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The Best Box Handling Gloves

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

best box handling gloves

As we all know, workers whose jobs are carried in dangerous workplaces required to have their Personal Protective Equipment. To minimize all kinds of damages one can encounter when working as a handler, they need to own a good safety glove.

We understand thoroughly the difficulty of choosing among numerous models of working gloves to find the best pair for yourself. To lessen the burden of that process, we collect and recommend here for you a list of the best box handling gloves. We hope that this article will contain helpful information for you to make your best choice.

# Product name
Top 1
Ironclad Box Handler Gloves Details
Top 2
JORESTECH Work Gloves Details
Top 3
Maxiflex 34-874 Gloves Details

Best Box Handling Gloves Reviews

1. Ironclad Box Handler Gloves

The Ironclad Box Handler has a well-earned top spot on the list of the best gloves for handling cardboard boxes. It is the favorite choice of many workers including me, mainly because of its impressive protecting ability.

I find out that the manufacturer uses many kinds of material to make the pair. It is a mixture of many high-quality substances such as synthetic leather, stretch nylon and a small amount of terry and airprene. With this combination, the piece offers amazing security for your hands.

For a worker whose job is mainly carrying boxes, they need a piece that owns amazing handgrip. Fortunately, this product can meet the requirement of such tasks. It absolutely satisfied me by enabling my hands to have great control over the packages.

Another great thing about this design lies in its added part on the thumb. It is made of Terry cloth, the type of material that absorbs sweat. With this feature, you can comfortably wipe your face without having to take the gloves off.

What makes me love this pair is that it fits amazing to my hands. The secret behind this impressive quality is the perfect fit system they use to create the gloves. It was measured by 16 applications to give the final exact sizing result. What wonderful is that!

After all your tasks are completed, you can wash the piece with your hand or use the washing machine to save time. Do not worry that it will be torn out in the process, because this product is labeled washable by machine.

However, there are some complaints about its durability.
  • High-quality materials
  • Amazing hand grip
  • Able to wipe the sweat
  • Perfectly fitted
  • Machine Washable
  • Not very durable
At this price, the pair seems not as durable as we expected. In spite of that, I still think this is a great product brought to us by Ironclad.

2. JORESTECH Work Gloves

The next piece that I want to introduce to many workers is the ORESTECH Work Gloves. This can be the perfect gloves for not only boxes loading job but also yard work, mechanical tasks and many things else.

My first impression of the gloves is its fantastic design. It looks nothing like all the safety gloves I had the chance to use before. The palm was attached with silicone dot printing, so it looks like a bee net. Such a beautiful feature is made to enhance the handgrip for workers to handle heavy boxes better.

I am glad to find out that the palm design is also abrasion-resistant, which results from the material they use to make it. This part of the gloves is made of synthetic leather with ultra ability to prevent abrasion and scratch.

What even more amazing is that the glove can protect users from the shock of working machines or equipment. Thanks to the strap at the end of the piece, it not only is secure for a perfect fit but also offers a greater shield for our knuckles.

I also found this piece extremely comfortable and flexible. Sometimes, I have to spend all day wearing this protective glove, but it does not make me feel inconvenient at all. Not just that, it makes my work easier by bringing good dexterity and extra comfort.

If you want a glove that keeps you warm in the winter, this can be a great choice. This piece impresses me by the ability to prevent cold wind from getting to my hand skin. It makes me feel pleasant even when the temperature out there is freezingly low.

The bad news is this product is not very durable, not as good as we desire it to be.
  • Abrasion-resistance
  • Good handgrip
  • Nice design
  • Perfect for winter
  • Comfortable
  • Not very durable
If you need the best gloves for moving boxes, this is a feasible choice. Although it is suitable for light to medium-duty jobs, not too heavy ones.

3. Maxiflex 34-874

When it comes to box handler gloves, the Maxiflex 34-874 is clearly ranking among the best. In my opinion, the product is widely loved because of its amazing comfortability, flexibility, and breathability for workers in various types of tasks.

I noticed the special coating of the pair when I first saw it. This product is coated with micro-foam nitrile all over it. Although the layer is thinner than other kinds of gloves on the market, it amazed me by the reinforced grip and wonderful abrasion resistance.

