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The Best Safety Harnesses

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best safety harness

The safety during a performance at a great height is the concern of numerous tool brands, employers and individuals. They all have been trying to find the best way to minimize the risk and damage, as well as offer optimal protection. Whilst great effort is put into making excellent harnesses, and workers should be responsible for finding the one that suits their duties the most.

In this article, we present a list of several finest pieces, some essential information for buyers, especially the inexperienced ones, to pick the best safety harness. So if you are still confused about lots of things, reading this will definitely help.

# Product name
Top 1
KwikSafety Safety Harnes Details
Top 2
Malta Construction Harness Details
Top 3
Guardian Construction Harness Details

Best Safety Harness Reviews 

1. KwikSafety SCORPION Safety Harnes

You can stop running around and looking for a versatile safety harness lanyard in vain once you lay an eye on this product from the KwikSafety SCORPION.

The kit is a collection of a harness and lanyard in one box. For people who want more in quantity, packages of 2, 4 or even 10 are available to shop. Also, a tool lanyard and cross arm strap is on sale if anyone is in need of those items.

Designed to function well in a hazardous environment, I would tell this costume strives to carry our weight so we can comfortably use both hands to work. Its snap hook can bear the load of 5000 pounds, an impressive capability that is hard to be found even in more expensive fall arrest rope.

Gladly, a spectrum of advanced features will be introduced to us while we make use of the set at the worksite. Those remarkable ones that should be mentioned are the smart dual-action buckles, quick latch snap hook, and the convenient single-leg lanyard. We can notice that the brand prioritizes the safety of its wearers when producing the item.

It is official news that the American National Standards Institute and The Occupational Safety & Health Administration already confirmed this tool’s efficiency. Keep in mind that those suits labeled “ANSI approved” and “OSHA certified” like this one are qualified enough for you to rely on.

The level of protection we have from the lanyard surpassed my expectations. It is tough enough for professionals with heavy, complicated duties, and affordable enough for employees to buy for their daily tasks. No wonder why it always tops the list of comprehensive working equipment.

Both male and female users can wear this snug protector with great satisfaction. It is made with a simple design but detailed points to bring comfort. The important thing is all the straps will stay in place no matter how greatly you swing back and forth. But some construction workers prefer it to be lighter.
  • Great value
  • Tough snap hook
  • Excellent but simple design
  • Good features
  • Guaranteed product
  • Affordable
  • Durable and strong
  • Ideal for many workers
  • A little heavy
It is not exaggerated to say that this fall protection harness and lanyard are made to save lives.

2. Malta Dynamics Warthog Comfort MAXX Construction Harness

Last but not least, let’s check out this incredible apparatus from the Malta Dynamics brand – the Warthog Comfort MAXX Construction Harness.

When your work’s nature is dangerous, it is a must to have an OSHA and ANSI qualified protector like this one. Those standards are the irrefutable evidence for the excellent quality and functionality this suit has. Customers can trust the piece to have their back under unfavorable circumstances.

An outstanding move of the brand in making a removable waist belt should be appreciated. We are able to enjoy a wide range of movements with our body parts to perform sophisticated duties. The feature helps to support us in the best way possible in case there is a sudden fall.

For roofing tasks and works that the construction site, I suppose this costume is the best option. With the help of the D-rings on the side and the quick-connect straps on the leg, the piece is tough but flexible enough to handle heavyweight at a remarkable height. The load, which is around 130 to 319 lbs, is secured on the firm supporting ropes.

As a sign of quality guarantee, the brand offers its customers the warranty policy on each product for life. In any case of production defects, you are welcomed to return the piece for proper preparation and replacement. It is indeed an excellent service.

With the view to build a harness that lasts, the manufacturing team invested in choosing the high-graded material and applying advanced technology. As a result, a durable body protector with reflective webbing and all indicators is made. All workers surely feel the most confident when they put those coats on.

Furthermore, the fully-equipped product is affordable enough for construction workers to purchase. Unfortunately, it is hard for this harness to fit everyone with just one size.
  • Good protection
  • Excellent design
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Meet certain standards
  • Smart features
  • Handle heavyweight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Tough and long-lasting
  • Great price
  • Not one size fits all
Overall, the superior product is not a bad option for hazardous duties at a high working place.

