. If you do not mind its look, choosing such a reliable design will guarantee optimal protection. Although these goggles featuring a welding mask seem cumbersome, they are remarkably compatible with hard hats. So no worry.

Wrap-around – With frames that go all the way to the back of your head, this design offers a close and secure fit for welders. If you go back and forth a lot, you can take advantage of this model as it stays put on your head despite significant movements. Plus, it does not take much space that you struggle to wear a helmet over it.

Over-the-glass – This is often a one-piece design that fits well over multiple prescription glasses. The device can ensure excellent protection with its lens, which is usually made of polycarbonate. There is a model from Gateway Safety recommended for you in the list above; check it out to know more about this type of welding glasses.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a pair of safety glasses for welders

Like many protection accessories for welders, a pair of safety glasses reduce the dangers of welding tasks for workers. As you know, welding arc light, heat, and sparks can be incredibly dangerous to our eyes. Hence, safety glasses for welders are manufactured with polycarbonate lenses that block infrared rays.

Furthermore, it comes with a fixed shade level or auto-transitional lenses with different darkening degrees. They will be made to be suitable for specific tasks. You can read more about this factor in the buying guide above. There are some standards that they should meet for reliable performances, such as ANSI Z87.1.

They come in various designs, from standard types that bear significant resemblance to ordinary sunglasses to goggles with a mask for full-face coverage. They are often compatible with welding helmets and hard hats. You can pick the perfect type that meets your job requirements.

How does it work

These safety goggles work as a shield for our eyes, preventing eye hazards at the welding site from hurting us. You can just put it on like a pair of sunglasses, making sure it fits right to your face. In some cases, you might need to adjust the piece’s sensitivity or customize its shade level to make sure they are suitable for current duties.

Who is this for

These burning goggles welding models are perfect for welders who handle their daily tasks in hazardous working environments. They often face dangers coming from sparks, lights, and heat of the welding arc. Hence, equipping themselves with a reliable pair of welding goggles is a must.

Other than that, people who perform duties such as oxygen cutting, grinding, and other metalwork can take advantage of these safety pairs. As long as they choose the right shade level, materials, and designs, they can confidently carry on working with ultimate safety.

What are the different types of welding safety glasses

As mentioned in the buying guide session, there are multiple types of welding goggles, depending on how you want to classify them. In terms of shade level, some pieces come with a fixed level of darkness to perform one or two specific tasks. Furthermore, some models feature auto-darkening lenses that change the shade to protect users against multiple eye hazards.

Regarding its styles, there are many to choose from as they greatly vary. Standard glasses might be among the most popular. Besides, many people opt for welding goggles with a mask; others prefer wrap-around pieces that ensure a perfect fit. It’s your decision to make.

Advantages and disadvantages of using welding safety goggles

Advantages – Needless to say, well-made welding goggles can protect us from numerous hazards, be it thermal or infrared light risks. Hence, our eyes are well-protected and free from tiredness due to the use of this pair. Since it blocks direct contact with arc sparks, we will no longer suffer from severe vision damage after long hours of welding.

Safety brings confidence, as a matter of fact. That is why these glasses help us see clearly and focus on performing meticulous tasks like welding and grinding. With that, we can boost our productivity without compromising our health, especially our eye safety. So, every welder must be equipped with a pair of safety goggles.

Disadvantage – It is extremely dangerous to go with a piece that does not offer suitable protection for our eyes. Please look at the shade level of different pieces in the market; they can vary significantly. If you pick the wrong one, unwanted injury can happen, and it can take away our eyesight. Hence, be extremely thorough in choosing the right safety glasses for welding.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who makes the best safety glasses for welders?

As you might notice by now, Miller Electric Welding glasses are widely used by professional workers. The brand offers multiple products with unique styles and functions. So, you can easily pick the suitable one in their collections. It is also among my favorite labels for protective equipment.

Other than that, do not miss out on checking goggles made by Yarr, Bolle Safety, and YESWELDER. They have some of the best welding glasses available for various applications. Also, QHRM, Hobart, Walfront, and Gateway are the familiar names that do not disappoint when it comes to quality products.

What shade is best for welding?

The glass lens shade is different for each type of welding. Yet, ANSI and AWS recommend you welders use a shade with higher numbers for heavy tasks. For instance, welding at 60-160 amps requires shade 11. Meanwhile, welding at 160-250 amps should be supported by lens shade 12, and 250-500 amps should be lens shade 14.

You can check out this information above in the shade level session. There are more options for welding shade for a particular task or multiple types of welding. The best thing you should do is search for the exact type that aids your current duties and choose the suitable goggles.

Do Safety glasses protect from welding flash?

Not all safety glasses can shield your eyes against welding flash. You should know that a piece incorporated with UV protection alone cannot protect you from hurt caused by welding arc lights. But yes, they can, if you choose the right piece with suitable design and protection functions.

Hence, you want a qualifying model for such a task; it must at least come with lens shade number 5. Performing wedding duties in close proximity might require more than that; the chosen goggles must cover your eyes from all angles. So, please do your research on the safety glasses to make sure it fits your needs.

Do you need to wear safety glasses under a welding helmet?

We advise you always to wear safety glasses under a welding helmet when working. The helmet or hard hat cannot shield you from all eye hazards that welding arc lights and heat can do to your eyes. That means the welding goggles are a must-have accessory if you do not want to suffer from a severe injury during welding.

On a side note, please make sure that your chosen goggles and helmet are compatible with each other. You should not go for the too cumbersome glasses, leaving no place for the helmet to sit. The helmet must also be compact and well-made to sit well with the glasses for our optimal safety.

Where to buy welding glass?

There are many ways to buy yourself quality welding goggles. You can come to the store in your neighborhood, where they sell protective gear for welders. That way, you can try them on directly and ensure the piece fits right into your face. Plus, all kinds of accessories are required for the tasks; you can shop in one go to save time and effort. Best of all, you can rest assured that they go well with each other.

Another great way to purchase your welding safety glasses is online-shopping. After doing all the necessary research and consulting reviews from various users, you can choose a trust-worthy website and purchase.


Now that you make it to the end of this article, selecting the best safety glasses for welding does not sound like a challenging task anymore, right? As long as you know your job requirements and match them with the suitable goggles’ functions, the long seeking time can end.

However, do not forget to take care of your glasses to ensure that it is always in good condition. That way, the gear can support your work for a long time.

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