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The Best Work Gloves for Electricians

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best work gloves for electricians

The best work gloves for electricians are one of the essential tools of personal protective equipment at present. They are indeed indispensable for electricians to do their job safely.

If your work involves a lot of contact with electricity, it is necessary to own the best gloves for electrical work. We all know the danger it holds if you neglect the importance of choosing for yourself a suitable protective tool.

Based on user experiences that have on many types of shock-resistant gloves available on the market, we gladly present to you the list of the finest work gloves for electricians. Hopefully, this review would help you to make your suitable choice of purchasing one best work gloves.

# Product name
Top 1
Maxiflex 34-874 Gloves Details
Top 2
Klein Tools Electricians Gloves Details
Top 3
Magid Safety Electrical Gloves Details

Best Work Gloves for Electricians Reviews

1. Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves

In terms of great multi-pack safety gloves, the Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves can be considered as one of the best choices for workers out there. This package proudly owns almost every requirement we can ask from a secure working glove.

If you constantly have to work in an unsafe environment, where are oil and water on the ground with objects, then you do not have to worry anymore. They provide necessary firm grip and resistance against abrasion, all thanks to a thin coating of nitrile all over.

You can prevent all the debris, dirt from getting into your hands due to the knit wrist of this piece. So it perfectly suitable for workers whose jobs are performed at the construction site. Besides, they can be helpful for people who work with multiple small articles, a construction site with all kinds of dirt.

Another thing that makes the item of PPE stands out is its breathability and supreme comfort. In comparison to most products available on the market, it can easily get on top with being extremely breathable because of the microfoam coating.

Even on non-smooth items, this glove can be exceptionally handy and comfortable to use. It deserves to be praised for offering a controlled grip on many types of applications. Though I noticed it is thinner than many other gloves, it nevertheless can perform great mechanically.

About the pair’s design, I am pleased to say it enables us to feel comfortable when it fits perfectly to your hands. The ideal form is made to bring a better experience for customers by reducing hand fatigue ultimately.

Just one thing to remember about its flaw, it does not have that super durability for time-consuming work than usual.
  • Provide excellent grip
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Extremely breathable
  • No debris and dirt could get in
  • Form fit and feel
  • Excellent grip
  • Not that great durability
I am pretty sure you can feel great with your choice of purchasing this product, despite one small flaw it might have about the sturdiness over time durability.

2. Klein Tools 40072 Electricians Gloves

The final piece is brought to you by a famous safety tool brand: the Electricians Gloves Large Klein Tools 40072. I supposed that many customers love the glove because it appears like an amazing companion for an electrician.

Firstly, we can see the pair is primarily made of TPB with around 20 to 30% of Synthetic leather and Neoprene. Said materials would improve the durability of the product so it can protect users from electrified objects.

Working as an electrician requires a lot of tasks involving pulling wires or cables. To ensure the pair can be handy, the manufacturer has designed a particular palm and a special material for those fingers. The gloves which have a strong thumb base like these will make sure we have full-force support while performing our job.

I gladly noticed that the gloves could be put on easily when in need, and after finishing the work, it can be taken off real quick. All the convenient also comes from the design of a longer cuff on the piece.

Plus, you will not have to worry if these protective tools hold a little bit tight to your hands during work. The fingers have leather wrapped around them, are made to stay on tight while you are pulling wire and such.

I think it’s safe to say that most electricians will love the pair, the extra thick layers enable them to work smoothly with cables and all. It keeps them safe along and at the same time, provides great comfort. Besides, the spandex material makes the piece exceedingly breathable for a better experience.

But we can see some complaints about its dexterity, since it seems to be not as good as some other leather gloves.
  • Good durability and slip resistance
  • Easy on/off
  • Great breathability
  • Helpful when pulling wire or cable
  • Comfortable for all-day use
  • Not that dexterous
To sum up, at a reasonable price, these electrical resistant gloves could be very helpful for your work as an electrician.

3. Magid Safety M011B9 Electrical Gloves

Landing among one of the best safety gloves ranking is the Magid Safety M011B09 Electrical Gloves. This piece is highly recommended widely because of its various uses for different jobs, such as working field service, fixing the electrical lines, operating a high-voltage engine, etc.

