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The Best TIG Welding Gloves

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

Best Tig Welding Gloves

We should be aware of how important owning a proper set of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is. Many pieces of yearly research showed that there would be a significant decrease in the number of unwanted incidents every year, if every worker knows the best way to pick for themselves the best safety tools.

We all know that the necessary equipment can not only keep us safe, but also help us to complete our tasks more smoothly and easily. And that is one more reason why special helmet, boots, hard hats and so on are needed at the workplace. For people who are working as welders, finding the Best TIG Welding Gloves is one of the most urgent and essential things to do.

We thoroughly understand the difficulty you can encounter while trying to buy the one that can protect your hands well at work. So we put together the useful information on several highly recommended gloves, and tips to make the right purchasing decision. We hope you can comfortably make your choice while reading this article.

# Product name
Top 1
Tillman TIG Welding Gloves Details
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Lincoln Electric TIG Welding Gloves Details
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Revco TIG Welding Glove Details

Best Tig Welding Gloves Reviews

1. Tillman 1338 Top Grain Goatskin TIG Welding Gloves

Another deserving spot on the list of some best safety products for workers is the Tillman 1338 Top Grain Goatskin TIG Welding Gloves. The pair is widely loved for its good dexterity and comfortability.

The special thing about this model is its material. They use pearl goatskin to create the glove. It is an important factor that enables the pair to offer an amazing dexterity for users. If you are in need of a safety tool that can handle items with different shapes and sizes well, this is the ideal option.

I am happy to know that this product’s design is perfect for welding tasks. The piece has a patch that enables users’ hands to move smoothly and quickly on different surfaces. You can hardly find this amazing feature in many work gloves on the market.

We usually use more force on our thumbs while handing the welding gun to complete our tasks. That is why the manufacturer decides to improve the strength of this part of the glove. Now we can confidently use the working equipment without being afraid of losing ultimate control on it.

I am pleased to find out that this pair’s stitches are made using Kevlar liner. Just like many products available currently, this choice of substance is for reinforcement purposes. Now we have a strong glove that is not easy to be torn out during work.

Unfortunately, while some people are glad because the model fits their small hands, others want bigger sizes for themselves.
  • Good quality
  • Nice design and color
  • Strong and durable
  • Amazing materials choice
  • Easy hand movements
  • Good grip
  • Small
The Tillman TIG gloves are a perfect option for workers who have small hands. It can be an ideal partner for female customers.

2. Lincoln Electric Grain Leather TIG Welding Gloves

If you are a fan of black and white glove design, you should check out the Lincoln Electric Grain Leather TIG Welding Gloves. The product can be one of the most good-looking pieces on the current market.

It is understandable that many customers love this pair for the first time they see it. The design is simple with two basic colors. They also add the logo of Lincoln Electric on the extended cuff of this product. It gives out the cool vibe so users can wear it for various activities outside work.

I am pleased to tell you that the glove is more dexterous than numerous pairs available. It enables workers to grab on different items firmly. This is thanks to the special material they use to create this product. This kind of leather makes it a lighter glove than I imagine.

The good thing you should know about the model is its excellent durability. Like many other companies, this label uses Kevlar to optimize their product’s strength. That explains why the glove can be so durable after a long time of use.

What I like about this mode’s design is the long cuff. The part is not too long to cause any inconvenience, but enough to protect my wrist from getting burnt by the ultraviolet rays. I do not have to suffer from severe inflammation after the work is completed.

If you need a glove that can resist abrasion, this pair is the right choice. The feature makes it ideal for construction workers, where there are many items with different shapes and sizes to deal with every day.

Another reason why many customers go for this piece is because of its reputation. The product is reported to be trusted by many professional workers. However, there are some complaints about the length of its thumbs.
  • High quality work glove
  • Good protection for hands and wrist
  • Good design
  • Nice look
  • Durable and tough
  • Long thumb
Overall, the Lincoln welding gloves do not disappoint users by its good quality and design.

3. Revco TIGSTER8482 Ultimate TIG Welding Glove

If you are willing to make a big investment in great work gloves, the Revco RTIGSTER8482 Ultimate TIG Welding Glove is worth your consideration. It offers amazing protection for workers in hazardous environments.

When compared to some other pieces of good TIG gloves on the market, this pair is sold at a higher price. The reason why this product from Revco is more expensive lies in its various useful features that many do not have.

