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The Best Work Boots for Plumbers to Protect Your Feet

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best work boots for plumbers

Plumbing jobs are the combination of various tasks involving water system maintenance. Therefore, it is important for plumbers to protect their feet from water, electrical hazards, and more.

We can see why a plumber needs a good pair of boots for their daily duties. They need to feel comfortable while handling long-hour fixes. So, how can a buyer identify the best work boots for plumbers? Well, there should be essential clues that allow them to notice which one suits this type of work the best. Here’re some:

  • Waterproof – It is obvious that a pair of work boots for plumbing tasks should block water well. We would not want the moisture to seep through the outsoles, into the middle soles, then ruin the shoes and irritate us. Therefore, make sure to pick a pair made of a waterproof construction, including the material and soles.
  • Anti-slip – It is a frequent occasion that plumbers step on wet or sticky surfaces to handle their work. Therefore, choosing anti-slip or oil-resistant boots is a must. If the work shoes have good traction, we can walk around with minimal fatigue.
  • Comfortable – Of course, the work boots must be comfortable enough for us to keep them on for hours on end. So, make sure the material is breathable, preferably paired with a moisture-wicking lining.

Also, a well-fitted pair with a roomy toe box and cushioned footbed should be the right choice for prolonged comfort.

The buying guide below will mention other details on choosing a plumber work boot. Before getting further information about the selection process, let’s check out these sought-after products first. They are well-made pairs used mainly by plumbers, so they should be the best clue for a well-informed pick. Read on!

# Product name
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EVER BOOTS Work Boots Details
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Timberland Work Boot Details
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ROCKROOSTER Work Boots Details

List of Top 10 Work Boots for Plumbers Reviews

1. EVER BOOTS “Tank” Leather Work Boots

Another highly-recommended footwear for plumbers is from the well-known brand EVER BOOTS. Their “Tank” Leather Work Boots offer workers a solid and stable foundation to move back and forth confidently for tasks.

Made from oiled full-grain leather, the work boot offers good support and decent protection against moisture. There are two models to choose from, namely the dark brown and the tan boots. I prefer a rugged-looking pair, so the dark brown made it to my collection.

It comes with a leather upper for extra cushion and flexibility. The supple fabric paired with strong stitching layers and collar padding allows workers to move around with ultimate ease. Therefore, workers with manual tasks can rely on these boots for support.

Other than flexibility, this design also promotes good stability. Its rubber sole is made wide enough for trudging and stomping on the grounds without accidental slipping. Further, workers are guaranteed good arch support while wearing these stable work boots.

Since the brand values comfort for workers, they created these boots using a soft toe. For anyone seeking lightweight and comfortable shoes, this Ever Boots tank design should be the right choice.

For such an affordable price, it is surprising for me that the boot lasted this long. Still, I do not recommend using this pair frequently in extreme winter conditions, including snow and heavy downpour.
  • Made from full-grain leather for good support and protection against moisture
  • Two available models: dark brown and tan
  • Features leather upper with padded collar and strong stitches for flexible use
  • Promotes stability and arch support with broad rubber outsoles
  • Lightweight and comfortable soft toe work boots
  • Available at a budget-friendly price
  • Not recommended for frequent use in snow, downpour, etc
I believe these functional boots with a full-grain leather upper, good stitching, and soft toe cap should accommodate the active work of plumbers.

2. Timberland PRO Pit Boss Work Boot

I am sure many expect at least a pair of quality boots from Timberland to make it to this list. Well, the brand’s reputation is not something to doubt, and the PRO Pit Boss Work Boot indeed lives up to the expectation.

Plumber work can be very hard on boots, so the selected pair must be able to take some beating. Luckily, this Timberland boot is made 100% from quality leather material, sufficient for frequent abuse. Due to such durability, this design has been a go-to work boot for electricians and construction workers.