I am surprised to know that instead of using materials like nitrile, chloroprene or vinyl, this pair is made of black dielectric natural rubber latex. That means it has much greater resistance ability than any shockproof gloves produced from said substances. Such superior dielectric properties offer extraordinary durability and physical strength for the gloves themselves.

I also noticed that this pair is classified as Class 0, therefore provides an electrical hand shield when working near live voltages up to 1000 AC or 1500 DC. It is amazing how special material helps prevent such a powerful danger.

Some remarkable things about its design are the straight cuff, flat end line, and super thin labels to help improve longevity and comfort for users. On top of that, the piece is also flexible so it even enables workers to deal with small parts much more easily than other stiff gloves designs.

Besides meeting all important standards, including OSHA 29CFR 1910.269 and NFPA 70E, these gloves are claimed to be better than the standard ASTM D120-09 specifications. All these make me feel confident about, without any doubt, the incredible quality of this product.

Still, there are some complaints about the pair making our hands wet and sweaty in a short time. Therefore, it is slightly tricky to take it off after we finish working.
  • Natural Rubber latex material
  • Class 0 low voltage
  • Flexible design with straight cuff and rolled edges
  • Meet OSHA 29CFR 1910.269 regulations, NFPA 70E standards, ASTM D120-09 specifications
  • Hands get wet and sweaty
Though these low voltage leather gloves sometimes make me feel slightly uncomfortable due to the sweat, they are still one of the best choices when it comes to quality and safety protection.

4. DEX FIT FN330 Nitrile Work Gloves 

This next one is the DEX FIT Nitrile Work Gloves FN330, which I highly recommend to you for the best experience with safety gloves. People fall for this product mainly because of its exceptional comfort, outstanding protective use for a variety of customer types plus all that at a reasonable price.

I think it is trustworthy for me to claim that this is one of the best gloves that make me feel extremely comfortable wearing. This pair fits perfectly every single finger on my hand that makes me feel like my second skin sometimes. As being made of high-quality nylon, the item offers me a flexible grip to handle all kinds of objects.

Another amazing thing is it has a liquid-resistant layer, water or oil will not seep through the water-based nitrile rubber coating. Also, you can purchase the product for your kids without worrying that it might cause any health problems because this piece has no toxic odor or silicon.

I am also pleased to find out that after many times of washing, these safety gloves stay well-functioned. Hence, it would be an economic investment to purchase DEX FIT for many different works. Whether you are working at a warehouse, doing landscaping, plumbing, handling all kinds of boxes, or even assembling numerous detailed articles.

Let us not forget that these gloves can help minimize the slippage, which might occur when we are fixing water pipes or working on some rough objects. It makes you feel more secure while doing such kinds of tasks.

The backside is that sometimes, the grip on the gloves can wear off sooner than we expect.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Perfectly fit like a second skin
  • Reusable
  • Outstanding performance
  • Non-slip in light oil and underwater
  • Grip might wear off sooner than expected
Despite being a little weak in grip design, I still think the product satisfies most of our critical requirements from a pair of safety gloves perfectly.

5. Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant Work Gloves

If you are seeking a piece of PPE for usage as the magnifier to your grip, the Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant is what you should go for. Everyone usually picks up this product because it creates a flexible feeling to our hand motions, and at the same time protects them at its best.

They often sell this in a pack of 5 pairs, which makes it easier for me to purchase at a reasonable price and enjoy the highest quality. I have many couples to spare if one gets dirty since I do not have time to wash. If you are an operator whose job involves plumbing, oil changing, or working on a wet floor, then these multi-pack gloves are an ideal option.

The design is another great thing I find out about this piece of PPE. It certainly improves the duration and the ability to stick on objects of our grip, with a specially made palm that wipes the fluids away from the glove’s center.

I am glad to know the advance technology participated in the process of making the grip of this product, as it incredibly offers supreme dexterity and breathability. As a result, this feature makes its grip never slips off.

If you are curious about the material of these gloves, they are nylon and a specialized coating that make the piece becomes the ultimate go-to product.

