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The Best Gloves for Roofing

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

Best Gloves for Roofing

We all know the importance of using the Personal Protective Equipment at work to have the best protection from any dangers. There are numerous products available on the market for workers to choose from.

For people who spend most of their time handling work tasks as a roofer, they need a pair of protective tools to keep their hands safe. That is why owning the best gloves for roofing is incredibly essential.

To lessen the burden of your choosing process, we gather here the list of some most favorite work gloves to make your decision of buying the best pair more comfortable.

# Product name
Top 1
DEX FIT Work Gloves FN330 Details
Top 2
G & F 3100L-DZ Details
Top 3
Ironclad Work Gloves Details

Best Gloves for Roofing Reviews

1. DEX FIT Nitrile Work Gloves FN330

A familiar work glove brand is selling a great model of safety pieces in multipack of three pairs. The DEX FIT FN330 Nitrile Work Gloves is definitely a many customers’ favorite product when it comes to design and protecting ability.

It amazes me that they have twenty-two choices of colors for you with this one model. Even if you are a fan of colorful pieces or low-profile work gloves, you can choose your suitable one among a wide range of options available.

I am glad to tell you that those pieces are very comfortable and breathable to wear. I buy a black one for myself and it fits perfectly to my hands like a second skin. It also enables me to have flexible hand motions thanks to the nylon coating they have all over the piece. It is a tender partner for a long day of work.

There are times when I need to work when it is raining, or my tasks need to be completed underwater, this piece is a big help. It works well on oily or wet surfaces, therefore making my job performance more easily and efficiently.

Parents can buy this one for their children if they are in need of a safety pair for garden work or sports activities. This product is odorless, toxic-free and silicone-free, so it is ideal for your kids to have one for themselves. Plus, there are many colors for them to choose from with this model.

I can make use of these pieces for numerous kinds of tasks. It is not only a helpful companion for roofing work, but it can also be used for household machines fixing, box lifting, and so on.

I do not have the chance to doubt its quality because it meets the necessary qualifications for a reliable work glove. Still, there are some complaints about its durability, since the pair can wear out sooner than some might expect.
  • Multiple packs
  • Breathable
  • Bring great comfort
  • Excellent grip on various surfaces
  • Multi-task utility
  • Wear out sooner than expected
Even though the gloves can not be as long-lasting as some of us expect it to be. Still, this product is a good investment for people who are in need of good-quality multipack gloves for their roofing tasks daily.

2. G & F 3100L-DZ

If you want to have a good deal when buying work gloves, you should check this out: the G & F 3100L-DZ. They sell them in multiple packs of twelve pairs. By that, you can own some great-quality safety gloves at a reasonable price.

This well-known brand always brings to the market the best knitted protective pieces. The pair is one of their most popular models for roofing workers. It is ideal for people whose jobs are performed in hazardous environments.

The first thing I noticed about this piece is that its coating is made of rubber latex. Such material can offer amazing durability for various kinds of work, from light to medium-duty tasks.

I share these packs of gloves with my partner, and they do a good job of protecting us from many dangerous things at work. Those pieces are suitable for my current job as a roofer, and they can be helpful for people whose tasks are laying bricks or lifting heavy packages, and so on.

I love this one partly because it makes me feel so comfortable. The cotton material they use to make the pair has enabled it to offer great breathability to users. I can wear this piece all day long without feeling too tight or too hot.

It is very convenient that I am able to bring to the work sites more than one safety glove. By that, if the piece I am using gets too dirty, I can comfortably change it to a new pair. Sometimes, my colleagues borrow one from me when there are some problems with theirs. I am glad I could help in such situations.

The low profile image of the piece is another thing that I like. If you are looking for some work gloves that do not attract too much attention but still offer amazing protecting quality, this one can be the best choice.

Still, there are some complaints about its smell.
  • Reasonable price
  • Very convenient
  • Multiple packs
  • Good durability
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • It may smell
Some people might think that somehow it has an unpleasant smell, but I do not think it is the reason to abandon such a good deal of roofers’ gloves at a fair price.

3. Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves

One of my favorite work gloves for heavy-duty tasks is the Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves. The well-known brand seems to know how to satisfy its customers with high-quality work gloves customized for their specific needs at work.