Because these are safety shoes for work, their safety features are also impressive. In detail, this pair is certified by ANSI for abrasion and slip resistance. We can wear these boots to handle tasks in wet and slippery settings without losing our balance. Furthermore, their rubber outsoles are oil-resistant, thus increasing traction on slick surfaces.

Oftentimes, workers cannot wait to take off their shoes after long hours of tasks. But, that should not be the case for this design. These are well-made work boots suitable for extended use without discomfort. Since the pair is made with PRO comfort suspension technology, it effectively reduces foot fatigue and adds ankle support.

Steel toe boots are good for impact, but a soft toe cap like this one offers more comfort and flexibility. Besides, with 1.25-inch heels and 6-inch shafts, these work boots do not hinder my bending or climbing.

However, I prefer to use Timberland’s PRO insoles rather than the version available in these boots. I purchased a pair and have enjoyed its use since then.
  • 100% leather for rigorous work of plumbers, electricians, construction workers
  • Certified by ANSI for abrasion and slip resistance
  • Oil-resistant rubber outsoles for increased traction
  • Comfortable work boots with PRO comfort suspension technology
  • Features soft toe cap and ideal dimensions for easy bending, climbing, etc
  • Might require replacing insoles
All in all, these flexible plumbing work boots are the right companion for tasks requiring constant moving and climbing. Best of all, their non-slip outsole surely offers extra traction on various terrains.


Many fellow workers had recommended the ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for me. They all talked about how they loved its easy wear and nice features. When I got my hands on one, I finally understood the hype.

Not just for plumbers, this option is a nice work boot for all kinds of physical tasks. I saw construction, warehouse, factory workers wearing these pull-on boots. Such a pair allows easy putting on and taking off, promoting great convenience for me.

The notable thing about these work boots is not just the convenient design. In fact, the pair comes with a round steel toe that gives much space for moving around. Furthermore, it features slip-resistant soles made of TPU for walking on wet and oily terrains. These outsoles can also dissipate static electricity.

Not to mention, we can walk with utmost ease inside these work boots since they have a memory foam insole. Notably, the pairs also have ergonomic footbeds created for optimal comfort and support.

To many’s surprises, this steel toe design is not as heavy as they think. It is roomy enough while allowing breathable and lightweight wear, partly thanks to the moisture-wicking textiles used to make the work shoes.

The only gripe I have with these otherwise perfect boots for plumbers is their rather small sizing. I had to return the pair to get a size bigger than what I originally ordered.
  • Lightweight and easy wear due to the pull-on design
  • Has a static-dissipative, TPU non-slip outsole for walking on oily terrains
  • Memory foam cushioning and ergonomic footbed for comfort and support
  • Roomy steel toe boots with moisture-wicking lining for breathable wear
  • The sizing runs a tad small
It is hard to resist such functional and comfortable boots with well-cushioned inner soles and steel toes. As long as we choose the size that fits, this is a good pair of work boots for prolonged use.

4. Skechers Men’s Pilot Utility Boot

Here comes a pair from Skechers, which I expect many look forward to, knowing the brand’s good reputation in making work boots. In their quality collection, the Men’s Pilot Utility Boot is ideal for plumbing tasks.

First of all, not just its leather upper, but the whole piece is made of good leather. I wore these work boots to step on hard grounds and wet terrains with confidence. The pair has gone through my testing with a good performance, so I know it will last for a long time.

What’s special about this utility boot is its padded collar, which offers good support and comfortable wear for workers. Its footbed also has padding, just lightly, but sufficient for cushioning out steps without feeling bulky.

Another appeal of these work shoes is the nice look. I know there are many stylish work boots out there, but this one still has something unique to offer with its tonal stitching and six-eye lacing. I also love the high ankle design and smooth finish, available in black and brown bear shades.

What’s more, the boot’s heels are 1.25 inches and its lug soles are durable and thick. With such a construction, it can handle frequent use while offering good traction. That’s essentially what most workers, and not just plumbers, look for while picking their footwear.