While providing users a full range of motion and extra comfort as well as protection, these gloves can wear out quicker than we expect, especially the tip.
  • Multi-pack gloves
  • For all-purpose work
  • Superior dexterity and breathability
  • Excellent grip
  • Wear out quicker than expected
I still insist this pack is a satisfying item that you will not regret trying, based on how incredible qualifications it owns for a great variety of tasks.

6. OTC 3991-12 Large Hybrid Electric Safety Gloves

Next on this worth trying protection gloves list is the OTC 3991-12 Large Hybrid Electric Safety Gloves. I personally find this piece particularly helpful if you need to work with live conductors or potential live conductors, or extremely dangerous jobs like handling any high voltage machines.

People whose work demands dealing with any energized components should also consider owning this product. It is a large pair with leather gloves for protection, which is made to cover the underneath rubber part, therefore offering better defense against any electrical danger.

Another great thing is that I can use these electrical work gloves safely in various conditions, including applications with AC and DC voltage between 100 to 1000 V. They are also needed for working with live wires, hybrid cars or hybrid batteries during servicing vehicles.

We use this pair to protect us while working on high voltage vehicles. So remember to retest the rubber insulating gloves at least once every six months, and their safety cover before each use to make sure they still function well.

Additionally, there are some negative feedbacks about their large size and delicate material affecting people’s work.
  • High quality
  • Provide great first line of defense
  • Two-layer of protection: leather and rubber
  • Suitable for working with high voltage applications
  • High-level of protection
  • Large size
  • Delicate material
These high voltage electrical gloves are still a must-have item for electricians despite some shortcomings about their size. You just have to choose your well-fitted product carefully.

7. National Safety Apparel Insulating Glove

If you are in search of an ideal insulating glove kit, then I think we have the National Safety Apparel on sale. This combo fits all we need in one portable bag with a pair of rubber voltage insulator and one pair of leather gloves.

What amazed me is this pair of rubber gloves can protect users against a voltage up to 1000V AC/ 1500V DC. Wearing a single insulating pair of gloves may not give you full protection. So remember to wear it with the leather protectors to meet the best safety requirements while working with any electrified objects.

I have to say such a convenient set of protective tools can bring electrical protection to another level. They are of various uses for many types of work, especially in hazardous environments where you are exposed to electricity most of the time.

And do not worry about being unable to pick a pack that fits because these pieces are available for many hand sizes. I find my perfect fit in one try, and that helps a lot. Just be precise while measuring your palm for the correct product order because wearing a well-fitted pair of gloves is very important for your safety.

Also, these items are made to be compliant with arc flash according to both NFPA 70E-2015 and CSA Z462-15 standard. The feature can prevent electricians from direct contact with intense heat radiated from arc flash incidents.

The leather pair of gloves can be small to fit over the rubber gloves, and it might take you some time to wear them properly.
  • Convenient keeping with a glove bag
  • Two pairs of protective gloves
  • FPA 70E-2015 compliant for arc flash
  • CSA Z462-15 compliant for arc flash
  • Reinforced protection
  • Available in many sizes
  • Small leather gloves
I personally think the pack still owns ideal pairs of electricians safety gloves in spite of a little inconvenience they might cause due to the leather gloves’ size.

8. Lineman Work Glove

I am pleased to let you know there is another good choice of safety gloves used for medium electrical work – the Lineman Work Glove. Not only me, but many customers also find the pair worth an investment because of its convenience and usefulness in many working circumstances.

This piece of PPE is perfect for a freezing working day in winter, when you have to deal with many outside tasks, and the weather is not helping. That is because they use leather to make the pair, and even add thick leather palm along with finger patches. Hence, it allows you to comfortably carry on your duty without letting the frozen air make you suffer.

Besides keeping you warm in harsh weather, these leather gloves for electrical work also provide the dexterity to deal with small objects of hardware. It is particularly useful when you work as a lineman with all tasks of climbing, handling ropes or ladders.

The design is a big plus of the pair because it has cuff made of neoprene with vents on the side, and yet two rows of paddle knuckles. While the cuff helps to fit the gloves perfectly to our hands, the paddle makes the pair more durable for better safety protection. The snug feeling from this Klein gloves makes me love it even more.