It amazes me that at a reasonable price, I can own such a great pair of protective tools. The piece is made of a combination of various materials. They include synthetic leather and stretch nylon as the main component to produce the piece. Additionally, to enhance the grip capacity, they put a fair amount of Terry and PVC to the glove.

I am happy to know that the piece has fantastic durability, that is the reason why I always wear this one when the tasks are harder than usual. Every part of this glove is enhanced for users to have better access to the working items, too.

Another remarkable thing about the pair that it can protect our knuckles well. When compared to various types of work glove on the market, this one clearly has better cover and protection to more hands parts than most. Also, it is made abrasion-resistant, which is perfect for handling hard objects.

In addition, you can comfortably wipe the sweat off your temple during work by using the glove. This is possible thanks to the terry cloth sewn on the back of the pair. Now you do not have to waste time finding a towel when the sweat irritates you.

I am glad to find out that this pair is machine washable. After finishing my task, I can put it into the washing machine and let it take care of the rest. It is convenient to have a fresh and spotless glove to use again on the next day.

Also, it fits perfectly to my hand thanks to the advanced technology that the manufacturer uses to make this one. Unfortunately, it can not work well on slippery surfaces as we desire.
  • High-quality
  • Guaranteed brand
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Washable by machine
  • Tough and flexible
  • Well-fitted
  • Great protection
  • Not suitable for a slippery surface
You will not regret investing in such high-quality work gloves since this pair is one of the best pieces you can find despite it a minor flaw.

4. SHOWA 300L-09 Atlas

Many people included me surely love this piece after using it for a while. The SHOWA 300L-09 Atlas is one of the best roofing gloves available on the market this year. The main reason for the popularity of the pair is its wonderful quality.

This model has been many workers’ favorite safety piece for a long time. It makes me curious why it can still be relevant on the market for such a long period. After using it for my daily work, I understand thoroughly what makes the pair so amazing.

I love the most about this product is that it offers outstanding handgrip. One of the most important factors of a roofing job is the ability to have optimum control over the objects we are working on. And this piece brings the best gripping feature.

The pair enables me to handle well on changing surface conditions. It amazed me by the capacity to function great in both wet and dry working environments. You do not have to worry about working underwater or on a rainy day if you have this pair as a partner.

If your old gloves have visible seams that you do not like, this one can spare you that kind of inconvenience. They make the pair with hidden seams, so the glove looks absolutely smooth.

I was glad to find out that its design is exceptional, too. Its form is made ergonomically ideal for minimizing the tiredness for users’ hands. I can work many hours straight without feeling any discomfort thanks to this feature.

After all your tasks are completed, you can put this pair into the washing machine to clean it. Do not worry about it will tear out in the process because the piece is durable enough. Just remember to keep it dry after cleaning, so you can have a spotless pair on your next working day.

Honestly, some might not like the piece’s appearance due to its color. This shade of blue may not everyone’s favorite.
  • Wonderful handgrip
  • Ideal for the roofing job
  • Good durability
  • Guaranteed-quality
  • Washable by machines
  • Not very fashionable
In conclusion, I find this piece of atlas roofing gloves a worthy investment due to its great quality and many useful features for my job.

5. ACKTRA Coated Nylon

There are more options for you to purchase multiple-pack work gloves. One of the best choice among them is the ACKTRA Coated Nylon. This piece is made with diverse colors and sizes for you to pick what suits you the best.

My first impression when I look up this model to buy them is the amount of colors they have on sale. It is suitable for a wide range of tastes among customers. If you like your gloves to stand out, orange and red ones are good for you. If you love something casual but not too simple, you can opt for light blue or purple.

They also have black and white available if you think colorful gloves are not what you want. Those pairs are sold in four sizes, from small to extra large. You can pick your best partner among various pairs on sale here.

The special thing about its product is its nylon covering. The high-quality material optimizes this glove’s durability, therefore makes it one of the most long-lasting safety gloves I have ever owned.

I am pleased to know that this product is coated by a layer of nitrile. With this coating, it offers an incredible handgrip on various surfaces that I work on. As a roofer, excellent control over the objects is an essential factor. And this glove satisfies the needs, and make it easier for me to perform my tasks quickly and safely.

