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The Best Tool Boxes for Tacoma

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best tool box for tacoma

The best toolbox that fits your truck bed is the top solution for various storage issues. Whether to prevent losing high-end equipment or to stop messing up the workplace, it is sensible to take a well-functioned chest to support your daily duties. Since the Toyota Tacoma model is frequently upgraded with various models, picking the most suitable toolbox can be challenging.

To get rid of usual confusion and make the selection process effortless, we take out the top-rated products that can be a perfect companion for Tacoma owners. Each piece promises excellent functions as the best tool box for Tacoma you can find in the market. Aso, please take a look at our detailed buying guides to make a fantastic decision.

# Product name
Top 1
UWS EC10302 Details
Top 2
Better Built 73210285 Details
Top 3
Dee Zee DZ6163P Details

Best Tool Box for Tacoma Reviews

1. UWS EC10302 Heavy-Wall Aluminum Angled Truck Tool Box

The first entry on the list for a Tacoma owner is the UWS EC10302 Heavy-Wall Aluminum Angled Truck Tool Box. This model has been a treasure to numerous users with its incredible durability.

The strength of this box lid can surely surpass our expectations. Customers, including me, are amazed by how the RigidCore technology and solid foam coating are used to maximize the enduring capability of the part. As a result, it can withstand significant burdens for as long as we desire. Furthermore, this simple-design lid does not block the view out of the rear cab window for drivers.

If you prize the versatility of your toolbox, it is best to pick this angled design. Due to its unique piece tub made of welded aluminum, the device can afford a great fit in various truck bed sizes, even the latest 2019 Toyota Tacoma model. When needed, individuals can transfer their tool chest to a different truck without hassle.

Among many superior materials chosen to construct this item, users highly appreciate the stainless steel that builds those paddle handles. Best of all, the part can be spread wider to allow more comfortable reach from both sides. Therefore, we can rely on such durable and well-crafted handles to confidently operate our toolbox.

Also, customers are promised an excellent tool organization with this product’s compartment layout. It comes with a tray and built-in screw drawer holder, customized to accommodate small gear and cargo in proper order.

In case you had trouble assembling complicated devices before, this model can come to the rescue. Little time and effort are required to complete the installation process, even for inexperienced users.

However, we can use some improvements in the flimsy lock of this model. The manufacturer should upgrade its function to ensure smoother work.
  • Durable and robust to endure significant pressure
  • Used RigidCore technology and solid foam
  • Open view through the rear cab window
  • Angled design for excellent fit on various truck beds
  • Can accommodate 2019 Toyota Tacoma model
  • Stainless steel handles for easy side reaches
  • Fantastic layout of compartments
  • Ideal for storing small gear and cargo
  • Easy-to-install toolbox for Tacoma
  • Pretty flimsy lock
In conclusion, this product can be your long-lasting storage device on the Tacoma bed that offers a fantastic tool arrangement.

2. Better Built 73210285 Truck Tool Box

The Better Built 73210285 Truck Tool Box is among the favorite products of workers who own a Toyota Tacoma. It makes their work more comfortable with incredible lightness and fantastic equipment security.

For years to come, individuals do not have to venture out and seek a replacement for this device since its durability comes second to none. The classic toolbox design outsells new models in the market with its high-end and reliable construction. External hazards cannot ruin the quality of this piece anytime soon, so we can confidently bring it to challenging work sites without worry.

The structure of this Tacoma toolbox stays loyal with classic style, as the single lid reveals pure black color. Such a low-profile product is the ideal choice for diverse truck types. Remarkably, its cover and tub do promote not only a basic vibe for easy use but also afford consistent sturdiness. The diamond tread plate aluminum used to form these details are proved to resist rust for extended periods.

If you seek a modern touch in this toolbox, you can enjoy an auto-lift shock function. This type of self-rising mechanism simplifies the loading task of your chest onto the truck bed. Thanks to the added service, people do not need help from others to finish packing and getting ready.

For frequent trips to job sites, it is essential to own a well-guarded tool organizer. That is the primary reason for many customers to trust and utilize this box. In detail, it features a double static cam paddle handle, which is lockable for optimal security. Incidents such as tool spillage rarely happen due to this fantastic design.

