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Universal Design for Workforce Development System

Universal Design for the Workforce Development System is an innovative collection of tools and resources, designed to assist workforce development professionals in creating services to meet the diverse needs of all customers of the workforce development system.

Universal Design for the Workforce Development System Toolkit

A collection of tools designed to be customized to the needs of a state or local workforce development system, and to support professionals in making their own system more welcoming and effective for every business and career seeking customer.

Access for All

Resources to enhance the ability of the Workforce Development System to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Framework for Systems Change: a Guide to Effectively Serving All Customers

Strategies, examples and regulations that guide universal design and systems change efforts.

Customized Employment

A flexible blend of strategies, services and supports designed to increase employment options for career seekers with complex needs.

Portfolio Series on Customized Employment

Two concise and comprehensive guides to the practice of Customized Employment, including explorations of Discovery, Career Development and Job Negotiation.

  • Part I: Practical Solutions to Employment Success
  • Part II: Applying Practical Solutions to Employment Success

Customized Employment Innovation: Findings from the Field

A collection of reports and best practice stories of practical and systemic accomplishments from the ODEP-funded Customized Employment and Workforce Action Grants.

  • Customized Employment Findings from the Field

Archived Webcasts

View our collection of supporting resources, including archived webcasts from leaders in the field of Customized Employment.

  • Webcast Archive
  • Additional Resources