If sometimes there are toxic chemicals at your workplace, this pair can protect you well from getting hurt by chemicals. It serves as a shield so that you do not have direct contact with the liquid. You are also safe from dust and debris with this piece.

All these wonderful features at a reasonable price sound like a great deal for work gloves. However, your hands can be sweaty if you wear the piece for too long.
  • Good quality
  • Reasonable pricing
  • The excellent grip of various surfaces
  • Diverse color choices
  • Long-lasting
  • Not that breathable
All these wonderful features at a reasonable price sound like a great deal for work gloves. However, your hands can be sweaty if you wear the piece for too long.

6. CLC Custom Leathercraft 124M

The next one in this list is what I assume the coolest construction work gloves on sale this year. The CLC Custom Leathercraft 124M is widely loved by its stylish appearance and amazing quality.

If you take a good look at the pair, you can notice that it is tough. To be honest, it is one of the firmest work gloves I have the chance to try. The piece is extra useful in protecting my hands from numerous work incidents.

The best thing about this product is it does not shrink. This is mainly because the pair is made of synthetic leather, the kind of material that can prevent the gloves from dwindling in size through time. With that feature, this one is your greatest choice on a rainy day of work.

While it looks tough and sporty, but in fact, the pair is really soft. I was surprised when trying in on for the first time. It feels nothing like it looks, as the piece is greatly comfortable and breathable.

I am glad that we can make use of this pair in various kinds of tasks, from light to heavy-duty jobs. It has good durability, which is suitable for handling not only construction work but also household machine fixing or gardening.

What I love about this pair’s design is its flexibility. The manufacturer uses spandex to enhance the elasticity of the glove, therefore making it ideal for dealing with objects that have different shapes and sizes.

This piece is a well-fitted pair of work gloves, and it sticks on my hands better than I first expected. Even on wet or slightly slippery surfaces, it still functions quite well and enables me to work smoothly.

Although it actually does not focus on protecting users’ palm.
  • Well-fitted
  • Good grip
  • Excellent dexterity
  • Function well on different surfaces
  • Stretchy and flexible
  • Not good palm protection
Without the palm padding like some other pieces on the market, it is a good-quality pair of thin work gloves.

7. SHOWA Atlas 451M-08

Not many gloves with great quality are sold on the market in multiple packs at a good price for users. If you are in need of those, you can find the SHOWA Atlas 451M-08 is available at the moment.

What I love about this piece is that I can use it on wet and dry surfaces. The pair is made to function well even on a rainy working day. I find content with this feature because I do not have to buy two separate pairs or change gloves for different working conditions.

At the construction sites, some workers may encounter incidents that result from direct contact with sharp objects. With this pair, it will no longer be a problem. This piece is made to resist abrasion cut and scratch. It has incredible durability, therefore protects us from getting hurt by pointed edges during work.

It is amazing that it enables me to keep on working while there is a sudden change in weather conditions. My work is mostly carried outdoors, so I indeed need a pair of gloves with great insulation to keep me warm in the winter. This pair can shield me from the freezing coldness and keep me cool in the hot summer.

Besides, it enables the user to have a firm grip on oily objects. Even when the area is slippery, we can still work well and safely thanks to the rough textured grab this pair offers. How wonderful that is!

I love the color they have on those pieces, too. It does not look as fashionable as numerous available work gloves. They mix white with back and gray on each model, which makes the pair look simple and smooth. If you love a low-profile pair of the protective tool, these atlas gloves can be a cool choice.

Unfortunately, if you have long fingers or fingernails, be careful while picking the right size because those pairs’ fingers are made shorter than usual.
  • Optimum handgrip on different surfaces
  • Keep your hands warm
  • Work well on slippery tools
  • Good design
  • Good durability
  • Cut-resistant
  • Short fingers
Overall, these multiple pack gloves are a good choice if your work requires constant changing gloves.

8. MaxiFlex Ultimate Hi-Vis

Another piece of work gloves for roofing that you can take into consideration is the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ Hi-Vis. I highly recommend that you should try it because there are some distinctive features you can only see in this one.

I am pleased to find out that it is coated by a layer of nitrile. With this coating, it can resist abrasion, therefore making it easier for you to work with sharp and hard objects without getting hurt badly.

The coating material also enables the piece to offer an optimum handgrip. I used this for my daily tasks of roofing, and it does a fantastic job of bringing me the best control over my working items. I feel safe and confident while performing the tasks wearing this piece of protective tool.