I am pleased to learn how little space this compact toolbox takes on the back of my Tacoma. It can offer at the same time our gear ample storage spots plus extra spare room for other chests to sit on the truck.

Still, some buyers wish that the toolbox can be made with thicker edges to handle heavy-duty missions.
  • A durable toolbox for Tacoma
  • Work well in hazardous environments
  • Classic style and low-profile design
  • Single lid and tub made of superior material
  • Auto-lift shocks for the simple loading process
  • Well-guarded with lockable function
  • Double static cam paddle handle
  • A compact toolbox that sits well on various trucks
  • Not thick enough edges
I firmly believe that this Better Built product is among our best picks of truck tool boxes for long-term projects.

3. Dee Zee DZ6163P Poly Crossover Tool Box

The Dee Zee DZ6163P Poly Crossover Tool Box is available at a mid-size of 63 inches, which perfectly fits your Toyota Tacoma.

In this product, the maker does a fantastic job of finding the balance of toolbox strength and weight. In particular, this model is strong as a metal construction and lightweight as a plastic-made device. Therefore, workers find it fantastic for far-away work trips to unfavorable settings.

More incredible functions are added to ensure your toolbox can be a reliable shield for valuable tools and accessories. For instance, the model is geared with an overlapping lid and foam gasket to prevent the deteriorating effects of rain or intense heat. Plus, by using robust plastic to form the frame, the brand can keep the box from warping under stacking loads.

Furthermore, the double-wall lid is among the best details of this toolbox for Tacoma. It is built with a molded Brite-Tride pattern to withstand the most punishing abuse. Commuters who value the protecting capability of a toolkit are pleased to see the metal strike plate installed on the lid to ensure a full-length locking rod. Hence, we can have peace of mind about our gear’s condition when the Tacoma is passing bumpy terrains.

What makes the locking mechanism of this product trustworthy is the rotary keyed locked. This function allows drivers to have full control over the lock, thus, checking for signs of sudden abnormalities.

Last but not least, customers are happy with the immediate and straightforward installation process. This classic device is claimed to fit the 2018 Tacoma truck with ease.

The only drawback of the toolbox is its frozen-up lock, which needs to be lubricated frequently for smooth function.
  • Durable and robust build for heavy loads
  • Lightweight and flexible for far-away trips
  • A reliable shield that resists weather changes
  • No sign of denting or warping with long-lasting use
  • The double-wall lid ensures the most punishing abusive
  • Well-trusted full-length locking rod function
  • Easy to control from the driver’s position
  • Instant and straightforward installation process
  • Fit perfectly on the 2018 Tacoma model
  • Easy to freeze lock
Overall, this classic and sturdy design can be a reliable Tacoma wheel well tool box for your heavy-duty work trips.

4. Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

If you are looking for a serviceable tool chest that goes well with Tacoma trucks from the 2005 to 2020 model, look no further than this Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box.

The fantastic versatility of this product is what keeps loyal customers around and attracts more users. Whether your truck tonneau cover is soft, hard, folding, or rolling, this well-designed tool chest can still function with ultimate compatibility. Plus, the undercover device’s structure will ensure a 3-inch clearance while sitting on the bed for easy maneuverability.

Additionally, reaching gadgets and tools is effortless due to the swing-out feature that allows 180 degrees of rotation. We can instantly access our box from the tailgate and then push it back to the locking position in a swift move. In fact, there are no hindrances that can prevent you from operating the truck bed and the chest.

What piques new buyers’ interest in this device is not just its unique shape and design. They also appreciate the secure storage space coming with lockable lid customized for the model. Thanks to such a tight close, water, and other external elements cannot find their way to attack our essentials.

In my opinion, the layout of this Tacoma toolbox can make a difference to our tool organization. It promotes heavy carrying of gear and cargo that weigh up to 75 lbs in an extended period. If you want to maximize the tool arrangement efficiency, opt for this smart box.

Another selling point that will draw inexperienced employees to purchasing this product is its simple assembling steps. There is no need to utilize specialized tools or outstanding skills to finish the task. Pay attention to the instruction, and after that, you are good to go.

