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How to Remove Spray Paint From Eyeglasses With 4 Methods

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

how to remove spray paint from eyeglasses

If you have bad vision, you probably wear eyeglasses all the time, even when working with paint. Being careless might lead to spray painting on the plastic lenses of your eyeglasses. Avoidance, however, is difficult; even the most careful individuals might leave paint traces on the glass.

With the help of this article, you will learn how to remove spray paint from eyeglasses in a few easy steps. You’ll need a few everyday home products, such as dish soap or glass cleaner, to get started.

Find out how to clean your lenses!

How to Remove Spray Paint From Your Eyeglasses


Depending on whether the paint has dried or not, the processes differ slightly. In a nutshell, you’ll make a paint-dissolving solution, submerge the spectacles in it, wait for the paint to soften, and then remove it.

1. With Alcohol


When the spray paint is dry, this approach works. While rubbing alcohol is a weak solvent that may be used to get paint off eyeglasses, it is not recommended for lenses with coatings. Prepare the following ingredients to get off the persistent stains:

  • Spoons with rub alcohol
  • A glass of water
  • A glass cleaner (paper towel or a soft clean cloth)
  • A bottle for spraying
  • Soap for dishes

Apply a clean cloth soaked in alcohol to the old paint spots on your glass. Rub alcohol on the paint spots until they start to come off.

Allow the alcohol to react with the paint overspray for a few minutes before proceeding to the following procedure. To remove persistent stains on the surface of your eyeglass, you may need to apply a bit of extra alcohol.

Make sure to wipe the surface of your eyeglass with a dry towel after washing it with soap and warm water.

Before beginning your project, always do a sample test on your eyeglasses. Put a bit of alcohol on your eyeglass surface to see if it has any impact.

2. With Mineral spirits

Mineral spirits are the cleaning solutions that dissolve paint, for your information. It’s a low-cost distillate that specializes in getting rid of wet paint patches. Paint thinner such as mineral spirits are widely utilized.

For this method of removing paint, you’ll need:

  • Mineral spirits
  • A piece of cotton fabric
  • Soap and water
  • Another clean cloth

The cotton cloth may be soaked in mineral spirits and then rubbed over your spectacles. Apply the mixture carefully to your lenses, regardless of whether they are plastic or glasses.

After that, keep the solution on the paint areas to soften them for five minutes. You may wish to scrape the sides with stubborn markings a little; however, be careful not to scrub too hard.

Finally, wash the eyeglasses with soap diluted in water. The pair may then be soaked in water and cleaned using a cloth. You may put your glasses back on for the next job after the eyeglasses are clear of unsightly residues and dry.

3. With vinegar

Because vinegar is very mild for the coatings on eyeglasses, this approach is highly suggested for coated lenses or contact lenses. Here’s everything you’ll need to get ready:

  • A tiny basin filled with warm water
  • Two pieces of soft and lint-free cloth
  • Vinegar (three spoons)

This cleaning procedure is simple to do when the paint on the eyewear is still new. Fill the basin halfway with the warm water and three tiny white vinegar spoons. You may now shake your mixture to ensure that everything is thoroughly combined.

Then, with a soft cloth, massage the cleaning solution on the eyewear components that have been spray painted. If the glass frames are made of plastic, wipe the fabric surrounding the spots with a gentle cloth.

Rinse the entire item under warm water once the paint has been removed off both the lenses and frames. After that, you should clean it with another absorbent towel.

4. With Acetone


Acetone, a component of nail polish remover, serves as a glass cleaner for removing debris and paint. Acetone is commonly used to remove spray paint from polycarbonate glasses easily.

Here are the cleaning products you need:

  • A nail polish remover
  • Two pieces of soft cloth
  • A paper towel (wet)
  • Water and soap

Apply the cloth to the paint areas after immersing it in the substance for removing nail polish. Allow for a short period for the Acetone to rest on paint spots before wiping it away.

Wipe the remnants left behind after the initial cleaning with a wet towel. Wash the debris from the surface of your glasses using a cloth soaked in a warm soapy water solution. Dry the glass surface at this stage.

What Should Be Avoided When Getting Paint Off Glasses


When attempting to get spray paint off glasses, most home cleaners should be avoided. These items can scratch the lenses’ coating. If paint splatters on your plastic lenses, don’t try to clean them since they might be damaged.

Never clean glasses with ammonia, bleach, or other harsh chemicals, and never try to clean them with your spit, which is not only disgusting but also introduces bacteria to the surface.

If no other technique to remove paint from glasses works, or if the glasses are costly frames that you don’t want to risk ruining using at-home procedures, your best chance is to bring them to the store where you bought them. Opticians are more prepared to erase blemishes safely and without causing damage to the spectacles.

Paint Stains on Glasses: How to Avoid Them

You’ll want to avoid doing the cleaning again once you’ve tried to remove paint from eyeglasses. Not wearing eyeglasses for your next crafting or home improvement job is one method to ensure that they don’t become speckled with paint.

If you must wear glasses, put on a set of safety glasses intended to go over prescription spectacles. Alternatively, while painting, wrap glasses with plastic wrap. Although your eyesight may be slightly blurred, it’s worth it to avoid harming your glasses with paint drips.


It is possible that due to some carelessness, you may get marks on your eyeglasses while spraying colorants. The above material should let you know how to remove spray paint from eyeglasses.

However, make every effort to prevent dirtying your lenses with paint. Wear protective eyewear over your prescription glasses the next time you work with paint.

If you find this information helpful, please share it with others so that those who are in need might receive assistance. We hope you can complete the tutorial successfully.

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