But I need to point out that this piece is not suitable for heavy or dangerous work, in which sharp and rough opponents may tear it away sooner.
  • Ideal for cold weather
  • Good design to fit perfectly
  • Double-row knuckle padding
  • Designed with black spandex back and Klein Lineman logo
  • Not suitable for dangerous work
  • Tear away sooner than expected
This pair is still worth your try if you are seeking for some comfortable safety gloves for lineman work. Just remember, it is not designed for dealing with high voltage wire.

9. 3M CGL-GU Comfort Grip Gloves 

If you are finding a pair of safety gloves for daily use at a reasonable price, I think that the 3M Comfort Grip Gloves CGL-GU is a perfect choice for you. As I say, you will find this pair a pleasant replacement for some usual cotton and leather gloves we used to have in the past.

I noticed that they are regarded as special products because of the foamed nitrile palm coating. Said material enables the pair to be lighter in weight, more long-lasting, better in flexibility and abrasion-resistant.

I find out that they use nylon to produce the piece, therefore making it more durable but still surprisingly comfortable. Also, the nylon stretch liner contributes to a better experience for making it more breathable for workers. You surely do not want to keep handling objects in a too-tight pair of gloves that make your hands constantly sweaty.

If your work includes working in a wet or oily environment, this piece can be extra helpful with the ability to provide good gripping capacity. Or even in a cold working environment, it can keep you warm to continue performing your job without getting uncomfortable with rigid hand motions.

After finishing all my tasks, I can take it off real quick thanks to the cuff it has. I feel pleased to know that after washing it many times, these gloves still do a fantastic job of helping users. From easy to more burdensome duties including handling small objects, assembling electrical objects, plumbing or even roofing.

However, you cannot answer your phone call or doing anything on your phone screen with these gloves on, as it is not touchscreen-friendly.
  • Low cost and economical for daily use
  • Great abrasion-resistance with limited tear
  • Excellent grip
  • Easy to pull on and take off quickly
  • long-lasting, durable and washable
  • Not touchscreen-friendly
In short conclusion, this electrician gloves 600v is affordable yet still amazingly convenient for all kinds of tasks in your daily or casual work.

10. MAGID Linesman Low Voltage Protector Gloves

Another deserving spot on this best safety gloves of 2020 list is for the AGID Linesman Low Voltage Protector Gloves. I find out that this pair is going to be of great use with rubber electrical insulating gloves because the combination positively enhances protection ability for workers.

The design is impressive, from a welted strong thumb crotch attached to the elastic back on the glove. These compositions have given a boost to the durability for heavy work, a secure and convenient fit over the rubber insulator. Thus, they are created to make sure that consumers have enough protection and comfort while wearing it.

I also noticed another thing that helps to make these gloves more durable is its goat leather material. And even when the gloves are longer than usual, it still offers excellent dexterity as gloves with a smaller length.

It can be easily noticed since the coating is in pearl color, which makes the appearance more appealing for all kinds of activities outside electrical work. It does give the feel of a fashionable pair of gloves to me.

It is also received extraordinary compliments for its thickness, and the capacity to fit amazingly over the corresponding insulation gloves without having to be cut short.

Although, it might be a little too long than a usual pair of safety gloves you can find on the market.
  • Wonderful durability
  • Good integrity
  • Bring great comfort
  • Fit over rubber insulator
  • Longer than usual gloves
I am thrilled to say that these low voltage electrical gloves are a big help for electricians who are looking for a comfortable but high-quality pair of outer layer gloves.

11. Electrical Insulated Lineman Rubber Gloves

The item I am about to introduce to you is highly appreciated in the high voltage rubber glove testing, and it is the Electrical Insulated Lineman Rubber Gloves. It quite applicable for the job that deals with many dangerous and high-voltage machines.

They make the pair by using the finest natural rubber, that is why it is leading in terms of durability, flexibility. The unique thing about this material is that it offers much higher elasticity than nitrile, chloroprene, vinyl, and better puncture resistance than gloves made from vinyl.

I am pretty sure that the pressure of heavy work will be reduced to the minimum by the distinctive shape of these gloves. The feature is also beneficial when preventing the piece from wearing down while handling.

