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How to Tighten Glasses Screws? – Super Easy to Follow Steps

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

how to tighten glasses screws

Our eyeglass screws will become loose over time and cause the pair to slip down our noses. Such a problem may be annoying at first, but it soon becomes so vexing that we cannot disregard it.

Worse, unsecured screws eventually shatter, causing our glasses to tumble when we bend down to pick something up. Plus, if we are in the middle of a task, the unexpected removal of corrective eyewear glasses poses significant risks.

As a result, we need to know how to tighten glasses screws so that we can address the problem as soon as it arises. You need a glasses tightening kit and a sheet of paper.

  • Step 1: Put your eyeglasses on top of a sheet of paper or a well-lit surface.
  • Step 2: Locate the screws that hold your eyeglasses together.
  • Step 3: Check that your glasses’ arms are perfectly positioned.
  • Step 4: Place the screwdriver on top of the unfastened screws and twist.
  • Step 5: Continue tightening until you feel that all of the screws are securely fastened.

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What Will You Need?


  • A glasses tightening kit
  • A sheet of paper or a brightly lit surface

Assemble a Tightening Kit for Glasses

Given the importance of wearing glasses, it is best to have a glass screw tightening kit ready instead of handmade screwdrivers in an emergency.

Glasses screw won’t tighten with a single tool because there are many different eyeglasses in the market. Thus, the kit will include a range of equipment, including different-sized screwdrivers, extra screws, plastic starters, nose pads, comfort pads, microscopes, and anything we might need to do the task without trouble.

How Will Do It?


Step 1: Place your eyeglasses on top of a sheet of paper or a brightly lit surface so that you can quickly adjust them. Besides, if the screws fall, the difference of hues will assist you in locating them.

Step 2: Determine the location of your eyeglasses’ screws.

Step 3: Ensure that the arms of your glasses are exactly aligned:

Modifications will be simple if the screws are loose but not falling out. If they’ve fallen out, align the arms with the glasses and gently insert the screws into the holes.

Examine the temple arms to see whether they are damaged or broken. Temple’s arms get twisted after a lengthy period of usage. Therefore, before placing the screws into the holes, make a note of which side curls down the opposing temple arm at the hinge and sits higher.

Step 4: Lay the screwdriver over the loose screws. Tighten the screwdriver by twisting the small head clockwise.

This is a delicate process since the framework of the spectacles and the glasses are both fragile. You don’t want to scuff them up, do you?

Step 5: Keep tightening until you feel that all of the screws are in place. However, as I mentioned previously, excessive activity will destroy its weak frame.

Here is a useful video about the process of tightening glasses screws:

What if There Are No Screwdrivers?

I understand not everybody has a full set of professional equipment for tightening their eyeglasses. Fortunately, it is possible to tighten glasses screws without screwdrivers.

What do you prepare?

  • A USB cable or a paperclip

What will you do?

Step 1: Place it on a clean, level surface. Then, using the previous procedure, determine the location of the eyeglasses’ screws.

Step 2: Use all of the preceding methods to perfectly align your eyewear arms.

Step 3: Tighten the screws on the glasses:

  • Using a USB Connection:

We may use the USB head, which connects to other technical devices. Given its massive size, we’ll need more attention and dexterity to turn the screw.

Watch this video:

  • Using a paperclip:

You may take one end of the paperclip and pull it out. The tip should then be flattened.

Use a big hammer or a pair of pincers to help you.

After all, this item can assist us in securing the glass screws.

Step 4: Put on your spectacles and see if the screws are sufficiently tightened.

Also, check this guide on the top-rated glue for plastic eyeglass frames and the easiest way to fix a broken eyeglasses bridge if you need.

Q&A About the Eyeglass

Should I go to any store location to get my loose glasses tightened?

Yes, you should. The foregoing procedures should only be utilized in an emergency. I still urge you to go to an eyeglass store, if possible, to get it corrected safely.

How can crooked glasses be readjusted without damaging them?

Take it to an optician and have it done.

  • If the frames are made of plastic, they will need to be heated before they can be bent. You should not try to fix plastic frames by yourself. If they are metal, you may bend them back into form, but you must work slowly, carefully, and make minor modifications at a time.
  • If these are “beater” glasses with metal frames and temples, it is important to strengthen the region where the temples meet the hinges by coiling annealed paper clip wire around the area. Start from the rim, then past the hinge, and finish with the temples and seal with heat-shrink tubing. The hinges will be disabled, but the enhanced lifetime is well worth it, especially if the frames are inexpensive, and you are tough on your glasses.


Did you find this guide on how to tighten glasses screws useful and relevant? As a myopic user who frequently experiences issues with eyeglasses, I think this is the easiest way to repair loose screws.

Hopefully, this post will be useful to you and anybody else who is having difficulties tightening the screws on their spectacles. Thank you for reading!

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