The piece has a great form, which looks nice and fits with my hands. I feel comfortable and secure while wearing the gloves, mostly because of the soft feeling of the nitrile line again my skin.

I am pleased to find out that thanks to the wrist closure, sands and debris can not get inside my hands while I am doing my work. For someone who works at the construction site with so many kinds of dirt, this clearly helps them a lot.

And the greatest thing about this product is its incredible breathability. This can be the biggest strength of the piece when compared to other types of working gloves available right now. The pair makes it easier for users to wear it all day and not have to worry about getting suffocated.

We can use it for general purposes, which means cutting down trees, moving boxes, maintaining vehicles, …What’s more, it has a very fashionable look with the all-black style. It can be a cool companion on a Sunday afternoon biking.

Unfortunately, this pair of maxiflex gloves can wear out quicker than others, which are made of different materials.
  • Cool look
  • General use
  • Excellent breathability
  • Good grip
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Wear out pretty soon
Although it can disappoint some people who want material handling gloves with longer durability. But for general use gloves, this pair is actually a good investment.

4. Ironclad EXO-MGG-04

We are all familiar with the famous brand that brings us a lot of amazing protective products, and this piece is one of their most impressive models: the Ironclad EXO-MGG-04. At a reasonable price, the pair offer a great protecting experience for its owners.

This package handler gloves was released a while ago and I had the chance to use it for quite some time. It is exactly what I look for in a working glove for handling boxes. The perfect handgrip is the best thing it offers me during my work.

There are occasions when you work in hazardous environments with different weather conditions, so you need a glove with excellent gripping ability. This working glove is what you need for your own safety. We can not afford to have heavy goods slip off our hands and cause serious damage for us and other workers around.

It can be hard to find a good glove at this price with such great quality. Usually, they sell multi-packed working glove at low prices, not just one pair like this. You can try one piece first and experience its utility then decide to make a bigger deal.

Just like many safety gloves on the market, this product owns the finger feature that helps users to wipe their sweat in the middle of work. You do not need to take your gloves off to look for a towel to clean your face thanks to the Terry cloth they use on the piece’s fingers.

These gloves are also tight and small fit, it lets people feel secure while having them on while performing their tasks. Although it is not that tough when compared to lots of durable working gloves on the market.
  • Low price
  • Comfortable and well-fitted
  • Be able to absorb perspiration
  • Excellent grip
  • Not very tough
I suppose we can agree that at this reasonable price, these ironclad gloves can be one of the best choices for a good-quality piece.

5. SAFEAT Safety Grip Work Gloves

The next piece can be a relief for someone who is looking for a high-quality working gloves than can be shared with your partner: the SAFEAT Safety Grip Work Gloves for Men and Women.

I know the pair will be loved by many customers when I see its design. It looks amazing, and that the first thing will attract female workers to purchase. Not only has a stylish appearance, but the piece can also offer the best protecting experience for whoever owns it.

Our hands can be very flexible and free when we use this glove for our daily work. It is thinner than most of the gloves for lifting boxes currently sold on the market. That’s the reason why it can offer incredible sensitivity for hand motions.

I am glad that it is ideal for various tasks varying from light gardening work to heavy-duty mission at the freight sites. The great durability necessary for all these jobs come from the palm coating made of advanced fiber and added polyurethane. All said materials are used to make sure the pair meets important standards in puncture and abrasion resistance.

The glove is useful when you need to use your phone while working without having to take the piece off. It supports the touch-screen feature, and that helps me a lot when I need to get a sudden call in the middle of the task.

I feel happy to say that this piece always does best in keeping my hands warm in the cold winter and makes them cool even on the hottest days of summer. For people whose works are performed outside, this kind of function will clearly be a big plus.

And do not hesitate when you have to handle sharp or hard objects in your garden or your working place, because this pair is very durable. It prevents you from getting hurt by being cut or scratched during work.

It is made for both women and men, so remember to be thorough when choosing the right one because it can be tighter than other gloves with the same hand size.
  • Touch-screen friendly
  • Durable
  • Good breathability and sensitivity
  • Great abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Well-functioned in various weather conditions
  • Tighter than usual gloves
This piece of PPE can be a good investment if you are in need of a pair that can handle many types of work. Just be precise when choosing the right size, especially for men.