On the other hand, the plastic hinges attached to the toolbox are not as sturdy as we want them to be.
  • A Tacoma toolbox with fantastic versatility
  • Work well with diverse types of tonneau covers
  • Easy in maneuverability
  • Easy swing feature for ultimate accessibility
  • Unique shape and design
  • Secure storage space with lockable lid
  • Protect inner gear from water and other hazardous elements
  • Efficient tool arrangement solution
  • Hold up heavy cargo loads
  • Simple assembling steps
  • Flimsy plastic hinges
If only the manufacturer reinforced the hinges to boost this chest’s durability, it could be a fantastic choice for people who want a 2006 Toyota Tacoma tool box.

5. UWS TBS-63-SL-BLK Black Single Lid Aluminum Toolbox

The UWS TBS-63-SL-BLK Black Single Lid Aluminum Toolbox is our next option for a standard device that supports your gear transportation for daily duties.

The patented foamed lid that serves as a reliable shield for our gear makes this product a big hit in the market. It relieves the stress about security we used to have when bringing high-end equipment to perform outdoor tasks. This aluminum-made lid can protect itself from bending and warping under weighty loads for a long time.

Another good news is we are granted years of smooth and rugged use out of the lock handles. Such an essential detail on the toolbox is constructed of stainless steel to resist rusting and offer incredible strength. Furthermore, the one-piece tub and lid are thick enough to absorb heavy tool drop incidents.

Adding to the list of excellent functions the chest has is the presence of self-closing struts. They are here to make sure the lid automatically closes to keep our tools and accessories safe inside. Notably, this sensitive feature of the toolbox is enabled by one slight pull. Customers can effortlessly shut the device down tightly before heading to the job site.

Considering the storage solution, we can rest assured that there is enough space for essential gear to sit in. People are allowed to utilize two built-in trays and screwdriver holders for secure gadget accommodation. Since those compartments are as rigid as the rest of the toolbox, we can organize heavy equipment inside without worry. Plus, the wide-open lid can promise breezy tool packing and retrieving, we will save a lot of time spent on those processes.

Some workers indeed find this Tacoma Toolbox smaller than they want for their large-sized gear.
  • Solid shield for inner tools
  • Suitable to bring high-end gear on Tacoma truck for outdoor tasks
  • The robust aluminum lid can handle heavyweight
  • Smooth and rugged use of stainless steel handles
  • The toolbox can resist bending, warping, and rusting
  • One-piece tub and lid can absorb intensive force
  • Automatic cover for ultimate security
  • Enough space for essential gear and screwdrivers
  • Easy tool packing and retrieval
  • Not large enough for extensive tools
Overall, if your collection of gear does not include much large-sized equipment, it is wise to opt for this UWS tool box to enjoy a long-lasting and functional device.

6. Weather Guard 131501 Aluminum Low Profile Saddle Box

The Weather Guard 131501 Aluminum Saddle Box is high on wide-ranging Tacoma storage devices with a low-profile look. Remarkably, experienced customers willingly rate this toolbox as perfect when it comes to product quality.

Purchasing such a versatile device is the most cost-effective investment for professional workers with trucks. It is incredible to know that this model fits all compact pick-ups; therefore, it can be a reasonable choice of the 2nd gen Tacoma tool box. The advantage of such flexibility in use comes in handy when we change the transporting vehicle for our duties.

Due to the robust materials and solid construction, the device can withstand intense burden from heavy loads and other external attacks. Thus, it becomes a safe-guarded house for essential equipment. Additionally, the integrated lock does an excellent job of preventing spillage and break-in incidents from occurring while we are on the move.

Hazardous liquids in the surrounding environment can negatively affect the functionality of a toolbox and its inner content. Luckily, this chest is engineered with incredibly protective seals to avoid and downplay the danger of those substances.

This Tacoma toolbox not only hosts your tools safely but also promotes ease in tool accessibility. Its lid is designed to open up to 90 degrees, allowing the gadgets to be fully displayed. Workers with large hands will have no difficulty trying to reach for particular items in urgent situations.

