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How to Wash Mechanix Gloves and Take Care of Them?

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

What is it with Mechanix gloves that you cannot seem to escape seeing them however hard you try? You can find them in construction sites, car garages, and even food preparation areas. They are everywhere. The main reason why these gloves are so popular is that they are simply the best.

How to Wash Mechanix Gloves and Take Care of Them

Furthermore, if you know how to take care of them (for example, how to wash Mechanix gloves properly, do minor repairs on them, and use them correctly), then you can expect a good pair of these gloves to be your workplace companion for many years to come.

An Overview of Mechanix Gloves

The next time that you are in the company of master builders, ask them what they think is the best work gloves they have used and the Mechanix brand will likely pop up in the conversation at least two or three times and for good reason. Mechanix has always been one of the leading brands when it comes to workplace safety gear.

The one that put them on the map is the glove that is aptly called “The Original”. This is maybe the most basic of the gloves that Mechanix produces but it remains to be their most popular glove model to date.


If you are thinking of getting replacement work gloves, I highly recommend that you get “The Original”, instead of the other models. It would be even much better if you get a couple of pairs, so you can start enjoying all the good things that this safety gear has to offer.

The Glove that Started it All

The Original Mechanix work glove is the product that pushed the world of safety gear into its height. The year was 1991, that was when The Original was born. These gloves were the brainchild of a legendary race mechanic who worked on the huge machines that rode the track at Daytona.

The Original did not only protect the mechanical team’s skilled hands, but it also allowed full use of their dexterity and gave their fingers the chance to bend and curl as much as need be.


Ever since it came out, The Original has always been the favorite work gloves of many mechanics, professional contractors, trade professionals, and anyone else who has a kind of living that depends on their skillful hands. Some of its best features include:

Form-fitting in-house developed TrekDry fabric – Aside from being form-fitting, it still allows the skin of the hands to breathe and keep cool. The leather components also conform to the shape of your hand once your gloves are properly broken in.

Thermoplastic rubber straps – These straps are helpful in keeping the glove secured at the wrist. Nothing is worse than your gloves suddenly coming off while you are in the middle of work.

Reinforced thumbs and index fingers – These features do not only improve usability and gripping capabilities but also made the gloves more durable. For instance, if you are a carpenter, you make use of your thumb and index several times. With these reinforcements, the gloves will surely remain as sturdy as possible. Or you can also check out the article about the reviews of carpenter gloves I’ve used before.

Synthetic leather construction – The Original gloves are made of synthetic leather, giving you the perfect balance between dexterity and durability. Aside from providing excellent protection for your hands, it also lets you use your hands’ full range of motion. You can still operate your touchscreen phone while you are wearing these gloves.

For added convenience, The Originals can be machine-washed along with your other laundry. When it comes to your tools and work equipment, trust is the most important aspect.

The Mechanix’s commitment is to provide people with protective gear that does not hamper their movement whatsoever. This specific commitment has earned them the trust and loyalty of millions worldwide.

Mechanix continues to work towards providing customers with a commitment to proper anatomical design, and rigorous testing standards to provide them with only the best.

How to Maintain Your “The Original” Mechanix Gloves?

Your Mechanix gloves are meant to be used and abused and yet still ask for more. The company even stated that their gloves can withstand up to ten years’ worth of wear and tear. However, that does not mean that they do not need proper care and maintenance.


Here is how you can better take care of your Mechanix gloves so that they can serve you for many more years to come:

Washing and Drying

It is recommended that you wash your Mechanix gloves at least once a week and more often if they have gotten quite dirty. Also, if your line of work requires you to use work gloves every day, it is in your best interest to invest in more than just one pair of Mechanix gloves.

You should have at least three pairs so they can all share the load, thus making them last more than ten years each. It is recommended to wash your Mechanix gloves along with your other laundry. However, you should not use strong detergents and bleach as such might damage the synthetic leather material.

You also can check this article to know how to clean leather work gloves. If you have a pair of white leather gloves, this one will help you find the proper way to clean your white gloves.

You should not machine dry your gloves. It is important not to expose your gloves to heat sources that are hotter than indirect sunlight. That said, you should just hang your gloves out to dry in the sun. However, do not let it sit under the sun for too long as it will cause the materials to dry up too much due to the extreme heat.

Bring your gloves at the moment that they are dry to the touch. If possible, you should get at least two or three pairs of gloves so that you can switch between them, preventing them from getting too worn down. Mechanix gloves are not that expensive anyway, so you can probably afford at least two pairs.


When you have to hang up the gloves for a while, you do not have to hang them up. If you will be experiencing a bit of downtime at work (i.e. you will be on vacation), you should store your Mechanix gloves properly so that they are always ready to go when you are.

First, clean your gloves thoroughly. You can either machine wash the gloves using a mild detergent or you can hand wash them if you want. After washing, machine-dry them in the lowest setting, or even better, hang them out to dry under the sun. Bring them in once they are completely dry.

Next, store the gloves in clean plastic bags. Stuff the gloves in a plastic bag and then squeeze as much of the air out of the bag before tying it up. Store the bag somewhere cool and dry.

It should be a place where the sunlight will not directly hit it. The plastic bag will prevent dust from settling on the gloves. Furthermore, it can keep the gloves dry and prevent the growth of molds.

What Makes Mechanix Gloves Better Than the Others?

The great thing about Mechanix gloves is that there is a glove to fit all purposes. You can find those that are impact-resistant just in case you need to haul around heavy items. You can also find those that are highly resistant to cuts and tears.

These are great when you are handling sharp materials or if your job requires you to use different kinds of cutting implements. These gloves are great for fishermen who need to prepare their catch before going to the shore, and also for meat processing because they provide enough grip to ensure that your hands will not slip or lose hold.

Another reason why Mechanix gloves are so popular is that they continue to push the bounds of glove technology. For instance, even though the company found great success with the very first The Original gloves, they did not stop there and created different kinds of gloves to fit all kinds of tasks.

Mechanix gloves are also low maintenance while still being very durable. They are designed to take a beating and still ask for more. With that said, the only thing that you need to do to take care of your Mechanix gloves is to throw them in with the rest of your laundry in the washing machine.

However, you should not use harsh detergents and bleaches as these will damage the gloves.


The Mechanix gloves are some of the best that you can buy right now. They have been making working gloves for all sorts of professions. They are some of the most versatile, tough, and protective of all the gloves that are currently on the market right now. However, if you want your gloves to last for as long as the manufacturer intends them to last, you need to know how to take care of them properly.

This means learning how to wash Mechanix gloves, store them properly, and use them the way they are intended. When you know and practice all of these, it will not be impossible for your genuine Mechanix gloves to last at least 8 years.

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