It is suitable for work demanding direct contact with high voltage machines, which can reach 12000V. The pair can serve as a first-line protection tool for the electricity that reaches 3000V and as a security appliance when the power is from 3000V to 8000V.

It is suggested that you should not forget to tuck the sleeves into the glove to prevent any unwanted accidents while working. In advance, when you are done using them, keep them away from heat or direct sunlight for the best use next time.

One thing you would love about this product is that it can fit most hand sizes with an average length and width. But for some, it might be a little bit smaller than what they need.
  • Reduce hand fatigue and chafing
  • Increase durability, flexibility and comfort
  • Useful for high voltage machines
  • Suitable for many work types
  • Fit for most hands
  • Smaller size than expected
Though we all know about it might be small for consumers who have big hands, but it is reliable non-conductive gloves we should have.

12. XSHIELD 17-PUG Safety Work Gloves

Out of all the best work mittens, I have always wanted to purchase one of the top Nylon safety work gloves available this year: the XSHIELD 17-PUG. As it names says, this equipment is going to shield you from work incidents in hazardous working environments.

Based on my experience with this pair, I cannot help noticing its comfortable and breathable during my working time. The main reason behind this amazing quality is the polyamide shell it owns, and we cannot see the knit of this pair. Such design always provides the best utility and dexterity for the owner.

The second good part is about the abrasion-resistant, which is extremely useful if you need it for the heavy work on the construction site. I realized it also offers incredible tactile sensitivity thanks to the PU coatings have on it.

In case you are wondering whether debris or even dirt can get into your gloves easily, which consequently affects your efficiency. Then I am pretty sure that with this item on hand, it could help to wipe the concern away. A knit wrist is sewn to the gloves to get rid of that uncomfortable sensation.

I also love the black paint color has on this pair, as it looks very cool and kind of fashionable to me. The item is suitable for diverse outside activities. If you love the all-black style like me, you should try this one.

In terms of longevity, this XSHEILD is a proper replacement for leather and fabric gloves, which less likely to be damaged by massive works. However, it is not very ideal for a wet or oily working environment, since it is not made to prevent slippery.
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Good abrasion-resistance
  • Keep dirt and debris from entering the gloves
  • CE certified
  • Do not work well in wet or oily environments
If your work does not always involve dealing with slippery objects, then it would be a perfect choice of electric resistance gloves.

What to Look for When Buying Work Gloves for Electricians

best gloves for electricians

Material – The first thing you have to look out when buying an essential tool of protection is its material. If your working environment is extremely dangerous, make sure to pick a high-quality pair of protective gloves.

Rubber gloves are ideal for working on oily surfaces or dealing with solvents and other chemicals. This type of material offers a better grip than most, so we also can choose synthetic gloves for this kind of use.

If you need to work regularly in cold weather, a leather pair of gloves will help. It keeps you warm and provides extreme comfort for your hands to have flexible motions without being frozen.

Also, you choose different liquid-resistant gloves to protect yourself against different specific chemicals. If the working environment has water solutions or acids, salts, then you might want to try natural latex or rubber gloves. Or if it includes hydraulic fluids, gasoline then neoprene gloves can be your best option.

Nitrile rubber gloves are the perfect companion for working with applications that need using acids, alcohol, chlorinated solvents. They offer a high level of durability, amazing sensitivity and dexterity.

When you need to work with chemicals such as acids, alcohols, peroxide, or nitro-compounds, a glove made of butyl rubber is what you are looking for. Plus, it will do a great job preventing you from getting hurt by abrasion or ozone corrosion.

Insulation – Usually, the material chosen to make insulation is rubber, such gloves can provide very high dielectric properties. Also, it should go with leather gloves to grant better protection.

There are also mechanical insulating gloves, which can build a mechanical defense against punctures without using protective over gloves.

Insulation is also a crucial factor that should be addressed. Because when cold winter comes, you definitely in need of a working pair of gloves that can keep you warm, away from the freezing and harsh weather, especially when the temperature drops dramatically.

Size and comfort – Choosing the perfect size is also vital in the process of finding an ideal pair of gloves. You will not want something that makes you uncomfortable wearing or worse: fall off your hands while during important work.

