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How to Fix Heel Slippage in Cowboy Boots? – 7 Amazing Tips

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

how to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots

Heel slippage is quite common, as it can happen when you wear a new pair of boots that have not been broken in. However, it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if you experience heel slippage while in the middle of work, hiking, etc. So, finding out what causes the issue and fixing it are important.

For those who wear cowboy boots and face this problem, there are several things you can do. Read below to know how to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots.

How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots?


1. Break in the cowboy boots

If your pair is new and keeps slipping away from your feet, breaking it in can solve the problems. Here’re how to break in new cowboy boots:

  • Steam the boots and walk in them – Cowboy boots are often made of leather, which can be softened a little bit with hot steam. Therefore, point the cloth steamer at the boot’s interior for some minutes. Please do not overdo it by setting the steamer too hot or leaving it there for too long.
  • Then, you can put the boots on and walk around for the shoes to better conform to the shape of your feet.
  • Use heel cushions, pads, or grips – Such pieces inserted inside the boots will cover a part of the wide boot heel. They help in breaking in your boots quickly while making sure you are comfortable and free from heel pain.

2. Change your socks

It is possible that your current socks are not suitable for wearing cowboy boots. They might be too thin, or the material is too slippery. In such cases, changing to a new pair of socks is worth a try.

It is recommended to wear thicker socks to add some layer between your heels and the boots. That way, you can feel more comfortable and stable while walking in your cowboy boots.

If you do not have such thick socks, try wearing two pairs at the same time to stop the cowboy boots heel slip.

3. Insert shoe tongue pads

As stated above, when the boot heels are a bit wider than desired, heel slippage in boots will occur frequently. In such cases, people often use tongue pads to make up for the extra space.

A shoe tongue pad can also ensure good comfort and adjustability. Furthermore, it adds a cushion that relaxes our heels and is suitable for long-hour walking, hiking, and more.

For people who spend hours moving in their cowboy boots, heel inflammation and pain can be a big problem. And, the good thing about shoe tongue pads is they address such pain, too. So, slippery heels or not, you can make good use of these tongue pads.

4. Use heel liners

I find heel liners the perfect option to minimize slippage while wearing my cowboy boots and other shoes as well. They also cushion the feet to prevent friction that, without liners, will leave blisters.

Just make sure you clean the interior of the boots before slipping the curved liners inside your boots.

5. Add soles

Another way to make slippage in cowboy boots go away is utilizing inserts. Some cowboy boots come without insoles, thus making it rather tricky for the pair to accommodate our feet nicely.

You can fix that by adding suitable insoles, which will provide the comfort and traction that you need.

6. Utilize a boot dryer

Since wet boots make it so easy for slipping to happen, you are prone to slipping and falling when hiking in the rain. To prevent that, simply dry your boots.

If you have time, drying it naturally will be much better than using a dryer. But if you want to wear the boots right away, carefully set the dryer at a proper heat level and dry the pair’s interior slowly.

7. Replace your boot heels

When nothing above works, you might need a boot heel replacement. Your boots slipping after a long while of use can simply mean that the heels are no longer up for the task. With little traction and grip, you can barely move around without falling down or having your feet slip out of your boots.

Cowboy boot heels replacement might cost a bit, ranging from $50 to more than $130 if you want high-quality heels and a neat construction.

Make sure to choose the right piece for replacement and a shop with a reliable reputation to do the fixing.

How Do I Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots?


Suppose we have not had heel slippage problems yet. How can we prevent them from happening?

If you are a buyer looking for cowboy boots and wish to avoid this issue altogether, there is something you can do: choose the right size and design. But how?

Well, there are several parts of the cowboy boots that need to fit just right: insteps, heels, toe shapes, and soles. Here’s some advice for you:

  • The instep of your boots must fit right, not too loose or too tight.
  • The heels of your boots depend on the pair’s purposes. If you use them for walking and work, medium heels are proper. Meanwhile, low heels are recommended for stockmen. Just make sure your pairs make a “pop” sound when you stomp on the floor.
  • You can choose among three types of cowboy toe shapes, including round, pointed, and square ones. Make sure you know the characteristics of each type to fit your feet comfortably enough.
  • One obvious thing you should remember is not to buy boots that touch the tip of your toes. Just go for ones that leave a space of about 0.75 – 1 inches between your toes and its inner top.
  • It is best to select boots with non-slip insoles, which are made of anti-slip materials. You can find such information when reading the boot description.

Also, you can test the flexibility and comfort of the boot soles by wearing the pair and standing on your forefoot. Lift the heels up to 0. 5 inches above the ground to see whether you can do that easily without slipping.

Why Do Cowboy Boots Slip in the Heel?

There are some common reasons that explain why your boots keep slipping off your heels in the middle of you running, jumping, or simply walking around.

  • Your cowboy boots are new – If you have just purchased a pair of boots and are eager to go hiking in them right away, it might not be a good idea. Like any shoes or boots, your pair requires breaking in.
  • Your boot heels are too broad, or the tips are too long – There can be a problem with sizing, meaning we have bought a pair with larger dimensions than our feet. In that case, the boots will slip easily, even if we are just casually walking.
  • The boots are wet – Wet boots make it harder for us to walk in them and increase the chance of slipping.

Slipping occurs when your feet do not fit quite right in the boots, or your pair simply does not hold your feet in the right way. Then, in one unexpected moment, your feet slip out of the back of the boots and might trip you in the process.


From the newly-bought boots to the currently used ones, you can try methods on how to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots listed above. We are positive that at least one method will work and offer you the comfort and stability you need.

Do not hesitate to share your input via comments as you succeed in making heel slippage go away. Also, feel free to share the article with whoever faces the same problems. Thank you for reading!

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