One cool thing about this piece is its color. The orange back gives an outstanding vibe for its appearance. On top of that, it makes the glove highly visible so that you can monitor your hand motions clearly to do your job safely.

When the weather changes in summer and it gets hotter, this pair can be a wonderful partner. It makes your hands feel cool and comfortable all the time. Besides, the design increases its breathability, therefore turning it into an ideal piece for a hot working day.

For a job as a roofer, the ability to have full and flexible control over your hand motions is very important. That is why this pair is essential to me whenever I need to handle small objects and can be noted for the best dexterity.

It is amazing that it has a well-fitted form to embrace every part of users’ hands. By that, the form design helps to reduce the tiredness of your hands when we wear the glove to lift heavy things or constantly work for a long period.

However, I hope it can last a little longer.
  • Optimum handgrip
  • Highlight color
  • Good form design
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Dexterous
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Not that long-lasting
If only this pair can have better durability, it can be the best maxiflex gloves available on the market.

CustomGrips Cut Resistant Work Gloves (Outdated)

Another good deal for multiple-pack work gloves for you is the CustomGrips Cut Resistant Work Gloves. With 6 pairs in a package, you can make use of these wonderful pieces in various working environments.

The special thing that makes this pair stand out is its ability to resist abrasion. This piece is made with an optimized capacity to offer incredible protection for your hands against hard and sharp edges. I can comfortably carry on my work with this amazing safety pair.

I am glad to know that we can move our fingers flexibly and freely with these gloves on. It minimizes the pressure the tasks have on your hands with good form design. It makes the work easier and less tired for your muscles.

The piece fits perfectly to my hands like a second skin. After thoroughly choosing the exact size, I am pleased that the pair stay on well all the time. Now I can carry on performing the tasks without worrying that my protective tool will fall off.

We all know that gripping capacity is important while handling heavy boxes, climbing, and assembling. This pair can solve that problem by bringing the optimum handgrip and control over the objects roofers are working on.

I am satisfied with the quality of this one, mostly because it meets the standard requirement for a pair of safety piece. It makes me feel secure and confident while using it daily at my worksite.

If you are curious about its material, I am happy to tell you that they use Span-nylon to make this one. You are free to wash this piece after your work is finish. The nitrile coating makes it a long-lasting glove, so you do not have to worry about its durability.

However, the piece is said to be too small when compared to the same sizing chart of other work gloves.
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent gripping
  • Good quality
  • Good dexterity
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Washable
  • Smaller than normal size
In conclusion, if you are careful with the size chosen process, you can have for yourself a great pair of work gloves at a fairly low price.

XSHIELD 17-PUG (Outdated)

When it comes to good-quality work gloves, this XSHIELD 17-PUG can not be left out. This pair has various great features that help roofing workers do their jobs better as well as protect them from unwanted incidents.

When compared to other models of safety gloves available, this one has a casual, simple look — that one of the things I like about this pair. There are two colors for sale: black and white. Each is suitable for both working tasks and outdoor sports activities.

I am pleased to find out that the manufacturer coated this piece with PU. With this layer of coating, it is good at resisting abrasion and scratches. Along with offering such wonderful protection, it does not make your hands lose its sensitivity. Having this pair on, I have perfect control over the details of my working items.

Incredibly, this piece brings great comfort for users, even for a long period of time. It is breathable so I do not worry about getting too hot or uncomfortable in it. Luckily, the seams on this pair are invisible, so users will not feel irritated while wearing it.

This product is helpful for various task kinds at workplaces. It can be used for roof fixing, box handling, picking up washers, and many more. I regard it as a multiple-task pair of work gloves.

When you have to work constantly in a dirty construction site, this piece can help you feel less uncomfortable. It keeps debris and dust out of workers’ hands. So you can carry your work conveniently.

The pair is made to meet the required standards of good quality work gloves. However, it can be not as durable as we expect.
  • Good appearance
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Keep dirt and debris away
  • Good breathability and comfortability
  • Standard requirements
  • Not that durable
Overall, despite being not that long-lasting, this pair is still a good-quality product that is worth your investment.