It is noticeable that the pair is made of a fire-resistant fabric. The cotton material does a good job of shielding users’ hands from direct exposure with the flame. By that, we can comfortably do the work without feeling burning hot because of the heat.

What I like about this model is that it can offer great strength for users to handle their working items. The upgrade of this piece from others is that it is designed with a patch at the back. Such a feature makes the glove stronger and suitable for different kinds of tasks.

Also, the manufacturer tries to improve the fitting ability of this product’s thumb by using the keystone structure. That helps the glove to stay on our hands better during the working process.

Another factor that contributes to the durability of this model is its stitches. If you are familiar with many kinds of work gloves on the market, you would know that Kevlar fabric is used to strengthen many protective products. This one is not an exception. Due to this reason, the piece lasts longer than I expect.

I am happy to know that it is also made of goatskin, the material that has the ability to offer optimum dexterity for our tasks. Unfortunately, some people find it hard to put on and take off the glove quickly.
  • Great quality product
  • Fantastic dexterity
  • Great design
  • Good strength and durability
  • Resist flame
  • Not that easy to wear quickly
Despite a minor shortcoming, this model from Revco deserves your investment for its fantastic protecting ability.

4. Defiant Metal TIG Welding Gloves

The Defiant Metal TIG Welding Gloves is the next one that I want to mention in this list. If you are interested in long welding gloves that offer great protection for your hands, you should take a look at this model.

I am pleased to find out that this product’s cuff is longer than usual. If your old protective tool can not keep you safe from getting hurt in the forearms, you can opt for this pair. It does an amazing job of shielding users against the hot flame while they perform the daily tasks at a dangerous workplace. This extended part has two layers of heat-resistant substance so that we can use them to carry on performing the welding job.

It is exciting to know that the manufacturer uses high-quality black goatskin to create this safety glove. The superior material optimizes this piece’s ability to provide greater protection. That is one of the reasons why I choose this product for my heavy-duty tasks sometimes.

The amazing thing is that this model provides fantastic comfort for customers. The excellent goatskin gives this piece a great feel and the cotton liner makes the glove more comfortable. The inner fabric feels soft and convenient against my hand skin.

Another wonderful feature we should know is its design. There are two layers of patches added to make the pair stronger. We do not have to doubt its durability thanks to this reinforcement in the piece’s structure.

The second liner of stitches brings more toughness to this glove, and it stays longer than I expected. However, some customers find this one more expensive than many available types of equipment on the market.
  • Fantastic protection
  • Great design
  • High-quality materials
  • Good structure
  • Amazing comfort
  • High price
If you are willing to make this buying decision, you can have one of the best gloves for TIG welding on sale this year.

5. Superior 370GFKL Precision Arc Goatskin Leather Welding Gloves

The next product that is highly-recommended in the TIG welding gloves review is the Superior 370GFKL Precision Arc Goatskin Leather Welding Gloves. Numerous users are satisfied with this pair’s incredible strength and protection.

It is amazing that we can wear this glove to handle items that have sharp edges without getting hurt. That is possible because the piece is made of a tough material that can resist cut. The feature is ideal for people who work at the construction site.

I am happy to find out that when compared to various work gloves on the market, this pair can be stronger. The reason behind its strength is the goatskin leather they use to produce it. The piece is an ideal partner for heavy lifting work.

What is superior about the product is its ability to offer amazing sensitivity for our fingers and flexibility for our hand movements. I can confidently use this piece to perform different kinds of objects.

Thanks to the good quality material, this product can also resist heat well. It protects us from being affected by the heat in the middle of the welding process. That makes it one of the best TIG gloves I have the chance to use.

Another great thing is that we can bring this glove to work for a long time without worrying that it can wear out soon. The piece meets a certain requirement for a work tool that can resist puncture. That is why it is the favorite equipment of users whose jobs are carried in a hazardous working environment.

If you have to work with different types of welding, you do not need to buy two pair of TIG gloves vs MIG gloves. This product only can handle both tasks, so it is a wonderful partner that saves you from the trouble of finding two pairs.

Unfortunately, there are some complaints about the thumbs’ seam coming off after several uses.
  • Good quality
  • Great hand protection
  • Excellent abrasion, cut and puncture resistance
  • Ideal for different welding types
  • Amazing dexterity
  • Offer good sensitivity
  • Weak thumb seam
In conclusion, you can own a good quality pair of protective tools by purchasing these superior welding gloves.