6. Carhartt Women’s Durable Pro Palm Work Gloves

We all know that it can be trickier to find a great product on sale that is customized for women only. This piece could be the answer to solve that problem, check out this tough one: the Carhartt Women’s Durable Pro Palm Work.

This pair of moving gloves is so in style and attractive. The manufacturer clearly makes a great effort to make it ideal for female customers. With three colors on sale, we can choose a perfect model for our liking.

I am pleased to know that we can enjoy the soft fabric of this glove on our skin when we use them for daily tasks. The reason for this comfortable feeling is the piece’s material. Its palm is mostly made of cotton and nylon, together with tar coating shell on either side of every finger.

This pair also does a good job of lessening vibration that is generated from machines and equipment. It absorbs the shock and protects us from many serious diseases that can result from frequent contact with vibration. There are just a few pairs of gloves for lifting boxes that have this kind of feature.

For a woman glove, this piece is greatly versatile. It enables me to complete a lot of tasks including landscaping, box handling, machine operating, …The amazing handgrip it brings makes all the job a lot easier and safer.

I am grateful that it fits perfectly to my hands. Without worrying that the pair can fall off during work, I can perform my job confidently and efficiently. This is an ideal choice for female workers in different working environments.

It should be known that this piece can be less durable than man’s gloves on the market. Sometimes it wears out pretty soon.
  • Nice looking
  • Versatile
  • Well-fitted
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Anti-vibration feature
  • Specially customized for women
  • Not very durable
When compared to other movers’ gloves on the market, this can not be the best. But it is still an ideal choice for female users.

7. CLC Custom Leathercraft 135

If you are searching for the perfect gloves for moving furniture, the CLC Custom Leathercraft 135 should be taken into consideration. There is a difference in this glove’s material components, maybe that’s what makes the pair special.

We often work in different conditions and on various types of objects, that’s why choosing the right gloves with suitable functions is very important. For people who have to perform their tasks on flat and slippery surfaces, this product is ideal. Its palm is made of silicone for a greater grip.

I am glad to find out that the pair is excellent in protecting us from sharp and hard objects. The reason behind that is the syntax of synthetic component material. Such substances give the gloves the ability to resist abrasion and scratch

One great big thing is it can be very flexible and well-fitted due to the elastic thumb and spring back. Isn’t it wonderful that it makes you feel so comfortable even when you have to carry heavy-weight boxes for a long period of time?

Sometimes, wearing this pair makes me feel like it becomes my second skin. It can take lots of effort to find for yourself the one that can assist you in working conveniently and safely at the same time.

The product is also adjustable, as it owns a stretch cuff at your wrist so you can fix it so that the gloves fit right into your hands. Now we do not have to worry that our protective piece can fall off during work and cause any unwanted incidents.

It is understandable that at this low price, the pair is not that durable. But with good care, this piece might last longer than some much more expensive gloves on the market.
  • Special palm material
  • Good grip
  • Flexible
  • Offer great comfort and flexibility
  • Fit well
  • Reasonable price
  • Not that durable
In my opinion, it may not be the longest-lasting work gloves available on sale, but it is a pretty good option for users who can afford a pair at this price.

8. G & F 3100L-DZ

The next one I want to mention here can be one of the best deals you can find for your working gloves purchasing: the G & F 3100L-DZ. They have those pieces on sale in multiple packs, which are very convenient at a great price.

For me, this product definitely lands among the list of the best gloves for warehouse work. It gives me an awesome experience wearing it while performing my daily tasks. Fit like a second skin and so comfortable, what can I ask more from a pair of an everyday working glove.

I am glad to inform you that this piece is ideal for laying bricks, delivering goods, handling boxes, etc. The latex coating plays an important role in enabling the gloves to offer an extra stable grip without losing the sensitivity.

For a not so thick pair of glove, it will surprise you by the ability to keep you warm in freezing weather. So when winter comes, do not worry that you will have to opt for a thicker piece, because it does a good job in shielding your hands from cold, harsh winds outside.

I am pleased when I use it on oily or wet surfaces because it is made water-proof. On top of that, the cotton and rubber material helps a lot in protecting my hands from sharp items at work sites.

You may expect these low-price gloves are not suitable for heavy-duty tasks, but this can amaze you by its great utility. I can use it to handle high-grip gardening jobs and many other kinds of duties.

