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What are Nitrile Gloves Used for? Let’s Find Out Right Now!

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

If your job requires you to use a pair of gloves to receive adequate protection then among your best choices are nitrile gloves. Many professionals choose it because they consider it as the ultimate solution for protecting their hands.

What are Nitrile Gloves Used for

The versatility of nitrile gloves is also one of its strongest advantages, making it perfect for multiple industrial uses and purposes. If you are interested in learning what are nitrile gloves used for so you will know if this pair of gloves fits your needs then let this article give you enlightenment.

An Overview of Nitrile Gloves

A pair of nitrile gloves is one of the most preferred protective gloves of workers in various industries. Many favor it over latex gloves. It is because latex is made of natural rubber that might result in allergic reactions to some people while nitrile is synthetic, making it hypoallergenic.

This quality makes it the top choice of those who want to protect their hands while keeping them safe from allergies. One advantage of nitrile gloves is that it has a strong chemical resistance. This makes it ideal for workers who are constantly exposed to harsh and toxic chemicals.


It is also capable of resisting kerosene, gasoline, and some petroleum solvents. Many also find it beneficial in preventing latex allergies, making it perfect for use in the medical field considering how it is strongly resistant to fats and oils.

Another nice advantage of nitrile gloves is that these are cheaper compared to other gloves. You can find it being used in various applications because of its inexpensiveness. Many also love the high level of flexibility and strength provided by nitrile material despite being offered at a low price.

It is so strong that it can resist punctures and rips compared to those made of natural rubber. Due to its strong puncture- and rip-resistant nature, it is safe to use in those types of jobs that expose you to some sharp items, like needles.

It acts as a strong barrier between your hands and the harmful and sharp items, thereby preventing your hands from getting harmed. Nitrile gloves also continue to gain popularity among workers because of their waterproof nature.

You have an assurance that they will not absorb too much water and moisture when used in damp environments. Nitrile gloves are also beneficial because of their ability to provide a comfortable fit. They are capable of conforming to your hands’ natural shape, so the fit is perfect.

Because of the high comfort level and perfect fit provided by nitrile gloves, using them at work will be much easier. Nitrile gloves are also extremely durable. This makes it ideal when used in areas with blood pathogens and contaminants.

So Where Can You Use Nitrile Gloves?

Nitrile gloves are known for providing superior performance for various work applications and industries. They serve as great alternatives to latex in several professions. Many are even in favor of using it for tough jobs for several reasons, including the benefits mentioned earlier.

Several professions depend on the strength and high level of durability of nitrile gloves. This is especially true for those who are exposed to environmental contaminants and blood-borne pathogens. Nitrile gloves even gain the approval of the FDA for use in the medical field.


The fact that the material is powder-free also ensures that you will not have to deal with messy power in case your job requires you to use ink and fresh adhesives. With that, this is also ideal for dental and medical professionals and tattoo artists. Many even find it useful in laboratory settings.

Another place where you will find nitrile gloves useful is in the food industry. It even gained the approval of the FDA in that setting. You can also find nitrile exam gloves that are ideal for nurses, doctors, dentists, laboratory and veterinary workers, tattoo artists, and emergency medical technicians.

Due to the high level of chemical- and puncture-resistance of nitrile gloves, you can also see it being recommended for workers who are regularly exposed to harsh and toxic chemicals. With such capability, you can see it being used in paint shops, industrial and heavy-duty applications, and plumbing, automotive, manufacturing, and janitorial industries.

Specific workers who can greatly benefit from nitrile gloves are:

Medical personnel – As mentioned earlier, nitrile gloves can also benefit those who are part of the medical industry. Any medical personnel will be glad to know that nitrile is more puncture-resistant compared to rubber. It provides a tough barrier to harmful blood-borne pathogens and viruses.

You can even use the gloves in case you need to handle harsh and toxic chemotherapy drugs. It is mainly because of the high level of protection and strength guaranteed by nitrile.

Laboratory technicians – Due to the strength and tough construction of nitrile gloves, it also seems to be a big help for lab technicians. This is especially valuable for those who are regularly exposed to blood products and needles who want to receive the ultimate protection.

Housekeepers – If you are offering housekeeping services like if you are in a hotel, then wearing nitrile gloves is also a big advantage. Note that your job requires you to use strong and toxic chemicals as a means of meeting the standards and requirements linked to cleanliness in public places.

Housekeepers are also prone to exposing their hands repetitively, thereby causing damage to their hands and skin eventually. With nitrile gloves, they can lower or fully eliminate their risk of getting rashes or any other skin issues. It is because of the high level of safety provided by nitrile gloves.

Automotive workers – Those who are part of the automotive industry will also find nitrile gloves a great companion. One reason behind this is that nitrile can resist solvents and petroleum. This makes the material perfect when used in the automotive industry.

If you are an automotive worker then I am sure you will love the ability of nitrile gloves to offer protection each time you need to handle strong de-greasers or change the oil.

Food handlers – If your jog requires you to be in the kitchen most hours of the day then nitrile gloves are among the most valuable protective equipment for you. Resistant to animal fats, you can expect your choice of nitrile gloves in the kitchen to be a great advantage considering how pliable, comfortable, and durable these are.


Gardeners – Do you love gardening? Then you are probably aware of how the tasks and activities in the garden can harm your hands eventually. Note that this activity requires you to work with fertilizers, pesticides, and the soil most of the time, wreaking havoc on your hands in the long run.

By wearing nitrile gloves, you can prevent your hands from getting harmed. What is great about this pair of gloves is that it can withstand heavy use. It also provides the highest level of protection to your skin each time you expose it to hazardous materials, like those you regularly use for landscaping and gardening. However, if there are thorny plants like rose or cactus in your garden, the nitrile gloves will no longer be suitable. Instead, you need other specialized gloves for thorns.

Product inspectors – If you are a product inspector, then your job also exposes you to a wide range of substances every day. These substances can be dangerous to the skin surrounding your hands. Due to the amazing protective properties of nitrile gloves, you get the chance to keep your hands fully protected from harm.

Furniture refinishers – Another group of workers who can greatly benefit from nitrile gloves is composed of furniture refinishers. These workers often deal with stains, solvents, and polyurethanes. With the help of nitrile gloves, their protection is guaranteed one hundred percent.

Apart from being useful in various work applications and industries, you can also use nitrile gloves for simple tasks at home. This means that anyone who needs to do some tasks at home that exposes their hands to harsh substances and chemicals can use this type of protective gear for the hands.

You can wear it for household tasks like washing dishes, toilet cleaning, and picking up your trash. No matter what your household chores are, expect this type of glove to give you full protection. It is also extremely valuable for your daily activities.


Considering the numerous benefits provided by nitrile gloves, it is safe to say that this one beats up both vinyl-based and latex-based gloves. It is also versatile that you will never have problems answering what are nitrile gloves used for. It is because its versatility makes it useful in a wide range of applications and environments.

Furthermore, those who are allergic to latex can wear it without worrying about any negative reaction. Expect nitrile gloves to provide a high level of resistance and act as more effective barrier protection than vinyl. With that, it is safe to say that nitrile gloves are great investments for those requiring the ultimate protection for their hands.

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