It would be even better if the break-in period were shorter. But, I suppose it is understandable for leatherwork shoes in general.
  • From a reputable brand, constructed with leather for prolonged use
  • Comes with a padded collar and footbed for good support without bulkiness
  • Stylish with tonal stitching and six-eye lacing, available in black and brown bear
  • Thick and durable outsole lugs with 1.25-inch heels for good traction
  • The break-in period is a bit long
All things considered, these shoes for plumber are decent for frequent use. Besides, they are comfortable enough to not hurt our feet in long-hour tasks.

5. WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass Work Boot

The WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass Work Boot comes with many protective features that will make a plumber’s job easier.

Among these things, workers seem to be pleased with the waterproof feature the best. They wear these boots to perform in wet environments, and the product shows good performance that keeps their feet dry and warm throughout their shifts. Such real-life tests prove how effective its waterproof leather is.

Still, the thing that makes this design stand out among other boots for plumbers is its long shaft, measuring 10 inches. Such length also helps block moisture, snow, and dirt from getting into the boots and irritating users.

Plus, many users enjoy the cushioned footbed incorporated in these waterproof boots. In detail, such an addition allows us to move constantly without much foot fatigue. Also, these footbeds can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

Another protective feature of these work shoes is the composite toe caps. With such a feature, the design reduces the pressure applied onto our toes when a tool suddenly falls onto them. Besides, the composite toes are not too heavy, thus comfortable to wear, unlike the safety steel toe cap, which can result in uncomfortable shoes.

A little warning regarding the boots’ sizing, though, is that their throat is not that wide. It means that the boots might not fit workers with muscular or big calves.
  • Excellent waterproof leather work boots for plumbers
  • Long shaft measuring 10 inches, for blocking moisture, snow, dirt, etc
  • Has a cushioned footbed for support and reduction of foot fatigue
  • Footbed can be removed for cleaning or replacement
  • A composite toe work boot for comfortable and lightweight use
  • The boot throat is pretty narrow for people with muscular calves
As long as we are sure this design fits us well, we are guaranteed good protection and comfort while working. It is a decent pair of waterproof boots.

6. RIELD Military Tactical Work Boots

What does this pair of RIELD Military Tactical Boots do in a list of work boots for plumbers? Well, it is here for many reasons, and one of which is its slip-resistant feature.

I like shoes with a rubber sole that resist slipping, even on oily surfaces. And this design is among those good ones. It allows stable and safe steps with rugged outsoles, so I can walk firmly on the grounds without much fatigue.

More importantly, the piece is protective, as it comes with a 7.6-inch shaft. Indeed, the design includes a side zipper for easy wear, so putting it on or taking off is not much of a hassle. And since the pair is a combination of nylon and suede leather, it promotes good use without wear and tear.

I recommend these work boots for plumbers since they are comfortable enough for such physical and active tasks. Due to the inclusion of memory foams and moisture-wicking linings, the design ensures a good performance even in hot weather. Therefore, despite its tall shaft, the piece is breathable enough.

Style is not a big deal for some buyers, but it is surely important to many. Anyone seeking a cool-looking pair of boots might love to have a pair of these RIELD boots for daily wear. Also, we can choose either the sand or all-black model.

However, the boots are narrow for some, especially those with muscular calves.
  • Has rubber outsole that resists slipping on oily and wet surfaces
  • Features a 7.6-inch shaft with a side zipper for easy wear
  • A combination of nylon and suede leather for good use without wear and tear
  • Includes memory foams and moisture-wicking linings for breathability
  • A cool-looking pair in black and sand colors
  • A bit narrow for those with muscular calves
All in all, these work shoes do a good job of keeping our feet stable and comfortable while handling plumbing jobs. So, it is, of course, among the excellent choices for daily work.

7. Thorogood American Heritage Work Boots

My first impression about the Thorogood American Heritage Work Boots is memorable since the pair’s design makes it one of the best-looking footwear out there. But, more importantly, these work boots can stand the test of time.

