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How to Remove Sweat Stains from Glasses Frames in 4 Steps?

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames

For people having eye diseases, glasses are their most crucial accessory in daily life. However, glasses will lead to a huge amount of problems if you do not know how to preserve them carefully.

If you are experiencing dirty glasses due to oxidation on frames, let’s stop this inconvenience today. Follow the method below on how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames.

What You Need for Removing Sweat Stains on Glasses


Your glasses

Check the position of deposits on your glasses by observing carefully and stroking lightly along both metal frames.

2 pieces of microfiber

Use the fabric piece in your glass box or buy it at any eyeglass store and keep it in your bag for cleaning lenses and frames.

10ml lotion dish soap/mild soap

We highly recommend using lotion dish soap in cleansing oxidation. Pick one that’s gentle on your skin.

In case you’ve run out of dish soap, using mild soap or shampoo in the bathroom is quite fine but less efficient.

  • Nail buffer & lanolin (optional): You can use these to make your plastic glass frames shinier.
  • A few drops of vodka/isopropyl alcohol
  • Or you can use a special cleaner for eyeglass

We suggest you use vodka with a high alcohol concentration due to its commonness and availability.

If you do not drink wine, replace it with isopropyl alcohol that can be bought at any drug store near your house.

2 bowls of warm water

You should use warm and pure water. Our advice is to boil your drinkable water to avoid any substances sticking to your frames.

Step by Step Instruction


Step 1: Wash your glasses with warm water

This initial step is always taken in every cleaning process. Clean your hand thoroughly; this removes dirt that could touch the glasses or pure warm water. Then, dip all parts of the glasses into a water bowl and soak them for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Use dish soap

  • Pour the soap liquid you have prepared into the water. Stir the soap and rinse two frames repeatedly several times with your fingers to flake some thick deposit layer off.
  • Be calm if this step does not work in removing oxidation since soap can just remove your sweat clinging on the frames.
  • Wash the glasses one more time with warm water to release soap residues.

Step 3: Remove glasses frames oxidation by using wine/alcohol

  • Put your glasses on one microfiber piece or eyeglass wipes and gently wipe them until the glasses are totally dried. Next, take another piece of microfiber or soft cloth, then pour a few drops of vodka on it and rub the cloth softly along two frames.
  • Check again to ensure that you do not leave any green dots of oxidation by looking closely and slowly at the two frames.

Tips for you:

  • In case you use vodka for cleaning, wash it once again with warm water and wash it out carefully.
  • You should not let the alcohol interact with the glasses’ surfaces to avoid eliminating the UV protection layer.

Step 4: Polish your frames

  • If your glass frames are made of metal, you should get a professional to polish them.
  • If you have plastic frames, polish them with a nail buffer. Then, get one small amount of lanolin on your finger and apply it on your frames.

Tip for you:

If your skin is too sensitive to chemical substances, please use gloves to avoid irritation.

You May Have These Questions

You May Have These Questions

Glass frames are often made of cellulose acetate or monel, and both of these can oxidize. Cellulose acetate, when oxidized, gives your glass frames a white tint. Monel, on the other hand, looks green when it’s rusty.

That is why no matter how many eyeglasses you buy, there will likely be glasses frame corrosion after a couple of months in use.

Why do you have to keep your glasses frame free of oxidation and dirt?

Removing green oxidation and dirt from glass frames regularly not only makes them look good but also keeps your ears safe from damage or rubbing caused by rough deposits.


This is the end of the guide on how to remove sweat stains from glasses frames easily. We hope our instructions and explanation about glass frame corrosion are helpful to you.

If you want to protect your pair of frames from oxidation, make it a habit to follow this instruction weekly to make it look new. If you have other methods to remove green oxidation from glasses frames, feel free to share with us in the comment box below.

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