You should measure your hands precisely, especially your palm and your index finger, to make the correct product size order. It also spares you the inconvenience of exchanging unsuitable gloves many times. If your work requires wearing safety gloves all day, you need to opt for a well-fitted product.

Some gloves are designed with elastic knit wrist or straight cuff, which are particularly helpful to keep the gloves hold on your hand better. Besides, it even prevents dirt and debris from entering. Choosing the right size and design can release the burden of putting on and taking off the gloves after work.

Testing – Unlike some other kinds of PPE, these safety gloves require testing before you buy and during your using time to make sure it functions well. This must be done thoroughly every time.

Rubber insulating gloves must be tested before first issue and every 6 months after that. When the insulating value is suspected, or you repair the gloves, you need to have it tested again. This process is always necessary even when you do not use your pair often.

Also, these gloves need to be inspected before your daily usage, to make sure they are in perfect condition for you to perform your work safely.

Other Important Factors to Consider

best gloves for electrical work

What is a pair of electrician gloves?

A pair of electrician gloves is a piece of protective equipment made to prevent serious damage that electrified objects can cause to a worker. These electrician gloves are usually made of materials like leather, rubber or neoprene. Sometimes, they mix some of the substances to have better protection.

For coating, they use water-based nitrile, foamed nitrile palm, nylon, micro-foam, or sometimes PU coatings. The type of layer can decide whether those gloves offer abrasion-resistance ability, good gripping, breathability, and tactile sensitivity.

People classify all the electrician gloves into different categories based on their benefits and level of protection.

How does it work?

We all know that those gloves are made to protect workers from dangers that come from direct contact with electricity. But it can be more complicated than that, each type of gloves is designed for different purposes, and of course, protect users from different kinds and level of danger.

More than protecting, it can also help to boost workers’ effectiveness in their job. By offering better tools for users to handle objects and surfaces they work on, more easily and quickly.

If you are finding a pair of gloves to work with the usual electrical household problem, you can opt for something less significant and pricey. If you work as a professional electrician, you should consider carefully many factors to pick the suitable safety gloves.

Because it plays a significant role in protecting users, so it should be worn all the time when the work is still going on. For safety reasons, make sure that it sticks on your hands and makes you feel comfortable.

Who this is for?

Some assumed that this safety tool is produced for electricians only, you can own a pair of these safety gloves for all kinds of protection reasons.

Firstly, an electrician needs to have one for their daily job. It appears as an indispensable piece of equipment along with other protective tools. Working directly with electrical objects require proper security for their own safety.

Secondly, other workers are all needed to be equipped with a pair of safety gloves. Employees whose job involves dealing with minor electricity tasks, or constructors who perform in a dangerous environment like oily and slippery surfaces.

Moreover, students who are studying in colleagues, which include experimenting and contacting with electricity or researching in a hazardous environment, should prepare a suitable piece.

This kind of gloves can be needed at home for household mechanic fixing. They can purchase and keep a pair of safety gloves in case of a broken machine sometimes.

What are the different types of electrician gloves?

A glove system contains three pieces:

Rubber insulating gloves – we classify them by the level of voltage and protection they offer

Liner gloves – they can provide comfort in cold weather and usually, we can see this type off glove have a straight cuff or knit wrist

Leather protector gloves – we can wear them over the rubber insulation gloves to protect us from cuts, abrasions and punctures.

All safety gloves can be divided into the following categories:

Class 00 – the max voltage reaches 500 AC, testing protection at 2500V AC, and 10000V DC.

Class 0 – the max voltage reaches 1000 AC, testing protection at 5000V AC, and 20000V DC.

Class 1 – the max voltage reaches 7500 AC, testing protection at 10000V AC, and 40000V DC.

Class 2 –the max voltage reaches 17000 AC, testing protection at 20000V AC, and 50000V DC.

Class 3 – the max voltage reaches 26500 AC, testing protection at 30000V AC, and 60000V DC.

Class 4 – the max voltage reaches 36000 AC, testing protection at 40000V AC, and 70000V DC.

Another factor affecting the integrity of the glove is ozone, this figure is important in an ecological perspective that has a high level of ozone (mostly because of pollution)

Type A I: Gloves are not ozone-resistant

Type B II: Gloves are ozone-resistant

Advantages and disadvantages of work gloves for electricians?