6. West Chester IRON CAT TIG Welding Gloves

If you need to find a good deal for welder’s work gloves, you can check out the West Chester IRON CAT TIG Welding Gloves. It is a good quality piece that can protect you from the hazards at the worksite. And the pair is currently sold on the market at a reasonable price.

The manufacturer has used high-quality grain kidskin leather in production to activate the optimum durability for users. It also does a great job of keeping workers safe when they are performing the daily tasks in their dangerous working environment.

I am happy to know that by using the said leather, they create an excellent dexterity for this glove, therefore making it an ideal partner to deal with numerous objects. The flexibility this piece offers enables users to have better control over their working tools. That is the reason why we can wear this pair to handle small items.

Another good thing that makes people love this product from West Chester is its comfortability. The soft feeling this piece brings is one of the reasons I adore the product so much. Thanks to the material, we can wear the piece for a long day of work.

It is noticeable that this model has longer cuffs than usual. The design offers better protection for our wrist. Users can reduce excessive worrying that the flame might hurt this part of their arms.

I am pleased to find out that iron cat TIG gloves can also resist abrasion and puncture. Which means it is a wonderful companion when we need to handle sharp edges occasionally. This piece does not wear out easily, therefore ideal for the heavy-duty tasks.

This product is offered with five sizes available for you to pick, from small to extra extra extra large. However, it is not a thick enough glove to shield us from extreme heat as some people desire.
  • Good quality work glove
  • Great protection
  • Various uses
  • Optimum dexterity
  • Excellent comfort
  • Low price
  • Not very thick
Overall, this is a good pair of work gloves for welders that is sold at a low price. You should not miss out on trying the piece.

7. Dewalt Premium TIG Welding Gloves

If you need a tough protective tool for heavy-duty tasks that can keep you safe, you can check out the Dewalt Premium TIG Welding Gloves. It will not disappoint users with the ability to offer great protection.

The best thing about this pair is that it serves as a shield for customers’ hands against hot flame. The material they use to create the glove enables it to resist fire so that we can comfortably carry on working without getting burnt or hurt by the heat.

Like other tough equipment on the market, the company uses kevlar stitches to strengthen the whole glove, from the palm to its wrist. Such reinforcement makes the piece ideal for the heavy-duty type of work. We can wear this pair to lift heavy-weight packages or grab on hard objects confidently.

The special thing we can notice about the glove is its long cuff. The manufacturer increases the length of this piece sleeve to provide wider protection on our hands, especially the forearms. For a welding job, if we are not careful, we can get hurt by the splash of hot metal, that is the reason why we need this product.

Another important feature is this glove’s dexterity. Users can perform complicated tasks because this piece is extremely dexterous. It is possible thanks to the design of its index fingers, as they are made with such a visible sea, which enables more exact movements of workers’ hands.

I am happy to know that the company uses superior material to create this product. By that, it can provide the best ability to resist abrasion. The wonderful buffalo leather explains why this pair of work gloves is much more expensive than numerous models available.

The high price is a major reason why some customers do not choose to use or buy the product again.
  • Great quality product
  • Excellent protection
  • Longer cuff for better safety
  • Optimum dexterity
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • High price
In conclusion, this piece is ideal for people who have to handle heavy-duty work that may involve many kinds of dangers.

8. Caiman White Goatskin

The first piece that I want to mention in this article is the Caiman White Goatskin. It is one of the top-rated TIG gloves that I totally fall in love with. The good quality and the great price are the reasons for this pair’s popularity.

It is noticeable that this glove has a nice appearance. The white color makes this pair look simple and cool. They add the wooden orange to over the wrist part, which turns the piece into a fashionable one.

The best thing about the product is its durability and strength. It can last longer than I expected it to be. The pair is helpful with various kinds of tasks, so I do not have to worry while wearing the glove to handle my job.

It is excellent at shielding users’ hands against the heat of the TIG welding process. When you do such a job, it is possible to be hurt when you are not careful. That is the reason why workers need to wear the pair to keep themselves safe.

I am glad to know that this caiman welding gloves are made of good -quality materials. The manufacturer uses goatskin, a substance that does an amazing job of protecting users from the hazards, to create this pair. This type of leather helps the pair tougher for better protection.

The good thing about its design is the long cuff. We know how important it is to make sure that our wrist can no get burned while handling the TIG. So I like the extended part of this piece very much. It makes me feel secure and confident while performing my job at the construction site.

