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How to Clean Leather Work Gloves in a Few Quick Steps?

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

how to clean leather work gloves

Thinking about how to clean leather work gloves? Leather Gloves are among the best for heavy-duty work, but they’re also the most difficult to clean and maintain. Leather gloves are probably the very first option that everybody would make or be attracted to. Leather might be expensive, but on the other hand, it is a durable and far more comfortable choice for making gloves.

Maintaining your leather gloves frequently isn’t enough; you must consider other factors that might contribute to the degradation of your glove’s quality, such as internal rot, chemical deterioration, and drying out to preserve its form.

Materials or Tools needed for Cleaning Leather Work Gloves


Are you frustrated with repeatedly cleaning leather work gloves but unable to eliminate the tough dirt and stains? Cleaning your leather gloves with the steps listed below, and you’ll be surprised with the results.

But before all of that, it is essential to ensure that each of the appropriate materials is properly clean and the procedures we will discuss in this article.

To get the desired results, you must have the following:

  • Bristle Brush

The bristles brush and scrubbing brush are available cleaning equipment frequently used to remove dirt and impurities from your leather gloves.

  • Mink Oil

It protects the leather against all types of conditions, including moisture, dirt, heat, bruises, and so on. Also, it’s a darkening agent for leather.

  • Leather Conditioner

It helps maintain leather smoothness and durability by moisturizing the fibers, minimizing friction, intensifying the color, and enriching the patina through time.

  • Rubbing Alcohol

To remove unwanted stains caused by ink, make sure to use a leather conditioner to replenish moisture loss after using alcohol in your leather gloves.

  • Vegetable Oil

Applying vegetable oil to the leather gloves to remove unwanted stains caused by industrial oil.

  • Tea Bags or Coffee Bags

These DIYs are available in the household. Using tea bags or coffee bags will eliminate the unwanted odor due to heavy-duty work or sweat.

  • Soapy Solution

They are generally used in cleaning and are widely available in the household to clean your leather gloves, but take note not to use mild soaps to mitigate the risks of having another problem.

Having these materials will ensure the integrity of your leather gloves, especially if it’s expensive, to guarantee its long time usage.

Maintaining your leather glove’s quality shouldn’t be that hard. If you routinely clean it. As we tackle the materials you’ll need, let’s talk about how you will clean it efficiently with these procedures. Hang in there, and read on.

Procedures in Cleaning Leather Work Gloves


For detailed procedures to clean leather work gloves, read the instructions carefully. Please read on and don’t skip, for you not to miss some vital information.


In general, if you’re cleaning leather gloves, use a mild soap. An example of it is the Marseille Soap, which contains a high amount of healthy fats. Consider dry cleaning, as this method preserves the oils and removes most unwanted specks of dirt.


Don’t use harsh soaps. It eliminates the leather’s oils. As a result of the lack of lubricants, the leather gloves will harden and break down, reducing their usefulness, durability, and convenience.

General Cleaning :

Each time you wear the gloves, rub them gently with a clean towel. There has to be a thorough annual cleaning. If your working gloves become too dirty, they will harden and lose their structure.

So, here’s a general procedure in cleaning them:

  • Pour lukewarm water into a basin and drop a mild light soap into it.
  • Remove all dirt particles from the leather work gloves with a soft bristles brush.
  • Then, immerse it in the basin of soap and warm water using a soft, lint-free towel.
  • Using the towel, remove any dirt that has collected on the leather fibers.
  • Remove the soapy remains from the leather gloves using a clean, lint-free towel and cold water.
  • Hang the pair in a ventilated area for natural drying after you wash leather work gloves.
  • Stick your hand in them, and when they’re semi-dry give them the consistent form they need.
  • Your hands should be withdrawn, and the leather work gloves should be left on to dry thoroughly.

Select a Conditioning Product After Washing Your Leather Gloves.

Conditioning leather implies preventing it from drying out by maintaining moisture (existing natural oils) in it. As well as returning the leather’s oils, reconditioning keeps it from wearing out, eliminates wrinkles, and aids in its flexibility. It only takes a few easy methods to maintain your gloves.

  • Apply a conditioning product after washing leather gloves.
  • Rub the conditioning product on a dry, lint-free dry cloth.
  • Stroke tiny areas of leather with your fingers in circular pattern strokes. As a bonus, this will also help eliminate wrinkles in the leather.
  • Routinely repeat the procedures in your leather working gloves.
  • Using a clean cloth, furnish the leather once more to shine and remove the excess conditioning product.

If you are using white leather gloves, this special cleaning method will be useful for you. Read more here!

How to Avoid Your Leather Gloves From Internal Rot, Chemical Damage, and Drying Out

Drying Out Leather Working Gloves

To dry the gloves, avoid using direct heating elements, including a radiator, blow dryer, or the sunlight. During the drying process of the gloves, place them on the user’s hands numerous times. In this way, you’ll be able to flex leather and return gloves’ form to the profile of your hands.

There are some great ways to care for leather work gloves that may be drying out, such as:

  • Regularly maintain leather gloves with mink oil.
  • For alternatives, you can apply a conditioner product or coconut oil if you live in a humid environment.

Chemical Damage

Toxic substances in the workplace or while cleaning the leather with a solution that is not suitable for the leather glove fibers or if affected by temperature and sun for an extended period can cause physical damage to the integrity of the leather gloves.

Here’s what you can probably do:

  • Use gentle soaps to clean leather gloves, and stay away from strong chemicals.
  • You must not potentially expose the leather work gloves to fire unless it is labeled as fire-resistant.
  • Ensure you understand the manufacturer’s care instructions on the packaging before you perform any treatment process

Also, check out this article to find a pair of chemical-resistant gloves that will suit your needs!

Internal Rot

Damage done by decaying is the exact reverse of drying. There is a deposit of moisture, either in the presence of liquid or oil, that has been trapped inside. It is due to this extra moisture that the leather begins to deteriorate from the inside.

A variety of factors contribute to this, including excessive exposure to damp, humid, or gloomy environments and improper drying of the working leather gloves after cleaning.

This is what I recommend to avoid decay damage:

  • Every time you clean the leather gloves, use a blow dryer to dry them out.
  • As soon as you get home, flip the leather gloves out and let them dry.
  • Whenever you notice that your hands are becoming too sweaty while working, consider taking them off for a few minutes and drying them out.

The durability of leather gloves is far beyond, and they might be costly; that’s why I recommend you take extensive care of them. So, it’s all about proper wash leather gloves procedures or using mild soap and water to get rid of the dirt. Inappropriate cleaning procedures, on the other hand, might permanently damage your leather gloves.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed all the steps, tips, and materials you’ll need to maintain the quality of your leather work gloves. So, these steps on cleaning leather work gloves will surely give you an edge, prolong their durability, and mitigate the risk of degradation.

I recommend you not skip any steps, and read thoroughly any product you’ll be applying before washing leather work gloves of yours.

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