3. Guardian Fall Protection 21030 Cyclone Construction Harness

There is no doubt that this Guardian Fall Protection 21030 Cyclone Construction Harness secures a good spot on the list of some best protective suits.

If you intend to spend a small amount of budget to purchase a harness, this one is the perfect option. At this price, we are provided with a decent-quality product that keeps us safe at challenging construction sites.

When it comes to tough materials for producing safety items, Polyester is favored by various safety harness manufacturers. The same substance is used as the sole ingredient for making a resilient shield. It can stay with you for quite a long time if being taken care of properly.

The webbing structure makes it easy for wearers to fasten and loosen those buckles. Feel free to readjust them multiple times before you are in the ready position for new tasks. The alteration process neither requires complex movements nor distorts the posture of the suit on employees’ bodies.

There is no point in panicking when we are suddenly required to put on or take off the kit immediately. With the view to providing ultimate convenience, all straps are customized to connect and disconnect smoothly and as quickly as possible. Under demanding circumstances, we just need calmly to lock or unlock the device.

Additionally, this one can be regarded as a rather good-looking harness. Those carefully sewn stitches with a dark yellow color give it such a cool and fashionable vibe. That is a bonus for a happier working day.

You need to be extra careful while choosing the correct size since there can be mistakes in the sizing chart. Once you get the proper-fitted product, it provides a snug feel that boosts your confidence for the upcoming performances.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent for construction
  • Tough material
  • Smart webbing structure
  • Quick to connect buckles
  • Good-looking suit
  • Nice stitches
  • Sizing is off
With a fair price, this best safety harness for construction deserves serious purchasing consideration.

4. DBI/SALA ExoFit NEX, 1113127 Construction Harness

The next trustworthy guardian for our body, while we are working at a great height, is the DBI/SALA ExoFit NEX, 1113127 Construction Harness.

The maker surely puts much effort into creating the most comfortable experience for its customers. Besides being incredibly light, this suit is made of a special fabric that absorbs the perspiration efficiently, especially on hot days. This padded costume feels extremely soft and pleasant when it embraces our body parts. It is pretty hard to resist such a well-made fall restraint harness.

The familiar D-rings feature is applied for better fit and seal on workers’ hips. You can feel the firmness once you lay your hand on the part to test its good fixation. The belt wraps perfectly around our body with the special back lumbar for reinforcement. You can use those front holes to insert working tools.

Locking and unlocking the straps can never go wrong with this web-lock type. One hand is enough to handle an easy and quick action of opening the knot. At the same time, it disables the chance of automatically slipping off so people should not worry.

There should be careful preparation for the worst-case scenario. With that thought in mind, this brand attaches the trauma straps that help users who are suspended. This function is made to be useful while workers are waiting for rescue.

Under other unfavorable circumstances such as lacking bright light, the reflective fabric covered all critical parts of the rope is there to enhance better observe on the working objects. The extraordinary point makes the product more attractive for people who carry duties in dim light conditions occasionally.

In order to do the inspecting process before getting ready, users can check the rip-stitch indicators. If there is any problem, we are able to notice it right away. It would be perfect if the leg straps were not so cumbersome. And although this product is greatly durable, it is not so budget-friendly.
  • Perspiration absorbing fabric
  • Reflective material
  • Excellent trauma trap
  • Great and smart design
  • Proper protection
  • Back and hip reinforcement
  • Ideal for various circumstances
  • Cumbersome leg straps
  • Not so affordable
Purchasing this item at such a high price will give a high-quality product in return. It will not hurt to own a top-rated safety harness.

5. GLOROUSCHU Full Body Safety Harness

The next economic investment in protective equipment for you to check out is the GLOROUSCHU Full Body Safety Harness.

The priority of making this protector is users’ ultimate safety. That is what we see in the smart design this one has. The shoulder and thigh straps will do their best to support our bodies. In the event of a fall, the Polyamide webbing and PVC container case make the impact less intense.

This whole costume is well-tested to handle a load weighing up to 310lbs. Careful inspection is carried before they assemble the set to sell. You can send the package to be checked one more time to be sure of its good quality.

The good news is it is among the most comfortable safety harnesses one can have. These lightweight ropes are a great companion on a long period of task performance. If you spend many hours a day completing your missions on high and dangerous surfaces like the roof, rely on this one for safety.