Mad Grip Pro (Outdated)

If you are looking for a work glove from a reliable brand for your roofing job, you should consider the Mad Grip Pro. Being sold at a fairly lower price than other pieces from the same brand, it is well-known for offering great protection.

The first special thing about this pair is its materials. While other gloves on the market are mostly made of leather and rubber, the company uses cotton and nylon to produce this piece. They also add a small amount of Spandex into the combination of ingredients to make this pair.

Those mentioned substances are the reason why this piece is very breathable. With the side shield on the side, it offers extra protection for my fingers when I need to reach into small holes and narrow space.

It makes me feel very comfortable when I have to wear the work glove all day. We will not see any seam on this piece, or any sign of glue and stitches. That enables me to feel the softness of its cotton material against my skin.

The pair is lighter than we think, despite the firm and tough look it has. I was actually surprised to find out that even though this glove is thick, it does not affect my ability to grab and handle small things at all.

What I also love about this product is that I can use it on different surfaces. Even when I need to perform work tasks in an oily or wet environment, this pair still functions well and brings excellent handgrip. Slippery tools and objects are not dangerous now if you have this glove on. It works well on the dry surface, too.

The pair’s durability is incredible. It is not easily torn out even when I use it for many occasions to handle numerous tasks. It does the best in protecting my palm, thanks to the abrasion-resistant feature.

Unluckily, the size can be too small when compared to other glove sizing chart.
  • Great material combination
  • Good durability and breathability
  • Comfortable
  • Good protection of fingers and palm
  • Amazing handgrip
  • The size is small
If you are careful in the process of measuring and matching your suitable size, you can manage to own these wonderful gloves for the best protection.

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70 (Outdated)

The final pair I want to mention is this fantastic model from a familiar manufacturer, which is the Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70. I love this piece very much because of both its fashionable look and amazing protection ability.

This piece gives the vibe of sporty gloves, therefore, it is an ideal choice not only for a working day but also for entertaining outdoor activities. I can make use of this for various working occasions.

The company makes this piece by using a combination of many materials. They are mainly Nylon and Polyester, a smaller amount of PVC and Polyurethane, some cotton to soften the pair, and so on.

It is also a Kevlar glove, which means it is amazing at resisting cut and scratch. The feature enables us to work on items with various sizes, shapes, and edges. It protects me well from getting hurt at the construction sites.

Every part of the piece is constructed to optimize the durability to shield users against puncture. We can feel secure and safe in this pair of protective gloves while working in a hazardous environment.

I am pleased to know that this pair functions well on slippery surfaces. You do not need to worry about working on wet or oily areas when you have this piece on. It prevents our hands from slipping off the tools better than many work gloves out there.

Another good thing is its ability to absorb perspiration. We can use the piece to wipe the sweat off your face immediately, and this is thanks to the Terry fabric they add on the pair while producing it. Such a convenient feature!

Although, some might expect it to last longer.
  • Good quality
  • Tough gloves
  • Sporty vibe
  • High-quality materials
  • Cut-resistant and puncture-resistant
  • Sweat wiping
  • Comfortable
  • Not that long-lasting
Overall, this pair of safety work gloves is an ideal choice for a roofer who is seeking a high-quality safety glove with a good look.

What to Look for When Buying Gloves For Roofing

best roofing gloves

Work conditions – The first and most important thing that you should consider when looking for a suitable pair for roofing is your work conditions. Different environments will need different kinds of work gloves.

If your workplace is always wet or oily, it means you need a pair made of a material that offers the best grip of slippery surfaces. Leather and rubber gloves can do a great job with this problem. If the area is extremely slippery, you should opt for a pair that has added texture on its palm to have better grab on things.

Roofing is a dangerous job if you do not have ultimate control of the objects that you are working on. Some gloves can offer incredible dexterity if you usually have to climb or and handle small items. Gloves with Spandex coating will do this job amazing.

When working outside in changing weather, one will need a pair not only to protect them from danger but also to keep their hands warm in cold weather. You will not have to suffer from coldness or heat of summer if you choose the right one. Keep in mind that not all gloves can function well in both kinds of weather, as some of them can only keep you cool.

If there are numerous sharp and hard objects at the construction site where you work, you need to find gloves that can resist abrasion, cut and puncture. It is extremely dangerous if you buy a glove too thin or too weak to prevent you from getting hurt by those edges.