To further improve the utility of this Tacoma toolbox, the manufacturer applies an automotive-style rotary latch function. This modern element contributes to a breezy and consistent use of the device under all circumstances.

If you already have your eyes on this well-built storage device, do not forget that it offers two color options – black or white. Fortunately, there is currently no complaint from users about any irritation or inconvenience they experience while utilizing the piece.
  • Simple Tacoma box for fans of low-profile products
  • A versatile model that fits all compact pick-ups
  • Endure significant burden of gadgets
  • Safe-guarded tool chest with secure locks
  • Prevent break-ins and spillage incidents
  • Weather-resistant feature to protect inner tools
  • Ease in tool accessibility
  • Automotive-style rotary latch to open the toolbox and retrieve gear
  • Two choices of colors: black and white
  • No complaints from customers
Chances are we can hardly find a better cam locker tool box Tacoma available for our gear and long-distance journey.

7. UWS TBS-63-A-LP-BLK Low Profile Aluminum Toolbox

Our last recommendation for a serviceable storage chest is the UWS TBS-63-A-LP-BLK Low Profile Aluminum Toolbox. It is popular among construction workers due to its fantastic quality.

Another product from UWS makes it to the top favorite toolbox for Tacoma due to its well-crafted details. By putting much effort into solidifying the aluminum lid with a layer of robust foaming, the brand manages to increase the enduring capability of this toolbox. Thus, it can offer more impressive weight capacity than the usual chests in the market.

Besides, the one-piece tub and cover, along with the angled side design, can hold and distribute heavy loads excellently. During transport, we can avoid breaking tools caused by significant movements with this feature. Our gadgets are unlikely to fall out of the toolbox while being kept in such a solid structure.

Customers who prize convenience and flexibility when utilizing a storage box will be delighted about the self-closing function of this device’s cover. By a swift manual pull, they have full control and optimal security over the valuable content. Such an innovative service also affords safe travel from one place to another.

Apart from that, this device can be an ideal storage space for your collection of screwdrivers. You will face no hardship while trying to fit various-sized tools inside this well-compartmentalized toolbox for Tacoma. The integrated sliding trays are designated for us to keep other accessories and equipment other than screwdriver assortment.

Last but not least, customers are grateful that they have the superior-quality lock handles that can withstand the test of time. Its rust-free feature will do the trick of prolonging this toolbox’s product life.

Based on many reviews from buyers, this Tacoma toolbox is not ideal for heavy-duty handling.
  • Solidify aluminum lid with foam coating
  • A Tacoma toolbox with an impressive weight capacity
  • Excellently hold up and distribute equipment load
  • A flexible and convenient toolbox
  • Automatic cover for easy loading and retrieval
  • Ideal space for screwdriver assortment
  • Sliding trays for extra tools and accessories
  • High-quality lock handles for long-lasting use and safeties
  • Rust-free feature
  • Not for heavy-duty missions
The bottom line is picking this Tacoma toolbox from UWS can be your best decision for long-term work projects.

What to Look for When Buying a Tool Box for Tacoma


Making the right decision to pick the best toolbox for your Tacoma truck can be challenging since there are many factors to consider. It is easier to figure out which requirement will be our priority when taking a suitable one. In that way, the searching process will cost us less time and effort. If you are still confused by what to pay attention to, take a look at these guides below.

Design and fit – Since there are different kinds of a toolbox for trucks in the market, it is best to know which model of Tacoma you are using. There will be some slight changes between the old and new releases of the Toyota truck each year. Therefore, studying several pieces that match your vehicle well is a must.

For individuals who want your tool chest to maintain several inch clearance from the truck bed, taking the swing case design is reasonable. This type of device can accommodate all tonneau covers, from soft, hard to folding or rolling. Thus, it allows full control of when moving the chest around with minimum effort.

Furthermore, some workers prefer utilizing the saddle box for their Tacoma truck. The main reason why they pick these pieces is its incredible fit on a variety of towing vehicles. In most cases, a saddle toolbox can work well with all compact pickups, including the Toyota Tacoma models of different years.

