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How to Fix a Broken Eyeglasses Bridge? – 3 Easy Methods

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

how to fix a broken eyeglasses bridge

For those of you who have an eye condition, eyeglasses are a must-have item. A good pair is also for various occupations and hobbies! Then, unfortunately, your glasses break in half in some instances, and you can not afford a new pair of glasses and or do not have time to bring them to a repair shop.

But the worst is the broken glass bridge. Because your eyeglass bridge provides nearly 90% of the weight of your eyeglasses, therefore, if the bridge breaks, your glasses will be rendered worthless.

So, how to fix a broken eyeglasses bridge? Read on and figure out how to solve the issue yourself!

3 Simple Methods to Fix a Broken Eyeglasses Bridge


Method 1: Fix a broken eyeglasses bridge with glue and paper

This might be the simplest method to fix your glasses with a few easy steps. This approach works if you need an instant fix to work or activity with your glasses for the following few days.

The bridge will remain in place for the time being, but you should limit actions that might cause a sudden effect on the couple.

So, here’s how to deal with a broken plastic glasses bridge to turn back to work as soon as possible:

Step 1: Make sure you have everything you’ll need.

  • This quick fix requires the use of paper sticks or glue. We can choose among products of Sray Adhesive, Tacky, Super Glue and other easy-to-use adhesives.
  • Prepare some thick papers, similar to those found in magazines. You may use wrapping paper with the same color as the eyeglass frame.
  • Finally, sharp scissors are required for cutting the paper pieces.

Step 2: Make sure the glasses are clean.

To remove dust and grime from the shattered parts, submerge the pair in water. Then, using the microfiber towel, quickly dry the entire item.

Step 3: Make the paper pieces fit together.

Now, if needed, measure the width of the bridge and cut the wrapping papers into thin slices. Make three or four lengthy strips at the absolute least.

Step 4: Glue the strips of paper together.

It’s time to start wrapping the paper over the shattered pieces, one by one. Before you begin wrapping, apply adhesive to each piece. After that, you’ll make a bandage for your damaged spectacles.

You may either ask for help holding the glass into place or lay them on the surface and wrap one hand around the other gently.

Method 2: Fix a broken eyeglasses bridge with heat and a pin


Another option for repairing glasses that broke in half is connecting the two parts using two needles. In addition to the two tiny needles, you’ll need a small kettle to boil water, some water, and a set of gloves.

Please keep in mind that this method is only suitable for plastic glasses broken in half. Check out the following option for glasses broke in half with frames made of wood or metal. You might clean the pieces beforehand to remove dust and dirt. Check out the list of the top-rated eyeglass cleaner to clean your glasses easier than ever.

Step 1: Bring some water to a boil over high heat in a small saucepan.

Step 2: To heat the frame, place the broken components over the hot steam. Keep it close enough to the temperature to be soft and not melt edges. Please do this with utmost carefulness!

Step 3: When the structure is soft, rapidly remove it from the heat and thread a needle through each side of the glass bridge.

Step 4: While the plastic is still pliable, squeeze the edges together and push the plastic to hide the needles completely.

Step 5: Allow the bridge to cool until the plastic bridge is firm after taking on the appropriate shape. You can now use your device until you require a new one.

Method 3: Fix a broken eyeglasses bridge with a sewing technique

It might sound weird to some, but we can actually fix broken glasses nose bridge by sewing them together. If none of the other options work, the final option for repairing your broken metal glasses bridge or any other material is a sewing technique.

This approach will result in a much more solid and long-lasting connection, allowing the glasses to be used for a more extended period. If we are not careful, severe pressure might break it. However, in comparison to the previous technique, it is a long-term answer.

Here’s how we go about it:

Step1: Gather all of the essential supplies.

We’re back on the table, double-checking that everything is in place before we begin to adjust our glasses. This time, we’ll require:

  • A needle and a thread
  • Drilling
  • A nail polish removal agent, as well as super glue (or rubbing alcohol)
  • Rubber bands, cotton swabs, and wooden sticks

Step 2: Make sure the frame surfaces are clean.

Cleaning is required before doing any repairs; the goal is simple: remove dirt for improved adherence. However, we shall make it thoroughly by scraping the damaged regions with sandpaper and applying nail polish remover (or rubbing alcohol).

Step 3: Align the frame and fasten it.

The little wooden sticks come in handy now, as they assist in securing two shattered glass halves together. To hold the posts in position, use the elastic band to connect them to the glass’s arms.

Step 4: Glue the pieces together.

While you’ve made the glue, you should carefully pour the droplets. After that, compress the parts together gently and slowly for a few seconds. Then, wipe up any adhesive that has run out with the cotton swab, making sure to clean the glues before drying. After that, put the pair aside for an hour to dry.

Step 5: Drill the holes.

The following step is to reinforce the adhesive connection we just established. Using the small drill, drill two paralleled holes on each side of the broken border.

Step 6: Sew the thread in place.

It’s time to stitch the threads through and reinforce the core junction. Fill the drilled holes with adhesive again after that. Allow an hour or a half more for it to dry completely.

Also, to make sure your glasses repair is done as smoothly as possible, check out this article on the top-tier eyeglass repair kits I’ve used before.


We hope the following approaches will assist you in how to fix a broken eyeglasses bridge. These are temporary methods for repairing glasses when you don’t want or can’t take them to a specialist or spend money on a new pair.

If your eyeglasses bridge breaks again, you may repair it quickly without wasting time using the methods described above. Best wishes for your success!

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