The truth is there are some complaints about its smell, which is understandable because it is made of rubber. And the size can be too big than the same sizes as other working gloves on the market. I can confuse users a little bit with the sizing chart after all.
  • Low-price but great quality
  • Ideal for various work
  • Multi-pack in one purchasing
  • Good protection
  • Supportive in winter
  • Smell not that great
  • Bigger than usual size
Be very precise while choosing the right size. Although some people do not like its smell, I do not think of that as some big problem for not choosing the pair. After all, it is still a great ups gloves.

9. Mad Grip F50 Thunderdome

This quality-guaranteed warehouse picking gloves is brought to you by the well-known brand, and it is the Mad Grip F50 Thunderdome. Mad Grip’s products rarely disappoint users with its design and protection ability, not an exception to this piece.

Great technology is the strength of this glove brand. I pay a lot of attention to the gripping capacity of this piece. Then I find out that they used an advanced process to make sure it offers the best handgrip for workers whose jobs are always done in hazardous environments.

This piece is produced by using cotton and nylon as the main components. Said materials enable the gloves to offer users an excellent grip. You can use this pair to move stones and pavers. It is an ideal ups work gloves for people whose jobs involving carrying heavy stuff.

I am pleased to know that this piece can be used to alleviate the vibration of working machines and tools by absorbing it. This feature is a big plus for someone who needs a glove not only for boxes handling but also for equipment operating.

It does a fantastic job of protecting my hands from getting hurt by sharp objects in the middle of the work. Slippery surfaces are also not a problem when you have this pair on, and it makes you feel secure and confident with your task performance.

The piece fit so well to my hands, it surprises me a little. The ability to stick on the user’s hand on a long day of work impresses me very much. It provides the best dexterity and sensitivity for a lot of jobs require using hand force like climbing, holding, lifting and so on.

There is one thing you should know is this glove might be great for winter and cool weather, but when the temperature is high, it can make your hands sweaty.
  • High-quality
  • Guaranteed glove brand
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent grip
  • Cool for various jobs
  • Good dexterity
  • Not suitable for hot summer
Some might feel uncomfortable using it when the weather is too hot. But in general, it is warehouse work gloves that you should not miss to try.

10. DEX FIT FN330 Lightweight Nitrile Work Gloves

This piece is highly recommended by many customers, I had the chance to experience the product and it amazed me with great quality. This can be one of the best looking working gloves available out there: the DEX FIT Lightweight Nitrile Work Gloves FN330.

There are so many color choices for you to pick the perfect one that you like. I am happy to know they have around 18 different models for users to pick comfortable. If you love a low-profile working glove, the black or grey one will be a perfect option. If you love to show your wild and fun side during work, the green, pink or red is made for you.

After choosing the best color for your liking, you can figure your most well-fitted size. They have six hand sizes on the chart, from extra small to extra extra large. They cover a wide range of people’s hand volume so that everyone can have for themselves the most compatible product.

I am happy to know that with this pair, I can work on oily or wet surfaces without losing control of my grip. Even for tasks that need to be done underwater, it will not be a problem for this excellent glove.

The design of this piece does give out a strong and firm look. But when I tried it on, it is very comfortable and breathable. The rubber coating they have on this piece must be the reason behinds all these incredible features.

What surprised me the most is that this product is made odor-free and toxic-free. That means we can purchase one for our kids without worrying about any bad effects on their health.

At the end of your working day, feel free to let the washing machine clean your gloves. Just remember to keep it in a dry place to have a spotless pair of work gloves that is always in good condition for your new day.

We can use these thin work gloves for various purposes, from light work to heavy-duty jobs. It meets important requirements and standards for a safety tool.

However, it does not resist scratch that well.
  • High-quality
  • Good breathability and flexibility
  • Wonderful handgrip
  • Oil-resistant
  • Versatile utility
  • Wide range of colors and sizes
  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Touch-screen
  • Easily scratched
Despite a small flaw in its ability to endure being scratch, this piece is a reliable investment and stands among one of the best rugged-wear box handling gloves.

11. Aegend Utility Work Gloves

Among numerous great freezer gloves that I have ever owned, the Aegend Utility Work Gloves is definitely among the best. It receives many compliments on the amazing durability and comfortability.