I am happy to find out that the glove fits perfectly to my hands. I do not feel irritated or uncomfortable wearing this product. It amazes me with the ability to offer good comfort for users.

However, some of the customers are not satisfied with the thinness of this pair, as they want the product to be thicker to handle hot items.
  • Good protection
  • Long cuff
  • Durable and tough
  • Nice look
  • Fit well
  • Great comfort
  • Not that thick
In conclusion, if you need a piece that provides good protection at a reasonable price, this is the go-to product.

9. Miller Electric Welding Gloves

Next on the worth-trying product, we have here is the Miller Electric welding gloves. The product is popular for its amazing durability, and many customers find this piece helpful in various circumstances.

I am glad to know that this piece is made of sheepskin. The material enables this glove to last longer when compared to some other pairs using different kinds of substances. You can be surprised when you find out its durability.

For people who are fans of low-profile work tools, this is the ideal model for them. They produce the glove with two basic colors: white and black. The design is simple, with a transform of color from the palm to the back and wrist. This type of appearance will not draw attention from others, so it can be the perfect choice for some.

Another amazing thing is this product’s ability to offer optimum comfort for users. I am lucky to have the chance to try this piece and now I feel completely contented about my buying decision. It is among the most comfortable pairs of protective gloves I have ever used. It makes my work more convenient and enjoyable.

It is incredible to know that the leather material is more stretch than we suppose. That explains why the model fits well to my hand. Although it can give you the feeling of a small piece at first, after a little while, it adjusts nicely.

The important thing is that the product can provide great protection for users against sharp objects and hot flame. It is a wonderful partner for my welding tasks at the construction site. It does an amazing job of shielding users against many kinds of hazards while working.

However, high-quality products equal high prices, so this glove can be considered to be much more expensive than numerous products on the current market.
  • Great protection
  • Amazing dexterity
  • Incredible comfort
  • Well-fitted
  • High-quality materials
  • Low-profile look
  • High price
Overall, this miller welding glove is a great choice of protective equipment for workers who need a good quality piece for their safety.

10. John Tillman Goatskin Super Premium Grade TIG Welders’ Glove

Another piece that receives good comments on its quality in the TIG welding gloves review is the John Tillman Goatskin Super Premium Grade TIG Welders’ Glove. It will not disappoint with the ability to offer amazing protection for users.

The first thing I notice about this piece is its design. The manufacturer makes white the color of this pair’s covering. If you are looking for a model that has a simple look but not boring, this glove is one of the nicest choices out there.

We can see that the product owns a short cuff. This is different than many other pieces available currently. If your old pair with long cuff is considered as an inconvenience for your work, you can opt for this piece. The hook on its wrist does an amazing job of keeping the glove stay well on our hands during the task performance.

The incredible thing is that this one is a very durable product. It can be used to protect you in a dangerous working environment for a longer time than we expect. The glove durability is one of the reasons why lots of customers still pick this one after the last piece tear out.

I am pleased to know that this model can provide an optimum hand grip. It is an essential feature for the work of a welder. The piece is excellently dexterous, which is very helpful if you need to handle objects with different shapes and sizes at the workplace.

Another good thing is this model’s great comfort. We can wear this safety glove for a long day of tasks performing without feeling any irritation. Moreover, the pair is perfectly sat on my hand, and it enables me to have better control over my finger movements.

However, some customers want the product to be thicker for better protection against heat.
  • Good design
  • A simple look
  • Optimum dexterity
  • Amazing comfort
  • Well-fitted
  • Short cuff
  • Thinner than expected
In conclusion, if you do not need a pair that is too thick or has a long cuff for wrist protection, this welding glove is worth your investment.

11. BSX Premium 3 Kidskin Finger Cowhide Back TIG Welding Gloves

This BSX Premium 3 Kidskin Finger Cowhide Back TIG Welding Gloves is also the favorite safety piece of numerous customers. Many users including me fall for this product because of its amazing look and great quality.

What I notice first about this model is the color combination they use on it. If you do not want to use low-profile gloves with simple and boring looks anymore, you can opt for this piece. It is one of the most fashionable welding pairs I have ever owned.

It is noticeable that it is designed to highlight three fingers that we mainly use to handle our tasks. Those important parts are optimized to have greater strength so that our performance will be easier and go more smoothly.