Coating – For roofers, palm protection is essential, there are some choices for palm padding on gloves you should consider. Most of them are coated with PU, which enhances the sensitivity of your hand motions.

When you want your gloves to be more durable so that they can be used for heavy-duty tasks, you should opt for rubber latex coating. It enables your piece of work glove to last longer than other pairs on the market.

If your working environments include wet or oily surfaces, a pair that offer excellent grip is in need. That is why you will need a piece of work gloves which is coated with a layer of nitrile. The material is fantastic in bringing the optimum control for your hand motions.

Sizes – Choosing the most fitted gloves can be tricky because of the different sizing charts of various brands. I encounter some difficulties while matching my hand size with the actual work gloves on the market.

Keep in mind that there are some models that can be smaller or bigger than you expect it to be. Also, some gloves are made mostly for man worker, if you love the piece, try to find the exact size that fits your hands well.

Style – There can be numerous fashionable gloves as well as ones with a low-profile appearance on the market. It depends on your demand and taste. But remember to consider this as a secondary factor while choosing your best pair. Sometimes, a nice-looking glove can only offer poorer quality.

Price – This is an important factor for you to think about thoroughly. You can find a good deal of work gloves when they sell them in multiple packs. Usually, there are 3, 6 or 12 pairs in one pack. If your worksite is dirty when it requires constant changing gloves, you can opt for this choice.

However, there are gloves on the market that are sold at a reasonable price. If your demand is not to own a multiple-pack glove, you can always find a good pair with a low price. Some pairs can be more expensive than others, that is because they are from well-known brands.

Other Important Factors to Consider

roofers gloves

What is a glove for roofing?

Just like other pieces of gloves to protect workers’ hands from getting hurt at the workplace, a glove of roofing is specially customized to shiel roofers from the danger of their jobs.

The glove that is suitable for roofing can be slightly different than other types on the market. Most of them focus on protecting users’ palm and fingers than the knuckle part on our hands.

Only some of the roofing glove have features like vibration absorption, electricity insulation. That is because they are made to concentrate on protecting workers from getting cut or hurt by hard objects or sharp edges in their current working environment.

Roofers’ gloves are the best at offering workers the optimum handgrip. Roofing work requires the ultimate gripping and control over items and tools. That is the reason why the manufacturers try their best to offer the highest level of sensitivity and flexibility for users’ hand motions.

How does it work?

Roofing gloves serve as a shield to protect users from having unwanted accidents in hazardous working environments. They do their job just like other kinds of work gloves on the market.

It is the kind of protective piece that will keep your hands safe from getting hurt while handling sharp items. Also, they need to offer good dexterity for users to have absolute access and perfect control over the job they are working on.

Some of them will be thinner than others to bring the best sensitivity for finger movements. Others can be thick for better palm protection. You can always use them to keep your hands warm in freezing weather.

Other important features of a roofing glove are abrasion-resistant and  . The job of a roofer requires people to work outside most of the time, that is why you want a pair that can work perfectly well on slippery and wet surfaces.

Who is this for?

These gloves are usually for people who work as roofers can carry their work outdoors. We all know the danger they can have doing such a risky job, so they need a proper pair of protection to work well under different circumstances.

Some of the gloves can be used for various jobs, from light to heavy-duty tasks. People can make use of them to lift boxes at home or do household machines fixing. Because they are abrasion and cut-resistant so that these gloves can be used for gardening work for some people.

Workers whose jobs are carried at the harbor weight sometimes opt for these pieces. They need a perfect grip to do their jobs and roofing gloves are one of the best partners at offering optimum control for users’ hands.

There are some pairs that are toxic-free and silicone-free, so they can be bought for kids to protect them when they have things to do. Kids can use those pieces to explore things or planting trees, taking care of their flowers, and so on.

What are the different types of roofers’ gloves?

Actually, there may be numerous work gloves on the market, but it is easy to classify them into certain categories based on the materials used to make those pairs.

Synthetic leather gloves – The best thing about this substance is that it can prevent the gloves from shrinking into smaller sizes after washing so many times. If your old gloves irritate you so much by getting tighter after a period of time, this pair can be a wonderful replacement.