The first thing that I notice about this pair is its ability to reduce the vibration of machines or equipment have on workers’ hands. It minimizes the impact of those frequent shock, therefore protect users from lots of potential hands and arms diseases in the future.

I love it when I need to use the pair for gardening or farming work. It is not only helpful in lifting boxes, but it can also assist me with all kinds of duties, from light to much heavier work. The pair is known for its toughness thanks to the strong microfiber material.

This piece is made with a lot of incredible functions since it is both abrasion-resistant and waterproof. That means you can confidently working with hard and sharp objects, or handling tasks on oily or wet surfaces.

When it is freezingly cold outside, you will be grateful to have this pair as your working companion. It does very well at keeping users’ hands warm even when the temperature drops to a critically low degree.

The pair fits well and brings me great pleasure when using it. It offers extra comfort due to a stretchy knit on the pair’s wrist. Such features help to prevent dirt or debris at work sites from getting into our hands and irritates us.

It does a really good job of helping workers to have full control over your tools. With a firm handgrip, I can complete my work without worrying about slipping or dropping things. That stops numerous unwanted incidents in a hazardous working environment.

Although I think this one suits better for men, female customers sometimes find the pair too big for them. And the manufacturer only brings to the market two sizes of this piece.
  • Good durability
  • Waterproof
  • Can resist scratch and abrasion
  • Keep the dirt away
  • Good gripping ability
  • Comfortable
  • Too big for women
In conclusion, this is an ideal working gloves for men. If you are female workers who want to own the piece, make sure it fits perfectly before you decide to buy it.

12. ACKTRA Ultra-Thin Polyurethane

The last piece but not any less great I want to share in this article is the ACKTRA Ultra-Thin Polyurethane. You can own this fashionable product in multiple packs with twelve pairs per set at a reasonable price.

They have six mixture of colors for customers to choose from this model. Being one of the best good looking work gloves, this one can be used not only at the working sites but also for outdoor activities like sports and games.

Instead of using cotton to make the covering like common gloves on the market, the manufacturer selects nylon to case the piece. This helps to turn it into an incredibly long-lasting safety tool for workers. When compared to other ones I have owned, this one clearly stands out with its sturdiness.

I am amazed by the way this piece enables me to have great control over small and slippery items. It offers an extremely good grip on many types of surfaces. I can continue my work without being anxious about losing grip on my equipment.

The pair is coated with a layer of polyurethane, the kind of material that enhances the gripping ability and increases our hands’ sensitivity at the same time. In addition, it makes the gloves waterproof and abrasion-resistant.

Many compliments are paid on this item about the ability to protect users whose jobs involving carrying heavy boxes, handling gardening work. It is also breathable so that we will not feel uncomfortable using it for a long period of time.

The multi-pack set is one big plus for this product. I can bring more than one pair to the working place and change it when necessary. Like when my current piece gets dirt all over it and affects my performance speed, I will take another one to replace it. Or when my fellow worker had trouble with her glove, I could offer her one.

I just need to remind you that this one is thinner and a little bigger than other gloves with the same size, so make sure you get the best-fitted pair.
  • Low price with multi-pack
  • Comfortable
  • Amazing handgrip
  • Various choices of colors and sizes
  • Special coating material
  • Water-proof
  • Thin
  • Bigger than usual
I highly recommend this piece for someone who is looking for a good deal of multi-pack rugged wear box handling gloves. This product will not disappoint.

What to Look for When Buying Box Handling Gloves

Work conditions – The most important thing that you should take into serious consideration is your working environment. Thoroughly analyze all the surfaces you have to work on, and the kind of goods you need to carry.

If you need to handle the slippery package, you should opt for the gloves that offer excellent grip. When your work involves dealing with goods underwater, you should find the waterproof gloves.

When your everyday tasks are handling hard and sharp objects, the pair with great durability and abrasion-resistance is essential. Some product works better in either winter or summer, so pay attention to your place’s weather conditions an pick the best ones for yourself.

Materials – Glove materials play a big role in determining the best and the most important feature the glove has. Each kind of glove focuses on different parts and purposes of protection. So be careful with your choice of materials.

Rubber gloves are amazing at preventing users’ hands from getting wet or, they are often oil-resistant. These gloves are greatly durable, therefore suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Some of them can have an unpleasant smell, but it depends on how sensitive you are with this kind of thing.