I like the texture of this boot’s oil-tanned full-grain leather, as it gives off a vintage look that does not degrade after prolonged use. The pair with the Tobacco shade seems to be many’s favorites, seeing how it is the default model on many websites. Still, other choices like black walnut, trail crazy horse, or all-black have their charms.

The most outstanding feature of this pair must be its ASTM-certified slip-resistant outsole. With such reliable Maxwear wedge soles, I am able to work with better flexibility and stability. Also, I deem this pair the top-rated boots for walking on difficult terrains because of their impact absorbent soles.

But that’s not the end of it; the rubber outsole also meets ASTM’s standards for electrical hazard protection. Furthermore, unlike a steel shank, a fiberglass shank like what this model has offers excellent flexibility, which I have no complaints about.

Indeed, work boots for plumbers must block water well. That’s why this product is made with the Goodyear Welt construction, ensuring that its soles resist water-absorbing through its layers. Such a feature ensures safety for workers and the resilience of the work boots.

However, these work boots for plumbers must be one of the most high-priced designs on this list, which might not fit everyone’s budget.
  • Vintage oil-tanned full-grain leather boots with various available colors
  • ASTM-certified slip-resistant outsole for flexes, stability, and impact absorption
  • Meets ASTM’s standards for electrical safety feature
  • Features fiberglass shank for good flexibility
  • Goodyear Welt construction to resist water and protect the boots
  • High-priced work boots compared to standard ones
Overall, anyone seeking premium waterproof work boots should consider bringing this pair home. They can be worn as boots for sewer work and electrical tasks as well.

8. Cat Footwear The Second Shift Work Boot

Due to the nature of their jobs, plumbers often go for footwear with safety toe caps and slip resistance. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Cat Footwear The Second Shift Work Boot is among their top picks.

Most of us want a work boot that protects our feet well while at least matching a little with our styles. That’s one of the reasons why these Cat footwear boots are a great choice for many. They’re available in black, tan, dark brown, and honey models. These are all nice boots with a rugged-looking leather finish.

Indeed, these well-made work boots can guarantee long-lasting use. The quality leather construction with synthetic soles is durable enough for frequent work in various conditions.

Furthermore, plumbers will benefit from this pair’s design, which has ideal dimensions. Its shaft is 6 inches, the platform is 0.75 inches, and the heel is about 1.25 inches. Plus, the boot ankle is padded, thus making sure we feel comfortable and enjoy flexibility while walking in these work boots.

What’s more, its outsoles can give good stability on oily surfaces, which is another important feature in work boots for plumbers.

One more important thing about these plumber boots is their steel toe cap. Many workers value such a feature in their footwear to protect their toes from being hurt by falling objects. These steel toe caps can prevent impact and compression, thus keeping a plumber safe while working with heavy tools and parts.

However, there is a minor downside to these work boots: the strings. After a short while, they stretch and need replacement.
  • Available in various colors, stylish with a rugged-looking finish
  • Durable work boots with leather construction and synthetic soles
  • Ideal dimensions with padded ankle for support and flexibility
  • Features oil-resistant outsoles for working on various grounds
  • Steel toe boots for protection against impact and compression
  • The strings stretched after a short while
Overall, I love how these plumbing boots look and how they ensure stable walk, comfort, and toe protection. Anyone finding such features sufficient for their tasks should consider purchasing one.

9. WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass Work Boot

The WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass Work Boot is ideal for plumbing jobs because its toe protection and waterproof functions are up to the mark.

This pair of work boots is a combination of leather and textile. Such construction allows durable use, even in different weather and working conditions. I have used these high-quality work boots for nearly six months, and they still hold up just fine.

This work boot is a good pick since plumbers need decent toe protection when handling their tasks. It features a composite toe box, which is strong enough to resist impact. Furthermore, the shoe is lightweight and comfortable, sufficient for long-hour wear due to such a thin composite toe.

