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How to Wear Sunglasses With Prescription Glasses? – 3 Ways

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

how to wear sunglasses with prescription glasses

Many people protect their eyes with prescription glasses when the weather heats up and the sun shines brighter. They provide additional protection for our eyes and help us to see more clearly.

However, many prescription glasses are incapable of blocking UV radiation. That is why we must figure out how to wear sunglasses with prescription glasses.

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Ways to Wear Sunglasses With Prescription Glasses

1. Wear sunglasses over prescription glasses


Wearing sunglasses over glasses gives a layer that filters dangerous UV rays and minimizes sun glares, and sunglasses are frequently large enough to cover your pair of prescription glasses.

In only a few simple steps, you may learn how to wear sunglasses over glasses:

  • Make sure the pair you choose has a wrap fit that comfortably fits your current prescription glasses while preventing scratches.
  • You can now put on your prescription glasses like usual.
  • Then, gently slip on a sunglass pair to correctly cover the underlying glasses without obstructing your eyesight.

2. Use prescription sunglasses


If you don’t like the previous method & want something less bulky, consider getting prescription sunglasses.

  • When it comes to prescription sunglasses, one of the most common concerns is the After all, they have a variety of characteristics, including both protection and vision correction. However, the cost is not high.
  • Prescription sunglasses can cost anywhere from $20 to $600 or $1000, depending on various criteria. That means that for approximately $50, you can have a great pair in your hands that can easily support your job and daily routine.
  • You should choose different alternatives for the glasses to fulfill your demands for your bespoke pair. First, choose between the mirror and polarized lenses to help prevent sun glare when you are active outdoors.
  • Another aspect to consider is the color of the glasses. Green, gray, and brown may be the most commonly utilized colors. Other acceptable choices are the yellow lenses for foggy circumstances and the blue lenses for leisure and fashion. Alternatively, red ones might be used to improve driving experiences and provide comfort.
  • The next factor to consider is UV protection, as prescription glasses can have sunblocks, although these will be less effective than sunglasses. Specifically, their sun-blocking ability is between 50 and 80 percent.
  • Make sure you acquire the proper dimensions of glasses to enjoy ease of wear for a long time. If you buy prescription glasses online, make sure you have a prescription from a doctor.

3. Use Clip-on glasses

Another way to wear sunglasses for people with glasses is to use clip-on glasses.

Clip-on glasses are a type of spectacle that you may wear over your regular glasses. They are simple to attach and remove from your body. Clip-on glasses are a significantly more cost-effective alternative to bespoke power sunglasses.

Don’t worry. The clip-on sunglasses aren’t oversized or unsightly. Their UV400 protection is unrivaled, and many high-quality items are polarized. Furthermore, the patterns and colors cater to various tastes and are just as fashionable as sunglasses.

However, the wide range of items might be confusing and time-consuming to choose from. As a result, key issues such as dimensions, forms, material durability, elegant design, and, most importantly, UV protection must be considered. Choosing a decent one will take less time and effort if you use those factors.

For example, the Semi-Round Polarized Clip-on Sunglass Rage is my favorite. Dark bronze amber and pewter gray are two of my favorite hues in this combination. It’s a sturdy yet lightweight clip-on with a metal frame and plastic lenses.

Furthermore, the UV400 coating helps filter out dangerous rays while also preventing glare from the sun. This item also has a contemporary semi-round form and measures 48 by 46 mm.

Below is how to slip on clip-on glasses and start enjoying your sports games or completing your duties.

  • To begin, gently extend outward the clip-on frame. The bridge has a smooth and easy-to-pull spring action, so you don’t have to force it open all the way.
  • Then, please put it on top of your prescription eyeglass frames. In the process, be cautious not to damage the lenses of both glasses.
  • Finally, ensure that the clip-on covers the front frame perfectly by placing each clip on the right corner of the lenses. You’re now ready to go.

Also, check out our list of the most favorite over glasses safety glasses, you can bet you’ll find the right glasses for your needs.

Tips on How to Buy Prescription Glasses Effectively


1. Have an up-to-date prescription for eyewear

A prescription’s legal validity is two years for adults and one year for children. If your prescription is no longer valid, obtain a new one at your local optical store.

Whether or not you ask for it, the optometrist must provide you with a copy of the prescription when you get your eyes inspected.

2. Measure your pupillary distance

The distance between your pupils, measured in millimeters, is the Pupillary Distance (PD). The eyewear lab needs your PD to place the lenses on your glasses properly.

The distance between the eyes is usually between 54 and 68 mm. Measuring your PD might be tricky. It is recommended that you get it done by a qualified optometrist.

Optometrists will take note of this measurement during your eye exam, but they may leave the PD out of your prescription because it allows customers to purchase glasses online. If they haven’t already, ask them to include this number in your prescription.

3. Choose the Correct Frames

Three elements influence your choice of eyeglass frames.

  • Opt for eyeglasses that match your face shape.

Beyond better eyesight, the correct eyeglass frames may help you look better by complementing your facial characteristics and overall appearance. Using eyeglasses, create a balanced look by selecting a frame form that contrasts with the contour of your face.

A person with a less prominent facial shape will benefit from smaller frames. To wear eyeglasses with large structures, you must have a large and wide face shape.

  • Choose a frame that complements your style.

Glasses should be chosen to complement one’s style.

Stick to conservative frame colors and styles for serious business. Consider traditional forms like ovals, rectangles, and almonds to improve your professional appearance. Because these conventional tones combine with business attire, black, gunmetal, silver, and brown frames are advised.

  • Purchase the Correct Size.

Fashion comes second. The first issue should be the proper placement of the glasses in front of your eyes. Check the measurements listed on the inner arm of the frame if you already own a pair of glasses that fit you well. The numerals may be printed on or just beneath the nasal bridge in some situations.

Maintaining Your Glasses


  • Spectacles are easily broken. It’s critical to keep them in a durable, hard case.
  • Regularly cleaning your frames and lenses improves your vision and keeps your glasses looking new.
  • Use a delicate microfiber cloth to clean them.
  • Take them off with both hands (this helps retain their original form) and never set the glasses lenses down as this might damage them.
  • Check the screws that keep the frame together regularly. If you see loose screws, carefully tighten them with a tiny screwdriver or visit your local optical store.

Final Thought

Through the article, you now know how to wear sunglasses with prescription glasses. Hopefully, the information above can help you choose and combine your glasses without wasting time and money.

Wishing you luck on making the right decisions!

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