I am happy that this model is designed to have a long cuff like most pieces I have mentioned in this article. That makes it one of the best choices for people who work as a welder to make. This feature ensures better protection for our wrist, but it’s not too long to cause any unnecessary inconvenience.

I am pleased to find out that this pair can also offer amazing comfort for customers. It is amazing that besides the ability to handle hard daily tasks, this glove can make us feel comfortable while wearing it. We can consider this model as an excellent companion for various working conditions.

Another good thing you should know is that the Kevlar fabric turns this product into a fire-resistant safety piece. That means it is very helpful when we do not want direct exposure to flame hurt our hands.

However, there are some complaints about this glove being too thick.
  • Great protection
  • Nice design
  • Fashionable look
  • Good comfort
  • Tough and durable glove
  • Resist flame well
  • A little too bulky
Overall, you can have a good piece for heavy-duty work if you make the decision to purchase this pair.

12. Steiner 0262-L SPS Ironflex TIG Gloves

The last piece that I want to include in this list is the Steiner 0262-L SPS Ironflex TIG Gloves. This product is among the toughest pair of safety pairs that I have the chance to use. It does an amazing job of shielding users against the hazards they might face at the workplace.

The label offers customers five sizes to pick from. Users can find the best-fitted piece among these options, from small to extra extra large. I am happy to be able to own the right one thanks to this wide range of choices.

It is incredible that this product is created using high-quality kidskin, a material that can resist flame well. We can wear this piece to work in an environment that has high temperatures without worrying about getting hurt. It is the perfect equipment for TIG welding tasks.

I am happy to tell you that this pair can still function well after a long time of frequent use. That means the glove is designed to offer amazing durability. It can be helpful for heavy-duty jobs and last longer than we think.

Another good thing is this pair’s wonderful ability to protect users from the splash of hot metal while workers perform their duties. It has longer cuff so we can have a wider and more proper safety for not only our hands but also our wrist. Users can feel confident handling whatever kinds of jobs they have.

We can notice the special thing about its design is the closure hook. It helps the pair stay better on our hands. On top of that, it enables customers to adjust the part until it fits perfectly and makes us feel comfortable enough.

However, some people think this product is sold at a higher price than it should be.
  • Great protection for hands and wrist
  • High-quality material
  • Wide sizing choice
  • Good design
  • Adjustable and convenient
  • Great comfort
  • High price
Overall, it is the type of work glove that is ideal for heavy-duty tasks so it can be more pricey than some other pieces. However, I think it is a good choice of safety pieces for many workers.

What to Look for When Buying Tig Welding Gloves


Working conditions – The significant factor that always comes at first in finding the best welding glove is our work conditions. We need to analyze all dangerous factors that can cause unwanted hurt and incidents in the working process. By that, we can pick the piece with the necessary features to keep us safe.

Some users might need to protective pair for TIG welding. For this kind of job, we need to choose the glove that can offer excellent handgrip. These products have to be thin and flexible enough so the workers are able to have optimum control over their items.

Usually, people with such demand will opt for the gloves that are made of goatskin. Or sometimes, there are materials that can meet the requirement for protection and still be pliable. Customers should have the best hand movements with these pairs.

We should know that this form of welding will not cause much spatter of the hot metal, that is the reason why we can pick the one with shorter cuff. We do not need the one with extended sleeves for TIG welding duties.

However, those models that own reinforcing padding can be necessary for this situation. Although short-sleeved products are a fine choice, we should pay attention to the protection of other parts of our hands such as palm and fingers.

In some cases, people need gloves for MIG welding to complete their performance. That is when they need to look for thicker pairs of safety tools. We should keep in mind that this type of welding will produce more spatter, and it can also create more heat. Therefore, tough gloves will be essential to keep our hands safe.

When you face this kind of requirement, you can depend on the materials they use to produce the pieces to decide which one to buy. Usually, people will purchase gloves made of top grain deerskin, or goatskin leather. Some others prefer cowhide models.

The reason behind these options is put in the characteristics of those substances. They are able to provide incredible safety for users, like a tough shield against hot flame and metal. On top of that, those pairs are flexible enough to handle items with different shapes and sizes.

These two types can be interchangeable, and you can find on the market the kind of glove that can handle both MIG and TIG welding. If you need to perform both tasks, those gloves can be the perfect choice.

Cuff length – There are several products made with short cuffs. If you are currently performing the tasks that do not require extra protection on the wrist, a short-sleeved pair is definitely a perfect option.