It is a little tricky to find a suit that is well-fitted for female workers. This product brings a good solution when it goes perfectly on both men’s and women’s bodies. There is no need for adventuring out to find a protector that applies to a slim figure, and this one does the job.

Furthermore, you can share this kit with anyone who works as a roofer, policeman, ironworker, welder and so on. The well-designed set is created so people who perform in dangerous environments get the support and protection they need.

What surprises me is the refund of this brand offers to users who find its product disappointing. It is great to have such an assurance of quality, especially for safety equipment. Luckily, I do not have to use that policy to return my good kit.

However, you might need help from others when wearing the suit for the first time. It is not easy to use them without detailed instructions.
  • Excellent design for comfort
  • Good protection
  • Handle great weight
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Fits well both male and female workers
  • Various uses
  • Not easy to wear
With such a versatile item, you should not hesitate to take this safety harness and lanyard combo.

6. 3M DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX 1113007

There is a good chance numerous customers are in need of a well-made protector like this 3M DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX 1113007.

We are safe while working at a certain height due to the excellent design this product owns. I was very impressed by how the hybrid structure applied to the shoulder, back and leg parts can provide incredible holding force. With this function, I think the manufacturer truly succeeds in forming good weight support.

This five-star worthy suit receives much love by delivering great comfort. Workers enjoy long performing period thanks to the padding added to where the device presses against their bodies. On top of that, its lightness clearly helps to alleviate fatigue.

As always, 3M Safety never disappoints with their all-round protective products. They choose aluminum to create the back D-ring in order to boost the whole apparatus’s strength. Its chest and leg straps are made to connect quickly. So in case of an urgent, we can calmly untangle the harness if needed.

Compared to other available tools, you will find this one rather expensive. But the incredible quality proves to live up to customers’ expectations. Most of the wearers consider such investment valuable. What makes it worth the price is the amazing durability. This fall arrester harness is truly built to last.

On a freezing winter day, outside duties will be much more bearable with this protector. That is because it fits well around bulky clothing without hindering users’ freedom to move their hands to work. I would recommend it for the cold night shift happening occasionally.

For your information, four sizes are on sale for customers to consider, from small to extra large. Either you have a slim frame or bigger body build, it is very likely that you can choose one piece that fits.

  • Excellent protection
  • Well-design
  • Padded safety harness
  • Comfortable
  • Quick to connect
  • High quality
  • Well-fitted around clothing
  • Many size choices
  • High price
It can not be denied that this construction safety harness is the best money can buy.

7. Guardian Fall Protection 11173 Seraph Construction Harness

The well-trusted Guardian Fall Protection brand offers users a high-quality set for heavy-duty tasks with the 11173 Seraph Construction Harness.

This protector is able to make the preparation process shorter than usual. Workers can be ready quicker for their jobs with those easy-to-adjust buckles. Even inexperienced performers can fasten the safety belts in a swift move without much detailed instruction.

With the aim to offer superior protection for our dangerous works, the manufacturer creates this suit with 6 points of adjustments. According to the fall arrest equipment standard, we are provided with incredible security while wearing this one to the construction site.

It is important to feel comfortable, especially when you are hanging in the air for hours on end. Luckily, customers are geared with extremely elastic shield straps in order to decrease the intense pressure. The feature ensures good flexibility for our movements without compromising the safety factor.

The good functional product is designed with enough space for workers to hang their hammer and other tools on. That is among the reasons that most customers find this one super convenient. Furthermore, those devices are ensured to stay on well without putting too much heaviness on our waist.

Another point that makes it everyone’s favorite partner must be the side D-rings. The smart design contributes to reinforcing this item’s sturdiness. Also, the tongue buckle straps are made to embrace our legs nicely. There might be no complaint about body soreness after experiencing this item of protection.

What we should pay attention to are the tricky sizing chart and its weight. The kit seems to be a little smaller and heavier than some of us expected.
  • Excellent protection
  • Good flexibility
  • Free movements
  • Great comfort
  • Convenient for tools hanging
  • Sturdy D-rings
  • Small sizes
  • A little heavy
From my point of view, this one is among the best fall safety harnesses that we should not miss out on trying. Just make sure you have the one that fits perfectly.

8. Miller Revolution Full Body Safety Harness

Another high-ranked device to take a look at is the Miller Revolution Full Body Safety Harness.