We cannot leave out a great feature like waterproofness when talking about these work boots. Their premium leather can block moisture intrusion and severe abrasion when contacting sharp edges. Therefore, plumbers can put on boots to walk around in wet areas without worry.

Lastly, since plumbing tasks are mostly physical, the best boots for plumbers must be flexible. Fortunately, these pieces are made with a Contour Welt Construction, ensuring an athletic and flexible design for every single step. Moreover, I love that the boots have an Ortholite footbed fully cushioned for comfort and support while walking.

Indeed, these are solid boots, ideal for keeping warmth in the winter weather. However, they are not very breathable in hot weather.
  • A durable leather and textile construction for long-term use
  • Features a rugged yet lightweight and comfortable composite toe
  • Waterproof and abrasion-resistant leather for working on wet surfaces
  • Made with Contour Welt Construction for flexible movements
  • Features Ortholite footbed fully cushioned for comfort and support
  • Solid working boots for winter weather
  • Not the most breathable work boots for the summer heat
I love how I can wear these completely waterproof plumber work boots to keep my feet warm and comfortable during tasks. They might have their downside, yet the benefits indeed outnumber it.

10. Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Work Boot

What we should expect in the Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Work Boot is, of course, a flawless look and nice protective features. I have been a fan of the brand’s dark bison oil-tanned model since forever.

Style meets safety in these Carhartt work boots. It is like having the best of both worlds, as we can dress nicely while not having to worry about dangers at the job site. In truth, many love the pair’s brown shade the most among the three choices available.

Indeed, this leather work boot is worth a huge investment since it is good for long-lasting use. The rubberized soles and robust construction can handle rigorous set-ups of on-site plumbing jobs.

Furthermore, the pair is constructed and tested to meet ASTM safety standards for protection against electrical hazards. In fact, it can prevent shocks caused by accidental contact with up to 18000-volt circuits.

It is great to know that these work boots also boast comfortable wear. They do not feature a rigid or tight toe box that hurts our feet after several hours. On the contrary, the work boots have soft toes for excellent flexibility and breathability.

Furthermore, the pair comes with an ideal opening of 10.5 inches, making it easy to put on while blocking most dirt out without hassle.

The only thing that we should note down is that its sizing tends to be larger than standard ones. So, maybe take a pair one size smaller than usual to ensure a good fit.
  • Offers a nice look with three stylish models available
  • Rubberized soles and durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Meets ASTM safety standards for preventing electrical shocks
  • Comfortable and breathable wear with a soft toe
  • Nice opening of 10.5 inches, easy to wear and block out dirt
  • Runs a bit larger than standard sizes
Overall, these work boots do what they are intended to do: providing support and comfort for plumbers. This pair is the right pick for anyone dealing with tasks that might involve electrical hazards.

What to Look for When Buying Work Boots for Plumbers


Not all work boots can be suited for plumbers. We have to consider our work conditions and the boot functions to see if they can offer just the right protection and comfort we need. As stated above, certain features make a work boot ideal for plumbing tasks. Let’s see what they are:

Waterproof function – For many other tasks, waterproof ability seems like a bonus for their boots, not the main feature to pay attention to. But that’s not the case for plumber work boots. Therefore, it is important to look at the product materials and sole construction to see if the chosen pair can handle tasks in wet areas.

Specifically, look for ones made of waterproof leather. The most common materials that can offer a good shield against moisture include full-grain leather, leather, nylon combined with leather, or leather and textile hybrid. Furthermore, we should see if the work boot has a rubberized outsole to resist moisture intrusion.

You should be aware that work boots made with a Goodyear Storm Welt Construction have excellent protection against water and wear. Water cannot seep through these shoes since there is a robust seal between the midsole and the upper sole.

Slip-resistant outsole – For your information, ASTM has test methods and certifications for slip-resistant function in safety work boots. Therefore, you can check if your chosen pair meets its standards – ASTM F3445.

The favorite outsoles used for making slip and oil-resistant footwear are thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and rubber. We can select either to ensure increased traction and stability when walking on slick, wet, and oily terrains. Of course, from my personal experiences, the TPU soles are better at resisting oil than rubber ones.