When your welding work can cause much spatter, you should opt for the gloves with longer cuffs than usual. By that, it can provide enough safety for your forearms. Be thorough when picking the pairs with proper sleeve length so you can carry on working without any worry.

Protection features – There will be some differences in the level of heat-resistant of various gloves. We need to know how strong and thick you want your piece to be so we can confidently carry the tasks without worrying out getting burnt by the flame. But at the same time, it also needs to be thin enough for handling working items.

Besides the heat and hot metal, there are some other kinds of hazards that you should pay attention to in order to pick the best protective gloves. There can be times that you need a pair that has a thick layer of insulation if you need to deal with electricity.

Sometimes, when you are at the construction site, you need to deal with objects with sharp edges and items with different shapes and sizes. In such circumstances, you need a pair that can resist tears and abrasion well. They should also be cut-resistant if there are broken glasses around.

Comfort and sizes – Another important element should be comfortability. No matter how stylish one model is, it has to provide excellent comfort for users. We should never settle for a pair that makes you feel irritated and stiff while wearing it.

Pick the most suitable pair include choosing the right size for your hands. You can not wear a piece that does not fit well, as there can be slipping incidents happen. A loose glove will not able to offer users the best control over the working items. In those ways, our jobs can be harder to be completed.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a TIG welding glove?

TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas, which is one type of welding tasks that we should know about. The special thing about this job is that it asks for a high level of skillfulness from the workers. That is why people who perform this job need a good pair of TIG welding gloves.

Based on the requirement of this duty, many products are brought to the market by many companies annually. They design those pairs to have suitable and necessary features so that they can help workers complete their tasks safely and effectively.

Usually, these products are created using materials that are of high quality. These substances need to be pliable and thin enough. It is because we need to have work gloves that can handle complicated jobs.

Some most popular ones you can find are made of goatskin. It meets the standard for a safe TIG welding glove. We can see the said material in many brands’ finest products for working protection.

Some of them have long cuffs, which can protect half of your forearms. Others can be sleeveless if you do not need such a feature for your wrist. It depends on the purposes of those gloves, and then the manufacturer will choose the right design for them.

How does it work?

The pair serves as a shield for users from thermal hazards. It should be made of flame-resistant materials. By that, it can protect users against fire and flames in the middle of work. With this feature, this glove can prevent the direct exposure of our hands to molten metal when we need to hold or touch them.

Also, sometimes sparks and spatter from the tasks we are doing can be very dangerous to our hand skin. It can not handle the damage, so that is when we need a pair of this glove to save us from the severe pain we do not want to suffer.

This piece can be the protection coat if some workers need to handle electric tools. Some of them are made with a layer of insulation to make sure that a certain level of electricity can not go through the glove. It comes in handy when there are incidents of broken ire. It can keep users safe, especially when unexpected problems happen.

This product also works as a shield for customers from dangers such as slag or arc ray flame. It is thick enough to keep our hands from feeling too hot because of the heat when we deal with melting metal.

We can see some of these gloves are very tough. It is made of the substance that can resist tears and scrapes. If we use the product to deal with hard objects at the construction site, the tear and the abrasion-resistant would be very important features. By having those, it alleviates the pain we can get from lifting a too-heavy box and so on.

Another important protection this model can offer is the ability to resist cut. The sharp objects such as broken glasses and small metal pieces can be everywhere at the worksite. So this glove can be our protective coat for those hazards.

Who is this for?

It is obvious that this piece is made for people who work as welders. They need to handle melting metal, heat and so on most of the time. That is when they need a pair to protect them from all kinds of hazards the task may cause.

The pair can be used when people have to work in steel mills. It can be very dangerous for workers who operate the machine and control the equipment in there. That is why if that is your worksite, you need a good piece of protective gloves.

We can see these pairs in the factories, where many employees wear them to perform manufacturing tasks. This model has features such as cut and abrasion-resistance to support this kind of duties for users.

Some people bring them to the garage to work on engines. It can be a perfect partner for customers who are in the automotive field. Also, we can make use of it for other types of welding such as gas or stick since the pair can offer amazing protection for various tasks.

What are the different types of TIG welding gloves?

There are various products on the market that offer good protection for a welder’s hands. It can be confusing if we look at their designs, colors, and styles to classify them. That is why we should put them into different categories based on the material and their protective features.