A pair of safety gloves will bring every electrician great advantages:

Firstly, constantly working with electricity is extremely dangerous. So the piece takes responsibility for preventing them from direct contact with electrical objects. We all know that electricity can cause lethal accidents if we are not carefully protected.

These safety gloves can stop an incredible amount of all incidents that might happen to electricians every year. We must keep in mind that it is the very first tool, which every worker in this field should have. Nothing can be an excuse for anyone to neglect their safety by not purchasing one.

Small incidents happening in the middle of your work might affect your performance greatly. They can come in all forms of danger, as I can mention: cuts, punctures, scrapes, etc. A proper piece of protection can help you do your job more quickly and in greater easiness manners, therefore boosting your working efficiency.

Electrical resistant gloves will make you feel secure while doing your tasks. You do not have to worry about any imminent incidents might happen to you. It keeps you away from unnecessary stress, which may slow down your working speed and the preciseness of your operation.

The disadvantages only appear when you do not choose for yourself a pair with a perfect fit. A too loose or too small pair of gloves will possibly do more harm than good to your safety. Imagine what might happen when your piece falls off during your operation, and we do not want to undergo any risk from the case.

A pair without necessary protective features toward your special good can be extremely dangerous too. The choice will be different when you work on oily or wet surfaces, then a need for gloves with excellent grip. While if you have to handle small and complex objects, a pair with great dexterity should be chosen.

And you need to pay attention to your safety too by doing your work properly. Do not depend too much on those pairs, and carelessly operate electrified objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted anti electrical work glove brands?

Work gloves are one of the essential tools for any electricians, so it requires guaranteed quality in material, production, design, and testing. On the market, many brands are solidifying their reputation of certified high-quality products such as Klein Tools, Magid, Mechanix Wear, DEX FIT, …

Why electricians wear rubber gloves?

The rubber gloves will serve as an insulator since it will prevent the passage of electric current to go through it. That is why every electrician needs to be equipped with a pair of rubber gloves to avoid getting shocked by directly contacting with electricity.

How do I find my hand size?

You can get your exact hand size by measuring the palm of your dominant hand. Put a tape measure across your right palm if you are right-handed, across your left if you are left-handed.

After getting your result, you can go to look at the table size they have for each circumference of the hand in inches or centimeters. The table can contain numeric and letter sizes.

How to wear?

Wearing the gloves right is vital for protecting you from unwanted injuries, so we should pay attention to how to wear it properly. You should make sure every fingers fit perfectly into the glove. If your cuff is long, stick your shirt into the cuff to prevent the tangle.

Remember to check the gloves after fishing any task, make sure it stays on your wrist and not fall off while you are working. If your job needs extra protection, you might need to wear insulation rubber gloves underneath leather gloves.

Where to buy? 

You can find these working gloves in local mechanical shops for electricians. I am sure they can give you advice and testing before you purchase one. If the stores do not have your desired product, you can always go shopping online, as there are plenty of good choices for you there.

What is the warranty?

The gloves you buy need to satisfy some inspection and testing before and during your usage. The examination is required to be done before each day’s use. Your glove must also be inspected after any accident that may cause damages. They will be checked to search for any holes, rips or tears, ozone, cutting or ultraviolet damage.

Also, the testing is required to be done before purchasing and every 6 months after that. The insulation gloves are going to be electrically tested before the first issue. You can not use it until the test result is finalized.

How to care and clean?

You need to get rid of chemicals, old and other petroleum-based substances from your gloves after completing your work by washing them with tap water and a mild, bleach-free detergent. Then dry it gently with a clean, soft cloth.

Then you should check to make sure there are no embedded materials stuck in the gloves such as debris, copper particles. You can do that by rolling the piece between your hands to feel the existence of any small substances.

When you do not use the glove, see if it is dry and clean, then store it in a special bag for electrical tool in dark, cold places. Remember to keep it away from overwhelming heat or any erosive chemicals. And before your next use, check it carefully again.


You should consider all important factors while purchasing not only these best work gloves for electricians but also any other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Make sure it enables you to do your work well with proper protection and great comfort. You should also remember to adjust it, so it does not fall off during your work time.

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