Other than that, you might want to opt for an angled toolbox design for ease in loading and maneuvering. In particular, such a tub profile can sit on unique truck beds without obstructing the wheel wells. Thus, it is among the most convenient storage devices for rare models of vehicles.

Durability – The sturdiness of a toolbox should be among the critical factors contributing to your final decision. A durable product will make your investment worthwhile by accompanying you in the most challenging settings. We cannot afford to replace a Tacoma toolbox with a new one in a short span since they are more expensive than the usual storage devices available. Hence, do the right thing by choosing the most robust piece possible.

Usually, people go for an aluminum lid to enjoy the long-lastingness of their tool chest. This superior material is the favorite choice of both manufactures and customers since it shines the best in changing weather conditions. After a long time of rough usage, there are few minor damages on such a rigid lid due to the durable material.

To further solidify the lid of each toolbox, many brands cover it with a patented foam layer. Such a fully foaming feature will create a robust shield for the aluminum underneath. As a result, the box model can withstand extreme weight, thus preventing bending or warping damages. This layer can prolong the product life of our devices despite intense pressure for extended periods.

Beyond that, the lock handles are another essential detail that we should pay attention to. People should not settle for flimsy handle parts since it can affect the quality of a toolbox. In most cases, they are made of stainless steel – a top-rated material that resists rust and other destructive effects caused by external hazards. We are promised smooth use of lock handles thanks to the right choice of substance used to construct the part.

Other features – The priority of the most established tool organizer brands are promoting incredible security for our gadgets. Therefore, many features are added to minimize the potential damages to the content inside our boxes. For instance, many tool chest models in the market are designed with a key-lockable lid which prevents leakage and spillage incidents from happening while on the move.

When you travel back and forth under changing weather conditions, it is reasonable to choose a design that offers a moisture seal. This protecting detail will ensure no hazardous liquid can attack the valuable gear of users. Workers should choose a device geared with this feature when performing on wet surfaces outdoors frequently.

Additionally, individuals might want to check out some models that are reinforced with welded aluminum. These pieces are also coated with a layer of weather-resistant material. Workers who own a massive collection of high-end gear will immediately go for such a well-guarded toolbox to enjoy the ultimate safety.

For your information, the metal striker plate in the cover can be a fantastic help for you in protecting inner content during transportation. This part often features full-length locking rods for individuals to close their boxes as tightly as possible. As a result, we can rest assured that unwanted issues like tool falling will not happen.

Another useful function that draws the attention of numerous customers is the “auto-lift” shock. This self-rising shock works the best for users who want to single-handled load and manage their devices. It allows ease in such processes and benefits ones with pre-existing back pain.

The modern touch of a rotary keyed lock will stop the bar from moving when it is shut. This feature comes in handy when drivers want to have full control over the toolbox while staying on their seats. It is possible since the keyhole and sliding rote can be remotely operated from such positions.

Storage capacity – The next vital element that will help you choose a compatible device for current duties is the storage capacity. The first thing to do before checking out various tool boxes for Tacoma is taking a look at your gear assortment. You should find out the amount of equipment you have to carry along to the worksite every day. It is essential to know the size and type of those gadgets to match the most suitable storage space.

Some devices will ensure a convenient organization for our tools by offering multiple trays and built-in holders. These chests can accommodate a lot of accessories and hand tools, especially screwdrivers. If you want to purchase this type of Tacoma box to host medium and small-sized gear mostly, these pieces are the perfect picks.

You can find a smart solution for tool storage by making good use of ample compartments without many dividers. Choosing this model will benefit workers with large-sized gadgets that are not easily lost in a roomy storage space. If that is the case for you, take a less compartmentalized Tacoma toolbox.

Besides keeping all our gear in place, the chosen chest should afford ease in tool retrieval. People can opt for the ones featuring a 90-degree opening lid. Such a flexible cover will allow breezy loading and unloading our equipment, thus lessening the time we spend getting ready for the work trip.

With some products, we can swing it out nearly 180 degrees towards us to have ultimate accessibility from the tailgate. Such items also allow quick swing back to the lock position so our gear can be safely kept in the original place without hassle. Individuals who prize ease in access and manage toolbox can take this device for a change.