Synthetic leather is used to make sure that the gloves can keep their original sizes like the brand new ones, even after a long time of using and washing. These gloves are suitable for people whose work is always performed under the rain or in wet weather environments.

Moreover, a pair that made of this component can offer great elasticity, and these pieces can be flexible and comfortable for users to wear a long time. It is stretchy enough for you to have a snug feel while wearing this product.

Cotton gloves – Usually, they use cotton and nylon to make a pair of roofing gloves. When people use those pieces made of this material, they can feel the softness of the fabric against their skin. These products always offer the best breathability and convenience.

Workers whose skin is sensitive or especially female workers prefer this kind of gloves. Mostly because it feels like a second skin on their hands, and makes the job more comfortable.

Nylon Gloves – Products with the main ingredient is nylon can offer the optimum gripping ability for users. On top of that, this material ensures you a long-lasting pair of work gloves. It can be washing over and over again without being torn out.

However, they often use nylon as the layer of coating for work gloves. Coated pairs can bring wonderful durability. This product can last longer than various work gloves without the nylon covering on the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of roofers gloves?

The most important advantage of a roofer glove is to protect workers from getting hurt when they are performing their tasks. There are lots of accidents that can be prevented by using a pair of work gloves.

These pieces serve as a shield against hard and sharp edges for roofers’ hands during work. The pain of being cut by pointed items is beyond word, so wearing a pair of protective tools can stop that from happening.

Roofers with a pair of safety gloves can work more easily and efficiently. Using bare hands is not an option if you want to make your work go smooth and finish it without worrying about getting hurt. A pair of roofing gloves enable us to work faster and safer by offering optimum handgrip.

In addition, on cold winter or hot summer days, work gloves can be a fantastic partner to make the changing weather more bearable. You can feel warm in a thick safety glove, and comfortably cool when the temperature is higher than usual.

The disadvantages of a work glove exist when you do not choose for yourself the suitable one. You need to be careful with the purchasing process to make sure your best pair meets the working requirements. By that, it can protect you well in hazardous environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Onestops

What are the most trusted roofing glove brands?

As you can see, there are numerous brands, old and new, release and improve their products every year to meet customers’ demand. You can find various types of work gloves on the market with various levels of quality at different prices.

However, you can always see some well-known brands that offer a guaranteed product for workers. There are some reliable names such as Ironclad, Madgrip, Showa, Acktra, Youngstown and so on.

How long do they last?

Roofers’ gloves are quite similar to other work gloves available on the market, as they can last from several months to a year. It depends on the piece’s quality and the kind of work you use it for.

For work gloves that are sold in multiple packs at low prices, they can last shorter than other gloves. However, if the gloves that are made to handle medium tasks are used to perform the heavy-duty job, it can wear out much sooner than you expect.

How to use?

It is quite simple to use this kind of gloves, just the same as many other gloves you wear. Before using it, remember to check if there any defects or distortions on your piece so you can be sure about its quality. Try it on before you make your buying decision to have the best-fitted piece.

After purchasing the pair, when you need it for work, wear it as you did with all kinds of gloves. Make sure that every finger is in its right places. If there is closure on the pair, stick it and adjust till you feel comfortable.

Where to buy?

You can look for your ideal piece at the local stores where you live. Usually, they have shops that sell all kinds of work gloves, so ask the manager or salesperson to show you around. And then pick the best one that is suitable for your current work.

There can be some difficulties while you choose your pair if your favorite model is currently out stock or the size you want is sold out. You can go online and shop directly on websites or the brands’ official pages.

How to care and clean?

Keep in mind that there are pieces that can be washed by the washing machine, but some require careful and delicate care from you. Please remember to read the labels and instructions carefully before deciding to clean your pieces. You can tear it out sooner if it needs washing by hand but you keep throwing it into the washing machine.

Some gloves can be soaked into detergent, but others can not afford such kind of chemicals. Be careful with the cleaning process. If you are done with it, store it at a dry place so you can keep your pair well-functioned for the next working day. Do not forget to check it before using it for work.


Workers whose jobs are carried in hazardous working environments need to have for themselves proper pieces of protective equipments. For roofers who handle work using their hands most of the time, they need to be equipped with the best gloves for roofing.

Be precise in the process of choosing and using your best pair, and always keep it in good condition so it can protect you from getting hurt at the workplace.

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