Being passed a strict criteria test, I think this suit shows excellent capability in keeping users’ torso in place while they swing around in the air. There is no wonder that the dangerous job of construction workers requires the protection from an ANSI-standard product like this one.

What makes the costume stand out among numerous tools is the application of DualTech Webbing in its creating process. The advanced technology gives this protector incredible softness, long-lastingness and especially, the chemical resistance ability.

Performing a task with our hanging body is not so difficult with the D-ring feature. Wearer’s weight is distributed properly on the tough back shield. Notably, the use of Santoprene as the main material makes a big difference to this suit’s flexibility. Various types of complex duties can be safely completed with the help of said function.

This product is really one of its kind considering the unique rotary structure. It does a good job of promoting extreme comfort for employees with high working intensity. To our great convenience, an integrated accessory system is attached to the suit. It is there to make sure we do not need to purchase extra appliances for heavier duties.

Furthermore, good security comes from the dual-tab buckles, and the brand specially designed for the leg and chest parts. The main purpose of that idea is to avoid slip and fall accidents for workers if the knot can be released too easily.

For the small break in the middle of your performance, you can reach out your hand to adjust the shoulder straps to feel more breathable. Also, getting this one for your long-term work is a cost-effective investment since it will be long until this top-quality suit is torn out.

The only downside we need to know is that the pivot pinches into our hips while we are bending. That can be a little hurt.
  • ANSI standard
  • Excellent webbing structure
  • Soft and durable
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Tough D-rings
  • Flexible suit
  • Firm and easy-to-adjust buckles
  • Good deal
  • Pivot slightly pinches the hip
From my personal perspective, clearly, this one is made as an excellent piece of a safety harness for construction workers.

9. X XBEN Comfortable Roofing Fall Protection Safety Harness

Next on the list would be the X XBEN Comfortable Roofing Fall Protection Safety Harness – an incredible partner for rock climbing for users.

In order to meet the requirements of various work types, the maker optimizes this suit’s design to bring it to a whole new level of protection. With the addition of 5 D-rings on important parts of our bodies, this product proves to be efficient and reliable in the event of the most dangerous and complicated duties.

Numerous individuals are amazed at how all the features together form this item. From the webbing loops at the front for seat sling to the solid Dorsal Ring, all are a big help when falling or walking on the roof. Those functions are qualified by both OSHA and ANSI standards as a trust-worthy piece in the worst situation.

This costume leads you through a comfortable performing day without much irritation and pain. People who spend most of their time swing around on such a device need a suit that is packed with paddings. Understanding that the legs and waist receive lots of pressure during those times, the brand decides to put extra soft layers on these parts.

On purchase of this product, you have a well-fitted costume that can cover both male and female workers. It seems like much dedication is made for not just the quality and design but also a better sizing chart.

This time, synthetic polyester is picked to be the material of this shield. The reason for it must be the incredible strength and durability of the said substance. Being made of this superior fabric, I can guarantee this professional-grade piece works well against abrasion and heat. Its webbing can also bear the weight of a total of 3500 kg.

The buckles seem to bother some users. They do not think it holds well without slipping off sometimes.
  • Good protection
  • Effective in dangerous setups
  • Good for heavy duties
  • Excellent design
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Well-fitted
  • Superior and long-lasting material
  • Resilient
  • Tricky buckles
This one is a good chance for us to own an OSHA approved harness at a good price.

10. Guardian Fall Protection 193131 Construction Premium Edge Harness

The Guardian Fall Protection brand brings to the market another worth trying model, which is called the 193131 Construction Premium Edge Harness.

In exchange for our big investment, we have a 5-star rated protective device in hand. In 2007, the piece won not only the International Design Excellence Award but also the trust of numerous users around the world. The long-lasting item is an ideal companion for many kinds of jobs out there.

Some loyal customers claim the piece as the best fall protection harness for a reason. Its 5-point adjustment system makes the time needed to get ready shorter. It also makes sure there will be no chance of slipping incidents in the middle of some dangerous tasks.

For the purpose of bringing a comfortable working period, the padding on its waist belt is made of closed-cell foam. In that way, the soft feeling stays after hours and hours of performing. We can now say goodbye to the dark-bruised spot that the old hard suit leaves us when the day is done.