Comfortable wear – What makes a work boot comfortable? You can pay attention to a few features when you value comfort in footwear.

  • Cushioned footbed – Quality work boots should have a cushion in the footbed to support our steps and reduce fatigue while walking. Therefore, choosing a pair with such an addition ensures we can work long hours without feeling numb or in pain.
  • Breathable lining – Whether in hot weather or not, breathable work boots will benefit you. Therefore, find one that has moisture-wicking properties. Depending on different designs, the breathable feature can be in the liners or the fabric.
  • Padded collar – Work boots for plumbers seem to have a long shaft, which is around 5-10 inches. A tall work boot should come with a padded collar for support and flexibility.
  • A good fit – Whatever the features the boots might have, if they do not fit, all are down the drain. So, make sure to measure your feet and check out the sizing chart carefully. Many work boot brands have their own sizing, and they can run smaller or larger than expected.

Durability – Durable work boots do not only tell us the boots’ longevity but also its quality and protection properties. Therefore, try to pick pairs made of top-notch material that does not give up after frequent dips into moisture and other elements. Many people actually prefer waterproof full-grain leather work boots for these reasons.

Safety toe cap – A protective steel toe does not seem to be the priority for some plumbers as they do not deal with the risk of falling objects as much as construction or warehouse workers. Therefore, plumbers might have more options regarding the types of safety toe work boots.

For instance, you can go for a soft toe design rather than a steel toe boot to enjoy flexibility, lightweight, and comfortable wear. Some go with composite toe shoes for decent protection. Still, steel toe boots have their charms with excellent shields against compression and impact.

So, if your plumbing tasks put you in situations where there is a risk of heavy objects and tools falling frequently, take a steel toe boot.

Brands – There are many popular work boot brands in the market, such as Red Wing boots for plumbers.

One of the quickest ways to find good work boots is to browse famous collections from reliable brands. For instance, we can look at Red Wings for plumbers, Thorogood, or Wolverine boots if we want premium-quality designs. For an affordable pair, search through catalogs of Timberland, Ever Boots, RockRooster, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of boots do plumbers wear?

Like all workers handling tasks on-site, plumbers do wear boots. But, their footwear is slightly different from that of construction, automotive, or warehouse workers. Of course, there are certain similarities with ones worn by pipeliners and such.

Generally, plumbers wear work boots with an excellent waterproof function, which is the most crucial thing they look for in safety footwear. Furthermore, plumbers wear boots with slip and oil-resistant outsoles to prevent them from tripping over themselves while walking on wet surfaces.

Also, plumbers prefer work boots with durable and comfortable insoles to cushion their steps. They tend to choose ones with tall shafts, mostly to block dirt and keep warm. Of course, plumber boots should be durable as daily tasks require them to deal with all kinds of elements and hazards.

How to care and clean?

Here’s some advice for you when caring for and cleaning your plumber work boots:

  • Waterproof the pair. It sounds strange that we waterproof a pair already made to resist water. But, such a step will ensure your boots last longer. You might not do it from the beginning, but maybe waterproof the pair when you see small beads of water start gathering on its surfaces.
  • Never wash your waterproof boots in the washing machine.
  • When cleaning your boots, make sure to use soft bristle and a mild detergent or soap. Please avoid bleaching in any form.
  • You should remove the laces and insoles first before cleaning the boot. Make sure to brush its upper first since there is often a build-up of dirt.
  • Condition your boots. You should take care of the boots, especially ones made of leather by using the right conditioner or oil


Finding the best work boots for plumbers should not be such a challenging task. You can look for good recommendations in our post above, or go onto platforms like Reddit or Facebook groups to ask for advice. There are communities of fellow workers that will give you good clues on which pair works well.

Of course, in the end, your work requirements and personal preferences matter the most. So, consider all product attributes to make the right decision. Work safely!

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