To pack heavy loads of intensive tools for specific tasks, we need a toolbox that can hold a significant burden. Some solid constructions are designed to carry up to 75 lbs of gadgets; others seem to show less weight capacity. Therefore, this is another thing to pay attention to when you want a device that can adequately host your equipment.

Quick installation – Beginners in the job or first-time users will highly appreciate this feature of a Tacoma toolbox. They desire to own a model that requires little effort and skill to assemble. Notably, without the help of an experienced worker, the installation process might go wrong if the tool chest is made with complicated design.

For simple-to-install devices, individuals do not have to use specialized tools to finish gathering it. Some crossbed truck boxes are often geared with pre-drilled mounting slots and necessary hardware. People can follow straightforward instructions to make their devices ready for work.

Price and style – After taking a look around the Tacoma toolbox market, customers can figure out that each product’s average price is higher than the usual tool organizer. Since they are made of robust materials and advanced technology for fantastic durability, picking a cheap-made device will do us no good. The trick to make the best decision is to match all essential requirements with some well-crafted boxes and then take the one our budget can afford.

Here’s the thing, most of the Tacoma chests available are customized with a low-profile look. Many famous brands are loyal with a classic design which they think is convenient and functional. If you are a fan of a simple layout, finding a suitable piece is much more comfortable. Meanwhile, unique and stylish models are less prevalent in the market for us to pick from freely.

Reliable sources – To avoid incidents that damage our toolboxes in shipping progress, individuals should pick a reliable retailer to purchase. They should be guaranteed to take full responsibility for any sign of breaking and rusting during the delivery periods. Choosing your Tacoma toolbox from a well-established brand will ensure the product’s consistent quality for an extended time. We should not waste our budget on some flimsy devices that might break sooner than expected.

Furthermore, check our guides for the best tool box drawer liner if you need to protect your gear from external impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

Who is this for?

A Tacoma tool box is customized to fit certain types of truck bed size; therefore, it is ideal for packing our gadgets for a work trip. Many workers can make good use of these chests, as long as its features match well with their job requirements. Be thorough when choosing different kinds of devices, whether it be a 2003 Toyota Tacoma tool box or a 2008 Tacoma tool box.

This functional and well-designed item often appears in the gear collection of a construction worker. Since they have to handle various complicated jobs, the demand for a considerable tool collection rises. As a result, opting for this ample storage piece is a reasonable investment for them.

Also, mechanics and electricians who use a Toyota Tacoma truck to tow their frequently-used gear to job destinations will appreciate these box designs. They are necessary for their daily tasks due to excellent storage capacity and durable construction.

Additionally, employees who work as tradesmen, engineers, and other technical duties might want to be equipped with these toolboxes. They offer a high level of gear security so individuals can rest assured that all essential gadgets are kept safe during transportation.

Other than people owning a Toyota Tacoma for gear carrying, workers who have different types of pick-up trucks can utilize these devices just fine. Some of them are customized to fit various sizes of beds, thus, meeting the demand for particular towing vehicles. If that is the case for you, investing in such a functional toolbox is a must.

What are the different types of Tacoma tool boxes?

It will be less confusing for first-time owners if they can pick from certain types of Tacoma tool boxes among numerous pieces available. However, there are various ways to categorize those pieces into smaller groups based on several features.

The design of a device will vary when it comes to fitting a particular truck bed size. Some toolboxes can perfectly match the Toyota model from 1995 to 2020 since those items are customized with suitable structure and flexible function. Plus, there are new truck releases such as 2018, 2019, or 2020 Tacoma that offer two sizes of the back area. Make sure the chosen box can sit well on the 60.5 inches or the 73.7-inch of bed length.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a Tacoma toolbox?

When owning the right piece of Tacoma toolbox, you can benefit a lot from this functional device. It excels at keeping all gear in place while on the move, therefore reducing the damages happening. Since most pieces feature lockable lid, people can rest assured that leads to no spillage and falling incidents, despite significant movements of our trucks on bumpy terrains.

Besides having a safeguarded box for essential equipment, we are granted a well-organized storage space for different gadgets. Individuals can save much time spent packing and rearranging their tool assortment during and after their performances. Thus, such fantastic organizational solutions can boost our productivity at the job site.