Experienced users know that they make the side D-rings for application positioning. Thanks to it, we can stay in place to use our free hands for complex tasks. There will not be much hardship when we try to rearrange the costume for a better stand.

With some principle sizes, this product’s fitment is precise for various body types. Once it gets around the worker, it holds the whole weight up without any sign of movement hindrance. Other tools hanging on the hips receive good support from the belt, just take out the one you need and put it back at ease.

Honestly, such an impeccable guardian is not sold at an affordable price. This safety harness with a tool belt will cost users quite a big investment.
  • Easy adjusted
  • Award-winning harness
  • Excellent protection
  • Great comfort
  • Smart design
  • D-rings for positioning
  • Optimal convenience with a tool belt
  • High price
This is a safety harness for roofing that can be trusted to have your back.

11. Miller DuraFlex Python Ultra Full-Body Safety Harness

A low-profile product that offers good protecting ability is the Miller DuraFlex Python Ultra Full-Body Safety Harness.

The piece is certified to have a safety rating of up to 400lb. Compared to those same-priced products, this one excels at handling heavy-weight users and working tools. Such utility encourages workers to choose the suit more often than the expensive items with fashionable appearance but less versatile.

Optimal comfort and excellent efficiency are what the design of this costume is for. Elastomer webbing is constructed to be stretchy enough for free movements. The back D-ring is made with woven padding, which soothes our back during hours of climbing. The material chosen is breathable and cool for hot working days. Those excellent functionalities can not be found in any other ordinary harnesses available.

Honeywell focuses on making this one sturdy, rather than good-looking. It can endure great pressure throughout the task performance time. On top of that, it is not easy to tear this rope out since its webbing is made of abrasion-resistant fabric. We can see workers wearing those green suits in many construction sites we pass by.

In case rain or water falling on our body, the protector will not be soaked and get heavier. That is mainly because of the water-proof foam on it. It takes the piece shorter time to dry so we can carry on working with ease.

If you are afraid of accidental opening incidents, opt for this one. The combination of quick-connect buckles and easy-to-use interlock geared with a dual-tab mechanism will make sure your suit is well-locked.
  • Resilient roofing harness
  • Optimal comfort
  • Efficient and versatile
  • Good features
  • Nice design
  • Excellent materials
  • Water-proof
  • Not good-looking
This one is the suit you go for when you are in need of a comfortable protector that boosts mobility and alleviates fatigue.

12. 3M DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX 1113371 Full Body Harness

Another self-contained suit from 3M safety for your dangerous work – the DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX 1113371 Full Body Harness.

This well-known brand chooses aluminum to build the costume back, said material is excellent at absorbing vibrant and enduring strong force from outside. Such a great substance is able to add to the overall safety without increasing the product’s weight.

By applying advanced technology in the creating process, this harness proudly shows its best capability in hazardous set-ups. There is no limit to our hand gestures once we get into the coat. Our speed and efficiency will be improved significantly with the use of this superior protector.

We are assured of optimal comfort for this type of harness – no overwhelming heaviness can negatively affect our body parts. Users are spared from neck and hip soreness due to the fair tension distribution of the whole suit. Workers really have the pleasure they need for long-term projects when they own this one.

This coat is unique from its appearance to the rescue and protection system. It carries a sporty look that is covered with dark and modern colors. In order to build such a great structure for this item, remarkable contributions from many trainers, technical assistance, and other experts are used.

The updated version from 3M brings new and innovative features that can handle complex missions. We can feel confident and secure due to the D-ring in the front when climbing and at the side when repositioning.

Prolonged working time under challenging circumstances requires a durable and resilient suit. If your old piece can meet such critical demand, this piece is an ideal alternative. Long-lasting material and tough buckles will make the costume our companion for years.

Customers need to study the sizing chart carefully. It should be a choice made after considering all related factors such as your weight, height, and type of body. Once you get the right piece, it fits excellently.
  • Good quality
  • Great design
  • Superior material choice
  • Useful D-rings
  • Durable and resilient
  • Fits well
  • No soreness
  • Tricky sizing chart
All in all, I think you will make a good decision for investment when you buy this suit.

What to Look for When Buying a Safety Harness


Weight – The first essential factor to take into careful consideration is our weight. There are indicators on the product that implies how many kilos the piece can handle. It is important to make sure the combination of your weight and the other tools will not become too much of a burden for the suit to bear.