Goatskin gloves – This is the type of glove that can offer excellent sensitivity for users’ hand and finger motion. Most people choose it when they need exactness to perform difficult and complicated tasks. That is why they are made to be thinner when compared to other models on the market.

Also, the material makes those models become stronger and tougher. It is durable enough to handle heavy-duty tasks. But the amazing thing is, these pairs are very light-weight. They are the favorite of many companies and workers.

Cowhide Gloves – These products can provide optimum durability for users. It can be used to handle jobs in an extremely dangerous working environment. The special thing about those pairs is their incredible ability to offer heat and flame resistance. They do a perfect job of shielding our hands from thermal hazards.

This kind of workpiece can have excellent dexterity, that is why many choose to bring them to work with items with different shapes and sizes. The model is also very comfortable, so we can wear them for a long time.

Pigskin Gloves – The pigskin gloves can be useful when we have to perform your tasks in a changeable environment condition, it can keep us warm and cool in various circumstances. The pair is also excellent at handling objects on slippery surfaces. However, its ability to shield users against heat and flame is not that impressive.

Deerskin Gloves – If you need a pair that offer the ultimate comfort, this is your go-to product. It is famous for making users feel comfortable and convenient while wearing it. Also, the glove can provide good dexterity for our hand movements and does a good job of resisting the heat coming from our working objects.

Advantages and disadvantages of using TIG welding gloves?

The advantage we can see when you use a proper pair of TIG welding gloves is that it can protect you well while you are working. There are lots of hazards that can be shielded by wearing those pairs.

When people feel secure with the safety tool on their hands, they can carry on working confidently without any worry or fear. That is why these pieces can make your work go more smoothly and easily. There are some kinds of tasks that need the support of gloves because you can not handle it well with bare hands, even if it is safe.

The disadvantages only come when you pick the wrong pair of gloves. Maybe it is the wrong size that can affect your work speed and safety. Or if the piece is uncomfortable, you can not feel secure and convenient while performing the duties.

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What are the most trusted TIG welding glove brands?

There are numerous models of TIG welding glove that is sold on the current market. New products from various brands are brought to users every year. That is why it can be confusing when we try to pick a piece among a big amount of available pairs.

Normally, most people will find their favorite label after a while of searching and trying. Then they keep using the models that the company releases. You can try to choose your most suitable one from these highly-recommended sources such as Superior Gloves, West Chester, Caiman, Lincoln Electric, and so on.

How to use?

It is easy to use this pair of protective gloves. We can wear like we put on any other usual piece we have owned. Try to make sure every finger is in its right places before you start to work. Remember to check if there is an adjustable hook on the wrist par, do not forget to fasten it carefully.

Keep in mind that we wear the glove whenever we do our tasks. Do not try to take them off while we are handling hard, sharp or hot objects. You can check if the glove is still well-functioned before using them for work. We can not afford the danger we might face when your piece is broken. Throw out torn-out pairs, as they can not do their job of protecting us properly anymore.

Where to buy?

We can find the best piece in the store where they sell Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). There will be all kinds of safety tools in it, so you can ask to buy not just work gloves only. Sometimes, in big cities, they have an official store for a famous brand, you can easily find the suitable model there.

If they run out of your sizes or there is no such shop in your neighborhood, you can go shopping online. Go to some trusted e-commerce website to make your purchasing. Make sure to read all guiding steps thoroughly and all the reviews about the product to make the best decision.

What is the warranty?

You can see a different company has their own policy of warranty. You can notice it when you buy the product, you should ask the seller for more detailed information, in case some unwanted incidents happen.

Most brands will only accept the request to return or exchange products when that is the manufacturer’s fault. So make sure to check your glove carefully before you purchase. Anh if you bring the pair to the store, remember to keep it in clean condition.

How to care and clean?

For these kinds of work gloves, there should not be frequent washing. They can be torn out in the process if you put them into the washing machine. Read the label tags carefully to know if it is allowed to be cleaned by hand or not. Some pairs can be washed by detergent.

After the work is completed, do not forget to check your glove for any damage or debris before cleaning. Make sure to keep them in a high and dry place after they are taken care of so you can have a spotless piece for the next working day.


We should equip ourselves with proper protective tools so that there will be no damage or hurt happening in the middle of work. The choosing process is important as we gather enough information to make the right choice.

If you can already find the best TIG welding gloves for the work as a welder, you should take good care of it always. By that, we can have a well-function piece to keep you safe whenever you need it.

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