Another common substance they use is synthetic leather. Pair made of this can resist abrasion and scratch better than other kinds of gloves. So if you need a piece to protect you from sharp edges, this material is a perfect choice.

They usually mix nylon and cotton to be the main ingredients in the process of making some handling gloves. These two make a great combination to offer excellent grip on various surfaces. On top of that, gloves made of these substances are incredibly long-lasting.

Coatings – There are some options for the coating you can consider when buying your work gloves. Each kind of coating material offers different effects of protecting, so be precise with your demand and choice.

Most gloves are coated by a thin layer of latex. With this kind of coating, these pairs can bring an extra stable grip without losing the sensitivity of each grab. Such piece is ideal for jobs including delivering packages, laying bricks, …

Another great choice is the coating made of advanced fiber, and sometimes they add polyurethane to the layer to enhance its effectiveness. Pieces coated with the said combination can offer great durability that is necessary for heavy lifting jobs.

Rubber can be used as a covering for safety gloves, too. You will feel comfortable using a pair coated by this material. These ones are made to provide customers with wonderful comfort and impressive breathability. With this, a long day of work would not feel so hard and inconvenient at all.

Price – This should also be an important factor for the purchasing decision. If you want to have a good deal, look for the multi-packed gloves. Some of them have great protection ability and are sold at a fairly low price.

If you are ready to make a big investment in a working glove, consider some famous brands and compare them with each other. Remember to consider all the critical factors of your work and your demands before picking the right one.

Size and design – Owning a well-fitted pair of gloves is essential. By that, you do not have to worry about your piece falling off during work. So be precise when measuring your hand size. You can try the piece on before buying them.

The design sometimes is important for people who want a glove for many reasons aside from working. If you need it for outdoor sports events, you can consider the coloring and design factor to have the best one that is suitable and satisfies your needs.

Other Important Factors to Consider

best gloves for warehouse work

What is a pair of box handling gloves?

We all know that there are numerous types of work involving carrying heavy stuff. Workers who have to handle different sizes, weight and surfaces of goods need a pair of protecting gloves that offer them the best assistance to do the job safely and efficiently.

A pair of box handling gloves should be made of the kinds of materials that ensure the durability of the piece. It is needed because lifting work requires constant harsh contact with hard items, so the gloves need to be firm and strong.

They use materials like rubber, leather, cotton to make these pairs. Each material brings different focuses on protecting users. Some can enhance comfort, and some offer an extra hand grip. Most of them should be waterproof and abrasion-resistant. The manufacturer also uses latex, rubber or fiber to cover the glove.

They look quite similar to other protective gloves. What makes them slightly different is the design of the palm, there will be noticeable dots on the inner part so that workers can have better control and grip over their goods.

Some models own long cuff and stretchy wrist so that users can adjust them to fit perfectly to their hands. This feature is important to prevent the gloves from falling off and stick to their hands better.

How does it work?

The safeguarding function of This type of working glove just like any other pairs on the market. They serve the main purpose of protecting workers who need to handle difficult and dangerous tasks at their workplaces.

Before we purchase the pair, make sure its size is right so the pair can fit perfectly to your hands and stick there during work. You can not afford to have a too loose or too tight gloves. The former can put you in a dangerous situation of losing grip on your package. The second will make you uncomfortable all day long.

Customers need to check the product carefully before buying it, make sure it works well and there are no manufacturing mistakes on them. It will cause you a lot of time to return an unwanted pair, so be sure about it.

Who is this for?

These gloves are made for people with different purposes. In general, they are for those in need of protection with their work. People who have jobs in hazardous environments need to equip themselves with a pair of protective gloves.

If your workplace is a construction site, freight harbor, warehouse, etc., you should own this piece. When lifting boxes, workers need a pair of glove that helps them hold on to the boxes well.

It is also necessary for anyone who has to handle hard or sharp objects while fixing household appliances. Woman can use them to do their gardening work to protect themselves from getting pricked by thorns and rocks.

People can buy this kind of gloves for their children, too. Parents can look for the model that have suitable sizes for kids, and especially, toxic-free and odorless. By that, their sons and daughters can freely play sports and explore the garden themselves without getting hurt.

What are the different types of box handling gloves?