Another thing is the costume’s weight. It is best to pick a high-quality and tough item that is incredibly lightweight. The heaviness of the suit can hinder the user’s free movements, comfort and most importantly, working efficiency.

Webbing – You clearly want the piece with an advanced webbing system. A suitable webbing is the one that meets your work’s specific requirement. It should be heat-resistant when your tasks are often dealing with flame.

If people’s daily tasks are performed at the construction site, abrasion and tear-resistance are indispensable. Other than that, there are suits covered with water-repellent coatings. A stretchy and adjustable webbing will be an excellent choice for the ones who prioritize their comfort while working.

Integrated features – This one is among the burdens that users are facing while picking their best companion since its variety in features can be overwhelming. You need to study your job’s nature and duties requirements thoroughly in order to have the most suitable D-rings part, straps and additional features such as anti-scratch padding.

Adjustable The thing that we rely on to feel secure and fit in the costume is its quick-connect buckles. The feature will do an incredible job when we need to lock and unlock our suit quickly in an emergency. An easy-to-adjust buckle will push the ready time quicker so we do not waste hours trying to figure the complicated lock system.

People with different body types require the fitment to be impeccable for each of them. That is when the manufacturer needs to make a piece with many adjustment points so the protector will embrace our body in a better way. At the same time, those points need to be kept in place without slipping off once the users are up high in the air.

Safety accessories – Be aware that these upgraded features will cost you more than the usual suits. High-priced harnesses are geared with an impact indicator on the D-ring. If you are in need of such safety accessories when you are willing to pay more for it, take the durable and replaceable one.

Padding – In order to deliver extreme comfort, the piece needs to have soft and high-quality padding that supports the important parts of our bodies. Usually, the manufacturer chooses to add the feature on the user’s back to hold it well when they are working in the air. Some other makers want the paddings to be on the legs and waist, and those positions suffer from much pressure and tension.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a safety harness?

A safety harness is among various personal protective equipment that is essential to the well-being of workers. This product is customized for specific protection purpose, that is to keep people safe from injuries or damage while they are performing at great heights.

Its special design is optimized to carry an assigned amount of weight. It comes in a set with lanyards, safety rope, and other necessary tools. Those pieces work in tandem with each other to offer the protection we need.

Most of them consist of certain parts that are essential such as D-rings, tough buckles, webbing, and some other added features like the back padding or the tool belts. Each function is helpful in their ways and suitable for specific duties.

How does it work?

To put it in a simple way, I suggest the harness is used to distribute the force on our body when we are hanging in the air. It offers us the necessary support to perform the tasks with two hands at a great height. Without this protector, our jobs carried on the roof, on the wall of a tall building, inside a tube, and so on come to a dead end.

In an emergency situation such as a sudden fall, the harness is there to make sure we suffer from the minimum amount of shock and pressure. It keeps us in the right position while we are waiting for rescue. However, to be able to keep calm and perform well under the said circumstances, we need a thorough training course.

Who is this for?

Various users working in different fields can benefit from this type of protection tool. The ones who need this the most are those construction workers that build the wall every day. They are always put in dangerous setups that need good security to complete the mission. If that is your daily task, do not forget to get yourself a good-quality one.

Welders can make use of this rope when they are hanging in the air due to the requirement of their current performances. Of course, they need the help of other ropes since welding is the job that requires strong hand movements.

You can see workers who do roofing tasks always wear this costume at work. Good support of such protectors will give them the confidence to walk on hazardous surfaces. It is there to help those employees get through an emergency situation safely.

Some other applications of this suit are camping, building demolishing, mountain climbing, paving and so on.

What are the different types of safety harnesses?

Among those suits, you can see several key features that differentiate them from each other. If you are still confused somehow, take a look at these following categories:

Vest-type – This is the one that offers the full coverage for the whole body, from shoulders to legs. It is easy to use, like wearing your usual coat on. This one is the best choice when there could be a lot of falling while doing the tasks.

Parachute – Those harnesses also provide protection for our full body. But it will be more difficult and take us longer to put in since there are more buckles added. You might need detailed instructions or guides from the experienced wearer to make it right.