Furthermore, choosing a suitable box that fits the truck bed will avoid damaging your Toyota Tacoma. A well-fitted device will minimize the scratch and break caused by bumping and crashing of the box on our vehicle. That is why most people prefer using a Tacoma chest rather than taking the usual storage box for their trucks.

As expected, if we opt for the wrong type of device, we will face difficulties while performing. A poorly-made toolbox will limit the tool arrangement options we have for our duties. Also, some of them are too flimsy to handle your heavy-duty tasks at hand. Do not forget that the item can cause unwanted damages to our truck bed if it does not sit right.

Who makes the best Tacoma tool box?

Many brands have brought to buyers many high-quality versions of their models every year. It is easier for workers to have a favorite label that offers them the right functions of toolboxes needed for their current duties. The replacement of the old Tacoma chest can be picked among the upgraded pieces from the same brand.

For new customers, looking for a suitable device among numerous boxes can be incredibly tricky. Hence, we make a list of some reliable sources for those individuals to take a look at. Those well-known brands include UWS, WeatherGuard, Undercover, Dee Zee, Better Built, and others. Notably, Tacoma owners often take Dee Zee as their preferred brand for flexible devices.

Where to buy a Tacoma Tool box?

You can find this toolbox model in local shops where they sell tool organizers and other equipment types. These stores can offer you direct checks and advice on their available products from various brands. If you want to see the dimension and design of a specific box, taking a trip to those places is an excellent idea.

When shopping in a local store is impossible due to a lack of suitable toolbox models, we can always go online searching. After reading through reviews from other buyers from a particular chest that you are interested in, you can purchase it effortlessly. Make sure that you pick reliable retailers who can be trusted with excellent shipping processes. Plus, when people want further details of some pieces, they can contact the customer service to get exact information.

How do you install and use a Tacoma tool box?

The installation process can start with where you want to place your tool box on the truck. Some options for you are near the end of the bed for easy gear retrieval, or right behind the cab for ultimate safety. Some people choose to install the device on either side of the towing areas. Whichever is your final pick, do not forget to position it in the right way for quick and convenient management.

The next step is to measure the dimensions of your toolbox, and make sure to take the exact figure before going to the next task. It would help if you had an available foam padding to finish this step. Cut the padding into a proper size to cover the place where your tool chest will sit on the truck bed. This part is necessary if you want to prevent damages such as scratches when on the move.

After that, insert your rubber plugs into the holes on the tool box. If the product does not have pre-drilled holes, you have to create those yourselves. Be careful when you lay the Tacoma toolbox down to align with the padding that is already there. Do not carelessly put it down since the primary purpose of those bed liners is to protect both the box and your truck.

The final is essential; it requires your best focus to put the hook of the j-bolt through the rail and take the threaded part out from the rubber plug. It can only sit tight after you apply a washer on those j-bolts. Do not forget to use your strength to make sure they are attached as tight as possible.

When the installation steps are completed successfully, people can start packing their tools and accessories into the toolbox compartments. The gear should be placed inside the designated room that is ideal for keeping them safe during transportation. Do not forget to categorize those items if needed to avoid cluttering and messing up the storage space before your performances.

How to care and clean?

After a significant time of usage, you had better take it off from the truck and clean the piece thoroughly to take care of your toolbox. Some individuals go for light detergent and cold water to wash off stubborn stains on their toolboxes. For daily cleaning, since debris and other types of dirt can get stuck on our chest, getting rid of such substances by using a soft piece of cloth is reasonable.

Do not forget to read the instruction first before choosing a method of taking care of your tool chest. Different materials used to make a device require specific ways to be cleaned and maintained. Customers can lubricate or polish their boxes only after knowing the right type of lube to use on them.


When following the buying guides and taking notes about the vital points to consider, it is easier for customers to pick their best tool box for Tacoma. Like every product selection process, matching the current job requirements to the functions of the ideal device is the most efficient way.

Make sure that when you have the best piece in hand, take good care of it. In that way, the tool box will be a long-lasting partner that supports our work with incredible durability and fantastic functionality.

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