We can classify the box handling gloves into categories based on the materials the manufacturer use to make them

Nitrile Gloves – This type of glove can offer amazing grip for users on dry objects without losing flexibility. The pair is always light-weight than other types of glove on the market. On top of that, it is a long-lasting work glove that is sold at a reasonable price. Some of them support the touch-screen feature. This kind of material also enables the pair to resist abrasion and scratch well.

Latex Gloves – Safety gloves whose palms are made of latex can be abrasion-resistant, so they are quite flexible and dexterous. This piece works well on both dry workplace and underwater sites. A good grip makes users feel secure when performing their tasks. It has great breathability when compared to other glove types on the market.

PU Coated Gloves – This product can do a good job of keeping your hands cool when the temperature is too high. Although, they offer good grip and sensitivity, but only on dry tools and surfaces. It is made abrasion-resistant but not water-proof. This type is sold at a fairly low price.

Leather gloves – A pair made of leather is more popular among box lifting workers. The reason for this is its amazing comfortability and handgrip. Such gloves are very helpful when you have to deal with sharp or hard edges of boxes and other packages.

Advantages and disadvantages of package handling gloves?

Every package handler should equip themselves with a proper pair of safety gloves, not only for their own protection but also for work proficiency.

First of all, dealing with heavy boxes can be very dangerous if you do not have a tight and stable grip on things. This can be done without a pair of gloves that support you to hold on the boxes better. Working gloves that are specially customized for this job always have unique palm coating for the better handgrip.

Secondly, using bare hands is dangerous when you have to handle objects that are oily and wet. Our hands can not have full control on such surfaces, that’s why a pair of gloves will make our tasks easier and quicker.

Besides, picking heavy-weight boxes for a long period of a day can make our hands tired. Wearing a pair of supportive gloves can lessen hand fatigue, therefore, making workers feel more comfortable and convenient during working time. People do not have to suffer from severe pain after performing these labor-consuming tasks thanks to it.

The disadvantages that can come from using those pairs is when you do not pay enough attention to yourself after wearing it. It can only play a part in protecting users from getting hurt. The rest of the responsibility to stay safe belongs to workers.

Also, during work, we have to constantly check if there is any damage or holes upon the gloves to change it before carrying on with your tasks. Or else, unwanted incidents can happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted package handler glove brands?

There many reliable manufacturers are now offering amazing models of package handling glove. You can sometimes feel confused among numerous names and brands that care selling work gloves for workers.

On the market, there are many trusted sources for you to choosing from. To name a few, we have some guaranteed brands such as Ironclad, Maxiflex, Jorestech, Carhartt or Safeat and G&F products.

How to use?

Wearing it is as easy as wearing the usual glove. You fit it into your hands and make sure each finger gets in right. If the cuff is long, tuck your shirt inside it to prevent making a mess. If your pair is adjustable, fix it until you feel comfortable.

During your work time, make sure to check it often so that it stays well on your hands and protect you properly. In case any incidents come up and wreck the glove, change to a new one to carry your tasks safely.

Where to buy?

You can find your ideal pair at the local stores where they sell protective tools for workers. Some of the local shops are for working gloves only, testing and trying on here is really convenient.

If stores where you live, do not have the models that you want, you can always go shopping online through e-market websites or the brands’ official websites. Everything is just a click away from you nowadays.

What is the warranty?

Different glove brands will have their own warranty policy. Make sure you understand it thoroughly before purchasing a pair. Keep your buying receipt and warranty paper carefully in case any fault occurs.

If any unfortunate incidents with your gloves come up, remember to wash them before bringing it to the stores. They may only compensate when it’s the company’s fault with your pair’s defects.

How to care and clean?

After completing your work, you should wash your work gloves. But remember to check if it is labeled washable by machines or not. Some of them can be washed by hands only, others can be put into the washing machines. There are a few special pairs that require gentle hand wash without detergent.

When the cleaning part is finished, you need to check for any signs of holes or damage on the gloves to fix it. If it is torn badly, you should opt to buy a new one. Do not forget to make sure the piece is well-functioned.


It is essential that every worker own necessary pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). For warehouse labors or handlers, finding the best box handling gloves to protect yourself from unwanted incidents at work is very important.

If you already have for yourself an ideal pair, make sure to take good care of it. So the glove can always be in good condition and protect you well during your task performance every day.

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