Single-strap – Fewer workers choose this one for their safety compared to the other two above. It can only protect a small part of our bodies, just like the chess harness. If you do light duties, maybe this one is a decent option.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a safety harness?

A sturdy harness will keep us safe at the challenging and dangerous work sites. The tool helps users to perform with a high level of confidence and comfort, therefore boosting the efficiency to a better rate. Both employers and the workforce can have big advantages from this type of protection.

It will minimize the change of workers getting serious injuries in various situations. Some people’s lives are saved thanks to this full-geared suit. The way it has our back every time we start our duties is incredible.

People might encounter difficulties or even horrible injuries if they do not pick the right set with proper features. Without considering the working environment requirements, we will face all kinds of advantages and more serious dangers when wearing the wrong protective suit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted safety harness brands?

Numerous models from many brands are presented to the market each year, and many choices might lead to great confusion. For those suits have their own strength and weakness, it is better to look at several of them to make a fair comparison. 3M Safety, HoneyWell, Guardian Fall Protection, Kwik Safety, and many reliable labels are what you should consider.

How many years is a safety harness good for?

The average product cycle of a harness can be more than 5 years. There are many reasons for the time those pieces last. It is either because of good care, working hazards, or other objective factors. The life of such protectors also depends on its material, durability, and quality in general.

What is the D ring on a safety harness used for?

It is obvious that this part plays an important role in keeping workers safe while conducting dangerous projects. There are different types of D-rings attached to the harness. The one on the back is the linking point that will be helpful for falling arrest purposes. Whereas, the shoulder one is for confined space rescue. The chest and front D-ring can show its utility in the ladder climbing situation, while the side and hip ones are for positioning.

How to use a safety harness and lanyard?

Usually, you can find detailed instruction that goes with the purchased product. Some of the harnesses and lanyards are easier to use, while others require a specific and careful guide. Wearers sometimes need help from others when attempting to wear a sophisticated design.

If you can manage to try it on, untangle the harness first, hold all parts widely to figure out the right position. Check for any holes, tears, or damages before using it for work. The next step would be putting it on our body, try to fasten all these buckles thoroughly. Check again and adjust till the suit fits. Make sure you have free movements of hands and legs while being in the costume. If it feels comfortable, you are ready.

How to use a safety harness on the roof?

For exact information, you should ask the professional or go-to trainers. These steps are just the basic knowledge that you might one to take a look at. First, clip the end of your rope to the roof’s ring. Afterward, fasten the back D-ring of your harness. Grab the rope-holder tightly and position the protective rope when you walk or move on the surface.

Can a safety harness kill you?

Under some unfavorable circumstances of emergencies, the unpredictable twist of harnesses rope can be lethal. Those horrible accidents can happen when a worker is suspended for several minutes in an upright position. Although it is not a frequent occurrence, it is better to know that such a situation can appear.

Is safety harness a PPE?

Yes, it is a PPE. For people who work in dangerous setups, this piece of tool is among the essential personal protection equipment package that they need to bring along whenever they perform.

Where to buy?

Local stores where they sell tool organizers are a great option, and you can take a look and try on the set directly to make sure it works well. Or else, online shopping can be a convenient choice. All you do is find a trusted website that offers excellent service and instruction for your purchase. Read those reviews carefully to know the pros and cons of each item.

What is the warranty?

Often, all brands will take care of the defects involved materials or workmanship, which result from the manufacturing process and product design. There is no refund of the damages that are your fault while using time.

Some big labels offer a lifetime warranty on their products, whilst some others accept replacement or exchange for suitable requests. The policy varies among those companies. So if you want further details, just contact the sellers, ask for their customer service for precise information.

How to care and clean?

The best way recommended to clean your suit is with the help of a moist sponge. It is discouraged to use a hard cloth or strong bleach to wash the piece. Light soap is a better option to get rid of the dirt.

About the product maintenance, it is best to keep them in a dust-free and dry place when we do not use them. Hanging them on is a good idea, as long as you do not fold and press the rope too hard.


When it comes to body protection while working at a significant height, the harness is the indispensable equipment. The use of it determines if we can be safe to reach the ground. So be aware of how to choose the best safety harness possible for those hazardous missions.

Once you have in your hand the perfect companion, master the way to wear and use it in an urgent situation. Do not forget to take good care of the suit and scrutinize the whole costume before starting your daily duties.

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